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February 6th, 2005, 3:42 AM
Based off a fairly progressive hack, with permission from Aviex, Pokmon also by Aviex, I bring you the Novelisation of Chaos Black.

Don't expect many updates as Chaos Black is still in its planning stage.

Chapter 1- All things have a Beginning.
Kuro Densiken woke up. Finally. After many long waited weeks, it was finally the day. The day he would have a chance to proove himself amongst the many people in this world, known as the Pokmon World.

He combed his orange hair, and slipped into his black tracksuit, and picked up his dusty black bag. He unzipped it and peered inside. He had a meagre supply of Pokballs, a few bags of leftover chips, a half sprayed potion, a pretty worn out escape rope, and his wallet. He picked the wallet out, and put it in his pocket. He walked down the staircase, not in the mood to slide down the banister, and the sight of his sister, Shiro shocked him.

"Wha!" Kuro cried in amazement. He dropped his bag, jaws dropping in unison.

"Yes, Mister Densiken, I'm going with you." Shiro was dressed, in a blue shirt, her black bathing suit underneath and her brown trousers. Her orange hair was tied back with a black hairtie, she advanced towards her younger brother. "C'mon, Blake's already there."

Kuro stopped. Blake, his considered 'evil' twin was going with them. Kuro never liked Blake, although they weren't considered enemies. They had more of a brotherly rivalry.

"Well well well, looks like the Professor's away." The Professor's assistant walked up towards the 3 chosen ones to accept the pride of starting out on a Pokmon journey, although Shiro already started hers. "The professor asked me to give you these 3 rare Pokmon, Flaon, Bliqu, and Magid"

Shiro was not surprised when she heard the word Magid. "Magid huh?"

The assistant chuckled. "Yes, the Professor was too lazy to give it to someone, so he kept it."

"I'll be taking that then." Shiro demanded. Her hand advanced towards the Pokball with a tag propped beside it with the words MAGID printed on it. The Assistant stared as she picked it up. "Get yourself your own date."

Kuro, a fan of fire Pokmon picked up Flaon, his twin: Blake taking the other Pokball which contained Bliqu.

They each pressed the small button on their Pokballs, a red laser bursting out, forming 3 Pokmon. Flaon took the form of an orange lion. A brown mane in the shape of a flame, he had baby blue eyes. It crawled up onto Kuro's feet.

"Flaon, Fla Fla!" Flaon exclaimed. It looked pretty happy as it cuddled against Kuros' tracksuit leggings.

On the other hand, Blake's pick, Bliqu didn't look very impressive. It took the form of a puddle of water, 2 bead like eyes and a huge drip of water trickling from the corner of his 'mouth'. Blake was not impressed.

"Bliqu, Bliq Bliq!" Bliqu seemed pretty happy with Blake, it advanced, leaving a trail of water as it tried to hug Blake. Blake backed off, kicking Bliqu.

Shiro's pick, a Pokmon she had seen before, Magid was next to her. It had a spherical yellow body, 3 green bulbs sticking from his brow. He had 2 yellow palms, not attached to it, and green feet in the same manner.

"Mag, Mag, MAG!" Magid seemed angry and happy, as Shiro released her previous Pokmon Belid. Belid took the shape of a grey Charmander, a little more 'squashed' and a streak of blue flames around it. Belid played with Magid, a former friend of it.

"Aren't we all happy now?" The Assistant asked, his words turning more sarcastic as he stared at Blake.

"Bye." Blake said. He raced out, Bliqu trailing behind him. Bliqu itself was a pretty fast 'swimmer', flowing like water.

Kuro and Shiro stared at each other and shrugged. The 2 siblings marched out slowly, their new companions by their side.

"Report to Agent M.U.M" Shiro blasted out sarcastically. They both headed towards their house, saying their farewells. Their journey would be a long one. So good luck to them both.

February 6th, 2005, 3:23 PM

Good ficcy, although your new pokemon were vague. ^^; Like, all of a sudden you introduced the readers to your own created pokemon, yet I received no background of them. That kind of made it bland for me, since creating new things is getting cliche and all. Other than that, this is a pretty normal trainer fic with the usual routine: a person wakes up. He winds up traveling with someone else. He is eventually introduced to a rival.

I think it's just me, or this journey is starting out a bit...dark or something. I mean, I just can't get teh feel of pink cotton candy clouds. X3 Either way, nice job on it. Good luck with chapter 2. o.o;;;

February 7th, 2005, 1:12 AM
Nice, Really nice ^_^ i loved it :D keep it up :D

February 7th, 2005, 7:14 AM
What do you mean keep it up fudge? It's you that has to work so there's a storyline advance.

Here they are, the Pokmon. Nothing revealing. They're already out in the Chaos Black Thread. So if you really didn't have a single idea how exactly they look like, look at the attachments. I don't have one of Belid. But as soon as I rip it, it'll be here.

February 9th, 2005, 1:55 AM
heh, nice story. keep it up. (by the way, there seed/bulb things, not rocks :P)

February 9th, 2005, 6:22 AM
There really is nothing to write about... I don't know enough of the game yet. Now that Aviex is banned from the computer, It will be a while until the 2nd chapter is up.