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May 4th, 2013, 1:13 PM
Hey I new here and just want to introduce myself a little. You may knew me from the Marriland forums or my YouTube channel (XKazukiIkuzakX), so if you know me from those places then Hi, if not then here is some information about myself.
I am a college students who loves animals, especially horses(have one of my own :)). I have been playing Pokemon since Red and Blue came out. I played the TCG then also but then had a long break from it and now just starting to get back into it. To bad I can't find my old cards :(. I also still like to watch the anime for some reason. Don't really know why I like it but juts do. I also make youtube videos about pokemon. I make information videos, pack opens and lets plays. I have a white 2 wedlocke going on right now. But anyway in conclusion I hope to have fun here and make many friends. So yea thinks for reading my post.
Also if you want to see my YouTube Channel then the name is XKazukiIkuzakX

May 4th, 2013, 3:26 PM
Welcome to PC Kazuki! I don't remember going to Marriland and I am not active at Youtube so you're a new person for me and possibly a new friend! I still go to HSchool and my favorite animal is the rabbit. It's so cute. I've been playing since Leaf Green got released and it hooked me. I never got into TCG because I was too lazy and never knew how to play it. We have a subsection where you can post Let's Plays and others, so enjoy yourself at it.
Have fun!

May 4th, 2013, 4:06 PM
Welcome to the forums. I'm sure you played an awful lot of pokemon games then, being an active youtube member. Over, here theres actually a couple great pokemon fan games you can play. (Pokemon games made from pokemon fans) Come over and visitor message me. Hope you enjoy it here!

May 4th, 2013, 8:11 PM
I don't go on Marriland often but I have heard it was a nice forum. Maybe I'll join in since I have some friends who use the site. Welcome to PC though, Kazuki, and hopefully we meet your expectations here!

Ahhh I love animals, too. They're amazing and adorable. Wish I could create animal houses around the world and adopt all the homeless animals but.. sadly I'll never have the money for that. It's great that you have a horse; horseback riding is something I'd love to do someday. :D I rode a horse when I was young but it was just a slow ride around the park.

Stinks you lost your cards, but it's nice to be back into the TCG again! It's pretty addicting and hopefully you have people around you can play with. Have you had any good pulls lately? I got some cute shinies a few months back and love them a lot even though they're not rare. I'm more of a collector for nice-looking cards than anything else. You'll enjoy the TCG board if you're looking to discuss the cards, though Pokemon Anime is a great board that has had more activity lately that you might find worth it to check out if you watch the show, too. Best Wishes/Black & White has been a pretty good series, especially now that it's in season 2.

Have a blast on PC and see you around! I recommend leaving a link to your YouTube channel in your signature since it's probably the only accepted form of advertising here outside of blogs. Hope you end up becoming active and make lots of friends!