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May 16th, 2013, 9:50 PM
Hola!! I'm on this site because I want to host a massive tournament/league. If you want to join fire me an email

[email protected]

May 17th, 2013, 7:38 AM
Heyyyy there sir, welcome to PokeCommunity! Have any nicknames you'd like to be called? Calling you UltPkmShdwn just seems a wee bit strange, haha.

So you're hosting battling tournaments? I see you've already made a handful of posts in the Battle Center - that's wonderful! You should check out PC's Pokemon Showdown server since we do all of most of our battles there, and it's where our tournaments/events are hosted. The "massive" bit of your tournament idea really appeals to me though.. it'd be super fun to enter a competition with plenty of participants so I'll be sure to check it out when I can. It's been aaages since I entered a tournament so now might be a good time. :D

But outside of tournies, what other interests do you have?! You can tell us what games you like to play, how long you've been a Pokemon fan, and so forth.. I mean, this is a Pokemon fansite, right? Would be cool to know if you've been playing Pokemon for a long time and what your favorite game/type is. Not much to go off of in your intro for people to reply. Up to you though; it'd just be nice so learn about one of the new faces that just popped in here. :)

Enjoy your stay on PC and remember to read the rules! If you need anything at all, you can contact a staff member, such as myself, and we'll get back to you when we can. Have fun!