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May 17th, 2013, 12:46 PM
Hello everyone!

My name is Jeff, or you can call me Lazerith.

Some of you may know me from GbaTemp or Project Pokemon. I currently have made 1 Pokemon Hack, which is known as Pokemon Origin Platinum. It's mainly just a 496 hack, but i still enjoyed making it.

I am 21 years old and am as of now a Senior in College. My major is Earth Science Secondary Education.

As far as gaming goes, I mostly play action adventure games and rpg's. I am very excited for Pokemon X and Y, and for many reasons, I believe that X and Y will be my favorite generation. But we will all find out once the games come out. But I remain excited. I am getting Y version by the way.

I look forward to talking to everyone. =]

May 17th, 2013, 2:49 PM
Hey Jeff! Welcome to PC, wonderful avatar. Goodness our members certainly have awesome taste when it comes to avatars and signatures, hehe.

You're going to love our community if you're a hacker! We have some super talented artists here when it comes to making hacks and many tutorials/tools to use if you're working on your own games. I daresay PC is the biggest community for Pokemon-related hacks that I know of! Since you're a talented hacker I'm sure you can share a lot with us here, especially since so many new hackers join the forum. You say you've made a fangame already but I don't recall seeing it on PC. :( Any plans to post it here or am I just not seeing it? Our members would definitely appreciate something like that.. but of course it's just a suggestion.

Oh, I'm a senior in college too. How close are you to graduating? I changed my major a year into my studies so I still have a semester left but that's still not too far off. Going to be amazing to finally graduate and start pursuing new things! :D

But ahhh I totally agree with you about X & Y. Figured we would've gotten main series 3D Pokemon games eventually but it was such a huge surprise to find out it was that soon. We're in the same boat - I'm sure the sixth gen will be my new favorite, too. Makes you wonder what the seventh generation will have in store for us, right? Pokemon is really getting amazing. Exploring the X & Y board is a good choice as we have so many people as interested in the games as you are who are pouring their hearts out with speculation.

Enjoy your stay here and remember to stick around! Great meeting you! :]