View Full Version : 'The Zone'

June 14th, 2013, 12:02 AM
The Zone, as many call it, is a state of mind in which your best possible performance in a video game can be reached. Sometimes when you pick up the controller you can be in the zone effortlessly, other times a great deal of concentration will be needed. So, how do you feel when in the zone? What environments/stimulants might you need to get there? How long doed it take to get into the zone and how long does it last for you? Please feel free to leave your thoughts on 'The Zone' below! :)

My zone sort of feels nothing, i'm just totally relaxed, but also focused, like being in your favourite class at school. It's fun and enjoyable, but you still want to learn, or in this case play. I don't need anything much to be in the zone, it just sort of switches on and off, and usually lasts for about an hour, longer if i'm really having fun. If it's multiplayer with my friends, they can be fun but also need to be performing well at the game, or I need to shut them out and focus on my own actions. Longer sessions can make me angry and unable to enter the zone but sometimes really late at night I can get a second shot at it :P

June 14th, 2013, 10:49 AM
I find if I get a bit angry, for instance after being killed by the same player over and over, I become a bit better. Lasts until I am vindicated. I normally play for fun, so I suppose this is the difference between that and me playing to win or beat someone.