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Viva Spirit
July 15th, 2013, 1:04 PM
So, my handle is Viva Spirit, you may call me; "V", "Viva", "Spirit", "Viv", or whatever, it's fine. I will correct you if I don't feel comfy with the name you choose. But, I digress, I've mainly stuck to lurking prior to actually making an account, I chose to create an account simply due to curiosity and my own personal interest in the community itself. I mean, the creativity of the people here is impressive. Not to mention, I of course love Pokemon. I play a lot of Pokemon roms and hacks on my phone, no not my computer (at least not any more..R.I.P. Compy ;~; <3). I was once a budding graphic artist, learning on my own with tutorials, but due to circumstances was limited to just traditional work. Which, sucks because I was trying out spriting and pixeling, and found that to be very fun and at some points challenging. Anyways, I wish to in the future at some point be capable of lending my hand to the community for whomever may need some artistic help, but at present cannot and will let people know when that day will come. For the time being I'll be glad to help in any other way. :3

July 15th, 2013, 1:51 PM
You have plenty of time to accustom to the forums before you jump in and help people with your artistic ability! You can always visit the Art & Design section where peeps have their galleries and their drawings in showcase, in every type of art possible. And maybe you can show off your works too if you like! It's all up to you.

Great to see that you made an account here! No need to stay a lurker. Alongside art, we have pixel art, rom hacks, and other methods of creative activity, like roleplaying and writing. Aside that, we have discussions ranging from Pokemon games, to Pokemon in general, to anything in random. So, it's a diverse community with lots of things to do. :D

Be sure you read the rules before you jump in, and don't hesitate to contact a staff member with bold names, as they are always around to help. :) Have fun, and hopefully I shall see you around :3

July 15th, 2013, 4:57 PM
Hello Vivi and welcome!

If you're a budding artist, Megan definitely showed you the Art & Design section where you can showcase galleries and show off your work. It's a really fun section and sadly I don't hang out there much because I'm not an artist but it will definitely be the ideal section for you, and the mod of said section, Alexial357 is definitely the go-to person if you have a question there.

In fact, we have more than just that section alone. PC is a very diverse forum ranging from Pokemon topics to even the off-topic stuff like Chit Chat & Polls and Discussions & Debates. Anyways I do ensure you read the rules or ask any staff members if you need help, because their job is for a reason, to help you.

Have a great time here and I'm always happy to talk to you anytime!

- Hikari10