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August 21st, 2013, 10:20 PM
I'm somewhat nervous as heck, seeing as I don't do "new" things very easily, but I just joined the site and figured that I'd be courteous and go ahead and introduce myself.

I go by the name of MrsGrizzley online, sometimes writing under the name Maracae Grizzley. I answer to a plethora of names, though, depending on the setting and such, though most commonly it's variations on the above, Grizz, Grizzy, MrsG, etc.

I am a storyteller at heart, and I really only got into playing Pokemon... oh, about a year and a half ago... or so. A friend of mine finally pestered me into playing Pokemon Black and once I pushed my way through the incredibly steep learning curve, I haven't really been able to put it down since.

I've been building pixel art in the form of dollz and microheroes for a while and that actually is what led me to this site. I have this fascination with creating worlds and on a whim I started searching for tilesets for the games and found you guys. I'm a role-player and a writer and I'm currently working on developing my own custom region for use in stories and such.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to everyone. It might take me a while to get the hang of things, but I'll do my best not to step on any toes in the process. Thank you for your time.

August 21st, 2013, 11:18 PM
Ahh, a newbie Pokemon gamer! That's alright! Many people here have started playing Pokemon with Black/White. I consider the fifth generation to be called the reboot generation, because we've seen a fresh new set of Pokemon, and a fresh new set of things that weren't used in the previous games at all.

Welcome, though! How did you like Black? I really loved the storyline associated with the game. I have White (which is the same game but the elements are different), and I've yet to play the sequels. imo, you're showing a prime example that you don't need to play the originals in order to be up to date with Pokemon. You're going to learn so much when it comes to exploring the fandom, and when you visit the community often, you'll learn a lot. :) Take your time though, we're really patient.

Ahh so you're also a roleplayer too? Yay! I'm a roleplayer too. Come visit our awesome Roleplay Corner! It's a fantastic group we have there, and we have roleplays that are so hungry with roleplayers. Both Pokemon and non Pokemon roleplays are available for you to check out/join/read/spectate. It's really fun and you'll love it!

Well anyways, feel free to drop me a line if you wanna talk, and be sure to ask a staff member if you need any help. :) See you around sweetie! Have fuuun~

August 22nd, 2013, 3:50 AM
I enjoyed the heck outta the plot for Black and White, to be honest. I *liked* the ethical questions that the story raised and the fact that it underlined in a way that was understandable for those who might not be equipped for discussing serious socio-political issues that any time someone comes to you using wise words and logical arguments to convince you to give up your right of self-defense...


I ended up getting White, as well... and then I hunted up copies of SoulSilver, then Diamond, then Pearl, then HeartGold, and finally Platinum. Yeah, I have all five Gen IV games. *sigh*

I also picked up both White 2 and Black 2... And I've got a copy of X on pre-order, fully paid up in advance.

Yeah... I think I dove more than a little deep. But that's what I get for missing this stuff the first time around.

Thank you for the eager greeting, though, I appreciate it greatly.