View Full Version : A portrait of my mind-space

February 17th, 2005, 2:45 PM
For those not in the know, a mind-space is a pocket dimension where you can basically control everything. Various characters, both from stories and those of your own creation can live, and indeed, thrive there.

When one first enters my mind-space, one is struck be how cozy everything seems. It looks somewhat like a ski lodge, in fact. Wood paneling on the walls, rustic artwork. A large fireplace stands in the center of the room, burning permanently. Nice couches sit around it. Various couples can be found on the couches, snuggling, or involved in somewhat more...intimate...activities. There's always a variety of hot beverages availible, and you're thankful of it, because outside, it's cold. In fact, you can see a blizzard outside the window.

Then you notice the stairs. Ascending them, you are shocked to discover a cafe, one somewhat like you imagine Poe would have designed, replete in dark oak, black velvet, and an extensive library. Not much happens here, some people come up when they need a place to pity themselves. Ascending anoter flight of stairs, you find yourself in a seemingly endless hallway, lined with bedrooms in every variety. These are often used when people need some privacy, either for lovemaking, a murder, torture, or some combination of the three.

Somewhat disturbed by what you see up there, you return to the entrance level. Not much has changed, it's a friendly place, filled with chatter and laughter. You notice another spiral stair, leading downwards. You go down and find yourself in an immense room with odd blue portals all around. An old man, wizened and leaning on a cane speaks to you. His voice seems powerful, despite his aparent fragility. You have the impression he is far more than he seems. He says "Be careful here, child. These doorways are dimensional portals. Step through the wrong one and you might find yourself in the den of a Beholder." Bewildered as to what he means, you nod solemnly. You leave the portals for another day and return to the lodge level.

It's still snowing outside, you have the distinct impression that it's always snowing outside. Asking around, you find yourself standing in front of a powerfully-built male, about 6'3'' with his arm around a female, as ethreal and wispy as he is solid and permanent. He extend a hand for you to shake. You take it, gingerly. The female (she looks to be about 19) asks "Are you sure we can trust her, Jake?" The man laughs, a deep, booming sound and says "Of course. You never were good at sensing auras, Corona." Corona, as you find out, is the Muse of the man you just met, the Author of this place.

He shows you around, introducing you to some of the major players in the mind-space. There's Chaos and Eclipse, a loveless couple that can nonetheless never stop being pushed together. Chaos seems quite emotionless, ruled by his spur-of-the-moment desires. Eclipse seems withdrawn and mistrusting. As you leave the two behind, you hear Eclipse whisper "b***h." The next group is far more pleasent, a set of triplets with pale skin and straight, jet-black hair with red highlights intermingled. They turn out to be named Xin, Khon, and Rhai, three half-dragon, half-time demon teenagers. You are surprised to learn that they are the children of Eclipse and Chaos. Until you meet the gender-ambiguous snow spirit who raised them, Yukimaru. Ahndrith and Tear are the last stops on the tour, a wood elf who glares at you as you approach. You don't notice Tear, a massive winter wolf until a growl comes from her, laying at Ahndrith's side. He doesn't seem to dislike you especially, just humans in general. He has a depp, gravelly voice. As he warms to your presence, you find that it's the grim reminder of a raid on his village, a raid in which he was the only survivor.

Jake, Corona, Xin, Khon, and Rhai see you off as you depart back into reality. Xin throws his arms around your neck and says "Come back soon, would you?" You ask where Yuki (you expected it to see you off as well, it was so polite) is and Corona replies "Over with Ahndrith" You are surprised to learn that those two are together. You leave nonetheless, forced to go back into the real world from this one of magic and wonder. Corona seems to have warmed up to you a bit, and her smile is as big as that of the other four as they wave goodbye.