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September 2nd, 2013, 2:10 PM
I'm battyNerd, but you can pretty much call me whatever you like. I am 16 and my first pokemon game was Pokemon Red. I have played every generation of games except for gold, silver, and crystal (but I did play heart gold and soul silver.) I have recently read the manga up until around the beginning of third generation. I go to conventions as well. The last one I went to, Kokumanga, I decided to be Wally because I have never found a cosplayer of him, and decided that my favorite pokemon character deserved a bit more attention. ^w^

September 2nd, 2013, 3:11 PM
kool welcome to PC I'm ShiningLust but I can call me Oden well I hope u have tons of fun here and hope to see u around if u need any Pokemon just hit me up and ill try my best to help u the best way I can so nice to meet u

September 2nd, 2013, 3:50 PM
Hey battyNerd, welcome to PC~ great to meet you. :D

Aww, poor Wally doesn't get enough love. I can understand why though.. he was cheated out of his screentime in R/S/E. I really wish the rivals in Hoenn were involved more in the story because that would've been awesome. :( It's cool that you go to conventions though - I've never been to one! A little shy to go but perhaps if a friend would come with me I'd consider it. They seem so very fun.

As for not playing G/S/C.. I personally think you should! Maybe I'm just biased but I enjoyed them a bit more than HG/SS. The animations felt like they went by so slowly in HG/SS urgh.. but G/S/C had lovely sprites and the animations were smooth. Might just be my inner second generation fan speaking, though. But they were all wonderful games! I'm still stuck on my unevolved run in HeartGold. Starting to doubt I'll ever beat it since it's been mooonths.

Enjoy your stay on PC, batty! Let me or another staff know if you need some help, all right? Oh, and you're free to friend request me anytime!

September 2nd, 2013, 3:51 PM
Hello BattyNerd! Welcome to PC!

I've never been to a convention but I have always wanted to. I think two I want to go to a ton are E3 and Otakon or even Comic Con too! Cosplaying always looks fun , but I don't think I'd have time to work on a costume. D: I'd probably just put on the Ash costume I made for Halloween a few years back. I'm too poor for cosplay hahaha.

I've been a fan since Red too and I was only 7 when I first played it. Now at 21 I'm looking forward to Pokemon X and Y! Is there a reason you didn't play any of the 2nd generation games? Just wondering? Of course you don't have answer, just really curious, but I think you really should play them! HeartGold was fun though . It's a well done remake of the original. A lot of us here are nice people who love to meet and talk with people. I'd love to talk with you anytime so feel free to VM me okay? There's also a lot of place to explore so look around a bit. You'll find all sorts of sections on Pokemon and Pokemon in general. There's also a few off topic sections on everything from anime, TV shows, music , and movies to talking about everyday things and chat.

Have fun here and see you around! if you need anything feel free to contact a staff in the blue, orange, and red. Talk to ya later!

September 2nd, 2013, 6:10 PM
Aw. Thanks everyone. You're all so nice. ^w^ As for Wally getting more attention, I am hoping that if they remake the games, they bring more attention to Wally. Maybe even add him into an episode of the anime? The main reason I never played G/S/C was that growing up, I sort of fell out of pokemon throughout second generation. I ended up starting it back when I played Leaf Green, then later, Sapphire. I do have a copy of Crystal that a friend gave me around the end of last school year. I was thinking of starting some sort of challenge run on there and based off what everyone has been saying, it sounds like it would be worth the effort. ^w^;