View Full Version : Sword of Mana

Sapphire Titan
December 16th, 2003, 4:15 PM
I want this game for Christmas. It seemed really good in NP, so I'm askin for it. Who else heard of it/has it/wants it?

December 17th, 2003, 7:41 PM
I have it. It's fun...

Blorb - 25 char. limit

December 20th, 2003, 8:12 PM
I have to warn you that this game has a lot of story in it, so if you don't like to sit around for 10 minutes before and after every boss, I suggest you either don't get it or get used to it.

Aside from that warning (I think only Xenogears was worst), this game is really good. With 2 different stories to follow (usually it's the same dugeons with different characters and partners, though), you can't go wrong with replayability!

The menus are a little confusing, but you get kinda take it slow to get used to it. The difficulty may get a little high at the end of the game, though. It shouldn't be a matter if you train a lot, though.

December 20th, 2003, 10:19 PM
It's more like 3 minutes after a boss fight in Sword of Mana. 10 was a little over board. :D