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crazed flareon
February 27th, 2005, 12:19 PM
Everyone has somthing they struggle with everyday whether it be drugs ,self infliction, depression, or family problems but this storys about a kid who has a weight problem and his struggles with it and how he deals with it. I'm going to write this story in chapters becouse it's much to long to write in one post.[This story is dedicated to everyone becouse everyone has a struggle they need help with.]

" Jon", My mother called from downstairs. " Wake up honey or your gonna miss the bus!" Oof! I groaned. Just five more minutes! "No, NOW!

I got myself up out of bed and picked out some clothes from my closet.

I got my shirt on and then tried to button my pants but I couldn't. I sat their frustrated with myself to the point of cursing. Then I rapidly yelled to my mother to buy me more pants!

I slipped on some elastic waist pants and went to comb my hair.
As I looked in the mirror I got angry at how I looked. My hair was a mess their were pimples sprouting out of my nose and the biggest problem was that I was bigger than an elephant!

I had about four chins and my shirt was not going toatally over my stomache. " Frick it I mumbled to myself as I walked out the door into the hallway and down the staircase.

When my mom gave me a toster strudel, I denied it and walked out front to wait for the bus. When I walked on the bus I could see the kids staring the were probably thinking: " look at that fat kid getting on, he takes up a whole bus seat". When I sat down I thought I heard the seat creak and grown but it was just a figment of my imgination I told myself.

When my friend Zach walked on the bus I could tell he was hesitant of sitting with me and he was contimplating wether or not there was enough room. In the end he sat down in the seat across from me wich made me feel horrible that I was so big not even my best friend would sit with me.

When we arrived at school one of the tenth graders said: " Hey fat-so want a donut?" I just walked past him enraged but then again about to break down in tears.{ will be cont.}

March 14th, 2005, 5:13 PM
It won't be continued unless you get un-banned, of course. Now, that was a lovely fan-fic. And it's time to tell everyone that these struggles are a headache, if anyone's going to read this that is..
Great job, and I hope you get a chance to continue this.

March 14th, 2005, 5:16 PM
Well, since this user appears to be banned, I'll close this thread for now. ^^ If she is ever un-banned, then I'll re-open this for her. ^.~