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Hiroshi Sotomura
December 20th, 2003, 1:56 PM
PokÚmon Community Christmas Party Chain Story
Yes the time has come for another Party Chain Story. This one is based on Christmas, and is here for the Community Christmas/Winter Holiday Party (all party events are stickied in Other Chat until the end of the party, and the chain stories normally come first) so let's get prepared.

The rules of this story:
- You may introduce yourself or your favourite anime character into this story.
- You may choose to write in either script form or story form.
- If using script form, use present tense.
- If using story form, stick to past tense.

And with further ado, let's begin!

Ash and friends continue up a snowy area of Hoenn. What will they come across? Reunions with friends? Or an unhappy week of Christmas? Now they stop at a small town called Kurisas Town.
"It's like 50 degrees farenheit here..." May complained.
"And people here need to stick with these conditions..." an old lady named Helen said, "The winter is cruel, but sometimes it's blessing. People up this mountain are rumoured to be in Santa's favourite passing zone."
"Wow! Santa?" Masato commented curiously.
"I've met Santa!" Ash said.
"So have I!" Brock said.
"Wow. You guys have been on a longer journey than we ever had..." May said.
"Well if you need to get to the next town you have to take the Snowy Mountains," Helen said.
"Let's go!" Ash said.
They continued their journey up a mountain, which they don't know the mountain's secrets...

December 20th, 2003, 2:11 PM
Meanwhile Back in the village hiding in a grove of bushes:
"Heres our chance to catch that pikachu". Said Jesse.
"Oh but do we have too I mean its cold and I'm hungry". conplaind James.
"Oh suck it up". Siad Mewoth.
"Ok heres the plan", Jesse exclaimed," First we dress up as Santa Clause and then we trick them into bringing us the Pikachu to show to some needy children".
"Thats brilliant Jesse". Said James with a smile.
"Yah that'll teach them twerps". Said Mewoth in a triumph.

I hope i did this right.

December 20th, 2003, 2:52 PM
I think you did fine! Anyways... I guess I'll change my font and its color for this too.

"I wonder what the next town is like?" Ash said as he held Pikachu, trying to keep it warm from the cold.
"I hope it has a shopping mall!" May said excitedly.
"For you to buy my Christmas presents?" Max replied, looking over at his sister.
"I'm not telling you!" May said as she turned her head and noticed something. Right up the mountain was the large opening to a dark cave.
"Hey, look at that!" she shouted as she pointed towards it.
Everyone else turned around, a bit startled, and then gasped.
"Let's go in!" Ash shouted as he started to run up the hill.
"Hold it!" Brock said as he leaned forward and grabbed Ash's hand, pulling him back slightly.
"Who knows what's in there? It would be dangerous to enter without knowing what's inside.."


"Now who's going to wear this costume?" Jesse said as she came back holding a red Santa Claus costume. "It definately won't be me."
"Where'd you get that, Jess?" James said with a confused look, staring over at the outfit. "I didn't know you could sew."
"Err, I can't you nitwit! Some sucker actually let me have it when I told him that I would let him have my lunch."
"The last riceball...?" James muttered as his eyes grew teary.
"Oh, come on! We can buy plenty more once the boss pays us for bringing him back a Pikachu!" she replied as she threw the costume on top of Jame's head.
"You're going to wear it."

December 20th, 2003, 5:37 PM
"Now lets get going theres no time to waste", said Jessie.
"Ok..Ok were comming Jess", said James.
Meanwhile up near the entrance of the cave.
"Lets go in", said Ash.
"Ash I dont think thats a good thing to do what if there are some wild Ursurang in there". Brock exclaimed.
"All the more reason to go in", said Ash as he ran into the cave.
"Wait ash!", yelled May, "come on you two".
"Woah look its Whismer", said Masato.
"I'm gonna catch it", said Ash.
"Go! Pikachu!", comanded Ash.
Battle music plays
"Pikachu use Thunderbolt", Commanded Ash.
"PIIIKKKACCHHHUUUUU!", cryed Pikachu as it let out a mighty thunderbolt.
"WHISHMER", cryed the wild Whismer.
"Pikachu use agility", commanded Ash.
"Pika-Pi", said Pikachu.
"Ok heres my chance POKEBALL GO!", Yelled Ash.
Pokeball shakes twice and the whismer gets away.
"Darn", wailed Ash, "it got away".
"Oh well lets get out of this creepy place", said May
They continue on there way to the next town to see what adventure awaits them.

December 21st, 2003, 10:42 AM
I use Script Form so...

~~Top of the Mountain~~
Shadow: "Now this plan to get rid of that pesky twerp won't fail..."
Nidoking: "I'm freezing..."
Shadow: "SILENCE! Now Venomoth, move that.....what is that? Santa?"

Jessie and Meowth are digging a hole while James in the Santa suit watches.
James: "Jess, I feel like an idiot in this. I don't look a thing like Santa. I'm too skinny."
Jessie: "Stop complaining. I have to dig becasue we don't want you to mess up the suit."
Meowth: "Yeah, it's a rental so we don't want to have to pay if we damage it..."
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett!"
Jessie: "There's an idea!"
Jessie duck tapes Wobbufett's mouth closed and pins his arms to his side with the duck tape and stuffs Wobbufett under the suit.
Meowth: "Now he looks like Santa!"
Jessie: "I can't believe Wobbufett was this useful already!"
Suddenly James is lifted off the ground and raised up to where Shadow is.

Shadow: "We fianlly meet Santa. Stop giving me presents because I'm evil, eh? Nidoking Hyper Beam!"
James: "No wait I'm James! We are going to trick those twerps with this."
Shadow: "Oh... Hyper Beam!"
Nidoking fires Hyper Beam, but Wobbufett counters from within the suit and it hits some machinery near Shadow. The machinery explodes sending Shadow and his Pokemon rolling down the hill. James then falls onto Jessie.
Jessie: "Get off me!"
Meowth: "The hole is complete! And the just in time. The twerps are coming!"
James: "Why do we need a hole for this?"
Meowth: "You'll see..."

December 21st, 2003, 11:19 AM
(I'm gonna add in one of my favorite FF7 characters, she'll add in a nice spicing to this story. Hehehe... XD)

Like a stealthy shadow, at the top of a forested mountain she zipped around like greased lightning. A ninja like her had to be quick.


Darting behind a tree, she hid away from the four strangers concealing themselves behind a bush. She smirked. 'What a way to hide yourself,' she thought to herself in an elitist way.

A devious thought struck her upside the head. What if she scared them off? It would be great for kicks, and practicing was sooooo boring. The gleam in her eyes carried the essence of mischievousness as she tiptoed closer to the foursome.


Leaping out from nowhere and landing on a pile of twigs, snapping with her shoes' impact, she held a shuriken high in the air so the sun shone on it just the right way for a flash of metal to add to her freaky effect. Her short dark hair rustled in the wind, carrying her headband along with it. Her green shirt was tight and compact, with khaki shorts and a sly grin plastered on her face.

Team Rocket and Shadow turned to face her in surprise. With an overconfident grin, her features lit up and showed great pride.

"Who are YOU, and what are you DOING up here?" James queried, his eyes trying to burn holes in the huge ego of the young ninja girl through the layers of the Santa suit.

"I'm Yuffie Kisaragi, the best female ninja EVER!" Yuffie leaped over her foes swiftly and landed with catlike grace.

"Sounds like a little brat to me." Jessie glared from the hole and leaned her weight on her shovel.

Yuffie reacted in a childish manner. "HEY! You obviously don't know who I am then! Only the BEST in Wutai are allowed to leave for themselves! Besides, I know what you're doing and I know how to help you!"

Yuffie sighed mockingly, her face a fašade to supress her laughter.

"But you obviously don't want MY help, so I'll be going now..."

Meowth raised an eyebrow. "Eh, you could help, huh?"

Yuffie leapt around again. "Sure can!"

Meowth, still skeptical, looked at Jessie, James, and Shadow, and then gave his reply. "Awwww... fine. We could really use the help. Let's go then."

Shadow, Jessie and James sighed simultaneously and resumed their jobs. Yuffie slunk over a few yards away to a large tree, snickering loudly but far enough away to be inaudible to the rest of her "comrades".

"Heh, heh, heh... now all I have to do is a little of this, and a little of that... nyuk nyuk nyuk." Yuffie cackled, and suspiciously snuck back towards the team.

(That was so bad. XD)

December 21st, 2003, 11:52 AM
~Mean while in Artra~
Jeremy : Well, it's time to go to Houenn! Ready everybody?
Pikachu : Pika!
Jodi : I'm ready Jeremy!
Whitney : I'm ready, how about you Clefairy?
Cleffa : I'm ready! I want a cookie!
Jeremy : Flannery is in Houenn.
Jeremy : ...

~As they got off the ship and and flew where the most comotion is at, the mountain~

Jeremy : I just noticed something!
Vincent : What?
Jeremy : Ice Cream has no ice!
Vincent : Oh my god! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!
Cleffa : Aunt Whitney, Is Uncie Jeremy is always like that?
Whitney : Sometimes Cleffa...
Pikachu : *points towards Team Rocket*
Jodi : What's Team Rocket and those other people are doing here?

December 21st, 2003, 1:10 PM
Shadow: "James, you do whatever I tell you."
Shadow places a radio in James ear.
James: "OK, I guess..."
Meowth: "Quick they're coming!"
Jessie and Meowth hide the hole and everyone hides in the bushes. Shadow pushes James out of the bush. Ash and friends walk up.

James: "Ho ho ho. Hey kids!"
Max: "It's Santa!"
Brock: "But there is something different about him."
Ash: "Yeah."
Pikachu: "Chu"
James: "I am working on a way to make delivering presents more efficent!"
May: "Cool, what is it?"
James: "A teleporting system...that will send Pikachu to it's doom. Hehehe.... Darn it! James you idiot you weren't supposed to say that!"

Ash: "Pikachu! Thunderbolt!"
James: "Wait!"
James takes off the Santa suit and pulls Wobbufett out of it.
James: "Thunderbolt away."
Pikachu shocks James and Wobbufett sending then blasting off. Meowth walsk out of the bush and picks up the suit.
Meowth: "it's a rental so we can't damage it..."
Meowth walks away and Shadow jumps out.
Shadow: "I knew I couldn't count on these dimwits for help. I'll have to take care of this my...."
Shadow falls in the hole.
Brock: "That was strange."
Max: "If Team Rocket are criminals, why do they even care about returning the suit?"
Tracey walks up behind them holding a large bag..
Tracey: "Beats me."
Ash and Brock: "Tracey?!?"
Tracey: "Oak sent me to deliver this bag of presents to you Ash. They're from me, Oak, your mom, and Gary! There are some for Pikachu and Brock too."

December 21st, 2003, 7:17 PM
"Oh wow, really?!" Ash replied, wide-eyed.
"Hey, tell me I get one too!" May responded.
"Yeah, uhh..." Tracey mumbled as he opened the bag to look inside.
"Yep. There's some for each of you.." he said, handing the bag to Ash.
"Oh boy!" Max yelled as he grabbed the bag from Ash and sat down on the ground to look.

"Well, I guess I better be getting back," Tracey said as he waved and began to walk off.
"Wait! Why don't you come with us to the next town? Just to hang out for a while," Brock suggested with a grin.
"Yeah! We could go get something to eat too. I'm about to explode if I don't eat something," May said as her smile slowly turned to a frown.
"Sure, why not?" Tracey said as he walked up next to them.


"How do I always manage to wind up in these sort of situations..?" Shadow mumbled as he stood at the bottom of the hole.
"Hey! Is anybody up there?!" he shouted as he looked up.

"What was that?!" Kayleigh said as she looked back at her Pichu.
"Pichuu," Pichu said as it dashed down the hill and stared down into a large black hole where the noise was coming from.
"Hey, wait up!" Kayleigh replied as she followed it down the hill.

December 21st, 2003, 7:43 PM
Jessie: "Hold on Shadow! I'll get you out!"
Shadow: "I don't need your help. You'll just mess it up somehow... I don't know why I still haven't fired you..."
Jessie: "You say it's becasue you can use us as human shields and as decoys."
Shadow: "Oh yeah, right. Isn't that Yuffie supposed to be helping?!?!"
Pichu runs up and Kayleigh catches up.
Kayleigh: "Hey, it's Shadow from the Halloween Chain Story!"
Shadow: "Kayleigh! Get me out of here so I can fire Yuffie!"
Yuffie: "You never hired me, I just volunteered."

~~Cerulean City~~
Misty puts a last piece of tape on a present.
Misty: "Now maybe Ash will know how I feel when I give him this present. But it wouldn't mean as much if I mailed it. Something like this has to be given in person!"
Psyduck: "Psy?"
Misty: "Yep! We're going to the Hoenn region again!"
Psyduck: "Psy yi yi"

Tapu Koko
December 21st, 2003, 7:54 PM
Misty runs to Vermilion City and Boards the S.S. Aqua.
Misty: Well, Togepi, you ready?!?
Togepi: Toge, Toge, prriiii!
The S.S. Aqua arrives in Olivine City. Misty gets off and goes to board the S.S. Tidal to Slateport City. However, on the way, the S.S. Tidal hits an iceberg!

December 21st, 2003, 8:16 PM
"Uhh... Yuffie?" Kayleigh muttered with a confused look. "Who is that?"
Her Pichu tilted its head, mimicking its Trainer a bit, and giving Shadow a confused look also.
"And by the way...," she added, "I don't have anything to pull you up with. Maybe I could borrow some other people's ropes for a minute."
She looked around, and then spotted Ash and the gang heading up the mountain.
"I'm sure out of all of those people, atleast one of them would have something!"

On the S.S. Aqua...

"AHHH!!" Misty shouted in a startled voice as the ship crashed into an ice berg. She held onto Psyduck with a tight grasp... And then blacked out.

December 21st, 2003, 8:25 PM
I'm sorry to report GR, but Togepi evolved and left Msity...

The ship captain is in a life boat with everyone else.
Captain: "Anyone who did not make it out safely, say I.....I guess we are all here then."
Misty: "Uugh, where am I?"
Lady: "Good, you're awake. We pulled you to a lifeboat."
Misty: "Thanks a lot."

Shadow: "Is it me, or is it getting hot?"
Shadow looks in the middle of the hole to see lava coming out.
Shadow: "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Go Venomoth! Use Psychic!"
Venomoth uses Psychic to lift Shadow out of the hole.
Shadow: "Why didn't I think of that before?"
There is a explosion and everyone looks up to see the mountain erupting.
Everyone: "IT'S A VOLCANO!?!?!?!?!?! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

December 21st, 2003, 8:37 PM
To Shadow it hasent happend in the everywhere yet so it can happen
Meanwhile In The City Matt Steps Out Of His House.
"Are you ready to go Vaporeon" asked Matt.
Vaporeon replied,"Vaporeon".
"Alight then", said Matt,"lets go.
They Headed Torward The Snowy Mountains.
"Vaporeon it's cold here so in your ball you go", said Matt.
Matt reaches the sumit and heads toward town.

December 21st, 2003, 8:43 PM
I hate the fact that Togepi evolves and leaves her. T-T It was so sweet and cute.


"WHAT?!" Kayleigh screamed as she picked up her Pichu and started to run.
She looked around frantically but couldn't see any place that was safe.
"Where do we go?!"

On the S.S. Aqua

"I can't believe the ship has crashed," Misty said with a surprised look. Suddenly her eyes widened and she stood up on the raft.
"Where's Psyduck?!?"

December 22nd, 2003, 6:48 AM
Here's my first time doing this, hope I do good:

A lone Dragonite and his trainer soared over the ocean majestically, wearing a Santa Clause hat, all in the spirit of Christmas.They noticed a shipwreck, and instantly swooped down with amazing speed and ability.
"What has happened here, is anyone hurt?Can I help in some way?"
"Well, first you can tell us your name, and second, I lost my psyduck,"Misty arrogantly responded.
"Well, people call me DragonTrainer, since I am an expert Dragontrainer.DT for short.By the way, is that your psyduck over there stuck on a coral reef?"
"Yes, thanks.Grr, psyduck, get back here!"
"Hmm.....I have an idea for you guys get to land faster.Salamence,Kingdra,Dragonite, go.Strap some ropes to my pokemon to your rafts, and we will get you to land in no time.Let's go,"He said, obviously confident with this plan.

Hope I did well....

December 23rd, 2003, 11:02 AM
Ash: "RUUUN!!!"
They all run down the mountain and Max trips and falls onto May who falls onto Brock who falls onto Tracey who falls onto Ash. Shadow teleports right in front of them using Venomoth. Shadow pulls a small box out of his pocket.
Shadow: "Going somewhere? I haven't given you my Christmas Present yet."
Shadow throws the box and it opens up into a steel cage which lands on Ash and co.
Shadow: "Revenge is best served cold and I believe those bars are freezing. Hehehe..."
Shadow and Venomoth Teleport away.

Misty: "Never do that again!"
Psyduck: "Duck?"
DT: "I'm sorry everyone, but we can't go to Slateport. I have to go investigate some snowy mountains which erupted like a volcano. A wide river leads to a town at the bottom of the mountains where you can all stay."
Misty: "Some mountains mysteriously erupted? Hmmm..."

December 23rd, 2003, 11:40 AM

"Shadow you jerk!" Kayleigh shouted as she threw a snowball at his head, right before he teleported off.
"Sorry about that," she said as she ran over next to the cage.
"But I don't really know how to get you out," she mumbled as she turned around and looked back to see more lava flowing down the mountain.

"Pi Pichu," her Pichu said as it hopped over to the side of the cage and pulled a handle, which opened the cage door.
"He's not too bright is he?" Kayleigh said as a sweat drop appeared on her head.

Somewhere out at Sea

DT hopped onto his Dragonite and started to fly off.
"Hey, wait! My friend..s.. are supposed to be in some snowy mountain!" Misty said as she held onto Psyduck.
"Can we go with you just to make sure they're okay?"

December 23rd, 2003, 11:58 AM
ill try in script form now.

~Other side of mountain~
Matt: "What in the world?"
Matt sees a bunch of people on the mountain and runs up to them.
Matt: "Are you people ok?"
Ash: "Yah were fine."
May: "Yah sure."
Matt: "Hi I'm Matt from Kurisas Town."
Ash: "Oh How did ya get here so fast?"
May: "Come on lets get going."
Matt: "Did ya know santas in town young fella?"
Max: "Really hes here?!?!?"
Matt: "Yah hes here all right."
Max: "Lets get going guys."
~Pallet Town~
Delia Ketchum: "Oh my god!?!?! There was a volcano eruption in the snowy mountains i have to tell Professer Oak about this."
Mr Mime: "Mimme."

December 23rd, 2003, 1:18 PM
Middle of the ocean
"Ok Misty, hop on Drako, my Dragonite"
"W-won't we fall of??"Misty said, mystified and scared at the same time.
"Hmm.....Ok, hold on to this saddle thing.I will put it on Drako, I knew this would come in handy someday"
As Misty got on Drako, the rest of the people on lifeboats looked disappointed.
"How will we get out of here?"Was the question of a nearby tourist.
"Here, use this,"DT said, giving one something that looked like a radio cell phone.
"Are you ready Misty?"
"Yes, let's go"
"Alright Drako, let's go!!"Drako took off with frightening speed.Misty, for some reason, wasn't scared at all.She felt that this mysterious trainer and his dragons wouldn't harm her.She was ready for whatever lay ahead.
"Next stop:The mountains,"DT said, ready for anything

Hiroshi Sotomura
December 23rd, 2003, 7:43 PM
May: "Aren't we missing someone?"
Ash: "My Pikachu! It's gone!!!"
Kayleigh: "Time to chase after Shadow!"
Max: "We could try and see if Shadow Inc. is nearby... Teleport only works for short distances..."
Erika: "Hello."
Ash: "Erika!"
Erika: "Shadow has been messing around here... he's supposed to be marrying me at Kanto."
May: "That's it!"
Ash: "What?"
May: "We could dress Ash up and he can walk to Shadow Inc."
Erika: "It's right over there. Have a wig Ash. And my change of clothes..."
Kayleigh: "All right! I'll have something to do then!"

Shadow Inc.
Shadow: "Look there! It's Erika, being held hostage by Kayleigh!"
Hiliton: "Urrrgh!"
Shadow: "And Kayleigh.. Let go of her Kayleigh!!!"
Kayleigh: "No!"
Shadow: "Hiliton, crane..."
A crane grabs Ash (as Erika) and Kayleigh is thrown outside Shadow Inc.
Shadow: "Come here my sweet little Erika. Let's get into that airship..."
A big airship is just nearby.
Ash (in a girly voice): "Errrr... ok!"

Shadow's Airship
Shadow: "It's the perfect time to get married... on Christmas Eve... a day before that to be exact but..."
Ash is covering his mouth.
Shadow: "Why are you covering your mouth?"
Shadow: "Are you shy or something?"
Ash shakes his head.
Shadow: "Oh look! There's a bug in your hair!"
Ash: "WHERE?!?"
Ash's wig slips for a quick second as Ash restraightens it. He then turns away from Shadow.
Shadow: "...Hiliton..."
Hiliton: "Yes?"
Shadow: "Did you see...?"
Hiliton: "Yes?"
Shadow: "Hair Gel and somewhat spiked hair..."
Shadow: "...........Hiliton..."
Hiliton: "Yes?"
Shadow: "Get your blaster and fire at will."
Hiliton gets his blaster and fires around Ash. His wig drops.
Shadow: "Aaaaaack!"
Ash: "Aaaahhhhh!"
Ash runs around Shadow. He presses a nearby switch and a large crate blocks Shadow and Hiliton from getting any further. He then grabs a parachute and finds Ash's sleeping Pikachu. He jumps out and lands at...

Ash's predicted landing spot
May: "He should land here..."
Kayleigh: "There he is!"

December 23rd, 2003, 8:04 PM

"I guess... he discovered your true identity?" Kayleigh said as she looked over at Ash.
"You didn't say something dumb, did you?" Brock said as he helped him up from off of the snow.
"No!" Ash said back.
"Well, atleast you found your Pikachu," Erika replied. "But what are we going to do now?"

Uhh... Somewhere

Drako slowly landed onto the snow, then knelt down so that DT and Misty could climb off.
"Here we are," DT said as as he returned Drako to its PokÚ Ball and started to walk down the hill.
"Oh! I see some people," Misty said as she raised an eyebrow. "But I can't tell who they are yet. We're too far away."
"Then let's go," replied DT as he continued down the hill.

December 23rd, 2003, 8:58 PM
Misty runs up to Ash and friends.
Ash: "Misty!"
Misty: "Ash!"
Psyduck: "Psyduck!"
Misty: "Ash, there's som..."
An elderly woman runs up to them.
Woman: "Are any of you Ash Ketchum or Erika?"
Ash and Erika: "Yeah?"
Woman: "Some crazed kid is destroying our town using some airship looking for you two."
Ash: "Shadow..."

~~Nearby Town~~
Buildings are all on fire and bombs are dropping from the sky.
Ash: "Shadow is going to pay for this."
Brock: "Ash, don't go running into things."
Misty: "Yeah, you'd better not get yourself killed."
May: "Yeah, then no one would protect my Pokemon from Team Rocket."
Max: "May, your Pokemon are supposed to be your responsibility..."

~~Shadow's Airship~~
Shadow is sitting in a large chair drinking hot cocoa. Hiliton is standing beside him doing the same.
Shadow: "Destroying a town to find your worst enemy and true love really gets you in the Christmas spirit, eh Hiliton?"
Hiliton: "Mm Hmm"

Tapu Koko
December 23rd, 2003, 9:28 PM
May: Look! There's Shadow's Blimp!
Brock: Go! Pineco! Pineco! Spike Cannon!
*Spikes pop Blimp*
*Blimp falls to ground*
*Shadow crawls out*
Brock: Pineco, Return!
Shadow: Hey! What's the big idea?
Ash: I'll show ya. Snorlax! I choose you! Snorlax! Body Slam!
*Snorlax Body Slams Shadow*
Shadow: Owww....

December 23rd, 2003, 10:16 PM
Yuffie looked at Kayleigh, skeptical and baffled. Kayleigh glanced repeatedly at the battle and hugging her Pichu tightly at the same time.

"Why the heck is this lunatic destroying towns and betraying everyone? Ahhh, forget it, he's off his rocker!" Yuffie ranted quite loudly.

"Well fine, he trapped ME so that warrants ME to give him a lesson!"

Prying out a minimized Pokeball nestled snugly in a slot in her shuriken, she held it to the sun to let the rays gleam off it's metal surface and then blew it up to the size of her hand.

"Jolteon, do yer stuff!" Yuffie tossed the ball to the ground and it exploded in a flash of white light upon impact with the pavement. The yellow-furred, spike-tipped, devious looking Pokemon took a few steps toward Shadow, who was being piled on by Snorlax, and flexed it's quills.

"Hmm, a little misery will do this freak good. Jolteon, Pin Missile!"

Jolteon obeyed and fired sharp quills toward Shadow at the speed of light.

Kayleigh continued to observe from the sidelines, glancing in patterns. Battle, Pichu, battle, Pichu, battle, Pichu...

(Man, that was bad, but I'm braindead and I had to keep Yuffie-chan ALIIIIIIVE :P)

December 24th, 2003, 4:34 AM
(O.o Why does everyone want to hurt me? o.O)
Hiliton is watching Shadow get attacked.
Hiliton: "Would you like me to do anything sir?"
Shadow: "Yes..ow...un...ow...leash...eeek...plan....UO2....Aiyahh"
Hiliton pulls out a remote and presses a button. A white, robotic arm comes out from under the blimp. Then another white robot arm comes out. Then a large Mewtwo robot comes out.
Ash: "Mewtwo?!?"
Shadow: "Team Rocket Research. I was one of the top scientists in it. I was away from the lab when it escaped but I had a constant video feed coming from a Team Rocket Satelite. Hehehe... I know about something you forgot. Hehehe... And this is a robot that took a lot of work. MewBot Two attack!"

The remanding half of a half destroyed building lifts off the ground and heads towards Snorlax.
Brock: "The robot has psychic powers?!?!"
The chunk of the house falls on Snorlax.
Max: "How does that robot have psychic powers?"
Shadow: "When you have to live with Ms. Perfect Psychic Gym Leader for most of your life and when you had worked on creating a living artificial psychic lifeform, then you can make ends meet. Hehehe...."

December 24th, 2003, 7:35 AM
"DT, I'm tired of walking, can we ride on Drako again?"Misty said,tired from the small run.
"Sorry, Drako had to fly a long way, he needs his rest"DT said, concerned about his favorite pokemon
"Well, what will we do?"
"Let's just keep going"

December 26th, 2003, 7:08 PM
***I'm not adding to the story, but since Christmas is over, I've unstickied this and moved it to Pokemon Fanfiction. I'm guessing it goes here since you've retained Pokemon in the plot from what I can tell. ^_^;