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December 22nd, 2003, 3:50 PM
Hi, erm this is my first ever pokemon fan fic, I've only ever written one other fan fic before. I normally write only my own fiction which is continous (lol it's a long story ;) ). I've only put up a little for now, and if anyone likes it I'll put up a bit more. Feel free to comment, it's a slow beginning, but my prologue gives an idea of what kinda thing it can build upto.

The wind carried her flowing hair away from face. She stood, motionless on the cliff top. Her glass like stare always on the dusty blue sky which clouds of varying grey hues would constantly roll over and interrupt. Even the slight spray from the occasional wave crashing on the cliffs flat face was not enough to move her. Her stare remained on that same spot, never blinking, never changing or flitting to another area.
Then, something broke the dull sky. A tiny black dot seemed to be growing. Growing right in the same place shed stared at so long. Still she didnt move and the maple brown creature was now descending fast towards the cliff. It was like a slide show for him. One moment he saw the falling Pidgey, then his sister leaning forward to catch it and then, the empty cliff edge. Her sudden movements had stunned Kiaqo, after watching her not move for so long. It took him time to realise what had happened. Yet all he could see once hed reached the cliff edge was the choppy waters of a sea awaiting a storm. He fell to his knees; the rain began as the distant rumble of thunder disrupted the silence. "Siko," he muttered, his eyes welling up with glistening tears. He leant over the edge and plunged into crashing waters.

~Chapter 1~

Yiwish watched as the Wingull wheeled and swayed on the fresh breeze. One swooped down lower than the deck, and she clung to the white rail of the ship to watch it play among the Carvanha that had taken the opportunity to cruise through the swift current created by the boat. She took a deep breath of the refreshing air. This is the best way to travel, she thought as the white SS Tidal gleamed in the bright sun of a clear day, its white reflection bouncing off the shimmering water. Hoenn was coming closer now, she watched the flowing green landscape as they floated past to their destination of Little Root Town. It was going to be Yiwishs second journey. Shed competed only in that of her homeland before. After managing to collect 8 badgers, she just missing the opportunity to enter the pokmon league. Yi decided not to waste anytime quickly decided that Hoenn would be the best opportunity for her to start a fresh journey with the confidence that she wouldnt miss the tournament this time. So after the slight detour to Kanto to catch a ship to take her there, she made her way to Hoenn.

The ship soon slowed, and docked in a quiet harbour. Yi collected her belongings and went to leave the ship. As she descended the long gangway she looked around at this place with so much promise. She wanted to stop to take it in, but as she turned to do so, a boy in a red cap pushed past her. Yi wanted to say something or make him stop, but he was carrying a cloth wrapped bundle, and seemed distort, so she let him go on, and he quickly disappeared. She sat down on a wooden bench to gather her self after the long voyage, but she couldnt push the image of the hurried boy out of her head. She now felt worried, and that maybe she should have offered her help. She shook her head, and got up.

"Im sure hes fine," she murmured as she reached for a pokball and tried to forget what had happened, "Saocu, were finally here."

The eevee leapt into her arms as soon as it was released from the ball. It squeaked in excitement and snuggled close to Yi.

"Isnt it pretty here Saocu," she said as she left the stairs that lead them to the soft gold sands of a stretching beach. She put the little pokmon down and it dashed across the sand, leaving a gentle pattern of footprints after it. Yi smiled and look across the long beach. She noticed a person not to far up the beach sitting on the ground, holding a silver item which was glittering in the beaming sun. His light hair seemed to mimic the silver as he hung his head, not even glancing at the beautiful chain he held in front of him. As she drew closer she noticed several tears falling into the yellow sand, and darkening its light colour on the place theyd touched.

"Are you OK?"


December 22nd, 2003, 4:14 PM
yay, you posted it! Well. I have it in my doncuments. So I will read it later!

December 22nd, 2003, 5:32 PM
Wow, that's really awesome for a first 'fic. I do hope you'll post more. =]

oni flygon
December 22nd, 2003, 6:24 PM
Awsome fanfiction... the only advice I'd recomend is to lengthen it up a bit... ^^ Keep up the excelent work!

December 23rd, 2003, 11:15 AM
wow i'm glad you like it so far...I know for a first chapter it's short, but it's not the whole thing, i wanted to see people's reactions before i finished the chapter. I'm getting further, i just wanna complete what i'm writing atm b4 posting at least the rest of the chapter up. I'm really pleased with the reaction, ty so much.

December 24th, 2003, 11:33 AM
lol ok a little more of chapter one as promised:

~Chapter 1 continued~

He looked up. For one brief second she saw that face with sparkling tears and deep blue eyes. Thats all she really saw as he left so swiftly that Yi had not time to think of anymore to say. She saw him disappear in the cliff side further ahead, and when Yi finally made it to the same spot, she knew shed lost any chance in catching up with him now. But still she wanted to go up the steady stairs that cut into the cliff itself. She made her way steadily up the dusty, rough flight, and eventually found herself on the lush grassy cliff top. There was a pokmon centre set amid the grassland and after that the greenery cut away into a stony. Silhouetted in the distance was the faded suggestion of a town, the buildings huddling together to create a rough skyline. Yi jumped as she felt soft fur brush against her legs, but looked down only to find it was her eevee.
"Oh Saocu," she spoke gently to the creature as she bent down to pick it up, "Im sorry, did you want to spend more time on the beach?"

Saocu shook her head, her ears flapping side to side as she did so. Yi laughed, and hugged Saocu before heading towards the centre.

"Lets get something to eat, shall we?"