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December 24th, 2003, 8:09 PM

CokeMusic- A virtual, online chat room. Get virtual Decibels ( money) and buy furniture. Play racing, Play a musical chairs related game. Win furniture or furni * and organize ur room. there are various types of rooms such as game rooms or hang out rooms. You get 10 free cd's when you make a room for ur first time. goto the square item known as ur music mixer. dbl clik it and u will be able to create ur own song. Many items are rare or very hard to find. there are thousands of people who play on here. heres wat u gotta do to get started.
go there, register, if u put in the correct e-mail then when ur registration is over, check ur e-mail and receive 5,000 db's or decibels. then go back to the cokemusic front page after u've signed in and find the survey at the middle bottom of the page. you will get 1,000 db's just for doing this survey. when ur all done with that. clik Coke Studios and w8 for the page to load. then u can experience the fun..... this requires shockwave.
if u receive an error that is white then look at the top of ur keyboard and presss f5 it refreshes ur screen.
if u wanna cuss on there. the f word is done like this:
then the next 3 letters. hold alt and press 159
hold alt and press 0160 and dont skip spaces.type in ur cuss word liek the b word and u can cuss!!!! if u dont do this then ur cussing will come out as blah
if u get a url from some1 and it ends with .tk then dont go to that site it's a hacking system.
dont ever and I mean EVER!!!! give out ur e-mail to strangers and never evere everre give out ur messenger nicknames like aim or yahoo or msn. people can hack into ur account this way. ok if u need anything else then just ask me............... cya around p.s. my nickname on there is

SladeB call me slade