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January 5th, 2004, 3:58 PM
Everything was going fine until a guy/(girl?) named AJ came in and started begging to be accepted. So no new members this time, the current members can continue here, (hopefully) without interruptions.

Member List
Owner, Trainer of Suicune.
*Umbreon(Female) Kingdra(Male), Dragoniar(Female), Suicune (No gender)
Trainer Description
Ali is a young Female trainer that was saved from drowning
by Suicune. She didn't really like Pokemon until she was
saved by one. Since then she has always been into Pokemon
Ali actually looks like a Suicune herself. She has long, silky
blue hair and matching blue eyes. She wears A white shirt
and light blue pants. Most of the time she wears a stunning
crystal necklace.

New trainer, Gaurdian of Ho-Oh
Flygon (Male), Tyranitar(male), Ho-oh (Genderless)
Trainer Description
Raised as an orphan in Kanto, he never knew of his past and was treated
harshly by his adoptive father. After his 9th birthday,
he ran away from his home and found himself in Johto.
There, he learned of his past and was rejoined by his grand father,
cousin and sister. At his deathbed,
his grandfather entrusted to him to be the guardian of Ho-oh.
He now wanders around the continent in search of his past.
Toshin wears a dark jacket and a faded blue shirt inside.
He wears heavy dark blue pants and light blue sneakers.
He has a tattoo of a seishi in his left cheek and a dragon fang
earing hangs from his right ear.

New Trainer, Tamer of Articuno
Trainer Description
Has long brown hair and hazel eyes, often wears something
colourful or a skirt/dress, is shy and likes to be mysterious.
Anna was always searching mountain peaks and icy places
for articuno, for years she couldn't find it until one day she
went to a dangerous mountain to look for it. She saw Articuno,
a glittering shape in the distance and went up the mountain
to see it but when she got to the top, articuno was flying away
and in a desperate leap tried to follow it, only to fall down the
side of the mountain; only she landed on Articuno and from then
on, trained it(turned out to be quite friendly... ^_^).

New trainer, Tamer of the Mews
Mew (genderless but acts like a girl), Mewtwo
(genderless but acts like a boy), Pikachu(female), Typhlosion (female)

Trainer Description
Cassy is a kind and intellegent, but she is also very
stubborn and hot headed.She loves to travel all over
the world and her biggest dreams are to be a
Pokmon Master and a detective, so thats why you
would mostly find her in a forest, a police station or
in a pokmon gym. she often wears a red and white
cap on her head and under the cap is her blond hair
in a ponytail, she wears a large baggy black t-shirt
with a tiger print on it, her shorts are red and yellow
like fire, her favorite element, and her shoes are cerice
slip in shoes( dunno what else to call them..)
she never really talks about her past since she dont want
to remember it, so the most she have told anyone is that on
the night when she still wasnt a trainer, befor christmas
eve, which was her birthday, she wished for mew to
become her friend, and on christmas eve that wish
came true, a while after she got her first pokemon from
a proffessor and started her journey on christmas eve,
Mew and mewtwo found her, telling her that they heared
her wish and wanted to make it true...so since then they
have traveled together, how ever they are always free to
go...because of Cassys motto: everyone needs freedom.
(Very sweet story ^_^)

New Trainer, Tamer of Jirachi
Dragonite (Male) Kingdra(Male) Jirachi(Genderless)
Trainer Description
Red hair,cape,jeans and a bandana red.


Color Codes

Water Pokemon
Fire Pokemon
Grass Pokemon
Flying Pokemon
Poison Pokemon
Bug Pokemon
Electric Pokemon
Dragon Pokemon
Ice Pokemon
Dark Pokemon
Psycic Pokemon
New Trainer
Advanced Trainer

(Note: These marks do not determine your experience rank, for example,
if you just joined, you are called a new Trainer. If you have been here for a
few month, you are an advanced trainer. If you have been here for 6 months,
you are a master. )


Other signs

X - Fainted
& - Parilized (Forgive me for the terrible spelling)
# - Poisoned
* - Shiny

paige pelletier
January 5th, 2004, 5:01 PM
I am so sorry to bother you but I am new I need help how do you get pokemon on this site I would love a partner HELP!!!!!?????? :'( :'( :\ :\ :surprised :surprised

January 5th, 2004, 5:02 PM
Paige Pellitier could you go back to the other Legendary Pokemon thread and read what i posted, it should help you out okay? :)

paige pelletier
January 5th, 2004, 5:04 PM
:classic: :laugh: Oh thank you soooooo much !!!!!!!!

January 5th, 2004, 5:05 PM
ok so ill explain everythin to you after you Private Message me (PM) okay? :classic:

January 5th, 2004, 5:52 PM
OH NO! Now someone ruined this one too! Why god, why are you such an a$$hole to me? ;_;

January 5th, 2004, 5:54 PM
Ali, dont get mad...shes new and doesnt know where to go to ask questions...