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April 21st, 2005, 4:10 PM
Everything eventually comes to end. The same can be said for most relationships established by teenagers, and children. Girlfriend and boyfriend, best friends, buddies, they can all be destroyed, but only one of the people involved in the relationship can cause the destruction. What if, however, the person who caused the destruction, was punished somehow?

A curse. What if the consequence was a curse? A curse, that somehow wipes your very existance off the face of the earth, and you found yourself waking up in the body of the person you hurt because of the destruction? This, my friends, is very possible indeed, and you, will discover it for yourself...

Basically, you play a person who is in some sort of a relationship, be it friends, a couple, ect, and you hurt them emotionally. As a result, the next day you wake up in that persons body, and find that your very existance has been wiped from the planet. The only ones who remember you are the others who suffered the fate of this curse on the same day. Now, is there a way to undo this curse? Only you can find out.


Real Name:
Real Appearance:
Personality: (Applies for both, though you might want to act more like the other person when you're in that body to avoid suspicion)
Other: (Anything else you wanna add about this person)

Name of Person you become:
Other: (Anything else you wanna add about this person)
RP Sample: (An example of your Rping skills. Make it good or you won't be accepted!)

April 21st, 2005, 5:33 PM
Real Name: Robert
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Real Appearance: Messy brown hair, with hazel eyes that have a bit of a haunted look with them, and dark circles underneath. Tall, but someone thin, and almost always wears for comfort before style.
Personality: Outgoing, brash, and with a rather oddball look on life, but he tries to act more reserved when in the new body.
Other: N/A

Name of Person you become: Rachel
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Appearance: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/20.jpg
Other: Rachel was Robert's girlfriend before the "incident."

April 22nd, 2005, 2:48 AM
Real Name: David
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Real Appearance: 5'11" w/ orangey-red hair and blue eyes. Often wears blue jeans, along with a grey sweater, a hood included. He also wears a gold chain around his neck, and a pair of black running shoes.
Personality: N/A
Other: N/A

Name of person you become: Sayuri
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/pink.jpg
Other: David's childhood friend, who secretly has a crush on him, though it all goes downhill when he walks all over her feelings without realizing it.

April 22nd, 2005, 10:08 AM
I'm In!

Real Name: Reicheru

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Real Appearance: Reicheru has long dark brown hair, streaked with silver and deep emerald green eyes. Her skin is slightly tanned with a smooth look and she stands at around 59.

Personality: Reicheru is quite the sarcastic type and liked nothing more than to get in a bit of trouble, though when the time calls for it, she will concentrate and think hard of the situation at hand. She is mature and very sensible, but this does not stop her from pulling the odd joke now and again and pulling a few pranks. Over all, Reicheru is a kind and caring individual with an mischievous edge.

Other: Reicheru always wears a Silver pendant her mother gave her when she turned 13.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name of Person you become: Doreiku

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Doreiku has Emerald green eyes and shoulder length brown hair, which spikes up at the top and droops down in front of his eyes (Think Kratos from ToS hair XP) He stands at around 63 and has slightly tanned skin. Around his neck hangs a silver Dragon pendant and surling around his upper arm is a black Dragon Tattoo. He is usually caught wearing three quarter length cream trousers and a baggy blue top with the Picture of Leviathan embroiled on the back. Upon his feet are brown sandals and upon his head he wears a pair of black sunglasses to keep the unruly bangs of hair out of his eyes.

Other: N/A

April 23rd, 2005, 5:32 AM
*Realizes forgot to add the age area.* Ehhh... anyone who has joined already should edit the post with the age, XD

I'm adding an IC to start things up, since Im away tonight. New members are still welcome.

IC: It was a very romantic setting, actually. The sun was setting, leaving an orange glow across the land, and Sayuri and I had the best view of them all, a top the largest hill in the park.

"You know, theres this girl I like in my class." I said to Sayuri as the chilly wind brushed against my face. Sayuri was in another class then me, so she probably wouldn't of known her even if I gave a name. "I'm thinking about asking her out."

"Well... maybe..." She mumbled, blushing. Why she was blushing, I had no clue. I had always felt like I could tell Sayuri anything, since I had known her since preschool. "Maybe there's... someone who likes you. You uhh... know what I mean?"

"Maybe, but I doubt I'll ever find that person. I think I'll just ask that girl out." Following this comment, she fell silent. I glanced over, and noticed that she looked mad, giving me a cold glare, before running away. I think I faintly saw a tear fall off her face in the process.

After that, I decided to walk home. About halfway home, I noticed a mysterious old man with a cane staring at me from an antique shop window, which creeped me out. Naturally, I hurried on my way.

The rest of my night went as usually. Dinner, homework, bed. All was fine until I woke up the next morning...

I awoke to the sound of an alarm clock bizzing in my ear, opening my eyes slightly. As soon as I got this peek, my eyes shot open in shock. The walls were pink, and there was a wooden shelf across from where I was looking, covered in stuffed bears and such. I also noticed a bathroom attatched to the room, and a large mirror plastered across from me. This was Sayuri's room!

I got up in alarm, and called out her name, though I heard her voice when I called, not mine! When I glanced down at myself, I found that I was wearing a pair of pink PJs, and my chest had grown? Holy crap! Somehow I ended up in Sayuri's body!

Trainer Ben
April 23rd, 2005, 7:55 AM
This sounds cool. It might be a little weird though, since i've never roleplayed as a girl before.

Real Name: Ben Nabuto
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Real Appearance: Dark Green eyes, Blue Hair, Light Blue jacket, Orange shirt, Black pants, and white blue-striped shoes.
Personality: Ben is quiet and nice, but isn't really that outgoing, and can sometimes hurt others feelings without realizing it. Crystal, his girlfriend, is basically the same, but she's alot more outgoing, and can defend herself (self-defense).
Other: Ben also likes Dr. Pepper...didn't know what else to put.

Name of Person you become: Crystal Lilycove
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Lime Green eyes, Light Blue hair, Light Blue leather jacket, White tank-top, Aqua Blue shorts, and white shoes.
Other: N/A
RP Sample: This will be how Ben switched bodies:

I don't remember what I said to make her made, but Crystal really seemed upset after our last conversation. We were apparently having something, but I refused. Was it having fun? Well, we always have fun, so it couldn't be that. Having sex? Definetly not. When I spend the night at her place, she makes me sleep on her floor. When she spends the night at my place, well, she makes me sleep on the floor. So, what was it that upset her? I could go over to her house and talk to her, but she'll just say how inconsiderate I am for not knowing. Besides, she needs some space. I decided to talk to her tomorrow.

I walked up to my front door. We always locked it, no matter what. Of course, I lost my house key. I did install a mini-sized safe on the wall next to the door. It had a spare house key in it. Instead of the kind of thing you'd find on a school locker, this little safe had ten buttons you pressed. I started pushing in the ones I remembered. 30-07-98. The locker combination is the date me and Crystal first met. Her birthday was the 27th, and mine was the 21st...of August, so she was about a month older than me.

I opened the door to see no one home. It was only me and my dad living here now. My parents had gotten a divorce, and my dad kept all three of us, us being me and my two older sisters, who were living in another city. I dropped my backpack and lunchbox, and went into my room. It was a normal teen's room, with the unique touch of yourself, of course. I had been extra tired at the end of the school day. Half of it is because Math is the last class of the day, and the other half is because of that fight I had with Crystal. I decided that maybe I'll think of something in my sleep, so I took a little nap.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of an alarm clock. It sounded different than usual. Upon opening my eyes, I saw it wasn't mine.

"Dad must have sneaked a new one into... what happened to my voice?"

I started panicking. My voice sounded exactly like Crystals! I looked around. The walls were painted white, and there were shelves of DVDs everywhere. She had a bookshelf, and the bed didn't feel anything like his own. In fact, it felt even more comfortable. So, I thought, this is how her bed feels. I snapped out of it and stood up. I felt that my legs felt lighter.

"Maybe I lost wieght." But then I felt less weight somewhere else. I really started panicking now. I walked over to the mirror and closed my eyes. If my voice had changed, my room had changed, and I didn't have...those, anymore, than it could only be one thing. I opened my eyes, and sure enough...I saw Crystal in the mirror.

April 23rd, 2005, 9:07 AM
This sounds uber kewlz!!

Real Name: Cierra Christian (Nick: CC)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Real Appearance: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v494/digitaldude/lovehina_1_800.jpg
Personality: Often spontaneous and very out going, will do anything for a laugh
Other: Is obsessed about her looks

Name of Person you become: Tristian Bowling
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v494/digitaldude/98615d43.gif
Personality: Would do anything for a laugh, but has a very serious side. Will stick up for anything he thinks is right.
Other: Was Cierra's on again, off again boyfriend
RP Sample: (Do I need this since I have given you one on your other RP?)

(If I'm accepted here's my first post)
IC: I awoke with a slight start. It seemed only a few minutes had gone by, so I looked at the clock. It read midnight, only five hours had gone by since Tristian and I had fought. I decided that I wasn't going to think about it, I was wrong, the more I told myself I wasn't, the more I did. Thankfully I don't remember what all we fought about, something about him thinking about us, wondering if we were really meant to be. I was astounded. Tristian had broken my heart once before, but nothing like this. I got up and went to the kitchen. I needed something to put me to sleep or I'd be awake all night and that was a very bad thing, finals were tomorrow and I needed my beauty sleep. I took a half of a sleeping pill with a glass of milk and went off to bed. As soon as my head hit that pillow I was out, good thing that pill was only a half or I don't know when I'd wake up. The next thing I remember is wondering around this infinite void, with only this crazy old lady around. She was cooking up something because I could smell it and see the smoke. Suddenly it started glowing a bright white and the smoke engulfed me and swirled around me faster and faster. The next thing I knew I too was glowing the bright white.

Suddenly I was awoken by the alarm clock. I reached over and turned it off quickly, hoping for just five more minutes. I noticed my arm was well defined and covered in hair. I glanced at my armpit and nearly screamed. I had hairy armpits! I shook my head around and looked at the room, it was covered in super m0del posters! I bolted upright in bed and noticed I no longer had my pj's on. I no longer had brests for that matter either! My chest was well defined and I had my first six pack. I slowly lifted up the bedsheets and screamed! I had a... thing... down there... I heard a voice holler at me what was the matter. I yelled back that it was nothing. I jumped in front of a mirror and studied my face. Oh my god, I was Tristian! I immediately started feeling my face, making sure it was what I was looking at. I decided I must be crazy and went ahead and got dressed, fixed Tristian's hair like I've always wanted to, then decided against it, seeing that he was right and it did look better the way he fixed it, and went to go eat breakfast. Today was going to be the weirdest day of my life.

April 24th, 2005, 1:10 PM
OOC: Okay, you two are accepted as well.

IC: I almost passed out there and then. Just what the hell was going on!? This is just a dream, right? Yeah, that had to be it! It was just all a dream. Maybe I just needed to pinch myself! I thought to myself, before doing just that. "Ow!" I cried as the sharp fingernails dug into my skin, but I didn't wake up...

"Sayuri, time for school!" A male voice called from downstairs. Her dad, I was sure of that. He'd know it was me, wouldn't he!?

Hopeful, I scrambled down the stairs, into a large white kitchen, a well-built, middle aged man sitting at a table in the center. "Sayuri, why aren't you dressed yet? School starts in less then 30 minutes now!"

"I'm not Sayuri!" I rebelled, my, er, Sayuri's heart beating extremely fast now. "I'm David! You know, Sayuri's best friend! Somehow I ended up in her body!"

"Are you joking Sayuri?" Her dad laughed as he leaned back slightly on his chair, a cup of coffee in his right hand, the paper in the left. "You don't even know a David!"

He wouldn't be joking... He isnt that type of person... I was frozen in shock, and stood that way in complete silence before walking towards Sayuri's room again. "And don't forget to get changed!" Her dad called after me. Great, I have to get changed, this'll be exciting... I thought sarcastically to myself.

April 24th, 2005, 1:27 PM
As I was coming down the stairs, I passed by the cordless phone mounted on the wall. I immediately grabbed it and dialed my number. I got this message that the number wasn't available and I started having thoughts about whether or not I'd be myself again. I started crying right then and there and Tristian's mom came up to me and said in that motherly voice that could comfort anything, "Honey, What's the matter?"

"I'll never be myself ever again! I'll never get to tell Tristian how much I love him, I'll never get to kiss him, to feel his arms around me..." my voice trailed off and I looked at Tristian's mother.

"Honey, are you sick? What are you talking about? You are Tristian. I don't think you should go to school today." Tristian's mother questioned me. "And how do you know what it feels like to kiss yourself?"

"I'm not Tristian d*mnit! My name is Cierra!" I just brokedown right then and there as I realized that I would never be myself ever again.

Trainer Ben
April 24th, 2005, 5:33 PM
IC: I was still looking at myself in the mirror after ten minutes of silence. I tried everything; pinching myself, kicking the bed, and even slapping my face. Nothing worked. I suddenly felt a sensation. One that I knew all too well.

"I think I need to go to the bathroom..." I opened a door that said 'KEEP OUT!'. I instantly knew that it was Crystal's bathroom. I walked in, and saw a huge rack of magazines. They were all girl magazines, of course. I then spotted the toilet. I walked over, and all of a sudden, I went blank. I never was in a girl's body before, so...



I walked out, completely red in the face. I told myself to just hold it in next time. I walked out of my, er, Crystal's bedroom and walked down the stairs. I saw Crystal's mom already cooking breakfast.

"Hello honey. Did you sleep well last night?" she asked. Does she always ask that? I nodded and sat down at the table. For breakfast, she fixed...eggs, blueberry pancakes, and Special K. I didn't like the first two, so I dug into the cereal first. Suddenly, Crystal's mom started sniffing around. She gave me a cold stare.

"Crystal, dear. You reek of sweat. Go upstairs and take a shower," she ordered. I dropped my spoon and blushed. I looked at Ms. Lilycove, but she just pointed upstairs and continued to stare at me. I sighed and went back into Crystal's bedroom. I opened her drawers and grabbed her usual outfit. While walking towards the bathroom, I stopped and remembered something.

"Girls...girls wear...bras, don't they?" I opened another drawer and grabbed some...underwear. I held them up and completely turned red.

"Oh boy.........."

April 25th, 2005, 4:38 PM
Real Name: Jun Ganimade
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Real Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, strong build
Personality: Dark personality, at times somewhat irate, independent
Other: When he was sixteen, Jun left his family to live on the streets.

Name of Person you become: Rian Ganimade
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, small
Other: He was Jun's younger brother. Desiring to bring his brother back, he, too ran away from home. After finding Jun, he pleaded with him to return home. But, at Jun's refusal, he stayed with him for over a month in the hope Jun's decision would change. However, one late night Jun returned to the dreary apartment drenched in blood. Upon Rian's fearful question as to the blood's source, Jun seemed to grow angry and snapped at his brother--telling him never to tell anyone of this, never to again ask, and to leave the next day. Broken with this harsh rejection, Rian turned and fled from the building.
RP Sample:

Gasping for breath, Jun knelt on the cold sidewalk--one hand placed against the dim streetlight's steel pole for support. Crimson fluid ran across his face and arms, dripping down to the pavement to form gradually increasing pools that resembled blossoming flowers of scarlet. Turning his head suddenly to the side, droplets of deadly red spattered from his blood-soaked hair. His green eyes shifting wildly, the male's right hand tightly gripped the streetlight. Forcing himself into a stand, his left hand strayed to a knife at his side. Long he stood amidst the black night--gritting his teeth with silent determination to defy the threatening terror as dark stains spread across his clothes. Then, moving his hand away from his weapon, Jun hung his head limply as his breaths grew more even. Finally the youth muttered, "I've gotta get out of here . . . "

Ignoring his heavy limp, Jun started down a side alley. Attempting to suppress the frusturation, anger, and panic fighting to control him, the male's pace increased into a broken run. What am I going to do now . . . how am I going to explain this to Rian?

April 25th, 2005, 4:50 PM
<ooc> LOL, the boys in g!rls bodies are funny!! Especially Ben's char!<ooc>

<ic> I ran out of Tristian's house and ran all the way home, with tears streaming down my face. I must have looked really [email protected] But I didn't care. I ran the two and one half blocks all the way to my front door stop only to find that it wasn't there. I started to panic and looked all around, I was at the right place all right, but somehow it wasn't there. Luckily Tristian's mother had followed me out there and pulled up against the curb. She rolled down the window and asked, "Tristian, honey. Get in the car, we need to talk." I reluctantly got into the car and we drove off, me in tears and her being my shoulder to cry on. I told her everything that had happened all week, about Tristian and me fighting, about the 'body switch' and about how all I wanted was to be myself again. She just stared at me for a second at the stoplight and then asked, "Tristian, who is this 'Cierra' g!rl you keep talking about?"

<ooc> I love my cliffhangers! <ooc>

April 26th, 2005, 11:30 AM
The park was deserted apart from us two, and I sat on the swing, just slightly pushing against the ground so that I swayed slowly back and forth. Doreiku lay on the slide, looking up at the sky, his left leg bent and the right leg laying on his knee, he was humming to himself, as usual, probably some song he had heard on the radio on the way home from school, he looked so peaceful from where I sat, I smiled faintly.

Rei? That had defiantly startled me; his voice penetrated the silence between us

Yeah? I answered cautiously, an eye brow raised.

You know the Prom we have at the end of the year? He asked, turning his head towards me, and I knew something was on his mind at that moment. I only nodded my reply Have you asked anyone yet?

Oh oh, I could guess what was coming next and I bit my bottom lip. My and Doreiku were friends, it wasnt suppose to turn into something more, we have been best friends since primary and never had I once considered dating himperhaps he was just asking me to go as a friendbut the only problem was Kioni, a boy in the year older than me who had asked me only a few days ago. I could only tell him the truth.

Yeah I answered, lowering my gaze to the floor Kioni asked me the other day, and I couldnt say no. Apparently hes been dying to ask me for weeks It was harsh, but its what I had heard from Jesshika the other day.

He looked at me with sad eyes and what looked like a tear in his eye That Poetry writer, the one that sits on his own at lunch by the fountain, thinking to himself? You cant be serious; the guy goes to coffee shops to read that crap. God Rei the guy wears things I never knew existed, why you would even consider going with him!

What do you know?! I happen to like Kioni and Im sure he likes me back. And what do the types of clothes have to do anything, you wear what you want and he wears what he wants, it doesnt change the person you are, Doreiku. You dont see me commenting on the way you dress or spend your free time, but I still like you dont I!? I was in rage now, how dare he judge Kioni, he doesnt even know him. I have spoken to Kioni and he has a wonderful personality.

It was then Doreiku stood from the slide he had been occupying and snarled at me Obviously you dont like me enough then, do you The tone was harsh, as if I had really hurt him, but what did I care, he had insulted a friend of mine without even knowing the boy just because I was going to the Prom with him!

Your just an immature Jerk, you know that Doreiku, Im going to the Prom with Kioni and thats final, so do yourself a favor and get over yourself That had gotten to him, his eyes had turned red and he was blushing furiously, and without another word said between us, he stormed off in the direction of his house. Good riddance!

I jumped from the swing and stormed off in the opposite direction, accidentally bumping into an old man as I did so, he snarled at me and I reacted by giving him the dirtiest look I could conjure, he should have been looking at where he was going, shouldnt had he.

I arrived home, slamming the door behind me and climbing the stairs to my room. My mother called me several times asking what was wrong, but I completely ignored her, glaring at my sealing I could only think of the dishearten I had caused Doreiku moments ago, I slowly fell into slumber.


I growled as a pillow was thrown at my face and I shot up in my bed, glaring at my door where a 12 year old boy stood. Doreiku, mom said its time to get up

Mashuu? The words had left my mouth before I had even noticed, and they were most defiantly not said in my own voice. I covered my mouth hastily, earning a confused look from Doreikus brother, before looking down at my body. The clothes I had worn the day before had completely disappeared and had been replaced by a pair of blue boxers and a scabby blue T-shirt. I lifted a hand to by face to feel a small bristle of whiskers below my finger tips before jerking away and letting out a piercing scream which sent Mashuu dashing down stairs.

Trainer Ben
April 26th, 2005, 8:23 PM
I walked downstairs to see Crystal's mom impaciently waiting, staring at her watch at the same time.

"Crystal, you're already late for school!" she scolded. I wasn't really paying attention, as I was still recolecting from my new experience.

"And she just HAD to put that mirror in the bathroom, too..." Unfortunately, I was interrupted by Mrs. Lilycove, who started dragging me by the ear.

"Now I have to drive you to school. Honestly, I just don't understand girls your age anymore..." You're not alone... I then found myself sitting in the front seat of her car. I frantically looked around for my, or, Crystal's backpack.

"Mrs. Lil... I mean mom, where's my backpack?" I asked. She looked back at me.

"Crystal, you know you always put your stuff in your locker." This didn't help cheer me up. I had forgot that Crystal was against carrying a huge backpack around, like I did. After we pulled up to my school, I got out, said goodbye to my new mom, and walked towards the building with Crystal's locker.

April 27th, 2005, 11:15 AM
OOC: Gomen, I've been sick the past few days X.X

IC: "Now what the hell do I wear..." I muttered as I sorted through Sayuri's clothes, chucking them sloppily on the bed after I looked at them. I finally decided on an outfit I had seen Sayuri wear before- a pink top with no sleeves, and a very short pair of jean shorts, a belt around them. I also chose a pair of brown boots that matched. Now... underwear... I sorted through the final draw, the one I had been avoiding the past 20 minutes, to find a matching bra and panties set, bith pink. Meh... it wasn't the time to be choosy.

Now was the hard part... actually changing... I gulped softly before removing the top part of my shirt, and found myself staring at my chest. I mean, it was hard not to, right? After struggling for a while, I finally got the outfit on, right before Sayuri's mom walked in.

"I'm going to do your hair today sweetie." She said with a smile as she touched my... er, Sayuri's brilliant blue hair for a moment, and lead me into the bathroom, where she put it into pigtails, tied by two pink bows. "Now, off to school honey." Oh no... school...

April 29th, 2005, 9:00 AM
I rushed down stair after throwing on whatever clothes I could find and was met by a worried glace from Doreikus mother, I stared at her in horror and was met by a cool hand to my head Are you all right Doreiku? Your face is flushed and youre burning up! Her face was that of worry and she had made for the cabinet, probably to get some tablets or something.

I shook my head N-no Im all right Mrs J-Mom, therethere was just a Spider on my face thats all, Ill be fine I promise, and before she had time to react, I had opened the back door and stormed out of the drive, making my way down the road towards the park which I had visited yesterday, where I had blown up at Doreiku.

I spoke reassuring words to myself and rubbed my head repeatedly Its a dream it cant be real it was the only explanation, it could be nothing else, I was dreaming and as soon as I reach the park it will all end, it will all end, this is just a symbol for me to forgive Doreiku it had to be, why else would I be in his body.

I was startled as a hand grabbed me from behind and turned me around, it was Doreikus father What are you doing out here, you have school! He shouted frantically Go home and get your things before you miss the bell His face was red and his eyes glared daggers, clearly Doreikus father took education a little too seriously.

S-sorry Dad, I dont know what came over me, Ill get ready as soon as possible

Make sure you do, and dont let this happen again. It was a good thing I caught you walking passed the shop

Of course, Doreikus father owned his own clock shopwhat a thrill. Well, I didnt want to damage Doreikus seemingly perfect record, did I, so I had no choice but to go to school. I dragged myself back to Doreikus house, knowing that any minute now, this dream would end.