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April 23rd, 2005, 5:22 AM
The main idea of the Poke Dojo is for trainers to bring their pokemon and to train them and fight other Dojos, ETC. The dojo has few common enemies, but it does have some. There are 3 other Dojos in this region, and they all have names and a Rep. Pokemon. The dojos are as follow:

Rep. Pokemon: Hitmonchan

Rep. Pokemon: Hitmontop

Rep. Pokemon: Hitmonlee

Shrine of the Wind
Rep. Pokemon: Pidgeot
To begin RPing, fill out this form.

Pokemon: (Has to be BASIC, and has to be the same element as the Dojo's rep pokemon. NO LEGENDARIES!)
Secondary Pokemon: (Can be any type, still no legendaries.)
Background: (OPTIONAL)
RPing Sample:


When you have filled that form out you can immediately begin RPing.

April 23rd, 2005, 5:41 AM
RealPokemonFan, please don't double post + People don't join right away, you have to have patience.

April 23rd, 2005, 7:18 AM
why 3 fightings and 1 flying

Dojo:Wind one
Secondary Pokemon:Blaziken
Personality:Acts like a 13 year old laid back, kinda insanse but takes stuff seriously
Background: (OPTIONAL)
RPing Sample:"what did you say" I said as I looked at Jame as he played with a pen
" I said that you will never pass this test"
that ok

April 23rd, 2005, 7:19 AM
Name: Sam
Age: 16
Dojo: Shrine of the Wind
Pokemon: Flygon
Secondary Pokemon: Ninetails
Personality: A fun-loving girl who is very daring
Background: Origiated from a small town off the coast of Cinabar. It is mainly unknown because of the lack of Gym Leaders and competition. Sam is a professional gymnist, and preforms stunts on her Flygon, and brings in coloured Pokemon in her own version of a zoo. It is the only zoo that hosts all coloured Pokemon. The only coloured Pokemon she brings with her is her black Ninetails.
RPing Sample: The wind whipped through Sam's orange hair as she made her decent on the back of a Flygon. She nudges his sides to make a complete land, and the wings beat twice, then land fully on the ground. A black, lithe form leaps off the back first, and Sam climbs off. The black thing was actually the only Black Ninetails in the region, perhaps the entire Pokemon world.
"Nine, Ninetails," the creatures says, and Sam looks down at her smiling. The Flygon swings its mighty head and it's intelligent eyes look at the Dojo with care.
"We're here," Sam says.

April 23rd, 2005, 7:32 AM
Dojo:Shrine of the Wind
Secondary Pokemon:Salamence
Personality:Reverved and quiet, takes in all details before deciding to move.
Background:when he was young he lived in Pewter City, he was always bullied by the other children and because they were all going to dojos when they were older. He found out about the Shrine Of The Wind dojo and he thought to himself 'ive got to get into that dojo' he found out the you needed a flying pokemon to be a member so he went off searching, he came across a mean tempered hoothoot which attacked him, but zidane didnt give up he needed this pokemon to get in, after an hour of chasing it the pokemon realised that he wasnt going to give up and joined him.
RPing Sample:'ive heard rumors about there being a legandary pokemon in this forest, if its true i have to see it with my own eyes' Zidane thought to himself as he was splashed by some water that flew into his face as he was traveling in a boat to a secluded area...
when they arived Zidane climbed of the boat "thanks mister" he said to the driver "no problem kid any time" he said as he started the boat up again and sped into the distance
taking a pokeball from his belt he threw it in the air, a small yellow creature emerged "come on pikachu lets go" the pikachu jumped up on the young trainers sholder "pika pika chu" and he began to walk into the dark forest....

April 23rd, 2005, 8:00 AM
Name: Sachi
Age: 13
Dojo: Shrine of the Wind
Pokemon: Pidgey
Secondary Pokemon: Chikorita
Personality: Calm and quiet most of the time. Though she doesnt talk much she is friendly. She is intelligent and a good problem solver. She is brave and is always willing to make sacrifices for her friends.
Background: She's a Pokemon trainer from NewBark Town. She always loved flying Pokemon and couldn't wait to join the Dojo.
RPing Sample: Sachi rubbed Chirkorita affectioantly as she sat under a large oak tree. The sun shone brightly and a few rays of light shone through the thick branches. A soft wind blew messing with Sachi's hair. A sharp chirp came from above and she looked up. "Hey Pidgey." SHe said smiling at the small bird who was perched there. Pidgey spread it's small wings and fluttered down to her. Sachi smiled again then slid down the tree a little and lay down staring at te trees branches and leaves. "SO did you have a good flight?" She asked.

"Pidgey." Replied the bird Pokemon happily hopping around on the ground. Sachi laughed and rubbed the excited birds head then put her hands behind her head and sighed. She closed her eyes and drifted into peaceful sleep.