View Full Version : 5 in Kanyoto Johto Hoenn

paige pelletier
January 11th, 2004, 11:07 AM
:classic: does anyone want to join Hi ok there are 5 people starting their pokemon journey but there is something different they each have a u-neek power all bad guy teams and can the 5 be strong enough to defet all the teams and become pokemon masters?! sounds a little corny :embarrass
People like ash and porfessors are in the thread you cant get ledgendaries in begining.

super strangth
mind reading
move things with mind
can create mental sheild
talk to me about other powers u can have same power

any starter
ill tell u if u can have a different pokemon anwser
probably yes

set up
Pokemon you will get from proffeser

Name Papion (sound ike paw p aaw)
Age 11
Power Fly
Discrip long dark purple hair, light purple eyes, showing shoulders long sleave t shirt, jeans, sneaks, star ear rings, cresent moon necklase, and can sing good :embarrass
Attatude shy calm does not like loud noises active and clingy once she gets to know u
PoKeMoN Picachu :)