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April 30th, 2005, 3:01 PM
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Sandra has lived in the dessert her whole life. In her family's humble hut in the middle of a raging dessert. Her mother and father had left many years ago, they were going to a place called Orre, supposedly another dessert, but with less sandstorms. The dessert was in a region called Aether. (I ran out of ideas!) Like most places, this region had a Pokemon league, but Sandra had no intention of joining. Sandra wanted to become a Pokemon Coordinator, ever since she saw a contest on her television, she had been obssesed. She had gone online to buy books on Coordinating, and they were shipped via a particle beam.
She had read nearly all of them, back to back to back, and usually, she would read them again. A few years back, Sandra had caught a Ralts caught in the storm. It aparently grew up in the dessert, since the wind and sand did not bother it. She had raised that Pokemon with care ever since, it had evolved into a Kirlia just a month ago, and it has learned some powerful and beautiful attacks. Sandra was planning on going to the nearest town, which was about fifty miles away, to participate in the contest.
Sandra had no friends, and she knew little about city life, execpt that is was always loud, people would try to steal things from you, and that you should always try to make as many friends as you can. Sandra was planning to go the next day. Her 'house' was about twenty feet wide, and twenty feet long, and about ten feet high. Only one room, there was a couch, television, computer with wireless connection, and a dinner table with chairs. Her Kirlia was sitting on the table, meditating. Sandra got up and packed her bags. (Just in case you're wondering, she sleeps on the couch) She attached her SandStormNav, her PokEdex, and her PokedollarCard. She returned her Kirlia to its Pokeball, and she went outside. The dessert strectched as far as her eye could see, cactuses sprung up here and there, and the wind was calm. Sandra locked the door to her hut and was on her way.

An hour later.....
"We've been in the dessert for maybe three hours!" Sandra complained. Kirlia was walking with her.
"I mean, we should be there by now!" She continued. They had seen many wild Pokemon while they were walking, but it wasn't neccesary to battle them. There was an oasis upahead, it was actually artifical, the hotel owners planted it there with their hotel. As Sandra entered the shade of the oasis, she took in the view. A single building with a Pokeball Hologram above it, and several trainers (five to be exact) were hanging out. All of them turned to the newcomers.
"Hey! Welcome!" One of the boys said. He had blonde hair, a green shirt and blu pants. He held two Pokeballs on his belt.
"Hello." Sandra replied politly,
"May I ask your name?"
"I'm Sandra, you?"
"My name is Alkali, wanna drink?"
"Sure." Sandra replied. I'm sure not everyone is this polite.... Sandra thought, since everyone was still staring at her. Alkali went inside, and Sandra took a seat at one of the empty tables. Kirlia jumped into the seat near her. The people started chatting to each other again.
Moments later, Alkali apeared again, with two colas in his hands. He placed one in front of Kirlia and one in front of Sandra.
"Thanks." Sandra said. She popped it open and drank it down.
"No problem." Alkali said. "That your only Pokemon?" He asked.
Sandra put down her drink for a moment.
"Yeah, shes a cool one." She said, patting Kirlia on the head. Kirlia studied the cola carefully, and used is abilities to open it without moving. It outstretched one hand and took a drink.
"Oh." The boy said, "Well, you wanna battle?" He asked.
"Sure, one on one?"
"Yeah, why not?" Alkali said, and he took out his Pokeball.

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