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January 11th, 2004, 4:33 PM
Ok. This will be the .hack ( pernounced as dot hack ) rp. K. Here's how it will be . To join. You have to know a little about . hack.... Then This will be what you have to fill out to join this rp... here is mine as a example-

PC name: punkie90
RP name:Majest
RP age:17
RP Physical Features:
- height= 6'2"
- weight= 210 Lbs.
- Eye color= brown
- Hair Color = Turquoise
Type: Twin Blades Man
Specialties: Rapid attacks , Fire Attacks

All of you must start as level one... The type of rp type your are will decide your Hp and SP... The stats follow-

Twin Blades Man- HP 80 , SP16
Heavy Axe Man- HP 90 , SP 11
Wave Master-HP 50 , SP 30
Axe Master- HP87 , SP 13

There may be more types that I might be un aware of.. So... If you don't under stand HP and SP.. Hp= hit points , SP = Special Points. The more SP = the more scrolls you can use. A scroll is a item that you can use to do haevy damge to your opponent.There are many different types of Scrolls. But. With no more further wait. Join now. Will not stop allowing members in.. So there is no players limit. So Join now!