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May 3rd, 2005, 10:12 AM
This is a rewrite of a previous fic of mine, sort of. Actually the beginning of it is still the same, but a few things have been changed. The overall premise will remain the same though. Remember, feedback is always welcome.

A mysterious teen is found by the wreckage of a strange plane. For some reason, he doesn't seem to know what Pokemon are, or where he is. What could this mean, and what impact will this have on the Pokemon world?

Throughout history, people everywhere have been left in awe by the unsolved mysteries of the universe. However, none has ever compared to the mystery surrounding the world of Pokemon, a mystery never fully explained.

For ages upon ages, humans and Pokemon have lived side by side, as companions, friends, and teammates. Historically, the reason for this bond has never been discovered, nor has the origin of Pokemon.

Some think that Pokemon have always existed, ready to help humanity at a moment's notice. Still others think that they are strangers from another world, who came to this one in a time of great need.

However, there are some that view the world of Pokemon as a foreign place, filled with unseen lifeforms. Perhaps they already reside there, waiting for something to happen... Or perhaps, they've just arrived...

____________________Aeshar Studios____________________

___________________A FanFic by SBaby__________________

__________Neo Destiny: Beyond Time and Space__________


Three days had already passed since the boy had been brought in. Even Nurse Joy had to admit, nobody should have survived a crash like that, but there he was.

The young nurse twirled a loch of her long pink hair mumbling to herself all of the possible scenarios that could have given him a chance to survive. However, each theory always came back to the one logical conclusion.

"He should be dead! The plane was in pieces!" she shouted at the top of her lungs. Various Pokemon Trainers stared at her from the seats lining the walls of the waiting room. Some of them were simply here for routine check-ups, but there were a few that had unconscious Pokemon.

"Sorry..." she quickly said, attempting to regain her composure. Even still, the thought of what had transpired continued to fluster her.

Of course, she had good reason to be as flustered as she was. Three days ago, this teenager was found unconscious lying in a field about 200 yards away from the burning wreckage of a type of plane she had never seen before. On top of that, he only had minor cuts and scrapes. Someone thrown from a plane that crashed at that kind of angle would generally have a few broken bones and burns on them.

"Generally what?" she said aloud again. "Generally he should be dead!" This time, she managed to control her voice to a degree, avoiding the previous draw of attention. Still, she let out another large sigh and continued to ponder the week's events.

That was what was great about sitting at a desk. You always had time to think, even on busy days like this. But thoughts of this scale could easily drive even the most calm of individuals crazy.

"Nurse Joy, please report to ICU 1! Repeat, Nurse Joy, please report to ICU 1!" The voice that sounded on the loudspeaker was almost as loud as she had been speaking. Immediately she realized that ICU 1 was where the boy had been taken.

As she made her way through the corridor to the ICU, the same thoughts continued to race through her head. Who was this boy, and why was he barely injured from a crash like that?

After what seemed like miles of walking, the young nurse finally reached the ICU. Without hesitation, she opened the double-doors. Inside, two assistant nurses were literally staring in awe at the patient's bed.

Immediately, Nurse Joy turned to the bed, only to see the patient awake. He had long blue hair that was spiked on the front and hung down, where it was spiked on end as well. His green eyes scanned the square room very carefully, taking note of all his surroundings.

Without warning, he turned to Nurse Joy and said something she wouldn't soon forget. "What... is this place?" Without realizing it, Nurse Joy had taken two steps back, as had the other two nurses. All three stared in awe in response to the statement that the boy had just made.

May 3rd, 2005, 10:15 AM
____________________Chapter 1____________________
______________A Strange Predicament ______________

Saffron City had always been the center of trade, and this day would be no exception. That was because the annual Exchange Festival would be held in two days, so to say the city was bustling with activity would be an understatement.

Even Ash, Misty, Brock and Max could admit that the place was more lively than ever before. People could be seen left and right preparing their shops, markets, and stands for the tremendous upswing in business that was bound to happen.

As such, the security of the city had also been tightened. League Officers could be seen assisting Officer Jenny in patrolling the streets of this enormous city. Even so, one could only wonder why the theft level stays low all throughout the festival, as there was no possible way the Officers could see everything at once.

Of course in the grand scheme of things, that wasn't the reason Ash was in the city. He was there to see May's performance. And as such, it didn't take the group very long to find the Saffron Gym. Even in a city of this size, it stood out like a landmark. It was the only circular building in the city.

It was a custom that on the last day of the Trade Festival, there would be a Pokemon Contest featuring veterans who had won at least four ribbons in their career. The winner of the contest would be presented with a unique Championship Cup as well as a rare Pokemon from another Region.

Ash immediately grinned at the sight that beheld him inside the building. Sure enough, Drew was there. He had been May's rival since she met him in Hoenn. In fact, he told her that he would take the cup this year. Ash stiffened somewhat when the green-haired teenager motioned to him.

"Hey, Ash!" he said. "It's been awhile. How's the Pokemon Training going?" His attitude was apparent even though he was pretending to be nice. He was already planning on where to put the trophy, even though the contest hadn't begun yet.

Ash immediately responded. "Oh, I'm doing fine. My Pokemon have really come a long way since the Hoenn Region. Grovyle and Swellow are still waiting for a rematch against you." Ash wanted to act more confident, but he simply remained calm. He didn't want to look like an idiot in front of everyone.

Drew nodded and smiled with the familiar confidence once again. "So, I take it you've finally won a League?" He awaited Ash's response, already knowing what would be said.

Ash simply shook his head. "Nope. I still haven't won a League." He just said it, as if it were nothing to him. Pikachu simply shook his head, knowing the truth. Each loss just made Ash want to press on. "By the way. Where's May?"

Drew looked around. "That's the thing. She hasn't shown up yet. She said that she needed to go to the Pokemon Center for something, but hasn't returned yet." Even Drew was growing concerned about May. He would never admit his feelings for her, but they were plain as day. He had a boyish crush on her.

Ash nodded. "I'll go get her. You guys wait here." After finishing, he ran out of the building, Pikachu following, without giving the others the smallest chance to respond. Of course, that was Ash. He was stubborn, impulsive, and often childish at times. But when it came down to Training Pokemon and battling, he was one of the best.

Given what he had seen thus far, by all rights he should have been dead by then, but it seemed fate was always on his side. The same fate might be what led him to the Center as fast as it did.

Inside, there was a large crowd of Trainers that seemed to be getting restless. And it was for good reason too. Nurse Joy was nowhere to be found. There wasn't even a secretary present.

"What's going on?" Ash said. He frantically searched for May, but she was just as scarce as the Nurses were. He was clearly beginning to worry.

One of the Trainers approached Ash. "If you're looking for Nurse Joy, she went into the back about an hour ago and hasn't been out since." Ash looked in confusion at the unconscious Treeko that the Trainer had in his arms. Even in an emergency, it was policy to have someone out in front in case something happens. He could only ponder why nobody was out there.

Ignoring the other Trainers' protests, he ran through the double-doors leading to the various treatment rooms. Despite calling May's name at every door, he received no answer. He was now beginning to worry. What if May was unconscious in one of the ICUs? Or what if she was kidnapped from the hospital?

Finally, Ash reached a treatment room for Pokemon. May was standing over her Beautifly, which was missing its left wing. She was in tears.

"May..." Ash said, but he knew that words wouldn't soothe her pain. He simply hugged her in an attempt to console her. "At least Beautifly is still alive..." he said.

May looked up at Ash. "But, who could do something like this?" she said, trying to hold back more tears. Ash knew it had to be a jealous competitor. That was the only logical explanation. Lots of people knew she was in town for the competition, but even this was too much.

Ash nodded. "When Beautifly's recovered, I'll find out." he said. Ash wanted more than anything to bring this perpetrator to justice. But he knew that there were more important things to worry about now. What struck him as odd though is that no Nurses were in the room taking care of the Pokemon.

"I'm going to find a Nurse." Ash said, leaving the room. He didn't want to leave May alone, but nothing would get accomplished by standing there. Even Pikachu knew that they badly needed help.

Finally, Ash and Pikachu found a set of double doors that people seemed to be behind. Without a thought, Ash opened the doors, as if going through Saloon doors in the old west. "What are you doing here?" Ash asked, before realizing what was going on.

The blue-haired individual turned to Ash and seemed a bit perplexed. "What's going on here?" was all that he said. Ash immediately took a step back and stared in awe at the boy that sat in the bed. He seemed to only be a few years older than Ash.

Ash looked at the Nurses for answers. "So, what is he doing in a Pokemon Center?" Ash said. This was the first time he could recall a human being taken to a Pokemon Center. And it was even more strange, since Saffron City had a Clinic only a mile away.

The youth answered that question in a weak-sounding voice. "I woke up in this room. Please. Tell me where I am." He seemed to grow more concerned, seeing all of these faces. Ash could only come to the conclusion that the boy was not from Saffron. What else could he think?

Nurse Joy finally caught a glimpse of Ash. "You're not supposed to be in here!" she said in a scolding voice. Ash took a step back in response. He was used to being yelled at, but he usually wasn't breaking any rules. This time he was.

"I'm sorry." he said. "But my friend has an injured Pokemon that needs medical attention." It was then that the three Nurses realized that they had been standing in the room for an hour staring in awe. Immediately, the two assistants began going about their daily business. However, Nurse Joy simply stood there.

Ash looked at the boy again. "You're in a Pokemon Center in Saffron City." he said. The boy seemed to give a confused look to Ash. He then eyed his surroundings once again. After examining each and every corner of the room, he fixed his eyes on Ash again.

"Saffron City?" he said. "Pokemon Center?" Ash and Joy were both shocked to hear this coming from the youth. Even in crashes like the one this person suffered, amnesia was almost unheard of. This was a rare occasion, indeed.

Ash grinned, not really knowing what to say next. "Yeah. A Pokemon Center." Ash said. "You know, where they treat injured Pokemon?" The boy still continued to give a dumbfounded look to Ash. It was as if he had no clue what Ash was talking about.

Nurse Joy finally responded. "You DO know what Pokemon are, right?" The boy simply shook his head. Nurse Joy was literally left speechless. How could anyone living ANYWHERE not know what Pokemon are? It was unheard of. Even nomads and hermits knew what Pokemon were. And this kid was neither of those. Only one thought could come to Joy's mind.

"Amnesia." Nurse Joy said. "That's got to be the reason." Thinking back, Nurse Joy tried to recall what the manuals said about memory-loss. Then she remembered something. It was a simple test that could determine if the boy really had amnesia. It had to work.

May 3rd, 2005, 10:16 AM
____________________Chapter 2____________________
__________________Engine Failure___________________

It was finally out. After two hours of work, the Firefighters had finally gotten the remains of the plane to stop smoldering. It would finally be possible for the police to get some answers as to how the vehicle crashed. And in an open field like this, answers were very scarce.

Officer Jenny had already arrived on the scene with two League Officers. The trio began poking around for anything that could give them an indication as to the reason behind the crash. They shuffled through the debris, as if it were Christmas Day and they were looking for their own presents.

Finally, after about ten minutes of searching, one of the Officers found a scrap of metal about the size of a Raichu. He moved his fingers through his slicked back set of brown hair, as he flipped the piece of metal over. There was what appeared to be a large 'M' on the right side of the piece, and it seemed to have a half circle around it.

Standing proudly and in a macho stance, the slim Officer finally spoke up with glee. "So, Team Aqua and Team Magma were kicking the crap out of each other, right?" The other Officers examined the piece of metal and finally nodded in approval. It would make sense that way. A plane with a large 'M' on its side obviously belonged to Team Magma. But, why would they be in Kanto? That was the main question.

The Officer continued, not noticing another car pulling up to the scene. "Here's what went down." he began. "These two planes, one Team Aqua, and one Team Magma are duking it out. They've got guns blaring! Pow pow pow!!!" As he continued the story, a red-headed man approached the scene. This man had a very peculiar hairdo, with his hair combed upward at an angle.

"So, they're evenly matched." the Officer continued. "Lo, and behold, a Flying Pokemon gets sucked into this plane's intake... Pffffft.... Bird Stew. The plane loses control, and KaBOOM! Makes a nice crater..." The Officer once again moved his fingers through his slicked back hair. He was literally basking in the glory of once again 'knowing it all'. "Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if we see more of these popping up around here..."

The red-headed man finally spoke up with a grin. "If that's true, where's the Black Box?" The man, who was slightly taller than the Officer that was explaining the scene, began to stroll casually over to the area. He wore a silver uniform with an overlapping patch on the right side of it. Obviously this man looked like he meant business.

The smaller Officer looked toward the man. "Who's this clown?" was all that he said. The red-headed man pulled the patch up to reveal a golden 'E' with a globe in the background of the patch. The smaller Officer immediately backed down.

"That's who the hell I am, moron. Lance of the Elite Four." the red-haired man said, strolling over to the piece of metal with the 'M' on it. Immediately, he put on a pair of white gloves. He picked up the piece with the 'M' on it and examined it. After what seemed like forever, he flipped the piece so it was upside-down. Then, he proceeded to the wreckage of the plane.

"You ever play with jigsaw puzzles?" Lance said, as he examined the wreckage. "The more pieces that you fit together, the more of the picture you can see." After a few minutes, he pulled out another piece of metal and put it on the left side of what used to be the 'M'. The piece fit perfectly, and flipped over displayed the letters 'NW'. A perfect circle encased the letters.

Finally, after about five more minutes, Lance spoke up. "This was no battle between Team Aqua and Magma..." He was completely sure of himself. As he finished, he began scanning the surroundings of the wreckage. Finally, he found some traces of blood. Taking a test tube out, he scraped up the blood and stored it.

"What we have here is a clear-cut case of Engine Failure." Lance said. He began examining the surroundings for anything else he could find. He knealt down near what appeared to be a white piece of cloth. Picking it up, he placed it in a bag and sealed it in.

"I want you to check all of the Hospitals in Saffron City for any new admissions within the last four days." As he said that, he examined the bag with the cloth again. Thinking to himself, he finally raised one of his fingers.

"Also, check the Pokemon Centers for any arrivals dealing with Flying Pokemon that have missing wings." Lance stood proudly, examining the surroundings once again. He had to admit, it did look like a Team Magma and Team Aqua battle to the untrained eye, but everything is always made clear if one takes the time to look. Immediately, he returned to his car and drove toward Saffron City.

May 3rd, 2005, 10:17 AM
____________________Chapter 3____________________
_______________An Unexpected Reaction_____________

Ash and the blue-haired boy continued to exchange stares as Nurse Joy finally came back into the room. She had left to get some equipment for some sort of test, so when she wheeled a fairly large machine into the room, neither Ash nor the mystery boy had any objections.

The Nurse hooked the machine up to some outlets in the wall. After what seemed like an eternity, the machine began to beep. It was then that Nurse Joy stood proudly at the side of the bed.

"Ok." she began. "This machine will help me to determine if you're telling the truth, or just playing some sort of practical joke." That said, she proceeded to remove the boy's shirt. Taking a cotton pad, she wiped the chest area with alcohol, and proceeded to do the same with the sides of his head. After that, she stuck two suction cups to his chest. They had wires that connected the machine to the cups. She then did the same with his head. Standing back finally, she smiled.

"We're all ready to begin." she said. Even Ash was impressed. He had heard of these kind of machines, but this was the first time he had ever actually seen one. This would definitely be an interesting sight to see, in the least.

Flipping a switch, Nurse Joy walked back to the bed. The machine began spewing out paper with penned lines going through the middle of it. This continued for about thirty seconds before she reacted.

"We're now going to ask you some questions..." she began. However, the boy was nodding before she could get a chance to finish.

"I know about Lie Detector Tests." he said. "You don't have to explain it to me." Ash and the Nurse were both surprised to hear this coming from a boy with no apparent memory of Pokemon. Why would he know about this and not Pokemon? In the midst of it all, Nurse Joy took some solace in the fact that all of her questions would be answered shortly.

"Ok." Nurse Joy started. "Let's start with an easy one. What is your name?" She stood back and allowed him a moment to answer. Of course, a moment wasn't even necessary for him. He answered the question immediately.

"My name is Chezni." he said. The needle barely moved as he said it, indicating that he was probably telling the truth. Looking at the two, he awaited the next question, as if he'd done this before.

Nurse Joy nodded as she wrote the answer down. "Ok. Next question..." she said. "What city are you from?" She had to ask this one, as it was obvious that he wasn't from Saffron City. But he had to be from a city close by. At least, that was what she thought.

"I'm from Aeshar. That's where I spent most of my life. At least, until a certain incident..." he said. His tone actually seemed to be getting slightly grim as he spoke. Ash knew that he was hiding something, but wasn't sure what. Nevertheless, the needle remained perfectly still, indicating it was a truthful answer.

"Aeshar?" Nurse Joy suddenly blurted. "I've never heard of that city... Where is it located?" Nurse Joy seemed to be growing more concerned by the minute. However, the location of the needle meant that he was indeed being honest. Either that, or the machine was malfunctioning...

"It is on the continent of Anagard. But, everyone knows that..." Chezni seemed to be growing concerned as well. He didn't seem to like where this was going. Of course, Ash and Nurse Joy were thinking the same thing. Nevertheless, the stationary needle was sitting there as clear proof.

Nurse Joy decided to attempt to evade the location issue for a second. "What is your age. You were flying in a plane, so you DO have a Pilot's License." She could easily make that out based on her experience, but the answer that came from the boy's mouth was not exactly what she was expecting to hear.

"First of all, I'm 16." Chezni began. He was only sixteen years old and already a pilot? It was completely absurd. He had to be making that up. But the next thing from his mouth shocked the two even moreso than the other answers.

"And in response to your comment, that wasn't exactly a plane I was piloting." he began to grin shyly, looking at the two. Nurse Joy could have almost screamed in response to that answer. Despite it all, the needle once again sat there, drawing a nearly straight line. That was it! The machine was broken!

Nurse Joy hit herself on her forehead for not realizing it sooner. Immediately, she unhooked the machine and removed the suction cups from Chezni. "I'll be back." she said, as she ran out of the room, wheeling the machine in front of her.

"Hooo boy...." Chezni said with a sigh. He then turned to Ash. "I was getting sick of sitting in this bed..." With that, he jumped out of the bed. He immediately looked down at what he was wearing. He had a white sterile top on with white pants.

"Wha..." he said in surprise. "Where are my clothes?!" He looked around frantically, but couldn't see anything that resembled clothes laying around the room. After a moment, he seemed to calm down.

Ash finally broke his awkward silence. "Are you sure you should be up and about?" Chezni nodded and gave a simple grin. He seemed very calm and casual for someone who was supposedly suffering with amnesia.

"I'm fine." Chezni said confidently. He was literally acting as if nothing had even happened. After a moment, he finally caught a glimpse of Pikachu. He stared in perplexity at the Pokemon.

"That's a strange creature..." he said. He continued to examine Pikachu, as if he was appraising a diamond, looking for flaws.

Ash looked down at the yellow mouse. "What, Pikachu?" A veteran Trainer like Ash Ketchum knew that there were people in the world that had never seen a Pikachu before. All he could think was that maybe this was one of those people.

Chezni nodded. "I've never seen anything like it... And I've seen some weird things in my life..." He continued to examine the creature, eventually getting close enough to touch him. He touched one of Pikachu's red cheeks with his hand and a spark of electricity could be seen where he had made contact. Quickly, he jerked his hand back.

Chezni looked at his hand, which was still surging slightly with electricity. "Nice." was all he could think of saying. He was literally acting like this was all foreign to him. Then Ash finally thought of something.

"You said you didn't know what Pokemon were?" Ash said. Chezni shook his head in response to the question. Ash still didn't know if he should believe this boy. However, he seemed very convincing.

"Well..." Ash continued. "You've just met one." Chezni continued to look at Pikachu with surprise. He then turned to his hand. There was only one thing he could think of saying in response to all of this.

"No way!" Chezni said. That was when Ash began to realize that this boy just might have been telling the truth. Who would lie about something like this, anyway?

May 3rd, 2005, 10:19 AM
____________________Chapter 4____________________
________________The Simplest Answer_______________

Chezni was left speechless in response to Ash's claim about Pokemon. He literally couldn't find the correct words to illustrate his surprise. It was as if someone had revealed the biggest plot twist in a movie. He was literally stunned.

"Whoa." After about five minutes of staring at Pikachu and Ash, this was the only word that came to Chezni's mind. And after what he had been through, one would think he would be ready for anything. But who could be ready for this?

"Hey, Ash!" came a girl's voice from the doorway. Ash turned to see who it was. Sure enough, May was standing there with Beautifly. Though it was missing one wing, it seemed to be alright.

"Hey May." Ash said. After pausing for a few seconds, he finally summoned the courage to ask the big question. "So, what's the verdict?" He stood there, waiting for the bad news. Beutifly would never fly or compete again. He knew that was the answer, but he didn't want to say it himself.

May smiled. "Beautifly will be fine. The doctor said she should be able to fly somewhat with one wing..." Ash could tell May was upset about this. Through this entire time, Chezni stared at the Pokemon. After a minute, he seemed to cringe slightly.

Ash turned to see what was wrong, but Chezni simply stood there. "Are you alright?" Ash finally said. Despite this, Chezni remained where he was. It was as if he had seen a ghost. More than that, it was as if he knew something about the injury. His face said it all.

"Beautifly, was it?" Chezni said. Ash and May nodded. "Can I see her?" After a moment of reluctance, May finally let him see the Pokemon. It looked like a gigantic butterfly that was missing a large part of its left wing. Immediately, Chezni placed the Pokemon on the same bed he had been sleeping on.

"I don't know if this'll work..." Chezni said. "But, it has before..." That said, he placed his hands over Beautifly's missing wing. After a moment, they began glowing. Ash and May were both stunned at this display. In fact, one could only imagine what was going through their minds at this time.

"I have it!" Nurse Joy said, as she returned to the room again. She was holding a Poke-Ball in her right hand. Immediately, she stopped in her tracks. Ash glanced at her for a second. Her jaw looked like it had nearly hit the floor.

As this was happening, the three could swear that they saw the left wing of Beautifly growing back. After a few seconds, it became obvious that it actually was! At this point, the trio had all sorts of questions flooding through their minds. It started becoming apparent that Chezni might in fact be from another world...

After a few minutes, Beautifly's wing was fully repaired. The trio was literally left trying to figure out how that just happened. Even Pokemon Centers had nano-technology, but they weren't capable of anything near this. The most they did was heal cuts and broken bones. Missing wings were utterly unheard of. However, this was clearly not nano-technology. Finally, after a few moments of contemplation, Nurse Joy spoke up.

"Ok kid." she said. "Where exactly are you from?" Chezni stood up and turned to the trio. He examined each one of them carefully, in a similar way to Pikachu. Finally, he smiled and nodded.

"I do believe it's time to reveal everything." he said. Ash, May and Nurse Joy stood there stunned. They were now expecting him to say anything, but nothing would prepare them for what they were about to hear.

"As you've all undoubtedly guessed," Chezni said. "I am not from this world." The trio just nodded. That was the understatement of the year. After what they had just seen, it would figure that this guy was a space cadet... May finally broke the silence.

"So, you're an alien?" May said. It just came out, despite how rude it sounded. But there was no doubt that all three of them were thinking the same exact thing.

Chezni actually nodded in response to the question. "You could say that. I come from the Solar System known as Starlance." he began. Chezni grinned as he told the trio everything, from where he was from, to how he got there. It was far fetched, to say the least.

From what Chezni had said, it was a routine supply mission. He had been sent by the king of Asgard to deliver supplies to one of the Space Colonies, known as Primus. He knew the place well, as it was where the Tyraxian-Synarian conflict finally came to a close.

On his way there, he encountered some sort of anomaly, an abnormal condition residing in outer space. This one was a wormhole. Despite his efforts to avoid it, Chezni's ship was sucked in. After about an hour, he emerged through the other side of the wormhole.

It was a strange world, to say the least. It had a very similar appearance to Ansalon, the planet Asgard was on. However at the time, that was the least of Chezni's worries. He had completely lost control of his ship, Eden.

"It must have been due to the Wormhole..." he muttered to himself, as he desperately tried to flip the various switches on the ship. Despite his attempts, he was unable to regain control of the ship. To make matters more complicated, he had now entered the atmosphere of the planet. Closing his eyes, he prepared for the worst.

After a moment, Chezni opened his eyes again. He had somehow gotten through the stratosphere of the planet. Immediately, he pulled a handle, which caused the top of the cockpit to come off, like a jet fighter's ejector. Unfortunately, spacecraft like this one didn't have parachutes. In other words, he knew that he was dead if he remained in the ship. As a result, he came up with one of his brilliantly stupid ideas.

After reaching an altitude of about 2000 feet, he simply jumped out of the ship. He had no parachute on and was falling at terminal velocity. Immediately, he spread his arms and legs out to slow himself down to a degree. Then he saw it. It was his ticket out of that situation.

A butterfly-like creature was flying through the air, apparently playing. It seemed to be speeding up, slowing down, releasing some sort of powder in the air, and causing gusts of wind with its wings. Chezni grinned and swan-dove right for the creature.

Catching its left wing, Chezni felt a pull. Immediately, he knew his descent had been slowed enough to survive. Looking up, he saw the creature struggle to stay in the air, but slowly descend. Looking down, he saw the ground. It was about 50 feet below.

But there was another problem. The wing was tearing. Chezni could hear it. After what seemed like an eternity, it finally gave way, causing Chezni and the creature to fall to the ground. Fortunately, they were only about 20 feet off the ground when it happened.

It was the wildest case of pure luck you would ever have heard in your entire life. Looking toward the creature in the distance, Chezni finally passed out. The shock of what had just happened was too much for him.

May 3rd, 2005, 10:21 AM
____________________Chapter 5____________________
______________Questions and No Answers____________

The Saffron Pokemon Center had finally quieted down, as the crowd of Trainers in the waiting room continued to dwindle. Only a few of the mildest cases still remained, waiting for the Nurses to check on their Pokemon.

One of the assistants had finally resumed her position at the front desk, signing in patients. It was about this time that Lance and Officer Jenny entered through the door. Immediately, the secretary stood up and bowed to Lance.

"It is an honor, Lance of the Elite Four." she said. Stories of the Elite Four and their accomplishments were widespread in the Kanto Region. However, hearing about the Elite Four and actually seeing one of them were two entirely different things. The secretary had no clue what else to say. Despite this, Lance simply nodded.

"I believe you recently admitted a boy that had suffered injuries due to a plane crash." Lance said. The secretary nodded and immediately motioned to the back room, leading to the ICUs.

"He's in the farthest room back." she said. "Head straight through the doors and it'll be the far room at the end of the hallway." Lance nodded and proceeded through the door to the hallway. The secretary immediately sat down and caught her breath. First a strange boy and now an Elite. What's next, she thought.

Ash and May simply stared at Chezni in disbelief. Ash had briefly turned to Nurse Joy only to see a dumbfounded look upon her face as well. Immediately he knew that the Nurse was not trained for this type of situation. After a few more minutes, May finally spoke up.

"So, you are stuck here?" she said. She was trying not to offend the stranger with her questions, but what do you say to someone that just told you such a far-fetched story? Even still, Chezni simply nodded in response.

"Yep." he said in his casual tone. "I'm stuck here until I find a way home." The trio had finally calmed down, regarding the tall tale Chezni had told them. It was about then that Nurse Joy heard a knock on the ICU door.

"Oh darn!" she said. "I need to tend to the other Pokemon!" Immediately, she headed to the door. Pausing for a moment, she turned to the trio once again.

"Chezni, was it?" she said. Chezni simply nodded. With that, Nurse Joy continued. "You have no real injuries on you. If you feel up to it, you are free to go." Immediately, she left the room. However, a red-headed man entered in her place. Ash immediately recognized the individual.

"It's Lance, of the Elite Four." Ash said. Immediately, he seemed to forget all about Chezni and his story. Turning to Lance, Ash simply waved to acknowledge his presence. Lance nodded to Ash.

"It's been awhile, Ash. How's your journey going?" Lance said. He had met Ash several times in the past in Johto, Hoenn, and even Kanto. As a result, the two had become best of friends over the years. Ash smiled in response to the question.

"I'm doing great." Ash said. "I came back to Kanto to see May perform in the contest." Ash immediately looked at May, who was holding Beautifly again. A smile came over her face after hearing what Ash had said. She had just realized that the Pokemon Contest could be back on again.

"What contest?" Chezni was intrigued by the conversation that the group was having. It was still all foreign to him, but he prided himself on learning the customs of other worlds. After all, his life had taken him to a few over the years. Ash chuckled in response.

"That's right. You wouldn't know." he said to Chezni. "There's a Pokemon Contest being held in the city this week. May is scheduled to compete in it." Chezni's eyes lit up when he heard this. He wasn't too sure, but he realized that he might be able to learn more about this world by going to that contest. Lance saw this too.

"Are you the survivor of the crash?" Lance said. His expression had suddenly changed. He was now looking at Chezni with an interrogative intent. It was as if he were a detective looking for a murder suspect. Despite this, Chezni simply nodded.

"Yeah." Chezni said. "I thought I was going to die. Why?" He simply looked at Lance with a sudden concern. How could they tell all that from just seeing him? Surely the technology of this planet wasn't high enough to detect... Nah...

"You probably would have..." Lance began. "had you remained in the plane." Chezni let out a deep sigh of relief. He was glad that the people of this world weren't too advanced.

"You hit a slope. That was what broke your fall." Lance said. Chezni knew what had happened with the Beautifly, but didn't want to say anything with May there. Chezni simply smiled, nodded and kept his mouth shut.

"Had you hit from an angle..." Lance began. His face turned grim again. Despite this, Chezni smiled and nodded.

"I would've went splat, right?" Chezni said. "It would've made a mess." Chezni knew about the laws of Gravity and Physics. He knew what Terminal Velocity was and how spreading out your body can help to slow your fall down. Of course, he had to know all of this.

Lance chuckled in response. "Yes. You're very lucky." Chezni knew that luck had nothing to do with it. He was trained to be prepared for these types of situations. Where he came from, there were situations like that all of the time.

Ash grinned shyly. "Um, we need to get going so..." Lance nodded. He had forgotten all about the contest. Since he wouldn't get anything else out of talking to Chezni, he simply let them go. However, there was one thing he could still ask.

"What is your name, though?" he said. Chezni looked back to Lance. At the very least, he could answer that question.

"My name is Chezni." he said. "If you need me, I guess I'll be with these two." Chezni said, as he left the room with Ash and May.

May 3rd, 2005, 10:22 AM
____________________Chapter 6____________________
_____________Doubts... Doubts... Doubts...____________

It was already midday by the time Chezni was checked out of the Pokemon Center. Lance had already left an hour ago and Chezni was preparing to do the same as well.

He had only to get his clothes, which Nurse Joy was nice enough to mend for him. After a moment, he came out of his room in a silver and blue uniform. He wore black leather pants and both articles of clothing had the inscription 'NW' on them.

Ash and May led him out the front door, where he got his first glimpse of the enormous Saffron City. The biggest City in Kanto, it was home to millions of residents, Human and Pokemon alike.

While anybody who wasn't from the City would gaze in awe at its splendor, it didn't seem to surprise or amaze Chezni in the least. Instead, he seemed to be transfixing his eyes on the various Pokemon that people were carrying or walking with.

Ash was simply telling Chezni the names and types of all of the Pokemon that the group came across. It was surprising that one would be so fascinated by simple groups of Pidgey and Rattata. But he knew that in Chezni's case, there was room to make a rare exception.

Strangely enough, Chezni would occasionally glance at the sky. When asked, he'd simply say that he thought he saw something in the air. Ash simply assumed that it was a Pidgeot or a Fearow, both of whom could fly that high. What else could he think?

Of course, in May's case it was a bit different. All that she could think of was beating Drew in his own game at the Gym. She went over the moves in her head once again, making sure to weed out what she knew the judges wouldn't care to see. Of course, it also greatly depended on who the judges were.

After about an hour of walking, the trio finally made it back to the circular building that was the Cerulean Gym. Inside, Chezni simply gazed at the sight that beheld him. Hundreds of various Pokemon were scattered about with their Trainers.

However, the one that struck Chezni the most was the one next to Drew. This one in particular was green and seemed to have roses for hands. Chezni simply stared in at the strange creature. He almost seemed to be scanning the Pokemon with his eyes.

"Wow..." he said. "These creatures can get pretty powerful..." Immediately he looked around. Ash and Drew seemed to be staring at him. Quickly, he cleared his throat.

"Um... yeah..." Chezni said. "I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Chezni." He immediately looked at the group for a response. Ash nodded and looked at Drew and the others.

"Please bear with me." Ash said. "Chezni isn't from around here." Drew, Max and Brock simply nodded in response. It was common for people from other Regions to be unfamiliar with some of the local Pokemon. Of course, in the case of Roselia, it wasn't a local Pokemon anyway.

Max was the first to respond. "I guess I'll be first then. I'm Max." he said. Chezni grinned and waved in response. Brock stepped up and extended his hand.

"I'm Brock." he said. Chezni shook his hand. It seemed like this person was their guardian or something, given that he was several years older than the rest of them. At least, that is what Chezni assumed.

Drew finally stepped up. "I'm Drew." he said. Then he motioned to his Pokemon. "And this is Roselia." Chezni looked to the green Pokemon and simply waved.

It curtsied in response. "Roselia." The words that came from it signified a sort of noble arrogance. But Chezni could tell that it wasn't like the nobles where he came from. This one seemed to be more of a 'How do you do?' rather than an 'I'm better than you,'.

Chezni chuckled as a reaction. "I'm sorry." he said. "I'm just not used to creatures bowing to me. Where I'm from, things like this are unheard of..." Chezni proceeded to explain how he got to their world. Ash and May seemed to understand, hearing it a second time, but the other three didn't. Max in particular, had his doubts.

"You're saying..." Max began. "that you are an alien from a far off world?" Chezni nodded in response. Max seemed to give a blank stare for a moment, before breaking out in laughter.

"I tell you..." he said. "I've heard some stories in my travels with Ash, but this one takes the taco." Chezni simply shook his head in response. He knew that there would be people that wouldn't believe him, and he accepted that.

"Perhaps..." Chezni said. "You will understand better in time." Once again, Chezni glanced out the window toward the sky. The sun was setting and the moon could be seen creeping up over the horizon. It almost seemed to have a red tint to it.

May 3rd, 2005, 10:24 AM
____________________Chapter 7____________________
________________Let the Games Begin_______________

It seemed like forever before the contest arena opened up. While Ash, Misty, Brock, Max and May were familiar with the layout, they knew Chezni wouldn't be. Contrary to this, Chezni seemed to be more concerned with something on the outside, rather than the arena layout or the Pokemon that he was recently in awe about.

"So, this is your first time to a contest, right?" Max had finally spoken up to Chezni. He still had his doubts regarding the tale he heard, but at this point he seemed to let it slide. Chezni simply nodded, barely turning to acknowledge the direction that the question came from.

"Are you alright?" Ash had finally noticed Chezni's wandering. Though it was subtle, it did seem like he had something on his mind. "You've been staring out the window for awhile." It was at this point that Chezni finally turned to face the group.

"Um..." Chezni began. "Y... yeah. I'm fine. I just thought I saw something." Ash understood. It was probably a Flying Pokemon. Despite this, Max still seemed to be concerned about Chezni. He wasn't one to be fooled easily, and if this guy was hiding something, he would find out what it was.

At this time, a man's voice echoed throughout the arena. "Welcome, to the annual Trade Competition!" The entire crowd began to cheer in response to this announcement. Even Chezni could feel the momentum in the air.

Another man's voice echoed through the arena. "We've got a heck of a show for you people today, right Gordan?" Chezni was finally starting to get pumped up from the intensity. Ash and the group were already cheering in response to the announcers.

"That's right Jerry! We have two Ribbon Cup Champions here today. In addition, we have the first runner-up from every Region participating! This is going to be one hell of a Pokemon Competition!" Gordan said. It was obvious that fans were getting restless. However, when the first participant entered the arena, there was a standing ovation.

Jerry motioned to the contestant entering the arena. "Looks like our first contestant is entering the arena now. Who do we have here Gordan?" Gordan nodded in response to Jerry's relinquishment of the microphone. It was a tradition that the first announcer to speak would be the one to introduce the first contestant.

"We have May from the Hoenn Region. She was the underdog as a Pokemon Coordinator, but her performance at the Hoenn Ribbon Cup was very surprising!" Gordan flipped a switch and a picture of May could be seen on the Titantron. Her performance stats were all well above average and a list of her ribbons could be seen next to her photo.

Chezni noticed the ribbons by her photo. "Wow. She must be good to have won all of those..." Ash and the others nodded in acknowledgement. May was indeed one of the best Coordinators, despite her initial inexperience. She may have had a rough start, but she was an equally fast learner. And the entire group knew that she would be a tough opponent to beat in this contest.

Once again, Jerry's voice sounded through the arena. "It looks like they're ready." As he finished, May threw a Poke-Ball. After a brief display of red color, Beautifly could be seen in all her glory.

"Ok Beautifly." May began. "Just like we rehearsed." With that, the Pokemon went into a dazzling spin and released millions of colored particles into the air. Several people sitting in the front could be seen dozing off, but the majority of the crowd was captivated. Chezni was no exception.

"Incredible..." he said. "I can't believe anyone could sleep through this..." Max and Misty both chuckled in response to this comment. Immediately, Chezni turned to see what was so funny.

"Sorry." Misty said. "It's just that the people in the front aren't doing it on purpose." Chezni was intrigued by this. If they weren't sleeping on purpose, then why were they? Was it some sort of spell?

"Yeah." Max said. "Beautifly's Sleep Powder has that type of affect on people. The front row always falls asleep." Chezni nodded in response. He could understand ailments like Sleep, as they existed where he came from too.

Beautifly's next trick would top the previous one though. With the powder in the air, she caused what could only be described as a shiny gust of wind. With her spin going, it became a small funnel of wind, trapping a majority of the particles inside. Immediately, Beautifly flew right through the funnel at lightning speed. As she got to the center, the stage lit up with a fascinating display of color.

Chezni's eyes suddenly widened in response to this. "No way... I can't believe that a creature like Beautifly is THIS powerful..." The rest of the group was too captivated by the display to even notice anything that Chezni was saying. Then, as quickly as it started, it was over.

The entire arena was in an uproar, as everyone gave a standing ovation to May and Beautifly. It was enough to make it to a competition like that, but to receive such a response was simply overwhelming. May could barely hold back tears as she bowed.

"Let's see what the judges thought of the performance..." Gordan said. It wasn't enough for the crowd to like the show. If the judges weren't impressed, May knew that she was out for the night. She could only hope that it was a worthy performance.

In this case, the scores seemed to reflect the audiences' reaction quite a bit. Nurse Joy of Saffron City pressed a few buttons and a 9.7 appeared on the screen. Officer Jenny of Saffron City, the second judge did the same, and a 9.6 appeared on the screen. While these weren't record-breaking scores, they were definitely well above average for this competition.

Professor Oak, from Pallet was the third and final judge. He simply gave a sort of inquisitive stare to her, as he pressed a few buttons. Then, before giving his score, he stood up. "As a Researcher," he said, "I have always observed Pokemon in their natural environment."

May was beginning to feel nervous from this reaction. Had she done something wrong? Was Professor Oak displeased with her? Did she miss one of the cues?

Professor Oak continued. "I have seen some majestic creatures, playful creatures, and even aggressive creatures. However..." He stopped and looked straight at May. "Your display was different from ALL of them. You have shown us that when humans and Pokemon work together, the possibilities are endless. So, without saying anything else, I'll let my score say the rest."

Anyone who knew Professor Oak, also knew that he made big speeches wherever he went. Many of the speeches meant little, except to emphasize the fact that he was a researcher. And when the last button was pressed, the group saw that this speech was completely serious. A 9.9 could be seen on the screen, the highest score a judge has given at the Trade Contest.

May was trying to find the words to express her feelings, but she couldn't. All she could get out was, "Thank you.". Excited, she ran to the locker room in anticipation of the next event. It was enough that she made it to the second round, but she would have to study the competition carefully, in order to be prepared for what was to come.

Without warning, Chezni stood up and fixed his eyes on the door. Max immediately noticed this. He also noticed that Chezni's expression had changed. It was now a much more focused look than before.

Ash looked around and saw Pikachu at his side. His cheeks were surging with electricity. As the group looked around, it was apparent that all of the Pokemon in the arena had become restless.

It was then, that Ash caught a glimpse of something that made the color leave his face. The head of an Absol could be seen poking through the curtain behind the stage. A tear could be seen running down its cheek.

May 3rd, 2005, 11:18 AM
____________________Chapter 8____________________
_________________The White Mask__________________

As fast as Absol was there, it had vanished. Ash squinted toward the curtains, but still couldn't see the figure that was clear as day just a second ago. Without anything to be concerned about, he simply sat there, waiting for the next contestant.

Chezni was simply transfixed on the door. It was as if he knew something was about to happen. What he didn't realize was that the entire arena was gradually becoming darker.

"What's going on?" Max had finally spoken up. Even he couldn't explain the sudden change in the Pokemon. One minute they were fine and friendly. The next, they were distressed and on edge. "I've never seen Pokemon act in this manner." was all he could say.

After a few moments, Chezni finally spoke up. "We're going to have company." The group could see his hand glowing in a similar aura to when he healed Beautifly. However, the coloration was different, as it was white now, instead of green.

Even the announcers didn't know what to make of the situation. "So, do we have a Psychic Pokemon here today?" Jerry said. He continued to look around the darkening arena for any explanation to why the room wasn't being properly lit.

Gordon simply shook his head. "There aren't any Pokemon like that registered." Both Jerry and Gordon turned and gazed at each other. After a few seconds, they turned to the audience and simply shrugged in unison.

"Yeah, we got nothing." Jerry said. He looked around the arena once more, and faced the audience again. "We seem to be having some slight technical difficulties, people. It should be fixed momentarily. We thank you for your patience." Jerry simply smiled shyly at the audience, as silence swept the arena.

Without warning, the front doors of the arena flew open and slammed against the wall. Both hinges on the steel doors were broken, as a result. A man in his late twenties stood in the doorway, holding out a single open palm.

Silver hair hung down behind his ears, and a white mask could be seen covering his face. He seemed to be wearing a platinum uniform with a small symbol that looked like a 'T' in front of a flying machine, etched into the uniform.

Officer Jenny immediately thrust herself over the Judging Table and pulled out a Poke-Ball. "Go, Arcanine!" The familiar red beam erupted from the ball, forming into Growlithe's evolved form, Arcanine. A focused look swept over the Pokemon's face, as he stood there, growling at the strange man.

"Is that all you've got?" the man said. With that, he moved his open palm until it was facing Arcanine. "Die." A burst of light erupted from the man's hand and hit the Pokemon head-on. After the light dissipated, Arcanine could be seen about ten feet back from where it stood. Burns covered its twitching body, and it was obvious that it needed medical attention.

Officer Jenny immediately recalled the Pokemon and simply glared at the mysterious individual. "Y... you're under arrest!" she said. The man simply burst into laughter in response to this.

"Under arrest?" he said. "Me?! Jade Ashcroft? Unlikely!" That said, he simply walked past Officer Jenny. After arriving at the center of the arena stage, he turned to face the audience. A deafening silence had now swept across the entire arena. Even the Pokemon were quiet.

Chezni simply glared at Jade. "It's me he wants..." he whispered to Ash and the others. "He's from my world..." The rest of the group simply stared in shock at the strange man, and his white mask. Slowly, the man scanned the audience. It became more and more apparent that he might have been indeed looking for Chezni.

After a minute, Jade's gaze was finally transfixed on Chezni. However, Chezni was also staring directly at Jade. Ash and the group simply watched the two, as it seemed that something big was about to erupt between them.

Without further warning, Chezni suddenly leapt from the balcony, doing a flip in midair and finally landing in the center aisle, near the stage. As if it were part of some half-time show, applause could be heard throughout the Gym. The audience must have thought this was some sort of act.

"How long has it been, hmm?" Jade said. A grin could be seen forming below the emotionless mask that Jade was wearing. "Two years, huh? And you've already forgotten..."

"I haven't forgotten anything!" Chezni said. "You're still completely nuts!" A scowl could noe be seen across Jade's face. It was obvious that Chezni had hit a nerve with that last statement.

"I'm not what you would call 'nuts'..." Jade began, once again regaining his composure. "Just... ambitious..." With that, Jade pulled out a red and white ball. With the push of a button, it enlarged.

Ash and the group had finally made their way to the lower aisle, where Chezni was standing. It was then that they caught a glimpse of the ball. It was definitely a Poke-Ball, but it was a wonder that this man had one.

"Be careful..." Ash said to Chezni. "It looks like he's gonna call out a Pokemon." Ash's fears were realized, as Jade released the ball. As it opened, a red beam shot out of it, forming into a creature.

"Nuzleef!" came the voice of the strange creature. Standing about 2 feet tall, it had a light brown coloring on a majority of its body. A few leaves stuck out of it, but the most noticable part of the creature had to be its pointed nose.

Both Chezni and Max were surprised that Jade even had a Pokemon. However, Max was surprised due to the fact that this Pokemon was usually only sighted in Hoenn. It could only have meant that Jade got there before Chezni.

A grin came over Ash's face. "If you don't mind Chezni..." he began, as Pikachu leapt off of his shoulder. "I'd like to take care of this one." Max was quick to intervene with Ash's decision.

"But..." Max began. However, it was Chezni that suddenly jumped into the conversation this time.

"Earth-based Pokemon, like this Grass Type, are Resistant to Electricity." Chezni said. The entire group was shocked by Chezni's reaction to the situation. He had only taken a glance at Nuzleef, yet he knew not only what type it was, but the fact that it could resist Electricity!

"I..." Ash began. "It doesn't matter. We need to stop this guy, so..." Chezni nodded in agreement. Regardless of the situation, Jade had to be stopped. And they were the only ones that could do it, as the crowd still seemed to think that it was all an act.

Chezni hated to admit it, but it seemed that they would have to fight this battle with a disadvantage. "On the other hand..." Chezni said. "Maybe we don't have a disadvantage after all..." It was then that Chezni's eyes had a faint white glow to them.

May 9th, 2005, 5:22 PM
____________________Chapter 9____________________
_______________KI: A New Type of Attack______________

A Nuzleef and a Pikachu. It was definitely a lopsided matchup, to say the least, but there would be no choice in this situation. Due to the properties of Jade's Pokemon, Pikachu would have to stick to physical attacks in order to do any decent damage.

While Ash and the others were worried, Chezni seemed to be perfectly calm. Even Max was curious, as to how Chezni could stay cool in a losing confrontation.

"So..." Max said. "You got some big plan you'd like to share with us?" Chezni looked straight toward Max, as if trying to express some sort of facial sign. A grin came across his face, as he looked back toward the face-off.

"Well..." Chezni began, trying to find the correct way to explain himself. "Not really." He finally got the words out, but they weren't what Max was hoping to hear. Chezni really didn't seem to have a clue about this. And just maybe, Max was finally beginning to believe him.

"So..." Jade began, looking at Ash. "Are we going to start, or are you just going to stand there all day?" Chezni knew that Jade had to be getting impatient waiting for Ash to make a move. It would be a matter of time before Jade decided to attack first.

However, Ash wouldn't give him that opportunity. "Let's start out strong, Pikachu!" Ash was already beginning to give Pikachu orders, but Jade was simply standing there. Maybe, Chezni thought, Jade didn't know how to give Pokemon commands.

"Quick Attack!" came the order from Ash. Pikachu seemed to almost disappear, as he dashed right toward Nuzleef. Immediately, the Grass Pokemon put its hands on the ground. A grin could suddenly be seen under Jade's mask.

"No..." Chezni began. "It can't be..." It was like back where he came from. It was a move that Leon used on him. It was a KI attack. "ASH!! GET PIKACHU OFF THE GROUND!!!"

Chezni's warning came too late, as green ripples began spreading across the floor of the Gym. At the end of the ripples, a green flash could be seen, knocking Pikachu out of his Quick Attack mode. Though the attack did no damage, the effect was obvious. Pikachu was moving at half his normal speed.

Nuzleef immediately went on the offensive with a Razorleaf Attack. At half his normal speed, it was impossible for Pikachu to avoid the damage. Cuts appeared on various parts of his back and legs, but he still seemed to be able to continue. Furthermore, his speed seemed to be returning again.

"A Slow Attack..." Chezni suddenly said. "Fortunately, it only lasts a few seconds... long enough for one or two attacks..." Chezni knew that Jade was simply toying with the group. If KI attacks worked on Pokemon, Jade could have finished the fight in a few seconds, but he seemed to be holding back.

"What's wrong?" Jade said. "Lost your edge?" Chezni seemed to edge closer to the battle as Jade was taunting the group. Soon, he was standing right next to Ash and Pikachu.

"Do you want to win this one?" Chezni said. Sure enough, Ash nodded in response. "Then do exactly what I say." Chezni began to whisper to Ash. Even Jade, who was closest to the two, couldn't hear what they were saying. However, a grin came over Ash's face.

"You can do that?" Ash suddenly blurted out. Everyone heard that question, but it seemed that only Jade had any idea what they were talking about, as a scowl could be seen below his mask.

Chezni simply nodded in response. "Yes, but we have to act quickly, or we're going to lose this battle." Ash nodded to Pikachu, and the Pokemon walked over to Chezni.

It was then that Chezni pulled out what looked like a large white gem. The entire group was transfixed on the gem, not noticing Jade's disgusted facial expression. He was acting as if he had already lost the fight.