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Latias Lover!
May 4th, 2005, 7:08 PM
I finished my old story, and now I'm going to make another. Check Part Three~~The Seas with Kyogre to find my fourth part. Anyways, check back everyday to read new chapters.
Chapter One

Trees fell down roughly. Men were working hard to chop down the most precious trees from the forest as Zigzagoons, Pidgey and other Pokemon scatter away. After all the trees are chopped down, every leaf and bush, there will be no life there at all.

The world of Norotha is very rough. Unlike other regions, many people dare not cross the ancient waters preserved for 10,000 years, which lead to the other regions Hoenn, Kanto and Jhoto. Norotha contained the most rare Pokemon in the world. Many Eevee evolutions live here, including Feathereon, Iceon, Bladeon, and others. But since many people are cutting down trees, they are becoming extinct.

In the clouds above, a Feathereon with white fur and wings glided above all the madness below. They are one of the safest Pokemon that live on Norotha. But Feathereons never knew about the world surrounding them. All they care is to live.

Down below, in the Forest Dreams, Bladeons and Leafeons rushed away from the chopping noises the human machines make. But many got caught in nets and were transported to a building were they study them and kill them, if they have to, to use their fur as coats.

In the Ice Lake, Misteons and Iceons were harmed by polluted water that choppings of wood make. They died almost instantly when they touched the pollution.

It seems like there is no hope for the Eevees. But in the clouds above Norotha, one Feathereon dared itself, for the first time, to land on the ground. And it did. Hurling itself high in the air, it dove like a bullet at the ground. It was a blur of silver fur.

"Nidoking, Nido!" A large Nidoking stomped its feet madly at some humans with digging machines. Bravely the humans held up guns. They fired bullets, but the Nidoking shoved them off and hurled one up in the air.

"Ahh, help!" A human cried and ran for his life. The other humans followed. Triumphantly the Nidoking bellowed loudly. Suddenly, a white blur crashed to the ground. It was a Feathereon. The cute little Pokemon didn't please Nidoking. It growled at it.

Bravely, the Feathereon stared at Nidoking. Nidoking glared back. The two Pokemon stood poised to attack... Who will win?