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Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:15 PM
Crossover- Final Fantasy, Gundam Wing, Escaflowne, Inuyasha, Beyblade, Angel Sanctuary, Blood Reign, X-1999, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kenshin, just to name a few!

Rated PG13 for bad language, few and far between but there.

In a world like that of Pokemon, human teens catch and raise their favorite charaters from anime, cartoons, TV shows, and books! Click on 'Make Me A Trainer!' and join me Demoonica as I have adventures In the World of Bishounen!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the anime, game, or book characters found in this story. Do not sue me, I have nothing. I'm not making money from this story it is for fun only. Original characters are mine, this story is mine, the word Demoonica is MINE!!! Sorry about that. Enjoy the story.

The World of Songwinds' Bishonen and Bishujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon

"Wow! I never thought I'd get so fast of a response from another fanfiction writer." Demoonica said as she opened her e-mail from Bishi_Gurl_001. Demoonica was your normal anime fan and not so normal fan girl. She had dark brown hair that she had tried to dye blond but had ended up many different colors and was now partly grown out, dark brown eyes, a bad excuse for a tan, and glasses. She had on a pair of faded blue jeans and a white T-shirt that said Rising Star 11 on the front and the picture of animals in space suites.

Her e-mail read:

Dear Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, Thank you for the review! You realy wish it were real? Well, it didn't work out for me, but it might for you. *smile* (^_^)!!! I saved the original e- mail, it's below. Good luck!
--- Bishi_Gurl_001
P.S. Gather anything you want to take with you and put it in your pockets, it should go with you. (At least my car keys and bubble gum did with me.)

Below the short letter was the forwarded e-mail from the Bishonen world.

There was a huge picture of a black and silver ball that looked suspiciously like a Poke-ball from Pokemon, and the word "Bishonen!" below it. Below that was a picture of an anime character, and a definition. Below that there was a graphic of a girl winking and holding the same ball that was shown above. Then below that was another bit of writing. Here is where you can combine Pokemon and Bishonen you love. You can capture them with Bish-Balls (shown here) and take care of them as you wish. Like Pokemon, you may train them to battle, to protect you or just to have around when you want company. Join our group of trainers and enjoy your own Bishonen! Fight in gyms, train in classrooms, or just wander the world of Bishonen!

And there it was the link that said, "Make Me a Trainer!"

Demoonica looked down at her clothes. "I need something with big pockets and my coat." She said to herself. Half an hour later she had many pockets of her coat packed. "Let's see, I have my handheld computer with all my files, hair bands, a picture of me, mom, dad, and my little sister Exonia, *cough* personal items, and whatever I had in these pockets before I started packing." Demoonica looked at the buttons on her coat that read "Shinigami" and "Neko no Miko", "Got to leave those pins on."

Demoonica sat down at her computer. "This had better work", she said, and clicked on the "Make Me a Trainer" button. The screen slowly faded into swirling colors ending with gray before she passed out.


"Come on get up! They've got to fix that glitch, I tell you!" Demoonica could here a girls voice talking to her. Wait, hadn't she just been in her room? Her head felt fuzzy. Hold it now I remember I went to the Bishonen world! Demoonica sat bold upright eyes wide open.

"Boy your jumpy girl." The black girl was definitely younger than she was, with long, black hair and deep brown eyes. She was wearing a light blue T- shirt, flare style jeans, and sneakers. She also wore the ever present Bishi belt. "Why do I always get the white girls who spazz out as soon as they get here? I tell you I'm never doing this again, hu-uh."

"Hi I am still here." Demoonica waved her hand at the girl.

"Oh! Sorry Newbie let me explain. This is the Bishonen world as in."

"I know it's real, I came here by choice." Demoonica cut in.

"How'd you know?"

"One of the girls who left here wrote a story about it. I asked her to forward me the e-mail."

"Okay makes my job easier. Let's get you to orientation, but you seem to be a step up on some of the Newbies." She shrugged. "I'm Dana by the way." Dana held out her hand.

Demoonica shook her hand. "Demoonica Darkmoon. Glad to meet you. Are we headed for Epoh City?"

"Yea. You really do know some things, what all was in that story?"

"Hopefully everything."


The walk to Epoh City was shorter then Demoonica had thought it would be or maybe it only seemed short because she talked the entire way. Demoonica stoped as they entered the village.

"Why'd you stop?" Dana called back at her.

"I. I just. well." Demoonica stuttered.

"Spit it out girl!"

"I just am sorta worried. Worried that I'm going to wake up or something." Demmonica looked at the ground. "Or even worse, that I'm not asleep and I'll be sent home."

"No one's going to send you home. You know more about what's happening than any Newbie I've seen! They can't send you home unless you ask to leave and you better not even think of doing that girl. That is unless you want a one way trip home, no coming back."

That got her, Demoonica looked up to Dana. "Never come back? Ever?"

"That's the deal, you can only live in one world. Sucks doesn't it? After awhile you will get used to it, but you can never forget your home." Dana looked down at her watch. "Shesh, we're late!"

Within minutes they were standing in front of a building with 'Orientation' on the front of it. "Here, you'll get your explanations, your options, and your gear. I know you will be getting the gear, right? You listening to me?"

"Right, I wanted this and I'm keeping it!" Demoonica took a deep breath and walked into the building.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:17 PM
A cool gust of wind escaped as the door slid open. Inside there were two girls who looked to be twins besides there hair color. One girl had light brown hair done into twin braids and the other girls hair was so blond that it almost looked white. The second girls' hair was loose. Both had blue eyes and from what Demoonica could tell both were starring at a boy with long chestnut hair who was yelling at the woman who looked to be in charge. Every one of them looked scared.

"... all the time. If one more of these stupid little girls hits me with one of these things." he held up a ball, "I will not only throw it back at her, but she's getting a one way trip home!" He slammed the ball down on the desk and spun on his heels to face the girls and Demoonica. His bright violet eyes seemed to be glowing with the energy from his anger as he focussed on each one of the girls stopping on Demoonica. "Great more of them. That's all I need, more Newbies." With that he left the building bumping into Demoonica as he walked past.

"Wow. He looks so much like Duo from Gundam Wing." The brown haired girl said.

"I wouldn't let him hear you say that if I were you girls! Zander Maxwell is a bit touchy about his parents." The woman stopped to think over what she said, "No, he's very touchy about that. This is the third time this week alone that he's came in here complaining about the trainers. It's just that he looks so much like Duo." She shook her head sadly. "Poor boy."

Demoonica looked back at the door behind her with the odd thought that Zander wasn't as normal as he wanted people to think. She shrugged then went to sit with the other two girls.

"Hi, I'm Demoonica." She said as she sat down.

The blond girl gave a big smile. "I'm Nova and this is my sister Nebula." The brown haired girl nodded her hello. "Did you just get here too? We landed in a tree right outside town!"

"Yes, I did just arrive. A tree? That must have hurt."

"I'm sure it would have if I'd been awake for the landing."

Just then a door opened and a group of teens walked out, the girl who exited last looked deep in thought. She had slightly curled, dark brown hair that came down to her shoulders, but Demoonica didn't catch her eye color. The door closed quickly behind them.

"Ah, more already?" Said an older man who peered out of the door he had just reopened. His voice was strangely high. "Come in you three quickly now! Quickly!" They rushed into the room taking seats in the front as they were told. As soon as they were seated he began a speech that sounded like he had said it a million times but still couldn't quite remember it all at one time. Demoonica knew what was being said and soon tuned out some of what she was hearing to think about what she wanted to do first after leaving the building.

"... Am I right?" Demoonica nodded. First she'd pick up supplies, then what? Look for Bishonen? Meet up with Dana?

"... half-Bishies ..." Demoonica was pulled from her thoughts. Zander. "... are easily confused as full-Bishies. Now for the rules." Demoonica soon went back to nodding only when she felt she needed to. When the Professor walked over to a cabinet and pulled out three belts, Dexes, and needles, Demoonica stood up and walked over with the two girls Nova and Nebula. Nebula pushed her more outgoing sister up first. "Hey! Why do I have to be first?"

Soon all three had their belts and Dexes. "Okay, out you go. At this rate there are more waiting outside already!" They rushed from the room to find only the lady sitting at the desk, the Bishi-ball from earlier still sitting on it. As the twins began trying to program their Dexes Demoonica walked over to them. "Well, I hope we see each other again. I'm going strait to the store, want to come with me?"

"We want to get these working first, want to trade numbers?" Nova looked back down at her Dex. "Why did they make these things so confusing?" She began mumbling to herself.

After finding out that you entered Dex mode to save phone numbers and not phone mode Demoonica had both Nova and Nebulas' numbers saved. On the way to the store Nova pointed to a Bishonen. "Is that Heero from Gundam Wing?" Demoonica and Nebula looked to who she was pointing at.

"No, can't be. At least not the way he's dressed, I mean look at him, tye- dye and violet colored hippie glasses? I couldn't imagine the Heero from the show ever dressing like that!" Demoonica blurted out a bit loudly. The 'Heero' just flashed them a small smirk, confirming what Nova had said.

"No way!" Novas' mouth hung open like a gaping fish. Nebula closed her sisters' mouth and pulled her along with them. Nova didn't snap out of her stupor until they all entered the mart.


"I'm headed south from here, what about you two? Any ideas?"

"I want to find a Heero!" Nova nearly bounced as they walked out of the store. Demoonica noticed that the Heero outside from earlier had disappeared.

"She's really obsessed with Heero isn't she?" Demoonica asked Nebula as Nova went off into her own little dreamland.

"Very. He's her favorite Bishonen. I don't know how she could like him though, he's so emotionless."

"First let me say WOW you said whole sentences!" At this both girls began laughing. "Second, who cares? Heero's cute, but he's no Duo! Now that's a cutie!" Demoonica was then reminded of a pair of glowing violet eyes. Zander. "Say didn't that lady say Zander was a half-bishi? His father has to have been a Duo and then his mother was human then, right?"

"I guess that's right, but then why was he so angry? I mean, people make mistakes and he does look very much like Duo."

"But his eyes were glowing, I could feel this cold energy rolling off him in waves."

"Cold energy? Glowing eyes? Okay what have you been smoking and why didn't you share?"

"What do you mean? But didn't you." Demoonica stopped, he had been looking at her. Whatever had happened it wasn't meant to be seen by anyone but her. He had let her see, but why?

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:18 PM
Nebula waved her hand infront of Demoonicas' face. "Earth to Demoonica you just lost contact with the real world."

"Huh? Neb I'm okay, just thinking that's all."

"About that half-bishi?" Nova cut in.

"Oh look, you've came back from the Happy Heero Land! We were getting tired of dragging you along anyway." Demoonica said with a grin. "You missed the conversation. See anything without spandex bike shorts for the last ten minutes?"

Nova blushed.

"Oooo look she's speachless!" Demoonica teased.

"That's a first." Nebula added.

"Shut up sis! Who's side are you on?"

"Demoonica's." This quickly turned into a round of sisterly taunts and short tempers that never did blow up. Nova was looseing because Nebula made many good points she couldn't get around. All this time the three girls kept walking down the road and soon found themselves far from Epoh City.


Not far behind them, staying off the road, a young man folowed them. He moved quickly and silently in the under growth keeping his eyes on the trio of girls. He stopped when they came to a fork in the road. They seemed to talk something over then two went left and the girl he had bumped into earlier went right. Zander moved closer to the road watching as the girl walked away.


"Hey look! It's a road sign up ahead." Nova pointed to where the road split into two.

"What way should we go?" Nebula asked.

"Spliting up would give us better chances." Demoonica reasoned.

"If that's the case then still which way do we go?

Demoonica shruged. "When in doubt choose the right way."

"Then you go right and we'll go left." Nova anounced. "And call one of us when you get a Bishonen!"

"Good bye Demoonica!" The twins called waving as the left.

"Bye Nova! Bye Neb!" Demoonica called back then turned and began walking down the right path.


"Why did she have to go that way?" Zander sighed. He waited until she was out of sight then took the road back to Epoh City.

"Oooooh! A Duo!" Came a cry from a girl up the road. Suddenly a Bishi-ball came flying at his head. Zander barely dodged it and it landed harmlessly on the ground behind him.

"That's it!!!!" Zander grabbed the Bishi-ball from the dirt and flung it hard back at the girl. Completly surprised by the turn of events she just stood there as it bonked her on the head knocking her back. She stayed on the ground, little swirls in her eyes, compleatly knocked out. Zander walked past her not realy careing. "Stupid Newbies, stupid humans, stupid Bishonen, stupid world, stupid..."


Demoonica made camp right out of sight near a small waterfall and shallow lake. She started her campfire as the sun was just about to set. She hadn't so much as heard a leaf russle wrong all day and was slitely tired from her walking.


Demoonica jumped up at the sudden sound.

*Splash! Hehe. Splash! Splash!*

It sounded like someone had jumped into the lake. Demoonica moved tword the lake trying to be quiet in the dimming light. The first thing she saw was a Bishonen with light blue hair sitting on the lakes edge kicking water with his feet and laughing. Then she noticed the other boy, who had short white hair, as he surfaced a few feet away.

"Max! That's not fair! Now my clothes are compleatly soaked!" The boy in the water complaned.

"Sorry Sterling, but you needed that! I mean it, you have got to find a better passtime than getting us into truble." He kicked the water again. Demoonica laughed. Now she knew that voice: Maximilian Jiinas from Super Dimension Fortress MACROSS! The first ever anime boy she had called a Bishonen. This one didn't seem as shy as he was on the show.

"That didn't give you the right to dump me into a lake!" The white haired boy, Sterling, pulled himself out of the water and onto the bank. He looked over at the Maximilian. "Gee thanks for the help out."

"You're welcome."

"Another remark like that and you're going back into the ball." It was then that Demoonica relized that the boy was Max's trainer and a very young trainer at that, Sterling looked on older than fourteen maybe even a little younger. Demoonica watch the pair a little longer and headed back to her camp when they started to set up their own camp. It was dark by this time so Demoonica desided that she would go meet the boy and his Bishonen in the morning.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:19 PM
Demoonica's eyes slid open as the riseing suns' rays slipped through the trees. Dew clung to her eyelashes and she wiped it away as she serched the ground beside her for her glasses. Pushing them on she saw that the dew clung to everything in sight: the trees, the other plants, all her stuff...

"How nice." She said to herself sarcasticly. She rolled up her sleeping bag, packed her satchel, put water on the non-existant fire. (Just to make sure the ashes were out.) "Must have gotten colder last night. Glad I was asleep."

Sure that everything was in order Demoonica hiked the short distance over to the other side of the small lake. Entering the clearing she was greeted by the sight of the Maximilian trying to restart their own fire, his trainer Sterling still asleep, and an Inuyasha (minus his FireRat coat she noted without thinking) entering the camp from the other direction with three fish on a string.

"No wonder you got caught!" called the Inuyasha. "A trainer walks into camp and you don't even look up!"

"Huh?" Max looked to Demoonica.

"Um, hi?" She managed a small wave.

The Inuyasha walked up to her. "What do you want wench?" He glared at her, his golden yellow eyes unblinking. Then one dog ear twitched and he looked back. His young trainer had been woken by his noise.

"I'm sure she meant only to say hello, Inuyasha." He stood and walked over to Demoonica. He was a bit shorter than her and she was only five foot. He held out his hand, "I'm Sterling. Very nice to meet you."

Wow, he's polite, Demoonica thought as she took his hand. "Demoonica Darkmoon. I'm a newbie."

"It's nice to see new faces." He smiled. "These are my Bishonen Max and Inuyasha, my Bishoujo Haruka is mad at me, refusses to talk to me or them, and rather stay in her ball."

"May I ask why?"

He shrugged. "Because I caught her."



Zander walked into the weapons store and up to the counter. Older trainers moved out of his way knowing how he could be when angered and newbies looked on as a 'wild' Duo picked up a package from the clerk. Zander wore a black, sleeveless, silk shirt (partly unbuttoned), skintight black pants that looked to as if they were painted on, black leather knee boots, black fingerless gloves, and a black thigh length trench coat. (Alot of black ne?) His hair was undone from its' braid letting it flow down his back and ending just above his knees. His bangs fell into his eyes and framed his heart shaped face. Violet eyes darted from one trainer to the next, daring any to meet his icy gaze.

"And it's made to my request?" Zander asked as he drew the sword from its' sheath.

"Y... yes. One Gu... Gundanium rapier, silver in color and aged, a human like d... d... demon for the pomal, its' wings the hand gaurds." The clerk stuttered out.

"Good, and is it hollow?" Zander said, testing the swords' sharpness with a finger. Blood rushed out the fresh cut, Zander didn't flintch.

"Y... yes sir." The clerk swallowed hard as Zander licked the blood away.

"Then..." Zander put the sword back into its' sheath. "I shall be leaving you in one piece... for now." He walked to the door then, leaving the frightened clerk to his dutys.


After spending most of the morning walking about with Sterling, Demoonica had learned alot about his travles and Sterling himself. He was fourteen, an only child that had been adopted, and came to be in the Bishounen world by accsident. How? Let's just say he's never checking a friends e-mail for them ever again. He had caught Max soon after arriving (about three months earlier), Inuyasha a month ago, and Haruka the week before this one.

Now she was alone again, Sterling having gone back to town. Then she heard soft singing ahead of her, once again she was sure she knew that voice...

"I want to change the world~" Demoonica looked around the tree that was blocking her sight. There filling a wooden bucket with water was a Kagome. She seemed to be singing to the wigling sling tied about her sholders.

"~travel to..." the Kagome stopped singing to look around. "I thought I heard something, Lala." Demoonica didn't breath, quickly reaching for one of her bishi-balls. Slowly the Bishoujo scanned the wood line only to see a ball flying at her at top speed. "Wha!" The Kagome dropped the bucket and the sling just moments before the ball made contact.

The ball fell to the ground shaking wildly then slowly rolled down the bank picking up speed as it went. "Oh frig!" Demoonica yelled chasing after the precious ball and as if by some strange cue she noted that the sling HOPPED into her path, tripping her. So down she went, face first into the water. Serfacing Demoonica found that the bishi-ball had came to a stop, more than a foot away from the waters edge.

"Demoonica no baka." She said to herself hitting the water with her fist. "I should have known that it wouldn't fall in if I chased it," Demoonica thought for a second before adding, "but if I didn't chase it would have rolled in just to spite me. Ether way I don't win." Demoonica sighed pulling herself out onto the bank beside the ball. "At least I don't have to worry about going home now."

Demoonica tossed the ball to the ground where the Kagome had been standing. Said Bishoujo was then standing before her (with her back toward Demoonica) looking as mad as Demoonica was wet.

"How dare you! Have you no pride? Still hideing in the shaddows like the demon you are!" Odviously she was ranting out her anger.

"Hehem." Demoonica coughed.

The Kagome spun around. "Oh! Why you..." Her voice trailed off. "... are a girl!"

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:20 PM
"Last time I checked." Kagome just gave Demoonica a strange look. Demoonica stood up. "I'm Demoonica Darkmoon, nice to meet you Kagome."

Kagome took Demoonica's hand. "I'm Ka... hey wait a minute! You just captured me, I can't be captured right now~" Kagome looked around, spotting her sling she ran over to it. "Lala!"

The little two-tail, cat like creature was knocked out, swirls in it's eyes. Demoonica came up behind them. "So that's what I tripped on, oops. Will Kirara be alright?"

"You tripped on her! How?"

"I was stopping your bishi-ball from going into the water."

"Baka trainer. Trainer? Oh-no, I am caught..." Kagome looked like she was about to cry.

"Why is it so bad that your caught? Other than the normal. It could have been worse, just think a trainer with 59 Miroku's and catches you to keep them company..."

Both girls sit there with the image in their minds. Both shudder uncontrolably at the sickening thought.

"Heehe, I see your point. You don't have any Miroku's do you?" Kagome eyed the bishi-belt fearfully.

"Hu-uh, your my first bishi. I have someone to talk to now. I hate being alone, at home I was always alone." Demoonica said the last scentence slowly then fell silent lost in her own thoughts.


Zander made his way out of Epoh City carefully. He didn't want another Newbie thinking he was a Duo. "I hate this place."

Sterling passed the half-bish as he entered the city. 'That looked like Duo, but it couldn't have been. A wild one wouldn't walk around out in the open.' He thought.


Kagome looked at her trainer. "Yea, I miss my Inuyasha. I've been trying to find him... It's been months. I think he must have been caught."

"So that's why you didn't want caught." Demoonica bowed her head. "I'm so sorry."

"Oh, don't be." Kagome said as she waved her hands. "It was bound to happen. We are so close to a town and all." Kirara who was now awake hopped onto Demoonica's lap. "That's Lala, she was tracking Inuyasha for me. I guss I should let her return home now."

"Oh, no! Wait a minute please Lala." Demoonica gently grabbed Kirara. "Turn into your other form first, I always wanted to see that!"

"Purr..." Kirara hopped to the ground, then transformed in a burst of magical flame. "Kraow..." She growled.

"So pretty..." Was all Demoonica could say. Throwing her arms around Kirara's neck she hugged the large cat. "Thank you so much, Lala!"

In a second burst of flame Kirara was back to her small form again. "Pauurr..."

Kagome picked Kirara back up. "Okay, Lala. Time to go back home, everyone will know what happened to me when you show up alone." Kirara jumped from Kagome's arms and bounded off into the forest. "Make sure no trainers follow you. Bye, Lala."

"Bye, Lala!" Demoonica called out. After a minute of waveing she remembered something. Pulling out her Bishidex she called up Nova.




"Should have known she would be talking on the phone." She hit clear and called Nebula.



"Hello?" The brown haired girl's image apeared on the screen. "Demoonica! Hi, we wondered when you would call." Nebula looked away from her phone. "Nova! Stop talking to boys, Demoonica called."

Demoonica heard Nova's voice in the background. "That's nice. Tell her I said hi."

"She met a boy that kinda looks like Heero, been talking to him on the phone for three hours. Poor fellow." Nebula informed Demoonica who was lost.

"Very." She agred. "Well guss what Neb? I caught a Bishoujo, Kagome from Inuyasha!" Demoonica turned her Dex so Nebula could see Kagome in the background.

Kagome just sweatdropped and waved.

"So cool, but we haven't caught any yet. I do think I saw a Kenshen out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked nothing was there."

"That's too bad, Kenshen's are great starting Bishi because they're so sweet and very strong at the same time."

From the background. "HE HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!"

"Oh dear, Nova is going to have a fit. Got to go now." With a little wave Nebula hung up. Demoonica looked back at Kagome who was just standing there.

"Sorry about that Kagome. I promised to tell them when I got my first Bish. Oh I almost forgot." Demoonica pointed her Bishidex at Kagome. "Identify Bishoujo."

On the screen a picture of Kagome appeared. "Kagome. A Bishoujo from the anime Inuyasha. This one is in her Sama form and has been breed."

Demoonica blinked at her Bishidex thinking 'Did I just here that right?' Looking up at Kagome she found the Bishoujo blushing from head to toes. Kagome grabbed the Dex and yelled at it, "How do you know that!" She shook it a few times, closed the lid and handed it back to Demoonica.

Demoonica then finally took the time to take in how her Kagome looked. Yup. She was at least five or six months along. "A baby! How wonderful, no wonder you want to find your Inuyasha..." At those words Kagome started crying. "Oi, Demoonica no baka." Demoonica told herself under her breath. "Wrong thing to say, very wrong."


Zander made it to Demoonica's campsite. 'At least she knows to drownd a campfire befor leaving.' Walking over the soft earth he took a pinch of the dirt between his fingers. He rubbed them together letting the dirt slip from his hand back to the ground.

'She left this morning, she wasn't alone. At least she's headed away from Avioc Malii's lair. I don't like trainers, but dead trainers I like even less. Avioc Malii, that dang she-demon, feeding on passers by...' Zander clenched his fist in anger at his thoughts. 'I swear when I'm strong enough I will kill you...'


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:21 PM
"Sorry! Sorry! Stop crying Kagome, please!" Demoonica begged her Bishoujo.

"It's just that Inu-chan, I miss him." Kagome wiped her eyes dry on the red overcoat she was wearing.

"Huh?" Demoonica grabbed the coat. "Is this a FireRat coat, Inuyasha's FireRat coat?"

"Yes, It's my Inu's extra one. Why?"

"I think I've met your Inuyasha." Demoonica grabbed Kagome by the wrist, pulling her toward Epoh City.

"Inuyasha? How?"

"I met this boy this morning, he had an Inuyasha. That Inuyasha didn't have his FireRat coat. Sterling, his trainer, went back to Epoh City for suplys. We're going to find them..."

"But it might not have been my Inuyasha. He just might have had his coat off."

"Do you remember how cold it was this morning?"

*Nod* "Uh-hu."

"Would you have your coat off?"

*Shake* "Hu-uh."

"Then let's go!"


Zander tracked down the dusty road as he had been all day. Now it was getting dark and he was being followed. He stopped, violet eyes scanning the woods to his left, then his right.

"It would be easier for the both of us if you came on out now. I know you're there... Subaru."

From the darkness emmerged a Sama Bishounen with short black hair and dark eyes. "I don't like half-breeds stinking up our world. Your not even half human, Jigoku-Yasha. Half hell demon, such a sad lot in life. Let me kill you and put you out of your painful existance!" With that he attacked.

"You haven't got an idea of who I am or you wouldn't be here right now." Zander blocked the punch.

"Half-bishounen shoulden't exist." Subaru pushed back, leeping into a nearby tree. Raising his hands bright white 'birds' came flying at Zander. The 'birds' looked to be made of light or energy...

Seeing the white flashes Zander quickly drew his sword, sliceing the first as he drew it. The second and third soon went the way of the first, gone in flashes as they had came.

"Then don't blame us for being born, it's not us who did anything wrong!" Zander yelled throwing his sword at the Subaru.

Subaru's eyes went wide as Zanders words sunk in, oblivious to the sword he stood there. The sword's handle hit him upside the head knocking him back, making him fall from the tree. He landed on the ground hard, knocked out from the hit. Zanders sword landed nearby, blade stuck in the ground.

Zander walked over to his sword and pulled it from the soft earth, then he walked over to the Subaru. He dusted the dirt from the sword then raised it up... placing it back into its sheath. Kneeling beside the Subaru, Zander placed his left hand on his chest.

The Subaru awoke only to see brightly glowing violet eyes before passing back out. Zander stood up leaving a Chibi Subaru where the Sama Subaru had been.

"Forget what you have seen here, forget about me." Zander looked down at the chibi Subaru. "Hopefully when are once again grown you will know the truth in my words about half bishis. We never asked to be born."

Raising his hands as he had seen the Subaru do earlyer Zander produced one of the white 'birds'. It however flew right threw the tree leaving no damage behind. Zander looked at his hands with discust.

"New powers always take so long to control, and they're pitifully weak when you get them." Zander shook his head. Then he continued his journey as if the fight had never happened.

When the chibi Subaru awoke, he didn't remember being a fully grown Bishounen, but he did remember Zanders words though he couldn't place Zanders voice to anyone he knew.


"Demoonica! Slow down I'm a pear shape now and can't run so fast for so long." Kagome called out to her overly happy trainer.

Demoonica came to a complete stop. "Sorry... again. We can stop to rest, it's less than half a mile now." She said cheking the map. "See."

Suddenly Demoonica's stomach growled loudly. "Err... hungry. I skipped breakfast and lunch today." Demoonica scratched the back of her head sheepishly.

"Baka." Kagome sat down on a tree stump. "Then how about we eat? Anyway it's starting to get dark, maybe we should make camp for the night. Your friend will stay in town tonight, right?"

"Yea, he probably will." Demoonica said. She pulled out a Capsul Corp. capsul from one of the pockets on her backpack. Tossing it to the groud a refridgerator appered in a puff of smoke. "Yum, instant Raman."

"Instant Raman? After not eating all day you go for junk food?"

"Well..." Demoonica looked at the ground. "... you see, I can't cook."

"Can't cook! You're at least sixteen!"

"I'm also American, I live on fast food and things that either don't need cooked or can be microwaved."

Kagome sighed. "Fine, let me into that fridge. I'll cook!"

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:22 PM
The next morning sees Demoonica and Kagome on their way to Epoh City after breakfast. It's wasn't long until they could see the city in the distance when they heard, "Come down out of that tree right now and I shall forget that you stole it. I'll even let you go free, if you give my money back. Chibi's should stay with their parent's not steal from others. You should not be so near a town, little one."

"I am a Subaru Sumeragi from X/1999, I need no one. Even as a Chibi!"

Demoonica moved closer to the voices, the first she didn't know, but the chibi's she did. Hopefully the bishounen he was talking to was not owned. As they grew close to the talking pair Demoonica stepped on a twig. "Frig, do you think they heard?"

"What was that?" The chibi Subaru said as he jumped to his feet, he had been sitting on a tree branch above the other bishounen's head.

"Don't know..." The bishounen dived at the chibi trying to get back his stolen money, it was all in vain. The chibi jumped to the side at the last second letting the older bishounen hit the tree head first.

"Look!" Demoonica pointed to the bishi that had hit the tree, he was sitting there rubbing his forhead looking dazed.

"I knew I heard something! I'm gone!" The chibi Subaru quickly dissappeared into the forest. Demoonica grabbed an empty bishi-ball from her belt, throwing it as she ran into the small clearing.

The older bishounen just sat there as the ball connected with his face and he was pulled into it. The bishi-ball rocked back and forth on the ground as the bishounen fought to be free. After about three or four rocks it stopped moving and the bishi-ball made a clicking noise. Demoonica ran over and grabbed up the ball. "Woo-hoo! I caught a bishounen!"

Kagome walked over to her trainer. "Who is it?"

Demoonica shrugged. "Don't know, I didn't really take the time to look." She tossed the ball tho the ground. "Bishounen I choose you!"

In a flash of red light the bishounen appeared, he was still sitting on the ground. He had long blond hair that was down to his waist with below shoulder length bangs on both sides of his face. A single blond strand of his bangs fell infront of his blue eyes. He was dressed in puffy, light blue shirt and pants, a vest, boots, and what looked to be an open skirt. He had a sword at his hip. "Ow my head, I thought I saw a ball coming at me there for a second."

"You did." Demoonica said. He looked up quickly.

"Your the trainer, then? My trainer?" He asked politely.

"Uh-hu. I'm Demoonica. Demoonica Darkmoon." She held out her hand for him to shake it. He didn't shake it, instead he stood and taking Demoonica's hand he bowed to kiss it.

"My Lady Demoonica Darkmoon." He looked up at her. "I am Allen Schezar of Escaflowne."

"Allen, Allen..." Demoonica was trying to place the long haired bishounen to a show. "Allen of... Escaflowne?" She said slowly. Pulling out her Bishidex she pointed it at Allen. "Identify Bishounen."

The Bishidex's mechanical voice spoke the entry. "Allen Schezar of the Escaflowne series. As is a strong and just knight he can be very protective of those he cares for. This one has only recently evolved into his San form."

"Oooh, now I remember. Sorry it took me so long, I've only seen three episodes of the show." Demoonica got an evil look in her eyes, then...


Demoonica grabbed her new bishi around the neck sending both of them tumbling to the ground. Now sitting on his waist she continued to squeeze the air out of him. "I'm so happy! Purdy long hair, beautiful blue eyes, Allen my bishi!"

Kagome walked over to her trainer and pulled Demoonica away from the poor fellow. She had been acting so normal, he hadn't seen a glomp coming. Nor had Kagome. "Down girl, maybe I should get a necklace so I can make you 'osuwari'." She said with a laugh.

"Oooops..." Demoonica looked at her Allen, he was laying there with little swirls in his eyes. "Sorry, it's the fangirl in me. Yea, definitely half raving mad fangirl, definitely, definitely." This earned her another strange look from Kagome. (And all my readers, too!)

"My lady, it is okay. Being a bishounen one gets used to as you put it 'half raving mad fangirls'. I am fine just a little winded." Allen once again stood.

"How about staying in the ball untill we get back into town? With people around I'll be to shy to glomp you." Allen nodded. "Good. Allen return!" In a flash of red light Allen was once again pulled into his Bishi-ball and Demoonica began walking toward Epoh City.


Kagome who was walking beside her spoke up as they entered the city. "You, shy? When?"

"Whenever I'm around a bunch of people I don't know, that's when!" Demoonica gave a big smile. She began waving energeticly, "Yoo-hoo, Sterling over here!" She called loudly, gaining many more peoples attention than the young boys. Demoonica ran over to the small boy.

"Oh yeah, really shy now isn't she?" Kagome said under her breath following behind Demoonica and trying to look like she didn't know the girl all at the same time.

"Sterling! Lookie here."

She handed the boy her Bishidex. Both he and his Max who was standing behind him looked down at the Dex. It beeped then said, "Trainer- Novice Demoonica. Bishi- two. Names are- Kagome and Allen, in caught order."

"That's great Demoonica ane!" Kagome giggled at the 'older sister' added to Demoonica's name, Demoonica shot her a Heero Yuy death glare.

"But that's not why I'm here, you see Kagome is looking for her Inuyasha. I was wondering, how old is your Inuyasha? Is he in his Sama form?" Demoonica gave him big hopeful chibi eyes.

Sterling shook his head. "No, not yet. He's still in his San form. Why?"

Demoonica leaned over and whispered in his ear. Suddenly Sterlings face got very, very red. Demoonica nodded. "Yup, and I want to find the proud father." Kagome looked sad, she knew it was to good to be true. Her Inuyasha was in his Sama form, but at least Demoonica had tryed. "You know what? Give me your Dex number, this way I don't go looking all over creation for you again. Here mine's 2016."


Zander awoke late in the morning with the sun already high in the sky. He had spent most of the night practiceing the power he had gained from the Subaru Sumeragi. His hands still tingled from the energy that had coursed within them hours earlier. It had been very late when he had at last been able to use the energy 'birds' to cut down small branches from the trees. If any of the ones Subaru had sent at him had hit, Zander was sure he would have been cut to ribbons. Looking at his hands Zander opened and closed them slowly. They felt stiff, as if his palms had been gashed open and were still healing. In a way they were. Not really gashed open, but healing from not being used to the energy.

"No pain."

He placed his hands to his sides pushing himself up. He wenced as pain shot threw his palms and up his arms. 'Pain, pain, pain...' The thoughts ran in circles in his head until he finished standing and let his hands drop lifelessly to his sides. 'I'm still to weak, I need a better way to train. Besides I don't like fights to the death, and thats what I'll be if I were to ever loose.'

Zander slowly made his way over to the stream he had slept near. Sitting on the bank he cupped his hands and summerged them in the water. It was cool and helped with the pain from the energy burns. He splashed his face. Wipeing the water from his eyes he found himself looking down into large questioning green eyes. 'A Dragon!' It was about four foot long with silver scales over it’s body. A green mane went down it’s back and small horns grew from it’s head. It’s two long whip like whiskers floated on the waters surface. The small dragon blinked before transforming into a chibi Kohaku.

"Wha!" Zander jerked backwards. The chibi watched him from the water, not moveing more than enough to stay afloat. His large green eyes still questioning, but what was the question?

"You're not like us." He stated matter-of-factly. "You're not one of them." He swam over to the stream's edge and placed his arms crossed on the bank with his head on his arms. He watched Zander, never blinking like little kids only can. "You're strong..."

"Kohaku? Smallest one where are you?" It was the voice of a Sama Kohaku and two or three younger voices. "Kohaku? Kohaku!"

"I have to go..." The chibi transformed back into his dragon form. As he swam off to rejoin his family Zander heard him say, "Please return..... I like you." Then he was gone, like the water that rushed by.

"If only all Bishi could be so open to seeing ones self as that little one does. Only the youngest of chibi's are so unable to hate, with eyes unclouded to see into peoples hearts." He told himself. Zander stood. 'No pain.' So gathering up his belongings Zander went on his way toward the next town. The town was at least a good three days walk from where he was.


Zander walked into the Bishounen Gym and was met by a rush of cool air as it escaped to the outside. Behind the counter was a young woman reading a book. Zander walked over to her. She didn't look up, flipped the page of her book, and kept reading.


Without looking up she said, "Welcome to the gym, if this is your first time here the Fighting Arena is to the left and the Training Area is to the right." At this point she blew a large pink bubble with her gum. She pointed at a stack of papers on the desk. "Please fill out the concent form if you wish to fight in the Arena."

Zander blinked at her. "Umm, yeah well..."

She looked up at him. "Look, it's like this buddy... oooh..." She stopped mid scentence. "I'm sorry, only bisnounen who are accompanied by their trainer are allowed to workout in the gym. Please return when he or she is with you." Then she went back to reading her book.

"Sorry? Well I'm sorry too. I don't have a trainer, thank you very much. I was wondering if it was possable for me to try my luck anyway." He lowered himself so he was eye level with the sitting girl. Letting his eyes glow he added, "How about it?"

Shakingly the girl pointed to the Fighting Arena. "No problem, sir. Go ahead in." She squeeked.

"Thank you oh so much." Zander's words dripped with sarcasm. The girl just nodded. When his back was turned to her Zander just rolled his eyes. 'Humans are so easy to scare.' He pushed the door open to the Fighting Arena, it was empty. Turning around he marched into the Training Area. The girl finding her book even more entertaining than before kept her eyes glued to the pages as he passed the desk.

'Wow' Thought the girl. 'When does a wild bishi not fear being caught? He must be very powerful.' A small smile appeared on her face and she add an after thought. 'And he's hot!' Finally she went back to actually reading her book.


"Ne, ane-chan where are we going?" Kagome teased Demoonica. She had insisted on calling her that ever sense Sterling had called Demoonica ane, older sister.

Demoonica glared at her bishoujo. "Can you please stop it with the whole 'older sister' thing, Kagome! You can call me Demoonica, Demoonica-chan, D-chan, I even will answer to just a plain 'hey you', anything but 'ane' because YOU are older than ME!"

Kagome just giggled, it was fun to torment the girl. And torment her she did, for the last three days. Three days of wondering around in the woods without hide nor hair of there being any other bishi's around. Three days of warm summer nights, skys filled with stars, and not being alone. Three days of peace and quiet...

"Deeemoonicaaaa!" Kagome suddenly found her trainer glomped to the ground by two other girls around her own age. One was the trainer from the day Demoonica had caught her, Nebula. She was accompanied by a girl with braided light brown hair. The two girls pulled Demoonica back to her feet. Each was holding out a bishi-ball.

"Nova! Neb!" Demoonica hugged her friends. "You got bishi's, I'm so happy your both staying!"

"It's a Heero! It's a Heero!! It's a Heero!!!" Was all Nova could chant as she bounced up and down.

"And I found a Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!" Nebula added. She was nearly as happy as her twin sister.

"Look at this." Demoonica pulled out Allen's bishi-ball and let him out. Nova and Nebula blinked at the newly arrived bishounen, then each took hold of an arm and place her head on his shoulder.

"Ooooo. He's cute." Nova said taking his hair in her hands.

"And what hair, look at his eyes, so lovely." Nebula continued. "Who is he? Where is he from? An' can I have him?"

Demoonica sweatdropped at her friends. "His name is Allen Schezar. He's from Escaflowne. No, go find your own!" She pulled her bishi out from between her friends. "Would you like to stay out while my friends are here or would you rather hide?" She asked while fixing his hair. Seconds earlier Nova had been braiding his bangs.

"My lady, I think I will be safe around your friends." He didn't look like he had even convenced himself of that.

Demoonica nodded. "Okay, but if they get to oogle you, their letting their's out too. You heard me girls, all bishi out of their balls!"

"Come on out Hee-chan!"

"Yugi I choose you!"

Soon both bishi were standing there looking confused, until..... *GLOMP* "Oi, Hee-chan!" Nova had glomped her Heero. He just stayed there, he looked like he was silently counting. He must have been golmped every time she had seen him.

"Hello." Demoonica looked down to see the Yugi bishounen holding out his hand to her. 'He's short....' was the first thought that came to mind. Slowly she took his hand. "Hello, Yugi... San?" The 'San' was a question to Nebula.

"No, Sama. He's just that short." Nebula replied. Yugi just turned a light shade of red. Finally they saw that Nova had let her Heero stand up, but she was still clinging to his arm like a lovesick schoolgirl.

"Hey, how did you two find me?"

"We weren't looking for you, just bishi. Then Nova heard your voice and Kagome's, Demoonica did you know you were yelling?" Now Demoonica blushed. "Who's been calling you sister?" Demoonica blushed brighter.

"Aww, how cute." Nova added in from Heero's arm.

"Just a young boy I met, Kagome won't let me live it down."

"Is he cute?" Nebula asked.

"He's barely into his teens, still a little kid. Kinda lost in this world yet, too."

"Besides sister of mine, Demoonica has a thing for a certain long haired half bishi we all know!" Nova said happily. "Right, Demoonica?"

Demoonica went from just blushing to fully red faced. Waving her hands infront of herself in a protective manner she said, "No, no. It's nothing like that, really girls....."

"Yes sir, she's head over heels in love with the boy." Nova let go of her Heero to walk over to Demoonica, "Right?" She messed up Demoonica's hair. Demoonica swatted away Nova's hands. Around them both Nebula and Kagome were laughing, the three bishounen were clueless.

"I don't know who you're talking about," Kagome told Nebula, "but I'll make sure to find out. Then bug her constantly about him." Both girls started laughing again and Nova joined in.


"So where are you headed?" Demoonica asked the twins a few hours later as the entire group sat around the campfire eating Kagome's cooking. Heero and Yugi were very happy to have a good meal, apparently they had eaten only instant Ramen for the last day or so. Well you could tell Yugi was happy to have real food, (AN: Hey, Ramen IS real food.) Heero only looked slightly relieved if you could even tell. Kagome had already decided to teach all three trainers to cook starting with breakfast the next morning, Yugi had thanked her greatly and had been hit over the head. Heero had wisely said nothing.

"Well from the map there's a small village south of here called Kolleny Town. A trainer we met said she had been there once, it's only just been finished. That people disappeared alot and there weren't many bishi around either. She left because she thought the area was cursed."

"I think either the woman was a nutcase or trying to frighten us, although why would she want to frighten us is anybodys guess." The bishounen and bishoujo just looked at each other, then to thier trainers and went back to eating.

"Wonder what that was about."

"No clue."


And the three girls returned to their meals also. "You never did say where you two were going."

"Where else, away from places people tell spooky storys about!"

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:24 PM
Although it wasn't far too Eutriv City the girls spent the most part of a week wondering the open woodlands. Kagome kept her promise to teach them all to cook, at least more than dropping Ramen Noodles into hot water. Allen and Heero trained together in the evenings while Yugi watched wide eyed.

"Yugi's not much at fighting, but he keeps beating me at cards." Nebula noted one evening.

All three girls made Kagome feel like she already had daughters, many times they would place their hands on her tummy to feel the baby moving. All were always so astounded, sitting very still, eyes chibified.

One evening. Demoonica walked over to Nova's Heero, "Ne, Heero." She could tell he was glad she hadn't called him Hee-chan. "What are you always doing on the laptop?" She took a seat beside him.

"Hn?" He turned the laptop computer around to show her. It was a diary, his diary of the days events. It went far back before Nova's capture of him, by the dates. He turned it back around to himself before she could read anything he had wrote.

"Oh." Demoonica got up and walked away. Heero hit a button and returned to playing a Mech Fighting game, he had hacked the program to make his mech in the game look like Wing Zero.


Upon arriving at Eutriv City the three trainers and one bishoujo were stopped at the city gates. The officer looked at them. "Sorry ladys, but to enter the city you need to confirm your trainer status. Can't be too careful about who we let into places. Dex please."

They each handed them their Dex, Demoonica pulling Kagome through the gates with her. Handing back the last Dex the officer added, "Thank you, ladys. Welcome to Eutriv City. Sorry again for the inconvence."

All three girls smiled and nodded a goodbye to the officer. When they were out of earshot of the officer Nova spoke, "That's weird, there was no check-in at Epoh City. Something weird is going on and I for one want to know what it is."

"Maybe it's just for safety reasons, so no crazy people wander in and out of the place."

"Please Demoonica, we're fangirls. How much crazier can you get?" And before Demoonica could say anything Nova added, "Besides fanboys that is."

"Good point. Let's find a place to stay."


Zander had found himself with an audiance within a few hours of the first day after entering the gym. Thankfully they were all newish trainers who didn't feel they had a chance in a fight. At the moment the place was empty and he kicked the bag before him again.

*KICK* "Ichi..."

*KICK* "Ni..."

*KICK* "San..."

*RIP!!!* The contents of the kicking bag spilled out onto the floor.

Zander looked at the bag he had just started to kick for the one thousand and fourth time, in sets of twenty of course. It was because he could only count to twenty in Japanese and didn't want to count in American. Why?, was anyones guess.

"Huh? These things are getting worse, the first one lasted past two thousand kicks."

A Goku brought out another bag slung over his shoulder, "It's not that. Your getting stronger, I can feel your power rating. It's went up over the days." He hung the new bag up about ten feet away from the mess that had been the last bag. The Goku then went to sit by his trainer again, she was the girl at the front desk.

'Power rating?' Zander shrugged and kicked the new kicking bag.

*KICK* "Ichi..."


"Hey, wooow. Look at him." A woman said to the girl behind the desk. The woman had long red hair that had been left straight with a bandana tied around her head. She was dressed in tight black leather pants, a black leather short sleeve top that laced all the way up the front leaving little guess work for her bust size, a hooded black cloak, and high-heeled black leather boots. Her fingernails were painted black also. "Who's he? Trainer? Bishi?"

"Goku says he's a half-bishi, he has no trainer. Said to tell trainers that he'll fight a one on one battle if their willing." She took a sip of her soda. "Do us a favor, will ya? Ask him to battle in the Arena, I found out it's dangerous to go in there when he's training. It's as if he doesn't see you. We need to clean up the latest kicking bag he's killed."

"Sure, I'm in need of some fun. Tell him Siren and her bishounen are willing to fight."

"Okay......... Goku you go tell him." The girl pushed her bishi back toward the Training Area door. "I refuse to go in there."

"Yes ma'am." Goku happly jogged over to Zander in the Training Area, they saw him jump with surprise when Goku tapped his shoulder. They watched as Goku delivered the message and Zander followed him back to the desk.

"Goku tell's me this trainer want's to fight? Is that her?" Zander pointed to Siren. She had already walked out to the far side of the Fighting Arena.

"That's her." Zander walked into the Arena.

Siren called out to him as he entered, "So what kind of a battle are you looking for? Fighting? Magic?" She raised an eyebrow. "Beauty contest?"

"How about Fighting, with weapons?"

Siren smiled. "Can do, I choose Auron for this battle." She tossed one of a great many bishi-balls to the floor.

After a flash of red light the older bishounen with greying hair was standing infront of his trainer. He was dressed in an ankle length red coat with belts on the sleaves, black pants with a gold stripe down the front of the legs, skin-tight black shirt, and was holding a gigantic two-handed sword. He looked at Zander then his trainer, "A half-breed?" His voice was rough, but showed wisdom.

"He was asking for this, coming into a town." She said with a wave of her hand.

"Okay." He nodded. "I will fight for my trainer, Siren."

Zander drew his Gundanium sword. "And I fight on my own behalf."

"Then...", Siren raised her hand, bringing it down quickly. "....begin! Auron show this little punk how to use a sword properly!"

They lunged at each other, swords drawn, and met in the center with a clash. They fought, meeting each other swing for swing. Auron was strong, Zander quickly found out. Knowing this he went on the offence, dodging the swinging sword. Luckly he was faster than Auron.

'Got to wear him down, the sword's large...' Zander dodged the sword again. '...so it's slower to swing. I have to...' Auron swung his sword down in an arch planning to hit the half-bishi full force. 'THERE!' Zander jumped away from the swing letting its force pull the Auron slightly off balance.

Swinging his own sword he caught the Auron on the right shoulder. The hit finished making him go off balance. He toppled to the ground holding his shoulder, sword loose in his hand.

Zander followed the pull of his own sword turning with it to face Auron once again. 'Bingo.' "Ready to give up?"

"Hardly." Auron stood up. Facing Zander he pushed his sunglasses back up. "I think I've played long enough, how about you kid?"

"Kid?" Zander looked a bit shocked, then mad. This old excuse for a bishounen was insulting him even though he had been the only one to land a hit during the entire match.

"You heard me, I thought Siren called me out here for a fight, not to babysit."

Zander's brows furrowed together. "Shut up! What would you know? Your just a slave to a lousy human!" He pointed angerly at Siren with his sword. His eyes were glowing violently and even Siren could feel a cool dark energy fill the Arena. "They don't even feel! How could they care?"

"I think you don't know what you talking about, kid."

"Stop saying that!" Furious, Zander drew back his sword and ran at Auron. "I could have been on this world long before you!!!"

Zander's sword came slashing down, he was aiming for Auron's neck. It never connected. Zander looked quite surprised when he watched his sword go clattering away from them, sliding acrossed the arena floor. 'NO. How?' Auron holding his sword only in his left hand turned it so he brought the handle back toward Zander first, letting its end hit Zander in the jaw. The force sent the half-bish flying backward and he landed on his back a few feet away.

Zander lay there trying to regain his breath and his composure.

"Do you give?" Auron asked slinging his sword up onto his shoulder, he winced as it hit the same place Zander had struck earlier. Zander didn't see this though. He was busy pulling himself up off the floor.

"No way in hell." Zander said as he wiped a trickle of blood away from his nose.

"You never will give up, will you?"


"Fine, I didn't want to have to do this, but..." Auron lifted his sword. "Bushido blade attack... Dragon Fang!" It was all over as Auron's final attack sent Zander spiraling into darkness.

"I think that's a win by knock out, don't you?" Siren asked walking out onto the floor to her bishounen. "Auron, did you really need to use your Bushido on him? I was having fun watching him fight."

"I would have eventually lost had I not."

"Indeed..." Siren raised an eyebrow looking down at Zander. He was coming around. Siren held out a bottle to him. "Here, drink this." Zander pushed the bottle away from his face.

"I don't need your potions, or your sympathy. I'll be fine before I know it."

"You have too much pride for someone who just lost. Or did you forget about your fight with my bishounen Auron?"

"Bishounen? You don't mean the old guy, he can hardly be called a bishounen."

Siren glared at Zander. "Too much pride, too little wisdom. Wisdom comes with expereance, experience is gained with time, with time comes age, but pride belongs to any fool. You see his age only, and see me as only another lousy human."

"And why wouldn't I?"

"You may have experience, but you need the wisdom that only comes with time." Siren stood. "C'mon Auron, we shall take our leave of this... boy. Here you need to drink this too." She handed her Auron the bottle Zander had refused and with that they left the Fighting Arena.


"The Red Dragon Lodge is here and the Crescent Inn is on that street." Nebula pointed at the city map. "Here's the Gym. Over there is the Sakura no hana Hotel." Again she pointed to the locations on the map. "That sounds nice."

Demoonica looked confused. "Sakura no hana? Translation please, I speak-a li~ttle Japanese." She held up her fingers about an inch apart.

"Cheery Blossom." Kagome clarified. " It's called the Cheery Blossom Hotel. I agree it does sound nice." The trainers agreed, too.

"I want to soak in a nice hot bath, no more washing in ice cold streams."

"And I can't wait to wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner."

"What are you two complaining about? I remember a set of twins that glomped ME to the cold, wet, ground. I'll never get the stains out of this white ~well it started out white~ shirt." Demoonica placed the back of her hand over her eyes, pretending she would faint from the thought of it. Adding a 'southern bell' voice to the act she continued. "Oh if only there were a place for poor little ol' me to rest!"

By this time the others were laughing at her antics, and her bad southern accent. She blinked at the girls like she didn't know why they were in hysterics. "Why, what ever did I say?" She asked in the southern voice.

"Nothing to fret your little head about miss Scarlet O'Hara!" Nova said getting behind Demoonica and pushing her the direction of the Sakura no hana Hotel. "We all just want to get there before you deside to talk until winter."

The three girls continued the walk down the street. Demoonica giggled, "Well at least I didn't start rattling out the Gettysburg Address on you. You wouldn't have been able to move me then." They all just shook their heads sadly, and they had thought she was the sane one of the bunch.

"Here we are..." Nebula started to say.

"Face to face..." Demoonica sang. Nova, Nebula, and Kagome stared at her, lost as to why she was now singing. Demoonica stopped. "What haven't you ever seen the TV show 'Jonie Loves Chachi'?"

The three shook their heads 'no'.

"Yet you have seen 'Gone with the Wind'? Sheesh, that movie is way older..." Demoonica glanced around to see she was being triple glared at. "Okay, I'm shutting up now!"

"Like I was saying, here we are..." Nebula looked at Demoonica. She stayed quiet. "The Sakura no hana Hotel." She waved to the door. "I think we've all stood out here long enough, and that Demoonica has been in the sun too long, so let's get our rooms."

They entered the Hotel. It was nice inside with what else but a cheery blossom theme. The walls had been painted with scenes of cheery trees the flower petals floating on the wind.

"Oooo, pretty."

The man behind the counter looked up at the three would be guest. "Good day ladys, how may we accommodate you?"

"Yes, we would like two rooms. They need to be large enough for our bishounen too. Umm could they be near each other?" Demoonica asked.

"Of course, just a few questions first. Are you new trainers, that is how many bishounen..."


"I thought he was never going to shut up!" Demoonica said tossing her backpack onto one of the beds in her room.

"Same here, is everyone in this town so nosey?" Kagome sat down on the edge of the closest bed. "But it's still better than the woods."

"Right." Demoonica grabbed a bishi-ball from her belt. "C'mon out Allen!" The bishounen appeared in a flash of red light.

Looking around he said. "My Lady, I take it as we have made it to the next town?"

"I take it as you still need to loosen up my young knight, please you don't have to call me 'M'lady'. It makes me feel old." She wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pushed him down into a chair. She flipped on the TV. "Now welcome to the twenty-first century, watch some television. Any questions, ask Kagome. I'm taking a hot shower. Going to see if there's a teenager under all this dirt." With a wave she walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

About that time Nova poked her head in the door. "This place is great! Where's Demoonica?"

"Washing her body and clearing her head with a shower."

"The rooms have personal bathrooms? Woo-hoo! Didn't see that." Nova looked over at Allen. He was holding the remote trying to change the channel off of a channel advertising the newest bishi-ball designs. "Is he okay?"

"Here let me have it!" Kagome snatched the remote from Allen's hand and pushed the guide button. "Let's see what's on...Nope." Click. "Nope." Click. "I don't think so." Click. "Here's something, 'The Empress'. It's a movie based on an old Japanese legend." She handed the remote to Allen. "I think you'll like it, it's full of Samurai."

"Look at the violent things you find on TV... Oooo battle." Kagome sweatdropped as Nova was drawn to the television.

"It's like watching moths gather around a flame." Suddenly both Yugi and Heero wandered into the room.

"Have you seen... Oh. Found her." Said the Yugi. "Nebula went to shower and told us to wait but..." Yugi shrugged.

"Mm'hn." Heero nodded looking at the TV screen.

Nova upon seeing her bishounen bounced over to them. "Hee-chan!" *GLOMP* One happy trainer in the arms of one over glomped bishounen. "Yea, he caught me!"

"I always thought it was the other way around?" Kagome said raiseing an eyebrow. Everyone could actually see Heero blush. "Just picking on ya! Why not stay and watch the movie?"

"Naw, that's okay." Nova said from the arms of her bishounen. "If we stay you'll never get rid of us until very, very late. Right Hee-chan?" At this Heero let go of his trainer letting Nova fall on her butt.

"I think we should go back to our own room also, Nebula might worry about about me." Yugi stated.

"Right!" Nova looked around. "Where's my Hee-chan?"

"He already left."

Springing up Nova left a dust trail toward her and Nebula's room. "Heeeeroooo!"

Yugi and Kagome sighed. Then Yugi left too, but at a walk. "Heh, kids." She turned to Allen, he was watching the TV. "Just my luck, the ones you can talk to both decide to take showers." Kagome sat down on the bed and began watching the movie.

The lack of the sound of running water told them when Demoonica had finished her shower. Slowly the bathroom door opened the tiniest bit, one of Demoonica's eyes appearing in the space. "Kagome, could you hand me the clothes capsule out of my backpack? It's in the left zipping pocket."

"Forgot your clothes?" The single eye you could see nodded up and down. Her hand appeared from around the door. Finding the capsule Kagome handed it to Demoonica. "Your a baka you do know that right?"

"Very much so. Thank You." Demoonica closed the door again. Nearly ten minutes later she finally emerged from the bathroom. "Tada! The cattapiller is now a butterfly!" She had changed into short, white, school uniform type skirt and a white sports bra, and that was it.

"Shoulden't you put a shirt on?"

"Oh do I have too? I want to see if Wufei's get nosebleeds as easy as they are said too."

"I don't know about the Wufei's but if Allen turns any redder he'll get a sunburn." Kagome pointed at Allen who had turned around to see what all the talking was about.

"Oopsie, sorry Allen!" Demoonica went back into the bathroom, when she exited again she had added a pink babydoll t-shirt to the small list of clothes she was wearing. "Better mother?" She asked Kagome.

"Much, now you won't have crazy boys following us around town."

"Aw, were's the fun in that?"

Kagome ignored that one. "Let me take a shower, then we can wander around town. Allen when I'm finished you should shower too." Kagome dissapeared into the bathroom.

"Will there be any hot water left by then M'lady?" He asked Demoonica.

"Probably not, but you can always hope."


An hour later Demoonica was walking down the street with both Kagome and Allan. "Ne Kagome what's going on over there?" Demoonica pointed to the crowd gathered in the main street.

"Looks like a trainer battle... wonder why their out in the street. Want to go take a look?"

"Sure, why not." Just as they got to the crowd a trainer came marching past them from out of the crowd. She looked very ticked off. The people diminished almost immediately, as though nothing had happened. "Aw, we missed the fight."

"That's okay, there will be others. Let's go look around in the shops." Kagome said. So off to explore Eutriv City.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:25 PM
Demoonica waved goodbye to Nova and Nebula as she and the twins left town. "Keep in touch!" She yelled before turning to Kagome. "Ne, Kagome. This town was built in the heart of Gundam Wing territory right?"

"Yes, I think so. Why?"

Demoonica got little hearts in her eyes. "Because, I want a Heero and a Duo! You know what? I was told Chibi Quatre's look like little blonde kittens when they're curled up asleep."

"De-moon-i-ca!" Kagome was tapping her foot.

"I didn't say I wanted one, just what I heard." Demoonica said in her defence. Kagome sighed.

"I don't get you. You can be so adult, then, click, two seconds later you're a seven year old."

"Seven? No, I'm going to be sixteen forever." Demoonica started walking. "Come on, I said we would stay near town until the baby was born, not that we would stay IN town all that time."

"Fine, I give up!" Kagome threw her arms up in frustration and stomped off into the woods. Demoonica pulled out her bishi-ball. Releasing Allen she followed Kagome into the woods.

"Hey! Hildi slow down!"

"But the town's right over here! Wai!" The Hildi ran straight into Demoonica. "Oh, gomen! Gomen!" Gildi held out her hand."Hey, it's a trainer!"

Demoonica looked up from her place on the ground. "Why is it everytime I'm out here I end up in the dirt? I thought trainers glomped the bishi, not the other way around."

"Hildi, Oh! A trainer!" Hildi's trainer stepped out of the woods. "Hello I'm Mahannie, we came from a town in the north." Mahannie held out her hand. "Here let me help you up. Hey who's the bishi-boy here." She pointed at Allen.

"That's Allen and my Kagome's around here. HEY KAGOME!"

"What?" Came the answer. "You don't have to yell, I was just over there." Kagome stepped out of the tree line right beside Demoonica.

"Sorry." Demoonica looked at Mahannie. "I'm Demoonica and we started out at Epoh City."

"Cool, so do you wan'a battle?"

"Battle? Alright but it's my first battle." Demoonica turned to Allen. "Allen, first battle! We can do it!"

"First battle eh? Okay..." She pulled out a bishi-ball. "Go, Ke-enshin!"

The ball opened to reveal a young red-haired bishounen with lavender colored eyes.

"Ke-enshin, ready to battle?"

"That I am, miss Mahannie."


(Sorry the fight is not written, it refused to let me write it... It never came out sounding right... that's one of the reasons this is so late.... that and I'm lazy so I went to the carnival.... when I should have wrote...)


"We lost?" Mahannie looked shocked.

Kenshin who now had a band aid across his nose added sadly, "That we did."

Opening her wallet she handed Demoonica the money. "Sorry it's not that much but I'm kind'a new to training also."

Demoonica shook her head, "Don't worry about the money. Thanks for the battleing experience, Allen is just out of his Chibi phase."

"Really? So isn't my Hildi! She told me she evolved to get away from a Relena who always picked on her."

"A Relena? Never heard of them not getting along with Hildis."

"She said it was because I was a Duo becon, so I evolved and left." Hildi spoke up.

"Well that wasn't nice then was it?" Demoonica asked.

"No it wasn't. Mahannie can we get to town now, it's right over there." Hildi pointed to the city gates. "I want to see the sights, go shopping!" Hildi grabbed her trainer and began to pull her toward the gates. Mahannie only had time to return Kenshin to his ball and wave good-bye to Demoonica.

"That was weird." Kagome said.

"Very." Demoonica held up a bishi-ball. "Allen rest in your ball, that was a tough battle." Allen disappeared into his ball with a flash of red light.

"So what are you planning to do?"

"Rome around, hunt for bishis, you know the normal things."


"I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU COULD READ THE MAP!" Kagome's voice rang out into what seemed to be endless woods.

"I think we're not in an area on this map. Maybe an electronic map that updates when the Bishiworld changes would be better." Demoonica looked at the map in her hands turning it this way and that way.

"You know that doesn't help." Kagome said giving up on yelling at her trainer. "We have walked for three solid days now without knowing where we are. We have to be near a town or city or something. I mean there can't be just more woods forever, can there?"

"How should I know? I've been here what? Two weeks? No, it's been longer than that." Demoonica looked back down at the map. "A dot that says: 'You are here.' wouldn't hurt either."

"Demoonica give up on the map." Kagome said taking the map. "BECAUSE WE'RE HOPELESSLY LOST!"

"Ow, do you have to yell at me so loudly? I mean sheesh." Demoonica said rubbing her ears.

"How could I have been caught by such a baka!" Kagome folded the map and handed it to Demoonica.

"Well let's just go this way." Demoonica pushed back the bush in front of them that had been blocking their view. "I don't believe it..." Demoonica and Kagome both said at the same time.

They were standing at the edge of the woods. A small village dotted the landscape that had opened up into a flat grasslands, low rolling hills in the distance. A low stone fence ran all the way around the village. From where they stood only a few people could be seen.

"Where in the world are we? If I didn't know better I'd say we just walked out of the Bishiworld and into the Irish country side."

"We're still in the Bishiworld." Kagome said. "See that's not a human, it's a Ranma bishounen. I think we found one of the smaller communitys. See there's a sign post over there."

They walked over to the sign.

"Kolleny Town. Why does that sound familar?"

"I don't know, but it does. Doesn't it?"

"Let's go check it out." They weren't stopped at the gates as they had been at Eutriv City. Only two or three trainers were on the streets. One of them was the trainer of the Ranma who had been carrying a pail of water. Said water had some how gotten dumped on the Ranma bishounen who was now an angry, wet Ranma bishoujo.

Demoonica pulled out her bishidex. "Identify Bishi." She told it.

"Ranma. A bishi that counts as both a bishounen and a bishoujo. In truth a Ranma being male is most often caught by female trainers or male trainers who are unaware of a Ranma bishoujo's true form."

Demoonica giggled. "I bet they're surprised when they find that out."

"Hey, look it's a store. You need to restock our foodstuffs."

They entered the store. It was empty of people save the female clerk and a small fox-demon bishounen sitting on the counter.

"Oh hi!" She seemed very happy to have a person in the store. "It's not very often we get new trainers this far south. Bishi don't stay out in the open for long amounts of time, so the town isn't growing fast like the ones farther north in the forrested areas."

The Shippo hopped down off the counter and ran over to them. "Kagome!" He bounced up and down at her feet.

Demoonica looked at the three foot tall bishounen. "Is that really a Shippo? He's only half this big in the show." Indeed the bishi looked about the age of nine or so, if he were a human child.

Kagome patted the kitsune on the head. "That's because the Shippo from the show is the chibi form in this world. If they stayed that size you would never be allowed to catch them."

"Makes since, I keep forgetting you're not always the same as what I've seen on the shows. So you're in your San form then?" Demoonica asked the small bishounen.

"Uh-hu." Shippo nodded. He was holding onto Kagome's coat sleeve while looking at the trainer.

"Shippo, you don't have to be afraid of the trainers." Said the clerk. "Forgive his shyness, he doesn't see many new people. C'mon Shippo, let them shop." She patted the counter top. He bounded back over to it quickly.


Quite some time later they walked out of the shop with a lighter wallet and a heavier backpack.

"Well prices are lower in small towns huh?"

"Sure are, look at this." Demoonica pulled out a small metal box, it was nearly flat, and placed it neatly into her bishidex. She flipped open the dex and brought up a random bishi. (It was Serena from Sailor Moon if anyone wants to know.)

"Show bishi forms." She commanded the dex. Above the metal surface a 3D image of a Sama Serena appeared. "Previous forms." The form shifted to the bishoujo's San form then to the Chibi form. Demoonica closed her dex. "It's a 3D cube for studying bishi in the forms we see them, not a flat picture. That can be very helpful, do you know how different something looks when you can walk around it?"

Kagome nodded. "What else did you get?"

"Well I restocked the fridge, grabbed some bishi-balls and some other things we were running low on, the 3D holo cube, bishi medicine for after battles, and this!" Demoonica pulled out two metal tubes about a foot long and half an inch wide each.

"What is that thing?"

"Exactly what I wanted. An electronic map!" Demoonica pulled the two metal tubes away from each other revealing a clear screen. At the time it showed a world view of the single huge continent. There was a blinking green dot near the bottom. Demoonica touched it and the map zoomed in closer. The names of things started appearing, Kolleny Town was blinking green dot now. Demoonica touched the dot again. This time a map of the town came up, the green blinking dot now read 'You are here.' "And it even updates to show how the bishiworld grows. It also has a bishidex locator, input the trainers bishidex phone number and a dot with the persons name appears on the screen and follows their movements so you can find your friends at any time! The dots stay too, so you only need to enter the number once."

"Why don't they give those to newbies?"

"That would get expensive quickly."

"And what they give them now doesn't?"

Demoonica opened her mouth to answer but stopped before making a sound. Finally she said, "Okay, you got me there. The girl at the counter said this was the first store to get them though so..." Demoonica shruged.


"You know what?" Demoonica asked her bishis. "It's nice here."

Demoonica fell back onto the soft grass covering the slopeing hill. She placed her hands behind her head looking up at the sky. Kagome and Allen sat to each side of her. They had stayed in town only over night and had left earlyer that morning.

"It really is, you know. The Bishiworld is so beautiful here. More of the people get along, and the bishi's too. There's no pollution, no over-crowding, and I haven't been afraid to go walking outside at night. This place is perfect."

"I guess you're right, we were born here so the world is normal to us." Kagome said looking out over the area. A slight breeze made the long grasses wave to and fro.

Demoonica sat up. "How about you? What do you think Allen."

"That M'lady speaks the truth, our world is quite remarkable and very beautiful."

"Yeah." Demoonica nodded to the tall swaying grass near the bottom of the hill. "Is it me or do you feel we're being watched, too?"

"Why?" The two bishi asked.

"The grass down there is swaying by itself, against the wind. C'mon let's get closer, but act like you don't notice anything." Stretching, Demoonica got up. With Allen's help they got Kagome to her feet.

"I feel like such a cow needing help up like that." She said as the trio started walking down the hill.

"It's okay to need a helping hand Kagome. You've added at least ten pounds around your middle in six months, right? Your balance is off." Demoonica continued to walk towards the tall grass. "Have you wondered about the baby's gender? Are you hopeing for a girl or a boy?"

"I'll be happy as long as the baby's healthy, but I do wonder about it's gender." By now they were standing at the edge of the tall grass.

"Jeeze, how does grass grow this tall? I'm so short I get lost in a crowded hallway and I have to walk into ten foot tall grass that probably gos on forever!" While she complained Demoonica shifted her hand to an empty bishi-ball. Demoonica sighed. "Whatever, let's just try to get threw it fast."

They stepped into the grass, once into the swaying mess you could see paths where someone had recently walked. The grass straight ahead suddenly russled and Demoonica saw a flash of red. Without hesitating she threw the ball she had been holding.

A loud shout of surprise and the red light signaling a bishi being pulled into a ball told Demoonica everything. She ran forward to see the bishi-ball bouncing around like a ping-pong ball.

"I think whoever that is, isn't very happy at all."

As if giving up on cue the ball stopped bouncing midair, dropped to the ground, and rolled to a stop at Demoonica's feet.

"Why do I dread picking that up now?" She shrugged and picked up the ball. Turning around she walked out of the tall grass. "Now that I can see what I'm doing, bishi-ball go!"

After the flash of light disappeared she could see a bishounen glareing back at her. He had red hair that came down in waves to about mid back, sea green eyes, and he didn't look too happy. He was wearing what could best be called a toga of faded black cloth. It was mid-thigh in lenght.

"Marou." Spoke the bishidex from her pocket. Demoonica pulled out the Dex. "This bishounen is rarely seen in crowded areas, perfering to have underlings do the work. Rarely caught when they know they're being tracked they usually break out of the ball thrown at them. Trainers should be warry of trying to catch this bishounen, they by nature see humans as pest. It is recommended that trainers be experienced in training before attempting to capture one. Marou's who gain great dark power are able to transform into a god like demon known as Kokaga no miko."

Demoonica looked at her bishidex. "Oh what a lovely ray of sunshine that is." She looked back at the bishounen. "Marou, huh."

"Don't Marou me, human." There was no spite in his voice, but it was very cold. "And if you value your life I would break that ball and then run, fast."

"I don't think so. I break this ball and you're free. I keep this ball and you have no other choice than to grin and take it like a man."

"I will not!" Marou made a grab for the bishi-ball in Demoonica's hand. She stumbled backward, falling, her newest bishounen with her. "Give me that ball!"

"Normaly I'd like this situation, but you're trying to KILL me! Get off!" Demoonica pushed against Marou with both her hands, bishi-ball still clasped in one. He pulled the ball free from her hand as he was pushed back away from Demoonica.

"Now to break this thing and leave." The Marou started to break open the bishi-ball only to get a nasty shock from it. He dropped the ball. Demoonica picked it back up.

"What do you know?" She smiled at the bishounen who at the time was rubbing his hand. "It's tamper proof."


Zander walked down the hall to a door marked: Lounge. He entered the room and found himself a cup for coffie. "Sugar." He opened a cabnet and the next before finding the sugar. He had to admit this was quite a nice gym. From where he was sitting he could see into the Battle Arena, the windows glass having been magicly made so that no attacks would break it. Streaching, he finished his coffie.

'It's getting boring here though.' He thought. The arena was empty once again, Zander haveing fought against two younger trainers earlyer that morning. He had won ofcorse. He would however have to remember that most Final Fantasy bishi got stronger after being hit a few times, then weakened. His battle with Siren's Auron was still fresh in his mind. 'Maybe I should train in the Final Fantasy territorys for a while, just to get away from all these human trainers.'

So it was that Zander walked out of the town later that day. He didn't know where he was headed exactly, territory boundrys were secrets that most would not tell. With just the general direction and the noledge that a river served as part of the FFX boundry.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:27 PM
Zander had walked for what seemed forever, there had been no trainers, no bishi, no anything for a long time now. He was lost in thought. 'Where are all the trainers hollering "Oooo DUO!!!"? Where are the bishi looking to skin me alive?' Zander looked around himself. 'Eh, where's the path?' And he was just plain lost.

"Alone. Alone and lonely. Alone, lonely and sad. I like you, but are you always so sad?" Zander found that he was in the company of the young Kohaku from the river. "Anger. Anger that is deep within you. That is not what it takes."

This child was wierd. "Stop talking in riddles, kid."

"You are lost. I can help you find what you do not know you are looking for." The chibi took Zanders hand.

Zander walked with him, not sure why he trusted the child. 'Because, he sees you with eyes unclouded.' His mind told him. 'But what does that mean?'

"I know you are not like the others. Not human, not bishounen, not demon. You are all of them, but you are not one of them. You are alone in this world and that makes you lonely. You do not want to be alone. That makes you sad. Are you always so sad?"

"If you're so good at reading me, if I'm such an open book, then tell me why am I angry?" Zander placed his free hand on his hip.

"You're angry because life was not fair to you, and the bishounen are not fair to you, and the humans are not fair to you. For all that you are angry." Kohaku thought for a second then continued to speak. "That is the outer anger. This is what many see. Your anger goes deeper than being an outcast. You are angry for being born, for being the only one to live. You want to know why, why you were the one chosen to live. You are angry because you were cast out in the world by your mother, little more than a baby, to fend for yourself. You grew up with the knowledge of how you came to be, but not why you were."

"Can you answer that one then?" Zander had stopped walking by now and stood looking at the chibi.

"Why you are here? That I cannot tell you because I do not know."

"And what do you mean by you can help me find what I do not know I am looking for? If I don't know what I'm looking for how could you?"

"Your heart knows. That is why anger is not the way to what you want." The chibi Kohaku started to walk again pulling Zander along with him.

"And what is it I'm looking for, what is it I want?"

"You are looking for revenge, and you want to be loved and accepted. You have been alone so long that you do not see what is right infront of you."

"What's that supose to mean?"

"Here we are."

Zander looked around, they were on the path exiting the woods. Before them open land stretched as far as the eye could see. Tall grass blew gently in the early summer breeze. The sky was bright blue and fluffy white clouds dotted it. There was nothing but the endless meadows before him.

"Where are we?" Zander asked, but when he turned around the chibi Kohaku was gone. He was all alone, again. 'This place seems... like I know it... Have I been here before?'


"I hate you. You do know that, right?" Marou sat in the tree above Demoonica, Kagome, and Allen. They had stopped midday for lunch.

"I know." Demoonica smiled up at him. "You hungry? I'll even be nice and make you a sandwitch."

"No sandwitch... and I highly doubt you would let me go kill myself something."

"Something? Something like what?"

"Fine. You know someone should find out the reason why trainers never give up when they want info." Marou disappeared from the branch he had been seatted on and reappeared behind Demoonica.

"You know what? I don't think I'll ever get used to you being able to teleport like that."

Pulling the bishidex from her pocket he handed it to her saying, "Read the more detailed description."

Demoonica started fiddleing with the dex.

"Forget it, it's quicker just to tell you." 'And more fun.' He added mentally. Marou moved closer to her, until he was right behind her. Moving her hair out of the way he leaned over her shoulder so that he was whispering into her ear. "Of course you could always supply me with what I disire. Though..." He paused to run his fingers lightly down the back of her neck. She shivered uncontiously, partly from his touch and partly from his words. "...you wouldn't live threw the expereance."

Regaining her composer Demoonica turned to face her newest and most annoying bishounen. She was still blushing though. "Have you ever heard of 'hands to yourself'? Learn it well or the next time you do that..." She pushed his hand towards him. "...you'll lose the body part that's touching me."

Marou just smirked. God did Demoonica hate that smirk. It meant he was up to something, it had only been a few days since his capture, but she knew. "I take it that's a 'no' to my offer." He very nearly purred.

"Okay, cool it!" Kagome grabbed Marou by the ear and pulled him away from Demoonica. "You sit there." She placed him beside Allen sitting on the ground. "You should learn some respect."

"For a little human?" Marou laughed at the thought. "Or perhaps for her as a trainer? You don't even do that..."

"Shut up!" *SLAP!* Kagome was very ticked off. "You should respect her as a woman!"

At this time Allen was scooting away, fearful that Kagome's rath might befall him next. Marou growled. No one tret him like this. "I'll treat her however I wish!" He stood up to gare down at Kagome.

"You will not! She's not just my trainer she's my friend! I feel awful that she's being degrated by a heartless inhuman basterd like you!" Kagome poked him in the chest as she spoke. "She's a nice person! Maybe she is a little flaky and we do argue, but the way you've acted towards her from the begining is sickening! Have you no morals!?!"

By now Allen was hideing behind Demoonica, she herself looked like she wanted to hide under a rock. Quietly she said to Allen, "Remind me to not get Kagome really angry for the rest of this pregnancy. I DO NOT feel like dieing."

Allen nodded. "I feel the same way m'lady."

Marou crossed his arms infront of his chest. Bending down slightly to look Kagome in the face he said, "No." The slight anger that had been in his vioce was gone, the tone was again cold and told them he was finished with the conversation (argument). He turned then and just walked away.

"How dare you walk away from me! Come back here and finish what was started!!!" Kagome yelled. Demoonica then took the chance to place a hand on her bishoujo's showlder.

"He's not worth the effort Kagome. Just let it drop."

Kagome was still fumeing mad, but nodded to her trainer. "Fine Demoonica. He's such a jerk though."

"I was thinking more along the lines of him being a blood sucking demon, well he is.... well kind of.... you know what I mean." Demoonica looked at Kagome. "He just about admitted to being a cold blooded killer, right?" Demoonica was looking slightly sick. "He EATS humans! I think I'm going to be sick!"

"I'll be right there with you." Kagome said looking a little green. Allen looked discusted but not sickened.



A strange women of great beauty walked silently threw the forest. Her long raven black hair flowing behind her like a cape, her dark colbalt blue eyes unfocused yet seeing everything. She wore a simple black dress made of silk that made her pale ivory white skin seem blindingly bright. Her feet were bare and she wore no other things. No bishi belt was at her waist. No backpack did she cary. No company did she keep.

Her name was Avioc Malii, in her races toung it ment Heaven's Menace. This was not her world that she walked in. No. She had came here from her ancient home. She did not look it, but she was growing old. Her kind did not age past the beauty of their youth though. Yet there were fewer and fewer of her kind, the blood had become weak. Births had been rare and she went to find a mate, one not of her kind. Many mates did she find on this world. Cuplings had been easy, though flawed. Each mate she took died after conseveing a child with her, their souls being taken to create the new life. It was not to be, all but one of her offspring had died.

He would have to be her heir, to do so he would need to be filled with anger and hatered. He was weak though when compared to the young she had lost. A frail child of the great beauty her race was known for, even though his resimblence was of his father. Frail. He bore no known powers yet a cool dark energy always flowed from him. This she did not understand, for she knew not what it was. Beautiful. With his chestnut brown hair with its golden highlights and his eyes of violet wine.

He was a loving child, one who was too kind to claim his birthright from her people. He would have to rule with fear to save them from their demise. He was the first of a new type of her race, she knew he held great potentel if only she could make his heart cold, uncaring, hardened until he nolonger cared for anything but his life. To do this she left him, leaving him crying where he stood. She did not look back, to her he was to be dead until the day he came into his adulthood.

She left him with his name, Alexander Maxwell, and placed the seed of hatred for his parentage, telling him how he had came to be. She had been quite luwd with that decription, if she remembered correctly, when she had told the young child.

That had been little over sixteen years earlyer, her time was running out. Her son had yet to become what he was to be. Why! WHy!! WHY!!! He should be a killer by now, bathed in blood daily. Why had he not killed? How could he servive in this world without killing to stay alive? Was he still alive? He had to be, she could feel him in a way. She could feel his cool dark energy

"My dear son, it cannot be much longer until you realize what you truly are." She said to the empty woods around her.


"Hello! You can't just leave me here!" Zander called. It didn't help though. No one was nearby to hear him. "Great, just great. I'm was lost in the woods now I'm lost in the open. He, that kid, told me to go this way. What for? 'To find what I do not know I'm looking for.' That's what he tells me."

Zander scanned the seamingly never ending fields. "Didn't even tell me what way to go either."

Giving up ranting to himself Zander just started walking forward.


"Who said you could pick the way!?!" Demoonica yelled at Marou, who not only walked away from her, Allen, and Kagome, but who had now walked far away from the groups resting spot under the shade of a large Oak tree.

"That's it you psycotic redhead!" Demoonica pulled out Marou's bishi-ball. "Get back here right now!" A red line of light shot out from the bishi-ball striking and surounding Marou, then returned. Marou was now in his ball. "I really fell bad about doing that, but I couldn't stand it anylonger." Sighing Demoonica looked at Allen and Kagome. "You believe me right?"

"If I were you it would have happened long before now." Kagome said. Allen nodded.

Demoonica frowned then shook her head, a small smile on her face. "Liers."

Kagome laughed. "If I could have done that to Inuyasha I would have. He was always wandering off to who knows where!"

It was just then that they spotted someone walking towards them. Whoever it was, was still to far away to tell, although the person had long hair. Demoonica strained her eyes to capture more details. The *person* had brown hair, pulled back into a loose ponytail, and they were dressed in mostly black.

"I think it's a guy, m'lady." Allen said. "Perhaps another bishounen?"

"I he was a bishounen he'd be crazy to be walking straight for us." Kagome told him.

When he was closer Demoonica let out gasp.

"What is it Demoonica? You know him or something?" Kagome asked, her attention being drawn to the lone figure.

"Well... 'yes' and 'no'. Remember that guy Nova and Nebula were picking on me about? Well that's him. Zander."

"The half-bishounen one?"

"One and the same, but I haven't really met him. He just sort of coldly *nearly* ran me over the day I arrived here."

"Oh." Was all Kagome could think to say.

"That was not a polite thing to do to a lady." Allen commented.

Demoonica laughed. "He was having a rather bad day from what I heard, Allen. Alot of newbies were throwing balls at him that week, it's the Duo in him."

Allen looked curiously at the half-bishounen who was now near enough to see clearly. "Were they hitting him with them?"

"From the way he was telling it, he was getting brused by them."

Allen nodded. "That is interesting."

"What is intereasting?"

"That he was immune to the power of the bishi-balls. Sure bishounen and bishoujo can break out of a ball thrown at them, but they're still pulled inside of it for a short amount of time. If they were bruseing him then the ball was making a harder hit than normal."

"I never thought of that."

"Well here's your chance." Kagome interrupted pointing at Zander who had finally noticed he wasn't alone. He must have been deep in thought. He also looked ready to either run or attack at the first chance he got, his hand resting on the handle of a sword. His eyes darted from Kagome to Allen and finally to Demoonica, where they rested. His eyes narrowed into a glare and he frowned slightly making it look more like a pout.

Demoonica felt her heart beat a little faster and a small blush rise in her cheeks. 'Cool it, down girl.' She told herself. 'He is not a Duo. He is not a Duo. He is not a Duo. He is not...' She repeated over and over in her mind. ~He's part Duo.~ Said another part of her mind. 'Shut up!' She told that part. ~Touchy!~

Demoonica didn't notice that she had been silent a bit longer than would be normal. "Demoonica? Are you okay?" Kagome asked her trainer as she shook Demoonica's shoulder lightly.

"Huh? What?" Demoonica blinked looking now at Kagome.

"I think he waiting to see what we're going to do." Allen looked at Demoonica. "You are our trainer, m'lady."

"And don't act like a baka!" Kagome said then pushed Demoonica forward a few steps. They all saw Zanders grip on the sword tighten.

"Umm... Hi." Demoonica called.

"Oh she is so stupid." Kagome said as she rubbed the timples of her head.


Zander walked on lost deep in his own thoughts. It was not until he heard the voices of people talking that he noticed the group of three people... no, make that two bishi and their trainer. They were no more than fifty feet away. He quickly readied his sword, but did not draw it. He looked at the trio, finaly letting his gaze rest on the trainer. He frowned at her and glared, daring her to reach for one of those darn forsaken balls.

Her reaction was not entirerly what he had expected. Even from this distance he could see her slight blush, but she didn't reach for a ball and she didn't do one of those very highly annoying 'DUO!' squeels he had grown accustomed to hearing. She just stood there, staring blankly. She finally made a move when one of her bishi - a bishoujo to be correct shook her. A few words were passed among the three, then the trainers bishoujo pushed her in Zander's direction.

'Okay. Now comes the ball.' Zander tightened the grip on his sword, but again the ball didn't come flying. Then he heard the trainer call out to him.

"Umm... Hi."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:28 PM
"Umm... Hi."

"What, what did you say?" Zander blinked is surprise at the female trainer.

Feeling slightly bolder now that he had really answered her, well sort of, Demoonica repeated her word. "I said 'hi'. Don't you remember me? I walked into the Orientation Building when you were... umm... ranting about newbies throwing balls at you."

Zander shook his head. "That's nearly a dayly happening when I'm near a town. Also I don't remember you. I don't really pay enough attention to humans to tell them apart."

"Oh, sorry." Demoonica looked at her feet, then glanced back at Kagome. She was tapping her foot with a 'GO FOR IT!' look on her face. "I won't try to catch you." She mummbled.

Zander stood there.

He looked at her.

He let go of his sword.

"But if you try anything I won't stop to think about what I do. Got it human trainer?"

Demoonica smiled. "Got it."

Zander neared them, still feeling stupid for walking into this. 'To find what you do not know you're looking for.' The words echoed in Zanders mind. A quick movement by the trainer made him bolt back away from her a few steps. He look at her outstretched hand. It didn't contain a bishi-ball. It was open, palm slightly tilted up. 'A handshake.'

"I'm Demoonica Darkmoon." The trainer said. He still just looked at her hand. "I've never been known to bite."

Zander heard the bishounen stifle a laugh and the bishoujo sigh. Slowly he took her hand. "Alexander Maxwell. Please call me Zander though." His voice was quieter, softer, as if he was unsure of how to talk to someone.

"Demoonica then, and these two are Allen Schezar and Kagome. Marou...", she pointed to a bishi-ball, "...is *resting* at the moment."

Kagome and Allen then also greeted him. Zander nodded his hello. He was not use to bishi being friendly to him.


Avioc Malii felt it then, a subtle shift in the cool dark energy around her son. It was pulling at him, pulling him away from the destany she had set into motion. What or who had intervened? What event could have happened to change the future she had forseen?

Her race lived a long life, but they were not immortal. Her time left was short. She could not allow this to happen, whatever it was that was happening.

Avioc Malii closed her eyes. She let calm darkness take her. Flowing out, out of this time. Forward. Forward to the future that was now in motion. Coldness, she felt herself shiver. There now she could see it...

Zander lay on the ground. The ground, it was wet... Flowing red mixed with dirt... Blood. It was pooling around her son. So beautiful had he grown. He was dieing... How? But how? There were others with him. Both humans and bish...

How had it came to this?

Earlier, she must dive deeper...

There she stood, Avioc Malii, staring at herself. He stood before her enveloped in his anger. His anger for her. He was not alone... he should have been. There! There was where the cool dark energy was being pulled to... A girl. A human girl. His two destinys were tearing at him, pulling at him from complete opposites.

She saw the events unfold. Power. A great power came to them taking from her... taking her life. It could not be. The power it was channeled threw her son.... the girl! The girl had something to do with this!

She could hear him calling out to her, to that girl, but the words she could not understand them. The girl was frightened and stood where she was. The power that had been around them both suddenly learched away from the girl, back into her son, then on into her future self. It killed them both. Avioc Malii stood there looking stunned, the energy that had connected them rejected the human girl when she rejected what her son had said to her.

What was it the girl had rejected? Why would one small answer change everything so horrorably? Avioc felt the pull of being returned to her own time. She had watched too long and her powers where weakening, her time was short, she did not know what to do about this change. She didn't even know what had changed the events...

Avioc Malii opened her eyes. The future she had just seen was the worst thing imaginable. Both she and her son, dead, because of one little human girl?


Later that evening they all (minus Marou) were sitting around the campfire. Zander had talked little to any one of them and only then to answer a question with the shortest answer possible. He didn't like answering the questions about himself at all, normally he stopped talking when asked.

Suddenly a bowl found itself being waved infront of his face. Zander looked up. 'Oh it's her.' Demoonica held the bowl out to him again.

"Sorry, no free hands." Indeed, she was holding her own dinner with her other hand. "You are hungry?"

Zander nodded taking the bowl. 'Hn, white rice.'

Demoonica must have seen the 'dislike' wrote all over his face. "There are other things to go with it. I just didn't know what you like." Demoonica looked down into her own bowl, it didn't have that much rice in it. "I don't like the stuff that much either if you want to know the truth, but it's *okay* with other things."

Demoonica moved away and sat down back near the campfire. She, Kagome, and Allen talked quietly, mostly about the child that would be arriving soon. 'She treats them more like friends than... well.' Zander sighed. Humans were strange creatures. 'She's treating me as if I were one of her friends too.'

Zander moved over next to them, fixing the rest of his plate. (Well bowl as it happens to be.) While he didn't join into the conversation, he didn't wander back away from them either. He sat there quietly listening to them. Somehow he felt more comfortable around them than he had earlier that day.


Demoonica sighed and stretched out, it was early the next morning. The sun was just starting to rise. Demoonica rolled over looking toward the rising sun. The glimmer of chestnut hair with its honey blond and strawberry red highlights suddenly drew her attention to the sleeping form a few feet away from her.

Zander was still asleep, laying flat on his back. His hair, that had been what caught Demoonica's attention in the first place, was loose flowing all around him like a silken sheet. His eyes were closed, eyelashes resting lightly on his cheeks. Demoonica let her eyes follow the smooth skin down to where his lips were, they were parted slightly in his sleep. The sun's early rays covered the entire area with a golden light making the half-bishounen look as if he were glowing.

'I will not glomp him!!!' Demoonica yelled in her mind. 'No matter how sweet he looks...' Even in her mind that sounded half-hearted. She shook her head. 'What are you doing to me?' She could feel the heat in her cheeks from the strong blush across her face. Sighing Demoonica rolled back onto her back, pulling her eyes away from what was starting to become a distraction.

She looked over to Kagome who was closest to her. 'Still sleeping thankfully.' Her eyes shifted to Allen. 'Both of them.'

A slight shifting noise brought her attention back to Zander. Her eyes widened. His shifting had made his cover move lower exposing his neck and bare shoulder.

'I will not just lay here looking at him...' Demoonica told herself even as her eyes roamed over the newly exposed flesh. 'The gods of this world must love me and hate me all at the same time...' Demoonica let out a groan, half annoyance half frustration. 'And I'm falling for him hard and fast...'

"You awake?" Whispered Kagome sleepily.

"Yeah." Demoonica whispered back.

"Are you okay? I thought I heard you moan."

'It was not a moan!' Demoonica thought quickly. "I must have just been waking up." She told Kagome. "That's all."

Kagome nodded and sat up. "It's early, why are you awake?" She yawned.

"The sun was shining in my eyes." Demoonica answered truthfully. The sun was rising higher now, the golden glow that had been everywhere had disappeared as early morning turned into just morning.


Soon as the two males had awakened and breakfast was over, Demoonica found Zander braiding his long hair.

"That looks like it takes awhile, sure we will be moving before noon?" She joked.

Zander just looked up at her for a second then continued to braid his hair. "Not really." He answered slowly.

'Not really? Not really what?' "I was joking you know." Zander just looked up at her again. "So, it doesn't take forever or we will be here all day?"

"I'm almost finished." Zander stood up. Looking around for something to pin his hair up with, Zander finally spotted the pair of chopsticks that were sticking out of Demoonica's backpack. He snatched them up, and before the brown eyed trainer could voice a complaint, twisted his braid into a bun and pushed the chopsticks through it to hold it in place.

Demoonica sighed and rolled her eyes. "Chopsticks were made to be eating utensils, not hair accessories, you do know that right?" Of course in her mind she was screaming 'KAWAII!!!'

"It keeps it out of the way."

"Ever thought of cutting it?" 'Please say no. Please say no.'



"But the thought of doing that feels... wrong."

'Thank the gods.' "Oh, well just remind me to use a new set of chopsticks then would you?"

Zander shrugged. "No problem."

"You two just going to stand there all day talking or what?" Kagome called. She and Allen had finished all the small things left to do in camp.

"Sorry Kagome." Demoonica pointed at Zander. "You know how much he *loves* to talk." She joked.

"Yeah right, you're probably talking his ear off and not letting him get a word in edgewise."

"Who me?

"Yes you, now lets get a move on. If I remember right Marou kept us from making too much distance yesterday."

At the mention of his name one of the bishi-balls on Demoonica shook a little. In a flash of red light the redheaded bishounen appeared. (Like Misty's Pysduck from Pokemon, as in he came out of his ball of his own free will.) He didn't look too happy, yet again.

"That was totally uncalled for human... who the Hell is he?" Marou had noticed Zander. "He's a halfbreed, unusual."

"He's no stanger than you are, and a whole lot more pleasent! Zander this is my other bishounen Marou." Demoonica then walked past them following Kagome and Allen who were a little ahead of them. "Hey Kagome let's keep an eye on Marou, he may not be happy about Zander hanging around." Demoonica said as she caught up with the bishoujo. "And do you know what he ment by saying 'unusual'?"

Kagome looked a little nervous, shifted her weight from one foot to the other and looked away. "Well... he... he... it's just that Zander hasn't acted in a way that most of the half's do."

"Meaning.... what?" Demoonica looked at her bishoujo unable to understand her meaning.

"He's acting quite sane." Kagome left it at that. She wouldn't answer any other of Demoonica's questions as the trainer tried to pry further.

'Why won't she tell me? What won't she tell me?' Demoonica wondered. 'Is there something going on around here that I don't know about?' Demoonica pushed the questions out of her mind, if she was meant to find out then she would find out, even if that meant she had to wait a very long time. She trusted Kagome and sometimes secrets were better left secret...

"I don't like him." Came Marou's voice from right beside her.

"Aaa! Don't scare me like that, you redheaded terror!"

"Something's different about him... very strange indeed."

Demoonica looked back at Zander who was far behind the group, well far enough not to hear what was being said. She looked back to Marou. "I see nothing wrong with him. What? Are you *afraid* of him?" She asked slyly.

"Humph." Marou frowned.

"Woohoo speechless! Kagome mark this day on a calender!" Demoonica cheered. Kagome giggled at her trainer's antics.

So the day continued like the days before it had and the days after it would. They headed east towards the the rising sun. The fields of grasses turned less rolling hill and more open flatland, they crossed a small quick running stream sometime after lunch.

"Was Kolleny Town the last stop this far south or something?" Demoonica wined.

"Don't be such a crybaby." Kagome told her.

"It could be worse. We could be lost." Marou said.

"Don't even think that!" Kagome yelled as she hit Marou on the head.

"Are all of your kind so violent?"

"Why do you ask?" Kagome was suspicious.

"Because if they were I don't see how your kind would gain offspring!"

"Cool it Marou!" Demoonica interupted the argument. "Kagome, just ignore him like before, we don't need you to go into early labor from stress. Here me Marou? Stop picking fights, we know you're a heartless bastard. You don't have to keep proving it to us."

Of course Marou didn't like being told what to do. He thought of argueing back, smacking the smile off the humans face, killing them all slowly... He settled with shuting his mouth and walking silently off to the side of the group. Great demon powers or not, he knew Demoonica held his freedom and he found that he very much disliked being in that ball.

"I've done it again Kagome." Demoonica sighed. "If he would just make it easier to like him, we'd all get along fine. He can't be as bad as he makes himself out to be. Though he is as stubborn as hell."

"I doubt it's an act, but I think he's being worse than normal because of his captured status."

"So... do you think he'll ever be nice to me... and not be up to something?"

"You never know."

"Thanks Kagome, that did make me fell better..." Demoonica shrugged. "...somewhat."

It was then that thick forest appeared on the horrizon. "Do you think we'll make it that far before tonight?"

"Even if we do, can we camp where we can see the sky?" Demoonica looked hopeful. "I love looking up at the stars. You can't do that in most of the woods."

They ended up camping on the outskirts of the woods that night, even though they could have went farther.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:29 PM
The next morning Kagome woke Demoonica, who had slept in. "If you'er tired, then you shouldn't have stayed awake so long watching the stars." She told her.

"Go away, leave me alone. I want to be lazy."

"Not going to let you."

Demoonica looked at her bishi's, all three of them. "And may I ask why not?"

"For your information, one half-bishi scouted ahead earlier this morning around dawn. He said that we are a half days walk from a waterfall. Baki River Falls is what the map reads."

Zander who was putting out the remainder of the campfire nodded adding, " It didn't look like it would be hard to cross... if we went upstream a bit first."

"Okay... wait a minute. Half a days walk, how'd you do that?"

"I have my ways." Zander smiled. Demoonica felt like melting into a pile of little red, white, and pink hearts. Her body settled for blushing. She quickly looked away.

'I've got to stop doing that!' Demoonica told herself.

Zander who was still watching her smiled a little more. 'She's kind of cute when she blushes like that.... wait... where did that thought come from?'

"You slept threw breakfast this morning." Allen said.

'Thank you! You broke my awkward silence.' "That's okay. I'm not hungry."


"I'm hungry!" Demoonica complained for the third time.

"You're the one who refused breakfast. You said 'I'm not hungry.' We believed you."

"Okay so I was wrong. Why can't we stop and let me eat now?"

"Two reasons. One- It's eleven o'clock and nearly lunchtime. Two- If you eat now you won't want lunch and then you'd want to eat dinner early too."

Demoonica gave up. "I'm still hungry." She mumbled. Allen patted her shoulder sympatheticly.

"Just tell yourself it's only an hour m'lady."

"Thanks Allen. I will. At least ONE of my bishi's care about me!"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Don't encourage her, Allen. She's been whiney enough the last few days."

"Why do you have to be so mean to me?" She sounded way to happy saying that. Everyone looked at her weird. "See it's doesn't sound right if you don't whine while saying it!"

"Baka." Kagome hit her on the head softly.

"I know I am." Demoonica smiled. Everyone laughed at her, including Zander and excluding Marou who wasn't in sight. Then.....

"Come back here you little brats!" Hold it, that very angry shouting sounded like Marou. Demoonica ran toward the sound of her bishounen's voice. There he was up ahead, holding two smaller bodys against a tree. Three or four other bodys were finding quick exits any way they could. "At least I can torture you two for this." Demoonica saw he was covered in honey or something just as sticky looking.

"It was just a joke, honest." Said one of the forms Marou held. It was a young bishounen with black hair, amber colored eyes, and neko fangs. He had on a white chinese tunic, dark blue pants, and a red headband with a yin-yang symbol on it. The second bishounen had two tone blue hair and garnet colored eyes. He wore a tight sleeveless black shirt, grey pants, and a very long scarf.

"Besides Tyson was the one who thought of it. Kenny the one who figgered out how to rig it to fall when someone walked under it and tripped the wire and Max got the honey. Tala, Kai, and myself were just watching with them. Really we were!" While the first was trying to talk Marou out of probably killing them the second was gripping Marou's arm trying to free himself from the older bishounen's grasp. He was failing miserably.

Demoonica's eyes grew large as she took in the sight before her. "Rei-chan! Kai-kun! Marou don't you dare hurt those bishi!"

"Not hurt them? I'm going to KILL them! Can't you see the state I'm in?"

"I'd say you're in a state of anger over nothing more than a childish prank." Demoonica pulled two bishi balls from her belt. She tapped Kai on the shoulder pulling him from Marou's grasp.

"You're catching them?"

Rei started wiggleing. "No, don't. I'll make sure the guys don't pull anymore pranks." He looked at Demoonica trying to look like a small child who had been caught with his hand in a cookie jar. "Please?"

Puppy dog eyes, crocodile tears, and a pout wouldn't work on her. She had a six year old little sister and was immune to such acts. Demoonica tapped Rei on the arm with the free bishi ball.

He was pulled into the ball with a resounding 'Eeep!'

It was then that Demoonica's bishidex reacted to the first of the two catches. "Kai Hiwatari of the Beyblade anime. Stage San. Kai's can seem cold and distant, they however are only lost in thought most of the time. They are mainly loners, when found with a group Kai's are normaly the leaders. Kai's hate to lose and are quick to point out their own or anothers flaws. They prefer to watch their opponents before engageing them in battle, learning the opponents moves and weaknesses. When in battle Kai's use their beyblade as a weapon. Bitbeast name: Dranzer."

It continued into the next entry. "Rei Con of the Beyblade anime. Stage San. Said to be desended from felines this Bishounen is a neko or sometimes called a cat boy. This is charaterized by his cat like eyes, fangs, and slightly pointed ears. Rei's are friendly and can at times become shy when embaressed or deep in thought. They thrive in groups often becomeing leaders when no Kai's are present, in such cases Rei's are second in command. In battle Rei's are fierce fighters who dislike looseing. When in battle Rei's use their beyblade as a weapon. Bitbeast name: Driger."

"Yea! Two bishi's I finally know somthing about!" Demoonica beemed happily at the pair of bishi balls she was holding. "Well I do!!!! I was obsessed with watching Beyblade when I was home." She said. "Up until now Kagome was the only one I can say I really knew anything about before their capture."

"You should let them back out." Kagome suggested.

Marou didn't look like he liked the idea. "Only if it's to let me punish them for this!" He waved to the very sticky honey covering his hair and shoulders. It dripped slowly.

"You will NOT hurt them Marou, I know a way to punish them." Demoonica let the two young bishi's out of their balls.

Kai folded his arms and looked at her. "She's not that much older than we are, Rei." He commented to the other bishounen. Rei would have answered but he was then introduced to his very happy trainer.

"Rei-chan!" She didn't glomp him to the ground luckily, but he was in one rather tight hug. "I always wanted a bishi who would purr when I scratched him behind the ears!" Demoonica proceeded to do just that. Rei started blushing when he felt a low rumble in his chest. "Aw kawaii!" Demoonica joyfully said.

At this his 'friend' Kai busted out laughing. "Looks like she found your weakspot Rei!" He continued to laugh. His time was soon up though as Demoonica turned her attention to him.

"And Kai-kun!" And he found his trainer was not shy about her hello's as she gave him the same type of hug. Demoonica traced one of the blue triangles on his cheek lightly with her fingers. "Ne Kai, is this face paint, makeup, or a tatoo?" She rubbed it a bit. "Doesn't rub off." Now it was Kei's turn to blush and Rei's to laugh.

"How's it feel to have your personal space occupied, Kai?" Rei asked. "Not so funny now that it's you."

Kai looked away and mumbled something no one but Demoonica could hear. "It's very good paint... now can you let go of me?"

Demoonica did. Giving both boys a stern look she spoke to them. "You two do know you're in deep trouble now." They looked at her with 'What did we do?' written on their faces. "Marou is my bishounen and he is covered in honey. Your friends and yourselves were the ones who caused this mess. Since I can't round up your friends to help you, you two will be helping him clean up when we reach the Baki River."


"Don't you even dare..." Cold water was poured over Marou's head.

Kagome giggled. "Are you sure you're not punishing Marou with this more than them?" She asked Demoonica.

Demoonica, Kagome, and Allen sat far up on the rivers bank watching the hilarious act happening at the waters edge. Zander sat in a nearby tree, thinking. Marou, toga removed, had just been doused with water by Kai. The lovely *pink* soap bubbles washed away leaving Marou's clean hair plastered to head, face, and body. Kai had been standing at the waters edge with the bucket waiting for Marou to wash the honey out. Rei on the other hand had been handed the toga to wash.

"We *do* keep telling Marou to cool it. It was part his fault too, going ahead of the group. Besides they don't look like their having any fun. Other than when Kai gets to dump more cold water on Marou." Demoonica giggled. "I guess it's teaching them all a lesson."

"Marou looks like he's about ready to start hurting them..."

"Hey guys wrap it up down there, lunch is ready!" Demoonica called to them. She was sure she heard the words 'But she said lunch!' echoing from the woods, it sounded very much like a Tyson. (I had to add that... Tyson eats constantly on the show! Any of you bishi trainers out there looking to catch a Tyson should keep this in mind. v(^_^); hehe)


"So Driger, Dranzer, and other bitbeast are like the bishi, there are more than one of the same kind." Rei said. After lunch and crossing the Baki River, Demoonica had started asking him questions.

"In my world they sell beyblades, but bitbeast are not real just a picture on the blade." Demoonica said sadly, then she got an idea. (Everyone look at the lightbulb over her head!) "Rei-chan?"


"Could you and Kai-kun teach me to blade when we get to the next town?" (This idea caused by a dream that I had, it won't go away until it gets written. It's a side story.)

"She's not touching my Dranzer."

"Who likes Phoenix's anyway? I'm a feline person."

"I guess you'll need your own blade, but sure I'll teach you. Can't promise you Kai's help though."

Zander appeared from the woods infront of the group. "We should camp here for the night. This place doesn't have a large amount of clearings."

"Good, my feet need a rest." Kagome sat down. They were going slow, but being on your feet for hours tends to tire anyone. (That's not counting some fan boys and girls, you know who you are.)

"Allen take one of the boys...', she pointed to Kai and Rei, "...with you to gather firewood. Kagome are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Starting to feel the difference that's all." Kagome placed a hand over where the baby was. "It's kicking much more often. I think the baby only stops when sleeping."

"Can't wait to be born." Demoonica laughed. "Just sit and rest then, we've got plenty of helpers."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:34 PM
Demoonica absently stroked Rei's hair. She, Rei, and Kai were the only ones still awake setting around the campfire. Demoonica had been talking to her 'Rei-chan' about bladeing just as she had been all day. How she kept coming up with questions, no one knew. The young bishounen had fell asleep with his head on her lap. Kai shook his head as he watched. "Sell out." he said with discussed.

"He's not a sell out. He just easily adjusted to being captured." Demoonica said while looking down at the sleeping bishounen. He was purring. She smiled. "You don't like that though, how he just excepted it as his fate. Even with you being caught also, you would want to see him go free."

"What makes you say that?"

"The fact that Rei is the closest thing you have to a friend." Demoonica glared at him. "It's not a weakness to let people become close to you, Kai. No matter what anyone has told you." She paused. "I don't care what you may think about me as a trainer. Personally, I think I suck as a trainer. None of you ever listen to me. I do however care about being your friend. I care about being there for anyone who needs me."

Kai stood and went to leave camp.

"I do consider you my friend, Kai-kun." She told him softly. "Even if you don't. Want me to or not, I will be, no matter how cold you treat me."

Kai turned and walked out of camp. 'Want her friendship or not? Who is she kidding? I'm her pet and a slave to a little black and silver ball.' Kai slumped back against a nearby tree letting his thoughts fall silent.

"She dosen't see it the same way as we do, kid." Marou sat high above him, in the trees branches. "She can see we're angry about being caught and truly believes we only need someone to understand."

"I don't want people to understand me. And don't *you* still want to kill me?"

"I want to kill everybody. Sadly that little human has upset that plan." Marou disappeared, turning into the red light that showed he was returning to his bishi-ball.

'If being alone all my life will make me like *that*, I'd rather be a humans pet.' Kai shivered. 'That guy's more nuts than a dozen Boris.'


Demoonica was startled to see a bright red light return to her belt. It had came from the same direction Kai had went. Speaking of Kai or thinking as it was. Kai walked back into camp just then, he hadn't been gone five minutes. "Back so soon? I thought you would want to be alone to think."

"I finished thinking. I want to say that I haven't given you a chance."

"I guess that's as close to a 'I'm sorry.' as I'm going to get." Demoonica smiled. "Now that you don't mind being my bishounen, could I ask you to do me a favor?"

Kai raised an eyebrow. In Kai language it translated into 'I didn't say I don't mind. I still don't like being caught. And what do you want me to do?'

"Please take Rei-chan off my lap and put him on his own sleeping bag. I don't want to wake him, but my legs are falling asleep."

Kai actually let out a small laugh. "The cat boy is heavy, huh?" Kai swiftly picked Rei up and placed him on said sleeping bag. Rei didn't even notice he had been moved. "Actually he's alot lighter than I thought he would be."

"That surprises you? I'd think staying around Tyson would keep you on a diet for fear of loseing a hand." Kai nodded. Demoonica rolled her eyes. "Back to non-verbal communication are we? Well I'm too tired to translate." She moved to her sleeping bag, pulling it up around her. "Goodnight, Kai-kun."

"Goodnight." Kai lay down on his sleeping bag and watched the stars twinkle overhead as he fell asleep.


Zander couldn't help but laugh the next day as Rei blushingly apoligized for falling asleep on Demoonica. This bunch was entertaining. He smiled easily, feeling he had found acceptance within the group, not just tolerance. The only one to treat him unkindly was Marou and he treated all of them unkindly. Demoonica yelled at him for it, no matter who Marou targeted. Although Zander found himself angered at the times Marou had made lewd comments to Demoonica, but he didn't understand why. He noticed that even though Marou got close enough to make Demoonica look very uncomfortable he never did touch her. 'I wonder how she managed that one.' He thought.

"If we're going to travel today, we should get going." Demoonica announced to the group. This morning found her wearing a plain purple T-shirt and blue jeans. Most of her hair was pulled into a loose ponytail at her neck, the hair that normally fell infront of her left ear was braided and hung down by itself.


"Mmnnn... this is crazy. I can't see five foot infront of my face! Where did all this fog come from anyway?" Demoonica said. It was late in the afternoon. The going was slow for the last few minutes as a thick misty fog had moved in suddenly.

"We must be nearing the mountains."

"How do you know Zander?"

"I... I've been here before. This place never is clear of fog or..."


"Oww~ there's a tree there." Rei said.

Demoonica looked around. She couldn't see anyone else. "Hold it guys!" She called. "We're going to lose people and if not, someone is going to get hurt in this stuff. I say you return to your bishi balls and I'll let you out when we're clear of the fog. Agreed?"

A round of yes from her bishi. The fog glowed red with the light energy of four bishounen returning to their balls. "Okay I only counted four lights, who's still out here?"

"I am." It was Kagome's voice.

Demoonica understood why immediately. "You're worried about the baby, huh? Well chibis can be born in captivity so I don't think it will hurt. If that doesn't convince you then... " Demoonica shrugged to the misty fog. "It's getting you off your feet."

Demonica watched the red light return to her. "I'll let you all out as soon as I can, promise. Zander, are you still here?"

"Why wouldn't I be? Do you really think I'd leave you wandering around alone out here?"

"I still can't see you."

"I'll talk, just follow the voice." She heard him start walking.

"So what do you want to talk about?" He stopped walking and Demoonica bumped into him. "Sorry, didn't know you were so..." She looked up at him. He was looking down at her. "...close." She blushed.

"I guess that isn't a good idea. I don't have anything to talk about." He said.

Demoonica nodded not answering. She was just sort of stareing at him. 'Oh my god. He's inches away from me! I can feel my face turning red. Oh, his eyes are beautiful. *He's* beautiful.' She was in a daze. 'He can see me blushing! My face is probably so red you can see me glowing in this fog. Why isn't he saying anything? He's just looking at me! I haven't said anything!'

"I...I..." 'Oh great conversation skills, girl.' Demoonica took a step back.


I tell her to follow my voice, can she really not see in this? "So what do you want to talk about?" She asks me. I stop walking and turn around to face her. She bumps into me. She really can't see in the fog. "Sorry, I didn't know you were so..." She stopped as she looked up at me. "...close." She's blushing again.

I didn't know what to talk about in the first place. "I guess that isn't a good idea. I don't have anything to talk about." I would have suggested she be the one to talk, but that wouldn't help. I was the one who could see where I was going. She nodded at me and didn't move.

'She's still looking at me. She's blushing. What is this feeling I get everytime that happens? It's warm and fuzzy yet it makes my heart beat faster and I feel nervous. The last two I usually associate with fear... but I'm not afraid. She's looking at my eyes and her blush deepens, how many shades of red are there? Absently a wonder how far that blush reaches. Suddenly as if she remembered something she takes a step back away from me stuttering.'


'I think she's afraid of something, .......of me?'


Demoonica didn't know what to think. She wanted to be alone so she could sort out her feelings, so she did the first thing that came to her mind. She ran. She ran past Zander, heading into the unyeilding fog before her.

Zander was... was... a walking dream for what she wanted in a guy, at least as far as looks went. Personality wise though he was nearly a blank page, he never talked to her much, so either he didn't like her or he didn't have anything to say. She wanted to get to know him. She wanted to get close to him. Wanted to just be near him.

She could hear Zander following her. She couldn't see where she was going, but as long as she didn't hit anything she kept running at full speed. It was then that her foot slipped. She felt herself falling and it wasn't just to the ground either. She had unknowingly been running across a rock formation that made a bridge over a small river canyon. It crumbled under her feet. Demoonica went to scream, but before she could voice her horror she hit her head. Demoonica fell into darkness.

Zander, seeing everything as if it were slow motion, made a dive for Demoonica, trying to grab her hand. It was in vain as the rest of the rock bridge collapsed with him. He fell, disappearing into the misty fog filled canyon below. He let out a very startled scream.

Below him he heard a splash, split seconds later he hit the water also. It knocked the breath out of him. Surfaceing, he looked aroud. Demoonica's backpack was the only thing floating in the water with him. That only meant one thing...

'Demoonica!' The image of her hitting her head flashed into his mind. Takeing a deep breath he dove under the water. Thank goodness the water was clear, forget the fact that there wasn't much light.

He saw her floating down, his mind not wanting to say she was sinking, bubbles of air slipped from her. Reaching the unconsious trainer, Zander wrapped his arms around her and kick up to the surface.

He pulled in a breath of air to his burning lungs, bringing Demoonica's form up to him. Her back to his chest, his arms wrapped around her waist, he kicked gently in the water keeping them afloat.

She coughed clearing her lungs of the water. Lucky for her it was a small amount. Barely awake, she let her head lean back against Zander's shoulder. Her breathing was shallow. 'That's a bad bump on her head.' Zander thought. 'Not to add that she nearly drownd.' He looked around them. The misty fog was above them, not letting the dimming light filter down to them. It was then he saw what was producing the light around them, thousands of sparkling, flowing, multi-colored lights twisted and turned in the air leaving glowing trails behind them. One even came twisting around him and passed right threw him. It would have been breath takeingly beautiful, if he had seen it under different circumstances.

'No wonder the lighting's dim.' Zander tried to locate the shore, there was none to be seen. 'Great. How are we going to get out of here?' The sound of water lapping against something made him study the darker areas around him, one of the little 'lights' flew into one such area, dimly lighting it. Something looking to be made of stone sat half in the water. Much like the top of a piller or a tower, it rose up above the water about a foot in height at the highest point. It tilted down, one edge dipping under the water.

Releaseing one of his arms from around the girl he swam them both to the stone platform. He pulled himself from the water, then brought Demoonica up to lay next to him. He grabbed her backpack as it floatted by and hauled it out of the water also. He looked at her. Her eyes were slightly open, but she seemed not to be aware of her surroundings. He lifted her up to sit leaning against him as she had been in the water. He patted her cheek, trying to get a response.




"Demoonica." He said softly, voice filled with worry. "Hey, come on!"


"Demoonica, wake up."


"Demoonica I need you to wake up."




"Please.... wake up..." These last words were choked out, a half plea. Salty tears started to mix with the water dripping from Zander's face.

He tried to brush them away letting out a muffled sob. He really did feel like a small child then, not knowing what else to do other than to stay there, to hold her, to keep trying to wake her, to talk to her and hope for a response. "Please... Demoonica..... don't die." His tears ran down his face, they felt hot against his water chilled skin.

"Don't die on me..." He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her as close to himself as he could, resting his chin upon her shoulder, and that's how he sat.

"I don't know... what to do..."

His tears fell onto her shoulder.

"I don't... know how... to.. to help you..."

He could feel an ache in his chest. Could hear his heart pounding in his ears.

"You... don't need to be... depending... on me..."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:35 PM
The last thing I remember is falling. I had tried to scream then there was darkness. Now I feel cold, my lungs hurt. Why can't I move? Suddenly there is a warmth behind me and around me, pulling at me. Feeling my movement stop, I get the need to cough. The air feels good, had I been in the water? Tired, I let my head rest against the warmth.

I'm moving again, aren't I? Is it me moving? Cold, hard. There is an object under my body, had I not been on something? Floating. I try to open my eyes. Something is looking back at me, but it's just a blur. My head hurts, I'm just noticing this now. Everything still seemed far away, sort of unreal.

I'm being lifted. Warmth again, I like the warmth. Something touches my cheek, I can hear speach, though I can not make out what is being said. That thought should worry me, but worry would take too much energy right now. The touches on my face stop... more words. Then they stop too. Warmth near me, wrapping around me, surrounding me. I feel safe and the words again being spoken start to become clear...

"... don't... help you..."

That voice... I should know that voice. I do know that voice. It is filled with worry and sadness.

"You... don't need to be... depending... on me..."

It is Zander. He's holding me. He's talking to me. Why? Why does he sound so worried? I open my mouth to speak. "Nnnn..."


Zander heard the soft sound. "Demoonica?" He whispered.

Demoonica heard the fear in her name as it was spoken. She opened her eyes. Things were still blury. Her head hurt. Then as her vision began to clear she made out the face looking at her. "Za... Zander?" He nodded. "Why are you all wet?" She hadn't yet noticed that she was sitting on his lap, with one of his arms wrapped around her shoulder. She noticed before he could answer. "Why in hell am I sitting on you lap!" She suddenly yelled, then proceded to turn many shades of red. Her yell, of course was very loud in Zander's ear and he let her go to save what was left of his hearing.

"I didn't do anything! I swear!" Was the first words out of his mouth. "You fell into the water and hit your head. I pulled you out... you would have drownd. I didn't..." Zander was shocked into silence. Demoonica had suddenly, without any warning, wrapped her arms around him. She was now crying into his shirt. At least it was already soaked, a few more tears wouldn't hurt it.

'Why is she crying? What did I say? She was just yelling at me!' Zander was confused. 'I'm confused. Is she okay? Did she get hurt? Something I might have missed?' He sat there, just sat there. He didn't put his arms back around her, he was afraid that if he did, she would yell at him again. He didn't speak, last time he said anything she had started crying.

It was a few minutes before he noticed that her crying had quieted down. Demoonica was still clinging to him though. She mumbled something into his chest.

"Hmm?" He still didn't want to speak. Hopefully she had said something *to* him.

Demoonica moved her head a little, so now her cheek rested on his chest. "Thank you."

"Chea." Zander smiled. "I thought you were mad at me or something there."

Demoonica shook her head. "No." 'I was upset! and happy that you cared.' She added mentaly. "It's cold." Her shiver proved her point. Zander grabbed her backpack and pulled her (amazingly dry) coat from it. He wrapped it around her... "Don't yell at me." ...and pulled her close to him.

Demoonica's blush returned. "Umm, Zander? Is there something that you want to say to me?" 'Oh please let him say he likes me!'

Zander was quiet for a minute. "I... I want to... know why... you treat me as if I were human."

'Huh?!?' "Would you rather I treat you like a marshan?" Demoonica looked up at him. He was compleatly clueless to her 'Earth' joke. "Sorry, I mean do you not like how I treat you?"

"You treat me like a human."

"Yes~, you've said that."

"And you treat your bishi as friends."

"Oh, I get what you're driving at." Demoonica looked thoughtful. (Gasp! The world is going to end! Err...sorry.) "Trainers really bother you don't they? Most of us *do* act strangly, but on the most part it's because we are so overly happy to have our biggest dream and wish come true. That, is to be able to interact with the 'fictional' people we know and love from the storys we know about them. We do go overboard with our reactions, I guess it is scary to the bishounen and bishoujo."

"What about you? What about me? You may have the fangirl reaction when you introduce yourself, but then you act as if you've been hanging around them all your life. Why didn't you try and capture me?"

"I don't really know why I'm not a drooling baka 24/7 over my bishi's. I just treat them the way I always imagined I would, like I was a part of their show, book, game, you know. The first 'welome to the group glomp' is just me making sure it's not a dream. You remind me that looks can't tell you what the person is like, I thought you would act much like Duo." She felt Zander wince at the name. She again looked up at him. "You okay?"

"I would perfer not to be compaired to one of those bouncy things. I don't see how one of them was my father. As for my actions, I *try* not to act like him."

"Does that mean you are a really hyper loud mouthed baka and are very good at not acting the part?"

"Umm no."

"No to what part? Although the baka part is starting to fit."

"Hey~." He noticed she had been jokeing. "No, I'm not a hyper loud mouthed baka. Well, okay, I confess that I can be a loudmouth. I'm not hyper and never was... and as for being a baka... you shouldn't be talking."

"Dis me and be hurt. Now what was that?" She was looking up at him, glareing.

Zander smiled down at her. "Baka."

Demoonica glared at him narowing her eyes. "The only reason you know that you will get away with that is because," She held up a hand. "One: my head is pounding; two: I'm freezing wet; and three: you are keeping me warm."

Zander nodded. "Not because you like me?" There was a teasing tone to the remark.

"That sounded just like something a D..." She caught herself. "... *he* would say." Then she got the meaning in those words. "Who says I like you?" 'Of course I do! How can I not? He's even talking to me now. Though, I can't help but feel it's only because I'm hurt.'

"A guy can hope." Zander's voice had dropped to a soft wisper. 'Did I just say that? She's going to yell at me, I just know it. Not only that, but it sounded cheesy.'

"Really? Hope huh?" Demoonica smiled. "And here I've been killing myself over my feelings, because you might not like me at all."

'Never mind what *I* said. Did *she* just say that?' Zander thought.

Demoonica wiggled around until she could look at his face without bending her head around backwards. "Again, thank you." Demoonica kissed him softly on the cheek. Then she rested her head back down on his shoulder.

'Yes she did.' He thought.


[A wordless hour later.]

Demoonica now had a wrap wrapped around her head. A clean bandage was held in place over the cut and bump by it. It didn't hurt as bad now. She didn't feel sleepy, tired, or dizzy, so those were all good signs that she didn't have a concusion. Demoonica had changed into dry clothes. (Making Zander turn his back, she watched him the entire time so he didn't peek. Not that he would.) Zander on the other hand had stripped off his wet shirt and his shoes, leaving on his wet pants.

"They'll dry either way." He said.

"You'll make yourself sick."

"I've never been sick a day in my life."

"Fine, be stubrun. So how far is the shore from here?"

"Don't know. I can't hear the water lapping on anything but this place, and those glowing things aren't too bright."

"Pyerflies." Demoonica corrected him.


"Those 'glowing things' are called Pyerflies. They're really pretty, but they are kind of sad."

"How can a glowing ball of light be sad?"

"From what I understand Pyerflies are the souls of the dead, it's a Final Fantasy X thing."

"Final Fantasy X and a river..." Zander snapped his fingers. "We are on the border of the Final Fantasy X's teritory. If that's true, then the west shore will lead us back up to the path we were on and out of the fog."

"Sounds great, now how do we get to the bank of this... this... I guess it's the Bishi world equivalent of the Moonflow?"


"Without getting into the cold water, because we don't know how far the shore is, and getting lost and drowning isn't something I want to try and do again any time soon."

"Do any of your bishounen have the ability to fly?"


"Too bad you don't have a Chichiri, we could use a flying hat right about now."

"Hey, what about Marou?"

Zander frowned. "What about him?"

"He is always teleporting about when I try to glare and yell at him. Maybe he can handle an extra person." Demoonica looked down at her bishi-belt. "I can only hope he doesn't teleport us out over open ocean and drop me in..." Demoonica tapped the button on Marou's ball. "Hey Marou get out here!"

In a flash of red light Marou stood before them. (Why does that make me feel as if Demoonica just rubbed a magic lamp? Hehe, Marou as a Genie with his red hair pulled up in a high ponytail. And dressed kind of like Jennie from the old 'I Dream of Jennie' TV show. Only male. Hehe.) "It's about time." Marou looked around. "Where have you gotten yourself to now?"

"Marou, listen..." He raised an eyebrow at his trainer, she had never sounded like she was giving him or any of the other bishounen a direct order. She did now, however. "... Tell me the truth, can you or can you not teleport with another?"

"Yes." He crossed his arms. "Why?"

"I want you to take me and Zander to the west shore of this 'Moonflow'."

"I had better not lose a hand for this." Marou grabbed Demoonica's shoulder. She then found he and herself standing on solid ground.

"Where is Zander?"

"Must I?"

"If you ever want to see the outside of a bishi-ball again, you will go get him and bring him here right now!" She said in the same tone from earlier. She wasn't kidding.

"Very well." He disappeared, then reappeared moments later with Zander in tow.

Demoonica smiled. "Thank you very much Marou."

"Am I going back into that ball now?"

"I don't see why, it's not foggy down here on this path." She looked over at Zander. "Zander you said that this path would lead back up to where we were, right? Then out of the fog, how long will that take?"

"Out by midmorning if we leave from here at a little after dawn."

"Then we camp here. Besides the Pyerfly view is much prettier when you're not hopelessly stranded." Demoonica released the others from their balls.

"Demoonica! What happened to your head!" Kagome cried after glancing at her trainer. Three of her bishounen, Allen, Rei, and Kai, looked over at her immediately. Marou looked as if he couldn't care less.

"I'm fine Kagome, guys. I just slipped and bumped my head that's all." Marou made a 'humph' noise. No one paid attention to him.

"Well, okay. If you say so. Where are we anyway?" Kagome looked around. "Wow look at those flying lights!"

Demoonica and Zanders sleeping bags were placed much closer together that night than they had been before, if anyone noticed they didn't say anything about it.


The next day though it was blareingly obvious to Kagome that something had changed between the two. The little looks at each other when they thought no one else was looking, the quiet chatting between only themselves, the fact that she saw them holding hands while walking. (Although, it seemed as soon as they noticed this, they let go and looked around to see if anyone else had seen. Kagome looked away quickly as to not be caught watching the pair.)

'Aww they make such a cute couple.' She thought. 'I wonder what really happened yesterday?'


"I'm so glad the fog went away as fast as it appeared. Is that normal?"

"It's that area, the fog never clears away and it just sits there year round. We will have to find another way back, that is if we go back that way, because some of the path is unpassable now."

"How is that?" Kagome asked.

"Bridge collapsed." Zander stated calmly.

Kagome knew, just knew, that there was more that he wasn't saying. She let it slip, if he didn't want to tell them, she couldn't make him. She would however see if Demoonica would talk to her, maybe even tell her what was up between the two. Kagome smiled, yeah like she couldn't see that already.

Though she ended up not asking Demoonica. She did watch them even more over the next few days. It was so cute watching them together! And it was nice to see that Demoonica's ever present blush had taken a holiday. Her trainer had even fessed up to having told Zander she liked him, but she still didn't tell Kagome what had happened.


Zander was scouting ahead once again, it had somehow became his duty to do so. They were now in the lower part of the mountain range, it was covered in a thick pinetree forest. They were not going up and over the mountain thankfully. No instead they had turned north and were traveling to the nearest town. (Less than a month till the long awaited birth!) It was early morning, before most of the group would be up, soon he would need to return to them. Tell them the path was clear, that there didn't seem to be any dangers. 'And have breakfast, I'm starving.' He mentally told himself.

"See?" Said a young voice. "You are not alone."

"Kohaku." Zander aknowleged the chibi bishounen who had once again appeared out of nowhere.

"No longer alone, no longer lonely, but still sad, and still angry. You have found what you did not know you where looking for, but you have yet to see it."

"What are you talking about?"


"There is no such thing."

"Isn't there? I told you I would help you to find what you were looking for and I did. You have found those who see you for who you are and not what you are. You have found what friendship is. You are no longer alone. You are no longer lonely, for you have found what love is. You may not know if you are *in* love, but you do now know what it is."

"I do care for Demoonica."

"Do you love her? Wait... Do not answer that, it is not the time for that question. You are still sad, why?"

"They do *not* know what I am, unlike you...", Zander pointed at him, "...who seems to know things that are impossable to know. They know I am half bishounen, but they think I am part human also. What do you think their reaction would be if they found out I was part Hell demon? What her reaction would be? I know what the reaction would be. Fear."

"You do not know that, only she does. You are still angry inside. What will you do? Your life has changed, you have changed. Destany is ever changing, your answers, her answers, every choice made shifts destany. Not just you own, but the destany of others also."

"What can I do? I can not forgive my mother for what she has done."

"Does that mean you must kill her?"

"She has caused me too much pain and must be shown it. I can not just forget about what has happened to me, nor the one person who has caused it all!"

"I see." Kohaku nodded. "Here is where I must leave you for now."

"What!?" Zander looked to see where they were, he having only kept walking along the clear path while talking to Kohaku. Just ahead the path split into two. Zander looked down at the electronic map. "The split isn't shown, on here it says the path should just keep going straight. I thought this thing was constantly updated..." Zander looked down the right path then down the left path. "I'll just return to camp now, it's not my choice to make."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:36 PM
Demoonica rolled over. It was early morning and for some odd reason all of her bishi's were already awake. Kagome was fixing breakfast with Rei's help. Demoonica thanked the gods of the bishi world that she didn't have to cook, her cooking was deadly. Well most of it tasted like it would be....

"Good morning m'lady." It was Allen, he was the only one who called her 'Lady'. Funny thing that was, it felt right for 'Lady' to be added to her name.

'Oh well.' She thought. "Morning Allen. Morning Kagome, guys. What's for breakfast?" Demoonica drug herself out of her sleeping bag and looked into the pot that was hanging over the fire. Kagome slapped her hand.

"You're a bottomless pit!" Kagome laughed. "Obcessed with Ramen!"

"Only as much as you are with Odin." (The food, not the person.)

"Will you two never agree on which one is better?" Came a voice from outside of camp. Zander entered smileing. "No, I guess not."

"Hey!" Demoonica pouted.

Zander walked up to her. "Your face will stay like that if you're not careful." He kissed her lightly on the forhead right below the bandage, shocking the three bishounen that were in their 'San' forms. (Allen, Rei, and Kai.) They had been oblivious to the change in feelings between their trainer and the half bishounen. Kagome rolled her eyes. Marou didn't care, as always the lives of humans meant nothing to him, who cared what they did?

Zander could feel the sets of eyes looking at him and he didn't like it. He turned around and glared at them. "What are you looking at?"

The younger bishounen shook their heads. "Nothing!" They all answered quickly.

"Hehe, kids." He wispered. Demoonica blushed. That had not been the way she thought her bishi's would find out, but it worked. Zander walked away.


It wasn't long untill they reached the fork in the path. Demoonica, who had reclaimed her map, looked at it. "Is this thing working wrong?"

"No." Zander shook his head. "A 'friend' of mine is up to his tricks. I met him here earlier this morning."

"What does this have to do with it?" Demoonica motioned to the two paths.

"No clue, all he told me was choices change destany."

"So it's a riddle?" Demoonica looked at the two paths. "I don't know what this friend of yours is up to Zander, but it can't be good."

"He wouldn't do anything to harm us, at least I don't think he would."

"Why does this remind me of something?" Demoonica tried to remember, but it was no good. All that she could get into her mind was '...and I- I took the one less traveled by...', Demoonica let out a sigh. She then took a closer look at the paths, they looked the same. "Well." She said. "When in doubt choose the right way."

"And which one is the right way?" Kagome asked.

"No clue, but I'll take the saying at word value, I'm going the 'right' way." She pointed to the right path. "Sometimes the answer is in the riddle itself."

"I can't argue with that." Kai said.

"Okay with me." Rei gave a little shrug.

"I give up!" Kagome said.

"Allen? Marou?" Demoonica turned to them.

"M'lady has never led us wrong..." That was Allen of course.

"Have you forgotten her getting us lost last time?!" Kagome told him.

"Whatever." Marou answered.

"It's not my choice to make." Zander said, before Demoonica asked him.

"Right, so right it is!"


"See guys, this isn't so bad! The path is clear, it's not leading us up into the montains, nothing has jumped out at us." Demoonica babbled on.

"I have to admit that you are right." Kagome said. "But why make us choose between two paths?"

"I don't know, but then I don't know alot of things. This place seems normal to me."

"Looks can be deceiving. I'd rather trust what I feel, not what I see." Zander said. "And you can feel something about this place that is making you uneasy, Demoonica. I can tell."

"How is that?"

"You do, don't you? I feel it too. It feels dark and forboading, like it doesn't want us to come near it. The feelings been getting stronger as we get closer to wherever this path is leading us."

Demoonica nodded. "Okay, so I do feel it. Why are we still walking toward it then?"

"Ask yourself that, than we will all know."

"Because it is the choice I made, even if you regret what you do at least you tried. If you don't, then you will forever wish you could know what might have happened."

"Wow, Demoonica is acting smart!" Kagome said.

"What do you mean acting? I am smart!" Demoonica said loudly. This earned her a round of laughs from her bishi's." What did I say? Hold it! That was a set up Kagome!"

"I don't really know if it was a set up or not, young lady." Came a female voice. "But I've never had anyone find the path to my home before now. My magic was powerful, how did you see past the illusion at the fork in the road?"

Before them stood a woman with long raven black hair containing streaks of grey and white, and cold colbalt blue eyes. Her skin was very white and the flowing black dress made her look even more pale. Behind her was the opening to what would look to be a cave on the side of the mountain. She looked angered by their presence. She seemed to look into them one by one with her cold gaze, she looked at Demoonica.

"You are that girl... the one from my visions. Then that means..." She looked at Zander. "...hello my dear son, Alexander."

"Avioc Malii." He said, never would he call this woman mother to her face.

"I'm hurt, my son. Are you not happy to see me again?" She faked the hurt tone in her voice.

"Only if it is to see you leave this world." He growled.

"Tisk. Tisk. My young son, look at you! Running around with the likes of normal bishi. Even worse... a pathetic little human. Such a bad example of what my heir should be doing. Look at them, with their short little lives, their attempt to make that life worth living, it's sickening. They are like bugs, you kill one and there are dozens just like it to take their place, do they even notice. No, bugs can not feel, how could they hope to understand feelings?"

Zander was taken aback. He himself had said something so similar not too long ago. Did he sound like that, so full of hatered? How could he have never noticed? That he felt so much hatered towards the trainers and the bishi because his mother had wanted him to...

"You should be alone. Can you tell me, my son, why you would choose to freely follow along after such a group?"

'To find what you did not know you were looking for.' He heard it in his mind, he was finally understanding. "To find what I did not know I was looking for."

"And what is that?"

"Those who see me for who I am, not what I am. These bishi are my friends."

Behind him Marou made a *humpf* noise then said, "Don't count me in your sentiments."

"And what of the little human? Is this trainer a friend of yours also? Surely even here you feel lonely."

'You have found what love is!' His mind yelled at him, but he stayed calm on the outside. "She is my friend, and I care for her."

"HA! You must be jokeing. How could you care for such a pathetic and weak creature? She does not even know what you truely are!"

"Then I will show her...." He turned to look at Demoonica. When she saw his eyes she wanted to turn away from the pure violet orbs. There were no whites around them and no black dots in them, just glowing violet. They were fixed on her with a frenzied intensity. "Don't be afraid of me... please." He whispered.

It was then that he was enveloped by a growing light that came from his body. It was a soft light, not bright enough to make one look away. The light grew in size, forming what looked to be wings behind him. The light faded away, leaving Zander standing there looking quite different than he had.

Demoonica looked at him. "Talk about Shinigami...", she breathed.

Indeed, there were large black demon wings stretching from his back. Demoonica felt like steping back away from the thing before her, but she couldn't move. Not with him looking at her like that. Even with the wings, even with those violet orbs, even with the... fangs that she just noticed, she didn't think she could run away. In truth she couldn't get the strength to even look away from him.

"See now, she's terrified! The girl is so scared she can't move! You do not belong here... that must make you feel so sad..."

Zander's head buzzed, and throbbed with a headache. He couldn't take anymore. "GO AWAY!" Zander screamed. In an instant Avioc Malii was thrown back from where she stood. Zander covered his mouth in shock startled by the power unleashed and looked at the woman. She was standing, looking happy at what had just happened. "What was that?" He asked.

"That is just a glimpes of your dark powers. Your anger has finally awakened them. Come with me, my son. I will show you how to be my heir."

"NEVER!" He yelled again. "I don't need you, I hate you! I don't need these powers! All they have ever done is cause me pain!"

Demoonica looked at him. That cool dark energy, that she had felt the first time she had seen him, was washing over her in strong waves. His eyes were glowing bright enough to be see in the daylight. He was angry, very angry. She knew she should be afraid of the image before her, but her mind kept telling her is was still Zander. He was Zander and she wasn't frightened.

"Can you really still want to stay here, my son? They will never except you now that they know what you truly are! You will be filled with sadness!"

'Sad... are you always so sad?' Zander heard the words echo in his mind once more. "No." He said. "I will not be sad." He was calming down. "I will not be alone." He turned to Demoonica holding out his hand to her. He spoke softly. "You see me now, for what I am. I don't know what you are thinking or how you feel about me now.... I do ask that you show me that I was right for believing in someone." He looked down at the ground. "If you believe that I am the same person, no matter how I look, then please... take my hand."

Demoonica hesitated. 'Can I look past this? I always knew he was different, just not how different though.' Absently she nodded and took a step forward. She barely notice that Kagome stood right behind her, willing to follow her trainer... no, her friend wherever she went. Demoonica had made her decision, she smiled. "I'm not that easy to get rid of."

She walked up to him and took his hand. He smiled back at her then turned to face Avioc Malli. "I'm never alone." He said coldly.

"FOOLISH CHILD!" She screemed. Zander and Demoonica were pushed back by the power, but it faded quickly, like a burst of water from a nearly dry well. Strong at first, then going down to nothing. "NO! My power...", she whispered. "It is too late. I waited for too long...." She looked at Zander, raising her voice until it could be heard by all again, she said, "I have disgraced my people. There is no hope left now. Go, I can not keep you here. I was the one who was foolish, and you were the one to pay for my selfishness. I can not fix the wrong that I have done to you..... but, I may be able to change destany... one last time..."

The dark energy that seemed to flow from Zander began to be pulled away. It flowed into Avioc Malii leaving her shaking, she fell to her knees. "This must work... though it means my life." The energy covered her leaving the area looking like a large black energy ball.

It sat there as if deciding what to do.... then burst outward, enveloping Zander, Demoonica, and Kagome. When it disappeared Allen, Rei, and Kai ran to the trio that were now on the ground. They had been knocked out.

"M'lady wake up!" Allen said as he patted her cheek. Demoonica's eyes flew open.

"What in the world was that?!" She asked as she sat up. "Do I look like I need another bump on my head?"

At the same time Kagome sat up also, her hand going to her swolen belly. "Oooww..."

Kai and Rei were with her. Rei spoke up. "Are you okay, Kagome?"

"It's just the baby, it's kicking. Rather hard kicking, too."

Demoonica smiled, Kagome was alright and the baby too, so it seemed. Then her mind went to Zander. "Zander! Is he okay?" She looked over to the half bishounen, he was still laying on the ground. He was face down a few feet away. She made her way over to him quickly, never really getting fully stood up before she was down on the ground beside him. He was laying in the middle of black ashes, his wings were gone.

"Zander?!" She rolled him over onto his back. His face was smugged with the ash and there was a line of blood flowing from his lip, but he looked unhurt other wise. He opend his eyes.

"I feel like I was just run over by an angry Chocobo..." He laughed.

"Oh you!" Demoonica hugged him, not careing that she was getting the ash all over herself also. That's when she noticed said ash. "What is this stuff?" She rubbed some of it between her fingers.

"Those are my wings...."

"They always do this?"

"No... I think what Avioc Malii was doing was takeing away my powers..."

Demoonica was puzzled. "How?"

"I... aaa... we have... errr... had the power to drain the abilitys out of Bishi's, it is dangerous to take strong power into yourself, though. It could kill you. She took my powers away, I could even go as far as saying she took the demon part of me away, as well. I can feel it or to be correct I *can't* feel it anymore. She made me as human as she could, and it killed her." He talked low, allowing only Demoonica to hear his words.

"Zander." She hugged him again.

"No longer alone." Came a happy voice.

"Kohaku, so you were here." Zander said. "Is this what you planned all along?"

Kohaku appeared in the air, in his dragon form. His eyes dancing with happy mischief. "No longer lonely. No longer sad. The anger is gone. Replaced are all. Happy are you now? Yes, I can see it!" The dragon twisted in the air. "Take care my friend, who is not like the others. Who is none and yet all! I will see you again, for no one is truely alone in this world. Farewell!" And he was gone, flying away with the speed of wind.

"He's......... very interesting." Demoonica commented.

Zander looked at her. "He's down right errie, I think."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:37 PM
Night had fell, the camp was made, and the fire was going strong. Dinner was gone and Demoonica, Zander, and the bishi's were talking about the strange events of that day. Zander, still a little upset, was setting on a large low branch. The firelight didn't reach his face. His eyes glowed softly in the dark.

"That's just freaky." Demoonica said up to him. "I wondered why you were careful to stay in the firelight at night and why you never showed up until after dawn."

"I didn't feel like explaining. Besides, if you had seen them that first night it would have scared you."

"Well, I guess so. It's still hard to get use to them now."

"But it doesn't scare you."

"No, it's just you in there, glowing eyes or no glowing eyes. You are no different than you were before, I know that now. None of us think any different about you, do you?" Demoonica asked her bishi's. All of them answered 'no', that's not counting Marou...

"Thanks everyone." Zander smiled.

Demoonica pulled out her electronic map. "This thing is working again, the path to this place is on here now. It was 'her' magic that was messing with it." She studied the map. "Looks like this path leads to a place called Treah City. Well that's the closest town anyway, and it's still a three day walk."


Three uneventfull days later...

"Are we there yet?"


"Now are we there yet?"


"Are you sure we aren't there yet?"

"Demoonica! I am sure we are not there!"

"Eeep! Sorry Kagome... man you've been snappy this morning."

"It's not you Demoonica, well it is partly you, but I've been feeling off all day. I woke up with my lower back hurting and it hasn't stopped..." Kagome placed a hand on her tummy. "Aaahhhwww.... nnnn...." She closed her eyes.

Demoonica was right by her side an instant later. "Kagome! Are you alright?!"

"PAIN...." She breathed out.

Demoonica looked at her for a second and then.... "Holy cow! The baby! It's time!"

"Oh, is that all that it is?" Kagome said sarcasticly. Then another pain hit her. "Oooowww..."

Demoonica looked at Zander who was just standing there. "Don't just stand there! Help me!"

"What do you want me to do? I don't know anything about delivering babies!"

"Ohhh nooo, we are *not* delivering a baby out here." She pointed at Zander. "Pick her up. I won't dare put her in a bishi-ball. I said town was three days away, and it can't be far. As for the rest of you..." She looked at the bishounen, all of which looked as uncomfortable and clueless as she was about the birth. "...back into you bishi-balls. Quickly!"

They did as told, even Marou, which was surprising. Apparently he didn't want to listen to Kagome. At that moment she was swearing that Inuyasha was never touching her again.


"There's town!" Demoonica yelled as they came past the top of a low rolling hill. "I told you that it couldn't be to far away!"

"Speak for yourself. I'm the one carrying a woman in labor!"

"I don't... aaah... care anymore!" Kagome panted. "Just get me there!!!!!!!"


Inside the Hospital Center...

A nurse looked up as they entered. "Good day!" She said with a warm smile. "How may I help you?"

"Get me a doctor!" Kagome snapped. The nurse looked at her then got an 'oh' look on her face.

"Please, my Kagome is in labor..." Demoonica said to the nurse who had came from behind the desk quickly. With a wheelchair in hand she moved over to where Zander held Kagome.

"Sit her in the chair if you will young man." The nurse said. He did so and the nurse wheeled her into the back leaving Demoonica and Zander standing there. A few seconds later she came back out. "I handed her off to the staff, she will be fine."

Demoonica felt relieved. "Good, I was so afraid we that wouldn't make it here in time and would end up delivering the baby in the woods or who knows where."

The nurse laughed. "You must not know much about babies, dear. From the look of things it will be several more hours before that baby arrives. Her water hasn't even broke yet. I take it, that this is a first child?"

Demoonica nodded. "Yes, it is."

"Well you calm down, you look nearly as stressed as the soon to be mother." She turned to Zander. "And who might you two be then anyway? I don't believe I've seen either of you about here before." She got them talking, getting their minds off of worrying about Kagome.

"Oh, I'm Demoonica Darkmoon and this is Zander Maxwell."

"Maxwell? Oh, so you must be a half bishounen, you are too pretty of a thing to be a normal human boy." She looked at Demoonica. "He's a fine catch, but I don't want to be seeing you in here anytime soon." She said. Demoonica knew what she was implying and turned beat red.

"Hehheh, sorry for being so rude, dear. It's just that some of the girls that come in here don't know what they got themselves into being by trainers or by being women. You seem the smart sort though, not likely to get yourself into trouble."

"Not that kind of trouble anyway." She said with another warm smile. "You two have seats, it will be a long wait." They nodded and sat down. "Oh, by the way. Where is the soon to be father? I'm sure he would like to be out here for this, we could even allow him into the privet birthing room when the time comes."

"He's not here." Demoonica said quietly.

"Why in the world not?"

"Well you see, when I caught Kagome she was looking for her Inuyasha, we think that he was caught about four months ago by another trainer."

"Oh, the poor dear must be heartbroken."

"I promised I would help her find her Inuyasha, but so far we haven't had any luck."

"Well I'd say you chose the right city to come to at this time, there is a tournament being held in this city within the week. There are trainers that have already shown up and more arrive every day. Maybe you'll find him with one of them."

"Thanks, I'll remember that."


Several hours later...

Demoonica sat there leaning on Zander with her head resting on his shoulder. His arm was loosely wrapped about her shoulders. They had ran out of topics to talk about and were now watching the minutes slowly tick away on the wall clock.

'I always thought babies didn't wait when they were ready to be born.' Thought Demoonica. 'Every TV show I ever watched, the woman went into labor and the car just gets them to the hospital in time for a fast delivery. All this waiting is killing me.'

"You two want something to drink? Coffee or some tea maybe?" The nurse asked.

"That would be nice." Zander said.

"There is a Caf. down that hall..." She pointed. "Why not get something to eat while you are there. It was around one o'clock when you got here and it after dinner time now."

"It's been that long?"

The nurse nodded. "Yes, it's been a good seven or so hours, dears. Don't worry, I'll come get you if anything were to happen."

"Thank you." Zander helped Demoonica to her feet and they slowly wondered their way back down the hall to the Caf.

The nurse smiled as she watched them go. 'Now that is what more trainers should be like. That girl really cares about her Kagome.'


Demoonica tossed her bishi-balls to the floor at they reached the doors to the Caf. "Sorry about the long wait guys." She said. "But it was better that you stayed in your bishi-balls while we were in the waiting room. We didn't need to be taking up space that we didn't need to have."

"That's okay. So why are we out now?" Rei asked.

"I'm sure even in your balls that you guys have gotten hungry..."

"Hospital food?" Marou groanned.

"Better than nothing, we were reaching a limit on supplys... remember? And why are you complaining you don't eat anyway."

"I'll just have tea." Kai said.

Demoonica shook her head. "You people are nuts to pass up food. Should be happy that you can eat, and get three meals a day."

"Sounds like you know the feeling, m'lady."

Demoonica shrugged. "Every family has its rough times." She opened the door to the Caf. Other than Hospital staff it was empty.

Kai still just got tea, he didn't add any sugar. 'I can't stand tea without sugar, how does he drink it?' Demoonica thought. Rei also grabbed a cup of tea and proceded to dump a ton of sugar into it, and a sandwich of unknown type. 'No wonder he gets so bouncy at times, he's on a sugar rush. At least he's not as bad as a Max, he has a constant sugar high. I blame Pixi Stix.' Allen had a coffee... 'Never knew he drank coffee.' ...and what she hoped was a turkey sandwich. It was. 'Mmmm turkey, Allen your a bishi after my own heart.' Marou didn't get anything and sat there looking slightly annoyed. 'What's new? He's always annoyed.' Zander had grabbed a Dr. Pepper and one of the sandwiches of unknown type. 'At least I'm not the only one who got a soda.' Demoonica popped the top on her Pepsi and took a bite of her pizza slice. 'Tast like the stuff they serve at school... I'm starting to miss being at home.' Demoonica sighed.

"Is anything wrong?" Came Zander's voice from beside her.

"Just thinking about home. I miss my dad, my mum, and my little sister."

Her bishounen nodded, they knew the feeling of not ever being able to see ones family again. All differences aside, trainers were like bishi's in that way. To stay in this world trainers most likely would never see anyone they knew from their world ever again. Bishounen at least had a chance to see others they knew.

"You have us, m'lady." Allen placed a hand on Demoonica's shoulder. She smiled at him and the others.

"I wouldn't change my decision, even if given the chance."


Zander and Demoonica sat in the waiting room once again, it was now after nine o'clock at night. The nurse walked over to them with two blankets and two pillows. "My shift ends at ten o'clock. Here, get some rest." She handed them the blankets and pillows. "I just checked on your Kagome when I got these. She's doing fine, they gave her something for the pain. From the looks of things the baby will be born early in the morning. Sleep well, dears."


A little before four o'clock AM...

A nurse shook Demoonica and Zanders shoulders. Demoonica blinked awake. "You are the ones that brought in the Kagome correct?" Said the unfamiliar nurse. Demoonica nodded still half asleep. "Then you may see her now, just don't stay too long. She's tired and needs to ger her rest and regain her strength."

More awake now Demoonica nodded again. "Thank you." She shook Zander who the nurse had failed to awaken. "Zander... get up, we can go see Kagome now." He rubbed his eyes trying to help himself wake up.

"She had the baby and they let us sleep through it?"

"Guess so."

Demoonica and Zander followed the nurse back the same hallway that Kagome had been taken earlier. Stopping at one of the rooms she motioned them to go inside. In the room Kagome was laying on her bed, eyes closed.

"Kagome?" Demoonica called quietly. Kagome looked at them and smiled weakly.

"They said I would be able to see the baby in a few minutes, they're giving him a looking over. Cleaning him up and everything. They said that the baby can stay in the room with me."

"That's good." Demoonica smiled. "So it was an little Inu-chan then? Is he just like his father?" Kagome looked away. "Oh, I'm so stupid to say that!"

"It's okay. They took him before I got the chance to see him, though."

"Is that normal?" Demoonica asked, Kagome shrugged. Just then the nurse that had woken them up came back into the room holding a wiggling blue blanket in her arms. She was smileing.

"I heard that you didn't get to see this strikeing young man when he was born." She walked over to Kagome and placed the blanket in her arms. Cradleing the baby in one arm, Kagome pulled back the edge of the blanket. Everyone was met by the sight of jet black locks of hair sweaping their way over the baby's head. There were no dog ears, just human ones.

"What the...?", commented Demoonica in shock.

"He's beutiful." Kagome said. "He looks just like my Inu-chan when the moon is new."

"But tonight isn't the new moon..." Zander said.

"Could your mothers magic have done this?"

"Kagome was caught in the energy blast... it may have..."

"I don't care." Kagome spoke up. "He's perfect just how he is."

To this the baby yawned and opened his eyes just a little bit revealing their dark brown color. "Kawaii!" Squealed Demoonica.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:38 PM
Demoonica was surprised to see the streets filled with trainers early that morning. It was now seven o'clock AM and she was headed to the trainer shop to refill their supplys. Demoonica looked at the money she held in her hand. "Oi, we need to win a few battles. This isn't an easy budget to have... maybe a job... I never liked battles much."

"Talking to yourself isn't a good thing." Zander teased.

"There is no problem with talking to yourself, as long as you don't ask yourself to repeat something because you didn't hear it the first time. Then you have a problem."

Zander rolled his eyes at her. "You have a strange way of thinking."

"Thank you. I know I do."


Inside the store...

"Oooo, it's a Duo!" Came a very loud, very highpitched, very happy female voice. Zander closed his eyes and prepaired for the inevitable glomping. It never came.


Zander looked and saw Demoonica standing infront of the girl, who was now sitting on the floor. It looked like she didn't know what had happened. Demoonica looked down at the girl. "Hands off..." She said. "...and he isn't a Duo."

The girl looked up and over Demoonica's shoulder at Zander. "But... he's soooo cuuuute!" She wailed. Demoonica stepped past her and walked further into the store.

"WHAT?" She snapped at the people stareing at her. "I happen to dislike girls throwing themselves at my boyfriend! Got a problem with it?"

When Zander caught up with her she was still sething mad. "Gee, I'm glad I'm not on your badside."


A few days later...

Kagome stepped out of the Hospital Center baby Inuyasha in her arms. "It's so nice to be out of those rooms. If I had to spend one more day looking at blank white walls I think I would have screamed."

"That's okay, now you can stare at the blank light blue ones at the Inn..." Demoonica joked.

"So, now that everything is in order what shall we do here in town?"

"Well, we're not leaving anytime soon. Let's go out and meet some of the trainers. Maybe one of them has seen your Inuyasha." She turned to her bishounen and Zander. "Do you guys want to come with us or would you rather wonder around the city on your own?"

"I think we'll be alright, besides you two looking for trainers will most likely end up at a mall, not a gym." Kai said.

"Wow, that must have used up all your words for this week!" Demoonica teased the quiet bishounen.


"See what I meen?" Demoonica laughed. So did Kagome. Baby Inuyasha blinked up at them and gave a little baby smile. The guys desided Kai was right, Zander went with them to keep an eye on the younger bishounen and even more of a watch on Marou. They didn't need him causeing trainers grief. This left the girls alone with the baby.

It wasn't long after that until Demoonica, Kagome, and baby Inuyasha had started to gather a crowd of young trainers. They all wanted to see the chibi and he seemed to enjoy the attention, as he cooed and burbled happily.

The first of the trainers to have noticed baby 'Inu-chan' as they now called him introduced herself to Demoonica. She was quite a bit taller than Demoonica, had ear length blond hair with a little brown mixed into it and blue-grey eyes. "I'm Hiromi Wong. I'm sort of new, haven't gotten a bishi yet." She said with a blush. "Though I'm hopeing to find a Rei Kon from Beyblade." She got a happy little grin on her face.

Demoonica laughed. "Well you can spend some time with mine, just don't glomp him too hard."

"You have a Rei?!" Hiromi bounce around happily. "Where is he?"

"Yeah I have a Rei, he's off wondering around with the rest of my guys." Demoonica nodded to the other two girls who just arrived.

The second girl to introduce herself had short brown hair and brown eyes. She was a little taller than Demoonica. "I'm Kimiko and these are my bishi, Kurama, Tasuki, and Hiei." She waved to the bishi following her. Each in turn said their 'hello'. Hiei just 'Hn'ed', but that's Hiei for you. "You have a Kagome... and a chibi Inuyasha! He's so kawaii, you know I once mistook a trainer for a Kagome. We're friends now. Her name's Jacky, she looks just like a Kagome and she has an Inuyasha, he's a Sama of course."

Kurama smiled down at the chibi Inuyasha in Kagome's arms. "A healthy child. Why is his hair black though? I do presume his father was an Inuyasha."

"Err... we aren't completely sure why his hair is black. It's a long and complicated story, ending with him being born human." Kagome said. Kurama nodded sadly in understanding.

"He's jus'a lit'l fellow ain't he?" Tasuki said.

Hiei joined them in looking at the baby. "Still he has a fighting spirit." Everyone looked at him. He just 'hn'ed' again.

Kimiko looked at Demoonica. "At least they're not trying to see who can embarrass me the most, or seeing if I embarrass myself. It's their favorite pass time, I tell you."

"I'm lucky mine don't. Well my Marou sees how far he can push me until I can't stand him anylonger..." Demoonica sighed.

Kimiko smiled. "Yeah, I know the feeling."

The third trainer, the girl who had shown up with Kimiko spoke up. "Jessica." She shook Demoonica's hand. "These are Legolas, Supreme Kai, and Piccolo."

Demoonica looked at Legolas and said to Jessica, "Where ever did you find him? *I* want to go there..." Jessica laughed. Her bishounen crowded around Inu-chan also, as baby's are the only thing that everyone must see. Inu-chan burbled in delight at the new faces.

"This is a momentious day, a celebration is to be called for." Legolas said. "Hast thou any need of help with the young one?"

"If you didn't understand that, he want's to know if we could buy some things to make it easier on you." Jessica translated. Then she got a bright smile. "I know! Why don't we hold a baby shower for Kagome and chibi Inu-chan?"

"Well, I don't know..." Demoonica started.

"No it wouldn't be any trouble!" All the girls said with big smiles. "And we want to!"

Somehow Kagome had been talked into letting Kurama hold chibi Inu-chan. Now being up higher Inu-chan spotted Piccolo's antennae and waved a small hand at the green bishounen. He was passed to Piccolo and Inu-chan was delighted to find an antenna within grabbing distance. So he grabbed it. All the guys waited to see if they should hide the child for the rest of his life. Piccolo wenced a little, but other than that did nothing.

"He's got to do better than that..." Piccolo explained. "... I once had to babysit a chibi Vegeta and two chibi Goku's, so that their parents could go out on a double anniversary date. I made it out just fine, the house......" He let the sentance die off. Everyone wenced at the images that came to mind. Ouch!

Then a fourth girl appeared followed by a Duo and a Mirai Trunks. She had dark brown hair with a blood red streak in the front and brown eyes. She also was a good five inches taller then Demoonica. "Name's Pyra." She said. Before she could introduce the bishounen following her, Duo had bounced into the middle of the growing crowd and said, "Aw, it a chibi! Isn't he cute! Goochi goochi goo!" All was silent for a second then, "Wai!.... Hair!.... HAIR! My hair, some one help me! Make him let goooo~" The last word was in a very whiney voice. Duo's braid had slipped over his shoulder and Inu-chan had a good grip. Everyone laughed.

Soon it was decided that they were throwing a baby shower or at the very least they would get presents for Kagome and baby Inu-chan. "We'll meet you all at the fest hall of the Gin'iro no Makimono Inn at three o'clock." (I think that translates into Silvery Scroll Inn... pardon if I have it wrong.) Called Demoonica to the group of girls that were on their way to vairious stores in the city. She looked to Kagome and Inu-chan. "That gives us four hours until then. Shall we go find the boys or let them get out of going to this?"

"We can find them later. Kimiko said that she knew a girl named Jacky around here that had an Inuyasha following her. She's with girls named Anya, Miya-chan, Bryanna, and Abby, and a boy named Paul. Big group, shouldn't be too hard to find. They were signing up for the tournament."


"You know we've been getting looked at kind of strangely." Noted Rei. They were getting many looks as they walked down the street.

"Four bishounen and a half bishounen, getting along alone together, without a trainer in sight. No, I don't see anything strange about it." Zander said.

"Yes, maybe leaving m'lady Demoonica Darkmoon was not the best of choices." Added Allen.

"Hn." Both Kai and Marou responded, then glared at each other.

"No fighting." Zander told them. "Man, look at the lines over there." He pointed to the countless trainers waiting to sign up at the tables. They all stopped walking and looked.

"They must be signing up for that Tournament..."

The others nodded. "We shouldn't hang around such a populated area without Demoonica. Some trainers could get ideas." Kai said. They walked away from the long lines.

"I don't think anyone would try to steal us... would they?" Asked Rei.

"Not most of them, but humans have thier bad ones just like bish... even though they are only suppose to be able to get here if they are true fans."

"Demoonica isn't a overly bouncy fangirl... how'd she get here?"

"She asked some one for the 'link'... whatever that is." Said Allen. "She told Kagome and me that, before you joined us."

The bishounen all nodded. They were out of sight from the tournament lines by now.

"So, are we going to the gym here or not?"

"You need your trainer to be allowed in." Zander said. The guys looked at him, then shrugged.

"So what are we going to do?"

Zander shrugged. "I have no clue." Allen, Rei, and Kai started snickering. "What did I say that was so funny?"

"That sounded like Demoonica. It did sooooooo very much." Said Rei.


"Hey! Look that girl has an Inuyasha!" Demoonica said.

"So you are going up to a complete stranger and ask them if their Bishounen was going to be a father before he was captured?"

"Pretty much. Have a better idea?"

"Well. No. Fine come on." Demoonica and Kagome walked over to the girl who had slightly curly brown hair that was about shoulder length. Demoonica tapped her on the shoulder. The girl turned around.


"I don't know how to ask this, but... Is that," she pointed, "Inuyasha yours?"

"No, Inuyasha belongs to Jacky. Why?"

"Oh so this is the right group! I'm Demoonica Darkmoon," she smiled and held out her hand, "and this is Kagome...." Demoonica spotted the three foot tall red haired bishounen standing beside the girl looking at them with big violet eyes. ".... ch...chibi!"

The girl sighed. "Here we go again..." She started to pull out her Dex. Demoonica continued to talk.

"I thought I would be the only trainer nearby with one!"

The girl stopped. "You have a chibi too? You do have permission from his guardians right?"

"Better." Kagome said. "I'm his mother." She turned chibi Inu-chan around to face the trainer.

"He's just a baby, that he is." Said the red haired chibi. Demoonica now saw he was a Kenshin. "And she's like you, Annie-dono!" He pointed to Demoonica. The chibi Kenshin ^_^. He was very kawaii and Demoonica forced herself not to squeal at his cuteness.

"Well that's Kenshin," the trainer said, 'and I'm Anya. That's Jacky." She pointed to a girl that looked very much like a Kagome. "Hey Jacky, this girl is looking for you." She hollered to the girl. "Why you looking for her?" Jacky and Inuyasha walked over.

"Well?" Demoonica asked Kagome. She shook her head 'no'. "Oh..." She looked back at Anya, Jacky, and the Bishi who looked confused. "Sorry, we've been looking for Kagome's Inu-chan Sama for the last four months. Jacky and Inuyasha noticed the chibi in Kagome's arms. Chibi Inu-chan burbled happily at Inuyasha. His reaction was to cross his arms and go 'feh'.

"Well I have to go find my bishounen..."

Anya cut in. "Did they disappear?"

"No, they went to explore town while we talked to trainers. Told me that I'd end up at the mall..." Demoonica shook her head. "Why?"

"Well, I hate to say this, but trainers and their bishi have been being kidnapped..."


"So what do you want to do?"

"Now don't start that again!"

"Eeeerrrr... okay...." Rei sighed. "This is pretty boring. Maybe the mall wasn't a bad idea."

"No." Came both Kai's and Marou's voices. Kai then added with a frown, "That's it! I refuse to talk again."


"That's alot to think about." Demoonica said to Kagome as they put up a few blue and white balloons and streemers in the fest hall. They had finished talking to Anya about everything that had been happening some time ago and all of it was finally sinking in. They had found Demoonica's bishounen at the mall playing video games when they went to get decorations for the baby shower.

"Uh... yeah." Kagome said. "It's happening everywhere though... my Inu-chan was a scout for our home..."

"Oh Kagome. I didn't know. I hope whoever is behind all this didn't find him..." She patted Kagome's back. "...I'm sure he's out there, safe." Demoonica looked at chibi Inu-chan who was asleep amongst a few blankets on the floor. He was sleeping so quietly. 'For Inu-chan's sake, for yours, and for mine, I do hope he is.' She thought. "We better get finished, the girls will be here soon! And before I let the guys go explore further, you remember after we found them in the Arcade, I told them to be here also. I don't like them being out there without me, especially now. Though, with Zander there with them... I do fell better."


That day at 3:30 PM...

The gifts were piled onto one of the tables, there were finger foods and even a cake that Pyra had brought. All the girls were there, even Anya who had shown up with gift baskets that all had tags that read: It's a Boy!. There hadn't been time to plan or set up games, so they were all in conversation. Many of the bishounen, like Sano and Tasuki, were drinking sak. Soon it was time to open the gifts. Kagome opened them all and was pleased with everything, although Hiei's gift of a real metal sword got many odd looks.

"What? He's gonna learn to fight sometime." Hiei crossed his arms.

As the party was winding down the doors to the fest hall opened once more. Demoonica's bishounen entered. Demoonica waved at them. "You guys are late!" Marou didn't care and joined some of the guys with the sak. Demoonica grabbed his cup. "I don't think so! You are definitely *not* drinking." Allen joined into a conversation with Jacky's Inuyasha and Kimiko's Hiei about swords. Rei got glomped by Hiromi... and Kai laughed at this. Everyone else looked up to see what was funny and they too started laughing.

Then Zander walked in and everything stopped.......

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:39 PM
All was silent as the trainers stared at him. Zander looked around at all the 'new' bishounen, other than a pair of chibis (Kenshin and Shippou), they were glareing daggers at him.

"Nani?!?!" Echoed through the fest hall. Then all hell broke loose...

...and everything happened at once...

"Who invited the halfer?" Said Tasuki.

"Watch how you phrase that, I'm half dog demon!" Inuyasha said as he hit the other bishounen on the head.

"No! Don't..."

"What do you want?"

"Annie-dono!" Chibi Kenshin ran to Anya and Sano stood infront of them in a protective manner. Chibi Shippou had ran to Jacky in the same way and she held him in her lap.

Hiromi who didn't see what was wrong kept glomping Rei, he was turning slightly blue.

"What? Couldn't find any 'fun' out in the woods? Need to come in here an' mess with good clean folks?"

"Please, everyone... could you calm down... ?"

Hiei had shoved Zander back against the wall and stood there glareing angerly at him. Piccolo and Trunks were backing him.

Demoonica ran to the side of the room where it seemed every bishonen in the room now was. The other girls bishounen trying to seriously hurt Zander and her bishounen trying to stop them and explain to them. She pushed her way passed the crowd....

....to see Zander curled up on the floor and Hiei standing over him with a smirk on his face. He reached down and grabbed Zander by his ripped shirt. "Pathetic. Weak..."

"STOP!" Demoonica screamed, throwing herself at the pair. She landed next to them and grabbed Hiei's arm. "Don't!!!"

Kimiko, Jessica, Pyra, Anya, and Jacky upon seeing Demoonica's reaction and hearing some of her words helped Demoonica's bishounen stop the madhouse the baby shower had become. They calmed their bishi's. Behind them Hiromi was still glomping Rei, but at least she was only holding onto his arm now. Kagome was trying to calm a crying chibi Inu-chan with the help of chibi Kenshin and chibi Shippou.

"Don't you dare touch him again!" Demoonica yelled in anger at Hiei as she pulled his hand off of Zanders shirt. Zander was shaken (a fearsome group of angry bishounen will do that to you), but it looked as though he had fallen to the floor from the force of hitting the wall, and not from being beaten to a bloody pulp, thankfully. She placed herself between the two. "Back off before I get angry..." She warned them.

Hiei looked at her like she had grown an extra head or something just as upseting. "Why would you want to save a halflings life? At the risk of getting yourself hurt or even worse?" He spat out the words while looking at Zander as if he were worse than scum.

Demoonica stood up. "If I were you I'd take that back..." Zander's fist came from beside her and hit Hiei in the face. Shocked, Demoonica stood there for a split second before she could react. When she did, she grabbed Zander about the waist and dragged him back. In his anger they could all see his eyes glowing faintly.

Demoonica's bishounen finally had explained to the trainers that the 'half-bishi' was with them. The information was passed to the bishounen. Karama and Inuyasha grabbed Hiei, each takeing an arm as he went to retaliate.

"I don't know what your guys problem is!" Came Hiromi's voice.

"He's a half-bishounen..... piece of... trash..." Was Hiei's answer to her question. He was trying to get out of the grasp of the bishounen holding him back. Hiromi's eyes widened as she looked at Zander.

Zander tried to pull out of Demoonica's grasp again. "Zander! Don't. You're just proving them right by being irrational!" He didn't stop. "Fine!" She cried. "You *are* just a monster... that can't feel..." She let go of him and he stumbled forward. "... I hate you!"

Everything became quiet once more. Zander stopped dead in his tracks. Demoonica was crying. This finally sunk in with the words she had said. He had made her cry and she hated him.

Seeing he had stopped, Demoonica flung herself at him and grabbed him around the waist again. She wrapped her arms about his waist and placed her head against his back. She shook as she cried.... "Please don't fight... I don't like fighting..."

Zander felt the anger drain out of him. "Demoonica..." He said softly. 'I'm such a fool.' He thought. He placed a hand over hers. "I'm so stupid... here I've gone and hurt you. I am a monster... aren't I?"

He felt Demoonica shake her head. "No... I should have told them... they didn't know who you are..." She mumbled. "I didn't think..."

A cough came from one of the onlooking trainers. Suddenly they realized they were standing in the middle of a very confused crowd. "Hehehe... errr..." Zander rubbed the back of his head nervously with his free hand. He felt Demoonica dry her tears on the back of his shirt before she moved to address the group.

"I'm sorry for my outburst... It was uncalled for..."

"It was not!" Kagome said as she made her way over to her trainer. "They were out of line!" She bounced Inu-chan to keep him from crying again. "Attacking someone like that... you should be ashamed of yourself." She scolded Hiei like he was a misbehaving child. "Even if he is a half-bishounen, even if there are people being kidnapped for the purpose of makeing half-bishi, that doesn't give you the right to harass them. Do you think that being born is their fault?" Hiei shook his head, along with everyone else. Kagome was in that scarry 'I do not want to be on her badside.' mode.

"Kagome...", said Demoonica, "Don't be so harsh. Everyone is on edge, even a party can't keep problems away..." Kagome sighed, she had gone a bit overboard. Demoonica looked at the large group that were all stareing at them. "...Let me introduce Zander..." She said with a weak smile, knowing that it sounded foolish after the latest events. "As you obviously know, he is a half-Duo bishounen." At this Hiei 'hn'ed'. Demoonica looked at him. "Watch it eye-ball boy, you are already on my nerves." She cleared her throught and continued. "I should have told all of you that I was traveling with a half-bishounen. I wasn't thinking..." Demoonica shrugged. "I don't think of him like that, so I tend to forget that fact..."

"We are the ones who should be sorry." Said Kimiko. "It's true that events have us all looking over our shoulders, but fear shouldn't rule us. Hiei..." She looked at her bishounen. "...say you are sorry... for not giving Zander a chance before judgeing him."

"Hnnn..." Hiei crossed his arms. Kurama and Tasuki shoved him from behind. He turned and gave them a glare. They nodded and glared back. "Heh... fine. I'm sorry..." Then he added, "...for trying to protect my trainer..."

"BAKA!" Kimiko smacked him on the back of the head. "Now who's being embarrassing to whom?"

"I'm deeply sorry for my actions and that of my fellow bishounen." Said Kurama.

"Yeah..." said Sano.

"You did jump to conclusions Uncle San, that you did." Said chibi Kenshin.

"We all did...." Said Anya. "...well most of us..." Everyone looked at Hiromi who was still sitting on the floor with Rei in her grasp. She was smileing happily. Rei looked like he had given up on ever having his arm back. Everyone sweatdropped.

"Anya's right. Kimiko's right. There's no excuse for our behavior." Said Trunks. Everyone was talking at once, there were many sorrys and other appolligies. Trainers telling their bishounen off in one manor or another. When things quieted down the first to walk up to Zander was Pyra's Duo, he looked at him for a minute and then... "It's not fair... I'm only 5'2"!!!!!!"

He was refering to the fact that Zander was six inches taller then him. Zander sighed and looked at Demoonica. "See what I ment?" Demoonica giggled. No one else knew what he was talking about, but it broke the tension that was hanging over the room. The rest of the party went by in ease.


The next day...

"So, like I was saying. Even with getting gifts from so many great people and bishounen we will be needing a better way to make money. Fights are only one source of income. A baby needs more care than you think, the shopping list is huge!" Demoonica sighed.

"Well at least it's not as bad as having a baby in your world Demoonica." Said Kagome.

"What do you mean?"

"Chibis grow faster than... err... 'human' children. Inu-chan will be crawing within a month and walking without a problem by six months. Bishi have to grow fast like this because of trainers, so that chibis can run away if trainers suprise a family..."

Demoonica nodded. Kagome ment that it was a way for chibis to get away from trainers as early in life as possable. If parents didn't have to carry their young for the first two or three years of their lives then they had better chances of not getting caught. "So they go through the early stages of life fast, Like that old saying 'Children grow up fast, enjoy the time when they are young.' At least that means we'll have things easier."

"That still brings us back to our money situation..." Kagome said.

"There's a gym here... why not try the trainer there? Prize money is more than normal fights."

"That's a good idea, and I'm sure there are more than enough odd jobs in a big city like this."

"What are you hinting at?" Asked Kai.

"Well, why don't we work at the tornament? I don't have the gym wins to enter, even if I beat the trainer at this gym. It will be my first. Besides the tornament is in a week, it will be perfect!"

"Deal..." Kai said. "...but I am not selling hotdogs or something like that."

"M'lady, what do you plan we do until then?"

"Like I said odd jobs... or I could hunt the area right outside of town for more bishounen." Demoonica smiled. Then...

"Demoonica-chan!" Demoonica was glomped to the ground by a blond girl.

"Ack! Hiromi... I can't... breath!"

"Sorry, let me help you up!"

"Hello, Hiromi." Said Kagome. Inu-chan cooed happily at the newbie trainer. "What has you here this morning?"

"I was wondering if I could join up with you?" She said hopefully.

"Well...... I guess so." Demoonica said. "I don't see why not. It would be nice to have another trainer to talk to."

"Yeah!" Hiromi bounced. "Rei-chan! I can stay with you!" She glomped Rei.

Everyone sweatdropped. "Ano, Hiromi, you will have to let him breath...."


Later that day...

They were on the road again and all was right in the bishi world..... well.... almost.....

"One, it's a love in one generation,

Two, the two of us go to hell,

Three, even though we kill everybody,

Four, signpost for the land of the dead...

Four, signpost for the land of the dead,

Five, the rain of blood because of war,

Six, just like a dead body,

Seven, my tears run out,

Eight, a dark night starts to melt...

Eight, a dark night starts to melt.

One... if two people are in love,

Two... both of them to hell will go,

Three... even if they kill everyone,

Four... a signpost to hell they will find...

Four... a signpost to hell they will find,

Five... a rain of blood follows where they go,

Six... purified and changed,

Tears have all dried up."

Demoonica had been singing the unnerving song for the past half hour. The only person who didn't seem to mind the song was Marou who was actualy enjoying the haunting tune. Why? You ask. He was the one she had learned it from... Demoonica had definatly spent way too much time with the Demon type Bishounen. In fact, Allen, Rei, and Kai had returned to their bishi-balls to get away from it. It wasn't that Demoonica was a bad singer, she was pretty good, it was the song itself that bothered them. It was much to morbid for them to enjoy. Made you wonder why Demoonica liked it so much, but then she did have some very strange likes and dislikes.

"Demoonica! Do you mind stopping for awhile? That song is just... Wrong!" Kagome asked. "Besides, what if Inu-chan understands it. It could scare him!"

"I agree with Kagome-chan." Hiromi said.

"Same here!" Said Zander, who would never complain about bishi-balls again. At least in those you didn't have to listen to that... that... song.

Demoonica, who was just about to start singing it all over again abruptly shut her mouth. "The song's just cool!" She said. "And Inu-chan is asleep."

"I think you have lost you mind." Hiromi told her.

"She can't loose something she didn't have to start with. ... ITAI!" Demoonica had hit him on the head. Smiling he pushed her shoulder, also smiling she pushed back, then he did again... ect, ect, ect...

Hiromi rolled her eyes. "Love birds."

Kagome giggled. "I wonder when the wedding is?"

Zander and Demoonica stopped play fighting and looked at Kagome with somewhat horrified expressions. Then both blushed a deep red. They were saved from being further picked on when they all heard the loud snapping of a twig up ahead.

"What was that?" Hiromi asked.

"Bishounen if we're lucky." Said Demoonica. "That reminds me, how long have you been in the bishi world?" She asked a they snuck past some of the bushes.

"Eight or nine days now."

"Then I think you should get the next bishi we run across, unless you want to be sent home."

"No way!" Hiromi had looked past the bushes they where now hideing behind. "It's a..."

"Kaiba!" Finished Demoonica. She too had looked past the bushes. Indeed the brown haired bishounen was standing there.

"What do we do?" Hiromi whispered.

Demoonica motioned to Marou. He quietly walked to her and looked at the Seto Kaiba bishounen. The Kaiba looked like he was tangled in some vines and didn't seem to notice the group watching him. Another snap was heard and a vine came unbound from his ankle. "See that bishounen?" She asked, Marou nodded. "He looks experienced so could you wear him down a bit so Hiromi can throw a ball at him?"

"This will be fun." He smiled that smirk that said he was up to some thing. He disappeared and reappeared near the Kaiba, who was about twenty feet away from the girls. The Kaiba gave a startled yelp. Marou leaned down and whispered something in his ear. They watched as Kaiba passed out.

Demoonica, Hiromi, and Zander walked out from the bushes. "What did you tell him?" Hiromi asked.

"I said that they found proof that he was related to Yugi and everyone else already knew about it."

"That was mean." Hiromi told him.

"I can't beleave it worked." Commented Demoonica. She turned to Hiromi. "He's all yours!"

Hiromi pulled out one of her bishi-balls and hit Kaiba with it. The uncontious bishounen was pulled into the ball and it sealed without a problem. It didn't even bother to shake around. Hiromi picked it up. "I caught Seto Kaiba!" She bounced.

Demoonica hugged her. "Now you can stay in the bishi world! I'm so happy!" She too bounced.

Then Hiromi's bishi-dex beeped. "Property of Hiromi Wong, age fourteen. Status, Novice trainer. Bishounen number one caught. Name of bishounen, Seto Kaiba. Nickname?"

"No nickname."

"So we're in the Yu-Gi-Oh! area then?" Zander said.

"I want a Bakura!" Said Hiromi.

"I want Ryou Bakura!" Demoonica said at the exact same time.

"Don't think I'll help you with this 'sneaky' way of captureing any more. Demoonica is my trainer and you are her friend, she wished you to stay in this world. I helped her make that happen. Else I wouldn't here the end of it." Stated Marou. The girls just looked at him oddly.

"Okay...." They said. Marou shook his head and returned to his bishi-ball. That left only Demoonica, Hiromi, Kagome with Inu-chan, and Zander standing by the side of the road.

"So Demoonica, where are we going?"

"That's the thing, I never plan where I go anymore. I just end up walking into things that mess up my plans, so why make them?"

"That's an odd way of thinking..."

"Okay, let me look at my map...." Demoonica pulled out her map. If you were to see it you would notice that now some towns 'dots' were a different color. Each of these Demoonica had been to and they now had short entrys telling dates and events that happened there. "Okay, Epoh City is there. That's the town I started at and caught Kagome and Allen near. Over here is Eutriv City. I stayed at the Sakura no hana Hotel while there. Kolleny Town is way down there. It's a nice place to 'get away from it all' at even finding bishounen, though I captured Marou near there. I caught Rei and Kai right here near the Baki River Falls. Treah City is where we are. Inu-chan was born there and I guess it's where you started you journey from?"

"What way are we headed right now?"

"North-East-ish. Towards the Slayers area, from what I've been told. We should be careful not to enter their territory, I say we stick to the main road."

"That would be smart." Said an unknown voice. Returning to the road they found a female trainer watching them. The girl was dressed in a red tank top, blue jean shorts, and black boots. She had long red hair that fell to her knees and sapphire blue eyes. "And we're not in the Yu-Gi-Oh! area."

'Wow, her hair is as long as mine.' Thought Zander. Demoonica noticed he was stareing and took the chance to elbow him in the ribs. "Itai!" Zander winced. Hiromi rolled her eyes once more and Kagome giggled at them again. Those two were such a riot.

"Thanks... I think." Demoonica said. "Who are you?"

"My name's Merina. This is Vash the Stampede from Trigun." She nodded at the tall, blond bishounen beside her. He gave them a big goofy grin and a peace sign.

"Love and peace!" He said rather loudly. Everyone sweatdroped.

"Nice to meet you Merina, errr... Vash. I'm Demoonica Darkmoon." She shook Merina's hand. "This is Hiromi Wong."

"Hi!" Hiromi greeted the new trainer. "Is he your only Bishounen?"

"No. I have a Trowa from Gundam Wing, a Folken from Escaflowne, and a Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha...."

Kagome made a frown at the last bishi's name. "Keep 'Fluffy' in his ball!" She stated.

Marina looked at her. "Oh a Kagome..."

"Kagome is protective of Inu-chan." Demoonica pointed at the sleeping chibi in Kagome's arms.

"Chibi..." Marina said as she move over to Kagome and looked at Inu-chan.

"Yes, yes, very cute..." Said Zander, why did everyone always go ga-ga over babies?

"This is Zander!" Demoonica said as she wrapped an arm around him. "He's half-Duo bishounen, but don't mess with him. He's MINE." She made sure the meaning was clear. Zander was blushing slightly.

"Half bishi?" Said Vash looking at Zander accusingly.

"Vash, if he were a threat I don't think he would be traveling with trainers and a bishoujo who has a young chibi." Marina told her bishounen.

Vash desided she was right and held out his hand to Zander. "Put it there buddy!" He said chearfully. He took Zander's hand and shook it dramaticly.

"Well seeing as we are going the same way, would you like to join us in our twisted travels?" Asked Demoonica. Marina looked at her oddly. "We are spending a day out in the field then a day in Treah City until the tournament. That makes three day out here and three days in town makeing money!!!"

"Don't mind her." Said Hiromi. "She's a bit....errr.... she's very odd most of the time."

Marina nodded. "Yes, it would be nice to travel with a group."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:43 PM
[Day 1, Treah City]

"Nothing in the future,

Choosing is the answer,

We are really so happy!

Lover in the future,

Glamor is the answer,

So take me away tonight!"

Demoonica was singing again, but at least it was clean and the chorus had a beat to it. She was sweeping the floor in a small shop in town, the owner had been looking for part time help during the busy days leading up to the tournament.

"You know what?" Asked Zander as he restocked a shelf with manga's. "That song is suggestive."

Demoonica, who still had her back to him, blushed. "I have no idea as to what you're saying. I just happen to like the song, or would you rather I sing the counting song for the rest of the day?"


"Hehehe. I was joking."

"Right. Sure you were."

Kagome walked into the front where the two were talking. "I heard someone yell, is everything alright up here?" Inu-chan was in her arms, she had dressed him in a red yoofuku* like the adult Inuyasha from the show.

"Fine." Demoonica said. "I think I just scared Zander a bit, that's all."

"You threatened to sing that counting song, didn't you?"

"How did you guess?"

"Do you know anything else that bothers him?"

"Stop answering with another question! And yes, I do know other things that bother him."

Kagome shook her head and walked away. "This is too easy." She said. "Right Inu-chan? My trainer is easy to tease, isn't she?" He cooed.

Zander looked at Demoonica. "Where are your bishonen anyway?"

"Marou." She pointed to a bishi-ball still on her belt. "Rei is working at a restaurant as a waiter. Allen is helping out at the Bishi Center, lots of bishi are training too hard for the tournament and ending up with small injuries. Kai took a job as an assistant in the gym."

"Are you sure Kai isn't causing some of those small injuries?" He asked. Demoonica sighed. "What of your trainer friends, then?"

"I don't know where Merina is, but Hiromi is out in the field training with her Kaiba and looking for other bishounen." Zander nodded.

"You know, I never realized how much power I had lost.... until yesterday." Zander said slowly. Demoonica walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him.

"You can build your strength back up, just don't go fight with demon type bishounen. Besides all your powers aren't gone... your eyes started glowing when you got angry."

Zander smiled softly at her. "Thanks."

[Day 2, Field]

"You know, I've been wondering how this world came to be." Said Hiromi as she hugged her Kaiba.

"How about why we appear midair and fall to the ground? Maybe why we pass out during the trip?" Said Merina.

"Both of you have very good questions. I wish I had the answers... though I remember the girl I met when I first arrived said something about a glitch..." Said Demoonica.

"So the link we clicked on was like a retrieving program?"

"And it has a glitch that messes things up?"

Demoonica shrugged. "We may never know." She let out a large yawn. "Who's idea was it to come out here at seven o'clock AM?"


"Oh, right." She yawned again. "Why was I so set on being out here this early?" Everyone shrugged. "Why did you listen to me?"

"Why *did* we listen to her?" Said Zander. Again everyone shrugged.

"So Merina, how long have you been in the bishi world?"

"Four months, give or take."

"Wow! I've been here just over four months also. Cool, so we both arrived at the beginning of summer." Demoonica smiled as she looked around at the leaves that were just beginning to turn into the reds and yellows of early fall. "Does anyone want to train? I'm wanting to take on the gym trainer."

"I'll take you on." said Merina. "Best two out of three wins?"

"Sounds fair, I'll use Allen, Marou, and Kai."

"Vash, Sesshoumaru, and Trowa."

Hiromi, Kagome and Inu-chan, Kaiba, Folken, and Zander moved to the sidelines. Rei raised his hand. "First round Vash the Stampede vs Allen Schezar. Three. Two. One. Let it rip!...errr..." Rei blushed. "I mean begin!!!"

"Allen! Get in close and use your sword!"

"Vash dodge! No! Don't run away!" Merina sweat dropped as she watched her Vash run around like a very large chicken.

"I don't believe in fighting!" He cried as he stopped to look at his trainer. Allen walked up behind him and bonked Vash on the top of his head with the sword handle. A large bump appeared on Vash's head, then he fell to the ground with little swirls in his eyes. Allen looked down at him, placed his free hand over his face and walked away shaking his head sadly.

"I didn't hit him that hard..."

"Allen is the winner by knock out!" Shouted Rei happily.

Merina ran over to her Vash. "Vash! Are you okay?"

Vash blinked and jumped up. "I'm fine!" He said with a large grin and started laughing. Merina sighed, he was such a baka. She pulled her bishounen back to their sideline.

"Now for round two, Sesshoumaru vs Marou!"

"Ummm, two demon type bishounen in a free fight... does anyone else think we should move away from this by... oh say, a few miles?!" Hiromi said.


Marou disappeared from view as soon at the word left Rei's mouth. The full blooded dog demon stood there, not seeming to be interested in the fact that his opponent was nowhere to be found. A few more seconds passed before Marou appeared behind Sesshoumaru his fingernails extended like claws. His attack was dodged easily and Marou found himself clawing the air.

"No bad for a dog demon." he commented. "You have speed."

"Go Sesshoumaru!" Called Vash to his fellow bishounen.

"But I am a child of the earth, Kikuga no Miko, lord of the terrestrial yoma*..." The two demons locked eyes. Sesshoumaru was taken back by what he saw in Marou's eyes. A cold hatred beyond the bounds of a person, or a place. Darkness that could smother and kill a world. If it was true that one's eyes are the windows to the soul, then what was there if all you could see was emptiness? He was frozen, unable to move.

Marou gave a laugh and walked up to the younger demon. He placed a hand on Sesshoumaru's face and leaned in close to his face. "You should fear me..." He whispered in Sesshoumaru's ear. Suddenly finding he could once again move Sesshoumaru swiped at Marou with his own deadly claws. He met with only cloth.

"I feel we are evenly matched." Sesshoumaru looked around, trying to find where the red haired demon had disappeared to again. He spun around to face behind himself. "That will not work again..."

"Will it not?" Marou appeared behind him, right where Sesshoumaru had been looking moments before. Marou had his back to Sesshoumaru, he smiled over his shoulder at the surprised dog demon. "Then... I feel that we are done here, agreed?"

"Agreed." Sesshoumaru said, all be it reluctantly. Both demons walked back to their trainers.

"I guess... it's a tie then..." Said Rei. Everyone who was watching just stared. Vash was telling Sesshoumaru how well he thought he had done.

"He was playing with me." Sesshoumaru said quietly to himself. "I do not like being played with."

"Okay! Time for round three! It's Trowa vs Kai!" Said Rei. The bishounen walked forward. "Ready! Begin!"

Trowa started by doing a flip that landed him behind Kai. Still in a crouched position he did a low spin kick, trying to knock Kai's feet from under him. The silver and blue haired bishounen was quick to move out of the way of the Heavyarms pilot. And that was the way it continued until Kai lost to Trowa, the Gundam pilot being better trained.

"Way to go Trowa!" Vash yelled happily to the quiet brown haired bishounen.


"Well after this mornings excitement nothing has happened." Demoonica said. And nothing else did.

[Day 3, Treah City]

"I'm still feeling good after yesterdays battle." Demoonica said with a smile. "The guy at the gym had better be ready for a fight!"

"It was a tie yesterday." Zander said.

"So? I still feel good about my bishounen." They entered the gym. The place was still popular with trainers doing last minute training for the tournament. She recognized some of them like Kimiko, Jacky, and Anna. Anna, having came into the gym right behind her ran towards her bishounen.

"I wonder what's up over there?" Demoonica said.

"No clue." Kagome told her. "Was that Anna's Sanosuke that I saw jump out the window when we first came in?"

"I wasn't looking. Where is the gym trainer in here?"

"That would be me." Said a male voice from behind her. Demoonica turned around to see a guy who looked around seventeen. He had short black hair and dark brown eyes. "Sir Aidden Hydra, my lovely lady. My sister Madame Argent Hydra and our companion Bill are out in search of a Quatre Raberba Winner of Gundam Wing and an Amy of Sailor Moon. So I and my bishoujo are taking challengers."

"Then I'm challenging!" Demoonica said before he could continue.

"This way." He said. "There's a small arena set off to the side for gym matches during hectic times, like this tournament. It will be a two on two battle."

***** [No, I'm not going to write another battle scene into this chapter.]

"That was easy!" Demoonica said happily. "He was no match for you guys. No wonder he's only left in charge when the others are gone!" They were standing outside the gym. Demoonica was obviously happy about beating the gym trainer. "So to celebrate let's have dinner at a restaurant and you all can have the day off to relax! Oh! And Rei-chan, lets go get me that beyblade. I want you to teach me remember?"

Rei nodded his head. "Yes. I remember."

"Good! Then the rest of you can go to the hotel, we'll be by there shortly. See ya!" She handed most of the money to Kagome, then Demoonica dragged Rei off toward the beyblade shop. (See side story.*)

[Day 4, Field] *Thinking~Why did I decide to do this day by day, again?~*

"Ohayo Hiromi! Merina!" Demoonica called as she ran over to the two trainers who were waiting for her.

"Demoonica." Merina waved.

"Demoonica-chan! Kagome-chan! Inu!" Hiromi had chibi Inu-chan in her arms a few heartbeats later. "Aren't you just getting cuter every day!" She said to the baby who giggled happily.


Demoonica, Merina, Hiromi, Zander, and Kagome with chibi Inuyasha were the only ones walking about in the woods. Feeling they would have better luck in finding bishounen if the group was smaller, Rei, Kai, Allen, Marou, Kaiba, Vash, Sesshoumaru, Trowa, and Folken were in their bishi-balls. Hey, they had found Kaiba when Demoonica's bishounen had retreated into their balls, so it might work again. Good luck.

"Do you think that we will have any luck with finding bishounen today?" Asked Hiromi.

"As much as ever, though at least we haven't met anyone who was hostile."

"Hostile?" This came from Merina.

"I was reminded of when I caught Marou. He wanted nothing more than to spill my blood."

"And you kept him?" Hiromi said.

"Please." Merina looked at the younger trainer. "Would you let a bishounen free if you knew he could then take out his revenge and not have to worry about it effecting him?"

"No." Hiromi shook her head. "Did he really try to hurt you Demoonica?"

"Well... he never tried to hurt me. Though he did try to break his ball, got a nasty shock from it too. He did try to make everything difficult on me and was shall I say persistent in making me uncomfortable..."


Frowning, Zander finally spoke up, "He was hitting on her! Now drop the subject.", and then stormed off ahead, away from the girls.

"Oooow, touched a nerve there." Hiromi said.

"I never knew he got so upset by Marou." Demoonica said as she watched him storm off. "He never said anything about it."

"Don't try to understand men." Merina told her.


"What did I tell you about your anger?" Came a voice Zander thought he knew, but it sounded... different somehow.

"Kohaku?" Zander asked.

"Very good!" Said the voice.

Zander wasn't in the mood for the young bishounen's word games. "Okay show yourself and tell me what's up."

"No..." There was a pause. "I'd rather not let my presence be known to the trainers."

"Fine." Zander sighed. "What do you want to tell me? That I shouldn't storm off like that or to be more forgiving of others actions? I already know that! I just can't help it! Okay?"

"No just that I've noticed that some of the bishounen in the world are starting to get restless."

"Restless how? Why is that important?!"

"I think trainers are going to be in trouble... it's getting dangerous... I..." He stopped talking.

"What? You what Kohaku?" Zander demanded. There was no answer. The girls came around the bend of the path they were on and stopped to look at him.

"Why are you yelling?" Asked Hiromi. Zander shook his head.

"Did you say Kohaku? Is he around again?" Demoonica looked around for the young bishounen or his dragon form.

"A Kohaku? What kind Demoonica? The one from Inuyasha? Or the blond cutie from Wish?"

"No. The one from Spirited Away."

"Way cool! Why don't you catch him?"

Demoonica held up two fingers. "I have two reasons. The first is that he is a chibi. The second is that he is the most unnervingly strange child I have met."

"So he's weird? That's your reason? I say if he shows up *after* he evolves try a ball! If you don't want him, I'll happily let him keep me and Kaiba company!" Hiromi said with a big smile.

[Day 5, Treah City]

Demoonica lay in her bed in her hotel room throwing a bishi-ball into the air and catching it as it fell towards her. Suddenly the ball didn't come back down.

"Wha?" She sat up to see the ball being held by Kagome.

"You are going to break this if you keep doing that. Why aren't you at work?"

"The owner said not to show up till one o'clock today. I'm board."

"So did the guys still go out to their work?"

"Of course, I don't have any reason to stop them."

It was then that Inu-chan woke up and started crying. Kagome grabbed a bottle and walked over to the young chibi. "See, I said you would be hungry if you didn't finish your other bottle." She said to her son.

"Does he really understand you at this age?" Demoonica asked.

"I don't think so, but the tone of your voice is what matters." Kagome walked back over to Demoonica, Inu-chan in one arm, and sat beside her. "Here. Want to try?"

"I'm afraid that I'll drop him... or do something wrong.... or..." Demoonica had never held the chibi before and was unsure how to hold him.

"Calm down for the first thing." Kagome placed Inu-chan in Demoonica's arms. "Put your arm like this, support his head with the crook of your arm, and hold the bottle like this. No, tilt it a bit more to keep the milk in the nipple of the bottle. You don't want air bubbles." Kagome smiled at her trainer. "See your doing just fine!"

Demoonica took a second to look up at Kagome, a big smile on her face. "I think I'll teach you how to change a diaper next. I could use a helper, this little guy is a full time job!" Kagome laughed. Demoonica frowned at the thought of dirty diapers, then looked back down at Inu-chan and couldn't help but smile. In the doorway that connected his room and theirs Zander quietly stood, smiling at Demoonica. He had felt a sudden surge of emotion when he had seen her holding the baby like that, though exactly what he was feeling was, again, unknown to him. It made him happy and that confused him. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he returned to his own room. The smile was still on his face and he filed the new feeling away so he could figure it out later. Neither Kagome or Demoonica noticed that they had been watched.

[Day 6, Field] The day before the tournament.

"This is going slow again. All we do is sweep in an arc over the same area." Merina said.

"It will get better after we leave the area so close to town."

"So Rei-chan, your teaching Demoonica how to beyblade? Will you teach me?" (I'll give you three guesses as to which of the three trainers said that, and the first two don't count.)

Demoonica let out a yawn. "Okay with me. I might stop losing every battle."

"Speaking of battles, did you win against that guy at the gym?" Merina asked.

"Yes. I would have felt so awful if my bishounen couldn't beat his after my battle with you."

"I know. I took him on the morning before I ran into you all. Gave me my second gym win."

"Hey Hiromi! You should take him on after you get a second bishounen." Demoonica said with a smile. "Your Kaiba is a Sama after all!"

"Oh someone please save me from the ego trip these little girls are having!" Zander said in a mocking tone.

"Haha, very funny oh braided wonder!" Demoonica tugged on Zander's braid.

"Hey~ That hurts."

"Poor baby." She teased.

"I take it that the fight from the other day is long forgotten about." Merina said to Hiromi and Kagome. All three sighed at the pair. What were they going to do with them?



"And you're sure all that power came from a half bishounen?" Asked the woman sitting behind her computer. The room was dark. The light glare bounced off her glasses as she adjusted them. Her dark brown hair was pulled up into a bun.

"Yes Magami-sama. The trainer gives off an odd aura also." The bishounen stood in the dark, shadow falling on his face. The darker shadow that was his body shifted and a soft white feather floated into the light, landing at his feet.

"Is she not human?"

"No she's human, just she is..... *odd.* She wasn't on the list to be sent an e-mail either. We don't know how she came to this world."

"Did she not arrive by portal like the rest of them?"

"She did. Also Magami-sama, the demoness called Avioc Malii, that tore her way into this world, has been killed. Reports place both the half bishounen and our unannounced trainer at the scene. That is the place where the power surge was noticed."

"Yes then, that is strange. Keep an eye on her Katan, I don't want my world to be turned on end. She is an element I did not count on, just like our parted demoness. Look at all the problems that one caused."

"Should I send her back to the human world?"

"No, no, nothing like that. The girl has not caused me any problems. Just watch her."

"It will be difficult to do that. The half bishounen is keen of things."

"That is easily fixed. Join their party, become her bishounen. Keep them out of trouble!*"

"Yes, my Megami-sama." The angel type bishounen, Katan, bowed low to the woman, then disappeared.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:44 PM
The morning of the tournament...

"Demoonica-chan! You won't guess what I found early this morning!" Hiromi was holding a bishi-ball. Demoonica took that as a clue.

"A bishounen?"

"Yeah, how did you know?" Hiromi looked confused. Then noticed that she was clinging to the ball. "Oh, that's how." She slapped her forehead in a 'duh' fashion. "Hehe... Look, he's a Duo!" She said as she tossed the ball to the ground. In the normal glow of red light the Duo appeared.

"It's not fair sneaking up on someone while they are asleep." He said when he saw Hiromi. She glomped him just then, stopping the talkative bishounen.


"Hehehe... help! I don't mind trainer-chan but I need air!" He said her.

"Gomen, Duo. I just love you!" She hugged him harder then let him go so they both could get to their feet. Once standing, Hiromi noticed Zander had walked out of the hotel and had now stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing Duo.

"Oh hell no! I am *not* traveling with one of those overly bouncy, overly talkative, overly hyper baka's!"

Duo hid behind Hiromi. "Heheh... Who's he and what did I do?" He asked her.

Hiromi shrugged. "I don't know. He wasn't very friendly towards Pyra's Duo either come to think about it."

"I know what the problem is." Demoonica said and walked over to the half bishounen. "Zander!" She snapped at him. "Hiromi has the right to bring any bisounen into this party that she wants to. *sigh* I know you don't like the idea of traveling with someone that will be a constant reminder of what you are and where you came from, but don't you think it's time heal? To move on from hating and to give him a chance?" Zander didn't look convinced. Demoonica tapped her foot and crossed her arms. "Well?"

"Whatever you may think, I'm not wrapped around your finger you know..." Zander looked over to the bishounen, who was still behind his trainer, and then back to Demoonica. "Fine. Just know that if he gets on my nerves I do have a sword and know how to use it."

"Thank you!" Demoonica kissed his cheek. "Problem evaded Hiromi, Duo welcome to the group!"

"Woohoo!" He called out and jumped in the air. He stopped. "Hold it. Why should I be happy? Now I'm stuck traveling with the guy."

"Don't worry Duo, he just has some issues he still needs to work out. Who knows, maybe you can help him." Demoonica patted the bishounen's shoulder. She then realized she was standing next to one of her favorite bishounen, got a big smile on her face, and Glomped.


"I knew she had a fangirl in her!" Hiromi said happily, having never seen Demoonica glomp before. She waited for a second... then a minute... then three minutes... "Hey, come on! He's mine Demoonica! You've got your own version!" She pointed at Zander. Hiromi dragged Demoonica off her poor Duo.

"Whopsie, went overboard didn't I?" Demoonica blushed. Hiromi helped Duo straighten his braid.

"I'm used to it." Duo said. "I have a lot of admirers. Though I still don't understand why all the Releena's think we're all a nuisance. I mean what did we do to them? Nothing! I little practical joke now and then, but nothing big. I'd think they wouldn't like the Heero's with them always telling the girls 'Omae o korosu.' Don't you? No. They throw themselves at the feet of Heero's lovingly or at least like stalkers. Those girls are... mumph... mnunn... mnn..." Zander had walked over, grabbed Duo's braid, and stuffed it into his mouth. Duo glared at him.

Zander ignored him, then he noticed both Demoonica and Hiromi were also giving him one of those looks that said 'You just did something wrong.' "What? You know a better way to shut up his obsessive talking?"

"How would you like it if someone stuffed your braid in your mouth?"

"I'd like to think that people are smarter than trying that with me." He caught Demoonica's hand reaching out to grab his braid. "No one touches the braid and gets away with it." Demoonica's other hand grabbed his braid. "Don't you dare p... uff minn mmma munnfth!" She *had* dared to though and his braid was now hanging in his mouth like a chestnut colored rope. Demoonica started laughing.

Zander sighed in defeat. He didn't get it, anyone other than Demoonica wouldn't so much as dare do anything like that, but she would always do exactly that right after he said not to. She had done it *while* he said not to this time really. She wasn't afraid of what he could do if she got him angry. Well he wouldn't do anything to hurt her, it was Demoonica, he had promised never to hurt her. Was that why she did those things? She knew he wouldn't hurt her? She wasn't afraid to do drive him nuts because she trusted him to know she was just playing around? Like she was teasing him? (Look he can put 1 & 1 together and get 3! Hehehe... that's right 3... if you didn't know by now Zander doesn't understand relationships very well or his own feelings. He is clueless about most of those things, he follows how he feels and at times does the wrong thing because of it. Poor guy.)

Kagome walked out of the hotel. "Sorry I took so long, Inu-chan was being fussy." She bounced the chibi in her arms as she walked over. "Morning Hiromi! Who's Duo? Yours?" She handed Inu-chan to the young trainer.

"Yeah he's mine!." She hugged him with her free arm. "Duo, this is Kagome and Inu-chan, two of Demoonica's bishi's."

Duo looked at Kagome. "Is something going on between those two?" He pointed at the still giggling Demoonica and Zander who was glaring half-heartedly at her, braid still dangling out of his mouth.

Kagome laughed. "More than we will ever know."

Duo looked confused. "So they are an item? A trainer and a bishounen?"

"Zander's only half bishounen. Yeah it's a love/hate relationship. They love to pretend they hate each other!"


'Hmm, now how am I going to get this girl to capture me without making her suspicious? Catch me!? Catch? ME!?' Katan shook his head. 'What I will do for Megami-sama.' He was flying high above the ground in the early morning light, the air cool on his white feathery wings. 'What town did they say the girl was last spotted in? Ertiv?... Saboro?...Treah? Yeah, that was it. Treah City. Isn't there a tournament being held there right now? Oh great, the place will be packed.' Katan sighed.


Far away, back in the dark computer room. She was typing the list of E-mail addresses of the newest people to be brought to the bishounen world. *Yawn* 'Why do I keep waiting until there is a huge list of people? I feel like a writer that has a few dozen people wanting to be in the story.' Suddenly the light flicked on.

"Bright Lights! My Eyes! I can't see, too many glowing dots." The woman at the computer complained. "Turn those lights off!"

"Stop typing in the dark, onna!" Answered a Wufei bishounen.

"Stop calling me onna! Respectfully call me Megami-sama! Turn out those lights!" She snapped. The Wufei sighed and turned off the lights. "Thank you Wufei."

"Weakling goddess girl." Wufei mumbled.

"What was that? Oh never mind, I know I heard you right. Why are you here Wufei?"

"I came to tell you that Katan has been given the where abouts of the onna trainer. He left at dawn."

"Good. Also see to it that the Gather Dana is sent to find the Newbie that will land one mile south of Epoh City. I've gotten reports of a few Vegeta's that have been causing problems in the area."

"I'll have Alucard and Aoshi handle the situation."

"Oh and one more thing, there are reports of a human making half bishounen, find out what you can about that situation too. We may be looking at a large problem that’s going to start up. Have there been any reports of large amounts of bishounen going missing again? We didn't catch the girl the first round and I don't want to be left standing if it happens again."

"From the rumors gathered some of the trainers that went missing have turned up and your worst fear is correct. The onna trainer was using them in experiments. It does seem a problem, but the trainers themselves are putting the word out about what is going on. It's been said that they will be telling LSS-sama and Tokio-sama. There is no need to step into the spotlight. As for missing bishounen there have not been any new reports. You will find her or the trainers will find her. Either way it will be dealt with in time."

"I'm glad you believe in me Wufei." She faced the computer once again. "That will be all." Wufei didn't even nod at her as he left the darkened room.


"Wow will you look at this place! It's huge! How did they get this built so fast?" Demoonica said as she, Hiromi, Kagome with Inu-chan, and Zander walked into the tournament arena's stands.

"I'm sure we could find some geek willing to explain it in detail but right now I need to find my seats. Coming Kagome? I have an extra ticket." Hiromi held up four tickets. "Is it okay for her to join us Demoonica?"

"Of course, I'm not a heartless trainer that is going to make her bishoujo work a concession stand with a baby. What do you think I am?" She said in mock anger with a big smile on her face. "Have fun watching the tournament Kagome." Demoonica pulled out Allen, Rei, and Kai's bishi-balls. "Okay guys," she said to them after they appeared, "It's time to get to work! I have asked the people in charge if a concession stand could be set up and have the permit right here." She held up the paper, it was signed 'LSS-sama'.

By the time the first match was over Demoonica had given up on watching. However the good thing was that she was earning a large profit on the merchandise she and the others were selling. 'At least we don't have to battle nearly as much as we would have had to. I may even start a bank account at this rate.' She thought with a smile and sold another T-shirt, this one to a Xelloss fan.


"Wow that's all I can say!" Hiromi said as they walked out of the tournament stadium after the end of the fourth match. "It was even cooler than I thought it would be!"

"Even Inu-chan seemed to like watching the battles." Kagome said holding her son. Inu-chan was in a deep sleep after all the excitement of the tournaments first day. "Did you get to see any of the matches Demoonica-chan?"

"No... I was too busy most of the time. I'm not going to complain though, we turned a huge profit with the tournament prices!"

"No use trying to talk to her right now." Kai said. "She has money on the brain." Everyone nodded.

"You know it's not too late to spend an hour or two out in the field..." Hiromi started.

"Only if you camp out tonight would I even bother going out of town."

"So that means we're camping out?"

"Sure, I've spent the last week in a hotel room. I could use the fresh night air!"


"YES!!! It's true if you hunt at night you will find more bishounen!" Hiromi said as she and Demoonica peered through the bushes to the moonlit clearing. There sleeping on a low tree branch was an Alen from Sailor Moon.

"He's only a chibi." Demoonica said.

"He can't be alone, bishi do not abandon their young. If we search we are sure to find the adults that he belong with near.... hehehe...." Hiromi stopped mid-word. "...eh Demoonica-chan." She tapped Demoonica's shoulder.

"Shh... I'm looking for the older bishi..."

Hiromi tapped Zander's shoulder, he turned around to see what she was pointing to. "Demoonica." He tapped her shoulder and Kagome's.


Kagome turned around. "Demoonica!" She grabbed Demoonica and turned her around.

"What?.... Eeep!" A sama Alen bishounen had been standing behind them, with him were a sama Anne bishoujo and a san Alen. None looked happy about their family group being found or the fact that two trainers were watching their chibi and talking about catching one of them if able.

"Yes I'd say 'Eeep' too if I were you." Said the Anne. "Hey Alen? What do you think if we drain their energy for our Doomtree*?"

The older Alen smiled. "Fun as it sounds Anne my love you know we can't hurt the trainers without reason..."

"Planing on catching us isn't a reason? You know if they caught all three of us that chibi Alen would have to come with us too! Look!" She pointed at Kagome. "They already have a bishoujo with a chibi! They probably caught her for the chibi too!"

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:45 PM
It was absolutely wrong, but Anne always was one to believe what she wanted to anyway. She tossed her long pink hair with a light green hand, placing it behind her pointed ears. The Alen's also had light green skin and pointed ears, but with blue hair.

"So what do you have to say for yourselves? Huh?" Anne asked.

Demoonica eyed her bishi-balls, then looked at Hiromi. Hiromi had her hand on a ball already, Duo's if she was remembering right. It was then that she noticed more forms watching them from the shadows. Shadows with pointed ears...

"Hiromi!" Demoonica whispered. "Don't do that, there's more!"

Hiromi looked to where Demoonica nodded to slightly, she too could see the shifting shadowy forms. "What do we do?" She whispered back.

"I was talking to you humans!" The Anne yelled, hating being ignored.

"I saaaaaay.... RU...."


The area was blasted with a bright light and an energy ball burst right before them. As the dust settled they could see the smoking crater left behind. It was right between the two groups. Demoonica looked up to where the energy ball had came from...

"Great *another* shadowy form!" She said.

"Wha!?" The others looked up also. Then a energy ball was gathered in the shadows hand lighting the bishounen's face. He had light blue hair that was cut very short and soft white angel wings.

"Planning to ambush a couple of little girls out in the woods? What has the bishi kind sunk to?" He said. 'Looks like I don't need to have a plan, she causes herself to get into plenty of trouble as it is.' Katan thought to himself. He landed in front of Hiromi. "I'll handle this bunch, you girls should leave quickly."

"No fights there!" Demoonica said grabbing Kagome and Hiromi's wrist. "Let's move! Zander come on!" They could hear the burst of the second energy ball as they ran towards Treah City. They felt it through the ground also as it shook.

"Remind me to never stick around a place I see a chibi ever again!" Hiromi said loudly as she ran. "Demoonica-chan could you let go of my wrist? Your grip is hurting!"

"Sorry Hiromi!" Demoonica let her wrist go.

"Why should we run?" Zander asked. "If he is fighting we should be too!" Of corse he didn't slow down in his running either and soon all they could hear was the steady beating of their feet on the damp ground and their own breathing.

"Demoonica! I think we can stop now!" Kagome said and she stopped. She patted Inu-chan on the back and rocked him gently, the baby's head on her shoulder. His lip trembled, he could tell people were upset. He wasn't upset, but they were and that upset him. "Shh sh sh don't cry." Kagome told him.

Demoonica collapsed down onto the cool ground. "Okay, so sticking around was a bad idea, but they were almost looking for trainers to show up! They left the chibi in that clearing!"

"It does seem that way, doesn't it?" Hiromi agreed.

"I think we would have done fine in a fight!" Zander cut in.

"With just those three that was what I had been planing, but when I saw the others waiting just out of the light I knew better than to try it."

"Yeah, three unhappy bishi we could handle. Well, together we could anyway."

"I wonder who that bishounen that helped us was. Did his trainer see we needed help and send him ahead? Wouldn't he have told us if that were the case?"

"Good questions. Though we do know he's an angel type bishounen, they are mostly friendly with trainers. It's not unheard of for wild ones to help trainers."

"Really? Kagome you think it's a wild bishounen then?"

"Could be..." Kagome shrugged.

"You're quite right. I am... free. Wild is a term used on beast not bishi." The blue haired bishounen landed in front of the group. He folded his wings behind him. "I am Katan, a cherub." He gave a little bow. "I am happy to have been help to you."

"Thank you Katan. I'm Demoonica Darkmoon."

"Double thanks from me! Hiromi Wong, nice to meet a friendly wi...er.. free bishounen."

"And Kagome and Inu-chan are two of my bishi." Demoonica continued. "Zander here is with us too."

Zander nodded to the bishounen. "Hi."

There was a silence then that seemed to last forever, even though it was only a few seconds. "Errr.... well."

"We should continue on to the city, the gates haven't been closed for the night yet. Have they?" Demoonica asked Hiromi.

"Shouldn't be."

"I will join you to your city, in case you run into more trouble. Though I am sure you could handle it."

"It would be an honor, fine sir." Demoonica giggled.


"Here we are Treah City, home of the fall tournament and good part-time jobs." Demoonica said with a smile.

"She's acting strange again." Hiromi commented.

"Who's acting?" Demoonica asked. Katan shifted his weight from one foot to the other, but stood watching them. He coughed to get Demoonica's attention. "Yes?"

"It seems that I have grown fond of your groups company. I don't know how to phrase this, but would you like to have me as a bishounen?"

"Would I? Would I ever!" Demoonica glomped onto Katan. "You really want to be my bishounen? Oh WOW I've never had a bishounen want to be caught by me! Hiromi! He WANTS me to catch him! This is so cool! Katan you're so sweet! AND You want me for a trainer!" And she continued to babble.

"Makes me wish her braid was long enough to do the gag trick on her." Zander said. Kagome nodded.

"Yeah she's sounding like Duo over there." Kagome pointed to Duo's bishi-ball.

"Hey! Demoonica-chan use the ball already and talk his ear off later!" Hiromi told the happy girl.

"Oh okay." Demoonica sighed and grabbed an empty bishi-ball.

Katan looked at it for a second almost as if he wanted to change his mind. 'I can't believe I'm going through with this.' Demoonica looked at him, he looked nervous about the bishi-ball.

"Katan?" She asked. Startled he looked up at her. "You alright? Are you afraid of being in a ball?" He nodded. "I'll let you back out if you're ballaphobic."

"I'm not afraid of staying inside of a ball. I just don't know what it will be like."

"Well I'll still let you right back out after you're caught." She tapped Katan with the bishi-ball. His eyes went wide and with a flash if red light he was pulled into it. Demoonica found she was no longer sitting on his lap and landed on the ground as the light disappeared from under her. The ball in her hand shook once... twice... three times, then stopped. She pulled out her bishidex. Her bishidex reacted, saying:

"Katan of the Angel Sanctuary anime. Stage Sama. This cherub bishounen has two white angel wings and fights with energy, most of the time forming it into throw-able spheres. Katans are usually found in the company of a Rosiel bishounen, whom they love and will do anything to please. Katans are friendly only when they want to be and have never been known to get along with Setsuna Mudo bishounen. They are polite and quiet types with a deep desire to make the people they care for happy. Many times Katans have been known to sacrifice there own happiness for those people."

Demoonica closed her bishidex, put it back in her pocket, and stood up. "Okay Katan!" She tossed the bishi-ball to the ground. After he reappeared he gave an unbecoming shiver.

"That is something that I think should be fixed, those do not have any room in them at all Meg.. ah... erm... What should I call you now? Darkmoon-sama?"

"Oh goodness no, that's too proper of a title. Just call me Demoonica."


"Demoonica-chan! We should get passed the gate..."

"Oh! I forgot!" Demoonica ran over to the gate. "Hold it! We're coming in for the night, sir!" She yelled to the guard and waved her bishidex in the air.

"You girls are cutting it close." He said as he checked Demoonica's bishidex. "Okay, everything is in order." He handed it back. "There. Miss?" He held out his hand for Hiromi's bishidex.

"Come on, I was through here three times today already. Do you have to check every time?" She said handing him her dex.

"Afraid so. It's for the security of the city you know. Why just last week I caught a boy using unregistered bishi-balls!" He handed her the dex back. "Here you go, no problems."


"Unregistered balls? How was he making them?"

"Now if I told you that I would just be giving you girls ideas you shouldn't have. Don't worry about such things. Goodnight girls." He nodded at Zander, Katan, Kagome, and In-chan. "And to your bishi too."


"Hey isn't that the guy from the tournament? The one with the Washu?" Demoonica pointed to the young man sitting in the lobby of the hotel. "Yeah, there's his Washu." She motioned to the bishoujo who was typing on her holo-laptop computer.

"Want to go say hi?"

"They look busy... but it can't hurt." Demoonica walked over to the pair. "Hi! I'm Demoonica, didn't you battle at the tournament today?"

"I'm sure there was a Megumi at the tournament today..."He looked up to them. "Oh hello!"

"Ahh~hahaha, I told you my data is never wrong! At the moment it detects four bishi, one half-bishi, and two trainers here, besides ourselves Steve." Washu looked up to see them all giving her odd looks, other than her trainer. "Ehh, it was right."

"I'm glad to meet you all. You were at the tournament? Then you heard I am looking for a Megumi bishoujo, have you seen one around?"

"No, sorry." Hiromi said. "Have you Demoonica?"


Steve looked at Demoonica for a second. "Hey, aren’t you the girl that took the microphone from LSS-sama today? The one running the T-shirt stand?"

Demoonica blushed. "Ahh yeah, that was me. But it worked, I was busy all tournament long!"

"Umm good? Well I didn't think you would have seen a Megumi, oh well. We'll keep trying, right Washu?"

"Of course!" She was looking at Zander. "There's something strange about this one." She motioned to him. "Do you mind? I didn't think so!" She said with a large grin that was unnerving.


Washu grabbed Zander by the arm and sat him down in the chair in front of her. "This will only take a second..." She began typing on her laptop. "Scanning, scanning... how odd... hmmmmm yes... normal, normal, abnormal? It's not wrong..." She looked up at Zander. "What are you? My data says you aren't a human/bishounen hybrid... very odd indeed!" Again with the large scary smile.

"Let me see that!" Steve looked at Washu's laptop. "90%? Are you sure that’s right?"

"I keep telling you my data is never wrong! I the super genius little Washu knows this! Samples! We must have samples from you!" She pulled out a packaged needle. "Roll up your sleeve please!"

"No way!" Zander scurried out of his seat and back to the group. "I'm not a guinea pig! No poking, no prodding, no testing!" He said to Washu.

"Aww, it's just normal little tests.... for now."

"We can analyze the data you have from the scan, Washu. Right now back to Megumi!" He waved to Demoonica, Hiromi, and the others. "We will see you again, yes? At the tournament?"

"Sure, I'll be at the T-shirt stand again tomorrow. Good night."

"Night Steve." Hiromi said and headed to her room.


"Boy things here just keep getting stranger and stranger, don't they Kagome?" Demoonica said as she fixed a pack of Ramen with hot water from the rooms coffee machine. Kagome took the water filled coffee pot and filled part of a baby bottle.

"Yea, all that with the Sailor Moon bishi, then Katan showing up," She nodded at Katan who was talking with Rei. "finding out about the unregistered bishi-balls, and having Steve and Washu studying Zander. It's more than I'd like to do on a normal daily basis." She put the baby formula into the bottle and filled it the rest of the way up with cold water. She shook it, then tested its temperature on her wrist. "Okay Demoonica, second lesson on babies, did you watch what just I did?"

Demoonica nodded.

"Hope you did and hope you remember, because you're making his bottle in the morning." Kagome said walking over to where In-chan was laying on the bed, Allen was there shaking a rattle for him. "Thanks for keeping him occupied Allen." She picked her son up and gave the bottle to In-chan. "Here we go!"

"My pleasure Lady Kagome."

Demoonica sighed. "So what's the verdict? Should I keep him?" Demoonica laughed and tussled Katan's hair.


Demoonica was running.... cold... dark... 'Where am I?' She thought. 'Where am I going?' She could see figures all around her running also, with her... they were frightened, also. "Zander!" She called out. There was no answer.

"Run sister-san!" A voice told her. Suddenly there was a burst of flames beside her and she heard screams. Demoonica went to help.

"No don't!" Cried another voice and someone grabbed her wrist pulling her away from the person who needed help.

"You can not stop!" The first voice told her. "If you do they will get you! The humans, remember!"

"Humans? Demoonica asked finally hearing her own voice, or not her voice.

"Ella run!" Called the first voice again. Demoonica didn't know what was happening. 'Why are they calling me Ella? What's happening?' She stopped running and turned around, looking behind her. "Fire! Houses, buildings... all burning! People running passed her, children screaming, crying... 'Where am I?' Demoonica thought again.

"Sister! Noooooo! Eeelllaaaa!!!" Cried the voice to her. Demoonica saw the bishi-ball come flying at her.....


"Waaaaaaahhh!!!!" Demoonica sat up in bed, her heart was beating fast and she had broken out in a sweat. She looked around, she was in her room at the hotel. Kagome was in the other bed that was in the room, In-chan sleeping beside her. Demoonica got out of bed, walking to a window. She looked out at Treah City, everything was fine here. There was no fire, no screams. It was peaceful and quiet in the big city this late at night.

"It was all a dream?" She asked to the empty night. "I was in a bishi city that was under attack... by the humans. By trainers... I saw it all from the view of a bishoujo that was there..." She sat down on her bed. "Was it a dream? It seemed so real."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:46 PM
"Demoonica! Better wake up!" Kagome shook Demoonica by the shoulder. Demoonica opened a single eye.

"It's barely light out Kagome!" She rolled over, putting her back to the bishoujo.

"Inu-chan will wake up hungry. I thought to give you time to make a bottle without being in a rush. Sleep if you want to."

Demoonica sighed and rolled out of bed. "I'm up." She yawned. "Just not awake yet." She poured the water into the coffee machine to heat. "So what was the measurement again for the formula?" She picked up the formula canister and started to read.


"The second day of the tournament doesn't start till eleven. What do you want to do till then?" Hiromi asked Demoonica after they met up later that morning.

"That's what three hours? Why don't you go to the gym Hiromi? The guy is a pathetic trainer."

"Training isn't everything. But I'll go, I need to start getting gym wins if I ever want to be in a tournament later. Later Demoonica-chan."

"See you! Good luck!" Demoonica waved.


Back at the dark computer room...

*knock knock knock*

"Enter." Said the dark haired woman who was still sitting behind the computer.

The door opened and the Wufei entered. "Katan has made contact with the onna trainer and her group."

"Has he entered their ranks?"

"He has. They do not suspect him of anything. He seems to have their trust, Ima-..."

"Good." She cut him off. "We don't need trainers looking for trouble. He should be able to handle the whims of one teen aged girl. You may go, Wufei."

"Yes, Megami-sama."


"Are you sure we should have came back out here after last night? Alone?" Kagome asked Demoonica as they walked through the forest.

"We aren't alone Kagome." Zander said. He motioned to the other bishounen, all out of bishi-balls.

"And I wanted to." Demoonica said. They were walking along the well worn path to the first large clearing, the same one that they had been in the night before. "I was wondering, guys, what did trainers do when they found bishi cities? I'm not asking where they are or anything, just what happens?"

"Well, it depends on the trainer that finds a city. Most of the time they've wondered in on accident. So we just make sure they don't remember that they were there and 'port them out of the area. Usually to the closest human city. Why?"

"Okay, but that wasn't what I was wanting... what did the trainers that find bishi cities *do*? Their actions?"

"What did they do? Most of the time glomp! That or explain why they were where they shouldn't be."

"Auuuug...." Demoonica shook her head. She wasn't asking the right question. "Try this. What did trainers do before they had bishi-balls?" All her bishounen stopped walking. Most of them looked horrified or lost in painful memories. "Did I ask something wrong?"

"Why do you want to know about such things?" Katan asked.

Demoonica sighed and sat down on a fallen tree. "I had this dream.... I was a bishoujo and my home was being attacked by trainers. I was running, with my brother and the others.... It was so frightening, it was so real.... Is that what happened before the trainers had bishi-balls? They would raid your homes? Steal your loved ones? Burn the towns to keep you in the open?" Demoonica shivered, she could still feel the fire's heat on her skin.

"You dreamt this?" Katan asked. To Demoonica he sounded worried. 'Just great, I can't contact Megami-sama to see if there have been any reports!' He thought.

"Yes, last night."

"I wouldn't worry about the dream Demoonica." Kagome said. "Though it was about right for the way things were. The trainers haven't done anything like that for a very long time."

"I guess you're right Kagome. It just had me upset, that's all." Demoonica looked around. "Hey, isn't this the place from last night? Wow, Katan your fight did some damage didn't it?"

"Well, I was only distracting them so you could get away. I didn't stay and fight."

"That means they're still nearby doesn't it?" She started looking around with a little fear.

"I wouldn't think so, it's too close to the city." Kai said. "They've left if they're smart."

"And if they're not, then we'll beat them!" Rei, who was sitting beside her, made a fist in front of him. "No one messes with our trainer and gets away with it! Right, guys?"

"That is right, M'lady." (Allen)

"Of course." (Kai)

"Yeah, no one!" (Kagome)

"Humph..." (Marou)

"That goes for me also. No one, ever." (Zander)

"True. I will protect you." (Katan)

"Oh! Thank you all..." She hugged Rei who was closest to her. "...I never realized just how much you all really do mean to me. You won't ever leave me, would you?"

"We'll never leave your side Demoonica!" Said Kagome. The others agreed. "You're a friend, not just a trainer. I'm glad you caught me, not some one else, and proud to be your bishoujo."

"What about you Zander? Will you ever leave my side?"

He shook his head. "Never. Never ever."

"Thank you." Demoonica smiled at the group before her, nearly crying. "You know, when I was home I always felt so alone. I was too shy to make many friends, or too weird when someone did talk to me. I was the only person in my school that even knew what Anime was. My little sister, Exonia, I miss her. Mum and Dad. I wonder what they are doing. Though as much as I miss them, I know they are alright. Now, here in this world, I'm no longer alone. I don't feel lost in a crowd of faces I don't know. It's because of all of you." She looked at Marou. "Difficult to get along with as you may be." She looked at Zander. "I wish this would never have to come to an end."

"Sounds like you're wishing for immortality to me." Marou said.

"Maybe so, but I know all things end. We have a long time until then and I want a place to come back to, a place to call home here in the Bishi World."

"Then we will help you make your dreams come true Demoonica." Kagome said.

Demoonica nodded. "Always."


"Easy win was right, Demoonica-chan. The battle between you and Merina looked so much better." Hiromi said as she held onto Duo's arm. He was blushing slightly. "I was so happy when Duo won the second match that I kissed his cheek." She smiled and watched her Duo turn full red across the face.

"See. I told you so. I wonder how he got the job really."

"If we're going to the second day of the tournament then we had better start walking." Kagome interrupted.

"Oh! Right!" Demoonica laughed.

"Hey you’re in a better mood than this morning, what happened?"

"I just had a dream last night, that's all. It was nothing really." Demoonica waved a hand.

"Well... okay. If you want to talk, I be there to listen. Got it?"

"Yup." Demoonica looked up at the stadium. "Never will figure out how they set this place up so fast, will we?"

"Guess not. Come on guys, let's get some good seats for today. See ya!" Hiromi waved as she, Duo, and Kaiba went to find seats.

"Tell me what happens! I don't think I'll see much of it again." She pointed to the line of people waiting for her to open the T-shirt stand. "Now for my promotion!" Demoonica smiled then ran over to the center of the arena and grabbed the microphone away from LSS-sama once again. "Hi! Demoonica here! We're busy as ever working to make you, our customers happy with the Bishie T-shirt stands here! Come by during the day! We'll polish your Bishi-balls, sell you T-shirts, and offer you fast food!"

"Oh no she's at it again!" Zander looked over at Demoonica's bishounen. "Stay here guys. I'll go get her before she embarrass herself." He hurried over to her. Sweat dropping, he grabbed her and whispered, "Demoonica! Your lucky they don't throw you out! They will if you keep doing this!" He glanced nervously at the crowd. "Please, I don't like it out here!"

"What? But Zander-! Ooh, fine." She hung her head. "Back to you, LSS-sama!" With a smile Demoonica handed the microphone back to LSS-sama.

Zander grabbed her wrist. "I don't know what the hell you’re thinking sometimes!" He dragged her off to the arena sidelines. "Baka!"

"First off, let's welcome ANYA to the tournament!" They heard LSS-sama say and the crowd cheered wildly.

It was then that a voice came over the speaker system. "Would the Auron belonging to Siren please report to the information desk. Your trainer is looking for you. Repeat the Auron who belongs to Siren please report to the information desk. Your trainer is looking for you."

Demoonica shook her head. It looked like someone had gotten separated from their bishounen in the crowd. "Hey! No pushing in the line! I'm opening already!" She said as she entered the side door to the T-shirt stand.


Anya sat looking at the clock that hung on the back wall of the T-shirt stand, well it was more than that... They served fast food also. "Almost noon..."

Zander looked over at her. "A perfect time for lunch! Want a hot dog?" He asked.

"Actually, make that... Six."

"Six hot dogs, coming right up!"

"Make that seven!" Called a boy. After a minute of talking with the girl who had placed the order he yelled, "I NEED A SLUSHIE NOW!" The few other people who were there gave the boy an odd look.

'Humans...' Zander sweat dropped. "Okay, okay," he muttered. "Don't scare away the customers..." 'I'm starting to sound like Demoonica now.' He thought to himself as he fixed the slushie.

Demoonica came out of the back carrying the hotdogs. "Here're the seven hot dogs!" she said, dropping said food in front of Anya. "Anything else?"

"Um... ketchup, mustard, and fries with LOTS of salt would be nice," she said.

"Coming right up!" as she reentered the back she looked at Rei and Kai who were just standing there talking. "It's not that easy guys, she want's fries with that... come on the lunch time rush will be starting soon. Fix up a few extra turns and place them under the heat lamp."

"Didn't I say I wasn't selling hotdogs?" Kai asked as he dumped a turn of fries into the bubbling vegetable oil.

"You’re not selling them! You’re making them!" Demoonica said with a smile.

"I'm going to get you for this..."

"Aw come on Kai-kun, work never hurt anybody."

He jumped back as the oil bubbled and sent some splattering onto his apron. "Says you."

Demoonica laughed. "Just make the fries. Be back, I think we have another costumer." She walked back out and over to the people who were talking. "Hiyas! Want a T-shirt!" she asked.

"Uh, no thanks."

"Already got three."

"Oh, okay. Oh, if you want we'll polish your belt and Bish-balls for a very low price! We got a professional, ya know! How about it?"

The first girl, Anya, paused and considered that. "Well, I haven't really cleaned it..." She glanced down at her belt. "Sure, I'll do that." She took off her belt, only stopping to take off the occupied Bish-balls before offering the belt to Demoonica. "Please clean this up, would you?"

"Sure thing! Now where's Kagome...?" Demoonica wandered off, Anya's belt in hand. She walked past the kitchen area where Rei and Kai were now working. Rei had a basket of fries ready to take out. "Oh and she said extra salt!" She called and walked into the next room.

Allen and Kagome were there playing cards. Inu-chan was sitting on the inside corner of the couch, propped up, with his bottle in his mouth. "Kagome, thanks for suggesting the bishi-belt cleaning idea! Here is the first work order." She handed her the belt. "Allen, could you put on that..." She pointed to the black pants and red work shirt hanging on a changing screen. She, Rei, Kai and Zander had already changed into theirs. "...and an apron? We need some help in the kitchen. Oh and braid that hair! Kagome you will help him? Right?"

"Of course!"

"How did I end up with most of my bishonen having longer hair than me?" Demoonica sighed and walked back towards the front. Where she opened up a random manga from the shelves of the ones for sale. it was only about ten minutes until a girl walked up to her.

"Excuse me? When will my belt be done?"

"Um..." Demoonica looked up at the clock. "Soon, I imagine..."

Suddenly the two heard numerous screams from the back room, where Anya's belt was being taken care of.

Demoonica blinked and sighed. "Make that an hour or two."

"Okay, thanks. I'll be back for it."

"Wait, what's your name?"


"All right. When you come back show whoever's here your Dex so you can get it back."

"Sure thing." Anya walked back to her Bishonen. Soon as she was gone Demoonica jumped up and ran to see what had happened. She walked into the back room to find Allen looking in the mirror. His long hair was pulled back into a braid and his bangs had likewise been pulled back from the sides and put into a smaller braid that hung down on top the first. It looked very much like how a Relena did her hair. Demoonica giggled.

"Hey Demoonica? Who's bishi-belt is this?" Kagome asked holding up the belt. All the balls were setting on the table top.

"Umm... Anya's the girl. She fought first this morning."

"Anya? Hey isn't that one of the girls who came to the baby shower?"

"Oh my gosh! You're right, I didn't even recognize her from last week!" Demoonica hit her head. "I never even thought!"


Later that evening...

"Did you see that! It was so cool, Anya was great!" Hiromi said. "And Kenshin fought so well!"

"I did get to see some of the match. You’re right, Anya and Kenshin work really well together. Wasn't her Kenshin a chibi not too long ago?" She shrugged. "I hope she heard you cheering from the stand."

"I'm sure she did. So what are we doing tonight, Demoonica?"

"What we do every night Hiromi, try to take over the Bishi World! Mwahahah!" *BONK!* "Hey! Why'd you hit me?"

"For acting strange again, and stealing lines from little white lab mice!"

"I'm not acting! I'm just naturally odd." Demoonica gave a big goofy grin.

"I know and that's the scarey part." Hiromi said trying not to laugh. She giggled, Demoonica cracked up laughing, Hiromi did too. Kagome looked at them.

"Couple of odd ones aren't they?" She asked Inu-chan, he giggled at them. "Oh! Not you too!" Kagome giggled.

Zander just walked along with them, they were not dragging him down into fits of childish laughter. No they would not. "Are you finished acting the fool?" He asked as they rounded a street corner.

Demoonica was still giggling. "Well, for now I guess."


"Not again! Zander..."

He put an arm around her shoulders. "Baka, baka, baka..."

"You’re being mean." She crossed her arms and pouted.

"I'm teasing you. Lighten up right now would you?"

"First I'm being a silly fool, now you want me to lighten up! You can't have it both ways."

"I want you to be yourself, not acting all bouncy. You are acting..."

"So what if I am trying to be more happy than I feel?!"

"You’re upset, you can't hide that from me. Being more hyper than normal may fool everyone else, but not me."

"How do you always know?"

"I have my ways." Zander said with a smile.

"Uuhhggg. That line is as annoying as 'It's a secret!' In a way that's what you’re saying, anyways." Demoonica made a wild gesture with her arms, flinging them in the air. "I give up, really I do! I'm never going to understand you!" She sped up her walking, soon catching up with Hiromi and Kagome that had gotten far ahead of her and Zander.


Demoonica fell back onto her bed with a great sigh. 'Why did I start an argument with Zander? He was only being truthful. Well it is annoying having him read my emotions like that.' She sighed and rolled to lay on her side. 'I understand it though, I was trying to be more happy than I felt. That dream has me more upset than I thought. Why am I still thinking about it after this morning?' She rolled back onto her back and ran her hands through her bangs. She drew a big breath and puffed out her cheeks. "I blew it didn't I?" She finally asked out loud.

"Blew what?" Kagome asked. She was on the other bed, Inu-chan asleep beside her.

"I messed up with Zander, yelling at him like that."

"You two just are sometimes too much alike for your own good. Both of you are stubborn and keep important things to yourselves. No wonder you end up all lovey one second and fighting like cats the next!"

"That bad?"

"Worse..." Kagome giggled. "You two remind me of how Inuyasha and I were when we first met. All we could do was get on each others nerves. Then things kept pushing us together, getting us into situations that we had to work together, and feelings grew. I know you like him Demoonica and he likes you just as much. It takes time to work things out. Give it that time."

"It's just... we... *sigh* Oh I don't know! It's like he reads my emotions sometimes! And he tries to manipulate them to put me in a different mood!"

Kagome was now laughing very hard at her fuming trainer.


"I'm sorry, but it is funny watching you be so clueless."


"You’re in *love* with him! And you are being so stubborn about it that you missed it! He's not reading your mind with 'strange powers' he watches you constantly, girl! Don't you even notice? And you can be so easy to read!" She was still laughing a bit as she continued to talk. "I'm sure he's sitting in his own room right now brooding about this just like you."

"L... l.. ll... loo..... Ai." Demoonica stuttered out. "He watches me constantly?"

"Gods girl, you’re hopeless."


In Zanders room...

"Idiot!" Zander hit the pillow with his fist. He was laying face down on his bed cursing himself. 'Why didn't I just leave her alone about it? I'm so stupid!!!' The pillow went flying across the room, hitting the wall softly and falling. Zander growled angrily, mentally beating himself up.

'You can be such a fool some times, Zander.' He told himself. Unknowingly his eyes were glowing brightly again. The cool dark energy finding a hold in him, grasped tight. 'She just wants everyone around her to be happy! So what if she was acting?' And the energy grew with his anger. Zander sat up. 'She probably hates me now.' His head hurt.

Zander started to raise a hand to his head, but before he could finish the motion blackness enveloped him. He slumped back on the bed, passing out. If anyone had been there to see it, they could have seen his eyes turn to pure violet orbs again as they fluttered shut.

There was a knock on the door. "Zander?" Demoonica asked. "Hey, are you still awake?" She waited for an answer, when none came she said. "I guess you either don't want to talk to me or you are asleep." She sounded down hearted. "Well, we’re meeting Hiromi and Merina in a half hour to go out in the field. I'll see you there I guess, that is if you want to come with us. You don't have to..." Demoonica walked away, back to her own room.

Kagome heard the door to their room open, the slow steps as Demoonica entered, and the door slowly close. She knew it had been a bad visit. "So how did it go?" She asked, then turned to see Demoonica standing there watching the floor.

"He didn't answer the door. He may have been asleep." She walked to her room and again fell down onto her bed. "I just want to be left alone right now, okay Kagome? Tell me when the girls get here."

Kagome watched as her trainer left, all the happiness gone out of her. "Oh Demoonica..." She said sadly.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:47 PM
"Demoonica-chan! Wake up!" Hiromi shook Demoonica's shoulder for the umpteenth time.

"I can wake her up." Kagome leaned down and whispered something into Demoonica's ear. Hiromi and Merina only caught the words 'Zander' and 'ribbon'. The young trainer sat bold up right and looked around frantically. Kagome started laughing. "It's too easy."

"That's not funny Kagome! You nearly gave me a heart attack."

"Ha! The only thing making your heart beat faster is your hormones!"

Demoonica ran a hand through her hair. "It's still not funny... *Is* Zander here yet?"

Kagome shook her head. "Haven't seen him since he went to his room."

Demoonica looked at the floor. "Oh." She said in a meek voice.

"What's up?" Hiromi asked.

Merina looked at her and shook her head. "Don't know."

"She and Zander got into it again. Must have been a big fight, they still aren't talking."

"That's awful!"

"Would you rather we not go out this evening, Demoonica?"

Demoonica looked at them. "I'll come. Though if Zander doesn't show..."

"Then we go with out him!" Kagome said with a humph. She walked out of the room, Inu-chan in her arms. They heard her mumble some thing like, "Men are blind to women's feelings."


"Megami-sama! Megami-sama!" Wufei came running into the dark computer room.

"What?!" She said turning away from the computer.

"The city... of the Shadow Skill Bishi... it's... it's..." The Wufei was breathing hard, obviously he had ran all the way there. "...It's been raided by trainers!... Fire..."

"The Shadow Skill territories are on the southern continent... what could be happening down there?" She turned to her computer and pulled up a video link to the southern continent. A Lady Subaru from .hack//SIGN appeared on the screen.

"Oh! Megami-sama!"

"Subaru, what is happening down there?"

"Happening?" She truly looked confused.

"Have you not been informed?! The territory nearest yours, those of Shadow Skill, have been raided! Haven't there been any of their bishi's being sighted in your territories? I was sure they would have sought refuge within your cities!"


Out in the field...


"What was that?" Hiromi asked.

"Twig." Merina said.

"No da." Demoonica said. She got looked at oddly. "Well you did state the obvious. So I said no da..." They still didn't get it.

"Why did you use Chichiri's catch phrase?"

"Oi, let me explain... in America it was changed to 'no duh' when people first heard Japanese words and tried to pronounce them. We did a horrible job, ne?"

"I always wondered about that." Hiromi said.

"So who stepped on a twig?"

"Him." Merina pointed to a blond standing in front of them wearing a bishi-belt. He had blue eyes and spikey yellow hair. He definitely wasn't a teenager anymore, looking to be in his late twenties or even his early thirties. He waved.

"Why didn't you say something!"

"I just did."

"Hello! I am William 'Bill' Williams the Third. You can call me Bill." He said coming over to the group. "It's nice to see trainers out in the field. I normally am in my lab or the gym, but I came out looking for an Amy Bishoujo from Sailor Moon, I like bishi's that are smart and inventive. Like me and my B-Ko."

"Well... we..."

"Would you all do me a favor?" They all just looked at him. "Good! Follow me back to my lab in Treah City. I've been looking for people to try out my latest invention!"

Hiromi looked at Demoonica, Demoonica looked at Kagome, Kagome looked at Merina, Merina looked at Hiromi. They all shrugged and followed Bill back to Treah City. It was a little after ten that night when they arrived. Inside the lab they met a woman with red hair and blue eyes that looked remarkably like Britney Spears. Bill introduced her as his wife Heather. (How a geek like Bill got a woman like her to marry him we will never know.)

Heather noticed chibi Inu-chan right away. "Oh, a chibi. One of you girls is very lucky!"

"Chibi?" Bill asked. Then he too noticed Inu-chan. "Looks a little bit *young* for a bishounen."

"Oh! Don't worry. Kagome is his mother, so he was born in captivity." Demoonica quickly explained.

He then introduced his three year old son, Oscar, to the trio of girl trainers, and Kagome. The little boy had blue eyes and curly blond hair. Taking time to read the shirt Oscar was wearing, written on it was: The Future Mad Scientist union #42. At the time the three year old was tinkering with one of his fathers unfinished projects, Bill didn't seem to mind.

"What was so important that we needed to come all the way here?" Demoonica asked.

"Bishi-balls, you know how bishi complain about them so much. Right? I've found a solution!" He paused for a dramatic effect.

"Okay!" Said Demoonica. "All I ever hear about bishi-balls is how tiny and cramped they are. You say that you've found a solution. Tell us!" She told Bill who now sat at his computer. 'Oi, Geeks.' She thought.

"I've found a way to create a 'Pocket Dimension' within the ball allowing us to make bishi-balls more like a portable room! It came to me while working with the Capsule Corp. capsules, capsules basically do the same thing only on a smaller scale. The plus side is that I've made a breakthrough that allows us, humans, to enter a 'PD' Sphere without the need to worry about being caught inside. I've found that the entrance will only close when the exact bishi it is coded to is alone inside or if no one at all is in it."

"Can I say: Wow!" Demoonica looked at the ball Bill was holding. "What do you mean by the 'bishi it's coded to'? How do you use them?"

"Well 'PD' Spheres are like normal bishi-balls. You see bishonen only return to a single ball, the one they are caught with, they never mix up what ball they go to."

"Okay. So how do you make them?"

"Each 'PD' Sphere is normally made from existing bish-balls. It's like making normal bishi-balls except we use both the trainer and the bishi's blood. The trainer's blood for keeping the bond with their bishi and the bishi's blood for safety reasons. Of course in the future I'm sure there will be a way to code them to multiple bishi's. Think of it! 'PD' Sphere Apartments, 'PD' Sphere Condos, 'PD' Sphere Town Houses, a time share in Florida!" Everyone was looking at him oddly, but he didn't seem to notice and continued talking. "But that's still being worked on. I can also upgrade all your unused bishi-balls to 'PD' Spheres."

"Yes, but how do you make them?" Merina asked.

"Like this! Hand me one of your bishi-balls. I'll give these ones to you for free. I need to field test them before I put them on the market." Bill held out his hand for the ball. "With this, the 'Pocket Dimension' Bishi-Sphere Maker I can upgrade any used bishi-ball into a 'PD' sphere!" He patted a small machine that was setting beside his computer. "Well it's more like a Bishi-ball Upgrader, isn't it?"

"Who's do you want?" Demoonica asked.

"Doesn't matter. Though give me a used one so I can show you the entire process."

Demoonica took a ball and handed it to her science geek friend. "Here, it's Kagome's."

Bill took the ball and kept a hold on Demoonica's wrist. "All it takes is one drop for a single ball." He poked Demoonica's finger and squeezed a drop of blood onto the top panel of the machine. "Kagome, if you please?" He repeated the process. Then the bishi-ball was placed inside the little door on the front of the machine. Closing it he said, "There it's all set. It will only take a second."

Bill pushed the large green button on the front of the machine, actually it was the only button on the machine. There was a whirl type noise and then a beeping like that of a microwave. "The trick is to leave it until the beeping stops. The hard part is remembering it's one push of the button for making 'PD' Spheres and two pushes for making coffee..." He said with such a strait face no one could tell if he was joking or not.

'Come to think of it, the thing does look like a microwave. The 'PD' Microwave!' Thought Demoonica and she tried not to giggle at the nickname. 'He better not mess up Kagome's ball.'

"...and never push the button twice if you are making a Sphere..." Behind him they could see his B-Ko shiver at the memory of it.

The beeping stopped. "All done. See, fast and easy! Just like I said." Bill opened the door and took the ball out. At first glance it didn't look different. "Here we go, it came out perfect." He turned the ball around. Where it had once only been black and silver with the release button there was now another button labeled: 'PD Door to Kagome's Room, Trainer Number 2016' in tiny letters.

"PD door?" Demoonica asked.

"Pocket Dimension door, it will open to a room that is twenty by twenty by ten feet. Try it. Just push the button and place the ball on the ground."

Demoonica did as instructed, pushing the button and placing it on the floor. "Now what?" She had barely said it when a door magically materialized in front of her. "Never mind."

Demoonica grabbed the handle and opened the door. Looking through it they all could see a plain, empty, white room. Hiromi looked at it, went to the side and looked at the back. From the sides and back the door was just a one inch thick rectangle. "That's just weird." She said.

"It's empty." Merina said.

"What? You think it comes fully furnished? Decorate it to suite yourself." Bill said as he walked through the door. "You know, I didn't know what size to make the room so I made them on the large side. Lighting, as you can see, is already installed. It can be adjusted with the screen on your right." He pointed to the computer screen on the wall right beside the door. "With that you can change the walls coloring, lighting, temperature, etc. Also note that the walls can be adjusted to have 'windows'."

"There's an outside?" Kagome asked.

"No. I meant they can be programmed to have video widows. Think of it as a real time weather channel. It gives the illusion of an outside, with sound if you like."

"These things are top of the line in luxury! You thought of every single detail." Hiromi said. "Upgrade mine next!"

"They've been in development since about two months after I arrived here. Fourteen years in the making!" Bill said proudly.

"That's a long wait to find out if it would work."

"Well, I've been testing it with B-Ko's bishi-ball. Every time it messed up, I would just release her and catch her in a new ball. Then start testing again. It's great to have Bishoujo who stay loyal after being released. She didn't mind at all. Great girl, and smart!" Bill was grinning. "Would you like to see the first 'PD' Sphere that came out properly?"

"Sure. I guess."

Bill walked out of the 'PD' room, back into his lab, and over to a door that he swung open. Tons of broken bishi-balls fell out, clattering at his feet.

"That's a lot of broken balls there Bill." Demoonica said as a silver half rolled to her foot and stopped.

"Sue me, I'm a pack rat." He said while digging through a box sitting on a shelf within the storage closet. "That's strange. I can't find it.... Oh... I forgot. Oscar, can I borrow your necklace?" The little boy handed over the round pendant. Bill walked over to Demoonica and held out his hand. Setting on it was a *Plaid* 'PD' ball only an inch big.

"Why does it look sea-sick?" Hiromi asked.

"No!!!" Bill cried. "I wanted people to be able to tell them apart from the old bishi-balls. Isn't it great?"

"It's Plaid!" Demoonica said and made a face.

"Everyone says that when they see it..."

"But it's Plaid!"

"It's supposed to be Plaid!"

Demoonica shook her head. "Okay, I give. Why do you let Oscar wear it?"

"Oh, well. It may be the first one to work properly, but the catch mechanism got messed up. It couldn't catch a bishi if they agreed to be caught! Oscar likes playing with it, it's like a yo-yo with an invisible string. He throws it and it always comes back."

Every one was now outside the 'PD' Sphere, Demoonica looked at it. "Bill how do I get it back to just a ball?"

"Easy, close the door. It checks to see what is inside, if everything is in order then 'poof' back to ball form."

"Okay." Demoonica closed the door. A second later she was able to pick up the ball. "Will you do the rest now?"


Soon Bill had all of Demoonica, Hiromi, and Merina's occupied bishi-balls upgraded into 'PD' Spheres.

"Now it's easier for the unused balls." He said. Demoonica rubbed her sore fingers. She had been pricked in the finger six times, once for each ball. (Inu-chan is hers technically, but he isn't caught.) Merina had gotten it four times and Hiromi had it easy with only two. "Easer for your fingers too. For unused balls don't need anything to code to. They will code automatically to the bishi that is captured within them."

It took less time for the unused balls. Each girl was able to put all of hers in at the same time. Bill waved as the girls left his lab. "Remember to tell your friends about the upgraded 'PD' Spheres! I need a few more field testers for them!" He called.

"Okay! I'll put up a sign tomorrow at the tournament! Be ready for a huge rush of people though, because after they see these...!" Demoonica smiled. "Thanks again Bill!"


"Man it's late." Said Hiromi with a yawn. "Demoonica-chan can I crash with you? My hotel is clear across town."

"Sure, no problem. Merina want to stay too?"

Merina shrugged. "Okay."

"Oh and you can meet my Katan and Hiromi's Duo!"

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:48 PM
Demoonica woke up the next morning to a more crowded room than normal. Hiromi was sleeping on the floor to her right, blankets kicked off of her. Merina she knew to be at the foot of her bed, though from where she was Demoonica couldn't see her. Along one more or less empty wall each of the girls had set up an open 'PD' Sphere. They were side by side and she found it odd that the rooms didn't squish together. Inside the artificial rooms their bishounen had set up their sleeping bags, happy to be free of cramped spaces forever and have company. It turned out that the rooms inside of 'PD' Spheres where there at all times, even when a ball was closed, but they liked the idea of leaving them open so they all could be together and have their own pajama party. At least that was Duo and Rei's idea.

The girls found out that most of their bishounen were very upset about being in a tiny, pitch black space one second and a blinding white room the next. Most of them thought they had been bishinapped and teleported to a holding area. All of them found the door would not open from the inside.

Hiromi's Duo had been unaffected and when they opened the 'PD' door to his room found he had changed the walls to black and red Zebra stripes. Her Kaiba also had found out how to work the computer screen and his room was a soft pastel green. Merina's Sesshoumaru, Folken, and Vash hadn't bothered theirs. Vash was extremely happy to see her and nearly glomped his trainer. Sesshoumaru didn't like the computer and made a slight frown at it after being told how it worked. Trowa had discovered the rooms had a built in closet that Bill had forgotten to mention.

Demoonica had found Allen sitting in a corner, highly upset by it all. Marou was his usual self, he hadn't bothered the computer, and was sitting in the middle of the room cross-legged, meditating. Kai had lowered the temperature and had been launching his Dranzer Beyblade the whole time. He seemed to not care when the door opened and Demoonica looked in, but she as she left she saw him give a small smile. Rei had also been highly upset and had clung to her until she could explain the 'PD' Sphere thing to him. Katan had been more surprised than upset, then highly impressed. He said that this 'Bill' guy was quite the inventor to make such great things.

"Wake up Merina." Demoonica said to Hiromi, then noticed her friend was still asleep. The girls had decided to go shopping for basic furnishings before todays tournament battles. They had fixed up a poster to place on the T-shirt stand's wall to advertise Bill's 'PD' Spheres as well. That they would have to set up before the tournament opened also.

Demoonica shook her head, thinking about the 'PD' Spheres. "I can just imagine how much those will cost when placed on the market."

"Ahhhh...huuummm?" Hiromi asked half yawn, half questioning sound as she stretched out. "What'd you say?" This was followed by another full yawn.

"Don't worry about it." Demoonica crawled to the end of her bed and leaned over to poke at Merina. "Morning!" She said a little louder than necessary.

"Ha... huum...wha?" Merina jumped, suddenly awake. Then she too let out a yawn and looked sleepily at Demoonica. Who yawned.

"Don~ *yawn* Don't do that! It's catching!" This was followed by a sleepy giggle.

"What time is it?" Hiromi asked as she joined Merina at the foot of the bed. Demoonica looked back at the digital clock on the stand between her and Kagome's beds.

"Seven o'clock." She looked over to Kagome. She was still asleep. Inu-chan wasn't and sitting up trying to get a toe into his mouth. Demoonica giggled. "Hungry Inu-chan?" The chibi looked up at the sound of his name, seeing Demoonica he gave a giggle and dropped his foot to the bed. He then clapped his hands together happily and began to babble. "I take that as a yes." Demoonica said.

She slipped off the bed and began rummaging through her backpack after the loose capsules. "I wonder if Bill has a storing/sorting device for capsules. He did say he got the 'PD' Sphere idea from working with them." She found the capsule containing the baby supplies. In a puff of purple smoke they appeared. "Let's see... formula..."

Meanwhile Hiromi and Merina had gotten their sleeping bags rolled up and put away. Sounds of snoring could be heard coming from two 'PD' rooms. Merina found that it was Vash who was making the most noise out of her four. Hiromi's Duo wasn't as loud as Vash, but he too was found snoring away.

Demoonica had just finished making Inu-chan a fresh bottle when Kagome stretched and woke up. "Morning Kagome!" Demoonica said and handed her the bottle. "Here, already fixed."

"Thanks." She picked up Inu-chan and gave him his bottle.

Demoonica walked into the 'PD' room of her own bishounen. Katan and Marou were awake... and apparently having a staring competition. Of course it could be the whole demon and angel thing... Demoonica sighed. Allen was closest to the door and she quickly woke him up. Her Kai and Rei were both asleep halfway across the room. "Wake up Rei-chan! Kai-kun!" She called.

Nothing. Demoonica walked over to the pair of bishounen to find that both of them were wearing earplugs. She grabbed the string to one and pulled. "Good morning Rei-chan!"

A single amber colored eye opened to look at her. "Not 'morning..." He pulled the cover over his head. All that could be seen was his long bound hair snaking its way out from under the cover and crossed the floor, over to Kai's spot. She noticed that the end of it was clutched in the hand of still sleeping Kai. Demoonica giggled, if asked she would guess her Kai turned out to be a person who was a 'cuddle bug'.

"Oh no you don't!" She pulled the cover off Rei who was dressed in lavender pajamas.

"Hey~" He sat up and tried to take his cover back.

"Nope!" Demoonica waved the cover at him and then tossed it out of reach. Rei pouted. "Too cute!" She said looking Rei in the face. "Keep doing that Rei-chan, and I won't be able to keep myself from glomping you..." She stood back up. "Now upsy-dasiey!"

Rei went to stand, then... *Fwump!* landed back on his butt. "Itai!" Rei rubbed the back of his head where his ponytail started. Reaching back he grabbed his bound hair and pulled on it. It didn't come. He turned around where he sat and grabbed his hair again, now he saw who had a hold of it. "Kai! Let go of my hair!" He wined and pulled again. "Demoonica! Help me! Wake the grumpy one here up..." He pointed at Kai. "...so I can get my hair back!"

"But I hate to wake him!" Demoonica giggled. "Don't he look sweet when he's asleep?" All of them looked at her like she was crazy. Kai? Sweet? Those words did not go together into the same sentence.

"You're delusional." Rei told her. They heard a small 'hn' sound. Kai was awake. "And you're mean!" Rei yanked his hair from Kai's hand and headed out of the 'PD' room.

Kai pulled the earplugs out of his ears. "What did he say?"

"Just commenting on your sleeping habits Kai-kun." Kai gave her a confused look and then noticed the loose raven strands of hair tangled about his fingers.


"Well it's time to get up! We are all going shopping!" Demoonica said, putting on a smile she walked out of the room. "First lets stop by the stand and put out the poster for Bill's 'PD' Spheres. Okay?"


A pair of violet eyes opened in the early morning sunlight. Zander rolled over onto his back... 'Sunlight? Did I fall asleep?' He wondered. His head hurt, right in front between his eyes, but it wasn't bad. 'What was I doing last night? Oh, yeah the fight with Demoonica. I was going to go apologize... and then my head hurt... and I... passed out?' His mind felt foggy.

"Must have been too much stress..." He told the empty room. He looked at the clock. 'Huummm... it's early... shower.' Zander grabbed a change of clothes and headed to the small personal bathroom. "I'll tell her I'm sorry when we meet up." Stripped, he checked the temperature before stepping into the hot streams of water.

Five minutes later...

*Knock knock knock*

"Just a second!" Zander called as he wrapped a extra large fluffy towel around his waist and walked to the hotel room door. He open it and was met by three young female bishi trainers in pajamas. Demoonica, Hiromi, and Merina to be precise. Demoonica's room located directly across the hall had the door open, bishounen belonging to all three girls could be seen getting ready. He stood there for another second, one hand holding the towel where it met at his side, water dripping from him and his unbraided hair.

"Hiya." He said and leaving the door open, walked quickly back into the bathroom.

Hiromi turned beet red. Merina blinked to make sure she had just seen that right, she had, and blushed. Demoonica also turned red, but still managed to watch his retreat to the bathroom and like the view. Even if it was somewhat blocked by his long hair and a towel.

"Heheheh... Demoonica-chan... It's good being your friend!" Hiromi finally said. This earned her a bop on the head.

"Friends, yes. Friends with privileges, no." Demoonica said.

"I never saw him with his hair down before." Merina stated as she took a seat in an empty chair.

"Me neither." Hiromi sat down in a second chair.

"I did, once before..." Demoonica started, taking a seat on the bed. "...it was really early in the morning and no one but me was awake yet. It was the first morning after Zander joined up with me, Kagome, and Allen. The sun cast a golden glow on everything for a minute and when I saw him like that, asleep, his hair all undone and spread out around him... it was like... everything in the world was perfect right then... I felt myself falling for a strange guy, who I barely knew and had never really talked to, but knew... just knew... I wanted to know him, spend time with him..." Demoonica sighed. "Am I weird to have felt so strongly about him so quickly?"

Both girls sat there looking at her oddly. Then Hiromi burst out, "That was so~ beautiful! Did it really happen just like that?"

"Demoonica, I wouldn't have guessed..."

"What? Guessed what?"

"What a romantic story! To fall in love!" Hiromi gave a dramatic sigh.

"The way you two fight... it's fits so well."

"Okay, time out you two!" Demoonica held her hands up in a time out signal. She waited for her friends to become silent. "Now, Merina what fits? About us fighting..."

"It's lovers quarreling!"

"You sound like Kagome, she was telling me the same story yesterday evening... I can't be in love! We still barely know each other..." Zander walked back into the room. Now dressed in a pair of black slacks and a tight stretchy gray sweater. (Think preppie rich kid.) His hair was still down, but no longer had water cascading off it.

"You girls mind giving us a few minutes?" He waved to Demoonica and himself.

"No problem!" Merina dragged Hiromi from the room and shut the door. Zander sat down on the bed beside Demoonica.

"Demoonica, I-" He started.

"I'm so sorry!" Demoonica blurted out. "I shouldn't have started fighting with you!"

"That's my line." He smiled. "I'm sorry too. I know you were only trying to keep everyone in a good mood yesterday. With all that's been going on... I don't blame you for yelling at me. I like it when you are *truly* happy... Truce?"

"Truce. I'm touchy aren't I?... But~ you had been on my nerves most of the day... being around some one day in and day out does that." She looked at him. "No matter how much you love them..."

Zander nodded. "Yeah." He leaned down towards her...

'Oh my gods! He's going to kiss me and I don't mean a smooch on the forehead!' Raced through Demoonica's head.

... and he kissed her. His hand went to her cheek and... Kagome swung open the door to the room! Demoonica and Zander jumped. "They made up!!!" She yelled to the two trainers who had put her up to barging in and walked right back out. She left the door open and cheering could be heard from Demoonica's room.

"Oi, can't they let a girl have any fun?" Demoonica joked.

Zander rolled his eyes at her. "Baka."

"I'm your baka, then. Now where were we in making up?" She said pulling him into another kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. They heard whistles from the other room. Demoonica sighed. "We'll finish making up later. Right now, I have to go kill my friends." She left.

Zander smiled, touching his fingers to his lips. 'I didn't think she'd kiss me back...'


"Ready for 'The Full Mall Shopping Experience'?" The girls had changed into more of a 'mall rat' style of clothes. Demoonica wore a red cloth mini-skirt, over it split nearly to the waist on both sides was a slightly longer white skirt. She also had a sleeveless, nearly backless white shirt with a red neck cuff, and a pair of black slippers like Rei's. Her hair was done up into a braid. Merina had on the same outfit as the first time they had seen her, a red tank top, blue jean shorts, and black boots. Her knee length red hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Hiromi wasn't as out going as in the clothes department. She had dressed in a blue-gray tank top, blue, blue jean shorts with lace around the edges, and sneakers. Her short blond hair had been pulled nearly to the crown of her head to form a spikey ponytail. It made her look somewhat like a Rikku from Final Fantasy X.

"Woo hoo! Shopping!" Hiromi said as they entered the mall.

"You can go off on your own after we get what we came for, just remember to meet back here before we go to the tournament today. Got it?"

Hiromi nodded, still walking. "Got it, Demoonica-chan!" She called back.

"Yes sir, Captain sir!" Duo mock saluted her and followed after Hiromi.

Demoonica laughed as she watched them go, those two were a lot alike in personality sometimes. She could see them hooking up sometime in the future, maybe not so much as lovers any time soon, Hiromi was only fourteen after all, but they already had a good start on a close friendship, and only time would tell if she and Duo would fall for each other.

'Oh great! Now I'm matching people up in my head..." Demoonica looked over to Merina. "Run and catch up with those two?"

"No, I'll stick with you."

"Yeah, we'll make it to the store and find Duo trying to talk her into anything and everything black..."

Merina gave a laugh. "Probably... so how are things with lover boy?" She pointed to Zander who was busy talking to Kagome.

"As if the whistles we received earlier don't give away the facts you already know."

"That was Hiromi, Duo, and Vash."

"Oh... heheh... things are better."

"Still unsure of his exact feelings, huh?"

"Yeah..." Demoonica looked over to Zander, who was making faces at Inu-chan, making the baby laugh. "I'm willing to admit that I think I love him."

"You think?"

Demoonica shrugged. "I never fell in love before." Merina nodded.

Once inside the store they found a sales person and went about explaining the 'PD' Spheres to them. They decided to put the orders together. The order was a large one to say the very least, so large in fact that they ended up with a discount for buying in bulk. It would have been difficult to buy each bishi something different in the way of beds, so together they chose a black metal frame style that would go with almost any room. Once bought, they decide to have the workers set them up.

"Miss, where are they to be delivered to?"

"Oi, I just explained this not half an hour ago! Here I'll just show you..." Demoonica took out a 'PD' Sphere, pushed the new button, and placed the ball on the store's floor. The air around the ball wavered and the ball transformed into a plain door with frame. "This is the entrance to a 'Pocket Dimension' Sphere room." She opened the door. "As you can see, it leads to an extra dimensional space... in this case a room. We wish for you to set them up inside here, one in each please."

"You have more of these incredible balls?!"

"Quite a lot of them actually."


"Now that that's finally done... we still have time before we need to be at the tournament. Any ideas?"

"I've got one. Lets go to the Capsule Corp store. It has the latest capsules and new capsule technology." Kagome said leading them into the store. "We had a smaller store like this in my home territory, all territories do. I tell you, the Dragon Ball territories have a huge income from all over the Bishi World because of their products!"

"So why'd you drag us in here Kagome?"

"I heard you having problems with finding the right capsule this morning and I remembered seeing an advertisement for a product." She picked up what looked to be a white plastic gauntlet with a flip up screen, speaker slits, and lots of buttons. "This is it. It's called BishiGear, it's the latest in high-tech equipment. It's a wrist sized all-in-one; Bishi-Dex Encyclopedia, Phone, Map, and Capsule Storage Device. It's hard to loose also."

"Very~ nice~!" Demoonica said picking one up. She checked the price. "And very expensive." She put it back down carefully.

Kagome looked at the price and her eyes bugged out. "They do take trade ins on old equipment, so that will drop the price..."

"I'll try. It would be a lot more covenant..." Demoonica pick one up, walked to the counter, and began talking to the clerk. After a second Demoonica was seen handing over her Bishi-Dex, Electronic Map, the 3D Holo-cube she used like once then never looked at again, and a wad of cash. The clerk hooked the Bishi-Dex to the BishiGear and hit a button. unhooking them he then placed the Dex in a tub with others. Demoonica walked back over to them, fastening the BishiGear around her left wrist.

"Not so bad with the trade in... he had to download all my information into it, also." She held up a small book. "It comes with instructions, luckily."

Demoonica held up her left wrist, where her BishiGear now was, and flipped open the screen so it was flat like a table top. She opened the book and began reading. She pressed a few buttons and the screen began to glow. A female voice came from the BishiGear, "Please insert capsules you wish to store."

"Alright, I got it working!" Demoonica began looking for the four-inch-long capsules in her backpack.

"Insert capsules? Insert them where?" Hiromi asked.

"Like this." Demoonica held up her arm again and held a capsule over the screen. The screen glowed and she let go of the capsule. Instead of falling, the capsule floated for a second, slowly rotating, then blinked out sight, and was replaced with a 3D hologram of the same capsule.

"That rocks! How do you get it back out?"

Demoonica looked back at the book and flipped a few pages. "Okay..." She pressed a button, the capsule returned to a solid form. She reached out and grabbed the rotating capsule. "It's actually very easy to use." She then began inserting all her Capsule Corp capsules one at a time into the BishiGear. After she finished she showed them that all the capsules had been sorted by number and scrolled through a few using arrow buttons.

By now it was almost time to be at the tournament so the headed there.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:49 PM
The day was going slowly. Not many orders to fill, but everyone was amazed by the 'PD' Sphere that she had set up, open and fully decorated. Many people wanted to know where she had gotten them, and she had spent much of the day handing out flyers for Bill's lab. The tournament day was starting to wined down now.

Demoonica yawned, "You know this tournament thing is fun, but working this stand is becoming a bore fairly quickly... why don't we let Mr. Romport and his bishoujo handle it? He said we didn't have to work the whole thing ourselves, that he had other trainers come by looking for jobs." Mr. Romport being the man who had given her and Zander jobs at his store earlier that week.

"And what would you want to do then?" Kai asked.

"Travel again... we've been in Treah City, let's see... seven, eight, nine... ten days, I think." Demoonica counted up the days on her fingers. "With all of us working that time money rolled in... and I put most of the cash in a bank account under trainer name and number, so we're set for cash flow for a while. I refilled out supplies for a four week journey. With the new 'PD' Spheres and BishiGear, I'm set for any bishi we run into. You all have been getting training at the gym, we won a gym match even... Yeah, we're good to go." Demoonica sighed. "I haven't even seen much of the tournament, though I met a lot of friendly trainers like Anya and Hiromi and Merina. I even met LSS-sama, well sort of..." Demoonica giggled. "I think I'm banned from the next tournament anyway, kept taking the microphone and all..."

"I told you not to be doing that, but would you listen? Nooo!" Zander said sarcastically.

Demoonica rolled her eyes, he was making fun of her again. So what? So she got a little excited about the tournament. Okay more than a little. "Yeah you did, don't rub it in. Though I want to get back out in the field, not just here around town... I remember a cave back where we met with Kohaku. The one we camped outside of, I want to go back there and see where it goes, if anywhere. Sound good?"

Zander looked at her. "Well, I don't have any problem with it... are Hiromi and Merina coming with us?"

Demoonica shrugged. "They can if they want to, though they might like to finish seeing the tournament. Merina was headed north when we met, also. Hiromi might want to follow along with her or go her own way, who knows."

"Sounds like your ditching your friends." Kagome said.

"Am not! Going off and just leaving, no good by, that's ditching friends. I just want to...." She flipped her hands about. ".... go. See what is out there, just waiting."

"Go on a grand adventure, m'lady?"

"Yeah, Allen a very fine, grand adventure out in the world. I'm free."

"Free?" Katan asked.

"Free to do what I want, no worrying..." She smiled. "And I'm not going to get all teary again, don't worry. I've been worrying too much lately. So let's go, let's go have an adventure."

"Sounds fun..." Zander finally said handing a flyer to a girl who just asked about the 'PD' Spheres. Kagome glanced at the clock.

"It's time to close down, we've been open five minutes longer than we were suppose to be."


"Hiromi!" Demoonica waved to the blond girl.

"Hey! Did you see the last few battles? They were totally cool!"

"No. Though I could have gotten away today if I wanted too... eh..."

"So what's the plan for tonight? Bishi hunting? See if Bill has any other neat inventions? Training perhaps? We could do with some training..."

"Well I was thinking about leaving the area, I've gotten board."

"Truly? Well... I..." Hiromi frowned. "I thought we were going to travel together?"

"I didn't say you couldn't come, you can if you want to."

Hiromi brightened. "I thought you were ditching me there... what does Merina think?"

"What do I think about what?" Merina said joining up with them as they continued walking. By now they were leaving the stadium.

"Demoonica wants to leave before the tournament is over."

"How much before?"

"Tonight actually." Demoonica said.

"Why so soon? What changed?"

"Nothing changed, I got board and that's the whole of it."

"I'd rather stay for the rest of the tournament."

"So you're not coming with us?"

"With you..." Hiromi said suddenly. "...I want to see who wins the tournament, Demoonica-chan. You will call, right? Because I will be calling you! No dropping off the face of the planet okay!?"

"Okay Hiromi." Demoonica hugged her. "Though I'll miss you, Kaiba, Duo..."

"Yeah, you'll miss Duo the most..." Hiromi joked. "I'll miss you, Demoonica-chan. I'll miss you too, Kagome-chan. Inu-chan!" She hugged Kagome and took Inu-chan into her arms.

"Yeah and you'll miss Inu-chan more than me..." Demoonica joked back. "Merina I'll miss you and yours just as much." She hugged her. "Tell Sesshoumaru to lighten up, Vash will help with it. Folken too and Trowa. Sheesh... most of your bishounen are light talkers aren't they? Vash makes up for it I guess."

Demoonica stepped back from her new friends. "I hate good-byes... You'll probably get a phone call from me as soon as I'm out of town..."

They did.


Three days later...

"Here, isn't this where we camped?" Demoonica asked at they stepped into a clearing. "Yeah, has to be. There is the cave..." Demoonica looked at her BishiGear. "So this *is* the cave that goes all the way under the mountain and out the other side."

"Really? Couldn't you tell before?"

"No not until we were standing at the cave entrance."

"Should we go in?"

"Of course we should go in, that's why we came here."

"Anyone have a torch? It's dark in there."

"Torch? You're thinking in the darkages there Kagome. A cell powered lamp I have, a torch I do not." Demoonica flipped open her BishiGear and found the camping equipment capsule. Soon she had the hand lamp out and a small battery ran one on a bandana. She placed this on her head, pulling her hair out over it like a sweatband. She now had a round light on her forehead. Zander and Kagome, the only one out of her ball, took one look at it and started laughing.

"Sorry, I'm use to Feudal Japan." Kagome said with a laugh.

"Haha, keep laughing." She handed the larger hand held lamp to Zander. "I'll just leave you here." She walked into the cave, soon a brighter light came up behind her.

"Sorry, Demoonica. Really, you look cute with it." Zander said.

"Inu-chan... shush... I know it's dark." Kagome said to the upset chibi.

Chibi Inuyasha had been in town all his life. All two weeks of it, until three days ago when he woke up and was being carried through the forest late at night. Not odd, but now they stayed out in the woods all the time. Now he was being carried into a very dark closed in place and he didn't like it. It was bright outside, where they had been. He wanted back there, not here. But mother was here... his mind told him. Mother was holding him and he was safe. The others were here too, though harder to see in the light held by the long haired male one he thought to be the alpha female's mate.

Mother was beta female. He had high standings in the pack, though he was the only young with them. He had seen other adult males. One with long red hair, he did not like that one. One with short blue hair, that one was new to the pack. He would learn that one yet. They listened to the small dark haired one, she most definitely was alpha female. There were also adolescent males. Three. The one with long blond hair and the one with long black hair watched him for mother. Both were nice. The one with mixed blue hair he had seen a lot of, but was not watched by. He did not know what to think of this one. He hadn't seen other females in the pack.

Though he had seen two other alpha females with his pack leader, they had brought their packs with them, he liked the one with short blond hair. She liked young, she liked him. The long haired one of her pack was fun too. The short haired one he had only seen, but he didn't seem to like young. The one with long red hair he liked too, she was nice to him. Her pack was not as friendly as his pack, or the blonds pack. There was the blond one always in red, he was fun. The one with long silver-white hair did not like him at all, no not at all. The light blue hired one didn't pay any attention to him and the brown haired one was the same.

The two other alpha females and their packs were not with them now. He was with mother, the alpha female, and the long haired male. Yes he was safe, but he still did not like the dark. Inu-chan yawned and closed his eyes, this was making him sleepy.

Kagome smiled down at her sleeping son. "He always fights going to sleep..." She said softly.

"Must be tired from all the Travel." Demoonica whispered back.

As they continued deeper into the cave the light from outside diminished, leaving them with only the lamps for lighting. The cave was fairly large and the path was cleared of stalagmites. All the ones in the way had been removed, leaving the floor more or less smooth. The large stalactite overhead were also gone, though all the ones where both had met remained in place like hourglass shaped pillars holding up the roof of the cave.

It was cool in there, more so that outside. Even the air smelled cool and damp. Every so often the sound of water dripping echoed its way to their ears.

"Do bishounen live in the underground too?" Demoonica asked her BishiGear.

The programed female voice answered, "While most bishounen and bishoujo live in above ground cities there are a few types to be found in the underground, including the rarely seen Drizzt Do' Urden bishounen."

"What's a Drizzt?" Demoonica questioned, looking up the name on the long list of bishounen. Demoonica continued to question the BishiGear and some times Kagome about things for the next few hours as the walked on.

Later... 10 o'clock PM by the BishiGear...

Demoonica opened the last of her 'PD' Spheres and sat it on the ground. She knocked and opened the door. "Ohayo."


"Lovely conversational skills there, Kai-kun." She said with a small laugh. "Sorry for the long wait, it was hard to find a place to camp."

"Demoonica, I'm going to look around..." Katan said walking away from camp.

Demoonica poked her head out the door. "Just don't get lost. The last thing I need to do is to go looking for missing bishounen!"

"Understood." Katan walked out of camp. When he was far enough away he flipped open a small communicator. "Katan calling Megami-sama, do you read?"

"Katan?" Came a female voice. "Why so long for an update?"

"Forgive me, I found it difficult to get away from all of them and the communicator does not work from the inside of a ball. I need to report."

"Report, I am recording."

"Current situation is clear. There have been no signs of trouble with the girl. Though she has opted to leave company and town, we are traveling at present underground within Gimin Cave."

"Gimin?! That is the area where the power serge was."

"Correct. I can now confirm their presence in the area at that time. As suspected, it was the halfling who controls the power. I have yet to witness this firsthand."

"As to be expected."

"The girl knows of the situation with our troublesome trainer, the one creating halflings, and I can confirm the name of Kara. My trainer has had contact with LSS-sama and some of the girls who are firsthand in this knowledge. She knows the most fascinating people..."

"~Your~ trainer? Katan, I do believe you care for this girl." She gave a laugh.

Katan blushed and was thankful the communicator didn't have visuals. "She is nothing like what I was led to believe trainers are like. She *is* my trainer Megami-sama, I have loyalties to her now, not only you."

"Yes I see that Katan. You are not willing to leave her now, are you? No, I wouldn't think so. Just remember that you are still under contract with me, as an agent to keep this world stable and safe."

"Of course. What news on your end?"

"Raids on the Shadow Skill territories in the far east on the southern continent. Something is up down there Katan, trainers are acting strangely... They burnt part of the city! I contacted Lady Subaru of the .hack//SIGN territories, there have been no traces of any bishi escaping. I receive reports every time they discover anything of interest... but nothing of use can be found... no one knows what happened."

"Trainers raiding? Setting fires?" Katan was silent for a minute. "I don't know if this is related, but Demoonica had a dream that involved just that..."

"Indeed. That is an interesting bit of news in itself. Where are you headed anyway?"

"We should exit near the Gate Keepers 21 territory, past that is a desert and a ancient Yu-Gi-Oh! territory, the one that was abandoned during the great war between trainers and Bishi. The town we're headed for is called Faellie City."

Katan could see her nod, even without a screen, he knew Megami-sama and her habits. "Truly no trouble with the girl so far?"

"No, really did you need me to watch this girl or were you just tired of my company?"

She laughed. "I only felt it was necessary we watch her. I'm good with these things, trust me Katan."

"Of course my Megami-sama."

"Report again later, that is all." The communicator went silent.

Katan walked back into camp while everyone was having a late dinner. "You okay Katan?" Demoonica asked.

"Yes, Demoonica. I am fine."


"Oh thank you there is light at the end of this tunnel!" Demoonica cried happily. "Five days in an underground maze and look..." She waved to the openness. "...there isn't even a piece of cheese left for us at the end!"

Zander shook his head. "Rei, why did you have to give her pixie stix? and sugar? and caffeine?"

"Aw she isn't that bad!" The young bishounen said with an overly happy smile. He went bouncing after Demoonica who had disappeared into the very tall grass.

"He been into them too." Kai commented.

"At least we are out of that cave!" Kagome said. "Inu-chan hated it."

"Well it's open ground and clear skies ahead, so..."

*Boom! ... Flash!*

It began raining. "I spoke too soon..." Zander sighed.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:51 PM
Again the thunder crashed, overhead the clouds grew darker and darker, as if a terrible storm were continually taking shape above them. "Man, it hasn't rained all summer and now that's all it's been doing for the last hour!" True it had been a cool dry summer in the Bishi World.

"We are on the other side of the mountain range. I guess the weather here is... wetter. Or it just may be because we're at the foot of the mountains."

"I hope it's because we're at the foot of the mountains."

"I just want it to be dry!" Demoonica said.

"It was your idea to come this way."

"And how many times have I been wrong? You should know not to listen to me by now."

"It doesn't help to argue with you after you've made up your mind, you won't change it." Demoonica glared at him. "Hey! Don't look at me like that, I was just telling the truth." She stopped glaring.

"So where are we?"

"Half days walk from Faellie City."

"Okay, we'll make a stop in there and then I hunt for bishounen."


Elsewhere, in the dark computer room...

"Mmmmnn... augh! I don't get it. There have to be a few that escaped!" Megami-sama said flipping from one camera to the other, looking for signs of bishounen in the Shadow Skill territories.

There was a small movement on one of the screens, she stopped flipping and zoomed in. A Gau Ban bishounen! "Wufei! In here immediately!" She yelled.

The Wufei burst though the door, panicked. "What is it onna?"

She ignored the fact he did not call her by title. "There." she pointed at the screen. "He should be able to tell us what has happened, or at least what he knows." She studied the screen. "He looks badly beat up, take Nataku and fly to the southern continent. I would have someone teleport him, but the shock to his system could kill him."

Wufei nodded. "If things should go wrong?"

"Hope that they don't, but just in case take Van with Escaflowne and Kazuki with Jinmu as your back up. You are in charge for the mission."

"Understood." Wufei left the room and radioed the others as he ran to the Mobile Suit Docking Bay. He was powering up Gundam Nataku when Van and Kazuki entered the MS Bay at a run. Van hopped into Escaflowne and Kazuki climbed into Jinmu.

"So you’re in charge?" Kazuki asked in a happy voice as he began powering up his MS.

"Yes. Ready?" Wufei launched his Gundam into the air. He was followed closely by Kazuki then Van. Escaflowne was in its dragon configuration. "We will arrive at the target location in 8 hours, no known reason for radio blackout."


As fast as it had started the rain quit. "Really strange weather we're having, huh?"

"Really? I didn't notice."

"Baka!" Demoonica nudged Zander in the side. "Sarcasm, that's all I get! From my bishounen, my boyfriend, odd people walking by..."

"There aren't any odd people walking by."

"There could be! Maybe wild bishounen and bishoujo want to take a crack at putting me down..." She started laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing... just a thought."

Zander nodded. "Okay. You're being odd."

Demoonica giggled again. "That was the thought, that we ~are~ the odd people."

Zander sighed. "Kagome? Did Rei let her have any more sweets?"

"Don't blame my little Rei-chan! He is in his ball and can't stand up to you for that!" Demoonica pouted. Yep, she was still feeling the sugar.


Roughly 8 hours later...

Wufei scanned the area below the three MS's. "There are few signs of life." He told the others. "Three bishounen within a one mile radius."

"Were is the Gau that we are looking for?"

"Nearly beneath us. Van, Kazuki, stay airborne. I'll land and recover our fellow bishounen."

"Yes sir!" Kazuki said.

"Understood." Van replied then switched his com to speak to Kazuki. "So did you hear that Megami-sama did really send Katan to a trainer? What do you think that means?"

"Don't know. Maybe the girl was causing trouble and... no... they would have sent her home. Could she be interested in making the girl a watcher?"

"She would have contacted the girl in person."

"Oh. Sorry I'm just learning the ropes for working with Megami-sama. What about you?"

"About four years, Wufei has been with her from nearly the beginning. So I've been told."

"Wow. No wonder he gets away with being a stick in the mud." Kazuki started laughing.

"I wouldn't let him hear that, he is the highest ranking bishounen. Second in command, Megami-sama's most trusted. It is an honor to work with him..."

"He's listening isn't he?"

"Yes I am." Came Wufei's voice over the com system and a screen popped up the video feed from Nataku's cockpit. Wufei grinned at Kazuki. "You know most would think to switch to closed channels before they talk behind their leader's back."

"Sorry sir." Kazuki said as Wufei disappeared from the screens picture.

There was complete radio silence for a few minutes before Wufei reappeared. "He's alive, but passed out. Looks like he lost a lot of blood. I patched him up the best I could." He moved out of the picture again. Soon a slim, well tanned teen was placed in the extra seat built into the modified cockpit. The boys waist and chest was bandaged along with a leg, arm, shoulder, and his head. The strips of cloth on his waist were already showing faint traces of the blood soaking through.

"Eeh, that looks very bad." Kazuki said.

Wufei strapped the young Gau into the seat then took his place in the pilots seat. "Let's get out of here." He took to the air. With his command all three MS's headed back to their departure point.


"I never thought I be so glad to see another hotel room so soon." Demoonica pounced onto the bed.

"Hey! you'll get that all wet!" Kagome placed a hand on her hip, Inu-chan balanced on the other.

"Warmth!" Demoonica said dreamily. "Ahhh..."

"A shower will be warmer."

"More water?!"

"With fluffy towels..."

"I'm going... mother." Demoonica headed towards the bathroom.

"Don't make me ground you then, Demoonica. Oh! Let the guys out first!"

"Right!" Demoonica hastily set up the six 'PD' rooms, then finally made her way to the bathroom after remembering to get her clothes capsule from the BishiGear. She closed the door.

"Everyone dressed?" Zander asked popping his head in the hotel room door.

"It's clear!" Kagome called as she sat Inu-chan down onto the floor with a bouncy ball given to him at the baby shower. Zander walked on in and took a seat in front of the small TV.

Rei opened the door from his 'PD' room just then and asked, "What time is it? I'm getting hungry."

Kagome picked up the BishiGear and brought up the time. "Eight in the evening on the twenty sixth of September... hey isn't the new moon tonight?" She flipped the screen to show the calendar. "It is. I wonder how..."


"Inu-chan?" Kagome turned to where the chibi had been playing, and saw locks of silver-white hair, large round amber eyes, and fuzzy ears. The ball, now popped, was still pierced by a small but sharp fang. He looked surprised. Then upset at the loud noise and began crying.


Kagome rushed over to the crying child and quickly picked him up, removing the burst ball as she did so. "Oh Inu-chan. Shuuush there, don't cry." She said wiping the tears away with the sleeve of her shirt. It was going to take more than that to calm his crying.

"What's going on out here?!" Kai said as he walked out of his 'PD' room, the other bishounen were also coming to see what had happened. He took one look at the chibi and, "What the hell?!"

"Watch you language Kai!" Kagome told him while still contending with her upset child.

"Hey! He turned all demon like!" Rei said. Noticing him Inu-chan stopped crying and looked at him. Then he growled. "Eep! I just realized the type of demon he is!" Rei hastily hid behind Kai.

Kai looked over his shoulder at his friend, raising an eyebrow. "Afraid of a puppy?"

"Inu demon..." He pointed at Inu-chan. "...Nekojin." He pointed to himself.

Kai gave a snort. "Still a puppy."

"Guys! Talk about Rei's phobia of dogs later. Right now my son is a hanyu!" Kagome was tapping her foot.

"So? What do you think we can do about it?" Marou asked in an angry tone.

"Er... well now that you ask, I don't know." Kagome looked at the wiggling child in her arms. He was stronger now, maybe even had grown taller. He didn't seem upset by the change, had he noticed? Well he probably noticed the sense of smell being better, he could tell Rei was a cat boy. "Let's just wait till Demoonica is out here, then we'll talk."

"What's all the commotion about?" Demoonica asked as she entered the room. She found Zander watching TV (as if nothing had happened), Kagome sitting on the bed, and all her bishounen sitting in a semi-circle around Inu-chan, who looked like someone had spilled sugar, flower, or another white substance on his hair. Rei was sitting behind Kai, looking slightly upset.

"You know how Inuyasha's turn human on the new moon right?" Kagome said still watching Inu-chan bite on a teething ring.

"Yeah..." Demoonica came closer and looked at Inu-chan. "Oh my word! He transformed!"

"Uh-hu." Kagome nodded. "It looks like whatever Avioc Malii did, it suppresses demon powers instead of destroying them."

"He's just adorable!"

"Demoonica! Pay attention!"

"Huh? Oh yeah."

"As I was saying, that means that Zanders own powers are only suppressed."

Katan was listening very carefully to all that was being said. He would relay the information to Megami-sama as soon as possible. So that was why he hadn't seen the halfling do any odd things.

***** [Time jump]

Inu-chan sat on the floor of his mothers open 'PD' Sphere stacking blocks on one another. He was two months old, could crawl wherever he wanted, and his favorite word was 'no'. His black hair had grown as fast as he did, now it touched the tops of his shoulders.

"Inu-chan!" Rei, who had turned into a babysitter, (except on the night of a full moon) picked the chibi up. Turning in his arms he gave a pout. "I told you half an hour ago that you were getting a bath young man. Don't give me that look."

"No!" Inu-chan squirmed. It however didn't help. Rei walked out of Kagome's 'PD' room, out into Demoonica's hotel room, and into the bathroom.

"Why do you fight getting a bath? You'd think you were the son of a cat demon, not a dog demon." Inu-chan growled. "Don't growl at me!"


Wufei walked into the hospital room occupied by the Gau Ban he had rescued a month and a half earlier. The san stage bishounen was still in a deep coma. He was patched up and out of critical condition, but weak and unresponsive.

He frowned. 'You are the only clue to what has happened. Wake up! We need to know before it happens again. Who attacked the city? Why attack the city? Answer!' He thought angrily.

'It won't help. Yelling at him out loud wouldn't either. Megami-sama is so frightened right now, for this world, the trainers. the bishi, she does not want to see another war start up. Nether do I.' Wufei left the room.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:52 PM
Inu-chan wobbled on his feet as he tried to stand. *Fwump.* He landed on his bottom once again. He pouted.

"Inu-chan. Time to go!" Kagome said as she picked up the chibi.

"Go?" He looked at her with big brown eyes.

"To the forest with mommy and her trainer."

Inu-chans eyes let up. "Out!" He cried happily. "Da orst! Go!"

"Yes out to the forest."


"Now to continue your training..." Zander pulled out his Rapier and motioned Rei to attack. "A toy top is not very useful in a real battle."

"That's what you say!" Kai countered while he attacked Allen.

"It is true, young master Kai." Allen said dodging the sword swing. "M'lady Demoonica wishes all of us to train with many weapons, this means that you and Rei need to learn sword skills or another weapon at least."

"I'd rather learn to fight with a pair of Sai then..." Rei commented while taking a swing with the sword. "...or Gunsen Kama."

"Gunsen are aristocratic weapons Rei, mostly used by the upper class."

"Then you should learn them *Master* Kai."

"Who says I don't know how to already?"

Rei stopped mid swing. "Really?"

"Hn... you're too easily distracted." Kai pointed to Zander, who's Rapier was lightly touching Rei's neck.

Rei's eyes widened. "I didn't even feel that..."

"Maybe a two handed fighting style would fit you better." Zander said lowering his Rapier. "At the next town we'll trade in that sword for a pair of Sai."

"So you really know how to fight with Gunsen, Kai?"

"I was taught the basic fighting styles of many weapons, so I have some knowledge."

"That's cool." Demoonica said joining them with Kagome and Inu-chan, who was handed off to Rei.

"Fu-wut-ter-by!" Inu-chan giggled pointing at a passing butterfly.

"Who taught him to call them flutterbys?" Kagome asked. They didn't notice Kai looking way to innocent...

Demoonica shrugged. "I'm just happy that the rain finally stopped a few days ago and it's dry now. Being stuck in town for the most part of a month and a half wasn't on my to do list."

"How were we to know that the rainy season had started on this side of the mountain range?"

"I guess you couldn't if you'd never been here before."

Then the sound of crashing tree branches got everyones attention very quickly. It was followed by a young female voice. "Inuyasha! SIT!!!!!!" Then there was more crashing sounds.

They entered the nearest clearing to find a young girl and an Inuyasha bishounen. "Stop doing that you terror! I can't stand without wobbling and you do it again!"

"SI---- oh other people! HI!" The young girl waved. She had medium brown hair to the middle of her back and stormy grey eyes. "I'm Seka! And this is Inuyasha... and he is a bad puppy."

"I'm a demon and you are the spawn of Hel-"

"SIT!" Inuyasha hit the ground hard.

"Oooowwww...." He mumbled into the ground.

"See! He has a potty mouth, nothing like the cutie from the show on TV! I wanted a cute puppy that would bound with me in the trees and on the roof tops!" Seka whined.

"I'm not a transportation service little girl."

"He's not very nice at all!!! My Ryou is nice! My Yukito is nice! My Quatre is nice! But Inuyasha isn't nice!" Seka cried out. She looked at Demoonica, then seemed to realize that she was also a trainer, and that a Kagome was there also. "I don't want him! You have a bishoujo from the show. You can have him!"

"WHAT!?!?!" Inuyasha yelled at the girl. "I don't act all sweet and suck up to you like those spineless boys and you decide to give me away to the first trainer we meet? Why not just let me go!?"

"Talk to your new trainer!" She walked over and handed the bishi-ball to Demoonica. "He's yours." Inuyasha walked up behind the girl.

"And your stupid too!" He said. "You can't give her your ball and be done with it. I'm sadly still linked to you!"

She stuck her tongue out at him. "Fine how do I get rid of you?!" They both looked at Demoonica, who sadly didn't know how to do a trade either.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked now that he was closer to her and she could see him well.

"What wench?" He turned to face her, still mad at his trainer. Then he was stunned. "Ka...Kagome?"

"It is you!" She jumped up to wrap her arms around his neck. "Inuyasha!"

"Oh... Kagome..." He stroked her hair. "I'm so sorry I didn't come back." He looked back to his trainer. "This baka little girl *caught* me!"

"And I've had a headache ever sense!" Seka yelled at him.

While all this was happening Demoonica had looked up 'Trading Bishi' on her BishiGear. It read: To trade a bishi with another trainer one needs to place the Bishi-ball on the indentation to the right of the confirmation button, line up the infra-red sensors, and chose the trade option. Press the confirmation button and the bishi will transfer to the opposite ball, the bishi will now belong to the other trainer.

Demoonica tapped Seka on the shoulder. "Here, read this." She held out her arm so Seka could read the BishiGear. She did.

"Oh! That's easy! You are going to her!" Seka pulled out Inuyasha's bishi-ball and he was sucked into it. "Can you just put an empty ball on your side?"

Demoonica scrolled down further on the BishiGear. "It says that you can only if the person has more than one bishi. You have others?"


Kagome looked at Demoonica and the other girl, Seka. "She's giving you Inuyasha? My Inuyasha?! Thank you!" She hugged Seka with tear filled eyes. "I thought I'd never see him again!"

"Augh! I'm being smothered... K, mind letting go?" Kagome let her go.

"She's just overwhelmed that we've found her Inuyasha. We've been looking for him sense I caught Kagome."

Kagome was standing beside Demoonica with a 'Hurry up and trade!' look on her face. "Demoonica."

"Okay Kagome, I get the point, you want Inuyasha here yesterday." Kagome nodded then took Inu-chan from Rei. She smoothed his hair now seeming worried about the Sama Inuyasha's reaction. With both balls in position the trade lasted only a second then Demoonica's BishiGear reacted just like the old BishiDex:

"Trade complete. Dex updated. Inuyasha of the Inuyasha anime. Stage Sama. Inu- Dog, Yasha- Demon. In truth this bishounen is a hanyu or half demon. They are quick to anger and carry a large sword called Tetsusaiga. With it they can do the attacks Kaze no Kizu (Wind Scar) and Bakuryuuha (Tetsusaiga's ultimate attack). Inuyasha's have white dog ears and turn into black haired human versions of themselves on the night of a new moon. While seeming to be loners these bishounen do well in close net groups, though they seldom get along with other demon types. By nature they are argumentative."

Demoonica tossed the 'PD' Sphere to the ground. After the red light disappeared Inuyasha looked around. "Where the hell did I just go? One second I'm in a ball the next I'm in a bright white room with nothing but a bed!?"

"I had my bishi-balls upgraded to 'PD' Spheres, they take the bishi to an extra pocket dimensional space...." Inuyasha was looking at Demoonica as if she had grown an extra head.


"All the balls are rooms inside."

"Oh okay." Inuyasha looked at Seka. "Why didn't you do that?!?!?"

She didn't pay attention to him. "Demoonica right? Can you tell me the way to the closest city? *Someone* tore up my map."

"You hit me with it like a rolled up paper!"

"You're a bad puppy!"

"This isn't going to start again is it?" Demoonica sighed. "Uhmm Seka? Faellie City is right back the way we came from. It's the city at the foot of the mountains."

Seka looked at her. "Faellie? We traveled in a big loop for the last eight months!" She said while storming off without another word to any of them.

"Good riddance." Inuyasha grumbled. Inu-chan took the next quiet moment to giggle at the hanyu. "Eh?" Inu-yasha looked at the child in Kagome's arms. He blinked.

Kagome smiled uncertainly at him. "This is your son, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha blinked again. "M...my son?" And fainted dead away, landing on the ground with little swirls in his eyes.

"I think he took it better than expected." Kagome said. "He didn't blow up and start yelling."

"He did know you were pregnant before he left right?"

"Of course he did! I was talking about Inu-chan being human!"

"Oh my head..." Inuyasha sat up. "Kagome?"

Kagome knelt beside him, still holding Inu-chan. "Heh... Inuyasha?"

"MY SON!" He took Inu-chan into his hands and held him up to look at the child better. "What happened to him!?! He's full human! What kind of magic is this? Who did this?"

"Inuyasha, calm down. He's okay."

"OKAY? He's HUMAN! How will he protect himself? He can't wield a Tetsusaiga like this! It will never transform!"

"Inuyasha! He's fine! He doesn't need to wield a Tetsusaiga! Calm down! You'll scare him!"

"Huh?" Inuyasha looked back at the child in his hands. Inu-chan was pouting and about to cry from the way Inuyasha was acting. "Oh."

"Oh is right! How dare you act so uncaring for your own child!"

Inuyasha sat Inu-chan down on his lap. "Kagome don't be like that! I was upset, yes, but that doesn't mean I don't love our son!"

"Inuyasha." Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. "I thought I'd never find you! That I'd never see you again!"

"Feh. Like that was going to happen."

"It almost did!"

Inu-chan looked at the new person, who's lap he now sat on. 'He's an odd one. Heh. Kitty Ears!' Inu-chan let out a happy giggle and reached up to grab them. 'Mother?' He noticed Kagome hugging Inuyasha. 'Mother is happy. Is this one now part of the pack? Maybe mother has chose him as a mate. What about me?' Inu-chan frowned... 'Mother is mine!' ...and started crying.

"Inu-chan!? What's wrong?" Kagome picked the chibi up off of Inuyasha's lap. He immediately snuggled up to her and clung to her shirt with his tiny hands, refusing to let go. "I think you frightened him."

"Frightened him? What I do? He was giggling a second ago!" Inuyasha said, voice raising as he did so.

"It's outburst like that, Inuyasha, that are upsetting him. You may be his father, but he doesn't know you!"

"Great. You know if he had been born a hanyu he would know me by blood scent without needing to be told."

"Well then wait for the next new moon!"

"Eh. Why?"

"Then your son turns into a hanyu."

"And I'll be a human."

"This isn't going to be easy is it? Well, we'll just start calling you daddy and he'll pick up on it. By the time he understands the transformation, it will be fine and he may not remember you were missing for the first two months of his life."

"Thanks, make me sound like a bad father why don't you? It's not like I ran out on you or something! Geesh."

"Inuyasha." Kagome said at a loss for words.

"Happy little reunion isn't it?" Marou commented dryly.

"Marou!" Demoonica snapped at him. "Don't start it."

"I can't say anything can I?"

"No, you're always ready to make the perfect comment to set off a huge argument."

"You. Trainer." Inuyasha said as he stood up and dusted off his Fire Rat Robe. "How long has Kagome been with you?"

"I caught Kagome the day after I arrived, so about six months."

Inuyasha nodded. "Then you did not know she was with child?"

"Not until five minutes after I caught her, Inu-chan hasn't been caught. Please don't be mad at me."

"Eh? A trainer with manners, go figure." Inuyasha rested a hand on Tetsusaiga's handle. "Girl..."

"She has a name Inuyasha!"

"Why should I care?"

"She *is* your trainer now, more importantly she is a good person and not a overactive fangirl."

"They're all fangirls if you ask me. Fine... what is your name?"

"...Demoonica. Inuyasha, I'm sorry for your treatment by your former trainer."

"Aeh, don't worry about it. She's been threatening to give me away for months now. It was bound to happen sooner or later."

"I'm just thankful that we found you then." Kagome said as she rocked Inu-chan. He was beginning to fall asleep.

Inuyasha smiled at the chibi. "You know, he's cuter when he's not about to cry."

"Shall we continue? The day is only half over."

"Training it is then." And the training session continued where it had left off earlier.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:53 PM
"Feh. None of you would stand a chance against me wielding Tetsusaigi." Inuyasha commented as he watched the bishounen continue their weapons training. "Why are you training so hard anyway?"

"M'lady Darkmoon has her mind set on going through the old Yu-Gi-Oh! territories..."

"You mean those ruins out in the desert?" Inuyasha asked. Allen nodded. "There weren’t any bishounen there, but some other creatures had made a nest of the place. We went there, but didn't do much exploring. The 'girl' chickened out."

"You can not fault someone for being afraid, Inuyasha."

"What do you mean by other creatures? Is it like a wildlands or something?" Demoonica asked.

"From what I could tell the bishi from the Yu-Gi-Oh! City left their protectors."


"Eh, you know those little pieces of paper with demons painted on them. Those things, the demons, came to life. Though the ones we ran into were pretty weak. Ryou said something about a 'shadow world' or something like that. After I killed them, those paper slips were all that were left on the floor."

"Game cards. There are real dual monsters wondering around free?"

"If that's what you call them. Why do humans have to give specific names to every single thing? No they aren't wondering around... come to think of it, they were like illusions."

Demoonica nodded. "That sounds right, from what I know about the show. They're probably meant to scare intruders off."

"Well *I* wasn't afraid."

"Hey Allen! Can you show me that parry again?" Kai called. Allen walked over.

"Good I get a rest!" Rei said and hurried over to his trainer. "Kai doesn't know the words 'take a break' for his life!" He sighed and sat down with Demoonica between him and Inuyasha.

"Can't keep up Rei?" Kai called over. Rei looked up to see something come flying at him. He quickly raised the sword and blocked it.

"Are you trying to kill me?!"

"It was only a stick."

Rei looked down. It was indeed only a stick. "It still wasn't nice." Kai rolled his eyes.

"You know, I think hanging around us is making Kai gain a sense of humor."

"I think he's sadistic."

"Oh really." Demoonica rolled her eyes dramatically. "He doesn't like to hurt people, Rei."

"That would be Marou." Zander said from his seat in the tree.

"Where is Marou anyway?"

"Who's Marou?" Inuyasha asked.

"Oh how stupid of me! I haven't even told you who everyone is. Marou's a demon and is in his ball right now. I keep him there often..."

"Don't worry, Inuyasha." Kagome told him as she saw him become wary.

"Yeah, it's better if he stays there." Demoonica then pointed out and named the rest of them for the hanyu. "And that is Zander." She pointed up to the half bishounen.

"You're a hanyu, also?" Inuyasha said sniffing the air. "But I don't smell human in your blood."

"He's a bishounen slash demon."

"At least it's better than being part human."

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled at him.

"What?" Kagome pointed to Inu-chan who was sitting at Inuyasha's bare feet. "Er..."

"Inuyasha, you need to think before you speak!"

"Feh." Inuyasha crossed his arms and wiggled his toes. This gained Inu-chans attention and he pounced at them. Inuyasha let out a small laugh at his young son. Kagome smiled, she just couldn't stay mad at him. "So we're just outside of Faellie, huh?"

"For the last month and a half, we've been stuck in town. I would rather head off now, right after a quick stop."

"Hm." Inuyasha nodded and moved his foot just as Inu-chan pounced at his toes again.


It was just getting dark when Demoonica woke up. They were nine days in on their trip though the desert. They were, for the time being, traveling by night. The days were much too hot to travel during, so she and Zander retreated into Kagome's 'PD' Room each day. With the door shut the room stayed comfortable... although it left a door sitting in the middled of an endless sea of sand to draw attention from every person passing, human or bishi.

Demoonica had called all the trainers who had been so kind to her and Kagome by throwing the baby shower soon after Inuyasha's appearance. She had called Bill and thanked him countless times for the 'PD' Sphere invention. She also talked to Hiromi and was greeted to a young bishoujo answering the phone. A San stage Hikari as it turned out. Hiromi and Merina were still traveling together, now far north of Treah City. Sterling had called and was oddly on his way to meet up with her in the big town after the desert, called Lori City.

"Morning." Zander said upon seeing she was awake.

"Night." She countered.

"Whatever." He rolled off his back to his side so he was facing her, then moved over closer. "How long did Inuyasha say it takes to get to the city?"

Demoonica stifled a yawn, "We'll get there during tomorrow nights travel." She snuggled up against his bare chest. (Get your minds out of the gutter you hentais!)

It was then that the lights were flipped on. "Sorry to disturb the cuddly moment, guys." Kagome said. They both were of course in the floor of Kagome's room, sleeping bags rolled out next to each other, hands covering their eyes from the sudden bright light. Kagome shook her head, those two were getting worse about early morning make out sessions, she had flipped the light on the last two 'mornings' to find them kissing. She didn't even bother to glance over at them this time and opened the 'PD' Sphere's door to the dwindling evening light outside.

"It's no problem." Demoonica slipped from her sleeping bag and exited the room, not even taking time to pull on shoes.

"You'll burn your feet."

Demoonica wiggled her toes down into the sand. "No I won't." Kagome gave up, Demoonica never let anyone win a battle of words. "Anything important on the agenda for tonight?"

"Eh, Marou singed Katans feathers yesterday we need to change the bandage on his left wing."

"Yeah, leave it to Marou to ground my only flyer... No don't give me that look Kagome! You know Katan means more to me than that."

"So are you walking barefoot like Inuyasha or are you putting on shoes?" Kagome returned to the door of the 'PD' Sphere. She tossed Demoonica her BishiBelt and BishiGear. "Wake up the guys, Rei can help me fix breakfast."

"I can't believe we can't find those ruins." Zander said as he built the camp fire.

"The world changed. Well everything can't be one big adventure, you know."

"Feh, why not?" Inuyasha interrupted.

"Life doesn't work that way, most of it slips by in a haze of same ol' same ol'..." Demoonica got some odd looks. "What did I say. I happen to be from a place called West Virginia in my world, so sue me for speaking oddly. Not that I lived in the boondocks."

"What in the world is a 'boondock'?!?!?!"

"The back woods out yunder in the country down a dirt road in a holler where we warsh our clothes in a crick ifn you don't have a ringtub, the young'uns play barefoot, and mammy and pappy fix roadkill fer supper..." She said in an overly thick copy of her own accent.

Everyone broke down laughing. "Oh my gawd, that was hilarious!"

"What in the world did she just say?"

By this time Demoonica was laughing too. "I know! How hard is it to translate that? I knew people that do still talk like that! Worst thing is that most of the people that have never been near West Virginia think we are uneducated fools and that we are like that!"

"So what did you say?"

"The 'boondocks' or 'boonies' is what people call places away from the city out there in the country down a dirt road in a hollow, the thin valley between two hills, where we wash our clothes in a stream if you don't own a washing machine, the children play barefoot, and mom and dad fix roadkill for dinner."

"You were raised in such a place? It's like needing to speak two languages." Allen said.

"Don't even get me started on phrases like 'geonowadahir!', 'jyunto?', and 'juatet?'" (Translations: 'Get on out of here!', 'Do you want to?', and 'Did you eat yet?' Oi, it is another language isn't it?)

So breakfast continued with odd West Virginia slang being interpreted for lack of anything better to talk about.


Upon reaching Lori City...

"Big sister!" Sterling came running over to Demoonica from out of a crowd. He was dressed in a dark gray uniform lined in white. "You must come with us!"

"Us?" Demoonica questioned as she was pulled toward the crowd (who turned out to be mostly bishi) by the young boy. Zander followed close behind her, as did Kagome holding Inu-chan. Everyone else was in ball.

Sterling nodded. "Yeah, Dana showed up with Megami-sama this morning!"

"Who in the world is Megami-sama?"

Sterling stopped dropping her hand, he turned to look at her. Kagome who had caught the name Megami-sama gasped. Zander was unphased. "I..I..I..."

"Hiya newbie, long time no see!" Dana waved to her. "Hey Sterling! Hurry up kiddo! We are on a schedule, ya know!"

"Right!" He dragged Demoonica another twenty feet and stood her and Zander before a woman. He motioned for Kagome to stay back with him.

Demoonica looked at the woman. "Okay. WHAT is all this about? No one has made any since from... I don't know, the time I arrived at this city!"

The woman before her had dark brown hair pulled up into a bun. The sun glistened off her glasses. "Aren't you fiery?"

Demoonica glared at her. "I don't like being pulled along like a toy on a string."

The woman lifted her glasses to sit them on top of her head. Dark blue eyes looked at Demoonica. "Forgive my rudeness." She said suddenly. "I often forget that my job allows me to know people without truly knowing them. I am Iria 'Imagination' Rylee, but call me Megami-sama. I run the Bishi World Safety Department."

"Bishi World Safety Department?"

"Yeah, I don't get out a lot. But I do get to work closely with all the leading bishi in the world." She smiled. "Look the thing is this, you arrived in this world past my departments security locks, and I need to know how. Second, we have been watching you and it's just odd how you work in this world..."

"How I work...?"

"The way you are! You seemingly don't even try and are in the company of eight bishi, one of them a genetic rarity." She motioned to Inu-chan. "And gain not only the trust, but love of a half bishounen. Who I might add is the only recorded case of a half breed that isn't from a human/bishi couple. You defy the odds. Do you know that we were about to take the Marou bishounen entry off the BishiDex because we haven't had a reported sighting in over five years?"

"Well I..."

"Third, you are odd."


"You're welcome. Some how, and Katan confirmed this, you were able to contact a bishoujo while you slept, gaining the knowledge of an attack on her home while it was happening on the southern continent of this world. I knew there was something odd about you... I believe that upon you transportation to this world that something happened to give you..." Here Megami shrugged. "...powers."

Demoonica raised an eyebrow at her.

"Now don't go try to fly or levitate objects, that's not what I'm saying. You gained a connection to this world and its inhabitants. You are amazingly lucky."

"I~.....Ie-yie-yie... How do you think I could believe any of that?!" Demoonica raised her voice.

"I didn't expect you to, I don't need a blindly faithful fool. If you will come with me though, I would like to prove I'm being completely truthful."

Demoonica looked at Zander, oddly quiet, he just shrugged. Demoonica glared at him, then gave up and looked at Kagome. No help there either. "Fine, but Zander and my bishi come too."

"Acceptable. Wufei! Ready transportation to headquarters!" A Wufie Bishounen nodded to Megami and walked off.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:54 PM
Demoonica stretched in her seat aboard the Ragnarok. Grabbing her bishiballs she released all of her bishounen and filled them in on what was happening.

"So she want's you to contact the comatose Gau Ban Bishounen?" Katan asked.

"Yes. You know when she first told me everything I didn't believe a word of it, but then the sight of this ship made me pause. I think she's telling me the truth, guys."

"I have never known Megami-sama to lie."


"I mean..." Katan sighed. "I did not think she would contact you so soon. I work for Megami-sama and the Department, but I am YOUR bishounen. Do not think for a minute that you were deceived."

"Go on."

"I was sent to keep you from causing trouble, the Department, Megami-sama, thought you might cause problems. That because you were not on the list of people to be brought to the Bishi World that it would..." He shrugged. "We were not sure what your presence would do. The power surge, that we now know was Avioc Malii casting some sort of magic, happened with you there. We thought you, or perhaps Zander was the cause... even the combination of you both being near each other."

"So you appearing to save us was no accident."

Katan smiled. "I must admit your curiosity gave me a great opportunity."

"So you let me catch you because it was in the best interest of the Department."

"That was the case, Demoonica. Though other than the being stuck in a ball part I found that being a Bishounen of yours was not at all a bad thing."

"Will the Department want me to free you now that you no longer need to watch me?"

Katan shook his head. "It was my choice in the end, they could not force me any more than they can force you to release me. What are you planing to do when we reach headquarters?"

"See what Megami wants me to do. It all makes me feel like an episode of Psycho Diver." She laughed. "I'm in a world full of anime characters and I still talk like they are only shows. For all I know it is the exact same as Psycho Diver because it's real. Wufei!" She motioned for the bishounen to come over to her group.

"What onna?"

"How long will it be until we reach your headquarters?"

"It is halfway between this continent and the southern one, a few more hours." He walked away, passing a bishoujo as he went.

"Not the friendliest is he?"

"Are they ever?" Asked a pink haired san stage bishoujo as she walked into the passengers cabin. She was pushing a food cart. "Hi I'm Usa-chan. (Rini from Sailor Moon for you who don't know her as Chibi Usagi.) Everyone here looks tired. I brought lunch for you."

"Thank you Usa-chan."

"Megami-sama asked for all the bishi working to behave, she wants to make a good impression." Usa-chan said as she handed out trays.

"Why would talking to the Gau be so important that they can't wait, Katan?"

"Gau has been in the coma almost from the time you had that dream. If we want to find out what has happened, then we need to talk to him as soon as possible. There haven't been any new attacks, but things are becoming uneasy on the southern continent once again." Katan flexed his wings then winced as pain shot down the left one.

"Katan! You should have said that your wing is still painful. Excuse me Usa-chan?" Demoonica waved the san stage bishoujo back over.


"Would there be medical quarters on this ship?"

"Yes, the Ragnarok does. It's our best ship. I can take you there."

"Thank you. Katan you really need to be more concerned about yourself and not worry so much about everyone else." She stood pulling Katan along. "I'll be back guys, and Marou... when I get the time, you will answer for this." She softly shoved Katan toward the entrance. "And you Katan, I know he's a very nerve racking demon lord, but you shouldn't take his words so seriously. He would have done more than put a burn on your wing and singe a bunch of feathers if I hadn't got him into his ball."

"Yes ma'am." He sounded like a small child.

They followed Usa-chan down the hall then took a right into a room. "Here we are! Millerna-hime, we have a someone for you." Millerna walked over her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She looked at Katan's wounded wing.

"It's not bad, but it's going to be tender for a while longer. Angel type bishounen normally heal fast, this was caused by...?"

"A demon type bishounen."

Millerna made a little 'oh' sound then brought over the medical supplies. She began to tend the wound. "Whoever you had tend this earlier did a good job."

"I'll have to thank Kagome again later." Demoonica turned to Katan. "Really, you should keep your head about you around Marou... think of him as Sir Rosiel in a constant bad mood. You must watch your steps around him for he is powerful, humor him for he is fickle."

Katan laughed. "You have known Marou a long time?"

"He was my third bishi."

"Why did you want to catch him?"

"I had no idea what I was catching, believe me if I had I would have walked... no... I would have *ran* the other way."

Katan shook his head. "You and your curiosity."

"Hey, curiosity is a good thing!"

"There. Your wing is all bandaged properly." Millerna said.

"Thank you." They both said.


Back with the others...

"So are we to trust m'lady Demoonica in this?"

"Of course we trust Demoonica, Allen! Besides we all know who Megami-sama is. Met her or not this woman seems to be telling the truth."

"True Kagome, Katan works for her and he never tried to harm any of us, and he calls her Megami-sama."


Finally after arriving at headquarters... It's a huge man made flying island!!!!!

"...and if you do decide to join the ranks of the Bishi World Safety Department we will set you up here with your own quarters for you and your bishi. We have training quarters, MS docking bay for Mecha, simulation rooms, rec. rooms, and all the department rooms that make up the Safety Department. Also other members have quarters here, like your friend Sterling."

Demoonica and company were being led down a maze of crisscrossing corridors and halls by Megami-sama. She stopped at a pair of doors. "Here we are. Demoonica if you will please follow me. Everyone else please follow Wufei into the next room."

"Demoonica..." Megami waved a hand at the dark haired bishounen laying on a table. "...This is a Gau Ban bishounen. He is very much alive, but comatose. We want you to lay on this table..." She patted a table beside the first. "...and allow us to hook you up to Gau."

"Just lay down?"

"Just lay down."

"Then what?"

"Relax. I'm the only other person that will be in the room. I'll put these little headphones on your temples and that is all the machinery you will be hooked to. Gau has a set on. See?"

Demoonica nodded. "Okay, but if anything happens you can pull me out right?"

"I will be monitoring everything."

"I'll try." Demoonica hopped up onto the table and lay back as Megami adjusted the 'headphones' on her head. "I fell like I'm trying to listen to music all wrong."

Megami laughed. "They do look low tech, don't they?"

Demoonica nodded.

"Whoa, we don't need you knocking this thing loose."


"Don't be. Now close your eyes, relax, just like if you were taking a nap..." Megami's voice drifted away as Demoonica listened.

She closed her eyes, it was dark black.... then it was a hazy grey. She tried to open her eyes, but to her surprise they already were. She looked around... there was nothing. Just solid grey... eh... stone? now that she looked, below her feet. She was in a thick grey mist that went on forever in all directions.

'It's only a dream.' She told herself. 'And as long as you realize that, then you can control it.' Her dream self took a deep calming breath... as she let it out the environment began to shift. Light purple carpet replaced the grey stone beneath her feet, a black metal bunk bed took shape to her left, anime posters floated mid air as if pinned to invisible walls. Her room on Earth, back home. Here she was at ease, calm, and collected. The grey mist cleared away.

Standing away in the now clear area was a very confused looking Gou Ban bishounen. "Nani?" He asked softly, afraid of her presence in his mind.

"Look, don't be afraid." Demoonica lifted her hands in front of her, palms up, fingers open. "I came to help you."

Gau nodded. 'Not much of a talker is he?' Demoonica thought. 'Glad I took that "Translating Silent Bishounen 101" class from Kai.'

"You want to come sit?" A chair appeared beside Demoonica. "I'll sit too." A second chair appeared, she sat in this one. The Gau hesitantly made his way to her mind room, she noticed he walked right through her poster of the Slayers cast. He looked at the chair then at Demoonica, but didn't sit.

"Humans burned my home. They took my sister Ella. How can you help me." He sounded bitter, slightly angry, and tired at the same time.

"I don't know the tr..." 'No don't call them trainers, they don't deserve that title.' She told herself. "...humans that did that to you. I want to help though, if not I would not have bothered to come here."

Gau was silent. He just watched Demoonica, who began to fidget in her chair from the gaze.

"Can you find Ella?"

"Ella... I..."

"Don't promise unless you mean what you say."

"I can't promise you anything... but I know they will try."

"That will have to be good enough." Gau slumped down into the chair finally. "My sister is all I have."

"Gau? You know you could help us a lot more if you woke up now."

"I... I like this place. Everything I want is here..."

"Everything Gau? What about Ella?"


The world around her began to melt. There was a bright light in here eyes... "Mnn, dang lights..."

"So you woke up."


"We have to thank you, Demoonica."

Demoonica sat up. She was in the same room as before, but now the lights were turned up brighter. "It worked?"

"Better than expected!" Megami said happily.

'Sheesh, never seen anyone so happy.' Demoonica thought, then noticed the table next to hers was now empty. "Where's Gau?"

"Getting a well needed solid meal. He woke up about ten minutes ago, groggy and confused. We will still need to run tests to see if he is back to normal, but he's awake. That in itself is a good sign. A very good sign."

Demoonica nodded. "I'm glad I was able to help."

"I'm glad Katan told me about your dream, we would never have known without you..."

"Known what?"

"Gau briefly told us of the attack, not much mind you. All he said was that the trainers were not acting normal, like they were possessed."

"Possessed? Like mind control?"

The door to the room opened and Wufei walked in. "Exactly like mind control. Iria..." Megami frowned at his calling her by name. "...I just came from the Caf. Gau remembers there being a strange white airship that the trainers exited from. This was painted on the side." He handed Megami a sketch.

"A cat's head...? No a Bobcat. What could that mean?" Megami asked herself. "Anything else."

"Not yet."

"Great. Well that doesn't give us much to go on, but it's better than before. Demoonica have you decided if you will join the Department?"

"I'll have to think about it."

"I'll set up a proper tour for you and your group. Wufei!"

Wufei sighed. "Right away... Iria."


"So we're staying?"

Demoonica shrugged. "Yeah Zander. I mean... look at this place! High tech, state of the art stuff. I was offered a job, they want me to stay here. Said that I proved I was useful, you know helping with Gau and all. They want me to continue my journey with this being like a home base..."

"How can you stay here and continue journeying at the same time?"

"They will give me a ship... nothing big like the Ragnarok. They called it a QT."

"Cutie?" Zander asked, somewhat amused.

"That's what I said! Anyway that's where were headed now. Right Wufei?"

"Yes and the ships name is QT-437."

Demoonica frowned. "Eh, can I give it a call name?"

"Sure. Why not." Wufei said getting irritated. "This way." He turned the corner and they found themselfs in the MS docking bay. "That's the QT's over there." He pointed to a long row of white ships. They hadn't been kidding when they said they were small. The QT-437's were only about twenty feet in length. "They are built for speed and maneuverability. They only seat from one to four persons and have limited cargo space. QT's are the ships given to most employees of the SD."

"SD? Super Deformed?" Demoonica giggled. (A/N: As was the same reaction I had the first time watching SD Gundam!)

"Safety Department. You two are having too much fun with this... Onna! Listen to what I have to say!" Wufei yelled at Demoonica as she found her way into the closest QT ship.

"You know what? I think I'll call it Sasori."

"Scorpion?" Zander asked. "Why?"

"Yeah. Scorpion. My sign is Scorpio. Oh! and Wufei have them paint it black."

"Good. Now that that's finished..." Wufei wrote down the QT-437's number and soon to be color and call name beside it. "... I'm to set you up with living quarters. Does he..." Wufei pointed at Zander. "... require his own room?"

"Yes I do. You know I can talk for myself!" Zander snapped at the Wufei.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:56 PM
A few days after arriving at the BWSD (Bishi World Safety Department)...

"Yes Millerna-hime. I was told to come here by Wufei..."

"Commander Chang Wufei. As is his title. And you can just call me Millerna."

"Oh. Sorry I didn't know. Why am I here?"

"Almost all of the staff of BWSD work out in the field, that includes the Bishounen and Bishoujo. Many times that calls for them and their trainers to be separated farther than normally allowed. This is a big problem when assignments can last weeks."

"Why not just assign them to the same job?"

"Sometimes this involves going undercover and being inside Bishi territories."

"Oh, I see. No trainers allowed."

"That's not the problem at all. Humans working for the BWSD are even allowed in the cities if it's ordered by the Department."

"So what's the problem?"

"Sometimes the job requires a lone bishi infiltrating the bad guys..." Millerna giggled. "Sounds like a bad movie."

"Yeah, it does. So what does that have to do with me coming to the Medical Bay?"

"Well. The Department has had us come up with a serum that fixes the problem of trainer/bishi separation. Though we can't distribute it among the mass population or unhappy bishi would run away and that could cause many problems. Including being mistaken for free ones. No it's is best we came up with a less powerful version for the normal trainers, one to enlarge the distance and time factors, but not eliminate them all together."

"You have one that eliminates distance and time restrictions? As in right now have it made?"

"Not entirely... it works but only after months of daily shots, for the trainer and bishi involved."

"So they want to start me and my bishounen on this serum I take it."

Millerna nodded. "Yes."

Demoonica rolled up her sleeve. "I hate needles... why does this world have so many things that I have to get shots for?"


Demoonica's head bobbed to the music she was listening to while learning to fly the QT Sasori. It was one of her favorite singers, Madonna, the song was 'La Isla Bonita'.

She had been at the Department for little over a week now and was wondering how many G's of force the ship could take or better yet how many she could... that is before passing out.

"Don't even think of pulling any stunts, onna." Wufei warned her as he removed her headphones.

"Hey I was listening to that!"

"I should be helping with the search, not teaching a child to fly a ship. And you should be concentrating on flying the ship, not bad 80's music."


"That's for calling Madonna's music bad."

Wufei rubbed the bump on the back of his head. "I'm going to write you up one of these days for that."

"As if."

'God's make me strong to put up with this girl.' "Demoonica..."

"What now Wufei?"

"Land this ship... now."

Demoonica sighed, grabbed her headphones, and began the short flight back to the BWSD's HQ.

"You know what, Wufei?"

"No, what?"

"You're a stick in the mud Chang Wufei... I real stick in the mud." Demoonica sighed. "I'm going to let him stay free... Inu-chan that is. Let Kagome raise him here, safe from human trainers."

"That is... a very mature decision..."

"Yeah..." The rest of the trip back was in silence... all to be heard was 80's music.


Demoonica brought up the map on her BishiGear. "They updated this thing to show where all the Bishi territories and cities are. (Information withheld from most of the population.) I'll fly the QT out."

"Won't the bishi be upset to find a trainer in their town?"

"Wufei assured me that they recognize all of the departments ships and the trip has been pre-cleared."


"I'm packed!" Inuyasha said coming to stand beside Kagome, their son in his arms. "You are too." He handed Kagome a bag, mostly it was Inu-chan's things.


"What? The girl wants to go. I ain't complaining! We've been stuck at this place far too long if you ask me."

"Then it's settled..."


With Megami...

"Yes! Found it." Megami-sama called out happily. She began reading quickly. "No!...."

"What did you find?" Wufei asked, curious, despite his being in a constant bad mood.

"That symbol was registered into the BWSD's data banks three years ago from the southern continent for one Seth Hallow. He was doing DNA testing on human subjects, mostly unregistered newbies. And drugs..."

"DNA testing? Drugs? What kind?"

Megami reread the info. "It was a mixture, a potent cocktail of drugs. Marijuana. Cocaine. The report lists other stimulants and some other synthetic stuff which amount to the equivalent of street ecstasy and angel dust back on Earth."

"There are always those with sinister minds who experiment in mind control, brainwashing, reprogramming of humans and of course genetics." Wufei said while reading over her shoulder.

"It isn't only the drugs, Wufei. If his subject survived that person was permanently altered, stronger, faster, with a higher endurance, possibly more agile, perhaps having more acute senses. It's horrifying to think of what people like that could do..."

"Burn entire cities to the ground, capture an entire population, with no feelings towards what they've done..."

"You had to say it out loud didn't you?"

"No use in trying to hide the truth from yourself, it only delays when others who need to know will find out."

"You're right Wufei. He called his organization the 'Ghost Cats'... I knew I'd seen that symbol before."

"If they found him out why didn't he get the one way trip home?"

"The found out too late, he was gone by the time the police got there. All his data was with him or destroyed. He's been working underground is seems, but he doesn't know he's been found this time. Have Zechs ready the Ragnarok and four QT's, Alpha squad A-D. This time we are handling our old friend Seth Hallow."


"Stop struggling."

"Never! Don't you see? They're expendable! There are over a hundred new ones every week to this world!" Seth yelled at the people that held him.

"He's a mad man. Megami-sama, he is clearly not thinking clearly. Insane."

"He's thinking clearly... but fanatically, you can not reason with him." She said.

"We can't send him back to the human world like this. We can't send back his followers either... they're like lifeless shells, waiting for his orders."

"Orders? Yes! Yes! My orders! My little flock of trainers willing to do everything for me. I am their god." Seth gained a far away look.

"You are no god!" He was shaken roughly. "You are a monster!"

"Heh-heh... This from a second class life form, a bishounen, a monster... heh... I should not talk to you. You are below me, below my flock... heh..." Seth mocked.

The bishounen holding him raised his hand to strike the young man.

"Stand down!" Wufei snapped.

"But Commander..."

"It's nothing but worthless prattle. Stand down. That's an order." Wufei hated it when lower ranking officers questioned his orders.

"Yes sir."

"Megami-sama what are our orders? What do we do with him?"

"Prison. It's our only choice with Seth. As for his 'flock' of trainers, I hope they can be saved. It's going to take years to erase all of his brainwashing... and that's if they live through the drug withdraw." She looked at Seth. "Take him away."

"Yes ma'am!" They dragged the fanatical young man away, never to darken the Bishounen World with his terror again.

Megami sighed.

"Is there a problem, Iria?" Wufei asked.

"Wufei..." She said. "...It's over, finally. Seth has been locked up and the southern continent is safe. The police apprehended the girl making all the half bishi too, learnt from the past and caught this last one, so the northern continent is safe too. It's a big job keeping this world safe isn't it?"

"Don't worry, you've done fine."

"Thank you Wufei, that means a lot."


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:57 PM



"What is it Wufei?"

"That's Commander Chang to you."

Demoonica rolled her eyes. "Yes sir..."

Wufei raised an eyebrow, waiting.

Demoonica sighed. "...Commander Chang sir."

"Better. You've only been here a week and already Megami-sama has seen that this desk life is not for you. She sent me to tell you that you have been reassigned."

"If you say I'm going to the frozen north..."

"No, that's only where *I* want you to go... Now, your assignment. BWSD here assigns one Demoonica Darkmoon to Field Research. Work includes: the finding and catching of new or rare bishounen and bishoujo; spending large amounts of time in the wilds of Bishi World; and traveling from city to city. Do you accept?"


"Do you accept? The terms of your new assignment!"

"Hell YES! Oh thank you Wufei!" Demoonica grabbed him into a hug, kissed him on the cheek, took the assignment paper out of his hand, and was halfway down the hall in seconds.

Wufei stood there in shock watching her literally bounce down the hall out of happiness. Then he got the strong urge to rub the place on his cheek she had kissed, and he did it as if it were an attempt to rid his face of a bright colored lipstick. "That girl has no self control!"


Let it begin again...


Heero Yuy. The embodiment of destruction and chaos. The dark haired boy lay on the top of the next hill, not so alone. Duo Maxwell. Self proclaimed embodiment of death stood there too, overlooking the valley below. And...

"That can't be a Heero!" Demoonica said more loudly than she wanted. The second Heero ran a hand through his white-blond hair and then looked her way.

"Eep! I think he heard that. Do you think he heard that?" Demoonica whispered and ducked behind the bolder she had been standing beside.

"The whole world could hear you!" Zander whispered back. "Now what are you going to do?"

"Coming out of hiding would be a good start..." Said a voice that sounded very much like a Heero, but... Bouncy?

Demoonica and Zander looked up to see the blond Heero looking back down at them. "How did you get over here so fast?"

The bishounen raised an eyebrow. "Like I'd tell." He smiled. "Hey Heero, Duo! I was right it's just a trainer or two."

"Just a trainer?"

"You ask a lot of questions, girly."

"Eh, Heero?! The coward ditched us." The Duo said coming up behind them. "And look who I found waiting around back here!" He pointed to Kagome and Inu-chan.

"Don't you know not nice to point." Kagome told him.

"You with these two?" Heero pointed down at the pair. "I'd guess as much. Wouldn't you Duo?"

"Yeah I would. Don't *you* know it isn't nice to invade into a bishi's area?"

"Hey it truth there isn't any laws against it." Demoonica said. "And I quote 'They have their own hidden cities. They used to be open to everyone, but that was before humans showed up. They are hidden so we don't tear the world apart and make them all extinct.' The truth is you're not to go looking for the cities... the area around them is open for visitation."

"What a crock! Trainers are to stay out of territories! Trainers are to stay away from cities! Trainers are to never force or even ask a bishounen to take then to their home!"


"Sorry Heero, it's just that..."

Demoonica interrupted him. "The pact trainers made with Bishounen and Bishoujo only said that we would never drive them into primitive or inhumane conditions. I've seen the document at the Bishi World Safety Department Headquarters!"

Duo started to remark then stopped suddenly. "You're with Department?"

"Uh, yeah. Why?"

"Aw man I should have known! Here let me help you up." Duo offered Demoonica his hand, however Zander had already stood, taken it himself, and helped her up. Duo dropped his hand back down to his side. "Okay, whatever. Anyway. We got a message that a new recruit from the department was going to be dropped off in the area. Sorry for the rude welcome, this place is on the edge of our territory and is constantly being ran into by trainers."

"HQ told you we were Coming?"

"Yeah keeps you out of trouble and all. You really should have your uniforms on."

"Eh, I don't really like that thing and grey isn't her color." Zander told him.

"Mine's black." Duo said and Demoonica too, all at the same time.

"I like your style." Duo continued with a smile. "If you are looking for a place to rest, I'm sure Father Maxwell won't mind you staying at the temple."

"Temple? So there's a city near by?"

"You don't know much do you? How long did the Department train you?"

Demoonica laughed. "I was there less than two weeks and they gave me back to the free world!"

"They reassigned her to get her out of their hair." Zander explained when he saw the confused looks of both Duo and Heero. They nodded and started walking back towards the hill they had been on, it wasn't as far away as it had looked.

"What about you? I can tell you're not human or really bishounen either."

"I'm with Demoonica for two weeks then I have to return to the Department for specialized training."

"Oh really, what kind?"

Zander remained quiet.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:58 PM
"Here we are hovel sweet hovel..." Duo noticed the Heero with normal hair color. "Hey! Heero! What did you think you where doing disappearing like that?"

The Heero looked uneasy before answering. "Reconnaissance."

Duo nodded to him and then looked to Demoonica, Zander, and Kagome, who was still holding Inu-chan. "I don't believe that, but I can't prove he wasn't..." He shrugged.

"Duo give the kid a break... he watched both his parents be captured." The white-blond Heero said. Looking at Inu-chan he became curious. "Is your kid a mix with another territory? My parents were from different ones."

"No, Inu-chan is mine and Inuyasha's... it's a long story. If you want to hear it I can tell you later." Kagome paused. "So your mother wasn't from the Gundam Wing territories?"

Heero shook his head. "She was from the Megami Kouhosei territories."

"I know that anime!" Demoonica turned to look at him. "Was she a..."

"I don't know. My first memory is of my father leaving me here."

"I'm sorry Heero. Hey that makes two of you without parents... What is this place?"

"A temple for the lost." A sama stage Duo dressed as normal catholic priest said. His hair was streaked with grey, betraying his true age, despite his ever youthful bishounen appearance.

"Father Maxwell." Duo and Heero said while nodding to him. Duo continued. "This is Demoonica, the Department trainee."

"Welcome my child. As I said, this is a temple for those who are lost. A safe haven for orphaned bishi children."


Father Maxwell nodded. "Yes, sadly there are more and more with each passing year. Every bishi here, other than myself, was once a frightened, lonely, lost chibi. But that is the way the world is, please feel welcome to spend the night."

Later that evening...

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*

"I don't get it, why can't I contact HQ?" Demoonica glared down at her BishiGear. "Stupid machine!"

"Communications on the fritz?" Zander asked.

"Yeah, there's no signal what so ever."

"Don't worry about it, the Department's fixing whatever is wrong as we speak."

Father Maxwell walked over to Demoonica and Zander. "Is something wrong?"

"No. I'm sure it's nothing." Demoonica looked down at the BishiGear just as it started buzzing. "It's a message from HQ Odd, it's text only." Opening it Demoonica sat reading the long message. It took a few minutes. "Well isn't that nice?"

"What's up?"

"Communications are down world wide. I've got an assignment. We are to reestablish communications, while searching for the reason. They'll send out a shipment of new communications equipment for us to set up. It will arrive in the morning. They're upset, this is normal in localized areas from time to time, but it all just went down at once."

"That means someone is behind this then?" Father Maxwell asked.

"That's what they think too, Father."


"Oh wow! I've never seen an angel before!" Duo announced the next morning when Demoonica had all her bishounen out of ball.

Katan looked at the boy like he was nuts. "Well you still haven't, I'm only a cherub."

Duo started laughing. "You can't be a cherub! Those are little baby angels! Why are those feathers at the top on this one black? Are the feathers really soft? Hey, can I touch your wings?"

"No." Katan shook his head.

"Oh please!?"

Katan sighed and shook his head again. Marou was laughing too, only at Katan. The red-haired demon lord sat floating mid-air, his legs crossed. "Humans, little angel, don't understand things the way we do."

Katan glared at him. "I'm nothing like the filth you are, demon."

"I believe we are more like each other than you wish to admit." Marou gave him an evil smile and said nothing more.

"Can you really fly? Oh they are soft!" Duo said as he stroked the feathers on Katan's wing. Katan made a noise in the back of his throat as his wing twitched slightly. The next moment saw Duo landing ten feet away from the cherub. Katan's wing folded back behind him again, and he smoothed the ruffled feathers. Marou smiled over at Katan.

"They're sensitive." Katan stated, glaring at the demon.

"You did it because he was bugging you."


"...and that's what we think happened." Kagome finished her story. The white-blond Heero nodded looking at Inu-chan who was tugging on one of Inuyaha's dog ears.

"That's very odd."

"It's the only explanation we have."

"It's not that odd." Demoonica said. "Look at it this way, you're different because of who your parents are, and believe it or not Kai-kun over there is part neko-jin. Look at his eyes when he's really mad, they go all kitty-cat like."


"Yeah, I never noticed until Rei-chan told me they were related."

"Well! You seem to have quite the following!" Father Maxwell announced as he came outside to the group. "And looks like we have another guest." He pointed to the sky where another small QT ship could be seen headed their way.

"That would be the person from HQ, we'll be leaving soon now."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 8:59 PM
"Hello annoyance."


"That's Commander Chang to you!" The Wufei crossed his arms with a 'humph'.

"Commander Chang, I take it that it is you who is delivering the communications equipment?" Zander asked.

"Yes, these are our newest device. Bill has been working on them for quite some time and they were just finished, so we decided to just go ahead and upgrade the network now." Wufei held up a Hoi Poi capsule. "Each of these has a half dozen Net Sphere's in it."

"What's a Net Sphere?"

"It like... well... here, just look at one." Wufei pressed the top of the capsule and tossed it to the ground. In a flash of smoke a glowing blue orb on a stand appeared.

Demoonica giggled. "It looks like a save sphere off Final Fantasy X and X-2."

Wufei nodded. "That's the idea, human trainers bring all kinds of things with them, video games are one of them. They contain technology that we don't have... like a save sphere, this place isn't a game so they hold no purpose."

"So if it isn't what it looks like what is it?"

"The trainers who are Heads of the Department realized that most people would recognize the basic look of items from games and shows, so they made this. It sort of works like a save sphere from... uh..."

"Final Fantasy."

"Whatever. Anyway, I was told that this sphere has the ability to instantly heal the wounds of Bishounen and Bishoujo who place their hand on it."

"That's cool, but what about the communications?"

"I was getting to that!!" Wufei snapped at Demoonica. "It has communications video and audio feed without the need of power lines, and there's no known way to interfere with it. After you set it up it automatically links to HQ and any other spheres that are set up, and all devices within the area will be back to running normally. That means you will need to set up one or more of these in every town and city... including those of Bishounen and Bishoujo."

"That could take forever! And how can we get into Bishi Cities without being in big trouble?"

"Try wearing your uniform for once, Cadet Darkmoon. That will get you past any security problems." Wufei handed her a case full of Hoi Poi capsules. "Oh, and be smart. Don't catch any bishi within a city's walls."

"Gee, thanks. I would have never thought of that on my own."

Wufei's eye twitched. "I....." He turned to Zander. "Maxwell! If you don't mind returning to HQ now, come with me. The sooner the better."

"But..." Zander sighed. "I guess that would be best."

"Good, now I have to get back to HQ so be quick." Wufei turned and returned to the small QT ship.

"Glad he's the same ball of sunshine we all know." Demoonica said.

Zander gave a laugh. "Demoonica." He pulled her into a hug. "The next time I get to see you, I be a new person, huh?"

"I still don't want you to leave. Why can't they just send somebody along to teach you to control your demon abilities?"

"Megami would, I'm sure, but Bill really wants to study these powers too and that takes a lab. I'll see you okay?" He kissed her.

"Okay." She mumbled as he stepped into the ship.

Demoonica watched the ship fade in the distance. It was a while after it was no longer in sight that Kagome placed her hand on her shoulder. "Demoonica..."

"I know, we need to get going, right?" Kagome nodded. "Fine. Just let me finish setting up the Net Sphere."

"De-chan?" Inu-chan asked from his mother's arms. They had left about an hour earlier and at the time only he, Kagome, and Demoonica were walking along the forest path.

"Hum?" Demoonica looked over to the Chibi bishounen.

"Sze, go?" He pointed to the sky.

"Where did Zander go?" Inu-chan nodded. "He went back to the floating buildings we were at. Don't worry Inu-chan."

"Cha, don't worry kiddo!" Came a voice from the woods.

"Duo!" Demoonica knew the voice right away. "What are you doing here?"

Duo dropped down out of the tree. "We... were following you." He said with a shrug while looking at the ground. "You could get into trouble... and even a Sama stage bishounen can't handle a Gundam with an upset pilot. Right Heero?" Duo looked back up into the tree.

"Affirmative." It was the blond Heero.

"Heero too?"

Duo nodded with a big smile. "Heero too. It didn't even take a lot of asking to get him to come along."

"Well are you going to sit there in that tree or are you really going to follow me?"

Heero jumped down. "I'll come."

"Yeah, we can be look outs for you! Not being owned, we'll blend in..." Duo looked at Heero's hair. "Well at least I'll blend in."

"What?" Heero asked.

"Baka." Duo shook his head.

"Doo. Ewo." Inu-chan giggled at the San stage bishounen.

"Hey! Looks like we have a fan!" Duo said giving a small bow to the Chibi he added. "We will be here all week." Inu-chan clapped.

"As entertaining as it is guys, we should keep walking."

"Aw, and here I was about to start juggling."

"What were you going to juggle?"

"I don't know. How many guns do you have in those shorts Heero?"


"What?" He was just given that look of 'You really need to be told?' "Well, I guess that would be kind of bad, what if he needed one?"

"How about 'Don't teach the Chibi to play with guns?' Sound good to you?"

"OH." Duo rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry, I wasn't thinking."

Later that evening...

Inuyasha watched as Inu-chan swung the small wooden sword to hit a rock. The rock bounced a few feet and Inu-chan would run over to it and swing again. The child had been playing his game for the better part of an hour now. "He's growing so fast."

Kagome nodded. "Your going to start showing him how to use that sword soon, aren't you?"

"Feh, ofcorse I am! No son of mine will be considered weak." Inuyasha crossed his arms and continued to watch Inu-chan play.


"Eh? What is it Allen?" He asked the blond bishounen who had walked over to him.

"I thought you would enjoy sparing practice before dinner."

"Okay. Hey, Inu-chan! Come watch how you should use that thing." Inuyasha pointed at the sword. Inu-chan looked at the toy then followed the two.

"Here, sit on the boulder and you won't be in the way." Allen lifted the Chibi up and sat him where he would be safe. "Ready Inuyasha?" He drew his sword.

"I was born ready!" He drew the transformed Tetsuiga.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 9:00 PM
A few days later...

"What's in that one?" Kagome asked pointing to the Hoi Poi capsule that was different from all the rest that Wufei had given them.

"Don't know..." Demoonica opened the capsule to find a new Bishi-Ball belt and a note from Megami-sama. The note read:

Demoonica, Bill wants you to beta this new device. It hasn't yet been named. It should connect all your 'PD' Spheres to another Pocket Dimension space, sort of a resort from what I understood. "Resort? What's she talking about?" Demoonica wondered aloud, then finished reading: Bill found a way to make an artificial 'outside' for the spheres so Bishounen and Bishoujo could interact while within. He told me he made it look like an entire island with a resort and the hotel would lead to the 'PD' rooms. Last he told me to tell you not to worry where your bishi are while the spheres are connected to the belt, that they will return to their ball - if they're not in it - when you take the ball from the belt. Hope you are doing well.
- - - Megami-sama.

"Baka!" flap hit bam


"Duo, can you please stop touching Katan's wings?" Demoonica pocketed the note and put the new belt on, but she didn't take the time to move any of the 'PD' Spheres onto it, telling herself that she could do that later.

"Hehe... heck no, this is fun!" Duo said from where he had landed, which was upside down, against a tree.

Demoonica placed a hand on her hip. "You're going to kill yourself. Trust me when I say it's not fun when he gets mad."

"Aww... can't I..." Duo pouted up at the people looking down at him. Nope, didn't work.

Katan twitched. "The kid is going to give me a nervous tic."

"Like it's any worse than putting up with a Rosiel. Talk about fractured mentality." Demoonica said a little coldly to the Cherub Bishounen.

"Leave Sir Rosiel out of this."

"I just meant... okay that was uncalled for, but give Duo a break. Not a real one Marou!" She quickly yelled at the red haired Demon Lord as soon as she saw the sadistic smile her words caused. "It's part of who he is to be hyper, talkative, and... well annoying. He's a kid."

"I'll have you know I'm thirteen!" Duo butted in, he was still lying upside down against the tree.

"Point well proven." Heero said.

"Neh..." Duo stuck his tongue out at him. Heero just kicked him in the head. "Hey, hey, don't kick me! Don't kick at me! Sheesh, can't a guy have any fun?"

"One should not if it is at someone else’s expense." Was Allen's way of scolding the boy.

"Tell me another, oh great Obi-wan." Duo countered sarcastically.

Demoonica sighed. Why did she want this again? Oh yeah, they were all cute Bishounen. Looking at the ever growing group she then hoped that they were close to Gundam City, her first stop in a very long journey. Then she wondered what said city would be like.


"Heh? Yeah, sure." She said with a small wave of her hand, not paying attention.

"Good. I thought you were spacing out there. Heero says we are close to the city and can make it before nightfall."

Demoonica nodded. "Okay, Kagome. Have him and Duo scout ahead for trouble."


"So Heero, whaddaya think of Demoonica and her Bishi?"

Heero shrugged. "Acceptable. High tolerance for those who are different. Lack of real organization."

"I don't need a full report on your finding's Yuy. It was a simple question of how you felt."

"They're okay."

"Good, then we agree! It might be fun to follow them even after we get to Gundam City. They've had adventures I could only imagine. Think of all the places we could see! The Bishounen we would meet." He elbowed Heero in the side and gave him a wink. "Better yet All the Bishoujo we would meet!"

"Hormone driven baka."

"Aw, come on! Admit it, you thought about it too! Girls, man! Girls we didn't grow up with! How cool would that be?! You know you like the idea."

Heero just glared at him.

"What then? Are you going to grow up to marry a Relena who doesn't mind having a mixed-breed Heero for a husband? Have a bunch of blond kids who'll get picked on?"

Heero looked like he was thinking real hard about it. Finally he crossed his arms in a very defiant manner and stuck his tongue out. "Hnn."

Duo busted out laughing. It was the most non-Heero like thing he had ever seen and it was hilarious. "Oh God I wish I had a camera!"

"Shut up. I just don't like the idea, that's all."

"Oh get down off the high horse will ya? Mister I'm never going to be a Perfect Soldier anyway!"

"How about we drop the subject and pay more attention to scouting?"

"Fine, worm your way out of the conversation." Duo muttered under his breath.

A few minutes passed in relative silence before Duo felt the need to speak again. "You ever wonder about your parents, Heero? Why they left you? I want to know why mine left me... Father Maxwell... he didn't tell me how I came to be at the orphanage. He always tells us what he knows of our parents, why not me?"

"...Maybe... he doesn't know..."

"Oh." Duo fell silent.

"We're about a mile away from the others. No sign of watchers yet." Heero reported, trying to get the conversation off of subjects that hurt them both. Why did Duo have to do that? If they both knew it was painful to talk about, then why bring it up in the first place? It only made you feel bad.

"Yeah, okay."

"Report or check things out further ahead?"

Duo shrugged. "Whatever."

"Okay, we continue then."

"Fine with me."

"Your hair is on fire."

"That's nice."

"BAKA!" Heero hit Duo in the head.

"Hey, why'd you do that for?"

"You weren't even listening to me!"


"Why do you think they're here Trowa?" A Quatre asked his friend as they watched Heero and Duo from a distance.

Trowa shrugged. "Perhaps they were born away from the city..."

"Can you tell if they have a trainer?"

The brunet studied the pair for a moment, then shook his head. "No, they're un-captured. Just a couple of kids, nothing to report. Let's keep patrolling."


"Inu-chan, don't wonder to far, okay?" Kagome said as she sat him on the ground.

"...'kay!" He said with a big smile, before running ahead and grabbing Kai's scarf, nearly strangling the young Bishounen in the process.

"Gack!" Kai was pulled backwards.

"...Hi... Kai..."

"Someone get him before I kill him." Kai stated calmly.

Inuyasha picked up his son as he walked by. Inu-chan didn't let go of Kai's scarf. "Let go of it pup." He shook his sons hands.


In true fashion, Inuyasha just drew his sword and went to slice the material.

"Not my scarf!" Kai gave a yank on his scarf, pulling it free of Inu-chan's grasp just before it was sliced in half.

First Inu-chan pouted. Then his bottom lip trembled. And his eyes filled up with tears. "Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!" He began crying loudly. "Whah, whah, waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!"

"Ow, ow, sheesh!" Inuyasha tried to flatten his ears against his head, a hard thing to do with no free hands. "Give it back to him! I didn't know it'd make him cry!"

"He's not getting my scarf." Kai said as he pulled the scarf from his neck, as all the tugging had made it to tight.

"Well give him something! Kagome!" He held Inu-chan out to his mother.

"What do you want me to do? You're the ones who made him cry!" She yelled at them, then took Inu-chan and bounced him in her arms. She glared at Inuyasha. "What? You didn't think I'd let him keep crying, did you?"

"Well... you said..." Inuyasha started.

"I'm his mother! Mother's don't let their children sit and cry!" By now Inu-chan's full on wailing had quieted to a sob/hiccup mix around the thumb he was sucking, his eyes half closed.

"How does she do that? Tantrum to nothing in no time flat." All the men shrugged.

"Better?" Kagome asked Inu-chan. He replied with a nod. "You promise to leave Kai's scarf alone?"

Inu-chan nodded again. "Uh-hu... Sword?"

"You'll leave everyone's things alone if you get your sword? You just want something to play with, don't you?" By this time Demoonica had dug out the wooden toy sword from her pack.

"Here you go, Kagome."

"Thanks." She passed the sword to Inu-chan. "Remember, don't hit people." She sat him back down on the ground.

He ran over to Inuyasha. "He-he! Win sar! Show me! Show me!" Inu-chan swung the toy sword like he had seen Inuyasha do days earlier.

"Grr... it's pronounced Win-D- S-C-ar. Wind Scar." Inuyasha said impatiently.

"Wind... Scar..." The chibi pronounced slowly. He shoved the sword into the sash tied around his waist. "...'kay!" He took hold of Inuyasha's pants leg. It took him three steps to his fathers one to keep up.

"So much for the entertainment." Rei sighed.

"He nearly choked me, then almost got my scarf cut in half."

"At least today hasn't been boring."

Kai glared at Rei, the pupils of his garnet colored eyes narrowing into slits.

"You know, compared to walking around out here all day I'm starting to enjoy the peace and quiet of those new Bishi-Balls..." Allen said just before he disappeared into his.

"Is it just me or does anyone else think Allen's been acting rather odd lately?" Demoonica asked. "I know he was the shy type after I caught him, but anymore he just wants to train or be left alone." She looked to Kagome for help. "Is he not getting enough attention? Funny as it seems, I found out having a lot of Bishounen is like having lots of kids, everyone needs you to notice them as a single being, not just as part of the group. Even if it's just once and awhile."

"You could try talking to him."

"Yeah I will, when he comes back out."

"Feh, like there's anything better to do in there. Better or not, I'd rather stay out of the things."

"I don't mind them, but it does get pretty boring with nothing to do."

"A TV would be nice..."

"With DVD! Ooo movies... and comic books, and a fully stocked fridge!" Rei added with excitement.

"Heh-heh, keep dreaming. I can't afford anything like that... I do have an idea, but I don't know if it would work."

"What is it?"

"I've seen a Legolas." Demoonica smiled. "That got me thinking. If this world has characters from movies, say StarTrek, then there's a city for them and where there's a city there's all the technology from the original." (A/N: StarTrek was made into a cartoon show at one point.)

"I don't know what StarTrek is, but that's about right. Is this StarTrek thing something important?"

"Not as a place I'd go Bishi hunting, there are a few cute guys, none I'd go out of my way to find though. On the other hand, I think I can solve the problem of boredom - and the cost of so much food - with one of the machines from there, a Replicator."

"What's a Replicator?" Inuyasha asked. So far things like TV's and movies were things he knew about, thanks to Kagome, even if he didn't understand them or how they worked.

"Err... yeah, ask me something harder next time..." Demoonica said under her breath. "Well it makes stuff." She said with a shrug. "Don't ask me how it does that, or even how it works. I have no clue. Easy to use though, all you do is tell it what you want and makes it."

"So if I wanted a cherry soda?" Kai asked.

"Yep, easy."

"How about the limited print of issue one of my favorite comic?" Rei added.

"You'd have to tell it in better wording, give it the title. It makes things, it does not read minds. It wouldn't know what your favorite comic was."

"Oh. Hey! Does 'things' include living things?"


"Aw... well there went getting Kai a girlfriend... OW!"

Demoonica turned to look at Rei because of the odd outburst. Kai had him in a headlock and looked like he was going to strangle the squirming teen. "I'm going to shove that hair of yours down your throat if you don't keep quiet."

"KAI!" She yelled.

Getting yelled out didn't phase him though. "Hm? Want me to hang you in a tree again?" Oddly enough he didn't sound upset at all.

Rei had given up on struggling. Apparently Kai's hold wasn't tight and Rei wasn't lacking in getting air. "You wouldn't!"

"I don't know... you made a great pinata." By now Kai was visibly trying not to laugh. One hand lowered to around Rei's shoulders the other swiftly grabbed the end of the boys raven hair, bringing it up to tickle its owners nose.

"It's not fair, Kai... le'go!" Then he bit at the annoying puff of hair... and Kai's fingers.

For his efforts he was rewarded with getting hit softly in the face with his hair. "Bad koneko..."

Rei started giggling. "Okay. Okay. I give. Now le'me go!"

Kai released him.

It was then they both noticed the very odd looks they were getting from the rest of the group. A short time after that a matching pair of blush marks appeared on their faces. Rei coughed and didn't make eye contact with anyone.

"Err... Are..." Demoonica didn't know how to start, she had way to many questions.

"No." Kai said answering what he thought had to be the most prominent question in his trainers mind. He was seemingly use to answering said line of questioning.

"Oh, I... don't see..." She looked up the path then to see the two returning Bishounen. Demoonica waved at them. "Duo! Heero!"

"Hey!" Duo answered back. "We thought you all got lost, should've been closer to the city by now."

"Sorry, we had some minor delays. Will we still be there by nightfall, Heero?"

"Hn, only if we keep moving... and there are no more delays."

"You heard him guys, I'm sure to make better time with you in ball." Demoonica held out a Bishi-Ball. "In you go." It was Katan who disappeared first. When it was down to just Kagome and Inu-chan Demoonica said, "Kagome you hardly ever get to rest. If you want, Duo and Heero will watch Inu-chan with me. Right?" The last part was aimed at the two boys.

"We grew up in a orphanage, of course we can watch him!" Duo gave them a type smile. "We always had to help watch the younger kids."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 9:01 PM
"Ouch! Watch the braid, Inu-chan. It's attached." Duo had Inu-chan sitting up on his shoulders.

"Sorry, Do-oh."

"Aw, 'sokay kiddo. Heero pulls my hair a lot harder than you do."


"Yeah, we grew up together don't ya know. I'm younger, I think."

"You act it." Heero added.

Duo shook his head. "Proves nothing. How old you are and how old you act are totally different things. Right Inu-chan?"

Inu-chan shrugged.

"I don't believe it!"

"Aww Demoonica, I believe it... Why..."

"Oh, not your conversation." Demoonica said with a wave of her hand. "That!" She pointed to the large city looming in the distance.

"Alright! Gundam City!" Duo beamed. "If we're this close, we will be there by nightfal-"

"Hold it right there!"

"Eh-" Duo looked around. "Who?"

"We're sorry..." A Quatre appeared seemingly out of nowhere. "...But we can't allow you to get any closer to our city."

The person who had spoken first, a Trowa, joined the Quatre standing before them. He had a gun pointed at them.

"Please, Trowa, do you need to point a gun in their faces?" Quatre said to him.

"Nn, just a couple of kids?" He raised an eyebrow at the Quatre.

"It was your line... don't even blame me for letting a trainer get this close to the city." The Quatre shrugged. "And we stopped them before anyone found out."

The Trowa looked at Demoonica. "Leave."

"I can't do that." She flipped open the BishiGear on her wrist. "Identify trainer status."

The BishiGear beeped then spoke: Trainer Demoonica Darkmoon. Age 16. Cadet Officer of the Bishi World Safety Department. One caught Bishoujo: Kago-

"That will be enough." Demoonica interrupted the device as she closed it. "I thought your city would be looking for me to arrive."

Trowa lowered the gun, then put it away. Quatre spoke, "We thought you would arrive by airship."

"I would use the Sasori, but it stands out."

"It took four days for us to travel from the outer border of this territory to get to its city. I think let's forget keeping a low profile and let's fly." Duo offered. "Do you know how long it will take to walk this entire world?"

"I guess it wasn't a good idea, now that I -think- about it." She turned to the Quatre and Trowa. "May we continue on to the city now?"

"If you have a ship, it would be better to arrive that way." Quatre smiled. "And you could give us a lift back, our patrol shift is over." He clapped his hands together and gave her an 'Oh Please?' type look.

"Oh no! The cuteness! The cuteness! Don't use the overly cute 'Quatre's can get anything they want pout' on me! Please! Mercy! Mercy!"

Duo, Heero, and Inu-chan started laughing at her antics. Trowa gave her an odd look with his one visible green eye, the look was then transferred to the -laughing- Heero. Quatre just smiled a little bigger.

Of course the cuteness was too much and she happily let Quatre and Trowa ride in the ship the short flying distance.


Sterling tried not to slam the door to his quarters. His Bishounen looked up at the boy, surprised by his uncharacteristic anger. Sterling said nothing as he fell back onto his bed and curled up on Max's lap. The first of his Bishounen stroked Sterling's hair.

"What's wrong? I've never seen you come back from lunch in a bad mood."

"It's not fair." Sterling turned his head so that he was looking up at the blue haired Bishounen. "They all just were so mean."

"They?" A soft effeminate voice asked.

"The other Cadets." Sterling shifted his gaze to Dio Elaclaire, the white haired Bishounen he had gained by trading off his Inuyasha. If he could only find someone willing to trade for his Haruka. (A/N: Haruka Bishoujo from Sailor Moon. Any takers? Review with a Bishounen.) "Today a half-Bishounen was added to our class and none of the others - human or bishounen - wanted anything to do with him. It's just so wrong!"

"A halfling..."

"Don't you start too!"

"Ah-he-he! No! No!" Dio laughed. "No, I would never!"

"What's he thinking?" Sterling quietly asked Max.

"Hmm... don't know. I thought he was a little off when you got him."

"However-" Dio clarified. "-I would greatly enjoy meeting this boy."

"Not likely. He wouldn't even speak to me at lunch. He must feel so out of place here."

"Why not team up with him for afternoon classes?" Max suggested. "Isn't your PE instructor always pairing the class up for the obstacle corse?"

"You're right!" Sterling sat up quickly, bumping foreheads with Max. "OW!"

"Take it easy there." Max said while rubbing his head.

"I'm sorry. It's just..." Sterling was headed to the door.

Max laughed. "I know. You're in a hurry."

"Yeah." Sterling gave his Bishounen a truly happy smile. "I'll be exactly what he needs!" And he was out of his quarters, headed to his next class.

"You're early." His instructor stated when Sterling entered the room.

Sterling nodded his head. "I know, Instructor Azuma. I was hoping to find the new Cadet already here, he left lunch so early."

"New Cadet... humm..." Azuma flipped though a few papers on his desk. "Ah, that half-Bishounen boy. No, you wont find him in this class."

"Oh." Sterling sighed. "I thought all the new Cadets had the same classes."

Azuma lit a cigaret. He closed his eyes, taking a long drag from it before speaking. "Most of them do, but this one's getting training with Prof. Steve." Azuma opened one eye, glancing sideways at the boy. "But I shouldn't say anything more. You after all are still a Cadet."

Sterling nodded again, smiling slightly. "Understood Instructor."

After his last class was dismissed Sterling decided that his free time before dinner was going to be spent looking around.

"It's called snooping."

"Shhh-Dio. This area is off limits. We could get in trouble if we're caught." Sterling whispered.

"I know! Isn't it exciting?"

Sterling rolled his eyes and snuck around the next corner. Around the corner after that were people neither boy knew. "Back up! Back up!" Sterling hastily pulled Dio back around the last corner. "Oh man. Did they see us?"

Dio stole a glance at the talking people. "No. They're headed the other way."

Sterling sighed in relief. "I thought for sure we'd been found."

"I'm sure it wouldn't have been so bad."

"Do you actually go looking to get caught?" Sterling asked as they made their way down the now empty hallway.

"What do I care if we are caught?" Dio replied in a haunty tone.

'Max is right. Dio's out of his mind.' Sterling thought.

"Have you stopped talking to me?"

"No. Just thinking."

"I thought you were mad at me." Dio's soft voice carried with it a hint of... something... that couldn't be placed by a fourteen year old mind.

'He's definitely strange, but I don't know... what it is.' Sterling thought.

"Hey. Is that where we're... you're going?" Dio pointed to an open set of doors. The sounds of a fight could be heard coming from them.

"Could be." They peeked though the open door.

"No. NO. NO! That's not anything like I was expecting from you! Where is all the power we got out of the last data? Washu-"

"LITTLE Washu!"

"Little Washu." Prof. Steve said though clamped teeth. Obviously he'd had a stressing day and only one nerve left... "Why are the read outs we're getting less than half of those from during the tournament?"

"Eh...hehe..." Great. She didn't know either.

"Zander!" Prof. Steve called the chestnut haired half Bishounen. "What's wrong with you in there?!"

"Grr... What! I'm in here doing exactly what you ask!" Zander yelled back though what looked to be a force field. "What more can I do?"

"Fine. Fine. Rion try a full strength blast of Red... maybe he isn't feeling threatened enough with you only useing it at half power."

The young blond Bishounen nodded and began to power up his attack. Sterling's eyes widened as the blast of flame surounded him and watched as the flames shot out at the other. Before he even thought about what he was doing Sterling raced forward. "STOP!"

"No! Young man wait!" Washu yelled, trying to stop the boy from putting himself in danger. "Wait you can't do that!"

"Huh?" Zander only saw a flash of white hair as the boy jumped infront of the attack. Not really thinking about it, Zander reacted... or more like his powers reacted.

A sudden burst of energy ran across Washu's computer screen, but all that could be seen was the fire filled force field. "Amazing! 45%... 50%... 55%... the energy output just keeps rising! Look here!" She pointed something out to Prof. Steve. "And the synchronization level is at 60%!"

"That can't be right..."

"I'm never wron- Look!" The fire swirled around once more before finally disappearing, leaving Zander and one very terrified Sterling standing beneath a dome shaped shield. Suddenly what had just happened hit Sterling and he fainted. Rion, standing on the other side of the room didn't seem to care. "He did it! He used his power on command!"

"Forget about that! Get that stupid kid out of there!"

"Sterling!" Dio cried out and ran over to his trainer.

"Now where'd he come from?!" Prof. Steve yelled as he noticed Dio for the first time. He hit a button and the force field dropped. "That's it! Zander, training is over for today!"

Zander scooped up the boy, carrying him over to the professor and Washu. It was made more difficult with Dio under foot, getting in his way.

"I just couldn't let someone else get hurt. Then the power sort of... I don't know... it was like it was sleeping then it just came alive, filling me with energy." Zander said when he placed the boy where Washu had told him to.

"And I have it all recorded." Washu added. "Well it looks like our visitor just passed out."

Prof. Steve nodded. "I'm not sure if we should punish the boy for this or not, after all he did get Zander to use his power."

Just then Sterling began to wake up...

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 9:02 PM
'Are you stupid?!' Were the first words that Sterling heard as he woke up. "I'm sorry... I just-"

"Lay off the kid, Steve. It's not like he was trying to mess anything up."

"He could have been really hurt Zander."

"How'd he get passed the force field anyway?"

"That's my fault." Washu said. "It was set up to keep anything- namely attacks- from getting out, but it was only programed for one way. Anything could pass into the force field... just not out of it... I hadn't taken into account the possibility of an interruption of this sort."

"Ugh, why do people talk about me like I'm not there? Or am only ten?" Sterling complained, gaining all their attention again.

"He's fine, let him go back to his quarters..." Prof Steve paused. "Zander TAKE the boy to his quarters to make sure he goes there."

"But I-"

"I already called it a day, go eat dinner. Washu and I have a lot of data to read over." Zander nodded. Reaching down he scooped Sterling up again.


"Tell your Bishounen to stay out of my way this time." Zander said as he carried the boy out of the lab. Dio, slightly angry at the comment followed them.

"I can walk! Hey, put me down! Let go-"

Steve and Washu started laughing as they listened to Sterling as he commanded to be put down until they couldn't hear him anymore. "I didn't think Zander would be so literal in 'take him to his quarters' and does he know how that looks?" Prof. Steve said when he stopped laughing.

'Gah, people are watching! This is so embarrassing.' Sterling thought as he hid his red face with his hands.

"I don't think they've even noticed you, it's the same looks I get every time I walk the halls." Zander told him.

Sterling only made a 'humph' noise. 'Well I noticed... why can't he just put me down. I'm not a baby.'

"You sure are acting like one."

Sterling looked up at him. "I what?"

"You're acting like a baby."

"I didn't say anything about acting like a baby!"

"Right, you didn't say anything... I just heard it out of thin air." Zander said sarcastically.

"But he didn't say anything." Dio said, looking at Zander strangely. "I'm right here and I would have heard if he had."

'What the...?!' Zander thought, his eyes wide in surprise.

Sterling's eyes were just as wide. "Dio, please tell me that you just heard that!"

Dio tilted his head, truly confused. "Heard what?"

Sterling shook his head. "Nothing, forget that I mentioned it."

"O-kay..." Dio said.

'Can you really hear me?' Sterling thought in a whisper. Zander slowly nodded.

(A/N: Starts laughing. I'm so evil.)


"...everything is gonna be all right; Rockabye, rockabye... He's asleep." Quatre handed the sleeping Inu-chan back to Demoonica.

"How'd you do that? He was bouncing around like he was sugar high five minutes ago."

Quatre gave a little shrug. "I guess when you've had 29 older sisters being motherly kind of rubs off on you."

"Yeah Kat, you'll make a lovely little house wife one of these days." Duo teased, having nicknamed Quatre - Kat.

Demoonica nodded to Inu-chan. "Thanks though, he'll sleep all night if we don't wake him before getting to the hotel. By the way Quatre, where did you learn a song from my world?"

"Trowa." He pointed to the Trowa they were with. "He 'talked' a trainer into giving me a copy of her CD. I had heard her singing along and liked the song. I now have a huge collection of CD's from trainers." Quatre blushed.

"Oh how cute!" Demoonica said. "Well now that we're here..." Demoonica tapped on her 'PD' Spheres letting the Bishies out.

"About time, where's Inu-chan?" Kagome said first thing. Demoonica handed the Bishoujo her son.

"Could you go to that hotel and get a room?" At this time Demoonica pointed to a hotel at the end of the city block. "I'm going to get the communications spheres set up then I'll meet you there.

"It's the Kirei na Umi Hotel." Quatre told them.

"You know, all the hotels in this world have pretty names, the Beautiful Ocean Hotel."


"Okay! I've got the last one set up. That was easy!" Demoonica said a she powered up the fourth sphere in Gundam City.

"That's because you let Heero do all the mechanical work."

"How was I suppose to know the one Chang showed me was already set up? And that I would have to piece the rest together?"

Duo laughed. "I think that Wufei really doesn't like you."

"Oh! How did you ever guess that one?" Demoonica rolled her eyes.

Now Heero laughed. "Baka."

"So what's the next territory?" Duo asked when they got to the hotel.

"Megami Kouhosei... The Candidate for Goddess. It's another mech type area." Demoonica said as they took the elevator up to the fourth floor. The elevator dinged and the door slid open into the hallway. "Let's see... Kagome said it was room 509."

"Ne, Heero you think you might find somebody who knew your-"

"I don't care."

"I only..." Duo sighed. "Okay, forget it."

"Hey hurry up or I'm locking you out of the room." Demoonica said as she disappeared into her room. When Duo and Heero got there they found her already setting up the 'PD' Spheres. "Okay guys dinner!" She said as she tapped on the first door.

She was answered with three of her Bishounen - Rei, Inuyasha, and Katan - appearing in red flickers of light.

"Good! I'm starving!" Rei said as he headed right for the hotel room's exit.

Demoonica grabbed him by the shirt. "I didn't even say where we're eating."

"Eh- heheh." Rei blushed. "All I care about is I don't have to help cook."

Later that night...

Demoonica was standing on the balcony of her hotel room a cup of hot green tea in her hands. 'It's late, after midnight so would that make it early?' She mused and took a sip of her tea. She looked at the two belts on the small table behind her, wondering just what Bill had made the new one able to do. There was only one way to find out, that was to hook the 'PD' Spheres to it. The note did say it was safe after all. She pulled out the chair and sat down to study the belt in detail.

"Meow... meow... meow...."

Demoonica looked around to find the source of the sudden noise. "Oh how cute! What are you?" She asked the strange blue animal. It was then that her BishiGear beeped.

"Running SeibutsuDex upgrade. Searching for Seibutsu information. Seibutsu found. Kadoatie from Neopets. Kadoaties are afraid of the dark. When the lights are out, they cry continuously until they are turned back on. Other than this annoying phobia Kadoaties make wonderful pets for children because of their sweet and friendly nature."

"Sei- what?" Demoonica flipped open the screen of her BishiGear to find a picture of the same animal that was sitting on the balcony railing. She also noticed that below BishiDex the words SeibutsuDex had appeared, 'NEW!' was written right beside it in red letters.

"Seibutsu." The BishiGear said in answer. "Seibutsu is the term given to the collective of creatures that inhabit the Bishiworld."

"Like Pokemon?"

"Searching for Pokemon. Pokemon found. Pokemon Seibutsu are known to only be located on KoroKoro Island. A total of 386 different types are known to exist at this time. KoroKoro Island is also the home of the Bishounen and Bishoujo from the Pokemon anime."

"I didn't know you could catch the critters from anime..."

"Correct. Seibutsu are often companions of Bishounen and Bishoujo."

"Cool..." Demoonica flipped the BishiGear closed. "Come here. Come on, kitty. Here kitty, kitty, kitty."

"Meow?" The Kadoatie tilted it's head to the side then hopped onto the table to walk over to Demoonica. "Meow."

Demoonica scratched it on the top of the head and behind it's ears. "Well you sure are friendly. It must not be dark enough to scare you with the moon nearly full, huh?"

"Meow." The Kadoatie jumped from the table and then onto the foot of Demoonica's bed, curling up in the light of the moon.

"Oh, so you just wanted a place to sleep." Demoonica laughed as she came in off the balcony, closing the sliding glass door behind her. She crawled under the covers and soon fell asleep.


Elsewhere on the BishiWorld...

The dark portal opened for only a few seconds, but when it was gone it left in it's place two figures. One was male, the other female.

The woman wore a black leather dress that was only long enough to cover her butt, though it didn't matter because the front was laced up leaving a three inch gap running nearly it's entire length, ending below her navel. Under the dress her red leather bra showed and a pair of black leather boots came up to her mid-thigh. Her fingernails were painted red and so were her lips. She had curly cinnamon colored hair that fell to just below her shoulders and her eyes were hidden behind a pair of silver rimmed shades.

The man was dressed in the same black leather, it taking the form of body hugging pants. He wore a heavy military type vest, only half way zipped and combat boots. His thick arms were covered in tattoos, along with his clean shaven head. "Well that's it Shades, there will never be another ounce of power in this thing. We're stuck here." The man spoke as he tossed a small device to the ground. As he clinched his hands in anger, sparks of electric flew from them.

"It's okay Shocker, dear husband." The woman, Shades, spoke. "If we find Avioc Malii's child then we will see home again."

Shocker frowned. "I dare not think what would have happened if she had returned with him in tow. She was in such a crazy state when she left. Stupid fool plan of hers didn't work at least, the boy didn't turn evil."

"Which is why our hope has been renewed, Avioc's child has the ability to do something that we can no longer do, reproduce. Thousands of years Shocker, without a child being born to our race and we now have the chance to start anew." She smiled. "All we need to do is find the boy, capture him, extract the needed genetic code-"

"Fine and simple plan isn't it?" Shocker said. "All we have to do indeed. The communication grid that we knocked out is already being replaced, sooner than I'd like the people of this world may have a way of knowing that we are here. The problems that could cause may spell disaster to our plan."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 9:03 PM
"That's my room." Sterling pointed.

"Okay, then this is it." Zander dropped Sterling on his feet. Both boys stood there looking at the other, not sure as the proper way to end the encounter. "Well then..."

"I've got to be getting to dinner." Sterling said quickly and grabbed Dio by the hand, dagging him into his quarters.

Zander just stood there as the door slid shut in his face. "Um, yeah..." He decided that dinner sounded good and headed to the Caf.

"Get caught and reprimanded by an instructor?" Max asked when Sterling and Dio were suddenly in the room. "You sure look like you got in trouble."

"Only slightly... I got off with being embarrassed all the way here."

Max look at Dio, who shook his head. "Long story."


The next morning...

"Meow! Meow!"

"Eh?" Demoonica blinked an eye open. Nothing. Suddenly something started tickling her foot, the one that was sticking out from under the covers. "Go'way. 's to early." She wiggled her foot, trying to get the cover back over it.

"Meow!" The Kadoatie began licking the bottom of her foot again.

Demoonica started giggling. "Hey... stop that's cheating. Go, shoo kitty." She shoved the Kadoatie off the end of the bed. It ran to the balcony door and pawed at it, meowing. "Oh, y'need out." She yawned as she got out of bed and went over to open the door. "There, sorry." Without shutting the door she turned and fell back onto the bed just in time for the alarmclock to go off. "Aw man..." Demoonica hit the button on top the clock.

The beeping continued. She hit the button again. Still there was beeping. Finally she looked over to the stand, it wasn't the clock... her BishiGear, still on her wrist beeped loudly again. "Oh... lovely." She flipped open the BishiGear answering the built in phone. "Who is bugging me this early?" She asked the screen.

"Ano..." Came a young voice from the other end. "...It's Usa-chan, from HQ. We just got word that the Net Spheres in GW area were up and running. I didn't know it was so early where you are." She said in apology. "Millerna-hime wants to know if you and your Bishi have been taking the serum injection everyday."

Demoonica sighed. "Yeah, everyone has been... well except for Marou. We've only been taking it for about three weeks though, and I'm not about to test out how well it's going."

"Okay! I'll report that to her! Oh and Megami-sama wanted to know if you found Bill's gift."

"Oh, the belt? Yeah I found it, but I haven't tested it out yet."

"Well that's all I was told to ask." The screen went blank.

Looking at the clock Demoonica knew she had to get up. "7:15 already...I don't want to get up! Who ever invented early mornings should be drug out into the street and shot. I wonder if it would be too much if I asked to travel by night?" She got up, grabbing the clothes capsule from her BishiGear before she took it off. She looked around for a second, finding both belts still outside on the table. "Oops... glad nothing was on those. I'll test the new one when we hit the road. Hey Kagome..." Demoonica knocked on the door to the only 'PD' room she had set up. "Get the other's moving, have breakfast downstairs, I'll meet you after I shower."

"Okay." Came a sleepy reply from the other room.

After leaving Gundam City...

"The Megami Kouhosei area starts here." Demoonica pointed to the dotted line running across the hologram map.

"And why are we walking again?" Duo asked.

"Like I said, I want to test out these." She held up what looked to be an earpiece with microphone. "These are the communicators I got at the store before we left this morning, you do remember me restocking the supplies?" Duo nodded. She placed the communicator on her ear, adjusting the microphone. She looked to the sky. "Can you hear me Katan?"

Katan, who to anyone without super human sight, was just a dark shape in the sky. "Perfectly clear." Came his voice, loud enough for everyone to hear.

"OW!!! Gawd, I didn't check the volume. I'm not going to hear for a week." Demoonica lowered the volume to a reasonable level. "So how's it look up there?"

Demoonica nodded at the answer, this time only loud enough for her to hear. "About a mile away, okay. Well just keep us in sight."

"What's about a mile away?"

"He said he could see others on the road, headed this way."

Duo looked worried. "You won't let her catch us will you?"

"No worries, I'd catch you before letting a stranger walk away with a friend." Demoonica said, then she smiled. "Come on, it's been weeks sense I've been around another trainer."

"Maybe that would be better," Duo whispered to Heero. "After all, we are following her around anyway."

Heero watched Demoonica, she was now caught up in conversation with Kagome. He shrugged. "I... guess."

"What kind of answer is that? I should take one of that other trainer's balls and hit you over the head with it! ...Sheesh, I guess..."

"Then how about 'YES'?" Heero only noticed that he had yelled when Demoonica and Kagome turned to look at him.

"Yes what? Heero?" Demoonica asked.


Demoonica raised an eyebrow. "Slower, I swear someone switched your personality with a Duo's."

"It's okay with me if you catch me in a ball. Okay?" He repeated at a normal speed. Then he pointed at Duo. "It's his fault."

"Hey you make your own choices! All I did was give you the idea!"

Demoonica started laughing. "Fine, come over here. You, Duo?"

"It -was- my idea!" He said proudly and pulled Heero over to Demoonica with him. She was about to hit Duo with the empty ball in her hand when they heard a very loud...

"ITAI! Hiead-kun! Wait up!"

"I don't need your help, Enna."

"But, Azuma put us together for the tests."

"No, he put us together to TRAIN for the tests."


"Go away."

"No way, I'd get in trouble again and it'd be all your fault."

"Hn." The rustling of leaves were heard, then an angry looking boy with silver hair stomped out onto the path no more than twenty feet ahead of Demoonica's group. "It's all -your- fault we're lost in the first place, and -I'm- the one who found the path again." He smirked.

Demoonica looked at the ball in her hand. 'Oh... my...' She threw the ball at the first boy. Unclipping a second empty ball from her belt she threw it as soon as the other boy stumbled out of the woods a few feet closer to her.

Her aim was sure and true. 'I'm so glad I'm good at softball.' She thought as the second ball hit it's mark, sucking the unknowing Bishounen into it without a fight. The other ball, however good her aim might have been, didn't connect as the first Bishounen seemed to disappear from the spot he was standing. He reappeared just far enough away for the ball to fly harmlessly past him. Oddly the tips of his hair were shining blue, but the glow quickly faded.

He looked at the ball at his feet that contained the boy he had been arguing with. "Hn." Without hesitation he kicked it, sending it flying at Demoonica. Apparently he wasn't trying to hit her with it, because it landed softly and rolled to a stop at her feet. "He was an annoying idiot." The angry tone that had been in his voice earlier was gone, replaced by a uncaring monotone. He made no move to leave.

Demoonica's BishiGear took that moment to react to her catch. "Rei 'Zero' Enna of the Megami Kouhosei anime. Stage San. The protagonist of the series, Zero is extremely brash, hotheaded, and has a zero-G phobia. He is called a 'Zenoah' or complete body, which is a human who was born without any deficiencies and does not need to be implanted with Atmic. Zero has an EX or 'extra ability' that allows him to move at superhuman speeds. You can tell when a person is having an EX reaction because their hair shines blue. A candidate at G.O.A. (Goddess Operator Academy) his number is 88, which is tattooed on the wrist of his right forearm."

"Zenoah? Atmic? Did anyone understand a word that thing said?" Duo questioned. "Because half of those terms weren't in my vocabulary."

Demoonica didn't answer Duo, instead she spoke to the silver haired Bishounen. "Nice move. Though using your EX wasn't necessary." The Bishounen's ruby colored eyes widened momentarily then were set into a strong glare. "You could have gotten away then and there, but running from a fight isn't something you would ever do."

"Don't try to get into my head, fangirl."

"I don't need to." She bent down, picking up Zero's ball. "But now I have a dilemma. You Hiead-sama are my favorite kouhosei and you've already proven that I'm not going to hit you with a ball, at least not with you in perfect condition." She smiled. "We get to do this the hard way." Hiead smirked back at her.

"Hey, Demoonica are you okay? You're acting oddly." Duo looked over at her, she only smiled at him. It was a strangely unnerving smiled. In a way Heero understood the look. Hiead was a challenge, she wanted that challenge. For some reason she wanted to prove herself to this Bishounen.

Demoonica knew Hiead, she was an early stage otaku, over him. She knew her choice in battle would be either Katan, Marou, or Inuyasha. So okay yeah Hiead was human, but anyone unskilled in fighting didn't stand a chance. 'Marou would be perfect if he'd listen, no not taking the chance.' She thought. 'That leaves me with Katan or Inuyasha.'

"Hey Katan." Demoonica called over the headset then waited for an answer. "Yeah, I know you can see what's happening, don't get involved, okay?" She held out a ball. "Inuyasha!"

The half demon appeared from his ball. "What do want wench?"

"I want you to win a battle against him." She ignored the wench comment, that was just Inuyasha's way, and pointed at Hiead.

"That human?! What a waste of time!"

"Look Inuyasha, I really do know what I'm talking about."

"Well okay, but I don't have to like it." Then Inuyasha smirked. "Feh, bet'cha I take him out without the Tetsusaiga."

Demoonica sighed. There was no telling him, well Inuyasha would see what she was talking about when the fight started.

[A/N: -starts ranting- I can't write fight scenes! They come out wrong! They totally suck! It's a weakness in my writing, that's a big reason I try to stay away from the fighting, sorry. I wonder if God of Darkness would write one for me? His fights are the best I've seen... eh... read. -stops ranting-]

Hiead hit the ground hard. He lay on his back, still. Inuyasha landed on his feet not far away, swaying in exhaustion he leaned on the bloody Tetsusaiga. Knowing that it might be her best chance and feeling as if she had been the one fighting, Demoonica threw a ball. She watched as the ball finally hit Hiead, it fell to the ground and start shaking, even now he was still fighting back. She rushed over, placing her hands around the ball in an attempt to make sure that it shut. The ball burst back open leaving the Bishounen where he had been, although he now had Demoonica sitting on him.

"Dang it!" She hissed. His breathing was labored, coming fast and uneven. It had taken every bit of his remaining strength to break out of the ball. He was half way passed out and his eyes looked at her, unfocused. Demoonica stared at him, there was a nasty bruise forming on his cheek from one of the blows that had landed earlier in the fight, she touched it gently. If he had time to gather his strength, there would be no catching him. There was blood soaking though his clothes, if he tried to fight anymore she knew he'd die. Her other hand was still clutching the ball. There was no need to throw the ball, not even to hit him with it. She just placed it against his chest, above his pounding heart. "Please." She whispered. The red glow surrounded him and Demoonica found herself kneeling on the ground. What had seemed like forever had taken only that moment between two seconds, that small pause when the hand on the clock stopped moving.

The BishiGear beeped. "Hiead Gner of the Megami Kouhosei anime. Stage San. The resident bad boy of the late 80's candidates, Hiead is antisocial and cold. He normally ignores everybody but Zero, whom he regards as a rival and goes out of his way to anger. He is a very good fighter both in hand to hand combat and while piloting a 'Pro-Ing' mecha. Hiead like his rival is a 'Zenoah' and also has the same EX, another two reasons why they do not get along. A candidate at G.O.A. (Goddess Operator Academy) his number is 87, which is tattooed on the wrist of his right forearm."

Suddenly there was clapping. "Wow, I haven't seen a Bishounen put up a fight that good sense I caught my Hiei! I didn't want to bother you during all that, you're really good. I'm Tai." Demoonica stood, looking at the boy trainer who was applauding her catch. He had flaming red hair, blue eyes and was wearing a pair of blue shorts and a grey shirt. Beside him stood... Hiromi!

"Hey, Demoonica-chan!" The young blond waved before bouncing over to Kagome. "Inu-chan!" She picked the chibi out of his mothers arms.

Demoonica nodded pushing her bangs out of her face. "Not trying to be rude, but I have a Hiead that needs care." She set up the 'PD' room, opened the door, stopped, then started pushing buttons on her BishiGear. "Gah! Where's the Hi-potions when you need them?" A few frantic button pushes later she was in the room giving the Bishounen an injection. In his condition giving him the drinkable kind was out of the question.

Ten minutes later...

"I... don't... want or need your help..." Hiead said weakly as he once again pushed the hand away. Whatever they had used on him earlier was still in his system, making him drowsy, his reflexes slow. True he wasn't in very much pain anymore, but he wasn't going to thank his captors for keeping him alive.

"It's only herbs." Demoonica pleaded.

"Go away."

"But, but, but.... Your wounds!"

"I'll heal just fine if you'd leave me the hell alone!" Hiead yelled angerly. Demoonica glared at him, he returned it full force. Most people would have been frightened, but after being around her Marou for months glares no matter who they were from just didn't have any effect. He stumbled away from her, holding one of the deeper wounds. "Don't touch me!"

"Please, Hiead stand still. I need to wrap up this to stop the bleeding. Potions can only do so much."

"I don't care! It's nothing!"

Demoonica sighed, as much as she wanted to yell at him, it wouldn't help. "Your blood is all over, how can you say it's nothing?" Backing up he collided with someone and found a arm snake its way around him just as his strength finally gave and he passed back out. "Thanks for catching him Kai-kun. Get him sat down over there. Kagome how are you with wrapping broken ribs? I could use some help, man we need a real healer in this group." She said at they started to work.

"Is it lunch yet?" Hiromi's Duo asked.

Hiromi nodded. "Close enough for it not to matter anyway. While they're fixing Hiead, let's fix lunch. Ne, Inu-chan want to help?" She asked the chibi.

"...'kay Eomi..." He said.

"Dude, how did you talk a Heero into dyeing his hair?" Hiromi's Duo asked the other as he pointed at Heero with his fork. "It's exactly the same color as his." He pointed at Hiromi's Zechs.

Heero looked at the new Duo, giving him a friendly smile. "It's all natural."

Lunch had been fixed and now the trainers and their bishi were sitting around eating. It was the largest group Demoonica could remember being in when she didn't count the baby shower they had thrown for Kagome. There was her group: Kagome, Allen, Marou, Kai, Rei, Katan, Inu-chan, Inuyasha, Duo, Heero, Zero, and Hiead; Hiromi's group: Seto, Duo, Hikari, Sailor Mars, Zechs, and Wufei; and Tai's group: Youko Kurama, Hiei, and Battosai. What'd that make? Three trainers, three Bishoujo, seventeen Bishounen, and a Chibi.

Hiromi had done great sense they had last traveled together, four captures. And Tai, he was a nice guy and just by the Bishounen he had Demoonica could tell he had trainer talent.

"I'm not doing dishes." Rei said when he looked at the stacks of plates.

"I'd say I would do them later, but I know I never would." Demoonica sighed. "Who wants to help me?" She waited. "Don't everyone volunteer at once."

"Girls?" Kagome looked at the younger Bishoujo. "If these men are to tired after eating..." Ah, perfect idea... hit them in the ego. Kagome just winked at the girls as the guys started cleaning.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 9:04 PM
It was now after lunch and the three trainers were sitting around talking, while their Bishounen and Bishoujo also enjoy the break in traveling.

"Your Duo is a lot younger than mine, I mean just look at the height difference."

"Yeah, but right now they sure are acting the same age."

"Shimatta! Someone get them to leave me alone!" Hiromi's Wufei yelled. Word of advice: Wufei plus Duo equals entertainment. Wufei plus two Duo's and a just as hyper Heero equals mass havoc... and migraines for everyone involved.

"You know, it's true what they say. You try so hard to grow up and what do you do the moment you get away from your parents and any responsibility. You revert to being three." Tai commented on the antics of the Gundam Boys.

"Okay, that's it guys. You've been teasing Wufei for the last half hour, give it a break." Demoonica said to Duo and Heero. She turned back to Tai. "So Tai how long have you been in the BishiWorld?"

"A few months."

"And Youko was your first catch?" Tai nodded. "Man, you're lucky."

"Speaking of lucky, we saw the end of the battle with that silver haired Bishi... where did you get your Inuyasha? He's amazing!" Hiromi asked.

"Oh, Inuyasha? I ran into his trainer near Faellie City, he's the one Kagome and I have been looking for, Inu-chan's father."

"He's WHAT!?! Why didn't you call me?!"

Demoonica gave a nervous giggle. "I really wasn't thinking."

"You don't think half the time..." She teased the older girl. "By the way, are we near a city? This morning we realized that there haven't been any and now don't know where we are on this map."

"Sure." Demoonica brought the map up on her BishiGear. Hiromi noticed that there were lots of dotted lines running all over it and a lot more city markers than there should have been, then in a blink they disappeared. "We're right here. Okay, so the closest city is... over here. Twilight Town." Demoonica pointed at the city to the west. "You headed there?"

"That far? I guess we have to."

"It's a five day walk, this path..." She again pointed to the map. "...isn't that far back the way I just came and is the most direct route."

Hiromi nodded. "So you're coming with?"

"Sure, I don't have anyplace I need to be. Besides there's a BishiCenter in every town."

"You're still worried about your new Bishounen, aren't you?"

"Really. But everyone should get some rest, and I still need to catch those two." She jerked her thumb at the Heero and Duo.

"You mean they're not yours?" Tai asked.

"Not technically. It's been a hectic morning... with Zero and Hiead, then you and Hiromi showing up I didn't get to it. Though..." She turned to look at the pair. "...they seem happy as is." Demoonica smiled. Though she hadn't said two words to him yet, Zero was already a card carrying member of the pick on Wufei club, she should have known that he'd get along great with Duo. Poor Wufei, now it was four against one.

"Zero too? You caught two Bishounen today and have two others who are just waiting until you get around to catching them?"

"Yeah, Zero and Hiead were traveling together, though it didn't sound like it was their choice. They don't get along well. Scratch that. They don't get along at all. And although Duo and Heero have been following me for over a week now, they're not waiting for me to catch them, they just don't want anyone else catching them."

"I don't see how you do it." Tai shook his head. "And a chibi too."

"Inu-chan's not caught, but Kagome and Inuyasha are so he's with us until he evolves. Even then I've already decided against catching him. Anyway, I'd hate to see the person who would be stupid enough to try to catch him while he's still a chibi, because not just his parents, but me and almost everyone here would hunt them down. In the end it would be very painful."

Both of the younger trainers nodded in understanding. "Hey, when is Zander going to get back from scouting around?" Hiromi asked, wondering where the half Bishounen was at.

"Zan- oh, uh... he's not with us right now." Demoonica said looking away.

"Gomen, Demoonica-chan did you two have another big fight?"

"No, nothing like that. He's training... that's all."

"Oh..." There was something Demoonica hadn't said in that, but if she didn't want to say then what could she do? "...so are we leaving for town now or tomorrow?"

"When ever we get our Bishounen moving." Demoonica randomly grabbed a ball from her belt. Then she remembered the new belt from Bill she had yet to try out. 'No time like the present.' She thought. "Okay guys, it's time we get going."

Demoonica hooked the used BishiBalls to the new belt as she explained to Tai, Hiromi and the Bishounen what she was doing and why. "So as far as I can say, it will set the 'PD' rooms up in an environment something close to a hotel or like a collage dorm. The doors will open into a hall and there will be an outside. The note said it was an island, though how a belt can be an island..." Demoonica finished with a shrug. "I'm sure that you'll explain what it's like later." She said to her Bishounen.

"Who's Zander?" Tai asked Hiromi.


Several returned Bishounen later, inside Zero's ball...

"Hey, it's that room again." There's a knocking at the door. "Umm, come in?" The door opened and the black haired Bishounen looked inside.

"Hi." Rei said with a wave. "This is getting really neat. There are a set of elevators at the end of the hall. Already found out that each floor has ten rooms. My room is two floors up, want to find the others?"

"Uh, okay." Zero followed Rei out into the hall. "What floor are we on anyway?"

"Third of six... so this place was made for sixty balls, just like normal belts. Kai was on my floor, we split up to find everyone."

"Hey... all of the other doors here are blank." Zero pointed out. "Does that mean I have the floor to myself?"

"Guess so, lets hit the first floor." Rei pushed the down button for the elevator.

"Why'd you skip the second floor?"

"Kai's doing the even floors."

'Kai? Who's Kai? Wait I don't even know what this boy's name is.' Zero thought. "By the way, what's your name? I only met Heero and the Duo's outside."

"Rei. You?"

"Whoa, that's weird. My name's Rei too, but everyone calls me Zero. It's because they use the same kanji." Zero laughed. "At least this way we'll know who they're yelling at."

They all met up at the exit doors on the first floor. Kagome, Inuyasha, and Katan were on the sixth floor; Kai and Rei were on the fifth floor; the forth floor was empty; Zero was on the third floor; the second floor was empty; and Allen was on the first floor. Marou wasn't there, but they guessed Demoonica knew not to let him and Katan near each other. Hiead wasn't there either.

"Well that makes everyone I guess, though I understand why there are two of us missing. Okay, who volunteers to be the first out of this building?" There wasn't an answer to that because Kai, Inuyasha, and Katan weren't ones to care if it was safe or not and all three had already walked outside while that was being said. "Err... okay. That answered that question." Rei said with a sweatdrop. Of course everyone else was outside by now.

"SUGE!!! There's a POOL!!!" Obviously that had came from Zero.


They were on the road now, finally headed to the nearest city. Really though, how many times could a person get lost? Every day if the Pokemon TV show had anything to say about it. Luckily they weren't lost and had a very clear dirt road to follow. Hiead's ball was hooked onto a red ribbon and tied around her neck like... well like a necklace. These were a few things going though Demoonica's mind as she walked. Heero, as well as Duo were walking with them. Inu-chan sat on Duo's shoulders.

Hiromi was having fun because of Inu-chan, the trainer and the chibi hadn't seen each other for months. It was odd how the chibi could remember the girl, after all he had only been an infant when Demoonica had left the company of her friends. Hiromi couldn't believe how he had grown, or the facts that he was running around and speaking in such a short time. Tai... well Demoonica wasn't sure. She didn't know the boy and being so use to having Hiromi, or any other -girl- around was not the same as talking to a boy. So other than finding out a little about his time in the BishiWorld she hadn't spoken to him.

Two of the Bishounen belonging to said red-head, Tai that is, were bounding effortlessly though the tree branches around them. The silver kitsune Kurama and Hiei the... fire Koorime? Demoonica frowned, that didn't sound right in her head. She should have paid more attention to the story line of Yu Yu Hakusho and less attention to the bishi demons. Okay, Hiei was half fire demon and half ice demon... she sighed, fire Koorime was the best she could come up with. Maybe she should just call him a plain ol' fire demon, but for some reason she felt that Hiei wouldn't like being called plain.

An image of a chibi Hiei complete with large jagan somehow managed to find it's way into her mind, he was holding a black dragon plushie. The image blinked, first the two big red eyes and then the jagan a second later. Demoonica giggled.

"What's so funny?" Hiromi asked.

Demoonica described what she had just thought. Both girls looked at each other for a second, then squealed "KAWAII!!!" From the trees the three trainers heard Hiei come crashing to the ground, this was followed by Youko Kurama laughing.

"Ano, did we give him a heart attack?" Demoonica asked when they found Hiei on the ground with little swirls for eyes.

"He's just in shock." Kurama stated.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 9:05 PM
"Oh how I wish for control over fire right now." Shades said as another branch snagged in her hair. "I would burn this never ending green madhouse to ash. How do the people of this planet stand this?!"

Shocker began laughing at his wife. "City girl. You would not, your just in a bad mood 'cause you never did like the outdoors and now you're stuck in it."

"Well how about you cut us a nice wide path in this?"

"This world is none of our concern."

Shades glared at Shocker. And glared. And glared. "Then how do you suggest that we find the boy? We're getting nowhere." Then she yelled. "I'll die of old age at this rate!"

"You're immortal." Shocker reminded her. "And we've only been here for a night and a day. Be calm, we have plenty of time."


It was dark out, camp was set up, and once again Demoonica was setting up a 'PD' sphere... the odd type of BishiBall's that she and Hiromi owned. Tai and his Bishounen had found them to be great things and wondered where they had gotten them.


"Hiead Gner!"

Oh no. Why couldn't it stay peaceful? And quiet?

Hiead came out of the door just then, the top half of his G.O.A. uniform gone and the would be exposed area covered in gauze bandaging, places of it stained with the reddish-brown of dry blood. He glared at everyone and no one, then took a seat behind a large Oak tree that hid him from their view. A minute later an angry Demoonica stormed out of the same door and over to him, fresh bandaging in her hands.

"You. Should. Not. Be. Out. Of. That. Bed." She griped through clamped teeth and started unwrapping the bandages. "Zenoah or not, healing takes time! You won't heal if you are pulling at your wounds with exercises. If I find you doing anything that stupid again..."

"Hn-sssss!" Hiead's normal response turned into a hiss of pain when she placed the fresh medication on the wounds.

"See! What did I say? It wouldn't hurt if you hadn't reopened these."

And it continued like that until Demoonica was happy with her work. Hiead didn't make it any easier, he ignored what she said for him to do each and every time. It was like he wanted to anger her. The best she could hope for was that this time he was at least sitting still. When she finished Demoonica walked out away from camp instead of heading over to the fire.

"Wonder where she's headed." Tai said.

"No clue." Hiromi answered. "But she won't get lost and she'll be back."

'Half a day.' Demoonica thought. 'It only took him half a day.' She could feel a tear work its way past her lashes and go sliding down her face. 'I should have known that he'd be exactly like in the show. Stupid jerk. Wouldn't know kindness if it bit him on the hind-end.'

She was out of sight of the camp, out of hearing distance of everyone other than the demons, but she'd have to walk a long way to be out of their hearing. She leaned against a tree, sliding down into a sitting position, her legs drawn up against her chest. Another silent tear slid down her face. 'I can handle Marou being cold, in truth I prefer it over him hitting on me actually. Kai's distant yet, but he at least gave me the chance to prove I'm not some spoiled unintelligent brat. Why...'

More tears fell, dropping onto the knees of her pants. 'I hate -them- ...whoever they are. Those stupid people in the nightmares Hiead had on the show. The people who said he was a mistake and a failure. The people who never showed him love, not even kindness. Why give someone such a past? Why did you have to be so unkind to your own character Yukiru Sugisaki? Does it leave me no chance to redeem him...'

As she cried Demoonica drifted off to sleep.

"Well, well, well... strange humanoid thing, isn't she dear?" The female leaned down to look at Demoonica who sat frozen.

"Yeah, but in all she seems to be... how should I say... worth the time?" The male answered.

Why couldn’t she move? Demoonica wanted to move. These people who’s faces she couldn't see were frightening her. What did they want?

"Yes. She's is connected to our hope and we can't find him. This world is ever changing, maybe the best we could do is make him come to us." A large hand reach out towards Demoonica...

"Demoonica-chan! Wake up!" Hiromi shook the older girl who was crying out in her sleep.

"NO! Don't touch meeee!!!" Demoonica suddenly became aware that the hand reaching for her was gone, the image was replaced with Hiromi. A very worried Hiromi. "H-Hiromi?"

"Are you okay? When you didn't come back after a few hours everyone was worried... well some of us were worried. The demons said you were still too close to worry about." Hiromi rolled her eyes. "Anyway."

"I-I'm fine. It was just a dream." Of course in her mind Demoonica noted that the last time she had a nightmare it had came true.

"Oh, okay. We should return to camp now, unless you want to talk about it."

"It's okay Hiromi, just one of those dreams that frighten you then you don't remember why after you wake up." Or that's all she hoped it was. Demoonica stood. "Owie, falling asleep against a tree wasn't a very smart thing to do."

Hiromi rolled her eyes once again, this time at Demoonica. "Sorry, don't have any sympathy for you. You did wander away without a word you know."

"Hai." Demoonica bowed her head. "Sorry about that. Everyone's alright though, aren't they? Let's get back to camp."

Hiromi looked at her oddly. "Yeah. Uh..."

Late that night

The campfire had nearly burnt down to ashes. Demoonica knew this because she was awake and watching them slowly die out. She pushed back the top of her sleeping bag, sitting up she pulled her knees to her chest, placed her chin on them, and wrapped her arms around her legs. She really was getting to be up more and more during the night, where she could sit in the dark silence. Deciding that she didn't want the fire to go out yet she reach over and dropped on a dry branch. She poked the ash and embers with a stick, stirring up the heat and small flames, catching the branch. She added a few more sticks and before she really noticed the fire had sprung back to full life. She sat then, motionless, and watched the dancing flames flick hypnotically.

"Fire is like a living thing..."

"Humm." She didn't even jump at the sound of Kai's voice.

"... that consumes everything around it to survive." He finished as he move to sit next to her before the fire. Demoonica nodded. "You're up so late. Tomorrow you'll be tired."

"I once read that Phoenixes were moral creatures detached from everything around them." She continued to watch the fire. "And that a Phoenix's flame doesn't hurt those the Phoenix considers friends."

Kai looked back to the campfire. "No it doesn't... but Phoenixes are reclusive creatures with few they consider friends."

"Kai-kun..." She stopped and looked over her shoulder. "Rei-chan, What do you think?"

"How'd you know I was up too?" Rei seated himself on her left side.

Demoonica shrugged. "I felt it. Ever since I started taking the Bond Serum. In the back of my mind I can feel who and I can feel where, it's not even confusing. It's gotten clearer, stronger as more time passes. You have felt it too?" Rei and Kai nodded in agreement. "So what do you think of Phoenixes, Rei-chan?"

Rei studied Kai for a second, then smiled showing one sharp little fang. "I think they're homely birds who burst into flames, mmm roasted Dranzer."

"Hey!" -smack- Kai hit him on the back of the head for that one.

"Ow! He hurt me!" Rei mock whined, falling across Demoonica's lap. "I'm telling aunt Mariah on you!"

"You'll tell my mother nothing, unless you want me to hang you in a tree like a pinata again."

"You got in trouble for that!"

"Okay. Hold it with the sibling fighting for a minute. That's the second time you've threatened a pinata reduex. I want the story behind this."

Rei spoke up. "Imagine me and Kai when we were Chibi stage, now tie my hands and feet together and dangle me from a tree. Sad image isn't it? Now have Kai trying to hit me pinata style. Lastly see a very angry Sama Mariah and a very angry Sama Sallema yelling at Kai while they get me down. Aunt Mariah grounded him for a month."

"Our dads thought it was funny though." Kai added.

"Go to sleep!" Kagome grumbled as she sat up. "Just because you can't sleep, don't wake everybody else by being so loud!"

"Hey whoeva's yelling quiet down, try to sleep here." Tai said, half asleep he rolled over to his other side.

"Sorry." Kagome said, then glared at her trainer and the two young Bishounen in a way that said: Look, you got me in trouble!

Demoonica smiled. "Yes mother. We're going to bed now." She, Rei, and Kai crawled back into their sleeping bags.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 9:05 PM
"That's the three mile mark." Demoonica said suddenly. She flipped on the headset. "Hey Katan..." She waited, listening to the reply from her Cherub Bishounen, who was of course nowhere in sight. "Yes, exactly three miles."

"What are you doing Demoonica-chan?" Hiromi asked. The three trainers were on the road early this morning. The sun was barely above the tree tops.

"Testing the Bond S-... uh, that is..." Demoonica sighed and motioned for Hiromi to come closer. "Can you keep a secret?" Hiromi's eyes lit up and she nodded quickly. "Well, I met the organization that is responsible for the safety of this world. The leader asked me to join..." She flipped open her BishiGear and showed Hiromi her status screen, you know where it said: Demoonica Darkmoon, Bishi World Safety Department Cadet. "...and of course I said yes."

"Interesting." Hiei dropped down from the tree above them.

"AAH! Hiei don't sneak up on us like that!"

"So, you work for the Department..."

"Shhhh! I'm not so sure on how secretive it's meant to be, you know to other trainers."

"Hn, don't be worried about it. A lot of the older trainers know of the BWSD and that place has a lot of top trainers working for them. Didn't you go though the training?"

"Uh... heheh... funny thing that."

"Her instructor couldn't stand her." Duo butted in.

"Is everybody listening in on this conversation?" Demoonica gave a half glare to anyone who happened to be too close. Her BishiGear beeped once, then a second and third time. "Huh? What's this thing reacting to?"

"Unregistered Bishounen Gear in area." The electronic voice answered.

"Another trainer with a BishiGear, huh? Let's see if they're close." Readying herself to yell, Demoonica took a deep breath-

"Hey! I found who set that stupid thing off !" A Yusuke yelled to the people behind him as he wandered out of the tree line and onto the road.

A young trainer showed up a minute later. "You shouldn't run off Yusuke." She was followed by a group of Bishounen that revealed Demoonica's own. The ones she knew were Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho; Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin; even a Spock from the old Star Trek TV show this made Demoonica wonder if she really could have the 'PD' spheres equipped with replicators; and while she didn't know Fushigi Yuugi very well she did remember Chichiri and Tasuki from the ones she had met before. There were also three others she didn't know at all, one of whom had a small dragon with him.

"Hi-ya! I'm Hiromi." Hiromi waved at the new girl.

"Hey. I'm Tai." Tai added with his own wave.

"Hi." The girl was wearing a dark blue shirt that had 'Yosemite EST. Mountaineering 1890 Yosemite, CA 95389' written on the front, dark blue jeans, black tennis shoes, and had a katana clipped onto the left side of her belt. She had grey-green eyes and brown-red hair with blond-ish highlights done up in a Duo length braid. She was holding a black kitten in her arms. "I'm Jenni, but call me Kit."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Demoonica. American right?"


"Me too, a lot more of the trainers are American now that more anime is being released in the states. It's so cool, but we're here not there and that's even better." Kit nodded, not catching half of what she had said. "Hey, what way are you headed?"

"Whatever way the weakling ningen finally decides on most probably." Kit's Hiei answered.

"I am NOT weak Hiei!" Her Hiei smirked at the outburst. Demoonica guessed that he had said that often just to annoy his trainer.

"I find it easier if you just temp him with 'sweet snow', you know ice-cream." Tai offered.

"Hm, I wonder what you could bribe out of him with ice-cream..." Tai's Youko Kurama added while looking at Tai's Hiei.

"How about a katana in the heart, Kitsune." Hiei warned.

"Er... well now."

"Don't mind any of us. We're headed to Twilight Town in the west, fell free to join us if you like."

"Okay, I haven't met many other trainers. I've spent so much time catching Bishounen."

"There's nothing wrong with that. You wouldn't mind if I... uh..." Demoonica held up the BishiGear on her wrist. "I have no idea who those three are. You wouldn't mind being identified, would you guys?" Shrugs all around. "Good!" She pointed the BishiGear at the Bishounen. "Identify."

"Hakkai Cho from Saiyuki, the dragon on his shoulder is Jeep, Gojyo Sha from Saiyuki, and Sanzo Genjo from Saiyuki."

"Saiyuki? Haven't seen it. Well, makes sense that I haven't seen it, or else I'd have known the characters."


Days later, Twilight Town

"Identification please." The gate guard asked. Demoonica was last. Her status as a Department Cadet was surprising, he hadn't had a Department member through town all week. "Okay, no problems here, enjoy your stay." He said with a friendly smile.

"So first thing I want to do is set up the Communication Spheres for this place, but..." Demoonica looked at the BishiBall hanging around her neck. "Oh, Hiead... I need to take him to the BishiCenter Hospital."

"You do that D-chan." Duo said. "I ain't seen him eat a thing from the time you caught him. Heero and I will come with you, human town - no trainer and all - not a good thing."

"Sound all right with you guys? Tai? Hiromi? Kit?"

The other trainers looked at each other. "Sure thing Demoonica-chan." Hiromi said. "I'm headed to the Gym, we're going for enough wins to enter by the time of next tournament."

"I can check us all in at a Hotel. Any one up for splitting room cost? I'm short on funds."

"Kagome, you take Inu-chan and go with Tai and Kit. Just have the clerk put all the rooms on my Department account, they gave me traveling expenses." Demoonica said.


Twilight Town BishiCenter Hospital

"You said that he was knocked out... uh, how again?"

"I was trying to capture him. I had Inuyasha fighting. He ended up having to use Tetsusaiga..." Demoonica continued to describe the mess that led up to Hiead's capture.

"Ah, I see. You say you took care of the wounds directly after the battle? Good, good. Well other than his refusal to eat anything, he's dehydrated but healthy." The doctor said as he flipped through the papers on his clipboard. "How long has this been going on for?"

"About five days now."

"Uh-hu. I'm going to put him on an IV drip, but that won't solve the problem. I suggest that you consider your options, unless you can find a way to earn your Bishounen's trust, releasing him may be the only thing left for you to do." Demoonica nodded. "He's been put in room eight on the fifth floor, the nurse will let you stay as long as you want."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 9:06 PM
"Might as well let them all be checked over while I'm here." Demoonica slipped one of her two Bishiball belts off and handed it to the nurse.

"Ne, you want us to go with her too?" Heero asked quietly.

Oh, right. They weren't caught. She'd forgotten about that little detail. She really didn't want to take the time to deal with this, besides catching them was safer for them and easier for her. First thing, she turned the sound off the BishiGear on her wrist. She knew Duo and Heero, no need to listen to the info. With a tap to each Bishounen's arm it was all over, she already had their consent and neither ball threatened to shake. Demoonica clipped the two balls to the belt in the nurse's hand. "I've been meaning to do that. Oh and don't worry about the ball for Kagome, I know it's empty. She's went to get rooms at the Hotel with my friends."

The nurse nodded. "Your Bishounen's room is down that hall. I'm sure we'll be finished by the time you're done with your visit."

'Earn his trust? I've seen the entire show and no one earned Hiead's trust. What do they want me to do? Pull off a —' Her thought was cut short as she opened the door. 'Hiead. Is it possible for you to look so pale? Because I swear you do. Why do hospital beds make even the toughest person you know look fragile?'

"Hiead?" No answer. Okay, so what if it would have been weird if she had been answered? Maybe an answer of 'Hn.' wouldn't have been out of character. What did she want? 'Hello Demoonica-chan! I'm glad you're here, I felt so alone.'? Only likely to happen if that was pure Morphine in his IV drip. She did gain the attention of the nurse that was checking on him.

"Umm... miss, is this your Bishounen?" Demoonica nodded. The nurse shook her head. "Only a newbie would let their Bishounen get into such a shape." Demoonica was about to comment that all of the damage that had been done to Hiead was before she caught him when...

"Ehah!" Hiead turned to his side and his breathing quickened. Beads of sweat rolled down his face.

"He is okay, yes?" The nurse placed her hand on Hiead's forehead. "He doesn't seem to have a fever." She shrugged. "I'll go see if I can give him something so that he will rest easier." She left the room.

"Doesn't matter what she thinks about me anyway." Demoonica pulled up a chair right beside the bed, sitting down she placed her arms on the edge of the bed and placed her head on them. "You're dreaming, aren't you?" Only silence, Demoonica closed her eyes. "If you are, I wish it's of piloting a Goddess. Dreams... of hands... are no fun..."

Demoonica looked around. It was cold, this room she was in. White walls, like a research lab or someplace else of the sort. Nothing, absolutely nothing was in it. Save for herself. A shadow filtered in under the door. Curious, she stood and took the knob in her hand, turning it. Locked. She was locked in here. Suddenly Demoonica felt far away from her Bishounen, though she was sure none had left the safety area. She sunk to the floor with a whimper...

Demoonica woke to the feeling of being shook. "Miss. Miss. Visiting hours are over." A different nurse said with a smile. "You can come back to get your Bishounen in the morning. I was told to give you these." She handed Demoonica her trainers belt and 'PD' Spheres.

"Thank you."

"Just take good care of them, a little more training and a win or two and your Allen should evolve into a Sama."

"Really? Allen was just into his San stage when I caught him, but then he did win that fight in that gym match, and the battle with Marina's Vash, and all the training with Inuyasha..." Demoonica trailed off. "That explains the sulking! I should have guessed this. I'm so dense."

"First evolution?" Demoonica nodded. "Thought so. Some Bishi can feel when they are going to evolve, it's stressful. Why don't you just get going now, rest, morning will be here before you know it. I promise to make this one of yours eat something." She pointed to Hiead and winked.


Moments after she arrived the door to Demoonica's hotel room suddenly opened and a Bishounen fell backwards into the room. "Gah! Stupid door!"

"Yusuke?" Demoonica asked.

"Hey! Does it look like I know you?" The Yusuke asked as he got up.

A girl with brown and blue hair looked in the door. "Yusuke why are you in this girls room?"

Oh, now it made sense. Different Yusuke. Not Kit's, this girls. "He fell though the door, my fault, it wasn't closed. I'm Demoonica, did you just get to Twilight Town?"

"Yeah we did. You know Yusuke and I'm Megan. The rest of my Bishi are around here somewhere." Megan glanced down the hall just as a black haired Chibi ran up to them and tugged on Yusuke's pants leg.

Yusuke leaned down. "What do you want Hi-kun?

"Fuji." The Chibi Hiei poked Yusuke's cheeks.

Yusuke growled. Hi-kun took off running. "Why you little! I am not a puffer fish!" He yelled as he chased the Chibi.

Demoonica laughed as Hi-kun ran to her and she caught him when he jumped into her arms. "Yusuke, he's just a Chibi."

"Stay out of this trainer!"

"Hiei are you bothering Yusuke?" The Chibi Hiei looked up, opening his eyes wide he shook his head 'no' at her. "Well there's my answer! Yusuke! How could you pick on a sweet innocent little child!?"


"No buts!" Demoonica said. Hi-kun just turned in her arms to look at Yusuke, then stuck out his tongue.

"Brat!" Yusuke stomped off.

"That isn't nice you know." Demoonica said to Hi-kun who was still making faces at Yusuke. She sat him down on the floor. "Now why don't you go play with Inu-chan?" Demoonica pointed down the hall at Kagome and Inu-chan who were at the ice cooler. The Chibi Hiei nodded then took off.

"You knew?" Megan asked.

Demoonica smiled at her. "It's one of the oldest tricks in the book. Pick on your older sibling till they can't stand it any more and when they chase you, head for the nearest adult and say they're being mean to you."

"Then why did you let him get away with it?"

"How could I not? I'd pick Hiei over Yusuke almost every time and Hiei's make such cute Chibi's. Besides, it's fun to pick on Yusuke." Demoonica laughed.

"Speaking of Chibi's... Inu-chan?" Megan said lifting an eyebrow.

"Inuyasha Chibi and Kagome there is his mum."

"Oh, how cute! Chibi demon bishies abound in this hall!"

"Uh yeah... so what room you in?"

"219... like four doors down."

Demoonica looked at her door number. She mumbled to herself. "213. Then Hiromi's in 214, Kit's in 215, and Tai's in 216..." Megan watched her as she spaced out. "What a bunch. Hate to leave again." She blinked at Megan. "Oh." Demoonica smiled. "Don't mind me." Megan only nodded.


Hiead was sitting on the bed when Demoonica entered the room the next morning. "Hospital food is worse than the food at G.O.A." It was a complaint, even if he didn't put any emotion into it.

"Does that mean you'll eat Kagome's cooking from now on?"

Hiead snorted.

"Can I take that as an 'I'll just get myself something out of the food capsules?' And it's your own fault for being stubborn." Demoonica said as she stood there with one of her hands on her hip.

"Where are my clothes?"

Hiead was still in the hospital gown, Demoonica just noticed. "The only reason I let you wear the clothes you were caught in for five days is because I didn't have any others. In other words they were in shreds and covered in blood, I couldn't save them if I tried... which I didn't. Here." She held out the stack of clothes she had been holding.

Hiead obviously had no sense of modesty and Demoonica turned her back to him just in time as he stripped out of the gown. "Hiead!" No answer, but he did reach around her to grab the clothes. When she felt it was safe to turn around again, Demoonica gratefully found Hiead fully dressed.

Demoonica's mind added that he looked -hot- dressed in tight blue jeans and a half-way unbuttoned black silk dress shirt. "Nice." She squeaked.

"Hn." He didn't even ask why she hadn't just gotten him his normal clothes from a store, he didn't care. Then he noticed something. "Stop staring at me, fangirl."

Demoonica frowned. Did he not know her name or was it just a way to anger her?


"Hi Zander!" Sterling waved as he ran over to the half-Bishounen. "Going to see Prof. Steve and Miss Washu?"

Zander shook his head.

"Hey, talk to me!"

All he got was a smile.

"Not funny!" The boy pouted. They were walking past the notice board when... "Give me a second, okay? I posted a trade notice a few days ago for my Haruka and I want to see if anybody was interested." Sterling made his way over to the board. Zander followed.

There was a girl there, signing her name and had halfway added 'for a Spike Bishounen' to the line when they arrived. There was a Legolas Bishounen standing beside her.


"WAH!" She jumped.

"Sorry about that, didn't mean to frighten you."

"Just surprised, that’s all... can I help you?"

"Just seeing if there were any takes on my trade." Sterling looked at the half written message. "Jessica is you, right?"

"Yeah, I guess that means you're the guy with the Haruka."

He nodded. "Sterling. I guess I'm not good with girls, she very nearly hates me."

Jessica couldn’t help but laugh. "Your kidding me right? You don't know Haruka's not into guys..." Sterling looked clueless. "You had no clue." Sterling still looked clueless. "Okay, anyway I have a Spike Bishounen and we didn't hit it off. I would have released him, but he said that he wants a trainer, so trading was the first thought I had."

Zander who was standing next to Legolas leaned over and asked. "You're trainer is..."

"Only trying to find a good trainer for Spike."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 9:07 PM
Way too early the next morning...

Demoonica entered the bathroom, closed the door and turned on the shower. Looking at her reflection in the mirror she could see the blush sill on her face. "Only a dream." She said quietly. "Get a grip Demoonica, nothing like that will ever happen." The vivid image in her mind flashed before her again, making her feel uneasy.

She undressed and slipped into the shower, with her mind set to wash away what she had dreamt. It was still early for her, Demoonica never did like getting up early, but her dream had forced her awake.

"I'll forget about it, or else stay the color of a tomato."


It wasn't yet noon when it began to snow. Demoonica shivered. "How can it be snowing already! It's only November 24th!"

"I thought you said you've been here for a year."

"Well almost a year. I got my ID on December 11th, 2002. The area was farther south, this is the first time I've seen snowfall in BishiWorld."

Inu-chan looked up at his mother's trainer and the girl she was talking to, Kit. "I like the snow D-chan."

Demoonica smiled. "So do I Inu-chan. It's just to me it's early to see snow falling."

Inu-chan nodded. "I've not seen snow, not before."

By that night there were a few inches of snow on the ground.

"So where are you heading Demoonica?"

"G.O.A. the main Bishounen City for the Megami Kouhosei area, followed by a stop at the G.I.S. a smaller city in the area. I'm sorry that I can't travel with you and Hiromi, Kit." Then Demoonica gave a laugh. "I can't believe Tai's Hiei got a crush on that nurse, can you? You know the one who was all shoujo bubble happy over him?"

"Not really, but she just fawned over Hiei's minor injuries from the Gym match as if she was saving his life. What was her name again?"

"Ummm, Nyssa something... I don't think I even found out her last name."

"Yeah and now Tai is staying in Twilight Town for a while, wonder how long it will last?"

"No clue."

Random background noise. "Gah! Heero, that's mine!" "You eat to slow." "Hm, hey Duo you going to finish..." "Zero get you chopsticks away from my food!" "Ow! Hey watch it, that hurts!" "Baka." End random background noise. (A/N: Add an Edward Elric and a Goku and you could have a 'worst eating manners' competition.)

"So Demoonica-chan, when will we have to split up again?" Hiromi asked.

"Umm, tomorrow we'll get to a fork in the road... I'll have to leave then."

"That's sad, you can't hang with a bunch of friends when you have to go to Bishi Cities all the time."

Demoonica nodded. "I'll get the communications back up and then I won't have to. Though, I'm never alone with my Bishounen around."

"You're right I guess."


The next morning...

"Hey is this anybodies tracks?" Kit asked, pointing to the foot prints in the snow around their camp.

Hiromi shook her head. "It can't be. No prints but your fresh ones lead over there." She walked over to Kit and looked at the prints. "It looks like we had somebody stumble across our camp last night."

"Bishounen?" Demoonica asked, just waking up.

"That's the best bet, it's stupid not to cover your tracks though."

"Maybe who ever it was thought they would too far away by this morning to worry about us." Kit suggested.

Hiromi smiled. "Want to prove them wrong?"

"Sounds fun, but I'd rather stay on the road."

Demoonica got up. "Guess I'll just head for G.O.A. now instead of later."

"Then we're each going different ways? Already?"

They said their fair wells after breakfast and soon the three girls had traveled more than a mile, each a different direction.
"Whoa, we're back at G.O.A. area!" Was the statement from Zero.

"I know, Zero."

"Um, are we going to my home?" He asked wide eyed. "Because, I'd like to see Erts-kun... and Kizna-chan... and Roose-kun... and Yamagi-kun... and Clay-kun, even though the only thing he'll say about me and Hiead being caught is 'Very interesting.' and that gets annoying really quick. You know I'd never met Bishi from any of the other areas until now, not even the close ones."

"Yes, I'm headed to G.O.A." Demoonica saw his face light up. "You can see your friends... uh, maybe your family?"

"Mom. Dad. Yeah, they must be worried by now. The Goddess' Trials will have already started. We were suppose to be back in time to participate."

"What's the Goddess' Trials?"

"It's awesome, really awesome. All the candidates enter the Goddess' Trials Tournament and then they stage battles by type. All the Zero's in one, Hiead's in another, Ert's in another... and they fight up the ranks and whoever wins their section of the tournament gets an Ingrid. A real Goddess mecha of their very own to pilot!"

"Sounds like a really big deal."

"Oh it is! It's to difficult to make lots of Ingrids, so only a few of each are given out."

"Hey, you know that sounds like the tournaments they hold each year in the Gundam areas." Duo said to Zero.

"Really? Do you win the right to have an Ingrid too?" Zero asked, slightly confused.

Duo shook his head. "No, Gundams."

"Gumdams? What are those?"

"Mecha. Really good mecha." Duo said with a shrug.

"Awesome! I never knew there were other types of mecha other than the Ingrids and the PRO-ING's."

"Sheesh, have you lived under a rock?"

"The G.O.A. has rules about outsiders. G.O.A. has rules about everything." Zero said making wild gestures.

Demoonica laughed. "Most military organizations do, Zero."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 11th, 2005, 9:09 PM
"Well I hope you are getting along with Spike." Jessica said as she ate breakfast with Zander, Sterling, and their Bishi.

"He watched an all night 'As the World Turns' marathon last night."

Jessica laughed. "Well, I did warn you he's addicted to soap operas."

"It was the 80's episodes... I think, my mother use to watch them."

"You think?"

"I lived at an orphanage from the time I was four." Sterling said as he shoved the runny eggs around on his plate with his fork. "I was shy and didn't make many friends. That's why I'm here on this world."

"How so?" Zander asked.

"I was checking e-mail for a friend, she had detention after school and had asked me to." Sterling gave a shrug. "I thought it was an internet game, she signed up for a lot of those free games all of the time."

"And the next thing you knew, bam, BishiWorld here you are." Jessica said while making the motion with her hand of a person falling to the ground, the way most arrived in the BishiWorld.

Sterling nodded. "Yeah. I wonder if she made it to this world, though. It would have been her dream come true, all she ever talked about was anime and Japan and how she wished she could one day go there."


"Gee, it's like some one shook a snow-globe." Demoonica said as the whirl of snow from a sudden gust of wind settled back down.

Inu-chan walked beside her, barefoot. The chibi didn't seem to notice the cold, fluffy, evil, white flakes that were sticking to his feet and pant-legs. Demoonica pulled her coat together, zipping it closed. "Are you not cold Inu-chan?" She asked down to him.

"Uh-hu." He nodded.

"You should have spoke up." She said while picking up the Chibi stage Bishounen. "Don't worry though, we'll be to the G.O.A. in a few hours."

"I wouldn't count on it, sweetheart." A woman with ginger colored hair said, almost appearing out of the blinding snow.

"Yeah, and with your help we'll be of this plane in no time." A large man beside her added.

"Leave me alone, who ever you are!" Demoonica backed up, tripping she fell onto her butt in the snow. Inu-chan clung tightly to her jacket.

"Well, well, well... strange humanoid thing, isn't she dear?" Shades leaned down to look at Demoonica who sat frozen.

"Yeah, but in all she seems to be... how should I say... worth the time?" Shocker answered.

Why couldn’t she move? Demoonica wanted to move. These people were frightening her. What did they want?

"Yes. She's is connected to our hope and we can't find him. This world is ever changing, maybe the best we could do is make him come to us." Shocker's large hand reach out towards Demoonica and he pulled her into standing. "You get to come with us, you know."

Demoonica could feel sparks of electric against her skin, from where the mans hand was touching the metal zipper to her jacket. A sudden flash of light blinded her and then all there was, was darkness.


Hiromi stood looking up at the darkening sky. "Hey- it's nowhere near time for the sun to set." She checked her watch. She was right, it was only 2 in the afternoon. Soon the source of the darkening sky burst though a cloud bank, revealing itself to be a humongous flying... something... or other.

"That thing's bigger than the Peacemillion!" Duo informed his trainer.

"Quite fascinating..." An unknown male voice said.

Hiromi and Duo looked to their left to notice a Yami Yugi watching the Unidentified Flying Object in the sky as well.

"Sheesh, did he stick his finger in a light socket or what?" Was the first thing Duo said. (Open mouth - insert foot, how Duo-ish.)

"Huh?" Yami looked over to see the trainer and braided baka- oops braided bishounen. With an 'Eep!' type sound he ran from the clearing.

Hiromi, forgetting about the dark object floating through the sky above them, took off after him, following his footprints in the snow. 'Yami!' Hiromi thought with glee. After a few minutes of trying to catch up with him though her thoughts were along the lines of, 'Augh! Arrogant baka pharaoh spirit stuck in a puzzle! How can he run so fast! Every time a catch a glimpse of him, he's gone again!'

At that point she caught a glimpse of Yami's blue school jacket. 'Let's see, Yami's headed that way. So if I go..." Hiromi headed to the right, ready to cut the tri-color haired Bishounen off at the next clearing.

Yami slowed down, noticing the trainer girl was no longer following him. He looked around stepping out into a small clearing. Maybe she's given up, or perhaps he'd lost her back in the woods.


"Wha-" Yami turned to see a BishiBall being thrown at him. 'NO!'

Hiromi's ball hit him on the chest. He could see a red glow surround himself. He closed his eyes as he began to feel nauseous as his body was taken into the extra dimensional space that the ball was connected to. Yami opened his eyes when he felt his feet hit solid ground once again. He was standing in a room. A second wave of nauseousness came over him as he felt himself being pulled away from here as well.

As soon as she had Yami returned from the ball Hiromi grabbed him by the arm and hugged him. The sudden movement sent both of them to the ground, each landing on their butts in the snow. Yami fought the feeling to throw up then and there.
Soon her BishiDex beeped and began it's normal rundown of her Bishounen's status. Still holding Yami by the arm Hiromi let out a breath. "Whew, man you can run." She said, out of breath.

"One tends to, when ones freedom is at stake." Yami replied. "I thought I'd shaken you."

"I would have to have been blind to miss your tracks in the snow!"

Yami sat there for a moment, thinking about that as they watched the large object in the sky as it finished passing over them, letting the light filter down though the trees.

"What was that?" Hiromi asked.

"It's the Bishi World Safety Department's Headquarters, a flying island that is normally kept above the open sea, it's not often that it's flown over the middle of a continent."

It was then that Duo caught up with them, he looked at them sitting in the snow, Yami still looking sick. He flopped down in the snow beside Hiromi. Seeing that they all three where now snow-logged Hiromi hit him with some of the snow. He just blinked at her for a moment before they began laughing so hard tears came from their eyes. Yami just stared at the pair.


"...meguri aeta kiseki ha Pleasure Line..."

Curious, Megan followed the singing. It was a male voice singing, as to the female who sung 'Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line' and he oddly sounded like some one she had met before.

"...yakusoku shi-tayo ne..."

She followed the boy's singing to a plaza overlooking most of Twilight Town. On the far side of the plaza stood a young man leaning on the railing and singing out-loud. He had shoulder length dark brown hair. Suddenly he sneezed, "WHA-CHOOO!"

"Bless you." Said a brunette Bishoujo standing beside him.

"Shut up, Selphie."

"I was only being polite." The Selphie was only glared at by her trainer. "Ingram..."

"Not listening." Ingram turned the volume up to the point that Megan had no problem listening to it, and she was pretty far away! Ingram began singing along again. "...kataro kimi wa wasurenai itsumo...kokoro wo-"

Well... she wasn't going to be talked to, again. Selphie held back a shiver as a snowflake landed on her nose. 'I hate cold weather.' She thought.

"Who's that?" Hiei asked Megan, wondering why this young man's singing had brought his trainer to the plaza. Hi-kun was sitting on his shoulders.

"I don't know, but he sounded familiar." She said with a shrug and turned to leave.

"He kind of looks like that girl from the other day." Yusuke said, glancing back at the boy once before following Megan.


Demoonica looked around. It was cold, this room she was in. White walls, like a research lab or someplace else of the sort. Nothing, absolutely nothing was in it. Save for herself. She checked only to find that the two people who had taken her prisoner had taken her Bishiball Belts away from her.

A shadow filtered in under the door. Curious, she stood and took the knob in her hand, turning it. It was locked. She was locked in here. Suddenly Demoonica felt far away from her Bishounen, though she was sure none had left the safety area. She sunk to the floor with a whimper...

"Why are you crying?" A soft voice with a British accent asked her.

Demoonica turned so her back was against the door. "Who are you?" She asked the small boy who was standing across the room against the far wall. He looked to be about three foot tall, with long, slightly wavy, silvery-blue hair and garnet colored eyes.

"I-" He paused. "She's almost here." He stepped backwards, disappearing into the wall behind him.

Suddenly the lock on the door she was leaning against clicked open. Demoonica scooted away from it as it swung open and the ginger haired woman stood looking down at her. The woman, Shades, noticed Demoonica looking at the wall as if it was about to open up and swallow her.

"Oh, so you've seen the little 'ghost-boy' around too."

'I'm not a ghost.' The boy thought, even though he was presently hovering just beneath the surface of the wall.

"Is he someone else you locked up here?" Demoonica didn't really want that answered. "Some one you've killed?"

"No." The ginger haired woman said in a flat tone. "Of course you little things have such sort lives, what would be the point of it?"

Demoonica swallowed hard. "That doesn't make me feel any better."

The ginger haired woman gave a snort, turned, and walked out of the room Demoonica was being held in. The door was locked tight with the echoing sound of the lock turning.

To Be Continued...

That's as far as I've wrote, it may be a while untill you see more.

May 13th, 2005, 6:08 AM
Wagga.... sooo looong.... 0_o I haven't finished it all yet; I've only gotten to the part where LD has caught an Allen Schezar. But so far it sounds really cool! :) I like the idea of catching Bishies, and I think it's equally admirable that you decided to put both genders in there. :P I hope to get to more of it later!

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 15th, 2005, 9:28 PM

Zander and Sterling sat on Sterling's bed, facing each other with eyes closed and hands lightly touching. Sterling's three Bishounen sat around the room watching them.

"Those two a cupple of 'puffs'?" Spike asked, as he jurked a thumb at the two boys.

Seeming to be confused at his choice in Brittish slang Max and Dio just gave the vampire odd looks. Max explaned. "Sterling's helping Zander learn to control his telepathy. After a mishap the other day, Zander has been reading the thoughts of anyone he's touched."

Spike gave him an 'oh' look as if telepathy wasn't anything strange to him. "Well then, they won't mind if I turn on the teli now would they?"

"No more daytime soaps though. Their lives almost seem normal compared to ours and that frightens me." Sterling spoke. With his consintration now broken, he felt tired. Sterling wobbully got to his feet. "I think I'll go to the Caf."


"Let me out of here you freeks!" Demoonica screemed as she pounded against the door. She felt like she was going stir crazy, locked in the empty room. "Please, they're in those balls, they don't know what's happened!" Demoonica looked at the floor, then pounded on the door once more as waves of emotions overcame her. "I can feel, I can FEEL worry, confusion, fear. Don't you understand? So alone... Inu-chan! He's just a baby! Give him back to me! Give him back! Please, if you'll just give him back..."

"Just a baby..."

Demoonica spun around to once again see the small boy with silvery-blue hair and garnet colored eyes come from out of the wall. "How- how do you do that?"

He looked back at the wall. "As long as I can remember I could phase through things." He answered in his British accent. "I'm Junia."

"A bishounen..." Demoonica said to herself.

"You are a trainer."

Demoonica nodded. "Yes."

"My mother has a trainer, but my mothers trainer is a man. He didn't want a shounen, only shoujos. He made her leave me... he said they would be back shortly from the trainers town, that a baby would bring unwanted attention there. I was just a baby, just old enough to understand his words, but still too young to understand the tears in my mothers eyes when she told me bye. They never came back..."

"I don't think me saying sorry would matter to you."

Junia shook his head. "No, but you are the first trainer I've met after that... unless you count the people here, but I haven't spoken to them. They give me a different feeling, so I don't think they came from the human world."

"They couldn't have. That man had powers." She looked at Junia. "Why are you here then?"

"The world shifted a few weeks ago, leaving me on a mountain side. I found this place, it was empty."

"So I've been kinapped by a pair of freeky people who are looking for somebody else and think I can help. I'm stranded on a mountain in a lab, why does that sound like I should know where I am?" Demoonica turned back to the door and pounded on it again. "Dang it! You two have no right keeping me here! If you hurt any of my Bishi I'll kill you!"

"They just put your things on a table..."

She looked at Junia again. "Huh?"

"They don't pay any attention to me. I saw a pack and a belt on a table in the Tubes Room."

"Tubes Room?"

Junia nodded. "Big glass tubes."

"Did you see-"

"ALRIGHT ALREADY!" Yelled Shades as she came down the hall towards the room Demoonica was being held in. Junia phased into the wall at the sound of her voice. "YOU are louder than the infant! Who, might I add, didn't start crying untill you made a fuss." She unlocked the door and stepped in, she was holding Inu-chan in her arms. "Here is your son." Demoonica went to take Inu-chan from her. Shades moved away. "I'll return him if you tell me what you meen by 'they are in those balls, they don't know what's happened', understand?"

Inu-chan wiggled in her arms, reaching out towards Demoonica. "De-chan!"

Demoonica glared at the ginger haired woman. Shades held out the Chibi and Demoonica quickly gathered him into her arms. "WELL?" She asked impationtly.

"The balls, the ones on the belt you took from me, they have the power to hold... beings. They're like humanoids, please they're my friends."

"Interesting idea. No, we'll not return them and have more people disturbing the quiet. Besides even your child has undeveloped strengths, adults with the same qualitys would be very bothersome indeed." She left the room, locking it once more.

"WAIT! What are you going to do now?" She didn't get an answer. "Well now I know they not from here, or Earth." She sighed. "Ne, Inu-chan are you okay?"

"De-chan, Inu-chan want mama, Inu-chan want papa." He said as he rubbed at his eyes sleepily.

"I want Kagome and Inuyasha back too."


Megami-sama looked up at the large mech who's foot she stood next to. She was at the Goddess Trials, where Demoonica should have been. "I don't get it. She was headed here, then disappeared off the radar."

Wufei nodded. "That girl is not worth the trouble she gets into."

"Should I tell that young man? Wufei, I feel like I should."

"If you meen Maxwell, he'd just storm out of HQ if we were to do that and cause us more headacks."

"You think so." It was more a statement than a question. "Well, then while we search for her, have another trainer start setting up the Communications in her assigned area."

Wufie nodded. "Understood." He flipped open a laptop and brought up a list of the Safety Department's trainers. "The nearest trainer is in Twilight Town, one Ingram Riley."

Asura Nirosuki
May 16th, 2005, 10:20 PM
This is great so far though im one chapter One O.o .I love the Occ in your story so far.She so much like the caharaters in the cartoon movie's.This is great how much Sences there are with Dou*heart beats*I love Duo the end.This truelly is a great story Never stop writting until the end^-^*huggs*


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
June 14th, 2005, 8:15 PM
LDD: What to say? I was unable to spell check this chapter, forgive any mistakes. I know there are many. Writers block, just not having any ideas on anything at all, sad isn't it? I am living in a constant haze. My days are running together. I'm just glad some people will wait for me this long, I do come back after much missing time. Almost no one else is updating anything either I've noticed. I UPDATED NOW EVERYONE ELSE MUST DO SO TOO!

Thank you to my fanfiction.net reviewers: Crazy Rei luva, Serenader, and Ryushi Nigami!

And Thank you to my PokeCommunity reviewers: Shuko and maya miyazono!


The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


"I play Kojikocy in attack mode."

"But... I don't have any monsters that strong!"

"With only your The All-Seeing White Tiger on the field, I do 200 damage to your life points. You have no more monsters and only 300 life points left, I'm going to win next turn!"

Heero looked at the Yu-Gi-Oh cards in his hand. It contained Curse of Anubis and Magic Cylinder. Both very nice trap cards, but he needed a monster card. He drew a card form his deck. Monster Reborn. Heero smirked, that was just as good. "I play Monster Reborn to bring Skull Red Bird back from the graveyard, attack your Kojikocy, it is destroyed, and you take 50 damage to your life points. Now you're the one with no monsters on the field. I also place these two cards facedown and end my turn."

Duo raised an eyebrow at the two cards Heero had just placed on the field. 'He's kidding right? As if I'd fall for trap cards.' He thought and drew a card from his Deck. "Thunder Nayn Nyan in attack mode. Say goodbye to your bird, again."

"I activate Magic Cylinder."

"Aw man. When did you add that to your deck?" Duo whined as he subtracted the point loss. "Fine, my turn is over. You still can't attack though."

"Watch me." Heero drew a card. "I play Kurama in attack mode." Duo laughed at the move. "And I activate the trap card Curse of Anubis, all Effect monsters on the field are put into defence mode and their defence is lowered to zero. I attack your defenceless Thunder Nyan Nyan with Kurama, it's destroyed. Now I attack your life points directly with Skull Red Bird, your life points are at zero. I win the dule!"

Duo sighed. "Well it had to happen sooner or later." He put a mark under Heero's name on a sheet of paper. "Heero - one win, me - fifteen wins."

"Have we really been playing cards that long?"

"Yeah, want to play again?"

"Sure." They gathered up their Yu-Gi-Oh cards once more.

Elsewhere within the Pocket Dimention space Demoonica's other San stage Bishounen were having just as much fun passing the time. Kagome, Inuyasha, and Katan, the Sama stage Bishie, where growing worried though. Well, at least Kagome and Katan were.

"It's been longer than a few hours."

"I wonder if anything has happened."

Inuyasha waved his hand in the air. "Eh, she's just forgot. You two worry too much."


"That girl has a loud mouth. I wouldn't be surprised if our hope heard her yelling from where ever he may be." Shades said when she returned from Demoonica's locked room.

"You give him much credit, love."

"If he is truly one of us he should be well into his powers. I am sure once we have finished on this world, he will be able to open the portal back to our world."

"Able to, yes. Willing to, I'm not so sure about."

Shades shrugged. "If the girl is as important to him as the elders said she would be, then there will be no problem."

"Fine. What do we do now? Just wait?"

"We will find out about this world. The girl gave me some very interesting information." Shades walked over to the table where Demoonica's things were being kept. "These balls contain living things from this world."

"Let's see. Eight, nine, and a tenth one on this other belt look to be in use."

"Should we then meet one of our other guests?" Shades held up the belt with a single ball on it.


[Ingram's POV]




"Ingram here." He answered his beeping BishiGear.

~"Riley."~ Came Wufei's voice.

"Chang, still bothering Cadets?"

~"Not funny. I have orders from the top for you."~

[A minute later, Wufei's POV]

"...so that's basicly everything."

~"Will do Chang!"~ Then the line became silent.

"Still refuseing to use your rank, Wufei?" Megami-sama asked him.

"Of course he is. Cadet Darkmoon reminds me of him in that scense."


"Huh?" Demoonica hadn't even noticed that she had been dozeing off until she woke up some time later. "Inu-chan?"

"Hi De-chan!" The Chibi waved to her. He was standing next to the far wall. "Inu-chan like Juna-kun! He turned slightly to point to the wall, where Junia phased into sight.

"Hello... again." He greeted her.

"Hi, uh, how long was I asleep?"

"Duno, perhaps an hour."

"Juna-kun, you go though the wall?" Junia looked down at the younger child, who was patting the wall beneath the place his chest appeared. "Inu-chan not go through the wall. Why?" Inuchan asked, looking up at Junia.

Demoonica laughed. "Inu-chan, leave Junia alone now-"

*KA-BOOM!* A sudden explosion rocked the room, and the entire building for that matter.


'I saw it happen, but what could I do to help? It wasn't like I knew them or anything.' The teenaged girl, April, sat remembering the events that had unfolded befor her. There had been a girl with long dark brown hair and a Chibi with black hair walking in the snow, probably headed to the nearest town. A large burly man and a woman with ginger colored hair had came and taken them away, without hardly a fight. 'I don't care.'

April had tan skin, red-brown eyes, and black-purple hair. On her lean body she wore a white tank top, even though it was winter, under a dark blue coat and a pair of jeans. Six earings adorned each of her ears.

"You're thinking about yesterday aren't you?" Her only Bishounen, a Sama staged Duo, asked.

"It doesn't matter." April answered.

"The heck it doesn't!" Duo yelled.

"What would you want me to do then Duo? Well? Have an answer for that?!"

"Anything! It's not right! You could have called me out of the ball, I'd have shot the guy! I meen it had to be what it looked like, a trainer... being kidnapped."

"Do what you want. People who are weak should just go home, this world isn't for them." April got up from where she sat and went to her bed in the hotel room. "I'm going to bed. If you choose to do anything, make sure you're back here befor morning. I may just deside to leave without you."




Trainer Introduction:

April (maya miyazono)


Information: She is a lean, mean, fighting girl with no goodness in her and gave up on trust. Abandon by her family Apirl lived her life off the cold mean streets. Gambling for food and money. Bullied around too much she has learned to hate everyone and moslty herself.

Bishounen: Duo Maxwell (Sama)

LDD: No Zander in this one, sorry fangirls. Still short but longer than last chapter.

Asura Nirosuki
June 14th, 2005, 8:29 PM
Lol, i loved the great humor that was taken from Duo when & Heero where playing with there cards.Lol.Wow! *is speechless about Aprils role* That was so Awsome! It totally gave her a life charatar^0^.Duo was great, i can't stop think about him and swooning at all his role's.^^;;.

Thank you so Much for this Chapter Lady Demoonica Darkmoon!!!.^_______________^

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
July 14th, 2005, 11:38 PM
LDD: I started this chapter on the 3rd of July, 11:30 at night. It may jump around a bit, I'm keeping tabs on a large cast now. *happy smile* I've been reading Lizeth's 'History of Magic' and now I must keep fighting the impulse to have Demoonica catch Sama Stage Yugi and Yami fitting her description of them. It's a losing battle, I just know it... *Hits head on keyboard.* But I was planing on getting to the Yu-Gi-Oh! cast sooner or later in any case, just hope the urge has died by then or this story is going to have shounen-ai in it... wait... it already does *If you know where to look.* and I had plans for some 'persons' be that way anyway...

Thank you to my reviewers: Crazy Rei luva, Ryushi Nagami, Serenader, and Lonehowl.

Thank you to my PokeCommunity reviewer: maya miyazono.

And an extra thank you to everyone who's wanted to be in the story!


The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


The Duo Maxwell belonging to April did just what he had said he would do, he headed to the local Bishi World Safety Department building, in the hopes of doing some good. The glass door slid open silently and the only worker in sight, a man in his early twenties, looked up from a map that was covering most of his desk. "May I help you?"

"Well, yeah..." Duo read the mans name tag. "...uh, Ingram." Then came the story of the prior days events, minus his trainers unwillingness to help. There wasn't much to tell and he finished a few minutes later with the words, "Of course, I could be wrong."

"Hmm... I see. Say this wouldn't be the girl would it?" He showed Duo a picture.

"I guess. You see, it was my trainer who saw all of this."

"Oh. Then why..." Ingram shook his head, is wasn't important to know why it was Duo and not the Bishounen's trainer who was reporting the kidnaping. "Thank you Duo."

"Is that girl important?"

Ingram shook his head. "Not exactly, her name's Demoonica Darkmoon, she's a missing Bishi World Safety Department Cadet and..." He trailed off. "It's not important."

Duo nodded. "I hope it helps." He left.

"So you've gotten into more trouble, huh kido?" Ingram said while circling an area on the map with a red marker. Scanning the surrounding area, there was only one place that stood out to him. Nearby was the lab that Kara had used when making half-bishies.


On a lonely mountain side a large plume of black smoke billowed out from the treetops. Earlier a loud explosion had sent the wildlife in the area scattering in fear and had made the traveling bishi wonder what had caused the commotion. A few had even went to investigate...

"Yama-" Sylphira sighed when his younger brother didn't listen, not to him and not to the wind that said to stay away, stay safe.

Yamashira rolled his eyes. "C'mon it's not as if it's out of our way."

"Che." Sylphira cursed, then followed his brother towards the smoke, trying to ignore the suddenly violent gust of wind that made the snow on the ground around them take to the air once more.


Demoonica uncovered her head, the movement of her arms sent more dust into the air and debris fell from her red and white jackets' sleeves. "What was that?" She didn't really direct the question to either of the Chibi Bishounen in the room, more like a question to herself. She had fell forward in the explosion and now something, that felt as if it were a rock, was pressing painfully into her collarbone. She pushed herself up onto one elbow and felt the floor beneath her. Nothing. Then a thought hit her, quickly she unzipped her jacket and pulled on the red ribbon tied around her neck. A single black and silver Bishiball was pulled free from the jacket, Hiead's ball. "H-Hiead!" She exclaimed softly. It looked like those two people - what ever their names were again and at the moment she didn't rightly care - hadn't thought to search her clothing.

Down the hall, in what Junia had called the 'Tubes Room' the smoke cleared enough for the outline of a tall long-haired figure to be seen. An unnatural wind suddenly whipped into the area, dispersing the smoke around him. Marou, his red hair unbound and being tossed by the air, stood looking at the yellow glowing force-field before him. Within the force-field stood his trainers' captors, though he did not know them as such. He only knew that upon his release from his dammable ball that Demoonica was not there, meaning he did not have to listen to her demands that he control himself. It had been far too long since he had been able to use any measurable amount of his power. The first thing he did was decide to cause some damage.

Shades glared at the psychotic Bishounen, pointing her finger at him threateningly. "HOW DARE YOU!"

Shocker, who's powers were keeping the force-field in place, shook his head. He just knew that his wife shouldn't have messed with that girl's things. Now look at the jam they were in! "Shades..." His warning came to late as the red haired man launched into another attack.

Back in her prison of a room, Demoonica could hear the battle, yet do nothing about it, she couldn't even get out unless she wanted to see where the newly created hole in the ceiling went. "Don't worry Inu-chan, we'll get out of here alright." She hugged the Chibi to her.

Beside her sat a sullen Junia, unsure of why he didn't just phase out of the mess. Perhaps it was because, that in his short life, this trainer girl had been the first he had met and she had been nice to him, something he could not say about his mothers' male trainer. He pulled his knees to his chest, holding them there with his arms.

Demoonica knew that they couldn't stay there much longer. While the door was still locked, smoke - caused by a fire - had started to work it's way into the room. She had to do some thing, soon. Her grip on the silver and black ball tightened, as did her arms around Inu-chan. She had no choice, pressing the button on the ball she watched as Hiead materialized.

"Wha-" Junia had never seen the use of a Bishiball before.

"Hiead." His blood red eyes narrowed into a glare at her. "Ow, you know those glares are pretty sharp." She said, unfazed.

"What is it fan girl?" Again, without the use of her name.

...And so a plan was formed and put into action. Using the help of the young Junia, Demoonica and company exited the room. Thank goodness for him being able to walk through walls.

"Ano... Junia what way is the 'Tubes Room' from here?" She asked. They stood in the hallway right outside the room she had been held captive in. Inu-chan was in her arms, his shirt pulled up over his mouth and nose to keep the Chibi from breathing in the smoke. The fear caught up to him around this time and he started to cry, loudly. Demoonica shifted him from one hip to the other, trying to calm him and listen to Junia at the same time. The first she did not succeed in, the second she did. Glancing around revealed Hiead already heading in the direction Junia had said.

Right towards the commotion, the battle, the -fire-. Not the way she had wanted to go, mind you. She quickened her pace to catch up with her Bishounen, breaking into a jarring near run, her heavy footfalls silent beneath the sounds ahead and around them.

"BASTARD!" Shades spat at Marou. Shockers' protective force field had given out moments before and now the full effects of Marou's destruction was visible.

"I would be leaving if you valued your lives." Marou's words were cold, distant, uncaring if his prey fought or fled. It wasn't very fun anymore, most of the equipment in the room lay in shambles, electronic devices were on fire all around, all the human sized glass tubes were shattered, their clear green liquid drowning the floor.

This is the scene that Demoonica walked into. "Marou!" Had he escaped from his Bishiball once again? Shades and Shocker took the opportunity the small distraction Marou's trainer had caused to leave out through the gaping hole where the roof had once been.

"We can't stop its burning." Junia said, then coughed from the smoke that seemingly refused to leave out the same gaping hole. Inu-chan, still crying, was placed on the floor beside Junia, were he stood one hand clinging to the older Chibi's sleeve, the other rubbing at his tear streaked face.

Demoonica nodded and searched out her things that had been scattered around on the floor. Soon her satchel was slung over her back, Bishiball covered belts and her BishiGear were in hand. "Marou!" She held out the ball and the red-haired demon lord unhappily returned to it.

She fumbled with trying to quickly attach the ball back on the belt, not noticing the remainder of the roof above her giving way until it was too late...



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The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Numb, disjointed thoughts flickered though Hieads' mind as he dizzily turned his head. His vision streaked with brightly colored blotches from the movement. It didn't register in his mind that the brightness was caused from his hair still showing his EX reaction. He felt bizarrely slow and very weak. It was an effort to make heads or tails of his surroundings, but he managed. The snow under him was melting into icy water that soaked into his clothes, chilling his thin frame quickly. He started coughing, placing his hand over his mouth. When he stopped, the sight of sticky red blood was the first thing he noticed. With a curse he wiped his hand free of the red liquid. He had breathed in too much smoke. Damm stupid girl. He could curse her later, right now the forest was starting to get dark and he needed to find a way off this snow covered mountain-side.

The last few minutes were fuzzy in his mind, but the fact that he, the girl, and the two Chibi's weren’t inside a flaming death trap anymore, told him they were at the start of being safe. Not safe, but on the way there. The glow of his EX reaction faded. With a somewhat clearer mind Hiead looked at the girl, her head had a bad gash in it where she had still managed to be hit... even though he... he... he had...

"I shoved her out of the way."

That was it, he had shoved her out of the way when the ceiling collapsed. Damm stupid girl. He lifted a hand to his own head, again he was greeted with the sight of sticky red blood, no wonder he was dizzy, no wonder his vision was blurring. Internal bleeding, external bleeding. God, he was such a failure. Worthless, so worthless...

He fell into the darkness.


Yamashira knelt down next to the unconscious girl on the snowy ground. "A bad bump to the head and she's breathed in toxic chemicals." One of his Bishounen -Kurama- said, making the boy jump. "So have the other three. Here, I gave them this to nullify it." He held out a vile of liquid that was scented of some unknown flower. "It's best we don't move them, they should wake by morning."

"Where'd they come from?" Sylphira asked.

"I'd say that building." Kurama pointed to a burning building that was just within sight, flames rolling off it, flicking at nearby trees.

"Well that answers where the smoke was from." Yamashira added, sounding slightly too happy. "We camp here."

Demoonica slowly opened her eyes, it was dark and she felt a warmth pressed up beside her, an arm holding her in place. Away from her a camp fire flickered, lighting the faces of the people gathered around it, but her vision was cloudy and she drifted back off to sleep. Two pair of eyes notice the brief moment of consciousness.

"Looks like Kurama was right."

Sylphira nodded. "True, the little ones are okay also, but I don't want to be the one to wake those two up in the morning." He spoke of the human girl and the Bishounen, who even in his unconscious state, had ended up with one of his arms wrapped around her in a very possessive manner.


Demoonica woke up exactly where she had fallen asleep the night before, wrapped in Hiead's arms. Thing was, she didn't know that and it wasn't registering in her sleep dulled mind.

"Hey, you're awake." She felt feathery soft - and very ticklish she might add - strands of long hair brush against her arm as the person leaned closer. A blurry shape moved itself into her line of sight. Chestnut-brown strands mixed with reds and golds, worried violet eyes...


"Eh no, my name's Yamashira."

The image faded, chestnut dissolved into a shining white, violet darkened into crimson. With a start, Demoonica pulled back away from the unfamiliar boy. At least she tried to, it turned out to be a very difficult thing to do when he was less than six inches from her face and her escape route was blocked by a still sleeping Hiead. It was then that Hiead, and the placement of his arm, registered in her brain.

Oh dear God! What would her mother think if she could see her seventeen-year-old daughter now? She wouldn't think highly of the current situation, that was for sure. Demoonica could feel the blood rushing to her face. "I-" She started weakly, trying to wiggle free and move away.

Noticing that he was - at the very least - half of the reason this girl had just turned the color of a strawberry, Yamashira leaned back, sitting 'tea ceremony' style with his feet tucked underneath his butt. "Uh, good morning."

"G'morning." Echoed a smaller boy, with light blonde and silver hair, from behind the first. He was bandaging Junia's upper arm. Had he been hurt? Inu-chan was sitting right beside them, fascinated by a box of band-aids. From the looks of things, it 'had' been full when he started, now most of them were stuck to him or to his clothes. Seeing the boy wrap Junia's arm, Inu-chan thought he'd help by putting a band-aid across the older Chibi's nose. Junia made a face, then he noticed the boy wrapping his arm was laughing, with a blush he looked down.

"Hello." Ugh, how lame. Couldn't she think of anything better to say? Guess not. Dislodging Hiead's arm from about her waist, Demoonica was surprised she hadn't woken the Goddess Candidate from his slumber. Taking notice of the bandage around his head and the tightness around her own, Demoonica felt her head, finding that she too was bandaged. With her situation still unknown, but feeling she wasn't in danger, she took time to look the two over.

And because she was already looking at him, the boy with two-colour hair was first up. Black jeans, a blue shirt with a silver dragon winding around it, Khaki skate shoes, and a silver dragon pendant on a silver chain. Simple, normal clothes for any teen who traveled the Bishiworld. He was laughing again at something, most likely Junia's attempt to get Inu-chan to stop with the band-aids. His eyes were shut, their colour lost to her - and this fact made her momentarily wonder just what it was in human nature that drove us to study anothers features upon first meeting - 'till they were open. His eyes were a reflection of his hair, one a stormy grey and the other golden.

The other, who's name she believed had been Yamashira was dressed all in black. Black skate shoes, black jeans, tight black shirt- they all served to make his light skin, white hair, and blood red eyes stand out so much more so than they normally would in the Bishiworld. Bishi - this boy was a Bishounen, not just by title either- he was very cute and Demoonica knew her face must be red, but his placement in any show she had seen was not possible.

"I do believe she's enamored by you, Yama." This comment, light and teasing, brought her attention back to the so far nameless boy. He was grinning at the other.

"Can it, short stuff."

"Don't call me short!" Demoonica swore she saw electric dance across the boy's skin to strike out at Yamashira, who looked only mildly interested in the verbal and electrical outburst. He was obviously use to them.

"Besides, Sylphira, how many times can you say you've been the first thing a pretty girl has seen when she woke up?" This was said with a cheeky grin.

Oblivious or just unwilling to continue the conversation in 'polite' company, Sylphira - as she knew his name to now be - dropped the subject, or so she thought. "Waking up to you, no wonder she looks ready to run away."

Yamashira glanced over to her, but Demoonica hadn't moved. Why did she get the feeling that if Yamashira had anything on hand right now he would have thrown it at Sylphira? Given that he did not, he settled for mumbling something.

Only now was the subject dropped in favor of a more proper introduction. "I'm Yamashira if you didn't catch it the first time, Yamashira Raiel de'Ryu. That's my brother Sylphira."


Hiead didn't wake up that day, but he was restless, tossing and turning unless he had a comforting presence to cling to, namely Demoonica who sat with him most of the day, his head cradled in her lap. Yamashira's Kurama said that it was strange that he didn't wake and perhaps there was a factor he didn't know about, one that was not presently being shown, some reason that the mixture of toxic chemicals were still present in Hiead's system when his potion should have driven them out.

Demoonica's Bishi, finally free from the confines of their 'PD' Spheres were glad when she suggested that they wonder around freely within the given miles, Yamashira and Sylphira having stated that to their knowledge, minus them, the area was otherwise trainer free. This had surprised Demoonica, the thought hadn't really crossed her mind at first, but the brothers were Half-Bishounen. Their parentage she had yet to find out. Half-Bishounen trainers, an odd thought had crossed her mind, and she asked if it were possible for a Half-Bishounen to be caught within a Bishiball. That was met with a few laughs and a retelling of a childhood story involving a third brother, Bishira, who - when he was younger - had ended up proving that it was indeed possible.

Of course the very presence of Yamashira and Sylphira had alarmed most of the full blooded Bishounen, Zander was one thing, he had proven himself trustworthy, but these two were strangers. And the presence of Junia was mostly noticed by Kagome, who all but adopted the boy as her own.

At the present, Demoonica was seated at the base of a pine tree along the edge of the clearing they had been using as a camp site, Hiead's head on her right knee. All but three of her Bishi had left the immediate area: Marou, who was inside his ball, none to happy about it; Duo, who looked like he was about to cause Sylphira to electrocute him if he thought it would shut him up; and Heero, who was attempting to fix Demoonica's BishiGear that had stopped working, he had made little progress. Yamashira had went for a walk also, leaving only Kurama just in case.

A yelp of pain from Duo said that Sylphira had given in to the desire to shock the boy. Duo came over to Demoonica, rubbing at a spot on his skin that looked like it'd been hit by a tiny lightning bolt. "All I said was 'So how old are you, twelve-thirteen?' and ZAP! Look at this!" He held out his hand.

Demoonica glanced at his upheld hand, there was a small red spot that looked no worse than if Duo had hit his hand one too many time with a slap-bracelet. "You'll be fine, it's to far from your heart to kill you."

"But it hurts!" This came out as a whine.

"Sit." Heero pointed at the ground between him and Demoonica with the screwdriver in his hand. "You still don't think before speaking."

Duo sat. "Yeah... Well, I guess it was rude. How's he?"

"Same. He hasn't woken, but the cough he has isn't as often."

"Then the poison is worked out of his lungs, his system must be making a recovery." Kurama said. They hadn't noticed he had came over.



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The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


When Demoonica awoke the next morning, she found herself in the same situation as the morning before, minus looking into Yamashira's eyes. That was had she taken the time to open her eyes, but a thought had crossed her mind before she had even fully woken up. She probably couldn't feel any safer than she felt now. Being a Hiead fan-girl and being able to wake up in said guys arms was a situation she knew was most likely to never happen again after he regained consciousness. It kind of made her want to fake being asleep for a few more minutes - hours - however long she could get, time she would gladly take. But she knew it wasn't what she should do, no matter how much she wished to do so. With a resigning sigh she opened her eyes, what she saw came as a shock.

At first it was completely black, no light anywhere at all. She thought that it must still be late into the night, but there was no fire, no trace of anything, anyone. Then, slowly, small points of light burst into being all around her, to the sides, above, even below. She was floating in an endless sea of stars. It should have been cold, her mind told her this. Her mind also told her that this kind of situation should have left her dead. Demoonica moved to sit up, but she found that movement in space, even in a space that didn't seem to be following any of the other rules, sent her tumbling slowly, yet out of control.

She stopped when her back bumped gently into another solid object. Looking around, and blindly grabbing a hold when the movement threatened to send her into a second free float, she gasped in surprise to see Hiead, his back to her. He was floating curled around himself like a child who was hiding their face, he didn't move, he hadn't noticed her.

Then she could hear it, a thumping sound. It echoed in her ears, growing louder with each passing beat. A heartbeat...? Was it hers...? No? Then who?


With that sound, the heartbeat missed it's beat. It retreated into the background. All of Demoonica's attention was on what was happening before her... happening to her. A shadowed figure stood there, a dark hood hiding their face, a handgun level with her head, it's hammer cocked and ready to be fired. She could see the trigger slowly being pulled and a gasp ripped its way out of her throat.

The sound of the shot rang out in the silence.

This is where Demoonica knew that if she were dreaming then she would have woken up, but she didn't. This is where Demoonica knew that if it were real then she would be dead, but she wasn't. For the first time she felt anything, and it was warm, and it slumped over onto her. The slow flutter of short silver strands as they passed her vision told her who it was. This couldn't be Hiead though, he was to small and light, to thin and frail in her arms. But it was, and he looked at her with child-like eyes wide in fear.

"You shouldn't be here." His voice was so soft, innocent, and pleading. He looked to the hooded figure that stood there watching them with his own blood red eyes. "This is..." The figure raised the gun again, cocking it with their thumb. "...me."

There was a blinding flash as Demoonica felt herself being pulled further and further away from the scene and the light let her see the face of the person who held the gun. Again her mind said that it couldn't be, again it was wrong. Hiead, as she knew him, was that person. Before the pitch black enveloped them she heard these words ring out, and she knew they were aimed at her.

"Don't try to get to know me."


"... in such a possessive manner." Demoonica only caught the last words of the sentence, but even though she should have understood them, she didn't.

Demoonica blinked open her dark brown eyes. "Hmm, good morning."

"Good morning!" Kagome was the first to answer, sounding strangely cheerful. There were a few snickering sounds, followed by shushing. "So, how long you going to stay there?"

"Huh?" Demoonica looked at where she was located. "Hiead!"

"Hn." A curt response. With a small shove he pushed her off of his chest. "Junia."

Demoonica looked over Hiead at the small form that had been curled against his other side. She was greeted with a sleepy pair of red eyes. "Morning Junia." She said to the half awake Chibi Stage Bishounen.

"G'morning." He said softly in his British accent and brushed his long blue-silver hair out of his face.

"So, how long were we like that?" Demoonica whispered to Kagome while she grabbed her glasses and put them on.

"Before or after Hiead woke up?"

"Augh." She let her face drop into her hands. "So how long ago did he wake up?"

"About the time you decided to squeeze the life out of me in your sleep." Hiead answered before detangling himself from the cover and leaving the camp area before any more could be said.

Before breakfast was over Demoonica's BishiGear beeped. "Huh? Hey! Heero, you got it working!" The video phone opened and the face of a young man with dark brown eyes and shoulder length dark brown hair appeared. Demoonica thought he looked vaguely familiar.


"Uh... yes. Do I know you?"

The young man blinked. "Oh! Sorry Cadet Darkmoon, I'm Ingram Riley of the Bishi World Safety Department."



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The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon



She found him far away from the camp site, why did he always have to go and hide like this? Stupid jerk. He was seated at the foot of a large Walnut tree that grew in the center of a clearing, but it was winter and all of its' leaves were gone. The tree, it looked like a large looming skeleton.

"Go away, fan girl."

"Demoonica." She corrected.

Hiead snorted. "Whatever."

Demoonica leaned against the opposite side of the large tree and slid down into a sitting position on it's snow covered roots. "You were in my dream..." Demoonica stopped. That wasn't right. "No, you weren't... I was in your dream, wasn't I?"

Hiead didn't say anything.

"I found it confusing, but I remember it so clearly it frightens me."

-You should be frightened. My mind isn't...- Hiead's thought was interrupted by Demoonica continuing to speak.

"It isn't a place people would want to be. Do you remember what you were dreaming about? I feel like I should recognize that scene..."

She didn't get an answer. He wasn't going to tell her anything. She sighed.

"You should come back to camp, wash, change clothes, have something to eat. You didn't eat for a week after your capture. Then it was only a short time till this whole mess got started. I don't think I've seen you eat anything at all. You have me worried. I care-"

"You sound like Enna, talking all the time. Can't you ever shut up!" Hiead had stood up and moved to glare down at Demoonica.

"ME!" Demoonica protested. She got to her feet and tried to glare back at the slightly taller Hiead. "I'm not the one going around in a piss-poor mood, glaring at everybody!"

"At least I don't pretend to be some kind of saintly goodie two-shoes, who is everyone's friend!"

"I do not, you cold-hearted bastard!" She poked him in the chest with her index finger.

"Could have fooled me!" He said, backing her up against the tree, his hands to either side of her, trapping her there.

"Ha! You admit to being a fool then!"

"I said nothing of the sort!" He grabbed her by the shoulders. "Now shut up!"

Demoonica opened her mouth to retaliate, but Hiead had leaned down and kissed her, roughly. Demoonica's eyes widened and she lifted her hands to push him away, but his grip was relentless. After a few moments the kiss turned into a gentler one, Hiead's eyes closed, she felt the grip of his hands loosen and they slid to her arms.

Before she could react to the change, Hiead's eyes snapped open and he shoved her away from him, or more like he shoved himself away from her, considering he had her pinned against the tree. A few emotions were visible on his face, one of them being shock, but Demoonica was still too surprised to notice, and then they were gone.

Demoonica's face was flushed. "I-"

"You don't know -me- do you? Nothing about me. I. HATE. YOU. Just go back to camp." Hiead retreated into the forest, he himself unconsciously heading back to the camp. If a person who didn't know Hiead had witnessed this, they might have thought he was flustered, embarrassed, running away, but this was Hiead, he couldn't possibly be running away. Could he?

When he was gone, Demoonica raised her fingers to touch her lips, they were slightly swollen and bruised by Hiead's roughness. It almost seemed like a daydream, she felt dazed. "Can I... keep you?" She whispered.


When Demoonica got back to the camp, she found most of her Bishounen still eating breakfast, along with Yamashira's and Sylphira's bishi. It surprised her to see Hiead with a pair of chopsticks, eating a bowl of white rice as if nothing had happened. It was the first time she had seen him eat anything since she had caught him.

Ignoring him just as much as he was ignoring her, she packed her satchel. How did half the stuff in there get strung around the camp in just one day? She looked at her BishiGear, she had gotten a call right before she had went to look for Hiead. That guy, Ingram, had said that because of her kidnaping, she should return to the Bishi World Safety Department Headquarters as soon as she could. He would be taking over her assignment, the replacement of the communications network, even though it was working again. She guessed that when Marou had wrecked the electronics in that building he had destroyed whatever had been jamming the BishiDex and BishiGear signals.

She heard a twig snap in the woods. "What was that?"

"Shiri." One of Yamashira's Bishounen, Jing, said as he pointed to the person in question. Wow she was doing a very good job of looking like part of that snow covered tree, Demoonica hadn't even noticed her until she moved again.

The girl jumped down out of the tree, glaring at Jing. "How do you keep doing that?" He shrugged. "Staying out of trouble Yama-kun?"

Yamashira rolled his eyes. "Yeah sis. Demoonica, Demoonica's bishi, this is our sister Shiri Kuno Ichi de'Ryu."


The BishiWorld Safety Department...

"Demoonica-neesan! You're safe!"


"Itai, Sterling! Can't breath!" Demoonica held the blue-eyed boy at arms length and ruffed his short white hair. "I'm glad to see you to, kiddo."

"Hey, cut it out. I turned fifteen!"

Kagome laughed, the young trainer hadn't changed at all. Demoonica rolled her eyes. "Then don't act ten-years-old. Beside's..." Demoonica held her hand up at the top of her head and then moved it over Sterling's head. "Nope still not five foot tall yet."

Sterling stuck his tongue out at her. "For that, I'm not telling you where Zander is."

"He's here right now! Sour-pants Wufei doesn't have him running laps in three foot high water, does he?"

"Not saying!"

"Cadet Darkmoon!"

Demoonica cringed. "C-Commander Chang!"

"Don't Commander Chang me. Megami-sama wants to speak with you on the matter of your..." Wufei looked at Sterling, then Yamashira, Sylphara, and Shiri. "...absence."

"Okay. Sterling, you wouldn't mind showing my friends around or to the Caf. would you?"

A few hours later...

"And that's about it, ma'am. They weren't making that much sense."

"Their Hope?" Megami-sama questioned. "I just don't understand this. They showed no interest in your Bishounen what so ever?"

Demoonica shook her head. "Not really, not that much."

"I... see. Well, until they make another move then, we can do nothing. You are dismissed."


"Please Miss Darkmoon, I wish I could help."

Demoonica nodded and stood, leaving the office.


One month later...

Demoonica gave a loud sigh. "This is strange."

Heero looked over at her. "Hm, how so?"

She waved at the empty belt around her waist. "You, Kai, Rei, Hiead, Zero, Duo, Allan, and Marou. I can't believe I'm saying this but I feel so alone." Yes, she thought that -that- was empty, but there were only three BishiBalls missing from it.

Heero snorted.

"No, I really mean it! No Kagome, no Inuyasha, no little Inu-chan, no Katan, no Junia... It's strange to feel alone when I still am in the company of eight Bishounen."

"Kagome was your first Bishoujo-"

"I know it's normal to miss them! I didn't think I would miss them this much, this soon."

"Two weeks isn't all that soon."

"Yes, but having most of you with me for a full year makes it difficult-"

"This I know." Heero was getting tired of this conversation and Demoonica had been worse the last few days. "You know you didn't have to let them stay at the SD-"

"If I didn't want to." She finished for him. Demoonica looked down, thinking something over. "But they wanted to, they each had their own reasons, I just feel... I don't know!"

"Abandoned." It wasn't a question, Heero knew exactly how Demoonica felt about having some of her companions wish to stay at the Bishi World Safety Department Headquarters, even if it was only for a time. He could feel it, so very tangible right now, with the least amount of effort. Being able to feel it was a side effect to prolonged use of the Bond Serum. It was like an emotional energy that rolled off her in waves. Her mood shifted just then and Heero was able to brace himself as his trainer made use of his shirt as a place to hide her face, near to, but unwilling to cry. He thought that there had to be some way to pull her from this near depression, but she had shown signs of being like this shortly before leaving the SD... so was the absence of a few friends all that was bothering her? While knowing her feelings was helpful, Heero was at the moment wishing he could reach into her mind and find his answer.

After a moment Demoonica pulled away. "Forgive me Heero."

Heero shook his head, knowing many of the words he could think of right now would only send her into another fit. Perhaps if she were to get back to a normal routine. "What area are we in now?"

Demoonica looked at the platinum haired boy for a second. "Uh..." The sad thing was that she didn't know, hadn't known for days, and hadn't cared. But with saddened cobalt blue eyes pleading with her, she found herself checking her BishiGear. "Yu-Gi-Oh! area. We're about a six hour walk from the nearest city, we could make it there by nine... give or take."

Heero nodded, giving his trainer a bright cheerful smile. "Or we could skip the hike and use the Saisori."

Heero wanting to be in town? Demoonica thought that was odd. While he was a friendly type of person, she noticed he often felt out of place in the crowded cities.

Heero noticed her hesitation. Dang it! He'd been to obvious. "You're right, it isn't that far."

Heero began walking down the road. Demoonica blinked, her curiosity awakened, just what was Heero up to? She shifted her satchel straps, jogging to catch up with him. "Oi Heero-" She suddenly stopped. Heero looked at her and she gave him a sign to stay quiet, he nodded and pulled a handgun from... well she couldn't figure out where any Heero Yuy hid those handguns when their spandex bike shorts were so tight you could tell they weren't wearing any underwear...but she could ponder the very real existence of 'Hammer Space' later.

"...Kotori and Fuma...Shinken...Earth...Heaven..."

'Kotori and Fuma?' She thought. Was there a trainer nearby? No, her BishiGear would have notified her if that were the case. Then a group of Bishounen traveling together?

"AAK!" The squeak alerted Demoonica to Heero's movements or lack there of. In that split second he had found their 'guest' and he now had his gun pointed to a tree branch, where a dark haired Bishounen had nearly fell out of said tree upon seeing them.

"Heero, give him a heart attack why don't you?" Demoonica said as she grabbed a bishiball from her belt, Allen's if she remembered correctly. The Bishounen was pulling himself back onto the branch, so he didn't notice. "Come on out Allen!"

A red light erupted from the ball, when it faded, her Allen stood on the road beside Heero. "M'lady?" He asked, sounding more like the Allen she had caught than he had in awhile.

"Up for a battle?" She pointed to the Bishounen who had gotten himself back to a standing position on the tree branch. No sooner than she had finished speaking did he draw a sword and leap at them.

"Ahh!" A downward overhead swing aimed right at Allen, who drew his own sword just in time to block. Heero grabbed Demoonica by the wrist and pulled her away from them. The blades clanged together. With a push backwards, the Bishounen landed a few feet in front of Allen. He lifted his sword again and charged. Another block. The dark haired boy growled. "Is blocking the only thing you know how to do!"

"Just seeing... how you... FIGHT!" Allen slid his sword's blade up along the his opponents blade, creating a 'shouk' like sound. When he came to the base of the blade he swiftly swung to the right, sliding his blade off of the other. Because the dark haired boy was pushing forward on his sword it forced him to step forward, his sword blade coming dangerously close to Allen's neck. The tip of Allen's blade left a shallow cut on the other's face.

"Shh!" A thin line of blood formed across his left cheek, pooling at one end, a drop ran down the side of his face and dripped off his chin. The dark haired Bishounen's amber coloured eyes flashed in anger.


Allen found himself tumbling backwards on the ground, his sword knocked from his grasp. He landed face down on the ground and lay there limply for a moment before shakingly pushing himself up. "Heh-heh-heh-heh." He grabbed hold of his sword off the ground, using it to stand.

His opponent held out his hands, energy gathering in them again. The ground at his feet pulsed upwards and he sent the energy racing towards Allen.



The ground was torn apart, sending the dust and dirt into the air, clouding the sky. Around them there was nothing but silence. From deep inside the dust cloud a shining light emerged.

"Waaah!" A single glimmer of light broke through the cloud of dust. The wind picked up, parting the clouded air, revealing Allen lunging down out of the sky. He was surrounded by a bright glow that enveloped the area. Taken by surprise the other Bishounen couldn't block in time and was left with a gash across his chest, he dropped his sword.

"Allen!" Demoonica called to her Bishounen. The light pulsed brighter and he turned to look at her.

"M'lady-" He fell to his knees, his hands resting on the earth. His hair, once barely reaching his waist was now pooled around him in a golden blonde curtain. He pulled on the neck of his tight blue vest, popping the top two buttons. "Can't breath." He gasped out. Demoonica kneeled down beside him.

"Hey!" Demoonica looked at the Bishounen Allen had been fighting. Even with the line of blood dripping off his chin, the pout on his face was adorable. "It's not fair evolving during a fight!" This comment made Heero laugh. Grabbing an empty bishiball, she tossed it at him. The ball landed right on his lap. "Huh? Ack!" The Bishounen was surrounded by a red light and pulled into the ball.

Wobble... shake... wobble... wobble... Click!

Her BishiGear beeped. "Kamui Shirou of the X-1999 anime. Stage San. Kamui left Tokyo with his mom at age ten. After she dies, he comes back to Tokyo to get Shinken, a divine sword that his mother left at Togakushi Shrine. He was once a very kind child, but for some reason his personalty changed over the six years. The Shinken is Kamui's sword. There are two Shinken. One was "born" from Saya Monou, mother of Kotori and Fuma. The name Kamui has two meanings. One is that of a person who acts with god-like power. The other is that of a person who hunts those who act with god-like power. Once Kamui Shirou decides to be "Kamui" of the Dragons of Heaven, his counterpart, or Gemini -twin star-, will automatically become "Kamui" of the Dragons of Earth. This "Kamui" of the Dragons of the Earth turns out to be his close friend Fuma. Do you wish to nickname this Bishounen?"

"No nickname." Demoonica looked back at Allen. "You evolved into Sama!"

Allen just sort of nodded. "Yes. Perhaps while I find better fitting clothes, M'lady should check on her newest companion?"

Demoonica looked at Kamui's bishiball, it had a few small droplets of blood on the silver half. "Point well taken." She grabbed the ball. "Eww. Glad I'm not the squeamish type." She pushed the button. Kamui appeared, sitting where he had been caught. Demoonica rummaged around in her satchel. "Here." She held out a glass bottle. "It's a healing potion."

Kamui made a face, but drank it. "That... didn't taste as bad as I thought it would." Within seconds the cut on his face was completely healed, leaving no trace it had ever been there. Demoonica cleaned the larger cut on his chest, the potion had made it stop bleeding, but it was still there. Kamui looked at his ripped and bloody shirt and jacket. "These are ruined."

"It's okay, I'm sure one of my Bishounen has clothes to fit you." She looked back at Allen, who had his 'PD' Sphere room set up a few feet away, the door wide open. "Allen I don't think you're things are going to fit you now!"

Allen leaned around the door frame. "Could you call out Katan or Inuyasha? Oh and umm, here." He tossed her a plain white button-up shirt.

Demoonica held it up. "Wow, I didn't know you had shirts with out puffy sleeves!" She grabbed Katan's bishiball and brought him out. "Hey Katan, do you have clothes that would fit Allen in Sama Stage? He hiding in his room."

The blue-haired cherub bishounen raised an eyebrow at the door. He opened his mouth to say something, thought better of it, and stopped. Disappearing into his ball, he came back out moments latter, clothes in hand. "Who's this?" He nodded to Kamui and handed the clothes through the open door to Allen.

"Kamui..." Demoonica paused.

"Shirou, X-1999 territory."

"Thanks." She paused again. "What's an X bishounen doing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! area?"

Kamui sweat-dropped. "Never take directions from a Ryoga Hibiki bishounen?"

Now Demoonica felt like she could go SD and do a face-vault. "Ouch."


"Gah! I'm going to be late! The Inn will close!" It was 8:45 PM, and she had just made it to the Yu-Gi-Oh City. Demoonica turned the corner, only to bump right into someone. "Sorry, I..."

There was a soft chuckle from the other person. "It's alright, my aibou's younger brother tends to trip into me quite often."

"Oh." Fixing her glasses that were now sitting sideways on her nose, she blinked up -almost owlishly- at the man... a Sama Stage Yami no Yugi.

He was smirking down at her, oddly the smirk was more amused than anything. He was suddenly bumped into from behind. "Itai! Oh, gomen nasai Yami-san."

"See?" He said while pulling the boy to his feet. "Ah, Yugi-chan I was just speaking of you."

The Chibi Stage Yugi looked at Demoonica from around Yami. "Yo musume!"

"Hey babe? What on Earth has Katsuya been teaching you?" Yami shook his head.

"Hey babe?" Demoonica repeated, lifting an eyebrow at the kid. Was that a Yugi or did she hit her head too hard against Yami's chest?

"Forgive him ojou-san, he can be... genki." -AN: Genki means hyper, but Yami's trying to be polite by not calling the kid ditzy.-

"I dropped our ice-cream."

Yami turned back to the boy. At his feet were two smashed waffle cones. "So you have, I'll get you another." With that said, he ushered the boy back into the nearby ice-cream parlor.

"What a greeting, the Yu-Gi-Oh! area is interesting already. Blast, I don't want to sleep out for another night!" Demoonica said, heading to the local Inn. Sadly, she found that while it had not yet closed it's doors for the night, the door window held a sign that was lit up, it read: No Vacancy. "Okay, now that's just insulting."

Again she earned a soft chuckle from the person behind her, she turned around. "We meet again, ojou-san."

"Yami-san. Yugi-chan." She said with a bow of her head.

"I believe it was us who postponed your arrival, please let us make it up to you. You shall spend the night."

Yugi tugged on Yami's sleeve. "Isn't that up to papa?"

"No worries little one, your and my aibou's father will not mind, of this I am sure." He looked back at Demoonica. "Ojou-san-"

"It's Demoonica, calling me 'miss' makes me feel old."

"Ah, forgive me."

Not long after that Yami-san and Yugi-chan led Demoonica into a small home, both calling out 'Tadaima!' as they entered. They were greeted by two Sama Staged Yugi's, one who -kissed- Yami before noticing her presence. The Chibi Yugi only hugged him around the legs before bouncing over to the other Yugi. "Papa!" -AN: Daddy!-

"Donata?" The elder Yugi asked. -AN: Who?-



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Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
November 24th, 2005, 4:23 PM
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The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Bishi World Date December 19th 2003...

Demoonica yawned and stretched, then sat up on the couch, the place where she happened to have been sleeping.

"Ohayo!" Cheerful violet eyes looked at here over the back of the couch.

"Hello Yugi-chan." She patted him on the head and he ran back into the kitchen.

"Mama! Papa! Big brother! Yami-san! She's up!" She heard him call out loudly as she made her way to the downstairs bathroom. After changing clothes and brushing her teeth, Demoonica found her way to the kitchen.

Yugi-chan was sitting on his fathers lap, making it difficult for the older Bishounen to read his morning newspaper. His wife, a Serenity, and his older son, the Yugi who had kissed Yami the previous night, were fixing breakfast. Yugi, who was frying the eggs, had his hair pulled back into a high spiky ponytail and was wearing a pink frilly apron that matched his mothers apron. Demoonica had to keep herself from giggling.

"Good morning Ojou-san." Yami said to her, guess it was hopeless to get him to stop calling her 'miss'.

"Good morning everyone." She gave a small bow. "I just wanted to say thank you, again, for letting me spend the night."

"It was no problem." The older Yugi said as he looked around his son's hair at the newspaper. "Yugi-chan, I can't see with you on my lap like this."

"Join us for breakfast?" Yugi-chan asked as he took his own seat at the table, much to his fathers happiness who was finally able to see what he had been trying to read.

Later that day...

While Demoonica set up the communication spheres around town, most of her Bishounen had gone wondering around the shopping district with Yugi-chan as their guide, needless to say he was most likely showing them every Dual Monsters card he liked, wanted, or owned.

She dusted some snow off the shiny blue sphere and sat it in it's place, activating it. It shined to life and the menu appeared.

'Start up?'

Demoonica finished the set up, and everything was working normally. - "STOP! THIEF!" - She was pushed roughly to the side, falling face first into the snow. Looking up through her snow filled bangs, all she could see was a black and white blur that soon disappeared. "Blast!" Demoonica looked over at the Bishounen standing beside her, a Sama stage Seto Kaiba. She sat up, dusting the snow from her hair as she did. "YOU." Kaiba pointed at her. "You didn't happen to see where that stupid thief went did you?" Demoonica shook her head.

"No, sorry."

Seto glared at her for a second, then with a 'humph' he stalked back the way he had came. As he left she could hear him complain that it was the -third- time just -this- week that -that- very Bakura had gotten away.

'Bakura?' Demoonica thought. "Ano, Seto-Sama? Is he causing a lot of trouble?"

"Huh?" Kaiba turned and looked at her. "Why would you care human?"


"Whatever. I don't need your help."

Then he was gone. Demoonica looked at the communication sphere she had just finished working on. "Hm, well that was the last one. I guess I can go find the guys now."

She hunted around town for nearly an hour before entering a small card shop that was squished between two larger shops. The bell rang as she opened the door. "Aa, give us a minute to get the new cards in the showcase, okay Set?" Came a voice from behind the counter. The person's voice sort of sounded like Yugi, then again he sort of sounded like Yami. Demoonica was confused.

"I'm not Kaiba's former persona." Demoonica said, leaning over the counter to look down at the lone Bishounen. "And who's us?" A Sama staged Yugi looked up at her.

"You're definitely not Set." Yugi agreed as he stood. He had to be older than the Yugi from the show, mostly because he was at least six inches taller than her. He was also not dressed in the Domino School uniform. Instead he sported a black sweater and blue jean pants, along with what looked like all the gold that any one person could wear. "Excuse me, but why are you staring at me?"

Demoonica looked down into the showcase. "I wasn't!"

"Hey Yugi, was that Set come to see the new cards?" A Yami asked as he came up a set of stairs in the back. Demoonica couldn't believe her eyes, this Yami's hair was somehow brushed down out of it's spiky starfish shape! It fell to just past his shoulders in gold and black stripes, the black parts had maroon tips.

"No. Just a little trainer girl." Yugi looked back to Demoonica. "Looking for a certain card?"

"Looking for my bishounen, actually." She said as she read the 'Wynn the Wind Charmer' card that was below the glass.

"You must be the trainer of the bishounen that the little Yugi pulled in here a few hours ago. I haven't seen any of them after that. Sorry."

"Yugi, have you seen the shipment of Capsule Monster pieces that came in this morning?" Yami asked, placing a box of booster cards on the glass case.

"They were here... uh... I thought they were here..." Yugi looked around. "That's odd."

"Thank you anyway, I'll find them somewhere." Demoonica left just as a Sama staged High Priest Set bishounen came into the shop with a small boy who had light blue hair, light grey eyes, and glasses that kept falling down on his nose.

A few hours later she turned the corner as she made it to the end of the street, making her back on Main Street, the place she had started early that morning. Demoonica heard a shout. Not far up the street was an Anzu Bishoujo yelling at the Yami Bakura Bishounen that she had backed up against the brick wall.

"Hey! You're that Yami Bakura that my Seto-Koi was after earlier today!" Demoonica heard Anzu say.

Bakura looked at the angry girl, then to the items he had dropped. "No I'm not! I have no idea what you're talking about. I was never even near there this morning!"

"Augh! You danged thief!" Anzu yelled as she picked up one of the stolen cards. "These are mine! I just got them at the shop!"

"Heh heh, just some stupid weak cards, anyway. I'll just be going now!" He took off down the street, looking just like the black and white blur Demoonica had seen that morning. So it had been him! Without thinking, Demoonica grabbed an empty Bishiball from her belt, throwing it at the escaping Yami Bakura as he passed by her. A bright red light drew him into the ball and it fell to the snow covered sidewalk.

Shake... shake... wobble... wobble... shake... click!

Demoonica's BishiGear reacted. "Yami no Bakura of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. Stage Sama. Yami Bakura is the Spirit of the Millennium Ring. Do you wish to nickname this Bishounen?"

"No nickname."

"You caught that kleptomaniac freak!" Anzu said, slightly in awe.

"Yeah... uh..."

"Oh thank you, who ever you are!" Anzu gave Demoonica a hug then ran over to get all of her cards from the snow.

"You're welcome?" Demoonica walked over to the Bishiball and picked it up. "I wonder if you've seen my Bishounen." She said to the ball, addressing Bakura even though he could not hear her. She turned back to Anzu. "Anzu-chan have you seen a group of non-Yu-Gi-Oh! bishi with a Chibi Yugi?"

"Uh I think that could be the people I saw at Seto's shop. Are these your's?" Anzu held up a unopened box of Capsule Monster pieces.

"No, but I think I know where they go. Where's this Seto's shop?"

"That's easy! It's the big shop on the corner of Main Street!" Anzu pointed to the large building at the end of the street. "I just came from there. So do you know where these go?"

"Yeah, it's this little shop between two larger shops... I didn't get the name of the place."

Anzu thought for a second. "I think I know the place you're talking about, I'll take these there then. You'll be at Seto's, right?"

"I should be if you aren't gone for very long."

"Okay! Bye!"

Across the street, in a dark alleyway, a pair of narrowed blue-green eyes watched the entire event unfold. "Humph, there's a trainer running around free all over town and nobody seems to even notice. She even did a capture in the streets and only I care!" The person said while the two girls went different directions.

Inside Seto's - yes the name of the shop is "Seto's"...

"...so then you turn the card sideways and..."

"Wait, why are there two numbers?"

Yugi-chan sighed. "Attack and Defense." He pointed to each number.

Kai shook his head. "Beyblading is so much simpler than these cards."

"Ah-ha! Found you all at last! I hunted all over half this town looking for you." Demoonica said as she walked over to the crowded tables near the back of the store.

"Hey Demoonica! Look at these cool new cards!" Duo waved a hand full of cards. "HEY Heero! Stop looking at my hand! You cheat!"

Demoonica sighed. "Looks like you've had a fun day here, guys."

"Sure have! This kid knows how to get great deals!" Duo said, placing an arm around Yugi-chan's shoulders. He was sitting beside the chibi, and it looked like they were in a two against two battle with Heero and Kai.

"So what did you do all day?" Rei asked.

"Not counting all the time I spent looking for you, I did catch a Yami Bakura. I'm just hoping that it doesn't cause any trouble."

"For catching him in town?"

Demoonica nodded.

"I take it that he didn't consent to being captured then."

Again, Demoonica nodded.

"Excuse me?" A Yugi asked as he walked into the store. "Is the trainer girl, who caught the thief for Anzu, here?"

"Umm... that would be me." Demoonica raised her hand.

"Huh? Oh it IS the little trainer from today! Yami and I wanted to thank you for remembering our lost, and as it turns out stolen, merchandise." He handed her a slip of paper. "It's good for any item in the shop, but Yami and I were closing when Anzu showed up, so come by tomorrow."

"Thank you Yugi, but it isn't necessary." Demoonica went to hand the paper back to him.


"I agree that it's not necessary." Came a voice from behind Yugi. Standing in the door way was a Bishounen with blue-green hair, wearing a blue and white uniform. "You shouldn't go around giving gifts to trainers who capture bishi right in the middle of the street!"

"What's the meaning of this, Zane?"

"Just like I said, she caught your thief for you all right! Caught him with a ball!"

Yugi looked at Demoonica. "Is this true, little trainer?"

Demoonica nodded. "I didn't know what else to do... I didn't feel like wondering around in the Shadow Realm if I tried to stop him any other way."

"I see. Zane, she's being honest. Even you know how a 'spirit of the ring' can be when cornered."

"That's the problem with you Yugi's, to soft hearted for your own good!"

"I think we should settle this with a duel!"

"...And I think leaving now would be good." Yugi-chan said as he quickly gathered his cards from the table. All of Demoonica's Bishounen were in agreement with him and returned to their respective 'PD' Spheres.

Demoonica looked down at her BishiBall-belt. "Cowards, the lot of you." But she followed Yugi-chan out the door just the same as the duel began.


"Let's see the area- Bakura put that back! -that's next to this one is- Bakura! The candlestick holder, put it back on the stand! -it's the Duel Masters area. I don't have any bishi on my list to catc- BAKURA!"

"Oh, blast it all! I am behind you and you're reading from that contraption on your arm, how'd you see me pocket this!" Bakura placed the watch on the stand.

"I could feel you being smug."


"You were out of my sight, chances are you were up to your tricks."

Bakura sat down on the couch beside her. "Oh."

"Give me the BishiBall you just took from my belt." Demoonica held out her hand.

Bakura pouted and placed his 'PD' Sphere in his trainers hand. "I hate you." He crossed his arms and leaned back on the couch. "You're spoiling all my fun. Guess I just have to occupy myself with another favorite pastime." He stretched, placing one arm behind her on the couch.

"And what would that be?"

His arm slid down around her shoulder. "Why I thought you'd never ask!"

Demoonica slipped from his grasp. "You've got to be kidding me. You're a kleptomaniac and a pervert, Bakura."

"Proudly." He replied with a smirk.

"Only you would be proud of something like that."

"Shower's free if anybody wants it." Kamui said, walking out of the bathroom. Three Bishounen made a dive for the open door, each hoping to get the shower before all the hot water was used up. Zero won.

"Here, save me from Bakura's flirting while I bandage you up." Demoonica motioned him over to the couch. She lifted Kamui's shirt. "How is it looking?"

Bakura leaned over to look around Kamui. "So that's how I get you to undress me."

"Can it, Bakura." She looked at Kamui's sword wound. "Hmmm, it's still all red and..." She took a gauze bandage from the first aid kit on the coffee table, placing it. "...it's bleeding where the scabbing soaked off."

"Heh, she getting pretty good at bandaging wounds." Rei said. "If she doesn't catch a healer we'll be in good hands."

Yugi-chan looked over the back of the couch. "Are you gona stay again tonight? Can I play cards with your friends?"

Demoonica nodded. "I guess we will be staying another night."


The bell jingled as Demoonica entered the shop the next morning.

"Good morning, can I help you?" Yami asked, his back was turned to her. She knew it was Yami from his hair, it was almost normal when it was down like that, freaky.

"Morning Yami. I came to give this back." She walked over to the counter, holding out the paper.

Yami looked around. He brought up a pair of glasses and read the note. "You're the trainer girl. Yugi said Zane was being... well I'm not about to repeat what he said, but pig-headed was one of the nicer things he was calling him when he got back here last night."

The bell above the door jingled.

"So, you're still in town? Funny, I thought you'd have been smart and left yesterday."

"You again?" Demoonica looked at the Bishounen.

"My name's Zane and you'll do well to remember it!"

"Enough!" Yami stepped up beside of Demoonica. "Zane, I will not stand for anyone making trouble in this shop."

"Humph, don't tell me you're taking up for that-" Here Zane pointed at Demoonica. "-trainer, just like your weirdo of a brother."

"Zane, if you aren't complaining about Syrus being in here all the time, you find another reason to harp at us. I'm only asking you nicely once to leave our game shop."

"Fine! But hear this, trainer. If I were you, I'd get out of our territory." Zane stomped out of the shop.

"I swear... had I known him back in ancient Egypt, he'd have been flogged on a daily basis."


Yami chuckled. "I have quite an evil streak in me. Zane knows not to really anger me." He took the time to tuck a loose strand of his hair behind his left ear. The movement was so disarming that Demoonica found herself believing Yami was telling the truth... but she couldn't bring herself to be upset by it. "So, what will your reward be?" Yami held up the paper slip she had brought with her.

"Oh! No, I was just going to return it. I don't need any reward, really!" Demoonica shook her head.

"Uh... hmm... well if you feel so strongly about it, I won't insist." He tucked the paper away. "Could we help you with anything else? Zane is most likely waiting for you just outside."

"Holds a grudge, doesn't he?"

Yami nodded. "He can. Yugi told me Zane is upset because you literally caught our thief, Bakura."

"Yes, well-"

"Don't try to justify your actions, it matters not to me." The door bell sounded. "Ah! Yugi, you're late, little brother."

"Sorry. My alarm didn't go off. I should get a new clock." Yugi shook the snow from his coat, then hung it up behind the counter. "Good morning, little trainer girl."

"Hi. Is that guy still outside? If he's not, then I'll be leaving town soon."

"You mean Zane? Yeah, unfortunately he's out there right now." Yugi said and Yami glared at the door.

"One moment please, you two." Yami went to the game shops entrance, opening the door, he yelled out, "Darn it! Zane, stop loitering outside out shop!" He slammed the door shut. Demoonica waited for a snowball to hit the door, but it never came.


"No worse than you." Yami said, crossing his arms.

"But that's so childish!" Yugi through his arms up in the air.

Yami paused, biting his thumbnail. "I suppose it is..." He waved it off.

Demoonica sighed. "That means I'm stuck here for a while longer."

"That's true... unless... what does Bakura think about being caught?" Yugi asked her.

"That his trainer can turn seven shades of red depending on how badly he embarrasses her... and I know when he's up to no good."

"A good sense to have when dealing with most Bakura's. Of course, when are they not up to no good?"


"I can't believe your letting some scrawny Bishounen, who isn't even a fighter-type I remind you, hold us up in this place." Kai shook his head.

"I did go against regulations, Kai-kun. I just want to get out of town without further incidents."

Bakura tapped her on the shoulder. "I've an idea. Say you release me from captivity, I'll be on my merry way and the Zane out there has no more to complain to you about."

"Even if she did let you go, Bakura, I'm not about to let you 'be on your merry way' you thief." Yami told him.

"Pift... Can't blame a guy for trying." Bakura said with a shrug.

"If you really want to be set free, I'll just hand you over to the proper authorities."

"Be caught... be sent to jail... be caught... be sent to jail..." Bakura made a big deal out of weighing his options, holding up his hands as if really weighing something. "Really, you should know me better."

"That's not an answer."

"I don't find my situation to be any worse than before. If anything you've been the apodeme of kindness, if somewhat a mother hen."

"Gee, thanks."

Suddenly there was a commotion outside, bringing Demoonica to the door of the game shop.

"Ow! Let go, your hurting me!" What looked to be a Bishoujo with white hair yelled at the Yami no Malik and Seto Kaiba that were dragging her down the street. Demoonica noticed the BishiBall-belt around her. A trainer. "I already told you, I didn't know we were near your city! I swear!"

"Excuses!" Seto barked at the girl.

"Ask my Bishi! Ask my Seibutsu!"

Demoonica sighed, now she really was glad to have the safety of the title 'Bishi World Safety Department Cadet' tagged onto her profile. She opened the door, ignoring the glare from Zane, and jogged to catch up with the swift stepping pair of Bishounen. "Excuse me! Excuse me! Seto? Marikku?"

"Hardly anyone pronounces it that way you know, normally it's just Marik." Seto told her, turning his head to look at Demoonica. "Wha-? Another trainer!"

"Department Cadet." Demoonica flashed the screen of her BishiGear. "Could I be of any help?"

Seto raised an eyebrow and the trainer girl glared at her with blood red eyes.

"I don't see what the department would want to do with a simple case of trespassing."

"Well you just said it yourself! Isn't a trainer trespassing into your area a threat to the -safety- of your home?"

"Well, yes, it could be."

"Great. Just great. Even another trainer is against me!" The white haired girl said.

Demoonica gave her a quick 'Please! I'm trying to help you.' look. "I'll just take her directly to the HQ and she can be questioned there."

Seto looked at the girl between he and Yami Malik. "Sure. Why not, less of a headache for me. Marik, let her go." He said as he released the girls upper arm.

After they were gone the girl looked up at Demoonica. "Thanks."

Demoonica shook her head. "Don't thank me yet. I have to do what I said I would or I'll be in a lot of trouble, myself. I'm Demoonica."

"I'm Erica but you can call me Spatial if you want."



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Chapter Notes : This is written mostly as a -flashback- type chapter, that will explain Demoonica's actions in the past few chapters, and why I skipped an entire month back in chapter 19.


The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


The Saisori burst though the clouds. Heero was greeted with the sight of the Bishi World Safety Department's flying headquarters. "We've made visual contact."

"No need to be technical, just say we're almost there."

Heero smiled. "Okay... we're almost there."

The two trainer girls laughed. "Wow... this place is huge..." Spatial looked out at the floating island from the front window.

"Yeah... it really is. Like I said earlier, you shouldn't get into any trouble as long as you truthfully wondered into the area by mistake. Right, Heero?"

"Hmm." He nodded. "And if there's a Wufei waiting for us when we land, it's best to keep quiet."

"True, very true. Megami-sama's Wufei finds teenaged girls pests or maybe it's just me he finds to be a pest."


"Demoonica! You haven't even called since you left over two weeks ago!" Kagome hugged the girl. "What happened to make you leave so fast? Uh, are you okay?"

-Flashback... one month earlier...-

"So what'd that woman have to say?"

"Yamashira? I thought you went with Sterling to the Caf."

Yamashira shrugged. "I was curious."

"Well, Megami-sama didn't have anything to say that would help. I wish I had been able to find anything out from those people."

"You didn't find out anything at all?" He asked as they walked down the hall.

"Not anything that was very useful."

"Hey-hey Demoonica!"

Demoonica and Yamashira looked up at the guy who had called out at her. Zander. Before she knew it, the chestnut haired half-Bishi had scooped her up, twirled around with her in his arms, and set her back on her feet. He leaned down to kiss her. Demoonica turned her face, letting his lips meet with her cheek. She watch the floor for a few moments before realizing that Zander was now speaking.

"... great to see you." He hugged her to him, not noticing how she stiffened up a little. "Hey, uh... who's this guy?"

-End Flashback-


"Huh? Oh, Kagome."

"Demoonica, you've been off in your own little world for a few minutes. Heero's already taken that girl inside. Are you sure you're feeling alright?"

"I'm fine, Kagome. Sorry to worry you."

A few hours later Demoonica and Spatial met up outside the office of Megami-sama. Spatial gave her a thumbs up as she closed the door behind her. "They had this little girl called Cindy Klein, I'm guessing she's some kind of psychic, ask me a bunch of questions. I got off of any charges."

"You're lucky you didn't have to work with an angry Yami."

Spatial smiled. "I guess I can thank you now."


"Now that I'm no longer in trouble, where are we going?"

"I'm headed to the gym for a run. My Bishi will probably all still be there, after all, it's only been a few hours from the time we arrived."

"A run?"

Demoonica nodded.


She was still running, all these hours later. Demoonica had eaten very little at dinner and had excused herself from her company as soon as she could without seeming rude. She had came here, to the gym, so she could think... and run.

'Stupid...' She thought. 'Stupid me... Zander... Dang Hiead! Why does he make me question my feelings? Why did he have to go and do something so out of his character as kissing me! Gods, what was I thinking by letting something like that happen. I knew it was only a matter of time before I made Hiead have an outburst, but -that- wasn't the reaction I planned on, violence on the other hand I was ready for.' Demoonica could feel her tears welling up in her eyes, threatening to spill out over her lashes and run down her cheeks. She wiped them away before they got the chance. 'It wasn't like I asked for that to happen, but I don't feel like some victim, and that's because I'm not. Far from it, I wanted it to last longer, I want it to happen again! It would hurt Zander so much if he ever knew it, even if it only happened that once.' Demoonica shook her head and stopped running. 'I feel so guilty, but I can't let him know what happened. Even if he understood, how could I tell him? "Oh of course I love you! But if you want to know a secret, then I can't get the feeling of Hiead's lips moving against mine out of my mind." Yeah, I really see myself saying that!'

Demoonica didn't think that running was making her feel any better, not when what she really wanted to do was run away from the whole mess, get lost in Bishi World, and stay that way. When had she turned into such a coward?

-End Flashback-

"Would you like to meet Shugo and Rena?"

Demoonica blinked, Spatial obviously hadn't noticed her lack of attention. Thankfully Demoonica's feet had kept them walking to their destination, even with her mind somewhere else. "We're almost to the gym I told them to go to, my Bishi, that is. If you want I could meet your Bishi then and we could train together, have a practice match, ya'know."

Spatial nodded. "So like I was saying, have you been to the dot hack areas? There are some really cool characters there."

"No I haven't. I did see it before coming to the BishiWorld though, I thought Balmung was the cutest guy in the show...er shows, and the games, too. Aren't your Bishi from like 'The Legend of the Twilight Bracelet'?"



At that very moment, in the gym...

"... and she's been acting weird lately, right up until the time we made it to the Yu-Gi-Oh! area's city, then she was starting to get back to her old self." Heero stated, matter of factually, to a very interested Kagome and a barely listening Inuyasha.

"Maybe something happened that we don't know about."

"WELL -I- THINK you should just stay out of it, Kagome. Ever think she'd say something if she wanted us to know?"

"Inuyasha! Girls normally keep their feeling bottled up inside."

"Yeah, I know... then they yell at you when you have no idea why they're still upset." Inuyasha mumbled.

"Is she upset?" Kagome asked Heero, who nodded and gave her a look that said, 'Can't you feel it, too?' "You right," She said. "I noticed it, too. I guess I just had to ask."


-A few nights later... -December 23, 2003-

Demoonica tried to fall asleep. Really, she did. She turned onto her right side, then onto her left. She even placed her pillow over her head, but she couldn't fall asleep no matter what she did. With a sigh she pushed back the top half of her covers and got up. It was really late into the night, probably nearing three o'clock.

She rubbed her eyes, letting them adjust to the dim light, then put on her glasses. Still dressed in her pj's, she walked out into the hallway and down to one of the large observation room windows. She hummed to herself as the moon above came out from the clouds, covering the floating island with a soft silver glow. It reminded her of Hiead's hair. She stopped, when had she started doing that, she had just compared her surroundings to... well to Hiead!

She was still completely hopeless. Marou just had to have been eavesdropping the other night when she had thought she had left her company asleep. She had mumbled her thoughts out-loud, yet to herself, sadly he had been listening. He just had to suggest that she take them both as lovers... saying that humans were stupid to think that faithfulness was important. Why did she even let that suggestion start sounding like a perfectly good idea? Hell, it had came from Marou! He was just trying to make things worse for her. So why wasn't she sickened by the thought of betraying Zander? Wait. Why was she even worried that she would ever have to choose? It wasn't like Hiead was confessing his love for her, it was just the opposite. Hiead hadn't spoken about his actions, hadn't started acting any different around her, other than he was fiercely avoiding being left alone with her, but that in itself wasn't out of character for him.

A shadow passed over the moon, falling on her, before quickly disappearing. Demoonica looked up, but the sky around the moon was still clear. She seated herself on a bench, listening to the chirping of the crickets, grasshoppers, and cicadas outside. She wondered if the Flying Island had moved over a warmer part of the BishiWorld, she didn't think the bugs could survive in the snowy winter area she had been in. Demoonica shook her head, she shouldn't worry so much about things and the sounds of the night made her relax. Her eyes closed and she found herself in a dream.

A pair of bright red-violet eyes watched her for a moment from behind silvery-white hair. A small hand reached out towards Demoonica's face. Poke! "Mama!" Poke!

Slowly Demoonica opened her eyes. A little boy, no older than three, crawled up onto the bed next to her. "Bad dream, Zion?" She heard herself say. The little boy nodded and pulled the covers up around himself. She wrapped her arms around the child. "It's okay baby, mama's here. I'll keep the monsters away while you sleep." Demoonica closed her eyes, once again drifting off to sleep, with her son in her arms.

"Hey! Demoonica!" A voice, calling her, waking her from her slumber.

"Don't want to get up, Mum." Demoonica mumbled.

"D-chan! Wake up! Mama and Papa and every one else are looking for you!" Demoonica was poked in the cheek. Why did that seem so familiar? "Up!"

"Inu-chan, stop." Demoonica caught the Chibi's hand. "I'm up... oi the sun's up too, isn't it? I fell asleep out here."

"It's dangerous to wonder off alone." Inu-chan copied his mother's tone of voice.

"You sound like Kagome." She ruffled the Chibi's black hair as all thoughts of her dream faded away.

"Feh. Me no girl." Inu-chan crossed his arms, looking very much like his father.

"Oh-ho! Sorry there little man. So let me guess, you think girl's have cooties!"

Inu-chan's eyes grew big. "You mean that it's true!" He squeaked. Demoonica could only laugh.



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Chapter Notes and a DISCLAIMER: It's not so much relationship issues as Demoonica's being a Hiead fangirl makes her want to know the truth about him that is only hinted at in the Anime and Manga. I'm going to have fun with -THE FIRST- Hiead's past, the memories that all Hieads have even though they never personally experienced them. Most of what happen's here in Hiead's head is almost right out of the Manga, with added bits because it's being seen by Demoonica. The parts from the Manga belong to YUKIRU SUGISAKI and I am making no money from the quotes that are rightfully hers. Please do not sue. Thank you.

"blah" - speaking

'blah' - thinking or figments speaking in dream


The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Flashback... two weeks earlier...

Demoonica twisted the shower knob, turning the spray off. It had been around two weeks from the time she had returned to the Safety Department and things weren't any clearer in her mind.

During that time she had been going to classes with Sterling for Department Cadets during the day, had dinner in the Caf. with Zander and up until they left two days earlier the de'Ryu siblings as well, and spent her evenings training with her Bishounen in one of the gyms. She had also taken to wondering down to the observation windows almost every night.

She stepped out of the shower, wrapping the fluffy towel around her. Later, with her body dry and her hair as dry as she could get it, she dressed in a pair of purple silk pajamas for bed and silently made her way to the observation windows. It was already nearing midnight and she knew that there was sort of a 'lights out' rule for around ten o'clock, so nobody else would be there.

She stopped, there was someone else at the window she always came to. "Uh... hi Hiead."

Hiead looked over at her. "Oh... it's only you." He turned his head away, once again occupied with the view from the window.

Demoonica took a seat on the bench in front of the same window Hiead was looking out of. In her mind she remembered Ikhny, Hiead's repairer on the show, doing the exact same thing in one of the episodes. She wondered if she resembled the girl in any way.

"You don't..."


"You don't remind me of Allecto... because, unlike her, you're too stupid to even be afraid."

"I'm not stupid!" Demoonica snapped.

Hiead turned to glare at her. "I told you not to try to get to know me! You wouldn't listen! I told you not to get in my head! You invaded my dreams! You woke up something deep inside of me that I thought was long dead! I HATE you for it!" Demoonica jumped each time he got louder, he was yelling by the end of it. She didn't even draw another breath before he continued. "You know nothing about me! You know nothing about my pain and my sadness and I was to the point that I couldn't feel any of that anymore! You had to wake up the part of me that could feel it all! I hate you! Just being around you HURTS me! IT HURTS! Stop... it... just stop it... stop... stop-stop... STOP!" Hieads eyes were wide, unfocused and unseeing. His hands were fisting in his hair and he had begun to pant.

"Hiead!" She jumped from her seat and was at his side in time to grab him around the shoulders. Together they sunk to the floor.

"I don't want to!" He whined. "Hurts... hurts... run...RUN!" There was a bright blue flash right in front of her eyes that blinded Demoonica.

'EX?' Demoonica realized. 'His Exax Ability is...' She felt the real world slipping away from her grasp. 'NO! Hiead stop!'

Darkness... that endless sea of darkness filled with countless stars. Demoonica shivered and rubbed her arms, looking around. She was in Hiead's mind, again. This time, though, she could feel solid ground beneath her feet. Hiead, her Hiead, stood beside of her. He was watching a small area of light ahead of them that was growing brighter.

'Haa!-Haa!-Hah!' She could hear panting breaths, they were drawing nearer to where she was. 'Haa!-Hah!'

"This... again!" Hiead spoke, as if Demoonica wasn't there with him. Then there was a form in the light, that of the child like Hiead who had kept her from being shot the last time. 'Haa!-Haa!' The panting was coming from him. He was running, running from something Demoonica couldn't see. "However many times..." 'Hah!' As the child Hiead ran past them she noticed he was dressed in a hospital gown and bloody bandages were wrapped around his head. "...however many times I shake free..." 'Hah!'

Countless numbers of disembodied hands wound their way out of the light, passing harmlessly through Demoonica in their obvious pursuit of the child. This terror was what he was running from.

"Hiead." Demoonica looked begingly at him only to notice he had closed his eyes, refusing to watch his child self. 'Haa!-Haa!- Aaaaaaahhh!' She saw Hiead flinch at the sound of the scream, she turned-

"Don't look." Hiead's voice stopped her. His eyes were open, focused on her so intensely that she couldn't look away, couldn't look at the begging child who's screaming was burnt into her ears.

Suddenly the area was filled with bright white light and the air was filled with dark red splatters. One fat drop of blood landed on Hiead's face and ran down his cheek like a tear.

'So...' The voice boomed from the nothingness around them. '...this one is another failure?'

'Another...?' Demoonica thought.

Hiead looked away from her questioning gaze, directly where he didn't want to look. The small form looked to be falling through thickened water, leaving long strings of blood in it's wake. The child's bandages were gone, letting his head wound bleed freely, and with his eyes closed he looked almost peaceful.


More voices came from the darkness, but Demoonica wasn't listening. When Hiead had looked away from her, she had followed his gaze and while she had missed the words spoken, Hiead's child self had not.

Red eyes opened weakly as another figure, this one made from blue light -Demoonica thought it looked like pure EX- and visibly female, appeared above the child. He reached out to it frantically, a silent cry easily seen as air bubbles rushed from his parted lips.

"NO!" Demoonica jumped at the outburst from Hiead beside her. "This isn't me!" The figure disappeared and Hiead looked away once more as the child, too, faded from view. "These..." Hiead said as he and Demoonica were left alone in the darkness. "...aren't my memories!"

"Is it over?" Demoonica asked at length, when nothing else happened.

Hiead smiled, but it wasn't a nice smile. "Is that how it is?"


"Aren't you upset? Doesn’t it hurt?"

Demoonica took a step back. "H-Hiead?" There was something wrong in his eyes, his pupils were gone. "Hiead, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, what would make you think otherwise?" He reached out, but Demoonica backed away just as fast. With a growl he tried to grab her.


Hiead suddenly found himself confused and saddled with his smaller self. His eyes returned to normal. "Huh?"

'Don't hurt her!' The child Hiead cried.

'Humph.' Demoonica spun around at the sound behind her. There was a gun leveled at her head. She let out a startled scream. A pair of pupil-less blood red eyes watched her from under a fringe of silver. 'Worthless whelp, constantly saving her.' He growled and cocked the hammer of the gun. 'I wish I could kill you completely, then I'd take over at last and rid the world of Enna, and prove I'm not worthless.'

"You're less than Zero!" Demoonica yelled at the guns holder, feeling strangely bold.

'That loser? He may have been born first, but I was born better.'

"Better?" Demoonica looked over at her Hiead. "What is he talking about?"

He shook his head, he was just as confused. "You do realize that both of them are just figments of my subconscious mind."

"That's not helpful, H-" She felt her head snap to the side, a painful stinging feeling blossomed across her cheek.

'Don't talk to him! He's just-'

'He's what's left when we're locked away.' The child said as he tugged on her sleeve.

'And you are nothing but weakness!'

Demoonica held her face where she had been slapped. Then she felt herself being forced out of Hiead's EX driven dream-like state.

Demoonica woke up suddenly, the feeling of the cold tile floor that belonged to the Safety Department was hurting her knees. Hiead's forehead was resting against her chest. She blushed. With a pair of hands more steady than she thought she could posses in such a situation, she held him away from her. "Hey, Hiead." She shook his shoulders softly.

With a growl he lashed out, still asleep, and pushed out of her grasp. Demoonica was surprised that he didn't crack his head off the floor with that move. Freed, he curled up on his side with his back facing her, still caught in his nightmare. His hair flashed it's bright EX blue again, the color change running from root to tip like fiberoptic wires.

Demoonica knew she couldn't let his Exax Ability run wild like this, losing control of it was fatal, not it -could- be fatal, it -was- fatal if left unchecked. She stretched out her leg, tapping Hiead with her toes, afraid that if she got to close again she would easily be pulled into his nightmare-like memories again. "Hiead?" She called softly, when her touch did not get a violent reaction, but still did not wake him.

Hiead whimpered. It was so unlike him. Unlike the Hiead she knew. Unlike the person whom he showed to people. Within the span of a few seconds Demoonica had dubbed Hiead's subconscious figments his 'hate' and his 'innocence' respectively. She poked him again with her toes. "Hiead?"

"...Kozue...she took him...escaped with the first experiment..." Hiead wasn't awake, but he was speaking. "...I could hear their anger...I was still an infant also...why couldn't she have taken me...Rei...my brother..."

Demoonica sat there confused as just to why Hiead had called Zero his brother, and what was all this experiment stuff? Who was Kozue?

Hiead moaned and rolled onto his back, bringing one of his hands up to run his fingers through his bangs. "Dang..."


His eyes snapped open suddenly, he'd completely forgotten she was there with him. "Go'way fangirl." He said softly. 'Please, just go away and don't ask me anything.' He pleaded in his mind.

"Hiead... what was that?"

'So much for luck.' "...I don't have the answers you want... no one does." 'There, plain and simple truth. She can't pester me for an explanation.'

"I hate them..."


"I hate them. The doctors or scientists, whoever those people are. The ones in your memories-"

"They're not my memories!"


"They belong... to the first..."

"They belong to Teela?"

"No! Not 'First' as in the top Goddess pilot, first as in the Hiead who is my and every other Hiead's ancestral father."

"The Hiead from the show."

"There are no shows, it's real life... and it continues with on with none of your interfering."

"Well, to me, where I came from, it was a TV show based off of five graphic novels and it... it just stopped... right after Clay was transferred to the G.I.S."

"After the battle with the Giseisha that got into G.O.A."

"YES! Tell me. Tell me what happened after that!"

"I can't tell you."

"Why? Is it because we're not allowed to know? Because the maker of Megaimi Kohousei didn't finish the story!"

"It's because the memories end there, at that point in time. Every memory I have after that is from growing up on this world. I think... I think that... that you may know more about what those memories are... than I do. I don't want to remember those things though, it hurts to remember."

"I..." Demoonica paused, wondering if she should finish her thought out loud. Maybe, just maybe. "I have the graphic novels... If you read them, you could see things that weren't in those memories."

"Later." Hiead stood. He walked past her, leaving without ever glancing back.

End Flashback

That had been two weeks ago. Demoonica sat where she was for the rest of the night and left the Safety Department Headquarters before dawn the next day. She didn't tell anyone she was leaving or leave a note saying why. She just left. During her aimless wondering, though, she came to a conclusion: Hiead wasn't a hopeless cause, but he would never be able to love her... and that hurt. It hurt a lot actually. Then came the day Heero suggested she try and get back to a more 'normal' routine, it was the day he decided that she needed to stop acting like a little kid. That day had been - yesterday.

"...and Hiead hasn't came to me for any of my books, even after all this time."



LDD: Yeah it's one big dream sequence, I know. The story will be back to 'normal' next chapter, okay? And this uses so much from the books that I thought people'd need some background info. ASK ME IF THERE'S ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW, OKAY?


Ikhny Allecto - A Repaired Candidate. Her partner is Hiead Gner. Shy and reserved, she's not very good at speaking her mind. She's always getting in trouble with the Instructor because she is awkward and clumsy, but she can deal with things twice as well as most people.

Exax Ability or EX - A special ability that most Bishounen, and one Bishoujo - Teela, from the Megami Kouhosei area have, it manifests as different abilities. Hiead and Zero have super human reflexes and speed. Others, like Erts and Ernest, have Empathy and Roose can Shapeshift. If someone’s EX goes out of control, it's most likely fatal, one character, Gareas is on this dangerous path.

EX Reaction - The using of one's EX ability. The users hair turns a shiny bright blue, normally these reactions are controllable. Uncontrolled EX reactions normally happen when the ability is too powerful or when the person is under great stress.

First - The nickname given to the top Goddess pilot.

Teela - Teela Zain Elmes. Pilot of the Goddess, Ernn Laties. Although only boys are supposed to be capable of being pilots, Teela is the first and only female pilot. As the top ranking of the five Ingrid pilots, she is the team leader. The nickname for this position is "First." Also, even as the other Ingrids keep changing pilots, Teela has remained a pilot far beyond previous recorded time frames -it is said this is because she has two kinds of EX-. BTW, I have a different suspicion about why she is so different.

Kozue - Kozue Enna. Zero's mother in the Anime and Manga, adopted mother really, but he doesn't know that. Not ever really shown, she was a researcher where the infant Rei 'Zero' was an experiment. She stole him and escaped with him to Star System 21NN, District128. K-01 Colony, a Space Colony very far away from G.O.A. and G.I.S.

Hiead's Dream Memories - These are flashbacks that Hiead has in both the Anime and Manga and I've tried to keep them as true to the original as possible. Because Megami Kouhosei was never finished and the flashbacks are so strange, I don't know what he's flashing back to exactly. It seems as if he was another child experiment, but unlike Zero, Hiead grew up being a test subject.

Zenoah - A complete body. A person who has no Atmic. Both Hiead and Zero are Zenoahs.

Atmic - A technology implanted within one's body that compensates for the deficiecys that all 'humans' are born with. It is said that after the 'Crisis of Systems' no one has been born without some kind of deficiency... but both Zero and Hiead have proven them wrong...

Crisis of Systems - In the year S.C. 4088 mankind through its own many mistakes gave rise to the 'Crisis of Systems' also called 'Lost Property,' and there was a battle between Humans and Giseisha. Four Planetary Systems were instantly destroyed. The planets, all of them they said, were destroyed. Except for "The Last Planet" called Zion. In the year S.C. 5015 Hiead and Zero are born. In the year S.C. 5025 Zero is saved by a Pilot when his Colony is attacked by a Giseisha. In the year S.C. 5030 Zero and Hiead become Candidates for Goddess.

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April 11th, 2006, 4:42 PM

NOTE: Took some time off to get back to the basics of the story, don't worry, Demoonica and Zander will be getting together, Demoonica will figure out Hiead, Inu-chan will evolve before I end this book, and I have NO CLUE as to how I'll make it all happen. -sweatdrop-


The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Bishi World Date - December 24th 2003...

"Cadet Darkmoon?" A middle aged Bishounen asked when Demoonica walked into the room.

"Good morning, Instructor Azuma Hijikata." Demoonica tried to hold back a yawn, it was early morning.

"You don't have classes today, it's Christmas Eve."

"Oh, I know. I came to ask about jobs in the Department, I can't stay a cadet forever."

"You sure? You look-"

"I'm sure. It's just... things, you see."

"Point. So... can I ask what's up between you and the candidate for 'Goddess' you seem to like so much?"

"It's nothing, Instructor. Sir, you’re a Bishounen from the Megami Kouhosei area, so you'd know if there was something strange going on with another from your area, right?"

"Yeah, why? Are 87 and 88 suddenly getting along with each other? Because you know, that's a sign that the end of the world is near." Demoonica looked at the older Bishounen who was grinning around his cigarette. "No? I guess we're safe then, aren't we? So what have you noticed?"


Demoonica left Instructor Azuma's office a little before noon, with her she had a list of advanced placement idea's for introductory level Safety Department members and a very, very bad feeling about Hiead's mental stability.

"Lunch time!" Sterling said, seeming to appear out of nowhere. The short white haired boy smiled at her for a moment, then frowned. "Big sis Demoonica, big bro Zander wanted me to ask you something. He wants to know why you won't talk to him or stay around him very long." Sterling had taken up using the English 'big sister' after finding out that he couldn't speak more than a hand full of Japanese words total, and none of them together. He'd also started calling Zander 'big brother' and Demoonica often wondered if the girl Sterling had checked the Bishiworld E-mail for had been his only friend back in the real world.

"I haven't been avoiding him, not really."

"He's very upset you know. Yesterday, during Prof. Steve's testing, the wings he made lost all the feathers. It happened like this: ping, one feather; ping, another one; ping, and another. Until they were all around his feet and the wings looked like black skin stretched too thin over bones."

"Really?" Demoonica felt bad, but what did this have to do with anything?

"Yeah, and Prof. Steve's Washu said that the readings she was getting meant big brother's powers, his own powers and not the ones he's taken from others, shifts to reflect his state of being. I didn't get what she meant by that though." Sterling laughed and blushed. "She said that it meant if big brother is in a bad kind of mood, he looks evil when using his powers-"

Demoonica jumped when a hand touched her shoulder. "But if I'm in a good kind of mood, I'm an Angel." Zander's voice purred in her ear.


Zander smiled at her. "I'm glad you still remember my name, I had started to think you'd found somebody else." A cheeky grin, befitting his Duo heritage.

Demoonica looked down. "Of course I didn't."

Zander lifted her chin with a finger. "I believe you, but if only you would look at me when you tell me that."

"I told Spatial we'd finish Christmas shopping together, I have to go or I'll be late." Demoonica hurried away, disappearing down the hall.

"I..." Zander lifted a hand as she left, but soon it dropped back to his side. "Sterling, what'd I do wrong?"

"I'm not sure that you did do anything wrong, but I don't understand girls." He offered Zander a smile. "So, are you going to lunch, now?"


"What, didn't you bring your Bishounen with you?" Spatial asked when only Demoonica and Kagome showed up, with Chibi Inu-chan and Chibi Junia in tow. She was waiting at the elevator, that led to the shopping district of the BWSD's flying island. -AN: Yes, the place has everything, it's basically a flying city.-

"And let them spend the entire time trying to find out what I'm buying each of them?"

The albino trainer thought about that. "Okay, I guess I wasn't thinking. Hey Shugo, Reina-"

"We know," Shugo said with a sigh. "we can just go train."

"Yeah, I'm still WAY stronger than him." Reina said with a giggle. "Are your Bishounen training?" She asked Demoonica.

"I think some of them are, the others are in the Quad helping set up for the Christmas party."

"Oh, okay. We'll just find things to do." She waved as the two trainers, Kagome, and the two Chibi's moved into the elevator and it's doors closed.

"Okay, so have you done any shopping at all?" Spatial asked.

"Got the Chibi's gifts all wrapped up. I bought Kagome a new outfit and gave it to her already. Other than that..." Demoonica sweat dropped.


"Ey, little bit, ain't we evah going ta get out of here?" Spike asked his trainer.

Sterling looked up from the computer. "But the party doesn't start for another two hours."

Spike sighed, this dorm room was worse than being stuck in a crypt all day. "I promise not ta get meself burnt to a crisp, if ya just let me wonder around the halls a bit." Spike waved dramatically at the door leading to the hall.

Sterling shook his head. "The sun will be down soon, maybe another hour, tops."

Spike sighed, sat back down on Sterling's bed and stared at the young trainer boy. And stared. And Stared. AND STARED.

"OK! Ok-ok-ok, just stop looking at my neck like that!"

Too easy. Spike had figured out that while Sterling didn't mind that he owned a Vampire type Bishounen, the boy couldn't stand being looked at like a happy meal with legs. -AN: Sorry, I just had to use that line. LOL-

"Too right, you're letting me out of this bloody box you call a bedroom." Spike passed Zander on his way out of the room.

"Hi." Sterling said to the half-Duo as Zander side stepped Spike.

"Hey, Ster. Can you tell me what shirt looks better?" Zander held up two shiny silk shirts, one red and the other emerald in color.

"The red one fits the holiday better."

"You think?" Zander held the shirt up to himself.

"Yeah, of course it does, but everyone else will be in red. Besides the green one isn't the kind of green you think about when you think about Christmas."

"Okay, then I'll wear the red one." Zander rushed back out the door and was gone.

Sterling watched his door close. "What? Not even a thanks?"


So the time of the Bishi World Safety Department Christmas party rolled around. It was seven o'clock and Demoonica was being drove insane by all the modern pop music that was being blasted through-out the Quad, that and the fact Kagome and Spatical had talked her into getting a nice dress for the party and Demoonica HATED dresses, with a passion.

"Fruit punch?" Another girl trainer asked Demoonica while she filled a paper cup for herself.

"Yes it is." Demoonica told her, but the girl just stared at her with a confused look. "No thanks," Demoonica said with a small wave of her hand.

And the evening progressed quickly, with no sign of being anything more then one's normal Christmas Eve party. It was late, later than Demoonica thought she'd stay even, when she noticed a commotion in the crowd. Someone had just entered the Quad and was causing quite a stir, especially from the female trainers. Unlike her own struggle to make her way through the mob to get to the punch bowl, the party-goers were actually moving aside for the newcomer. When the last few people melted out of the mysterious person's path, Demoonica's jaw nearly hit the floor as she caught sight of the new arrival, Zander Maxwell.

"Zander...?" Sterling said, not over a whisper.

The half-Duo wore an opaque poet's shirt of dark blood -crimson- silk, complete with loose, billowy sleeves and long cuffs laced tightly around his wrists. There was a surprisingly tasteful thin black collar around his throat. Over the poet's shirt, he wore a black leather vest, which perfectly matched his body-hugging black leather pants. On his feet, he wore a pair of sleek black ankle boots. And finally his silken mass of chestnut hair had been freed from it's braid, letting it cascaded over his shoulders, and down his back, ending just above his knees.

Demoonica couldn't help but stare at the fascinating combination of leather and silk, wondering for the first time why she could so easily think to stray, when she knew she already had HIM.


-Time jump backwards, with Zander-


'Okay, oh gawd it's already near midnight!' Zander thought as he stood outside the entrance to the Quad. He'd been there, hidden in the night's shadows, since before seven o'clock. 'I'm never going to have the nerve to go through with this! But-'

The picture of Demoonica not looking at him when she said that she hadn't found somebody else, followed by her running away, flashed through Zander's mind.

'I have to do something. I have to... or...'

"...I'll lose her."

His wide violet eyes scanned the Quad looking for Demoonica, he'd have to make a notable entrance, full of confidence and with a sense of control. Wow them with shear presence and sweep her off her feet... some how.

"Trying to impress your lady friend?" Spike asked as he leaned against the low Quad wall that Zander was looking over. Zander startled. "Hey, calm down. I know just how to spark things up in there, I know the type. Hear me out, 'kay?"

Zander nodded. "Okay. What do you have in mind?"


Zander walked into the Quad, trying to look uninterested in everything there, all the while the butterflies were fluttering like mad within him. He surveyed the crowd with a cool, critical gaze, looking for a way to get the needed attention from said crowd. He spotted a mousy looking trainer girl, so very much like those who would constantly mistake him for a pure breed Duo, he glanced at her thoughtfully and then, when she notice she was being looked at, he gave her a look that held a cool, calculating gleam... overpowering... seductive... dangerous.

He could see her shiver and he held the eye contact for a moment longer, before he turned his head away, as if she never existed. The response was immediate, as she turned to the friend beside of her. The whispering started.


-Back to Demoonica, present-

"Hello Demoonica." The way he spoke was surprisingly elegant for so few of words. Demoonica found herself unable to respond.

The lights around the Quad suddenly shifted, letting a cool blue color fill the dance floor. The hyper pop music faded away, to be replaced with what could only be called 'formal' ballroom music. Slow, and swaying, one could be swept away by it's beauty.

Zander's eyes flicked over to where the DJ should have been just long enough to see Spike giving him a thumbs up. He could worry about where the real DJ had gone later. "I think this is our song." He held out his hand for Demoonica to take.


Demoonica woke the next morning to find Zander quietly watching her. She blushed, she had... he had... they had... Zander smiled softly and brushed her cheek with his fingers. "So... any regrets?"



LDD: You can thank my mother for giving me the 'any regrets' line. Thanks mum! ANYWAY, The next chapter or so will be set after a major time jump, similar to the one I had first done for book two, but done better. Shades and Shocker time line finish up, ya? See what they were after and all.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
April 15th, 2006, 1:49 PM
LDD: Posted so fast because it was mostly finished already. I like this chapter, Hiead's acting somewhat human for once.

NOTE: Yeah, sorry about the long wait for last chapter, but I really did need to refocus. Also, I'm planing 12 catches between now and chapter 30 -this worries me-, that's the end of book 2 so you know. If I find the PLOT, I'll have a book 3 with another 30 chapters, new year, new bishi, new trainers, a new baby...


The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Zander wrapped his arms around Demoonica, pulling her close to him in the early morning light. He didn't know what had happened around Christmas, only that Demoonica had nearly been lost to him, or that was his opinion. He chalked up that seemingly long ago night to teenage hormones and emotions running high. -In all truth it had only been a few weeks.-

This was the last morning he'd be waking up with Demoonica in his arms for a while. Zander was staying at the Department's HQ. He was still learning to control all the powers he'd inherited from his mother upon her death and Demoonica's 'vacation' from her 'work' was over. He wanted to go out into the Bishi World with her again, and he would. Just as soon as he could shake free of Prof. Steve and Washu's tests!

"You awake?" He asked quietly, when Demoonica shifted in his arms.

"I am now."




"Nnn... Stupid clock, I don't feel like going to classes." He complained as he got out of bed. Demoonica chuckled.

"Better you, than me."

Zander grabbed a set of clothes, heading to the shower. "You've no classes? Nothing?"

"Hm-nn." Demoonica mumbled, rolling over and pulling the cover over her head, blocking the sunlight, so she could go back to sleep.

Zander smiled, any morning Demoonica didn't have classes, he couldn't get her to leave the bed until lunch time, and if they both didn't have classes... well... "Fine. Just try to get a shower in before you leave then, okay?"


He closed the bathroom door, stripping off his boxers, and undoing his braided, yet some how still messy, hair.




"Dude, those are some awesome wicked moves!" Tyson yelled as his Beyblade landed at his feet, it was now very badly in need of repair, but he didn't seem to care.

"Of course." Kai crossed his arms.

"Kai, lay off Tyson."

"I was just going to say that it's only because we were caught. If not for that we'd not have became so much stronger, at least not in just a years time."

"Woah, woah, trainer? You guys ended up getting caught?"

"Glad to see some things never change." Kai said, sweat-dropping. "Tyson, just who do you think she is?" He pointed at Demoonica.

"Her? I though she was some cute bishoujo girlfriend one of you picked up. Heh." Tyson blushed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to call you cute, I mean, I didn't know you were a trainer, not that you're not cute and all!"

"Calm down, man. Demoonica's cool and came here so Kai and I could see our friend's and family." Rei told him.

"Really? Wow, you are cool!"

"Rei and Kai, they said you'd be the easiest friend of theirs to meet."

"Huh? I wonder why that is?"

Demoonica laughed. "It's your easy going attitude."


"I thought we said it was because he didn't have the brain power to be afraid." Kai whispered to Rei. Rei elbowed him for it. "Ouph!"

"Hey, Kai, you okay buddy?"

"Fine." Kai rubbed his sore side.

"Huh? Okay." Tyson looked confused. "You guys have been gone for a year and you really have changed. But, I guess things have changed at home, too. Come on, you've been gone for so long I bet you don't remember the way to your houses."

"Please." Kai rolled his eyes and led them to his former home.

"Mrs. Hiwatari, it's Tyson!" Tyson called as they came through the front door. I brought some friends with me!"

"Tyson, you haven't visited in awhi-" Mariah dropped the dish she was drying. "Kai!"

"Hi momma." Mariah rushed to hug her son.

"My baby! What happened to you?"

"I got a trainer."

Demoonica smiled weakly at Mariah, who glared back at her. "And little Rei-Rei!" She hugged Rei.

"Glad to see you Aunt Mariah, is my ma home?"

"Sellema should be home." She turned back to Kai, her ands on her hips. "You young man-"


"Big brother!"

Kai was glomped by two small dual-haired boys.

"Off of your brother, you two! I was just about to scold him"

But momma, big brother just got home!" The smaller of the two Chibi Kai's gave their mother puppy dog eyes, as he clung to his brother's leg.

"Those eyes don't work on me, young man. But, I yelled at Tyson-"

"Boy did she ever!" Tyson mumbled.

"-Maxie, and Tala for leaving you two to fend for yourselves, so I guess I'll let you off the hook. Just this once, though!"

"C'mon big brother!"

"Yeah, come see everything and then you can play with us! Daddy's bought us a lot of new Beyblades while you were gone!"

"I have all of your old Beyblades in a shoe-box-"

"-Their under his bed. We practice with Sal-"

"-She's pretty good at blading-"

"-For a girl.-"

Demoonica watched the boys continue each others sentences. Her Kai seemed to be able to understand them perfectly fine. How in the world did he do that?

"Twins." Rei told her, seeming to know just what she was thinking. "They've done that from the time they started talking, you get use to it. Let's go next door, my ma should be at home."

Next door, she and Rei were greeted by Rei's little sister Sellema, Sal for short.


"Hey, Sal! Man look at how much taller you've gotten! Is ma home?"

"MOMMY! Rei's home! and he brought a pretty GIRL with him!" The Chibi yelled. Sal walked up to Demoonica. "I haven't seen anyone who looks like YOU before. Are you from a far away area? You'd better be being nice to my big brother!"

"SAL! You'd better be nice to our guest! Oh, my little Rei-Rei, you've come home!" Sellema hugged Rei. "I though you'd disappeared to the human area for good. See, I told you about going so far away as the waterfall!"

"Ma, I do have a trainer."

"She, she right? Yes, of corse it's a she. This girl here, oh hello dear!" Sellema shook Demoonica's hand. "You have been taking good care of my Kitten, haven't you?"

"Yes, ma. Demoonica has. Kai and I have actually been having a lot of fun traveling around the continent."

"Kai, he's with you?"

"He's over at Aunt Mariah's right now, the twins are talking his ears off."

"So, why are you back? And with your trainer, Rei-Rei? You know it's not a very good idea."

It's okay Mrs, Kon, the Safety Department cleared me for travel within the Bishi territories."

"You're here on business? Well, you have to stay for a cup of Chai Tea. You do have time, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am, I'm not in any hurry."

"Good. Rei-Rei get the cups."

Rei nodded. "Yes, ma."

Around the bottom of Demoonica's second cup of tea, Kai and his little brothers showed up. "Auntie Sellema."

"Kai." She gave him a hug. "You're not using my little Rei-Rei as a pinnata anymore are you?"

"Of course not, maybe target practice once and awhile." This made Sellema laugh. "I came over to remind Demoonica that we need to set up the Communication Spheres in town."


Lunchtime, the next day...


Hiead closed book five of the Candidate for Goddess manga series. "What did Crow Revoard mean when he told Clay Cliff he was the final Observer to the End of Endless History?"

Demoonica popped the tap on her soda, taking a drink. She sat the soda down. "No clue, that's as far as the American books went. From what I know, that's as far as Yukiru Sugisaki ever published on the story."

"That's it? It just ends with that line?"

Demoonica frowned as Hiead stole her soda and downed a good portion of it. He'd already finished the one she'd bought for him, turns out that the G.O.A. didn't allow high amounts of sugar, caffeine, salt, fat, -and Demoonica would bet taste- in any of their foods. "Yeah, I looked for years. It must have been canceled. Five books, twelve television episodes, one direct to video episode that never made it to America -so I've never seen it-, and YET if you'd turn to the back of book four..."

Hiead switched books and flipped to the interview. "It says this was published December '99...uh..." Hiead gave her a hard look. "Repeat this to Enna and I'll kill you, but I don't understand your system of tracking years."

"This is January 2004, it was written just over four years ago."

Hiead nodded. "What do you want me to read?"

"Turn two pages and read the part under the heading: About its future development."

It only took Hiead about a minute and a half to read the small section, Demoonica swore she saw him scoff at one point. He closed the book. " 'Almost all the pilot's have been changed already?' " He quoted. "From what I remember, Cocteau is barely use to being a pilot. I'd say from the sounds of it, the entire story is at this person's home gathering dust on a shelf."

"It's very likely, but it's not like I could do anything about it. Not even if I were back in my world. All I can hope to do is figure out what she was hinting at in those flashbacks and fix the prob-"

"I DON"T NEED FIXED!" Hiead slammed his hands down on the Café table and stood up.

"-lem." She watched as Hiead glared down at her. "And here you were doing so well at being civil." She said under her breath. She spoke up. "Hiead! I didn't mean it like that!"

Hiead just glared at her for a few more moments, then returned to his Ball. Demoonica tapped on the BishiBall, but he refused to answer the summons. She sighed, grabbed her soda, and finished it off. A half second passed before she realized what she'd just done and she let her head bang against the table top. -AN1-


The next day Demoonica finished setting up the Communication Spheres; and with a smiling goodbye from both Rei's and Kai's families she set off down the road that would lead her back to the Baki River Falls, the place she had caught the two Beyblade Bishounen. From there she planned to head north to-

Just then her BishiGear beeped, she opened the e-mail on it's screen. It was from Kagome, who was still at the BWSD HQ. It read:


Just got the all clear that communications with the Beyblade area are up and running smoothly. That's good. But I wasn't writing because of that, I overheard Zander talking with Prof. Steve earlier...

Now, I never did see the people who kidnaped you... er... all of us... you know what I'm saying, but there was an incident on the northern part of the continent near a town called Dayniar. A trainer named Ingram battled what he thought was a Bishoujo with cinnamon coloured hair, because the woman had powers, but when he tossed a ball at her during the fight the ball didn't activate. He said she then made a huge fireball and used it as a distraction to escape.'

Yeah, that sounded like the woman Demoonica remembered. She continued to read.

'Turns out he did injure her enough that he could get a blood sample... and here's the freaky thing! Prof. Steve told Zander that there were a lot of genetic markers in common between that sample and Zanders own! What could that mean?

I'll send you anything else I overhear about all this.




-AN1- A lot of Americans don't think anything about drinking after someone, but it's kind of a big deal to the Japanese. You see this a lot mostly in older, more traditional minded anime. It's called a 'second-hand kiss', it's when your lips touch something that somebody elses lips just touched. It has to do with germs and cleanliness. I'm not sure if the same way of thinking still applies in todays world, with the 'Americanization' of more and more Japanese youths. Oddly enough there's been a 'Japanization' of many American youths, with an understanding of the differences in the culture.

I, myself, refuse to drink after anyone... so it translated into the story that Demoonica feels the same.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
July 29th, 2007, 6:15 PM
The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


-January 2003-


After finishing the letter, Demoonica saved it, and tapped on a BishiBall. Katan appeared. He gave a shallow bow before speaking. "Yes, Miss Darkmoon?"

"Katan, could you do some investigating for me?"

"Of course, when, where?" The cherub Bishounen asked. This was one of his strong points, Megami-sama had always told him. Demoonica explained the message she had gotten from Kagome. Katan knew the area written about in the letter. "Dayniar. That's very, very far from here. It's a human town near the border of the Earthian area."

Demoonica nodded. "We'll always be in contact, and the Bond Serum lets me know where you are and how you are."

Katan agreed. "But I'll be so near the human town." He frowned. He only knew of one way to keep a BishiBall from working on a Bishounen. "I will require my Ball from you though, it's a little known function of them, but they shield a Bishounen from being stolen away from his or her trainer as long as they are worn."

Demoonica wasn't so sure, Katan had kept secrets from her before, but he had also declined from being set free when she had offered. If he had wished to be free he could have said so then and no trickery would need to be involved. She decided that she trusted Katan's words and un-clipped his Ball from her belt. He stuffed the inch wide sphere into a pocket before unfurling his wings, with a few strong wing beats he rose into the air, leaving a few stray white feathers in his wake.

Katan motioned for Demoonica to put her ear-piece in. "Better to check that they're working before I go." He told her through the ear-piece.
Demoonica adjusted her microphone. "Mine's working."

"Good." Came his reply and Katan rose higher into the air, before heading off. Demoonica watched until he was little more than a dark speck in the sky, then headed into the forest. The Baki River was two miles away at the most and she had been planing to have lunch at the waterfall, but with this small delay... well technically she could still make it, she'd just have to not take any breaks. Forrest trails were a pain most of the time, cutting the distance she would normally be able to cover in the same amount of time greatly.

Demoonica looked up at the sun, it was right above her in the sky. "I'd say that would make it exactly noon, wouldn't you guys?"

"Yeah." Rei replied as he pulled a bucket of clear cold water from the river. "Demoonica, hot lunch or cold lunch?"

Demoonica scratched the side of her head as she thought. "Better make it a cold lunch day, I really want to do some hunting."

Rei looked at her. "Really? You don't normally hunt for Bishounen. Any reason?"

Demoonica laughed. "Yeah, Tyson and some of the others from your town followed us out here."

Rei sweat dropped. "They're so stupid. I swear my friends in that town are so stupid." He shook his head. "I'll have sandwiches and chilled cucumbers ready when you get back."

Demoonica nodded. "I'll take Kamui and Bakura with me, I haven't had any time to get to know either of them very well." She said as she called out all of her other Bishounen. "I'll be back later guys, okay? Marou, don't cause any trouble." She said as she headed off into the forest going back the way she had just came. Behind her back Marou made a rude gesture.

A few minutes later the river was out of sight and Demoonica tapped on one of the two Bishiballs she had with her. "Bakura." The spirit of the ring appeared.
"I see that we are alone!" He said as he pulled Demoonica to him. "I knew it was only a matter of time that you fell for my charms and came willingly to me, trainer of mine." He made to kiss her.

Demoonica swiftly stomped on his foot. "Not. Ever. Got it?"

"FRIG! I've got to walk with this foot, woman!" Bakura shouted.

"Shh!" Demoonica put a finger to her lips. "Yell at me quietly!" She paused. "I didn't actually hurt you, did I?"

"No, I'll live." Bakura looked around. "Where are we?"

"It's called a forest." Before Bakura could make a rude comment Demoonica continued. "I noticed we were being followed about an hour ago, but now..." Demoonica looked around. "I think they may have grown tired and gone back home."

"Shows how dull human senses are, I believe there is a large cluster near the river, I take it that those would be our companions?" Demoonica nodded. "And there are two in that direction." He waved off to the right side of the path they were on.

"Two? Well I guess a lot of them did go back, didn't they. Let's go see-"


Bakura's dagger firmly sat in the large oak tree twenty feet away. There was a crashing sound as a small blond blur fell out of the tree. They had obviously been startled by the dagger and Bakura's knowledge of their location. Demoonica smiled and rushed over to the tree, an empty Bishiball in her hand.

"Oww, where did the bus come from?" Max Tate, the known to be hyper blond of the Bladebreakers, said as he rubbed his backside. He stood and looked up at Demoonica. "Meanie!"

Demoonica stopped. "Chibi?"

The Chibi Max's eyes widened. "I-"

Demoonica sighed and lowered the ball in her hand. "You shouldn't go following a trainer around, I just about caught you." She ruffled his messy blond hair. "Get back to the city."

The Chibi Max nodded and took off past her using the path to make his retreat. Demoonica laughed.

"Very commendable." Came Bakura's voice. "Many a trainer would be hard pressed to resist the urge to catch a Chibi."

"You knew." Demoonica said. "You knew it was a Chibi when you threw the dagger."

Bakura crossed his arms. "And if I did?"

"Well I passed your little test... I hope you're happy, I think he wet his pants in fear. Poor Maxie." Demoonica chuckled. "Get your dagger, Yami no Baka, and tell me if the other Bishi is still near here."

"That's Yani no Bakura, not baka. And yes one is still out here, heading closer to the river right now... who ever it is seems to have missed out on our little adventure." Bakura worked his dagger out of the tree. "This thing really stuck in here good. Okay, ready. Let's go." The dagger disappeared into Bakura's trench coat.

"Didn't see us?"

"No, he's headed towards our camp."

"Then let's just get back to camp and we'll find out who it is later."

"Any luck?" Allen asked when they arrived back at the rivers edge.

"I had to send a Chibi back home, but there's still at least one other Bishi following us."

"Chibi who?" Rei asked.

"A Max."

"I'm surprised Tyson didn't follow us out here."

"Or Sellema and the twins." Kai added as he handed a paper plate to Bakura.

"I can just see your brothers begging your mother to be allowed to come with us."

"They probably did."

As they continued to talk Demoonica tapped on a Bishiball, letting Kamui out. "Lunch, then I think we should take your bandages off."

Demoonica's ear-piece sounded of static, then Katan's voice sounded in her ear. "I just passed the distance limit, did you feel it?"

Demoonica had felt an almost unnoticeably slight pull in her mind a moment before. "I barely felt it, is that the way the Bond Serum should work?"

"Yes, if everything is well you should not notice very much change. Remember though, that if you wish to find me all you must do is focus your thoughts and you will know how far away I am and in what direction."

"Ah! So you can never hide from me then." Demoonica laughed. She heard Katan laugh too, over the ear-piece.

They were just finished with lunch, every Bishi was back in ball, and Demoonica was ready to leave for areas farther north when a gigantic white furred wolf sprang from the trees and came right at her. "Whaa!" She barely dodged.

The wolf turned and paced around the clearing at the edge of the river. Behind her Demoonica could hear a spinning sound, she was sure she knew it from somewhere.

"Choose a fighter!" Came a voice, followed by a red haired Bishounen appearing from behind a tree. "If not, I'm sure my Wolborg would love to play with... you."

'A Tala?' Demoonica thought. 'But that Wolborg isn't just an image created by his beyblade, how's he doing that?' Demoonica grabbed a Bishiball, calling forth its occupant. "You ready to lose? C'mon Kamui! It's time to battle!"



"I'm on it-" A sudden burst of energized air slammed into Tala, knocking him backwards. His concentration was broke and the large wolf he had been using during most of the fight disappeared back into his beyblade.

"Wolborg!" Tala coughed as he watched his summoned bitbeast disappear. "No good, I don't have the energy to summon him back." His beyblade wavered in response, then spun out, coming to a rest at his knee.

"I win." Kamui announced when Tala made no other move than to just continue to kneel on the grass.

Demoonica pulled an empty Bishiball from her belt and tossed the ball at Tala. "Nyet!" -AN: No!- Tala yelled as he saw the ball headed at him. It was too late to move though, the ball hit and Tala disappeared into it in a flash of red energy. The ball fell to the ground, shaking a few times before it halted and sounded it's closing.

Demoonica listened to her BishiGear rattle off Tala's info, then walked over to the ball and picked it up, letting Tala out. "Tala-baby!" Demoonica said, giving the redhead a hug as soon as he appeared out of the ball.

"Watch the hair!"

She let him go. "Huh?"

Tala plopped down on the grass, drained from his battle, he was mildly miffed, trying to fix his ruffled red hair. Demoonica looked at him. "It's not that messed up." She told him.

"I'll decide when my hair is back to where it belongs, thank you." He said, paying her no mind.

"So how did you do that?"

"Do what?" He snapped at her.

"Make your bitbeast solid."

Tala stopped running his fingers through his hair and pulled out his beyblade. "It just takes training and a lot of energy, but it can really surprise someone."

"Tell me about it." Kamui spoke up. "It's not fun dodging spears of ice."

Tala smirked. "You think? Now tell me, girl, you are the trainer who was in town this morning, correct? Because if you weren't, I'd feel much more dumb than I already do."

"Your fault for picking a battle, so don't blame me, and yes, that trainer in town was me. If you wanted to see Kai or Rei, following me wasn't the best way to do it, neither was challenging me."

Tala shrugged. "I don't know your Kai or Rei, I was just wanting to see how strong a Bishounen who travels with a human really is."


Tala put his beyblade back into his jacket. "Not really, you didn't use a Bishounen from here, I still don't know how strong a Beyblade Bishounen is after having trained with a human."

"Sorry to disappoint you." Demoonica said sarcastically.

Tala shrugged. "Does my hair look right now?" He suddenly asked.

Demoonica sweat dropped.

Her Bishigear beeped. "Monster Battle upgrade downloaded."

"Monster Battle?" She questioned as she flipped open her Bishigear to read the message. She was halfway finished reading when Demoonica felt an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Oh frig. Into your balls!" She grabbed Kamui and Tala's 'PD' Spheres and called them back. A moment after her outburst the ground began to shift under her feet and the surrounding area became hazy.

When the Bishiworld finished rearranging itself Demoonica could tell she had been dropped right in the middle of a different area, but what one? The forest was thin and she was in a sunken down area, most likely a dry river bed. The haze hadn't left, but it was swirling around the trees about ten foot away from where she was standing. The haze swirled quickly and suddenly separated as someone came running out of the forest and down the dry river bank towards Demoonica.

Silver hair, aqua colored eyes...

Riku grabbed Demoonica by the wrist and pulled her into the protective bubble surrounding him. "Are you crazy!? You're running around unprotected in an area that has Miasma pockets!"

Demoonica watched as a purple mist sprung from the trees surrounding them and filled the clearing. "Miasma?"

Riku looked at the confused trainer girl. "A poisonous gas in this area. What are you doing here? It's dangerous." Of course the girl had probably figured out that much by now. He pointed to the chalice he had set down on the ground. "The gem on that keeps a protective barrier up with the power of a liquid called Myrth. The Miasma isn't gong to disperse any time soon. I'll get you to Tipa, it's the closest town, but first I need to get the Myrth from near here."

"Hey! Look out!" Demoonica pointed to an ugly reddish-brown thing that had been trying to sneak up behind Riku.

Riku spun around, drawing his sword as he did, and cut the monster down. In it's place all that was left was a floating gold coin. "A goblin... you must have turned on the Monster Battle equipped in your BishiNavi-"

"What's a BishiNavi?"

Riku startled. He looked back over his shoulder at Demoonica. "Nothing... it's called a Bishi-?" He motioned for her to fill in the end of the word.

"Oh! I have a BishiGear, I guess that's something newer then?"

"... No... I just mis-spoke is all." He grabbed the floating coin from the air, handing it to Demoonica. "Spoils of battle. Here, I don't need it. It's gold from this area, register it into your Gear and it'll add it to your trainers bank account." Demoonica registered the coins. The BishiGear told her that 80 gold had been added to her account. "And carry this." He handed her the chalice. "This way I can fight better, if we come across any more monsters stay close with that, but stay out of my way."


"That or the Miasma. Your choice." Riku gave her a smirk.

"I'll help, but what makes you think I won't throw a ball at you when your defenses are down?"

He shrugged. "Maybe you will."


Riku made short work of the Giant Crab that awaited them before getting to the Myrth Tree, even though Demoonica tried to stay out of his way the monster had other ideas and seemed to keep targeting her. The trip to the nearest city, Tipa, Riku called it, was uneventful other than more small goblins that fell with a single hit from Riku's sword. She found out she had ended up deep within Final Fantasy: The Crystal Chronicles area.

This Riku wasn't the brash young man Demoonica knew from the Kingdom Hearts games, he looked a few years older, near his mid-twenties and had an old scar that started above his eyebrow, crossed over his left eye, ending just at the top of his cheek. Demoonica couldn't help but ask if he'd been 'training' with Final Fantasy 8's Squall and Seifer. He was quiet for a moment, then answered.

"I got it protecting my trainer."


"Here we are, Tipa!" Riku waved to the village. "There'll be a party tonight. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to bring the Myrth Chalice to the Elders."

"Thank you, Riku."

"I would have done the same for anyone. By the way, what's your name?"


"Well, Demoonica, I expect to see you and your Bishounen tonight." With that said, he left.

Demoonica tapped on a ball, summoning Heero. "You got to the town late, were there problems?" The platinum blond Bishounen asked. Demoonica did look sort of ruffed up and Heero was on alert for any more danger. "You okay?"

"I did run into a snag, but everything is fine. We've been invited to some party. I'll explain later, let's set up the Communications Spheres."


"So, did you like the ceremony? It only happens once a year, just so you know." Riku asked as he sat by Demoonica, watching the party take place around in the town.

"I haven't been to a party like this since I was back home."

"Really. Well, your Bishounen are having fun, like a bunch of little kids if you were to ask me. Drink?" Riku held out the bottle, but Demoonica refused. Riku shrugged and sat his drink down between them. "You never were one to drink."


Riku shook his head. "Nothing."


-A week later, late into the night-

"So, D-chan, where are we now? This place looks different from the Final Fantasy X area a few miles back. Did we pass into a new area?" Duo asked as he and Demoonica followed the moon lit path cutting through the seeming sea of grasslands.

"My BishiGear says we're in the Tales of Symphonia area, I guess we've left the Final Fantasy areas when we took the north road. All the areas around here are video game areas right now."

Duo nodded and walked on, his hands folded behind his head, thigh length braid swinging left and right in a dramatic way. "Hey what's this?" He asked after he nearly fell over an object right in his path. Demoonica, who was about five feet away, walked over to take a look.

"It's a treasure chest, the Monster Battle makes them appear at times too."

"Hey, treasure chest! Cool!" Duo flipped open the chest. "Huh? What's this? It's just a glowing coin." He held it out to Demoonica. She took it, instantly registering it to her BishiGear.

"Hmm, a thousand Gald? Did they misspell gold?" Demoonica checked. "Nope, the Tales of Symphonia area's form of currency is Gald with an "A", weird."

"So, what's the exchange rate?"

"No clue, but with this new Monster Battle installation in my BishiGear, I plan on collecting plenty before we make it to a town."

Duo smirked and drew his handgun from... once again Demoonica was left wondering just where those things appeared from.

"Shake that thing and tell it to make something appear then, I'm board-" Just then a light shimmered about twenty feet away from where they were standing, when it faded a small clothed rat stood upright on its back legs and raised a spear. "Never mind." He fired his gun.

-Several hours later-

"Glad the enemies aren't resistant to bullets, but if we're going to continue hunting, I'd like Heero as back up."

He and Demoonica had worked their way to the nearest town, a small human town called Noipmahc, and they had been circling around the town to make the Monster Battle work quicker. By now the sun was starting to rise.

"Sure thing, eh Heero." Demoonica tapped on a ball, calling out Heero. He appeared, blinking sleepily.

"Time?" The blond asked.

"About six-thirty, g'morning." Duo chirped.

"Duo's way to chipper to have just gotten woken up. You've been up all night, haven't you? Both of you."

"Yeah." Demoonica answered. "But I didn't wake up until after noon yesterday."

"Yeah, we've been searching the area for goodies and I've killed off plenty of low level monsters, but they're getting stronger, so you're going to back me up right?"


"A total of about five-thousand Gald, lot's of food items, silver and quarts gems..."

"And this cool bracelet-"

"That you're wearing without knowing it's properties."

"C'mon, Heero, y'know you're only saying that because I got it."

Heero sighed. "Demoonica, how about we break for breakfast?"

"Yeah, D-chan, I'm famished!"

Demoonica yawned. "Sure thing guys, I can use some of the stuff we picked up after the battles."

Heero nodded in agreement. "It was a good idea on the programers part to include food items with the list of drop items the monsters give out. It's very helpful if your trainer doesn't do many battles with other trainers."

Duo looked at her, "Some of the others should be awake now. See if you can get Rei to help you cook."

"Then you should get some sleep, we're right outside of town and a they always have at least one hotel." Heero added.

Demoonica laughed. "Who's the trainer here, again?"

Both boys blushed and Duo rubbed the back of his head while giving a small laugh. This made Demoonica sigh. She called out Rei, who was in the middle of brushing his teeth.

"Early." He mumbled around his toothbrush.

"For me, but sorry, I'd guessed you were up already." Demoonica said, setting up the 'PD' Sphere. Rei finished up and a few minutes later was helping Demoonica fix breakfast. Luckily a year in the BishiWorld had improved her cooking skills. By this time most of the others were up and out of ball.

"Where did we get eggs?" Zero wondered out loud. "We finished them off two days ago, didn't we?" He asked Heero.

"Spoils of battle." Heero answered.

"Eww, they're spoiled?" Zero made a face.

"No, it's just an expression."

"Uh, so..."

"Don't strain your brain, Enna." Hiead added in.


Allen shook his head, Zero and Hiead could never speak nicely to one another. Rei frowned as Tala sat down beside Kai and he two began talking in Russian, but none the less he continued to watch the rice so it wouldn't boil over. Marou, an ever present rain cloud within the group lounged in a tree above them all, a discontent look on his face. He'd been in a bad mood from the time Katan had left, but instead of lashing out at another of the group, he had became strangely quiet. Duo pulled Zero away from yet another fight with Hiead before it came to blows and got him into a doubles Yu-Gi-Oh! card battle with Heero and Bakura. Kamui who had yet to find his place with in the group sat off to the side.

Demoonica sighed as she helped Rei with breakfast, this was really the first time she'd noticed how different things were with Kagome, Inuyasha, Junia, and Inu-chan staying at the Bishi World Safety Department. But Kagome had wanted to stay for the good of the two Chibi's education, something that had been sorely overlooked during Demoonica's travels.

It was the first time she had the experience that most trainers dealt with from the beginning of their travels, she was the only girl in the group and some part in the back of her brain was still wired for her to be on her guard, because these were guys and-

"BAKURA!" Smack! "I swear you were raised by a Miroku!" Demoonica humphed and pointed the metal egg turner she'd smacked Bakura's roaming hand with to a spot far from her. "Sit over there! You guys!" She looked at the snickering Bishounen. "I had hoped you'd keep him in line when my back is turned!"

Now with her feeling of unease gone, and breakfast ready, Demoonica could eat in peace. If peace consisted of bickering over who got what, who was eating more that their fair share, and complaints over the food fixed or how it was fixed. She would never trade these days for her former life back on Earth.


-February 2003-


"Thanks, traitor." Edward said with a glare right before his world went black.

"Now what do we do?" Asked the first Alchemist.

"Just leave them, with wounds like that, we don't even have to bloody our hands with killing them outright." Answered the second.

"Right, boss."

Demoonica came across the scene an hour later, the elder of the Bishounen dead, bled out upon the forest floor, a smaller form leaned limply against the first. He was breathing, but just barely, his blood dripping slowly onto the already soaked forest floor. Both were covered in bloody mud, having both stab wounds and burn marks.

A injected Potion and several stitches on the Chibi Edward Elric later, they decided that he would pull through from his near death.

"Hey. Hey, Elric-san." A cool, wet cloth was placed on Ed's face. he pushed away the hand and removed the cloth that fell from said hand and onto his face. "I thought you were lost..." A female voice cut through Ed's hazy thoughts. He opened his eyes, coming face to face with a brown eyed Bishoujo.

"Eh... who?"

"I'm Kagome... you've been unconscious for awhile, are you going to be okay?"

"I'm alive, ain't I? Uh, where are you from... and, um... where's my big brother?" Ed asked.

Kagome looked away. "I..." She felt horrible about having to tell him that his brother was being buried outside. "I'm Kagome Higirashi from the Inuyasha area. Your brother... I'm so sorry-"

"He didn't make it. Damn those bastards!" The child shouted.

"You shouldn't talk like that." Kagome retrieved the washcloth from Ed's hand, and wiped the boy's face again. "Demoonica found you... both, but she's far too upset by what she's seen. Inuyasha and Allan are... they dug the..."

Ed wobbled as he got to his feet, only then noticing he wasn't in the forest any more, but a bedroom. "Just where are we?"

"This is a pocket dimension room." Kagome told him, it was better to not frighten the boy with the knowledge that he was inside of a Bishiball.

"Oh." Ed had no clue what that was, but he wasn't about to say so. "Where are your friends?"

"Outside, but I don't think-" The young alchemist was out the door, not giving Kagome time to finish.

Left. Right. Right again. Ed followed the sounds of a shovel until he made it to a well lit clearing. A pair of solemn Bishounen stood over the freshly filled in grave. "No." Ed whimpered. "No." He half stumbled, half ran to the grave, falling to his hands and knees once he was there, then moving to lay flat. His face was buried in the dark soil, one hand pounding the ground as the other fisted in the dirt. Tears dripped from his face. "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you! Hate you!" With each repetition of the line Ed hit the ground with his fist. He repeated it until his voice gave out on him. He cried himself dry. Ed lay there, staring blankly at his auto-mail hand that refused to be moved. Again, he started to sob, wet but tearless puffy red rimmed eyes squeezed shut.

Inuyasha and Allan watched silently as the boy broke down. When Ed finally stopped whimpering and just lay on his brothers grave, Inuyasha moved in and scooped him up. The boy just whimpered at being moved, and choked back another sob. It pulled at Inuyasha's heart. "This boy..." He said to Allan. "...is only a little older than the one Kagome adopted. He was close to being gutted... who would do that to a child?"

Allan placed a hand on Ed's dirt and blood caked hair. Ed whimpered again, attempting to curl into Inuyasha's Fire Rat Robe. "I do not know, but they are men of the lowest kind. Had not m'lady came upon him when she did..."

"I don't think my stomach is strong enough for you to voice that possibility, Allan."

Allan nodded in understanding. He, too, knew he would not have been able to dig a child's grave. "We should take him back to Lady Kagome."


Ed woke the next morning because his stomach was itching like crazy. He tried to scratch it, but there were bandages in his way. A shift on the bed and a pull at the covers alerted him to the fact he wasn't alone. Ed's amber colored gaze fell on the black and the blue-silver topped heads of two younger boys.

Ed tried to scratch his stomach again. He cursed the bandages, then noticed the Bishoujo asleep in the chair beside the bed. Another girl, one he hadn't seen the day before, was sleeping on a bean bag chair on the other side of the bed. They must have watched over him most of the night. He could see that the door in the wall, the wall that the end of the bad faced, led into a bathroom.

He made his way to the bathroom sink, not awake enough for his mind to register how things seemed more confined or that the t-shirt he was wearing hardly covered the curve of his hips. He turned the water on, letting it run until it turned cold as he washed his hands and his face. He let the brown and reds streaks mix and discolor the sink basin. Dirt. Dirt and blood. His blood. His brothers blood. He didn't know who's, but it was most probably a mixture of the both.

Ed leaned down to rest his forehead against the edge of the cold porcelain sink and let out a whimper. He must have made himself sick. He sounded odd, even to his own ears. He should wash all this... 'stuff'... he needed to think of it as 'stuff'... off the rest of him and out of his hair-

Ed blinked. When had he thought things out so clearly? And when had he ever needed to lean -down- to reach a sink? He turned off the water, staring at the changes in his reflection. "Wha?" He touched the mirror with his auto-mail hand, suddenly angry, he clenched his hand and punched, shattering the glass. "Why? Why couldn't this have happened a week ago? A day? I could have saved my brother's life. Why do I become a San when I no longer have anyone I need to protect? Damn those bastards! My blood's pure! I'm no different than their own sons, just because... just because-"

Ed shrugged off the t-shirt and stepped into the shower, wanting to wash the blood off as soon as he could, he didn't need a reminder of what he had caused, he would always remember.

As Ed stepped out of the shower he caught his reflection in the broken shards of the mirror, it was hard to miss the difference. He pulled his loose wet hair over his shoulder and looked down at it, it wasn't blond. Instead it was a mixture of chestnut, cherry blond, and honey... really pretty, but it marked him as different. He was called a Half-Bishi by a lot of the city's residence, and when his parents were gone they thought to be rid of him and his brother, even though his brother was completely normal, but he knew that he couldn't be a Half-Bishi, his mother was a Winnry, his father an Edward, there as no other way for it to be. He couldn't be a Half-Bishi. Why did he have to be born different?

A beeping came from the other room. Ed leaned against the door and listened as there was a fumbling, the beeping stopped, then the sound of a girls voice filtered through the door.

"Mnnn... what? ...Oh, Katan... hi. Have you found out anything about that ginger haired woman?... And?..." There was a long pause. "I see. So she and that man are the people who kidnaped me... Kagome? No, she's with me. I have all of them with me... Yes, I thought it was better with what's been happening. Of course I'm being careful... Is that why you called?" There was another long pause. "Oh, you ran into those people yourself. Yes. Yes, I will keep at least one of them out with me at all times... Yes, good-bye."

Ed dried himself quickly, dressed, and opened the door quietly, stepping into the next room.

"I see you are okay to move around now-" Demoonica stopped. "Uh-uh-uh... oh my!" She stared at the newly evolved bishounen. The Chibi she had seen last night was little more than three and a half feet tall, but as a San Ed was taller than her, and that shirt was not covering nearly enough. -AN: They may do a lot of short jokes on Full Metal Alchemist, but Ed's height is given as 5'5 in the manga. Kind of short for a guy, but not all the odd.-

"I'm sorry." She almost didn't hear Edward when he spoke.

"Sorry? For what?"

"I shouldn't be alive now." Ed said as he sunk to his knees on the floor. "I should be the one who's dead and not my brother, I'm better off not causing any more people to get hurt... or killed. Look at me! I'm some kind of freak of nature! You should go find that Colonel Bastard and have him finish his job!" Ed was yelling and sobbing at the same time. "I don't want any one else hurt because of me, you're a human right?" He looked up at Demoonica. "Like a trainer?" Demoonica nodded. "Good. Then you should stuff me into one of those ball things and let the world forget that I exist."

"Elric-san?" Kagome, who was now awake, moved over to kneel beside the hysterical Bishounen. "You shouldn't talk that way." She put a hand on Ed's shoulder.

Ed jerked away. "Why not, It's not like it'd matter."

"Of course it would matter, idiot!" Kagome hugged him. "You're not a freak!"

"I am too!" Ed sobbed into his knees. "I didn't get it when I was a kid, why my parents were so carful to keep my hair the same color as my dads and my brothers, but it's because I'm messed up! I'm weird! Please then, if you won't do that, then take me away, I'm already dead to every person who ever knew me."

Demoonica looked at Edward, then at Kagome. Kagome nodded, she believed it was a good idea to keep the boy with them. Demoonica un-clipped a 'PD' Sphere from her belt and walked over to Edward. "Here then, touch this." She held out the ball to him.

Ed grabbed a hold of the ball, he was surrounded by a red energy, and it pulled him inside. Still in Demoonica's hand the ball gave a shake then gave the sound signaling it's closing. Demoonica walked out of the 'PD' Sphere room they were in as her BishiGear told her Ed's information. It ended with: "Give a nickname to Bishounen?"

"No nickname. Hey, Ed!" She tossed Ed's BishiBall into the air, it opened and Edward Elric, newly evolved and newly caught, appeared out of the same red energy that had pulled him into the ball. He stood there as Demoonica caught the ball as it fell back down into her hands.

"I thought that would be more frightening somehow." He said when Demoonica clipped the ball back onto her belt. "I want to leave now."

Demoonica shook her head. "I have to go to Central City." At Ed's frightened look, she knew he was about to start accusing her of taking him back to the one place he never wanted to see again. "You can stay in your ball while I'm there and no one will ever find out, okay?" Apparently it was the right thing to say and he visibly relaxed, a moment later he returned to his Bishiball.

"Are you sure it's wise to go there right now, Demoonica?" Kagome asked from the doorway to her 'PD' room.

Demoonica brushed her hair back out of her face. "No one will know he's there, I'm more worried about how to explain having Junia with me."


"...A week and a half, tops. Well that's what Prof. Steve and Washu-chan told me anyway." Zander said to Demoonica in one of their rare video-phone calls.
"Then you'll be back to stay? Promise?" Demoonica looked hopeful.

"Yeah, I'll be there to put all your Bishounen to shame, I never knew just how bad I was at working with my powers. But, you'll see." Zander smirked.

"It's not been the same..."

"Yeah, I know... ten days, Dee, ten."

"See you in ten days then. Bye."


The screen in the BishiCenter waiting room went blank. Demoonica stretched, cracking her back over the back of the chair. She looked over to the attendant at the counter to see if the doctor had finished the check up of her Bishi. No luck, the Bishoujo, a Sakura from the Naruto anime, was silently typing away at her computer.

"Is it going to be much longer?" Demoonica asked.

The Sakura looked up from the screen. "This is a small town and we only have the one doctor, it'll be a few hours to do full check ups for all of your Bishi. I can have those who are already finished join you if you want to spend the time else where."

"Uh, yeah... if you would. I don't like doctors offices and hospitals."

The Sakura pushed a button and asked for the Bishi belonging to the trainer Demoonica Darkmoon who's exams were finished to return to the waiting room. A few minutes later Kagome with both Chibi's, Inu-chan and Junia, along with Allen and Kamui came out from the back.

Demoonica looked at the two Chibi's and sighed. She couldn't keep going into human cities with them in tow, it was dangerous. Going into Bishi Cities was a little better, because then she only had to worry about being arrested, instead of being arrested and having trainers trying to catch one or both of them. Demoonica sat back down, then stood back up. She walked over to Inu-chan and picked him up, he'd grown so much from the time he had been born, he would easily pass for a seven-year-old child back on Earth. Junia could have been eleven or twelve now, surely nearing the end of his Chibihood.

"Let's go shopping."

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
July 29th, 2007, 6:33 PM
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The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


-March 2003-


-Sword Shop, Ydaereve City Mall-

"Aw, c'mon..."

"Bakura, I said to put it back." Demoonica paused. "Or you could just -buy- the dagger."

"Ch, wots the foon in thet?" Bakura said around the glove he had held between his teeth. Freeing it from them, he put the glove on, fisting his hands to stretch the material comfortably. "Now lovely trainer of mine, what's a little dagger really going to hurt?"

The dagger in question was safely tucked away in a hidden pocket in Bakura's long black coat, a pocket Demoonica didn't know how to find without pulling the coat off of Bakura and that would look odd in the middle of a store. So she was trying to reason with the thief king. "I'll buy you the dagger if you'll just hand it over."

Bakura rolled his eyes. "It's not about the dagger. I own plenty of daggers. It's just what I do! I like to steal things, let me practice my art would you?!"

"Bakura, you know perfectly well that I can't do that. It'd make me as bad as you."

Bakura put his arm around Demoonica's shoulders. "I'm not that bad, just a little naughty... girls like guys that way... now don't you?" He whispered huskily in her ear.

Demoonica felt her cheeks heat up. "Bakura." She said warningly. "If you do not remove your arm from around me this instant and hand over that dagger, I will never catch a Ryou to be your companion!"

Bakura's sly smile faltered and he move away from his trainer, from one of the hidden pockets in his coat he produced the stolen dagger. "Never let it be know that I don't know when to give in to a good threat." He handed her the dagger.

Demoonica put the dagger back where it belonged. Inuyasha and Inu-chan walked out from the back. "Are we finished here? Inuyasha?"

"Yeah, the guy in the back just finished it. Go on, show it to her son."

Inu-chan ran forward and stopped in front of Demoonica. He drew a sword and held it up in both hands for her to see. "It's a Tetsuaiga!" He paused and looked down. "It has the power to transform, but I can't work it."

Inuyasha patted the boy on his head. "You will in time. Now, we're done. Son, put that in it's sheath." Inu-chan put away the sword.

Demoonica looked around for the other Bishounen who had came with her to the sword shop. "Allen. Kai, Rei, Tala?"

The shop was small, so they were easily found only rows away. Allen was testing the balance of a long sword while Rei and Kai were helping Tala choose a weapon to train in. Tala didn't seem to see the need to train in any, saying that he fought just fine with only his summoned Wolborg. Finally Kai walked away and came back with a set of long thin daggers, handing them to Tala and pointing for him to go to the counter to pay for them. Demoonica looked at Allen. "You want a new sword while I'm buying?"

"No, my blade is still in good shape, but thank you for your offer m'lady." Allen said with a gentle smile. "I was just admiring the workmanship of this Will Turner fellow."

"Okay, we're ready to go." Rei said as Tala returned from making his purchase.

"Where to next?" Inuyasha asked as he scratched his nose, a sign he was growing impatient.

"Well, we lost the guys from mech shows at the gun shop, let's head there." She said and they returned to their Bishiballs.

Muffled gunshots could be heard coming from the shooting gallery in the back of the gun shop when Demoonica walked in. "It's loud, D-chan!" Inu-chan said, having better hearing than her even in his human form.

The front of the place was empty other than the sales clerk seated behind the counter. "Are those Bishi in the back yours?" The young man asked her when she walked up to the counter. He jerked his thumb to the bullet proofed glass window behind him.

In the room she could see Duo, Heero, Hiead, Zero, Junia, a dark skinned blond Bishounen she didn't recognize, and a Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2. They were all wearing ear protectors and seemed to be taking turns testing different guns at the three human shaped targets. "Most of them, not all."

"Well whom ever yours are, most of them know their way around guns very well, except that one." He pointed to were Zero was talking to Junia

"Junia is still a Chibi after all-"

"The kid? Naw, not him, that kid shoots like he was born with a gun in his hands. I'm talking about the brunet teen the kid is talking to, he's way too jumpy."

"Oh, Zero." Demoonica said as she watched Junia move to shoot, where he fired off six shots in quick succession. Each hit a vital area on the human target. "I didn't know Junia was so good with a gun."

The young male clerk nodded. "You should get him one."

"No I shouldn't, good or not, Juina's still just a kid." Demoonica tapped loudly on the bulletproof glass but failed to get her Bishounen's attention. Then she noticed a button on the wall made just for that, she pressed it and inside the room a red light blinked. When they turned around she motioned them to come out to the front. Guns were placed back were they belonged, ear protectors and goggles were hung on the hook by the door, and they shuffled out.

Demoonica ran her hand through Junia's hair as the others made their purchases. "Junia?"

He looked up at her. "Yes, miss Darkmoon?"

"Have you thought about finding your mother and her trainer?"

The boys red eyes darkened. "She's not my mother, Kagome holds that place."

"Does that mean you are going to stay with me after you evolve?"

"I... I don't know. I suppose so, it is after all, all I've know other than being alone. Does that mean you plan to catch me?"

"I suppose so." Demoonica said with a smile, leaning down so she was face to face with the boy. "If you still feel the same way then."

"Alright then." He looked back up at Demoonica. "Miss Darkmoon, do you think it was odd that we met when we did, where we did?"

"Some, but I've noticed the Bishiworld itself tends to lead me. I don't think you would have been there that day if we weren't suppose to meet."

"Like finding Ed. I understand." He paused for a moment and Demoonica again began to run her fingers through his long silver-blue hair. "Did you see me shoot?"

"Yeah, where did you learn that?"

"I've always known, I don't know why."

A flash of red light signaled the return of one of Demoonica's bishi back to his ball. "Looks like he's done shopping." The clerk quipped with a laugh.

"Eh, I hate to admit it, but Hiead's got an idea there. Call me back out when it's lunch time." Zero said then returned to his own ball.

Demoonica looked at Heero and Duo. "Guys?"

"We'll stay out. You and Kagome will need some one to carry your stuff when you get around to shopping." Duo laughed.

"Okay, okay, pick on the girl. Heero and I both know it's you who wants to shop, Duo."

Duo shrugged. "I may have seen this shirt..."

Demoonica and Heero began laughing. Demoonica turned Inu-chan and Junia towards the door. "Let's go find your mum. Heero. Duo."

Kagome was found at a shop that sold bows, along with Kamui and a sullen Ed. She gave a wave to Demoonica and handed the bow she had to the sales clerk. "I'll take this one." She said, then turned to pick up Inu-chan just as he ran over to her.

"Mama! Daddy let me get a sword, D-chan bought it for me!" He chirped happily.

"She did? Wasn't that nice. Did you say thank you?"

Inu-chan's eyes widened and he turned in Kagome's arms to face Demoonica. "Thank you very much for my sword!"

"No problem, big guy." Demoonica said and ruffled Inu-chan's black hair. "So, let's see. Is this all of my wayward bishi?" She asked as she looked over her Bishiballs, counting silently who she had with her. 'Marou. Kagome. Allen. Kai. Rei. Zero. Hiead. Duo. Heero. Inu-chan. Inuyasha. Junia. Kamui. Bakura. Tala. Edward. Katan's away.'

"I would hardly call going into a different store being wayward."

"Eh, whatever." Demoonica shrugged. "Everyone's accounted for anyway, in ball until we get to the clothes department guys." As Kamui and Edward returned to their Bishiballs Demoonica called up the map of the Ydaereve City Mall and found the clothing store for Bishi. "And they think we're going shopping for ourselves, eh Kagome?"

Kagome laughed. "Yeah, I can just see you dragging them all around making them get new clothes."

"Why do you think I'm going to handle them one shopping disaster at a time?" Demoonica turned to face Duo and Heero. "And we shall start with you two!" She said with a grin. "Let's go to the clothing store!"


Several hours later, over eight if you asked a sales clerk with a watch, Demoonica was finished with all of the shopping and all of the restocking of her Hoi Poi capsules. She had even ended up getting new clothes for herself after Kagome pointed out that most of what Demoonica owned she had had from the time she came to the Bishiworld and considering that was over a year ago, they were pretty thread bare. It was getting late and every one was headed towards the nearest hotel, when Demoonica spoke up to the group, "Sorry guys, but we're leaving Ydaereve City tonight."

"WHAT?!" Zero whined.

"I know, I know, but there's really no reason to stay in town and pay for a room when I have the 'PD' Spheres." Demoonica said as she adjusted her backpack so it wasn't pulling to one side anymore. "Besides, I've been getting way to many stares from the other trainers and their Bishi. I know it's about the Chibis and the only reason I haven't been called out is because they can see I have a lot more Bishounen than they do. I just want to leave." And that was the end of any attempts to stay inside the city that night.


Demoonica had just gotten out of sight of the Ydaereve City gates. "Hold it right there!" A male voice from right behind her. Demoonica turned to see a male trainer, this was obvious from the BishiBelt around his waist, who was in his late twenties, maybe into his thirties. "I can't believe you have the nerve to run around in the city all day with a couple of Chibi's! A trainer like you shouldn't be here!" He yelled, pointing accusingly at Demoonica.

Kagome humphed and placed her hands on her hips. "You leave her alone! Demoonica isn't the kind of trainer you're talking about!" Inu-chan hid behind her and Junia stood to Kagome's other side.

"I won't believe you! You're her Bishoujo, of course you'll take her side!" He yelled back at her, then yelled at Demoonica again. "I'll battle with you! A three round battle! And when you lose, those Chibi's will be taken to LSS-sama so she can take them back to their homes!"

Demoonica frowned. "I didn't steal Inu-chan or Junia away from their homes! I'll battle and when I win..." Demoonica paused not knowing what to demand.

"Ha! As if you'd win! If you win, I'll give you any of my Bishi!" The man yelled back. "Your choice!"


"You heard me!" He yelled. "Now, go Ella!" He threw a BishiBall into the air and an Ella Ragu from the Shadow Skill anime appeared in a flash of red energy.

"Yo, Martin." Ella said when she saw her trainer. "Ws'up? A battle?" She asked.

"Yeah, this trainer has not one, but two Chibi's with her! Up for upholding justice?" He said and crossed his arms.

"Chibi's?!" She looked at Demoonica, then Inu-chan and Junia. "Why you worthless- augh!" She yelled. "Of course I'm ready to fight! I Ella Ragu give consent to fight for my trainer and for what's right!" She yelled out and punched her fist into the air.

"Now, chose your Bishi!"

Demoonica momentarily thought back to when she met a Gau Ban, Ella's little brother, though it was unlikely that this was the exact Ella he called sister. "I choose Allen Schzar!" Demoonica called out Allen.

"M'lady Darkmoon?" He asked as he looked at her then the male trainer and his Ella.

"I need you to battle, okay Allen?"

"Of course, M'lady." He gave her a little bow, then turned to face his opponent. "I Allen Schzar give consent to fight for my trainer!" He drew his sword.

Kagome moved to stand halfway between the two trainers. "This will be a three round battle, the trainer with the most wins at the end of the third round will be the winner. First round is Allen Schzar vs Ella Ragu!" She raised a hand then dropped it down quickly. "Now begin!"

Allen pulled his sword back and ran towards Ella. "Aaaa!"

Ella caught the blade by its flat sides when Allen swung, then twisted around to give him a hard kick to his mid-drift. Their fight continued with Allen giving his best, but seemingly always being bested by the well trained Ella. One final kick right to Allen's jaw landed him on the ground, he didn't move to get back up.

"Allen is unable to continue." Kagome stated a minute later.

"But-" Demoonica started.

"Sorry, but I have to be fair."

Demoonica raised Allen's ball and called him back. "Thanks Allen."

"Good win Ella." Martin raised Ella's ball and called her back, then switched another ball into his hand from his belt. "Now, I choose Teela!" The ball opened and the teal haired Bishoujo from Megami Kouhose appeared.

She looked at Martin, twisting a lock of her hair between her fingers. Though when she noticed Demoonica and the others, she quickly took on the posture of a confidant Goddess pilot. She didn't ask what was happening. "I Teela Zain Elmes consent to fight for my trainer." She said calmly.

'A Teela?!' Demoonica thought when she saw the female mecha pilot, but she'd never seen her fight without being inside of her Ernn Laties mech. 'I do know she shares the same EX power as Zero and Hiead, so... "C'mon out Hiead!"

Hiead appeared and when he saw Teela his eyes first widened then narrowed quickly into a sharp glare. "First."

Teela lifted a hand to her lips. "Oh my, but your not ready yet." She commented, confusing literally everyone there.

"Hiead, you will fight right?" Demoonica asked.

He looked back at her. "Fine."

It looked like that was as close as it was going to get for Hiead giving his consent to the fight, so Kagome lifted her hand to begin the next match. "The fight stands at one win to the trainer Martin. Round two is Hiead Gner vs Teela Zain Elmes!" She dropped her hand. "Fight begin!"

A bright flash of blue from both Hiead and Teela was the only sign anything had happened, until a trickle of blood slipped down from Hiead's mouth. He rubbed it away with the back of his hand. "Heh." He smirked and slowly his silver colored hair turned to a shining blue. Then he moved, leaving a clear after image where he had been standing. Teela looked around, searching for Hiead. He was nowhere to be found.

A flash of light appeared right in front of Teela and Hiead could be seen for a split second as his fist connected with Teela's stomach, then he disappeared again, leaving Teela holding her mid-section. She coughed, leaving a bit of blood on her hand.

"H-how?" She coughed. "He's only a San. I can't see him... cough... moving too fast. Martin!" Teela tried to bring her trainers attention back to the fight, but he was looking some place else.

Marten would have took a step back if he could have moved. Unable to do that, he trembled in fear. Hiead's eyes were blazing like fire and his glowing hair was flowing like a halo around his head. And he was standing right in front of Martin. "You." Hiead growled.

"What about me?!" Martin lifted his hand, as if it could shield him from Hiead's fury.

"You... why won't you stop!" Hiead was looking right through Martin, again lost in his own memories. "STOP!" He screamed, sending out a blinding wave of blue EX energy that swallowed up him, Teela, and Martin.

"HIEAD!!!" Demoonica held up the ball, trying to recall the out of control Bishounen back into it, but the red beam of energy wouldn't penetrate the EX energy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" The high pitched scream of Teela.

It was silent.

The EX energy receded back, pulling into it's cocoon of sleep, bristling just behind Hiead's blood red eyes. He was standing right in the middle of the clearing, Teela at his feet, blood splatter across his pale skin, a crazed smile on his face. "Heh."

Teela gave a soft groan and curled an arm up over her head. Demoonica let out a breath in relief, she had been sure Hiead had killed the Bishoujo. "Teela is unable to battle!" Kagome declared.

Martin, who was sitting right at the edge of where the EX energy had covered, shakingly lifted Teela's BishiBall and returned her. "That's no Bishounen, he's a Demon." He spat out finally.

The EX reaction slowly faded, leaving Hiead standing silently, his face blank. He blinked, recognition of where he was registering on his face. Hiead looked down at the blood covering his hands, his eyes rolled back, and he crumpled onto the ground. Demoonica knew that reaction, she should have know better than to send Hiead into a battle where the use of his EX ability would be needed. He was drained completely because it had went out of control. It would take some time, but he would be okay, this time. She returned Hiead to his ball.

"Is that what you call training?! You can't even control your Bishounen's powers!" Martin yelled at Demoonica.

"Shut up!" She yelled back. "I don't care what you think, but you're talking about something you know nothing about! Again!"

"Whatever. It doesn't matter if you did win one, I saved my best fighter for last and this time you don't have a chance!" Martin held up another BishiBall. "For this, I choose Miss Deep!" The red energy faded and a blue haired Bishoujo dressed in a revealing black outfit was standing in the clearing.

'What kind of name is Miss Deep?' Demoonica wondered. "Okay, Inuyasha!" She tossed the ball into the air and the Demon type Bishounen appeared midair and landed in a crouch, hand on his Tetsuiga sword.

"Feh, about time. I was beginning to think you never fought any battles." Inuyasha said, standing upright. He looked at Martin, then the woman he was to fight. "This is it? Ch, not what I was hopping for, but it'll do for a warm up." He drew the Tetsuiga and it transformed as he did so. He hefted it up and rested it over his shoulder. "I consent to fight."

Miss Deep nodded. "I also consent to the fight."

Kagome lifted her hand to begin the final match. "The battle stands at one win to the trainer Martin and one win to the trainer Demoonica. Round three is Inuyasha vs Miss Deep!" She looked at Inuyasha for moment, hoping he'd pull out a win and dropped her hand. "Fight begin!"

Inuyasha took the first move, running at the Bishoujo in much the same way Allen had Ella, the Tetsuiga at the ready. He swung... and his sword passed right through Miss Deep. Inuyasha stopped, dumbfounded. "Wha-?"

Martin laughed. "As you can see Nancy here truly earns her code name of Miss Deep. You'll never be able to hit her!"

"Feh, right. Everyone has a weakness." Inuyasha said as he leaped away. "All I have to do-" He ran to the left, picking up speed, "-is find it!", then lunged at Miss Deep from behind, bringing the Tetsuiga down in front of him.

She dodged it with a spinning leap to the side. "Don't think my phasing is the only thing I can do." She taunted as she gave a twist and kicked Inuyasha in the head. She landed back away from the angered dog demon.

"Damn!" Inuyasha rubbed his free hand over the boot print on the right side of his face. "That made my ears ring, you witch!" He lunged, swinging the Tetsuiga, cutting through her clothes, but barely making a scratch on the Bishoujo's chest.

"Inuyasha you pervert! Watch where you swing that thing!" Kagome yelled at him.

"Shut up! I don't see you out here fighting!"

"Finished with the lovers spat?" Miss Deep asked and she seemed to just sink into the ground where she stood. "Good." She said right before she disappeared from sight.

Inuyasha kicked off of the ground, landing on a tree branch above the clearing. "Nice try." He called out.

"I think so." Came Miss Deeps reply from behind Inuyasha. He spun around on the tree branch and found the top half of his opponent sticking out of the tree trunk. The gun in her hand was pointed right at him.

-BAM!- The sound of the gun going off rang through the forest.

"Dang it." Inuyasha pulled his hand back from the wound on his chest, bright red.

"Inuyasha!" Demoonica called, having heard the gun go off. "What's happening?" There was a crashing sound as she saw him fall down through all the branches and he landed hard on the ground in the center of the clearing. "INUYASHA!" Both she and Kagome screamed and ran to him.


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August 5th, 2007, 9:34 PM
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The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


"You creep!" Demoonica yelled at Martin as she peeled back Inuyasha's Fire Rat Robe and the once white undershirt. "Your Bishoujo SHOT him!"

"Ow! Dang that hurt! Stop prodding!" Inuyasha yelled. Demoonica pulled out a potion for him to drink.

"You can't fight." Kagome dropped her head down so her forehead rested against Inuyasha's. "I'm so sorry."

Demoonica stood up. "Inuyasha can't battle anymore." She bowed her head. "You win."

"Just as I said. Miss Deep, get the Chibi's, we're going to LSS-sama." Martin instructed his Bishoujo.

"Kagome... what's he talking about?" Inuyasha asked around the neck of the potion bottle.

A moment later Martin's Bishoujo landed in the clearing and started to walk over to Inu-chan and Junia. Inu-chan ran over to Kagome and grabbed onto her shirt.

"Bastered!" Inuyasha spat out. "What the hell do you think you're going to do to our son!" He tried to push himself into a sitting posistion, but the pain in his chest was too much. "AaH!"

"INUYASHA! Don't try and get up!" Kagome pushed him back to the ground.

Miss Deep took hold of Junia by the arm. "Come on, we can get you back to your family." She said to him. He tugged attempting to phase through her, but it didn't work. "Uh-uh, that won't work with me little darling, our phasing cancels each others out."

"But-" Junia sighed, he had heard the conditions of the battle and like the others he had thought Demoonica would win, so he didn't fight anymore. "I'll go." He said softly.

"That's a good kid." Martin said and patted Junia on the head.

Junia pulled back vilently. "Don't you dare touch me!"

"Uh, I'm sorry. Miss Deep, get the smaller one and we'll be on our way to LSS-sama."

"Yeah." She went to pull Inu-chan away from Kagome.

"Mama!" He held on tighter to her. "Don't let them take me! I don't want to go away!" He cried.

"Inu-chan, go with her right now... we'll set things right as soon as we see LSS-sama."

"NO!" Inu-chan growled, pushed away from Kagome, and stomped his foot on the ground. "He's a dumb man, mama! I won't go!" The small Chibi turned and with speed no one had seen him use when playing Inu-chan took off, dissapearing into the dence woods.

"But-" Marten grumbled and shook his head. "Damn kid is brainwashed." He took another BishiBall from his belt, calling forth the Bishoujo with in it. "Hinata!"

The shy kunoichi appeared and gave a bow to her trainer. "Y-yes Mr. Marten?" She asked.

"A little kid took off into the woods, a Chibi this trainer had, I need you to track him down and bring him back to me..." He paused to look up at the sky, the sun was just starting to set. "...at the Hotel. He's got long black hair and he's in a bright red outfit."

"Yes sir!" Hinata dissapeared.

"Miss Deep, we're leaving. Bring the boy, we'll contact the proper authorities in town."


[Later that night]

"Are you sure that that's the best course of plan, m'lady?" Allan questioned Demoonica.

"It has to be. Marten has Junia and his Bishoujo must have brought Inu-chan back to him by now, too." She held up the BishiGear and clicked into the Dex part of it, searching through the entries. "I'll use Inuyasha again and... and... I need to take that man by surprise!" Demoonica fumed. She sighed. "He seems to have a Bishoujo for everything, though."

"It's not going to work, wench." Inuyasha growled out. "Damn modern trinkets anyway, guns, feh."

"Not if he keeps pulling out Bishi who are so much higher in level." Allen agreed.

"Then, we train." Demoonica said, and that was the end of the conversation.

[Same time, with Marten]

Hinata appeared on the window sill. "Mar-ten, sir?"

Marten turned around smiling, but his smile faded quickly. "Where's the little kid?"

Hinata bowed her head. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't find him. The trail he left behind was easy to follow at first... th-then it just dissapeared... I-I don't know how he did it. I'm sorry."

Marten scratched his head. "Don't put yourself down about it, it's anoying me. Fine, if the kid is running, let him run. I'm sure he'll try to get back to that girl we found him with, we can get him then. Hinata! I want you to follow that girl as long as she's here."

"Understood." She dissapeared into the moonless night.

[Same time, with Inu-chan]

Inu-chan sniffed the wind. "She's not there." He whispered to himself and came out of the thick brier patch he had been hiding in. He looked up at the moonless sky and lifted his hands to the pair of dog ears that were poking out of his hair. "I transformed, that's how I knew how to hide from her. My robe." He frowned down at his Fire Rat Robe, the thorns of the brier patch had torn the cloth badly. "And where am I?" He bit his lip and looked side to side, both ways looked the same to him. "I want to find mama and daddy and D-chan." He sniffed and wiped the tears in his eyes away. With no way to know he was heading away from the city Demoonica and everyone else he knew were at, Inu-chan began walking down the forest path.


[A few days later]

Inu-chan woke to the feeling of being poked. "Daddy! Daddy! Me found 'sum-un!"

"Now Kit! Oh, oh my! Don't poke the boy with that Kit!"

Inu-chan looked up at the fuzzy face that was hovering over him, he blinked to clear his sight a little bit. Long silver hair, gold eyes, a pair of ears. "Daddy?"

A chuckle. "I think if I'm your father, my wife would be very upset with me."

Inu-chan sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He looked up at the Bishounen kneeling beside of him. No, he wasn't his father after all. Inu-chan bowed his head as he started to cry.

"Why you cryin'?" A voice asked him from the other side.

"Kit! Don't be rude." A hand settled on Inu-chan's head. "There now, we're not as bad as all that, now are we?"

Inu-chan shook his head and he rubbed the tears out of his eyes. "I wanted you to be my daddy, but you weren't, and... and..." He broke down crying again.

"Shh, now." A pair of strong arms pulled Inu-chan into the Bishounen's lap. "Cry and then you can tell us what has happened to your parents." A soft lick was administered to Inu-chan's cheek, then a face nuzzled up to his. "I'm Youko Kurama and this is my son, whom I call Kit." The Bishounen introduced and Kit climbed into his father's arms with Inu-chan. Inu-chan cried himself out after a few minutes. Over the next half hour he told Youko and Kit how he had came to be seperated from his parents and their trainer. "And you say that you were born after your mother was caught by a trainer?"

"D-chan!" Inu-chan nodded quickly.

"But you are free from capture?"

Inu-chan tilted his head to the side. "I don't go in a ball, don't have one."

"Yes, yes that's what I wanted to know, thank you Inuyasha-chan. Well, I can not bring you back to the human I'm afraid. I too am free from ball and would much like to keep it that way, but I'm sure the elders of our home could get you back to your parents trainer... that is, if you want to return."

Inu-chan jumped to his feet. "Really!? You promiss that they can get me back?" His small fists were balled up and his eyes were wide.

Youko's ears twitched. "Of course, it is however a long trip to our home areas."

"Then let's get going!" Inu-chan grabbed Youko and Kit by their hands, trying to pull them up.


[Time missing: 1 week]

"Wind Scar!" The Sasuke Bishounen was hit by Inuyasha's attack. He fell back, knocked out. His trainer returned him to his ball.

"Winner with two wins out of three battles is the trainer Demoonica." The other girl's Bishounen, a Naruto, anounced.

Inuyasha shouldered his Tetsuiga. "Heh, no contest. Don't tell me this is the best trainer this gym has to offer."

"Inuyasha." Demoonica warned. "Good battle." She shook the other trainer's hand.

"Yeah, really." The girl said. "I've been watching you and your Bishi train all week... they've leveled up considerably. Here's your money and the Ydaereve City gym badge."

Demoonica nodded. "I called in some favors from trainer friends who were near here, I've had four or five battles set up every day, each three on three."

"Well, I'm consisdered the best local trainer... if you want more challange, I'd say you should head for Water Crest City, they're holding an open tornament in a week and a half. The city's also in a good location for raising, it's right in the middle of a bunch of video game areas."

"Thanks, I'll take a look. Hey Inuyasha, you want to stay out? I'm leaving town and I could use the look out."

Inuyasha crossed his arms. "Choose someone else to babysit you, I'm staying with Kagome in that pocket thingy." He said and returned to his ball.

Demonica sighed, walking out of the gym and into the mid-day sun. Out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw a movement, but when she looked around there was nothing.

'To close.' Hinata thought and looked around the corner, the trainer girl who Marten had her watching didn't seem to have seen her, but still.

Demoonica waved to the young woman gate keeper of Ydaereve City as she left. She took a ball from her belt and let Marou out. A minute later Heero and Duo also joined them. "We're headed to Water Crest City." She said, bringing up the map and showing the three Bishounen the route to their destination. "It's not very far, but I'm going to take all the time we have, about ten days, to train on our way there."

Duo and Heero smiled. "So ya gon'a turn on that Monster Battle thing again?" Duo asked.

Demoonica nodded.

"Yes!" Heero pumped his fist in the air. "I challenge you to a kill count contest." He pointed to Duo.

Duo pulled out his gun. "Mission excepted!"

Marou crossed his arms, looking distastfully at them. "Why am I being included in this mortal stupidity?"

"I had a feeling they'd do something like this." Demoonica explaned. At this point both Duo and Heero had set off what Demoonica called 'Portal Battles' or battles with monsters that could be found by looking for spinning gold rings and were set off when someone entered the ring. They each seemed to be fighting what looked like walking turnips with human shaped bodies.

"One!" Shouted Duo, as his enemy slumped to the gound.


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CREDITS: Credit goes to a male friend of mine Shido for quite a few ideas found in this chapter. Thank you.

Thank you to my FanFiction.net reviewers: LoneHowl, and KamiKaze no Kage!


The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Zander hugged Demoonica to him. "Do you know how hard you are to find?"

"Sorry, I forgot about meeting up with you." She mumbled into his chest.

"That much was obvious, but why?"

Demoonica sighed, moved away from Zander, and sat down with him on the trunk of a nearby fallen tree. She told him about the odd looks she had got from the trainers in Ydaereve City, and the meeting with the trainer Marten, and her loss in the battle with his Bishoujo. "...and I have to prove that I and my Bishounen can protect Inu-chan and Junia on our own."

"So that's why you didn't tell him you were a member of the BWSD?"

"Being a Cadet in the BWSD doesn't give me a free pass when it comes to having Chibi's with me, it wouldn't have helped... I have the feeling it would have made that guy bad mouth the Department for having me as a part of it."

"Hm, he did sound really full of himself." Zander finally agreed.

"Feh." Inuyasha humphed from above them, he was sitting on a large tree branch.

"Have something to say Inuyasha?"

"Yeah, I do. If you hadn't made me wait till my wound healed up some, then I would have been able to track Inu-chan by smell and would have found him before Marten's Bishoujo had the chance!" Suddenly Inuyasha's ears perked up and he sniffed the air. "There's some one coming this way."


"Hm... no there are a lot of mixed smells, trainer."

"It isn't Marten, is it?"

Inuyasha growled. "If it had been, I would have taken off to beat the stuffing out of the bastard as soon as I smelled him."

The underbrush rustled and a shady cloaked figure entered the small clearing. "Are you talking about Marten of Ydaereve City?" A male voice asked and then continued when Demoonica nodded. "He has a reputation of challenging trainers for things with out having all the facts strait." The guy sounded sour about that.

"Who are you?" Demoonica asked.

The figure pushed the hood of his cloak back to reveal a tall man in his mid-twenties. "Yuushi-Shido and Guni." He pointed to the tiny Bishoujo on his shoulder who had been hidden by the hood.

"I don't think she's worth the trouble!" Guni sounded unhappy.

"Now Guni, we have our own reasons for helping the girl, and that would be to see him taken down a few pegs." He looked at the three watching them. "Marten once took something very special of mine, too."

"Why don't you do it yourself?" Inuyasha huffed.

"I plan to, but I'm not ready to confront him again. At least not yet." He smiled at Demoonica. "But I'm closer to besting him than you are, and if you can't win against me, then you have no chance at beating Marten when you meet him again." He held up a Bishiball. "Do you accept?"

"A battle?"

Shido nodded. "If you best me in battle, I'll help you."

Demoonica looked to Zander, he shrugged. She looked up to Inuyasha, who nodded. "Well... alright. Three on three?"

"One on one." He tossed the Bishiball he had in his hand into the air, releasing it's occupant. The red light grew, and grew, and grew. Demoonica's eyes widened at just what was standing there, a Hellboy. Maybe this hadn't been a good idea. "Well?" Shido asked when Demoonica didn't move to chose a Bishiball.

"I..." Demoonica was running through the outcome of each match up, most of them ended with her Bishounen going to the hospital. She hated to admit it, but she only had one Bishi who stood any real chance, considering Inuyasha -no matter what he said- was in no condition to fight this kind of battle. She tossed out the Bishiball. As soon as the Bishounen appeared, Demoonica pulled him away from the others and spoke to him. "Marou."

The red haired demon glared at her darkly. "This had not be what it looks like, human."

"It is. I've only asked you to fight for me once before and that was only in a friendly battle, but this fight is important to me and I'm going to trust you."

Marou raised an eyebrow. "Trust me, really now?"

Demoonica took a deep breath and nodded. "You can use the full range of your demon god's powers, but not your transformations."

Marou smiled a sickly sweet smile. "Not the transformations? How much trust is that?"

"I want you to win the battle, not kill every living thing within ten miles."



Inu-chan concentrated on the little seed planted at his feet, how was Kit doing that? The Chibi Youko Kurama was a few feet away, a small plant with a single rose bloom at his feet. It swayed back and forth following Kit's finger. Inu-chan stopped concentrating and flopped down on the ground to glare at the place the seed was planted. "It won't grow for me!"

Youko chuckled. "Inu powers and Kitsune powers differ greatly, Inuyasha-chan. Kit has also been learning to control plants for a longer amount of time."

Inu-chan pouted. "Will I ever get it?"

"That, I can't tell you. But consider this, Kit can't use you sword at all, but you have been able to transform it even though it's only for a short amount of time." He patted Inu-chan on the head. "Keep trying, you may surprise yourself."

Inu-chan nodded and cupped his hands over the small mound of dirt, concentrating on making the seed grow, even if it was only into a vine.


Back with Demoonica and company...

Hellboy frowned at the slashes in his red skin, those hurt like a witch, it was impressive damage coming from his aponent, who looked for all the world like just another human. If you didn't count the guys fingernails being a foot long and as strong as adamantium, or the fact he could teleport around at will or... his thoughts trailed off as his trainer spoke. "Okay, enough. Come on back Hellboy."

"What? For this?" Hellboy motioned to the deep cuts. "I've had cats do worse."

Shido rolled his eyes, those fur-balls like the big red guy too much to scratch at him and he'd hate to see a cat that could do that much damage to Hellboy. "Just come back." Hellboy returned to his ball. Shido then spoke to Demoonica. "Okay, I can see you are in a better position than I thought you were, but you're still far from ready." He turned and began to walk away.

"Hey!" Demoonica ran to catch up with the older man. "Wait! You said you'd help me!" He stopped walking when she did catch up to him.

"That was if you won, but..." Shido stopped speaking for a moment, but continued to walk. "Here then, some information for you. Marten is still looking for a Chibi that ran away from him, I don't know if the kid is one of the ones you're looking for though." Suddenly a Bishiball came flying out over Shido's shoulder. Demoonica caught it. "A present. Don't worry, the ball will go ahead register to you if you put it on your BishiGear." With that said, Shido seemed to disappear in the forest.

Demoonica stared at the Bishiball for a moment, but then Shido's tiny demon Bishoujo Guni flew back into the clearing and got right up in Demoonica's face. "Master Shido will be watching you, so you had better not lose!" Then, just as quickly as she came Guni flew away, following her trainer.

Demoonica placed the ball on the scanner of her BishiGear. It beeped a moment later, stating that the registration was complete. Curious as to what kind of Bishi this Shido person would consider a gift Demoonica tossed the ball up, calling to the one inside. "Hey, come on out!"

The red light appeared, then disappeared, leaving a small boy looking at her, he was holding what looked to be some kind of stuffed toy. He had spiky dark blond hair and his hard blue eyes were looking at her.

Demoonica's BishiGear beeped again, then after she had flipped it open to read the information that was filling the screen, it spoke. "Yamatto Ishido and Tsunomon from the Digimon anime. Stage San. This boy is a bit of a lone wolf and has a problem with authority. Matt tries to act like he doesn't care about anything, like he's just too cool, but he really cares a lot. He's just too afraid to admit it." Demoonica saw the small blond glare at her BishiGear. "Gabumon is Matt's Digimon partner, whom he first meets as Tsunomon. He is very shy when it comes to letting others see him without the pelt he wears on his body. At this time Tsunomon can digivolve to Gabumon and Garurumon. Do you wish to nickname Bishounen?"

"No nickname."

"Do you wish to nickname Seibutsu?"

"No nickname." She repeated, then closed the flip screen of the BishiGear.

Yamatto walked over to Demoonica, the Bishiball connection was kicking in, so he didn't have a choice in the matter. "So who are you?"


The next day...

Demoonica was watching the sky brighten, morning was there. After the events of early yesterday, the rest of the day had been pretty normal, though the way Yamatto had quietly kept following her around had been bothersome. For her it was normal for there to be almost no difference at the beginning of a blood bond than when the bond was fixed at it's final distance, she had never had a blood bond kick in so strongly. Yamatto had never been more than five feet away from her the rest of the day and night, not counting the one time she slammed the bathroom door in his face. It took him a moment to realize where he had almost followed her, but he just sat down outside the door and fumed in anger about the entire thing, so none of the others had the heart to pick on him about it. At this very moment he was sleeping in the next sleeping bag over, the one she wasn't facing, the one she was facing contained one sleeping Zander.

Finally she sat up and stretched, then put on her glasses. It was early spring in the areas they were traveling through, so the mornings were still chilly. Zander didn't look like he was about to wake up, besides it might be better if they didn't have the time to talk alone right now. When Yamatto refused to go into a ball the night before, she was sure the looks Zander were sending the young Bishounen could kill.

Well there was no guessing on what Zander had been planing for their first evening together sense January, sometimes he was very Duo-ish, even when he would argue he wasn't in any way like Duo, thank you very much. Yeah, he should stay asleep until a few of the others were awake, unless she wanted him forcing Yamatto into his ball and then... Demoonica blushed at that thought. Yeah, any poor trainer passing by would get a crash course in the infamous 'Trainers and Bishies are compatible.' part of every single orientation speech. Demoonica giggled. Well if they were dumb enough to not know what they were hearing that they had to get within viewing distance to figure out was happening, then they deserved to get an eye full.

Demoonica pulled her backpack over to her and fished the BishiGear off the top of it. Getting the Bathroom Capsule out of it, she set it up. She looked over to Yamatto. He was sleeping fine, so the blood bond had calmed down at the very least to a good twenty feet. Well he wouldn't be following her like her shadow today, that was good.

An hour later the entire camp site was a flurry of activity with most of Demoonica's Bishi getting ready to train against each other now that breakfast was over.

Demoonica sat off to the side of the clearing, Rei on the right side of her and Zander on the left with his arm around her. Yamatto was sitting a few trees away with the ever present Tsunomon held in his arms like some highly prized stuffed animal. Demoonica was planing the next part of their trip to Water Crest City.

"Next... we're right on the border of the Chrono Crusade area." Demoonica looked up the information on the area. She read it out loud. "A New York like city sits at the center of this area. Catches range from fairly easy, see Azmaria Hendric, to mid-difficulty, see Rosette Christopher, to very difficult, see Aion." Demoonica scrolled through the list of names, looking at the pictures of each Bishounen and Bishoujo.

"Hey, go back a picture. Don't you think we kind of look the same?" Rei pointed to the picture of Little Chrono. "Like the long bangs over a bandana, knee length braid, slightly pointed ears..."

"It says here that he's a Devil." Demoonica paused to ask a question. "Does it meen like a Demon?" Then continued to read from the BishiGear's screen. "Difficulty to catch is normally in the mid range. They can be highly protective of Rosette's and if you find one who has made a contract with said Bishoujo the difficulty is much higher. Only Sama stage Chrono's are able to make contracts. Chrono's come in two forms-"

"Yes, I'd say Devil translates into Demon." Rei said as the picture of Chrono transformed appeared on screen.

"Wow! He goes from cute to hot!"

Rei sweat dropped. "Er... if you say so."

"Really! Hey Kagome, look at these pictures and tell me what you think." Demoonica waved Kagome over to the tree she, Zander, and Rei were sitting under.

"Huh? What is it? Inuyasha is trying to teach Tala swordsmanship. It's not going very well."

"Look at this."

"He looks like you, Rei..." Kagome answered. "Oh! Is that the same Bishounen? Don't you think his ears look furry?"

"What is it with you and fuzzy ears?"

Kagome blushed. "I don't know what you're talking about. What is it that you called me over to ask?" She quickly changed the subject.

Demoonica gave her a look, but asked her question anyway. "The older form is hot and the younger cute, yes?"

"Yeah." Kagome nodded, wondering just what this was all about. "Why?"

"Needed a female opinion and you're my only Bishoujo."

"You should change that, there are plenty of strong Bishoujo."

"I don't really get along with many females that much, but I'll think about it Kagome."


LDD: Why Matt from Digimon you ask? I asked Shido what Bishi he'd give me if he could and he said Yami no Bakura, but seeing as I had caught one already he said Matt would be his second pick. Please leave a review! Thank you!

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The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


"You're not really thinking about continuing to catch Bishi, are you?" Zander asked her, as he and Demoonica walked down the forest path. He'd finally caught up to her three days after she had left Ydaereve City, that was four days ago. And with three days until the open tournament began they were only a days walk away from Water Crest City. It had been two weeks without any real word of Inu-chan or where he could be, save the little information she'd gotten from Shido.

"I don't see why I shouldn't. It's not like I'm actively hunting Bishi when I should be trying to get my Chibi's back."

"I guess... but what if you can't find that guy now?"

"He's going to LSS-sama, right?" Zander nodded. "Then, she'll let him know how badly he's mistaken about 'me and my ways'." She put air quotation marks around that last part with her fingers. "He'll have to bring Junia back, right?"

Zander shook his head. "Junia isn't yours, LSS-sama is more likely to have someone take him back to his home area to be adopted."

Demoonica frowned. "I don't want to lose him like that, I'm the first human he's ever trusted. I can't let him think I abandoned him like his mother and her trainer."

Zander slipped his hand into hers. "It's going to be okay." He said before bringing her hand up to kiss it. "If I have to, I'll take on the world to get him back to you."

Demoonica blushed and lowered her face. "Thanks."

He laughed. "Always. Now, if you plan to kick that trainers ass, I suggest finding a training spot, yeah?" He asked, smiling brightly.

"Well the BishiGear did say that three video game areas and one anime area all meet near Water Crest City. Right now we're in the Kyou Kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyugyo area."

"Yeah, so?"

"I have three days to finish training three Bishounen for the tournament, so I'll train one each day."

"Then you chose the three finally?"

Demoonica nodded. "Inuyasha, Marou, and Kamui."

"Are you sure Marou is such a good idea?"

"It's fine. He's just not been his normal problematic self with Katan gone, for one, he's listening to me." Demoonica scrunched up her nose, trying to put her words right before she said them. "I think Marou likes him in some sick twisted way."

"Likes him? Or -like- likes him?"

"You're worse than Duo some times!" She snapped at Zander. "Get your mind out of the gutter!"

"But it lives there! I kick it out and it'd be homeless!" There was a goofy grin plastered on his face.

"I meant that, in Marou's own strange way, he sees Katan as his friend. With Katan gone, Marou doesn't feel like causing trouble, because he can't fight with him."

"You think he misses his rival?"

Demoonica sweat-dropped. "You would be able to word it so easily, wouldn't you?"

Zander shrugged. "It's a gift."

"Dumb luck, that's all." She pulled a 'PD' Sphere from her belt and brought out Kamui. The dark haired Bishounen blinked his eyes, adjusting them to the dimmer light of the forest. He had been in the outside area of the Pocket Dimension Space that connected to Demoonica's Bishiball belt and it was brighter there.

Kamui looked at Demoonica, his small frown still looked like a pout, this made her smile at him. Zander saw her smile and he in turn gave Kamui a hard look. This confused Kamui, what had he done? "What?" Kamui asked, his tone a little harsher that he had meant it to be.

Demoonica, not noticing what Zander had done, looked at Kamui. Maybe Kamui'd not gotten a lot of sleep or something. "I thought we could train today."

"Huh? Oh. Sure, whatever."


It was several hours later that Demoonica found herself listening to her BishiGear tell her the information on the Bishounen she had just caught. It said: "Lord Wolfram von Bielefelt of the Kyou Kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyugyo anime. Stage San. Wolfram is the youngest son of the former Demon Queen, Cecilie. Because of his demon pride he dislikes humans and hates to admit it when he cares for any human, even his own older brother Conrad, who's father is human. Wolfram is a very good sword fighter and also can use fire magic and even healing magic somewhat. He is arrogant and short-tempered, earning him the nickname 'Little Lord Brat' from his peers, but he can also be quite compassionate at times. Do you wish to nickname Bishounen?"

"No nickname." She said and closed the BishiGear.

"That was a Demon type?" Kamui asked, pointing at Wolfram's 'PD' Sphere.

"Did the fireball tell you nothing?" Demoonica asked, a little amazed.

"I deal with -humans- that can make water cut you like a hot knife cuts butter, I thought a Demon type would be... stronger, somehow."

"Yeah, well." Demoonica shrugged. "Personally, I think he seemed pretty good. He just underestimated you, Kamui." She held out the ball. "C'mon out Wolfram!"

A red beam of light shot out of the Bishiball, leaving the Bishounen standing a few feet away from them a moment later. "YOU!" He shouted and pointed at Demoonica. "I will NOT accept it! It's IMPOSSIBLE that I lost in a FAIR fight! I DEMAND a rematch!" He huffed, crossed his arms, and stuck his nose up into the air.

Demoonica blinked and busted out laughing.

Seeing this, Wolfram's face turned pink and he yelled at her again. "STOP laughing! It's NOT funny!" His hands were balled up into fists and he stomped his foot from time to time. "If you don't STOP laughing, I'll... I'll... AUGH! Stop laughing at me you stupid girl!"

"Fine... giggle... You want a rematch against Kamui..."

Wolfram paled. "NO! I... I mean... uh..." He sighed and hung his head.

But before he or Demonica, or Kamui and Zander for that matter, could continue one of the Bishiballs on Demoonica's belt glowed and it's occupant made himself known, Bakura. He stretched with a yawn, his shirt and black high-collar jacket lifting up to show the ivory skin beneath. "Trainer mine, who is this vision of beauty before us?" He asked, eyeing Wolfram.

Wolfram glared at him. Bakura was being his normal perverted self, but Demoonica had to admit he was right about Wolfram's looks. The boy was a true character Bishounen, the real meaning of the word that is, meaning that he could easily be mistaken for a girl. He was of a slim build, though many Bishi were. His hair was 'anime' blonde, that bright blonde no human could ever get their hair, and although his hair was short it was wavy and curled on the ends cutely. His eyes, a bright green and the large round shape that was typical of girls in anime, including the long eyelashes.

"Bakura, Wolfram's a guy." Demonica said, a sweat-drop forming beside of her head.

"I know." Bakura wiggled his eyebrows at Wolfram, who glared harder.

"You PERVERT!" Wolfram yelled at him.

Bakura just laughed. "Perfect, I love him Demoonica! He's the type who gets all defensive!" He inched closer to Wolfram, who backed away just as fast. By now, Zander and Kamui both had joined Demoonica in sweat-dropping.


"Hmm? Jealous trainer mine? No need." Bakura walked over to wrap an arm around Demoonica. He smirked at Zander, who had growled at the white haired Bishounen. "Now, now, lover boy, I'll get to you in a moment."

"Why you!" Zander stormed over to Bakura, but his fist was blocked on its way to Bakura's face by Demoonica stepping between the two guys.


"But! Demoonica, he's hitting on you!"

"Bakura's not causing any harm- Yipe!" She jumped forward, her hands going to her backside. She turned to face Bakura, her face bright red. "Don't you think it would be in your best interest not to pinch my butt when I'm defending you?"

"But you're oh so hot when you're doing that, how could I resist?"

"I take all it back. Zander, you can hit him."

Wolfram laughed. "HA! Now you get what you deserve, you pervert!"

Beside him, Kamui just shook his head. Ever since the half-Bishounen had joined up with the group things had changed. Zander had a way of bringing out either the best or worst of Demoonica's Bishounen. He wasn't too sure of the guy himself, we was a half-Bishounen after all and there had been a lot of problems with half-Bishounen for the last few years.

Zander lowered his fist. "That's okay. If you're yelling at him about it, I shouldn't worry."


[Elsewhere, with Katan...

"Ah, finally." The blue haired Cherub Bishounen said. He gave his large white wings a flap, then started a silent glide over the area he was currently watching. Below him was what he'd been searching for, two people. At the moment, they didn't seem to have noticed him. He let his angelic power fill him up, ready to fight if he had to. He landed about twenty feet away from the pair.

The ginger haired woman and bald headed man looked at him. The woman spoke. "Whatever you have to say, we don't want to hear it. We have important things to do and not much time left to do it in, leave us."

Katan looked at them. "I'm sorry, but I can not do that."


[Back with Demoonica, sometime later that evening...

Demoonica poked at the fire. She was watching the water for the rice, waiting for it to reach boiling. Around her Zander, Kagome, Rei, and Edward were doing food preparation. Zero, Heero, and Duo being the inseparable trio they were, were out collecting fire wood for the night. Wolfram and Yamatto who was holding Tsunomon, both still limited in the distance they could wander from Demoonica, were sitting a few feet away at the edge of the clearing. Above them Marou was perched in the tree branches. The rest of her Bishounen were still in ball.

"So, how'd you get caught?" Wolfram asked Yamatto.

Yamatto looked over at the other blonde and sighed. "Master Shido, Matt's last trainer, gave us to her four days ago." Tsunomon said from Yamatto's lap.

Wolfram jumped. "Your plushie just talked!"

"I'm not a toy, I'm a Digimon Seibutsu! I'm Tsunomon! Nice to meet you!"

Wolfram nodded. "Likewise, so you're a Seibutsu, this area has some Seibutsu. I happen to like the Bearbee's myself. You know my oldest brother, Gwendal, would adore you, he loves anything and everything that's small and cute with big eyes."

Tsunomon bounced on Yamatto's lap. "Yay!"

"So where are we?" Kagome asked.

"Kyou Kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyugyo area, but we're no more than one hundred yards from the next area over."

"Yeah, what's it?" Rei's question this time.

"A video game area, dot Hack. We're also close to the collective 'Tales of' area and the Zenosaga area."

"Are we close to any cities?"

"Just Water Crest City, there are no Bishi cities close by, so chances are that if there are Bishi around, they are just passing through the area."

Wolfram looked surprised. "How do you know there aren't any Bishi cities near here?"

Demoonica's older Bishi turned to look at the blonde at his outburst. Rei answered him. "Demoonica's BishiGear has all the secret locations programed into it, they aren't always shown on her map, but if she needs to she can bring up their positions. She's a cadet for the BishiWorld Safety Department, and her orders often send her to our cities, so Megami-sama entrusted her with full clearance."

"Oh." Wolfram wouldn't admit it, but he looked impressed by that information.

"There are." Marou said from the tree. "There's at least a dozen Bishi within the three mile radius of this encampment."

"So many? Are you sure? It's been so quiet all day."

Marou sighed and moved to lay bonelessly on the branch, his arms and legs dangling down limply. "Of course, though most know of our presence here and are avoiding getting close to this area."


Marou didn't answer.

"Marou, what do you mean most?"

Marou pointed in the direction of the closest presence he could feel. "If your lucky, that one could be with in reaching distance. Now stop bothering me."

"Should I?" Demoonica asked, looking at Kagome. "I mean, I just caught Wolfram and Yamatto hasn't had much of a chance to settle into the group, even Edward-" Demoonica motioned to the silent alchemist, who through out the entire conversation hadn't taken the time to even look up from the potatoes he was peeling. She had her work cut out for her with Edward, he seldom spoke and would do any work the others told him to do without question. The well known fiery spirit of Edward Elric was nowhere within him.

"You're the trainer."

"Hm, hey Marou, what way is that Bishounen headed?"

"Didn't I make myself clear?! They're headed north-west." He growled. "When I find a way to break free of this damn bond, I'm crushing my ball into dust and then I'll kill you. I will eat your heart with joy."

Hearing this, most looked at the food they were preparing and turned green. Demoonica though, knew that Marou was in no hurry to have a repeat of the nasty shock his Bishiball would give him if he tried to break it. She stood. "When Zero, Heero, and Duo get back with the fire wood, tell them I'll be back soon. Yamatto, can you have Tsunomon digivolve into Garurumon?"

The small blonde nodded and moved away from the group to do the digivolution. The sight of the small ball of fluff Yamatto always carried around turning into a twelve foot tall wolf-like monster shocked everyone, save he and Demoonica. Yamatto climbed up onto Garurumon's back. "Wolfram, you've got to come with." Demoonica held up his Bishiball, with a sigh the blonde-haired, green-eyed demon returned to it. She got up on Garurumon, behind Yamatto. "Hey Garurumon, this is my first time traveling by Digimon, take it easy on me, okay?!"

The large Digimon laughed and took off through the thinly wooded forest at high speed. Demoonica yelped in surprise, barely getting a good grip on Garurumon's fur in time.

Back at the clearing, Marou chuckled. At that speed, she'd be able to get to half the Bishounen wondering past the area, not that he would have told her that. Sending her after the one that was close by was enough to get her away for awhile. He sighed and turned to look down at the others the human girl had left at the camp. The halfling, the Bishoujo, and a few of the young San staged Bishounen. The only one who would be any challenge in a fight would be the halfling. Though starting a fight wouldn't be worth the forced confinement in his ball when the girl got back. Marou growled, his ball was the only one that Demoonica hadn't changed from the standard Bishiball into a 'PD' Sphere Bishiball. Until lately he had spent most of his time in the pitch black space. No matter how long he was in there, it always felt like the darkness was pressing in on him. This feeling was what lead some Bishi to fear being confined in their balls. To Marou it was both a punishment and a sanctuary. He hated being forced into the thing and had even overpowered the Bishiball's sealing power on occasion. But while within the ball he was free to plan and he was left alone, with no one asking him to do idiotic things like helping to capture another Bishounen or transporting them to the bank after getting stuck out in the middle of a river.

Marou closed his green eyes. Of course she had started asking him to join in on her trainer battles. It wasn't as good as when he had free choice over who and how he battled, but having spent the largest part of his time after he'd been captured in his ball, it was becoming the lesser of two evils. Again he looked out at the way Demoonica had left, and he realized something. This was the first time she had left him out with the others in what? A year? A year and one half? Had she decided she trusted him? He would have to think on it more, but right now the sun was diping low in the sky and the breeze russling the leaves was soothing...

Heero and Duo looked up above them as they and Zero returned from gathering fire wood. Again a soft snore descended to their ears. Marou, now that wasn't someone they ever saw much of. Let alone when he was asleep, had they ever seen him asleep?

Heero grunted and dropped his armload of dry wood on top of the wood Duo and Zero had put down. Curiously he looked back up at the sleeping form of Marou. Now any normal Heero Yuy, and I say normal because sane isn't normal for Heero's, would know better than to bother an evil demon lord who's asleep. Sadly Demoonica's Heero Yuy was a natural blonde, a natural platinum blonde.

Within moments, he had scrambled up the tree to the closest branch near Marou that would hold his weight. Said branch just happened to be directly above the one Marou was sleeping on. He took a moment to get his balance, then peered down at the red-haired Sama stage Bishounen.

"Hey, he doesn't look so tough!" Duo said, from right beside of Heero.

"Uh, Duo-" The branch sagged under the weight of the two teens.

"I don't know, I think he looks as cranky as Hiead." Zero added, from the other side of Heero. The branch shook as the boy dropped down onto it and a cracking sound could be heard by Heero's better than human hearing.

"Uh, guys-" Heero was cut off by the now audible sound of the tree limb cracking. "K'so!"



NOTE 1: Kyou Kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyugyo was titled as Kyo Kara Maoh here in America and is slightly shounen-ai, in it Wolfram and another male character Yuuri are engaged. Those of you who are put off by boys liking boys have nothing to worry about though, even in the show you wouldn't really notice if they didn't constantly remind you of the engagement, and the way it's done almost makes it a running joke.

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Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
January 20th, 2008, 7:55 PM

The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Garurumon, Yamatto and Demoonica still seated on his back, trotted into view of the campsite nearly two hours after they'd left. They'd caught up with the Bishi that Marou had pointed out without any trouble, it'd been another Bishi from Kyou Kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyugyo, a Sama Bishoujo by the name of Anissina. Wolfram had quite a few choice words about the Bishoujo and had pretty much begged Demoonica not to catch the magenta-haired demon woman. If ever asked, he would deny having done anything more than retelling the outcome of a few of the Bishoujo's eccentric scientific inventions. Anissina summed up to be the demon version of a Washu. Needless to say, Demoonica had not caught the Anissina.

"What the?" Yamatto asked.

"What the?" Demoonica mimicked, having looked around the small blond.

The campsite was shimmering, sparkling, and very noticeable from the surrounding area. What looked to be an unheard of amount of spider silk covered all the trees that made up the edges of the clearing. Garurumon trotted into the clearing.

There around the campfire sat Zander, Kagome, Rei, and Edward, already eating their dinners, though none of them were saying anything and a tence feeling was hanging in the air. Demoonica opened her mouth to say something, but noticed that something else was hanging in plain sight, namely three horrified looking teenage Bishi. Heero, Duo, and Zero were cocooned up in the same manner a spider wrapped it's prey, though the webbing stopped at their shoulders, and were dangling from the largest of the surrounding trees.

She jumped down from Garurumon's back. "Guys! What happened?! Why isn't anyone getting them down?!" The only reply she got was from Duo.

"He... he... oh my gawd... he..." Well that certainly wasn't any help. She looked at the others.

Zander looked uneasy, but finally pointed up. Demoonica's gaze drifted up the large tree. Oh. OH. She hadn't seen that until now. "Marou." She yelled up to the Bishounen, who was lounging in a hammock made from the webbing. To either side of him was a larger than human butterfly, Marou had summoned two of his demon butterfly Yoma.

"They're staying there." Marou's voice drifted down from the tree top. "Until I say so."

"No Marou, you have to let them down now." She yelled back up, watching the Yoma her Bishounen had summoned with more than a little fear.

She didn't get any answer.

"Marou. Send the demon butterflies back to where ever you summoned them from and come down here, you have to let the boys free."

Again she was pointedly ignored.

Augh, she really didn't want to upset those demon butterflys of Marou's. "Marou, can I come up there?"

"You do at your own risk."

Demoonica frowned. Marou, being her Bishounen, couldn't hurt her... she wasn't so sure about the demon butterflies. He couldn't command them to attack, but if he released them from under his control... Demoonica shivered.

She started her climb up the webbing, finding that it wasn't sticky like she thought it would be, it was closer to silk spun into thread. About half way up, she took the time to look down. Everyone on the ground was watching her like she'd gone nuts. How nice of them. She made it to the place Marou had attached his hammock and slipped into the net-like thing.

Marou didn't budge from his lounged out position on the webbing, even as Demoonica's presence on it made it bounce and sway dramatically. Demoonica faced Marou with a glare, but blinked as she took in his physical state. He was covered in scratches and other small abrasions, and there was a nasty looking many inches wide bruse along his collar bone and right shoulder.

"As I said before, those 'boys' are staying right where they are." Marou said, not looking at her.

Demoonica made no move towards the red-haired demon, instead she looked up at the demon butterflies who were no more than twenty feet away from her. Both looked highly agitated. Slowly she drew her feet up to her until she was sitting Indian style on the web. "I'm sure they didn't mean to do something to upset you-"


At the BishiWorld Safety Department...

Wufei looked back to see if the Chibi was still following him. He was. Surprising, he'd seen Sama's who had a harder time following directions. He put up with some of them daily, so this was a refreshing change. Too bad the kid was unnerving him greatly. He was too quiet, too respectful, too... too... Wufei growled and took a sharp left turn into the profiling room.

"Here we are." Wufei announced. "I need you to stand on that circle, registering you into the system won't take more than a few minutes." He pointed to a room sectioned off from the one they were standing in, it's walls were made out of glass.

Junia nodded his head. "Yes, sir." He walked into the room and stepped onto the circle, it was obviously part of a scanner of some type.

Wufei began typing away at the large consol and the cricle Junia was standing on glowed blue. Soon large amounts of information began scrolling across the screen and a mechanical voice began to speak. "Registering Bishounen..." Wufei listened to the typical information that would be spoken from a Dex with only a half ear until the word 'Error' began blinking on his screen. "Huh?" Wufei typed in a command. Again 'Error' blinked on the screen. "Computer, state the nature of the error."

"Unable to determine the level of evolution of Bishounen being scanned."

"Unable to what?!"

"Unable to determine the level of evolution of Bishounen being scanned." The computer repeated.

"Computer, expand explanation!"

"Unable to determine the level of evolution of Bishounen being scanned. Bishounen being scanned registers powers higher than the Chibi level. Bishounen being scanned registers powers lower the San level. Diagnosis, Bishounen has some how stopped evolution midway. Solution, unknown."

"HE DID WHAT?!" Wufei yelled.


Back with Demoonica...

She'd gotten Marou's side of the story, though it'd been like puling teeth with the angry demon lord. She didn't sigh, though she sure felt like she should, over and over again, maybe she could get herself to hyperventilate and pass out until this all blew over.

Marou had convenced himself that it'd been some type of sneak attack. Demoonica had gotten the felling she knew the entire story, it was kind of obvious. Heero, Duo, and Zero had came crashing down out of a higher spot in the tree, Marou had been in the way, and he'd crashed down to the ground with three horrified teens and a few tree limbs landing on top of him. Painful, yes. An attack, no. She'd said as much, but he wasn't listening.

"Could you at least send the demon butterflies back now? If I was going to pull something I would have done it."

Marou looked at her, his eyes half closed. "Mnn." One of the Yoma shifted, the first either of the things had moved the entire time. Apparently it took a little prodding from Marou to get them to leave, after all they had been called to protect and watch over their master. A few minutes passed before the first one took to the sky, then the other, a heavy dust falling from their wings that added more shimmers and sparkles to the webs. Demoonica covered her mouth and nose, who knew what the stuff would do to her if she breathed it in.

"Thanks." She said through her shirt.

Marou shrugged the thanks off with a wave of the hand.

A few more minutes passed quietly and Demoonica pulled out Marou's Bishiball. "Do I even have to say that you're going into this thing as soon as I get safely on the ground?"

Marou frowned. "My Yoma are not too far away to be called back, you know."

"I know. I know." Demoonica said as she slid back over the edge of the silk hammoc, grabbing a hand full of the silk strands covering the trees for support. "Gawd, I feel stiff. How long have I been up here?"

Marou snorted.

She got down without falling and as soon as her feet hit the ground, Duo started. "D-chan! Get us out'a this stuff!" He begged and wiggled around in his prison. "Who knows what kind of weird things it's doing to us, I don't want to come out of here with Butterfly wings, it'd so kill my-"

"Duo." Demoonica shook her head. "You're being rediculus."

"Says you! I want out of here, I'm starving!" As if to prove this statement his stomach growled. "See! Starving!"

Beside him Heero laughed. "It takes more than a few hours to starve." Just then his own stomach growled, making him blush. Duo laughed back at him. "I never said that I wasn't hungry!"

Demoonica sweat-dropped, could she just let them hang there all night? No, she couldn't. "Why didn't you just ask for dinner?"

The three San staged Bishounen gaped at her. She almost didn't hear Zero mumble, "That'd be embarrassing."

"And hanging pinata style from a tree isn't already? You three are such bakas! I should call Kai out here and tell him he can use you three as target practice!"

"You know, I wouldn't mind seeing that!" Rei called over to them. "Sucks to be you, I've been there already."

"She wouldn't really do that, would she?" Yamatto asked softly.

"Nah, she's picking on them right now... and waiting for Marou to get down off his high-horse." Rei whispered back. Yamatto chuckled. "Marou gave in when he sent the butterfly-things away, Demoonica knows this, now he's just trying to make it look like it's his idea and not hers."

Yamatto shook his head. "Complicated."

Rei nodded. "Marou has never been plesent, but he mostly directed it at Demoonica herself and she took to keeping him in his ball awhile back."

"So, today?"

Rei shrugged.

The conversation was interrupted by Marou teleporting himself down from the tree top. He sliced open the three cocoons with his elongated fingernails and returned by his own will to his ball on Demoonica's belt. The three teens crashed to the ground, Duo even tried to hug it. Heero glomped onto Demoonica huging her tightly, even though he was taller than she was, like a small child greeting a parent just getting home from work. Soon as Duo saw this he joined the other in hugging her, saying, "Oh thank gawd! I thought he was going to keep us there forever!" Heero added an 'I'm sorry, it was my fault.' Zero looked at the other two as they hugged their trainer, with a shrug he join them and ended up knocking them all to the ground, laughing.

"Guys!" Demoonica laughed. "C'mon, I feel like a little kid with a bunch of over happy puppies!"

Zander, know for his jealousy in the past few days, was actually laughing at the three's actions. There truly was no better way to describe how it looked, a bunch of over happy puppies indeed. All they needed were the ears and madly waging tails! The contradictory actions were not so strange really, he'd known the trio already and their standings with Demoonica, while he'd just met Bakura and Kamui, so he had the right to be standoff-ish to them. Or that's was his opinion.

"D-chan, they did save us dinner, didn't they?" Duo whined. "Didn't they?!"


Demoonica woke the next morning and looked around her in mild amusement. After Duo's comment the night before, she'd let the rest of her Bishounen out of ball, having realized that they also hadn't had dinner. They'd been clueless about the entire event, but got the story during the time it took to reheat the food. And after that... Well...

Zander had slept in his normal place to her left and there had been no getting Duo or Heero into their 'PD' Sphere created bedrooms, so they had dragged out their old sleeping bags and slept on her right. That she could understand, but why the hell almost all of her other Bishi had thought it was a sleep-over and did the same thing was beyond her. Had they all gone mad?! Or were they just wanting to get the same kind of treatment she'd given the two Gundam Bishounen and to a lesser extent the Pilot Candidate Bishounen? Demoonica rolled her eyes, she really couldn't see herself cuddling Allen or Kamui the way she did Heero and Duo and Rei... and Kai when she knew she could get away with it.

Her gaze drifted over to Wolfram, who was sleeping on the other side of the fire pit. Demoonica got a wicked gleam in her eyes, when she'd caught him he'd started yelling at her before he got the 'traditional welcome' from her. She stood up and walked over to the sleeping Bishounen.

The few of her other Bishounen who were already awake held back their laughter, they had pretty good ideas of what their trainer was planing.

Demoonica swiftly dropped to sit beside of Wolfram, her sudden presence on his sleeping bag was automatically noticed and the blond Bishounen jerked awake, sitting up in alarm. Without giving him time to figure out what was happening, Demoonica caught Wolfram with an arm and he was flat on his back again, this time with Demoonica hugging him tightly. "WAH! LET GO OF ME YOU PERVERTED GIRL! YOU ALREADY HAVE A BOYFRIEND!"

Everyone who had still been asleep jumped out of their sleep from the rude awakening.

"Welcome to the group, Wolf!" Demoonica said, giving the struggling Bishounen a quick little kiss to the forehead that made him freeze.


Demoonica smirked. "Keep struggling and I'll embarrass you even worse."


Demoonica let him go and sat back up. "Or would I? Hmm?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

Wolfram's face turned pink. "How should I know?! You're INSANE!"

Demoonica laughed. "Bakura's right, you make it so easy to pick on you! C'mon, it's time to get up, unless you want to eat breakfast in that pink frilly nightgown."

Wolfran glanced down at his sleeping atire, turned an even darker shade of pink, and in one fluid movement he'd curled back up into his sleeping bag, pulling it up over his head. "GO AWAY!"

Back over where Demoonica had been sleeping, Zander sat up sleepily. "Is he yelling again? What caused it this time?" A few of the others tried to hide their laughs, hoping the half-Bishounen would not notice and drop his line of questioning.

"I'm so proud of you!" Bakura said. He at next to her and put his arm around Demoonica.

"Hands or I remove them, Bakura." Zander growled at the white haired Yu-Gi-Oh! Bishounen.

He moved his arm from around her. "So, sleeping beauty refusing to get up?" Wolfram kicked him through the sleeping bag. "Ow, hey!"

"You're teasing him too much." She turned to the hiding Bishounen. "Wolf, you'll have to get use to Bakura's teasing, you know."

"Tell him to leave me alone then!"

Bakura chuckled. "Are you sure he's a guy? He whines like a woman."

"I do not!"

"Okay, that's enough 'Kura, let's let Wolfram get changed." Demoonica stood up and wandered over to the cooking fire. "Rei's making breakfast?"

"Yeah, a traditional Chinese breakfast and I'm going to make steamed meat buns for later, too."

Demoonica brightened. "Ooo."


The day passed quickly, Demoonica having Inuyasha train against the monsters created by the battle chip in her BishiGear. All was going well until around three o'clock that afternoon.

"Feh. Come on, I want some real training! Ain't there any trainers around here? I thought you said we were near a town!"

"I'm game." Zander said.

Inuyasha frowned. "Hm, I don't know... you're her mate an all." He said waving at Demoonica.

Zander went bright red. "Her what?!" He sputtered.

Inuyasha's ears flicked. "Mate?" He looked at them questioningly. "I mean, you're scents... am I wrong?"

"Oh, um..." Demoonica looked at a tree as if it was the most interesting thing she'd ever seen. "Inuyasha, that term is... you see..." She looked back at the hanyou. "That's a very demon way to put it and often makes humans uneasy."

"I beleave you called it 'friends with benefits' back when we were traveling with some of the other girls." Zander inputted. "When we weren't officially dating." He looked almost as uncomfortable as Demoonica about the subject. "Of course back then we were only friends, no 'benefits'." This was followed by an uneasy laugh.

Inuyasha looked between the two of them. "Does it mean the same thing?"

"Not quite... uh, it isn't a... the people involved aren't bound to rules about loyalty."

Inuyasha crinkled up his nose. "Well you aren't a very loyal race, I think that makes sense. Neither are dog demons, so I can't say anything." Suddenly his ears drooped. "Don't tell Kagome I said that, I'd never hear the end of it. She'll think I've not been loyal to her. Feh, as if." He had obviously gotten himself off track, and was now standing there talking to himself, his arms crossed over his chest. "I didn't go though a 'wedding ceremony' on a whim." He began mumbling.

Demoonica looked over at Zander, who had a bewildered look on his face. The best he could do was shrug. At least the half dog demon wasn't talking about their love life any more. It was... frightening.

"So... about that training?"

Inuyasha stopped his mumbling. "Eh?"


"No not that, I thought I heard something." Inuyasha jumped up into the nearest tree. He sat there for a few moments, being very still. "We've got company..."



Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
January 20th, 2008, 8:01 PM

The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Inuyasha jumped up into the nearest tree. He sat there for a few moments, being very still. "We've got company..."

Zander and Demoonica looked to the area that Inuyasha was watching. "Trainer? Or Bishi?" Demoonica asked.

Inuyasha huffed. "Eh, Bishi." He said after a moment, then he drew the Tetsuiga. It transformed as he drew it. "Wind Scar!" He swung the sword sideways and the energy cut through a wide arc of the forest ahead of them.


"Yah?" Demoonica blinked, that'd been a female voice. A very startled female voice at that. Inuyasha jumped down to stand a few steps in front of her and Zander, Tetsuiga at the ready.

The remaining flurry of leaves that had been kicked up by the Wind Scar attack began to settle. The first thing they noticed was a bright orange blob half covered in leaves. Demoonica couldn't help but think 'Is that a Naruto?' but then she remembered that they'd heard a female voice.

A pair of small hands still covered the top of spiky silver hair as the Bishoujo looked up from her 'duck and cover', that attack had almost hit her! "It's only fair to have some kind of warning before you pull stunts like that." She said to Inuyasha.

"Says you! How could I have known you were just a harmless wench?!" Inuyasha bit back.

The Bishoujo gave him a glare for that line. She sat up and began to remove the leaves and twigs from her hair, as she did this she thought 'Augh, how did half the forest end up in here?!' After this was done she stood up and picked up a staff that had been hidden in the mess of fallen leaves.

Inuyasha automatically tightened his grip on the Tetsuiga.

She only dusted the dirt from her clothes the best she could. Demoonica couldn't be sure if the Bishoujo had noticed her or not by now, but if she had, the Bishoujo hadn't made any effort to let them know. Taking a moment, Demoonica looked over the outfit the Bishoujo was wearing. She was dressed in a bright orange over-coat with white lining, black edging, and gold buttons. Under this was a ladies cut style of tunic, black pants, and a pair of white boots, again with gold buttons. The Bishoujo looked to be in her twenties, maybe around the age of Demoonica's Kagome.

Demoonica took a chance and lifted her left wrist to aim the BishiGear at the Bishoujo. She flipped it open and pushed the 'Scan' button. A moment later a picture of the Bishoujo appeared on the screen along with a small amount of data. Demoonica didn't read it all, but glanced at the Bishoujo's name and classification: Raine Sage, Magic user - Healer, Stage Sama.

Demoonica looked back at the Bishoujo and found she had fallen into a fighting stance. Raine had noticed the BishiGear and realized that Demoonica was a trainer. A quick look over at Inuyasha showed that he still didn't find the Bishoujo as any real threat, although he was watching her closely.

"Oi, Inuyasha, she's a healer." Demoonica told the dog hanyo.

"Heh, I should have figured. Female -fighters- wear a lot less clothes. 1" He transformed the Tetsuiga back into it's dormant form.

Demoonica palmed an empty Bishiball from her belt, hoping Inuyasha's tendency to talk down to women would hold the Bishoujo's attention for a moment longer.

"You aren't worth fighting."

The Bishoujo's eyes flickered to Inuyasha and Demoonica saw her chance. She pushed the button on the Bishiball that enlarged it and flung it at Raine. The quick movement caught Raine's attention and she brought up her staff to block the ball. However Demoonica's aim wasn't the best, a good thing because if she'd had good aim then the ball would have been blocked, as it was the ball hit Raine on the shoulder. Raine's eyes widened and she let out a gasp as she was drawn into the Bishiball.

-shake- -shake- -shake- -CLICK-

"Heh, not bad." Inuyasha said as he looked down at the still Bishiball.

Demoonica shrugged and walked over to the ball, picking it up. Her BishiGear beeped, registering the capture. "Raine Sage of the Tales of Symphonia video game. Stage Sama. Raine is a school teacher and archaeologist with a wide range of knowledge. She is calm, cautious, and tends to think about how things will be effected in the long run when making decisions. She is well versed in healing magics and some attack spells. Do you wish to nickname Bishoujo?"

"No nickname." Demoonica closed the BishiGear and held out the Bishiball containing Raine. "C'mon out Raine!" She tossed the ball into the air, calling forth the Bishoujo.

Raine appeared looking slightly put out. "W-what? Where did that room go?" She looked around herself, she was back in the forest. She spotted Demoonica then Inuyasha. "You could use lessons on manors, young man."

"Eh, like I give a flying fu-OW!" Inuyasha glared down at Raine. "You smacked me!"

"Now, now, temper, temper!" Raine said, shaking her finger at him.

"I'm not a child, wench!"

"And such language, I have my work cut out for me with you, don't I? Now-" And here she turned to Demoonica. "-hello trainer, I'm Raine Sage or I hope I still am, you didn't give me some silly nickname did you?"

"No silly nicknames." Raine gave a sigh of releaf and shook hands with Demoonica. "I'm Demoonica Darkmoon, nice to meet you Raine Sage. You've already met Inuyasha."

Raine frowned. "A pleasure, I'm sure." She said sarcastically.

"You should give up now if you're planing on changing his attitude, it's set in stone." Demoonica laughed. "And this is Zander, half-Bishi and boyfriend."

Zander held out his hand, Raine studied him for a moment, then took his hand. "Nice to meet you." Well it wasn't out-right hostility, but it was terce. Would Bishounen and Bishoujo ever feel comfortable around half-Bishi again? Kara had really screwed over the natural born half-Bishi with her crazed test subjects.

"Yeah." Zander replied.

Demoonica looked between the two, leave it to a female to be less welcoming about a half-Bishounen. "So Raine, did I catch you at a bad time?" Demoonica didn't realize the bad pun until she'd said it. "Uh, I mean, were you on your way to do anything important?"

"Not really, I was headed home from an extended research trip. So is the lughead your only Bishounen?"

In the background Inuyasha was cussing up a blue streak. "Hardly, I've been here..." Demoonica paused. "...going on two years now. You're my eighteenth capture."

"That's quite a lot."

"Really? I feel like I've been slacking off in it, I hardly ever spend much time hunting."

"Then you're very lucky."

Demoonica's BishiGear beeped. "Random battle spawning sights updated, new locations are as follows..." It began to tic off the locations.

Demoonica brought up the map and studied the points as they showed up. "Hmm." After a moment she closed the BishiGear back up. "We're heading that way, It'll bring us to Water Crest City by tonight."

Later, just before nightfall...

Demoonica passed her BishiGear through the gold orb that most monster battles left behind after being defeated. Raine had suggested the new method and it proved to be a slightly quicker way of registering the winnings. A loud beeping sounded from her BishiGear and the electronic voice spoke. "Area clear of random battle portal, a stronger 'Boss' level monster has been spawned ahead.

"Eh? We actually cleared the area?" Inuyasha asked, shouldering the Tetsuiga. "So, that contraption show the location of this boss monster or what?"

He was answered by the sudden shaking of the ground under their feet.

"I beleave, that would be it now." Raine quipped. "Inuyasha, do you feel up tp joining forces? You're beginning to look worn down."

"Yeah, whatever. Just stay out'a my way and cast spells, got it?"

Raine tightened her grip on her staff. "Got it. Shall we?"

"Right! Let's go!"

The pair of them rushed the oncoming giant monster.


Demoonica pulled up her trainer information and showed it to the guard outside of Water Crest City. The young guard looked over the information while his Raditz Bishounen stood in front of the gate making sure he looked very intimidating. "Alright, trainer Darkmoon and company, you are cleared to enter the city. Let them through, Radish." The Raditz growled something about stupid nicknames and moved aside.

"So, where to?" Zander asked, his hands clasped behind his head.

"Hotel, I hope it has a buffet, I'm starved." Demoonica headed towards the nearest hotel, hoping that the up-in-coming tournament wouldn't have all the rooms sold out. She was in luck, there didn't seem to be a huge crowd of trainers here like there had been back during the other tournament she'd been to.

"Hello, may I help you?" The clerk at the desk asked as Demoonica and Zander walked up.

"Yeah, could we get two singles?" Demoonica asked.

"Yes you can!" The woman said happily. "Please sign your name here, how long do you plan on staying?"

"Just until the end of the tournament."

"Two nights then, we had a sad turn out this year. Lots of the other trainers had more pressing matters. Will this be cash or charge?"

"Uh, debit from my account if that's okay?"

"We accept that too, Dex please." Demoonica pulled the small cord out of the side of her BishiGear and let the woman hook it into the small machine on the front desk. She looked over at Demoonica's bank account that was being shown on the computer screen beside her. "Hmm..."

"Is something wrong with my account?" Demoonica tried to look at the computer screen.

"Most of the funds in your account haven't been changed into credits, the common form of currency in our human towns. It's not a problem, just makes me have to think a little... oh, wait! Here we go, a direct deposit of credits from the Bishi World Safety Department for last month." She looked up at Demoonica. "May I suggest that you change the settings so that any money you win from monsters is changed directly into credits when it's added to your bank account. Okay." She unhooked Demoonica's BishiGear from the machine. "You're paid up for two singles for two days." She handed Demoonica two room card-keys. "Your rooms are on the third floor. Please enjoy your stay!"

"Thank you." Demoonica handed one of the card-keys to Zander and they headed for the elevator.

Demoonica swiped the card-key through the lock on her room, turning the little light from red to green, and pushed open the door. She shrugged off her backpack and sat it on her bed, then removed her trainer belts. The one that held all of her empty Bishiballs came off first, then the one that was connected to the Pocket Dimention area. The reaction was automatic, Demoonica felt the wave of cold that passed over her every time she removed the belts. She shivered and plucked a ball from the second belt and let the Bishounen out.

"Oi, Heero!" She ruffed his platinum blond hair.

He looked around the room. "We're in a hotel."

"Yeah, I sort of know that already."

Heero blushed, he hadn't meant to sound dumb to his trainer. He just had a bad habit of stating the obvious. "Sorry. I thought we were spending three days outside, not two."

"We were, then I realized that I had to be here soon enough to register for the tournament."

"Aa." He waited a moment. Demoonica didn't say anything more, instead she moved about the little hotel room, unpacking her things from the backpack. "So?"

"Oh, right." Demoonica stripped off her BishiGear and tossed it to him. "You're good with computers and money, right?"

Heero nodded. "Mn."

"Then fix my bank account's settings, the clerk was nice about it, but she pretty much told me that my account was a confusing mess."

Heero chuckled. "I see." He moved to sit on the single bed, leaning back against the head-board.

Demoonica pulled another Bishiball from the belt, this one she sat up along the empty wall, making the 'PD' door appear. She knocked on it and after a moment the door opened. "Zero! Congratulations, you get to have your room used as a sleep over area for two nights. Isn't that great?!"

The brown-haired, blue-eyed Goddess Candidate blinked at her. "I get to what?"

From over on the bed Heero snorted. "When Demoonica stays at a hotel, she uses one of our rooms as free for all space. It lets us spend free time together out here and not in that 'PD' space the belt makes. Think of it as the only time we get to watch any TV." He pointed to the TV on the wall at the end of the bed. "I call first show, Kogepan."


Heero only gave a small smile and turned his attention to Demoonica's bank account, glad that he was great at math and happy to see that there was a list in the corner of the exchange rates between the commonly used credits and the various area currencies. This wouldn't be very hard.

"What are we doing tonight?" Zander asked, while walking into the room.

"I was going to eat in the hotel buffet, but I saw it was closed. We passed a few food places on the way here, so depending on how much money there is in my account when Heero finishes the conversions, I'll let the guys pick a place for dinner."

Zander nodded. He looked over at the rapidly typing Heero. "That give me time for a shower?"


"Okay, I'll be back over when I'm done." He waved and was out the door a moment later. "See ya then."

Ten minutes later found Demoonica's hotel room and Zero's Pocket Dimension room buzzing with activity. Demoonica had to grab Duo's 'PD' ball and set it up as well so that they had enough room. Kagome had been shocked to learn that Demoonica had actually caught another Bishoujo and had saved Raine from Yami no Bakura's flirting nature by putting Inuyasha between him and them. Every time Bakura tried to get close, he found the point of the untransformed Tetsuiga pressed against his neck.

Demoonica looked at the poor hotel bed. Heero had finished with her back account and had turned the TV to some crack anime called 'Kogepan' that was about burnt bread, or something like that, she hadn't been able to watch it without feeling her intelligence drop. He and Duo, who knew the show, had taken over her bed along with Zero, Kai, Rei, Tala, and surprisingly Wolfram. Demoonica was still wondering how seven teenage boys could fit on a hotel bed, when Tsunomon bounced into her arms.

"Hi!" The Digimon chirped.

"Hi, Tsunomon."

"Hey, can I ask you something? Are you taking me too? I'm hungry!"

Demoonica laughed. "Of course I'm taking you too!"

"Yay! Thank you!" Tsunomon bounced out of her arms and back into Yamatto's. "Hey Matt, she said I can go too!"

The small blond, who was sitting in the floor at the end of the bed, nodded to Demoonica. He been pulled into watching 'Kogepan' with the others. Demoonica just shook her head and sighed. Okay, who hadn't she lost to the crack on TV? Allen, Kamui, Hiead, and Edward... Demoonica sweat-dropped.

"I don't get it." Ed said, watching the TV.

"Neither do I." She answered back. "Let's just hope it's one of those shows who are only five minutes long."

Heero clicked off the TV and a many 'Hey!' and 'I was watching that!' were heard. A moment later Zander opened the door to the room. "Sorry, I should have know better than to do my hair." His long chestnut hair was noticeably damp and his bangs were clinging to his face. Around the room many understanding looks were shared by those with long hair.

Zero was the first up and off of the poor hotel bed. "We're going to dinner now right?"

"Yeah, into your balls until I get out to the street." The room was filled with an explosion of bright red light as the number of people in it went from eighteen down to four. Demoonica waved Zero and Duo into their doors, putting on her trainer belt as they complied, and returned the two balls to the belt soon after. She adjusted the BishiGear on her arm, made sure she had her room card-key, and flipped off the light as she and Zander left.



1 - Female fighters do seem to wear less than female healers.

2 - I've never seen 'Kogepan' but I was looking for something odd for the Bishi to watch and I couldn't see boys watching 'Kodocha' or 'Excel Saga'... eh, shrugs.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
January 20th, 2008, 8:04 PM

The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Demoonica yawned as she sat up. It was the morning before the tournament and she had to head to the Water Crest City Orientation Center to sign up. "Mn, up." She yawned again, looking over at the clock on the bedside stand. It was just after seven o'clock. "To friggen early."

"Morning!" Rei waved from beside the coffee pot. "You want coffee?"

Demoonica made a face. "I don't really drink the stuff, I'll get breakfast downstairs."

"Okay, here Kai." He handed a cup to the dual haired teen, who took it with a look of worship. "Your ma would kill me if she knew I was giving you coffee on a regular basis."

Demoonica blinked sleepily at them. "Why's that?"

"Aunt Maria says it stunts our growth." Rei replied.

"You're five-five and I'm five-six. My dad's always snuck me coffee, even when I was a Chibi. My mom's full of it."

Rei snickered. "She only worries about us."

Kai grunted and began to drink his coffee.

Demoonica shook her head. "Don't you want a real breakfast? Anyway, I'm getting a shower and then dragging you all down to the breakfast buffet."


Demoonica wandered into the hotel buffet, sadly she was talking and walking backwards at the time, so she ended up bumping into some one who suddenly walked into her path. A pair of hands caught her and pulled her back up. "Sorry, I didn't want them to run out of donuts..." The man trailed off. "Demoonica?!"

She looked up into surprised blue eyes. "Uh-"

The tall blond Bishounen stood her on her feet, turned her around, let go of her and stepped back. He gave Demoonica a bright smile. "I haven't seen you since the tournament back in Treah City. Are you working one of the consession stands again?"

Suddenly Demoonica smiled, remembering the Bishounen. "Vash! Merina!"

Vash's smile widened. "You do remember us! Merina is staying here to be in the tournament, we were in the area already. Hey, who are all the new faces? Merina and the guys are at a table in the other buffet room over there." He pointed to a set of glass double doors. "Why don't you join us for breakfast and catch up with my trainer?" With a happy wave to the Bishi that he knew and to Zander, Vash headed to the piled up trays of fresh dounuts.

Demoonica grabbed her breakfast and headed to the other dining room to surprise the red-headed trainer. "Merina!" She called out and waved at the taller girl.

Just as it had taken Demoonica a moment to remember Vash, it took a moment for Merina to remember the dark-haired girl who had greeted her. "Demoonica." She waved back. The girl's Trowa motioned for Demoonica to take the empty seat to Merina's left.

"Hello, Lady Darkmoon." He greeted, when Demoonica sat down.

"Hi Trowa. Oh! I bet Heero and Duo will be happy to meet you."

Trowa quirked his visible eyebrow at her. So she'd caught both a Heero and a Duo. He wondered if Demoonica's half-Bish companion was still with her and if he was, how had he taken to having a Duo around full time, one that was Demoonica's? "I'll be sure to talk to them."

Demoonica turned to Merina. The red-haired-trainer's other two Bishounen, Sesshomaru and Folken, made no offer to be nice and greet her, they seemed to pretend that she hadn't just sat down at the table. "So what have you been doing? It's been nearly a year!"

Merina paused, her spoon mid-way to her mouth. "I traveled with Hiromi for another two months." She took the bite.

"Okay. You know, I ran into Hiromi a while back, but didn't think to ask why you two weren't together anymore. Why'd you split up?"

Merina shrugged. "Nothing big, we were headed to different areas, that's all."

While the two trainers talked a few Bishounen walked in and took seats at the tables, then a few more. Merina and her group didn't notice that no other trainers came in. Soon though Vash came in, talking animatedly to an Allen. Vash seemed to be retelling one of his and Merina's battles.

Merina looked at the two of them. "Is that your Allen?"

Demoonica nodded. "He's a Sama now."

"That's wonderful. Have you had any luck with catching?"

Demoonica looked around the room. Sure that everyone was now in the room, she waved a finger above her head, indicating the room as she said, "Considering that all of -them- are mine, I'd say... yes."


"Inu-chan! The plant likes you!" Kit and Inuyasha-chan's giggling woke Youko that morning. He opened a golden eye, thinking that perhaps the two Chibis had grown a flower from the seeds he'd given them. A pretty little wild flower was not what he found.

'Oh no!' Youko scrambled to his feet and grabbed Kit out of the reach of the plant, setting him down at a safe distance. Inuyasha-chan was however already tangled up in the long twisting and snaking vines. "Inuyasha-chan, hold very still!"

Inu-chan giggled again. "Look it, Youko-sensei! I got one to grow!" Another of the vines twisted around the Chibi's ankle.

"Inuyasha-chan, please be still." Youko said calmly. "That is a Devil's Snare plant."

"Devaz Snare." Inu-chan lifted a hand and patted one of the vines, it slipped itself around his wrist. Youko's eyes widened. Without thinking of his own safety, Youko sprang forward.

The Devil's Snare lashed out at the fox demon, grasping him painfully around the ankle and starting to tighten. "Gah!" Youko cried out in pain. 'By Inari, I'm a plant master!' He thought as the magical plant pulled him towards the rest of the twisting vines. He heard Kit scream out for him, the young kitsune too frightened to move.

Inu-chan stared in shock at Youko caught in the plant's grasp. "No! No! Le'go of Youko-sensei!" He said as he struggled against the plant's vines.

The Devil's Snare violently whipped away the vine that was holding Youko's leg, causing deep gashes above the boney ankle. Youko stared at the retreating vine. It was acting in very much the same manner as a scolded pet. The vine, bloodied as it was, moved to slither across Inu-chan's face.

"Eew!" Inu-chan pushed the vine away from his face, the vines wrapped around his small wrists not hindering his movements at all. The Chibi looked back down at Youko. "Youko-sensei? Are you alright?"

Youko moaned and sat up, blood running freely from the gashes above his ankle. "I will be fine." He winced in pain.

Inu-chan looked at him and tugged himself free from the grasp of the Devil's Snare, the plant released him without a moments hesitation and Youko finally put two and two together. Inuyasha-chan had been in control of the Devil's Snare at least up until he himself had made the plant react to what could have been a threat, then the plant had protected it's master. It was amazing really, to see the plant act so against every bit of information the fox demon knew about it, even if his leg would always carry the scars from the encounter.


At nine o'clock Demoonica entered the Orientation Center, finding the entrance area empty. "Hello?" She called and walked down the hall, checking the doors as she went. They were all empty classrooms like the one she'd been orientated in back at Epoh City. She opened the next to last door and was greeted by the entire class looking over at her.

"OH! Hello, you're just a little late and haven't missed anything. Please have a seat!" The black haired man said and fixed his glasses.

"Oh professor, I'm not-"

"Questions later young lady, you can ask me after you've been orientated!" He wave Demoonica to a seat and turned back to the chalkboard. He began writing.

Demoonica sighed and took the seat in the back so she could watch the class. The professor, Prof. McKesson, was a lot different to listen to than the professor Demoonica had had on her first day in the BishiWorld. He didn't babble, seemed to know what he was talking about, and had no problem with telling the new arrivals about the punishments for capturing Chibi's or searching for the Bishi's cities. When he asked if anyone wanted to leave and return to Earth one of boys raised his hand. Prof. McKesson brought out one of his Bishoujo's, Chi, and had her take him to another area in the Orientation Center where he would be transported home. It had been very informative, and lasted twice as long as Demoonica's orientation had. She even felt like a few things were clearer to her and she'd been living on this world for quite some time!

Finally Prof. McKesson held up the needle and waved for the teens to line up, he worked down the line quickly, discarding each needle into the dangerous waste bin and taking the next blood sample with the ease of a trained doctor. He had all the samples lined up and waiting by the time the first sample, that of a confused blond girl around the age of fourteen, had finished it's creation of the girls first twenty BishiBalls.

Demoonica waited until all the newbie's had their belts on to try and speak to the professor again. "Prof. McKesson-"

"You again." He said looking at Demoonica. "Alright, what is it young lady?"

"I'm sorry for walking in on you're orientation professor. I'm not a newbie trainer, I came to sign up for the tournament and couldn't find anyone."

"That's because other than my Bishoujo, I'm the only one here today... What's your name?"

"Demoonica Darkmoon."

"Then Demoonica, if you don't mind waiting a little longer. I'll take these newbies so they can start meeting the Bishi that have came here."

"Came here?"

"Hm? You must have been here more than a few months if you don't know. Some Bishounen and Bishoujo from different areas have volunteered to be captured by trainers. I guess they wanted a say in who was their trainer or more importantly, who wasn't." He turned around to face the small group of teens. "Alright, now if you all will please follow me, you can go meet the Bishi, please remember that glomping is not allowed." He looked back at Demoonica. "I'll only be a moment, unless you'd like to join me in keeping the fangirls calm?"

Demoonica smiled. "Sure, I'd love to give you a hand. I've never seen a large group of uncaptured Bishi willing to mingle freely with a bunch of hyper trainers." Prof. McKesson laughed and ushered the new trainers out of the room, leading them down the hall to the last door.

Demoonica entered the room last and saw that at least four of the newbie trainers had 'forgotten' that they were not to glomp the Bishounen. Prof. McKesson was already pulling the first girl off of a Sanosuke. In like fashion, Demoonica freed a Daisuke Niwa from a small girl who had matching red spiky hair and red contacts in. Two more Bishounen were freed shortly, a Roxas who was glomped by an American girl and funnily enough, a thirteen-year-old boy who looked like he was cosplaying as Sasuke Uchiha had glomped a very surprised San staged Temari Bishoujo. When things settled down, and all the new trainers had paired off with the Bishi of their liking, Prof. McKesson waved them out and walked over to Demoonica.

"It looked like you've had your fair share of experience with glomping." He said with a laugh.

"My little sister glomped me all the time when I was back on Earth and some of the friends I've made here are apt to glomp me when we meet up. So about the tournament-"

"Excuse me professor." A Bishounen tapped Prof. McKesson on the shoulder. "But-"

"Hm? Oh, Ichigo why aren't you with your trainer?" Prof. McKesson asked, confused.

The Ichigo crossed his arms infront of his chest. "I should be, but your lack of counting ability has left me here without a trainer. Unless this girl is the only one left." He eyed Demoonica.

"Trainerless? Oh! Of course! The young man who went home." Prof. McKesson said finally understanding the situation. "I'm very sorry Ichigo, but we had one of the new trainers choose to return home. I can arrange for you to be taken back to your home area after I get this trainer signed up for tomorrows tournament."

Ichigo looked over at Demoonica. "A tournament?"

Demoonica nodded at the boy.

"Hm, it sounds interesting. Professor could you arrange my return home for after this tournament, I'd like to see it."

Prof. McKesson scratched his neck. "Well, I suppose. I would have you just stay anyway, but we only have orientation once a month in this town because of how few new trainers arrive here."

Ichigo nodded. "Perhaps, trainer-" He was speaking to Demoonica now. "-tomorrow could I sit with your Bishounen so that my status as an uncaught would not be known?"

Demoonica shrugged. "Sure."

"Then meet me here in the morning, before the tournament." He walked out of the room, his white overcoat-thing billowing out behind him in the same fashion that Seto Kaiba's overcoat had the tendency to do. Demoonica wondered how they got their clothes to do that.

"Ichigo thinks he'll be allowed to go with you." Demoonica stared at Prof. McKesson, who shrugged. "He only wants to evolve and knows that Bishounen who travel with trainers normally evolve sooner, maybe you could ask him to join you for the tournament. He may change his mind if he decides he doesn't like you."

"Change his mind, professor? Do you not want me to catch him if he asks?"

Prof. McKesson shook his head. "The program is for new trainers, Demoonica. It's to help them get started. It'd be chaos if any trainer could walk into an Orientation Center and get their choice of a new Bishounen."

"I understand." Demoonica nodded, understanding. "And if he still likes me when it's all over?"

"Well, Ichigo did ask for an escort back to his home area. What happens after he ges there and he leaves them, is up to him. Now, if you want to get signed up for the tournament we should go back to the entry way where the forms are at."


"I see." Katan said with a nod. "You've went about everything with a very demonic mind set, sadly that always leads to being on the losing side of things."

Shades growled at the Cherub Bishounen. "I'd like to see some one from this world to do any better on our plane of existence!" Glaring down at the calmly seated blue-haired Katan she hit the table with her fist, causing a small burst of flame to scorch its top.

"I was only stating the truth. Now as I understand, you need the halfling to help you. Correct?"

The bald headed man, Shocker, nodded. "Yeah, we've waited as long as posable and tried every other option we could think of before sending one of our most beloved to find a place with people who still had the ability to have children. When Avioc Malli came here twenty years ago, we didn't think that she'd end up doing what she did."

Shades sighed and flopped back down into her seat. "To think that she killed so many on this world as she let the people on ours die out slowly."

"So what are we talking about here? Are you planing to take the halfling with you?"

Shades and Shocker looked at each other. "That would be the best outcome, yes... but he is bonded to two of the inhabitance of this world and they would never be able to travel to our world." Shocker paused. "I'm not even sure that Avioc's boy could."

"What then?" Katan questioned.

Shades pulled a container from her trench-coat. "With enough of his DNA, we could be able to reintroduce the ability to have children back into the remaining people. If the DNA mixes into our own correctly, then we would no longer face our own extinction."

"That is only if the boy carries Avioc ability to merge his DNA with that of others." Shades finnished softly.


Demoonica walked into the Water Crest City Gym, once again paying no attention as to where she was going. It was just one of those days. This time she was however looking at the changes Heero had made to her bank account. She had to thank the Gundam Bishounen, it was such an easy interface! One page listed her total credits, followed by how much had came from what source. Another had a list of items she'd stored in the BishiGear, mostly this was a list of numbered Hoi Poi Capsules and items that had been dropped by the Monster Battle encounters. It was then that the inevitable happened, she tripped over some one.

"Wai!" Fwump! Demoonica landed on the slightly squishy floor.

"Itai- Aw man, just my luck! I take some time to do some training and I get bowled over my a girl!" The person Demoonica had apparently 'bowled over' whined. "Hey, you mind getting off my back?"

Demoonica jumped up blushing. "Sorry!" She looked down at the Bishounen.

"Hey Kuabara, don'a be take'n all day now!" Came what sounded like an Irish or Scottish, Demoonica wasn't sure, voice.

"Yeah, yeah, Jin." The Kuabara on the floor waved, not looking up at the red-headed wind demon.

"She glomp ya?" The Jin asked as he pulled his legs up and sat Indian style in mid-air. He gave the Kuabara a cheeky grin.

Demoonica waved her hands in front of her. "No, forgive me. I tripped over your friend."

Jin laughed, making his elvish ears twitch. "It okay lass, probably the closest thing to a glomp that the fella will ever get. C'mon Kuabara, it's time for Urameshi ta kick ya arse again!"

"Trainer?" Demoonica asked.

"Eh two." Jin held up two fingers. "Our Summerset an' Meg have us training fur the turny. Having a fine time of it too."

Demoonica smiled. "Cool, I'm here for the tournament too."

"Yeah? Ya don't say?" Jin dropped his feet back to the floor. "Well then, you're welcome to join them, I'd guess. Hey Kuwabara, get up or I'll accuse ya of peeking up the lady's dress."

"I am not!" Kuwabara jumped to his feet and pointed at Demoonica. "And she ain't even wearing a skirt!"

Jin chuckled. "So ya was peeking!"

"Wha?" Kuwabara blinked. "Hey! That's entrapment! And I was not!"

"Eh, whatever you say. Ya coming back or what?"

"Yeah, I'm coming back as long as the shrimp and the mini-shrimp stop backing Urameshi, three against one isn't fair odds."

"Urameshi against you ain't fair odds! Our team's gon'a loose!"

Demoonica followed the bickering pair of Yu Yu Hakusho Bishounen into the training area. On one side sat a small black girl with short straight cut hair. Sitting with her were a Sasuke, a Youko Kurama, a Hiei, and a Reoko. On the other side sat...

Demoonica blinked. "Hey Megan!" She called out. A small black blur zoomed over to her, quickly followed by a larger black blur, better known as Megan's Chibi Hiei and his older brother.

"Inu! Inu!" Chibi Hiei said as he looked at Demoonica, wanting to see the little black-haired Inuyasha Chibi he remembered this trainer having with her.

The older Hiei looked at Demoonica's suddenly pained face and put a hand on his younger brother's head. The Chibi Hiei looked up at him. The older shook his head, causing the Chibi to frown and look sadly at Demoonica. "No Inu-chan?"

Demoonica closed her eyes. "He's some where else right now, Hi-kun."

"Oh, will he be back soon?"

"I... you won't be able to see him."

Hiei, the older one, nodded and picked up his brother, taking him back over to Megan and the rest of her Bishi. Demoonica followed.

Jin moved to the middle of the training area, Demoonica noticed that it was tightly packed, dry earth and not wood or stone flooring. "Alright, back to the next match." Jin said. "Kuwabara I'm rooting fur ya, Urameshi try not to beat him so bad that he can't fight tomorrow."

Kuwabara grumbled about not even his own team thinking he could win and moved to stand on his side of the training field. Megan's Yusuke Urameshi walked to his side of the field, hands jammed into his pockets. "Yeah, yeah. Get on with it already."

"Third of three bouts is Kazuma Kuwabara against Yusuke Urameshi." Jin held up his hand. Bringing it down quickly, he called out. "Fight begin!" Then zoomed up onto the air and out of the way.

The fight started.

In the end Yusuke won, much to Kuabara's disappointment, but really, everyone had known the outcome before the fight had even started.

"Yeah, well one of these days I'm gon'a flatten your ass Urameshi!"

"Feel free to try any time, I'm always up for making you look like one big bruise."

The two were at that time shaking hands, glints in their eyes saying that they had enjoyed the match.

Hi-kun ran out onto the field to congratulate his other 'brother', Megan and her other three Bishi's, Sesshoumaru, Briar and Trisana moved onto the field to do the same, leaving the older Hiei leaning back onto the bench above him. His arms fanned out to either side of him and his eyes still trained on the scene in front of them, he addressed Demoonica. "You're hurting. I saw it in your eyes."

Demoonica leaned forward, placing her elbows onto her knees and resting her chin in her hands. "Inu-chan is missing." Hiei stiffened at those simple words. "He ran away to keep another trainer from taking him from our group. We thought that the man's ninja Bishoujo would find him quickly, but Inu-chan slipped away some how. He's been gone for nearly three weeks." Demoonica shifted her face so she hid it in her hands. "I'm worried Hiei, for his safety and for what could be done because of this."

"Worried about your own skin?" His even tone didn't change.

"I can't help not being, not because I had Inu-chan, but because I was the reason he had to run away. I did something so stupid..."

"Hn." Hiei wasn't about to try and tell the girl otherwise.

"That's why I'm here, I'll help my Bishounen get stronger and then I will get both of them back, Inu-chan and Junia." Demoonica said strongly.

"I understand. Megan won't say no to helping you. Bring out those you want trained." Hiei stood and walked over to Megan, he talked quietly with his trainer away from the others. He said something and Megan looked over at Demoonica in surprise, then back to Hiei, nodding. Hiei nodded back. Megan picked up Hi-kun and waved for Briar and Trisana to follow her over to where Summerset was sitting with her Bishi.

Demoonica slid her hand over her BishiBalls, knowing who was in each because of the blood bond. She pulled free Kamui's ball, then Inuyasha's, finally her hand stopped over the ball that contained Marou. She looked down at the ball. Marou had tried, really he had. She moved her hand away from the ball. She didn't know who else she should use for the tournament.

"Hn. Having trouble?" Hiei asked, appearing beside of her. He looked pointedly at the two BishiBalls in her hand.

"The rules state that you need a full team of three and one alternate, unless you do not yet own four." Demoonica pulled free Allen's ball and finally Wolfram's ball. Tossing the four balls into the air, she called them out. Four flashes of red light later, the two San's and two Sama's were standing on the dirt training field, curiously staring at Hiei and Demoonica. She nodded at them. "Time to train."

Each of them drew their own sword. The feeling of a barrier being put up and the feeling of three others joining them, said that this wasn't some friendly match.

Hiei drew his sword. "Defend yourselves!" The declaration was followed by the sudden rise of energy levels, coming both from Hiei, who was in front of them, and three others behind them. With that the fight began.

It wasn't easy for Summerset, Megan, or Demoonica to follow most of the fight. Most of the demons were little more than blurs to the human eyes until they clashed for a moment, then they were gone again. A sudden flash of red and orange drew their attention to one corner, where Wolfram had summoned his fire magic. The demon tribesman didn't have the speed and strength of the other demons, he just wasn't that kind of demon and it showed. And Allen, though a Sama, wasn't able to do much more than block.

An hour passed and Allen was sitting beside Demoonica looking worst for wear, the battle royal style of match wasn't in his favor considering most of the others involved had demon blood of some kind or another. Kamui was keeping up with them rather well.

At the moment the four to three match was at a stand still, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha were facing off in the middle of the arena, their team mates forced to the edges. A growl came from Inuyasha. Sesshomaru smirked, then swayed a little. Seeing the opening, Inuyasha rushed forward.

"Enough!" Hiei's voice cut through the large room. "We've trained enough, Kamui you can drop the barrier."

The dark haired Bishounen nodded and did as he was told.

"Hey shrimp, you just stopped us because I was about to beat Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha yelled at Hiei.

"No, he stopped us because Sesshoumaru's energy just dropped through the floor, you stupid dog!" Yusuke yelled back. "If Hiei let you finish your attack, our team mate could have been seriousely hurt!"

"Feh." Inuyasha huffed and transformed Tetsuiga back into it's sealed form. He walked over to the trainers. "Just didn't want us winning." He grumbled to Demoonica.

"It wasn't about winning, Inuyasha." She said. "It was about pushing you to your limits and shoving you right passed them, it may have only been an hour long, but Hiei and the others were going all out and only holding back enough that they wouldn't kill."

Allen sighed. "Are we that lame?"

"Yes." Summerset's Hiei said, walking by as his trainer left the arena.

"You were against demons, any normal person would have died within seconds." Summerset's Youko offered.

"Yeah, you guys got good swordsmanship. It's just not on the level of Sesshoumaru or Hiei." Megan's Yusuke added.

"I thought you were trying to make him feel -better-." Wolfram butted in. "Not worse."

"Eh?" Yusuke's eyes widened and he scratched his cheek. "Oh. Right."




Due to the large amount of Bishounen and Bishoujo in this chapter I'll give you a BishiDex in the form of:

Bishi's name - Where they are from.

Sesshomaru - Inuyasha, Trowa - Gundam Wing, Vash - Trigun, Floken - Escaflowne, Chi - Chobits, Sanosuke- Ruruni Kenshin, Daisuke Niwa - D.N.Angel, Roxas - Kingdom Hearts II, Temari - Naruto, Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach, Kuabara - Yu Yu Hakusho, Jin - Yu Yu Hakusho, Sasuke - Naruto, Youko Kurama - Yu Yu Hakusho, Hiei - Yu Yu Hakusho, Reoko - Tenshi, Yusuke Urameshi - Yu Yu Hakusho, Briar - Circle of Magic, Tristana - Circle of Magic.


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
January 20th, 2008, 8:07 PM

The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Demoonica fell out of the bed the next moring when the alarm went off. "Ouph!" She glared up at the ringing clock and blinked. "Who the hell set the clock for six thirty?!" She got no answer, then remembered that she had slipped from her room to Zander's room some time after midnight. Sitting up she looked over the bed to Zander's sleeping form. "Why are you getting up so early?!"

Zander rolled over, blinking sleep darkened eyes at his clock. He yawned and turned the ringer off. "Sorry. You can take a shower her if you want, before going to your room."

Demoonica shook her head and started pulling on her cloths. "I'll shower in my bathroom, maybe none of my Bishi are awake yet."

"Suite yourself." He said, yawning again. After a moment he seemed to zone out.

'What is he doing?' Demoonica thought and waved a hand in front of Zander's face. Nothing. He didn't even blink. She sighed. "Zander! What are you doing?!"

Zander jumped. "Hey! Don't yell! I was doing what Prof. Steve wants me to do. We got my powers under control while I stayed at the BishiWorld Safety Department Headquarters, now I have to make sure to use them..."

"So? What were you doing?"

"Telepathy. I was giving Sterling's Dio a VERY early morning wake up call." Zander snickered.

"You're mentally yelling in his ear." Demoonica dead-panned.

"Yep." Zander let out a little giggle. "He cursing the day I was born right now... and he's woke up the others."

"You know that isn't nice to Sterling or his Bishounen."

"Sterling is actually helping me... he can't use telepathy, but I was always working on mine with him, so it's easy to send to him and pick up his thoughts even this far away."

"And Dio?"

Zander shrugged. "I guess I can think loud enough to wake the dead." He paused. "That would be cool! I have got to talk to Prof. Steve and see if there's any Bishi with that power. Hey Demoonica, don't you think being a Necromancer would be cool?"

Demoonica stared at her boyfriend. "You have got to be kidding! Raising the dead is the last thing in the world that I'd think of as 'cool', that's... eww." She crinkled up her nose.

Zander shrugged. "I think it'd be cool." He mumbled.

"I'm going to my room now, try not to piss off Sterling's poor Dio any more this morning."

Zander laughed, but didn't promise anything. Demoonica headed back to her own hotel room, and slipped in without being noticed. Grabing clean clothes, she headed to the bathroom to take her morning shower.


Demoonica blinked up at the CASTLE that was looming over her and took a step back out of the tournament arena, looking up again it was not there, and when she stepped back through the entrance, BAM!, there it was again. Around her some of the other arriving trainers were doing the same thing, confused as to how the still normal looking Gym building held a gigantic castle inside of it.

"It's Dawning Castle." A Bishounen said as he shook his head at the crowd of trainers blocking the entrance way. Demoonica looked over at him, it was a dark haired Bishounen with glasses and wearing a black robe. "We magicked it up last night."

"Oh!" A small girl chirped. "That's neat!" Demoonica only nodded and finally went all the way into the building, dragging Zander with her by the hand.

"Oi! Demoonica! Hand." He said as he was almost forced to run over some poor random person.

"Uh? Oh! Heh heh, sorry Zander." She slowed her walking. "I am running a bit late though."

"I think I left shoe prints on that person..." Zander looked backwards. "Oops." He turned back around. "You're not that late, so no excuses to drag me around so much." He swung his hand, and Demoonica's with it, back and fourth. "See? Attached. I ain't going nowhere."

Demoonica blushed and looked away. "Yeah."

"Hey Demoonica!" Megan waved the other trainer over, her Chibi Hiei sitting on her shoulders. "They're getting ready to let us in." She pointed down the hall where around a dozen trainers were waiting.

"They've got some really weird rules for this thing. Have you read them?" Summerset said waving a sheet of paper.

"Uh, no I haven't. Isn't it going to be like any other tournament?" Demoonica asked.

"No way. This is set up like some adventure game! Here look!" Summerset handed the paper to Demoonica.

It read:

All trainers participating in the Annual Water Crest City Tournament must have with them a team of three Bishounen or Bishoujo of the San or Sama stage and one substitute Bishounen or Bishoujo also of the San or Sama stage. All other Bishounen and Bishoujo that a trainer owns must watch from the stands or be returned to their balls to be left in the care of a tournament official untill their trainer either finishes the tournament course or quits. If a trainer is in possession of a Chibi, then they will be allowed to bring them with them, but at no time is the Chibi to be put into harms way. If a trainer is found with a San or Sama staged Bishounen or Bishuojo in Supper Deformed mode trying to pass them off as a Chibi, they will be disqualified from the tournament.

The tournament takes place in a course known as Dawning Castle and all trainers and their Bishounen or Bishoujo will start out at different points on the lowest level. The goal is to out smart or out power the other teams while making it to the top of Dawning Castle. Along with the other teams, trainers will have to face traps, tests, and monsters blocking their path to the top, the first team there will win the tournament.

"Wow, this does sound like some video game." Zander said. He had read the paper over Demoonica's shoulder.

"Really." Demoonica agreed. "Well..." She pulled free a few Bishiballs from her belt. "...this changes the line up of my team somewhat. Why didn't they give us this information when we signed up?"

"I know!" A voice Demoonica knew spoke up. "It's because every year what happens at this tournament changes and how the trainers cope with the unknown is part of the test."

Demoonica turned around to see the trainer walking up to them. "Spatial!"

"Hi Demoonica." The Chinese-American albino girl, Spatial replied. "I thought that was you."

"Are you here for the tournament?"

"No." Spatial shook her head. "I don't have the needed amount of Bishi for this one."

"Oh, so you're watching? Could you see that my Bishi get to the standde okay, then?"

"Uh, sure. Shugo was drug off by Reina to get snacks, but as soon as they're back I can."

"Thanks!" Demoonica brought out her Bishi, most who had met the albino trainer while she had been at the Bishi World Safety Department. "Okay guys, I want you to sit with Spatial and don't cause trouble." She gave a pointed look at both Duo and Heero.

"What? We don't always get into trouble!" Heero said holding his hands up in his defense.

"Yeah, a lot of time Zero is in on the plans!" Duo said as he slung one arm over Heero's shoulders and the other over Zero's. "Ain't that right, guys?!"

"Duo! That's not helping our case."

"Ah, c'mon Hee-chan! I swear it's not just me who starts these things!"

Demoonica rolled her eyes. "Alright, alright, but no causing trouble Duo, really, okay?"

Duo looked crestfallen. "Alright, no causing trouble. Bakura's included with that too, right?"

"Bakura's going to stay with me." Demoonica pulled the white haired thief spirit out of the group. He looked happy and started to comment, but Demoonica cut him off as she continued. "And so is Raine, Wolfram, and Edward." Raine and Wolfram both moved over to Demoonica.

Edward stood where he was, looking at Demoonica, slightly shocked. "Me?!" He squeaked, and out of some nervous habit tugged at the end of his braid. "Why me?" He asked her softly. "I'm not of any use."

"You'll do fine, Ed." Demoonica pulled him out of the group of Bishi to stand beside of her. "I promise."

Edward looked at the ground. "If you say so, but... what about?" He took hold of his strawberry blond braid.

"Forget about your hair, Ed. Has the color of your hair and eyes ever effected how good you are at alchemy?"

Ed shook his head 'no', but he sill looked back down at the ground. "I haven't done much alchemy though." He mumbled. "And... everyone will see me."

Demoonice pulled the young San staged Bishounen into a hug. "Then you can show them how great you are, then can't you?"

"Uh," Ed blushed from being hugged, "I..."

"Touching. Forgetting some one?"

Demoonica looked up at the person who'd spoken, Ichigo. Oh, she'd forgotten about meeting up with him. "Ichigo."

"Whatever, it looks like you have a full party already."

Suddenly Sumerset raised her hand. "Um, well... uh... my Kuwabara didn't want to join in and my Sasuke ended up with some 24 hour cold. I was going to just have Sasuke as a reserve... but..."

"You want me to join you?" Ichigo asked and Summerset nodded. "Yeah, sure. Why not. What's your name?"


"Alright then, let's do this." Ichigo walked away from the group, and with a small look back at them and a wave, so did Summerset.

"Good luck!" Demoonica called after her.

Suddenly above them the loud speakers came on and a woman's voice sounded over it. "All trainers participating in the tournament please continue into the waiting area."

The door at the end of the hall they were standing in opened, allowing them to enter.

"Alright. Good luck Demoonica." Zander kissed her on the cheek and headed for the stands. Demoonica blushed, then ushered her Bishounen down the hall with the rest of the trainers.

"Remember to behave for Spatial!" She called over her shouder just as she entered the other room.

"Alright!" Spatial said and looked at the large group of Bishi she'd been put in charge of. "We have a few minutes, let's go to the concession stands first."


An hour later...

Demoonica looked at the winged bat-eyeball thing as it followed her down the hall of Dawning Castle. The little Seibutsu were like living video cameras, and trained to follow each tournament contestant around so the audience could watch. How wonderfull, yet so far other than a few small traps she'd seen nothing of interest.

"Sh- hold up." Wolfram said and they all paused to listen. Clearly heard was a soft buzzing noise. "What is that?" The blond demon wondered out loud.

"Well, why don't we go find out?" Bakura gestured to the end of the hall to the room it opened into.

Wolfram tightened the grip on his sword and drew it a moment later, giving Bakura a nod.

Bakura's hands, finally doing something useful and not groping any girl in sight, moved to circle the Millennium Ring and it glowed to life, rising from his chest. He sent it's power outward, searching for a mind to take over. Bakura frowned and the Ring dropped back down. "The minds are not human." He pulled out a dagger. "But there are a lot of them."

"How about I start things off then?" Wolfram raised a hand, the start of a fireball forming above it. "All the particles belonging to the Flames..." The fire grew and swirled around. " ...obey the Demon Tribe that destroyed the Originators!" Half a dozen small fire balls rushed from his hand, their flaming tails swirling around each other as they raced down the hall, homing in on the monsters within the room. They could hear the monsters screech as they burned.

Edward, having been on the end of a fire attack and nearly dying from it, pushed himself back away from the blond demon. The fire, he couldn't stand it. That young Colonel bastard had made sure that Ed would never forget how fire felt. He shut his eyes, willing himself to just disappear. Seeing this, Demoonica let the young boy cling to her. She'd never seen Ed so afraid and realized that he must remember more about being attacked when he was still a Chibi than he let on. "It's just Wolf, Ed." She whispered to him and was thankful that the winged bat-eyeball thing was watching that attack and not was happening behind Wolf in that hallway.

Wolfram rushed forward, sword in hand, to engage the enemy one on one. The winged bat-eyeball thing followed him, it's wings beating at a rapid pace.

"Don't hog all the fun, pretty-boy!" Bakura called and ran into the room next.

Demoonica looked at Edward silently asking if he was alright now, the young alchemist shrugged. "I'd better keep up or who knows what they'll get into." She said.

"Yeah-" Suddenly a stray attack came flying down the hall. Out of instinct, Ed clapped his hands together and slapped them against the ground, causing a wall of stone to raise up, blocking them from harm. "Hey! Watch it!" He yelled at his comrades. Demoonica noticed him shiver and heard him mumble, "At least it wasn't another fireball."


Elsewhere, The BishiWorld Safety Department...

Junia watched Wufei pace back and forth across the room. Finally the Gundam Bishounen turned to him, looking the boy in the eye. "Well, we can only classify you as not a Chibi and not a San..." Wufei ran his hands through his messy black hair. It'd fallen out of it's normal tight ponytail hours ago. "So by all rights..." Wufei stopped again. Gawds why did he have to always deal with this stuff? Why didn't Megami-sama do her own job?! He didn't know what to tell the kid, he worked with cadets not children! He opened his mouth to try once more. "We've added the classifications of Tan and Chama to the lists of Bishounen and Bishoujo stages as such: Chibi, Tan, San, Chama, Sama." He stated mater of factly. "Tan being the classification for a Bishounen or Bishoujo Chibi that fails to evolve properly into the San stage and for the chance that this may happen again, or may have already unknowingly happened, the classification of Chama for a Bishounen or Bishoujo San who fails to evolve properly into the Sama stage. God help me if I have to start programing abilities and who knows what else into the Dex's for these stages for all of the known Bishi. And God help the next trainer who causes as many problems as that..." Wufei crinkled up his nose. " ...damn Onna!" He was of course talking about Demoonica.




Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
January 20th, 2008, 8:09 PM

The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


"What does that mean for me then, sir?" Junia asked Wufei.

"It means that we can't do anything with the charges that Mr. Marten Garrett brought up against cadet Darkmoon, you are not a Chibi and the other Chibi he claims she had has not been brought to us."

"I- I'm free to go?" The small boy looked up at Wufei.


Junia paused. "Wait, sir, the other Chibi? You mean Inu-chan?"

Wufei looked down at Junia. "Yes. I'm afraid he hasn't been located."

"Oh." Junia said sadly. "Sir, will Miss Darkmoon be allowed to keep me now?"

"Of course, there was no problem with cadet Darkmoon keeping you, as she never caught you or the Inuyasha Chibi. She didn't break any laws." Wufei paused. "But tell me something, you said that your mother's trainer made her abandon you, right?" Junia nodded. "Do you remember that man's name?"

Junia shook his head. "No sir."

"How about how long ago it was?"

Junia thought for some time on that question, but he shook his head again. "No, only that I was alone for what seemed to be forever."

Wufei sighed. "Alright, well we'll contact cadet Darkmoon and have her collect you."

Junia nodded. "Yes, sir."

Wufei walked out of the room, trying to smooth his hair as he went. He was still mumbling something under his breath as the door shut behind him, leaving Junia there alone.


"Well, this must be the end of the first floor." Bakura stated as they finished off the monsters. It was a large room, with a dozen doorways like the one they had entered through and a staircase leading up. They couldn't be sure of how many of the other teams had already made it to this point.

"Are you sure that is the way?" Wolfam asked.

Bakura pointed to the stairs. "The sign says 'UP'."

Wolfram blushed. "Oh."

Demoonica gave a laugh, shaking her head. "Hey, come look at this." She waved the three Bishounen over to her. "It's a place to switch out a party member. Any of you want to switch with Raine for the next level?"

The three shook their heads. "Not right now, trainer of mine." Bakura said.

"This level was easy and we may need her healing powers later." Wolfram stated. "And I do have the ability to cast small healing spells."

"I'm alright." Ed said softly.

"Then up the steps we go!"


-Welcome to level two.-


-Welcome to level three.-


"Level two was easy." Bakura stretched as they entered the first room of level three. "Did anyone catch how many levels this was going to be?"

"Ten." Ed spoke up.

"Ah, I see."

"Alright, let's continue. We are in a race." Demoonica headed to the doorway. Edward, Wolfram, and Bakura followed. Bakura paused.

"Wait-" Bakura started, but it was too late and the floor under their feet gave away.

"Wah!" Demoonica reached out to grab at the edge. It was too far away.


She landed with a dull thump, stirring up a cloud of dust. "Ouch."

"Ow, fu-"


"Fu-fu-fudge..." He finished lamely.

Demoonica squinted in the dusty darkness and jumped as Wolfram, then Edward landed a moment later.





"Where are we now?" Demoonica looked back up the long dark shaft, watching as the floor moved back into place and blocked their exit.

"An Oubliette." Bakura stated.

Demoonica's face lit up. "Oh! Finally something that I know about."

Bakura raised an eyebrow. "I know I've seen my fair share of these places, but how do you know about Oubliettes beautiful trainer mine?" He moved closer to her in the dark. "Some deep dark secret, perhaps?"

"Hardly." Demoonica said as she pushed his hand off of her cheek. "Why don't you stop being perverted and help me find the door."

"Bu-" Bakura looked confused. "Door?"

"Of course, this wouldn't be set up like a normal Oubliette, but like the one in the 'Labyrinth' movie. It's here to only slow us down."

"Aa. Wait, what's this 'Labyrinth' movie?"

Demoonica rolled her eyes, even though it was nearly pitch black. "I'll tell you all about it as soon as we escape. Wolf, Ed, why don't you take that side, look for a wooden door. It won't be attached to anything."

"But-" Wolf started.

"No questions, the explanation would be too confusing until I show you how it works, so just look."


Outside of Dawning Castle, the audience cheered as Demmonica's score rose for her show of knowledge. Zander jumped up and down, getting a few odd looks from the Bishounen around him. Suddenly Demoonica's BishiGear beeped. She wasn't allowed any of her trainers gear during the tournament, so he had all of it. He looked at the sender, it was the BWSD.

Zander flipped open the BishiGear. "Hello?"

Wufei's face appeared on the screen. "Maxwell?" He looked confused. "Please hand the device to cadet Darkmoon."

"Sorry, can't. She's taking part in the Water Crest City Tournament."

Wufei frowned. "Why is she always so troublesome?" He mumbled to himself.

"Hey Heero! Look it's Wu-fairy!" Duo pointed at the screen as he appeared over Zander's right shoulder. Heero looked over his other shoulder.

On the screen, Wufei twitched. "Max-well." He growled out between his clenched teeth.

"Back off Duo." Zander glared at the young San.

"Alright, alright, sheesh!" Duo sat back and pulled Heero with him. "If I can't watch, you can't watch." Heero pouted.

"What's up Wufei?" Zander asked.

"We here at the Department have something of Demoonica's." Wufei stated. "Her missing and I'm sure very missed... Chibi."

Zander smiled. "Which one?"

Wufei frowned. "You know, most wouldn't rub it in the Department's face that they have more than one Chibi, Maxwell. But, because you asked, it's Junia. Now, I have a lot of things to tell Cadet Darkmoon in person, but for now I'll asked you to meet Junia at the transporter in the towns square."

Zander looked up to the screens that were showing what was happening to the trainers, right now it had switched to following some else, this trainer had also just fallen into an Oubliette. "Sure, I can do that." He turned off the BishiGear.

Zander stood, getting a few looks from Demoonica's Bishi. "I'll be back soon. Save my seat." He said, placing most of Demoonica's trainer gear in his seat and moving to the end of the row of seats.

He exited the Gym, heading for the center of town, where the transporter was located. He shoved his hands into his pockets as he walked down the seemingly empty street.

"There." The darkly cloaked figure said to another, taller, darkly cloaked figure. "Take that one next."

The second figure nodded and disappeared from sight. Seconds later it appeared behind Zander, knocking the half-Bishounen out before he even knew he was under attack. Zander slumped down and the darkly cloaked figure picked him up, shouldering him with ease.

With another nod both figures disappeared, leaving only one small thing behind, unnoticed... Demoonica's BishiGear Zander had been carrying.


Junia exited the transporter, finding himself to now be in Water Crest City. "Hello?" He asked looking around for Zander. Wufei had said that the Chestnut-haired man would be waiting for him by the time he got here. "Mr. Maxwell?"

Junia stepped off of the transporter, he had spotted something on the ground. He looked down at it, then picked it up. "A BishiGear?" The young Bishounen questioned himself. He opened it and found Demoonica's name staring back at him from the screen. "Mr. Maxwell?" He called again. There still was no answer, there was no one in the streets at all. Junia bit his lip, where had Wufei said Demoonica was at? Gripping the BishiGear tightly to his chest Junia started down the street.




Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
January 20th, 2008, 8:10 PM

The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Raine cast a healing spell on Wolfram. "Ow..." He flinched as the wound healed rapidly. "What were those things? Harpies?"

"That would be my guess. Are you alright now?" Raine gave him a soft smile.

Wolfram flexed his arm. "Yeah."

"I have something that's hurting." Bakura spoke up. "It could use some 'hands on' attention." He made to grab her rear end.

"Pervert!" Raine swung her staff at the tomb robber. It hit him on the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. "Would you please make this thing behave?" She said to Demoonica as she waved at Bakura.

Demoonica laughed. Bakura hadn't been hurt and was laying on the floor looking up at the two women, one hand holding up his head, the fingers on the other hand tapping against the floor. "The women around here are more dangerous than the monsters."

Raine glanced down at him. "Lucky for you, I'm not wearing a skirt or else I'd kick you for good measure." She turned back to Wolfram. "It was a good idea to switch me in so I could heal this. Where are we anyway?"

"Eighth floor." Demoonica answered her.

"Ah, I see. What happened to young Edward?"

Demoonica sighed. "Wolfram was casting another one of his fire magics, it looked like a lion, and Ed was too close to the enemy. He wasn't hit, but..."

Raine frowned. "The poor boy. He really has a bad fear of fire doesn't he?"


Youko scooped up Inu-chan, placing the Chibi on his shoulders. "Hold on pup." Inu-chan wrapped his arms around Youko's head.

"Okay Youko-sensei!" He said. Around Inu-chan's neck a small vine twisted, the sprout form of the Devil's Snare. The deadly plant looked like a harmless choker type necklace.

"And you, Kit." Youko scooped up his young son.

"O'tay!" Kit giggled as his father kept a good hold on him.

"Here we go then!" Youko took off running at full speed, careful not to loose either of his young companions. They were, if he ran like this non stop, an hour away from the Yu Yu Hakushou area's main city. Even with the bandaged ankle, Youko could move much quicker carrying the two Chibi's than if he let them walk the distance. "We'll be home in an hour, Kit. Won't that be nice?" He asked the Chibi in his arms as he ran.

"Yeah!" Kit cheered.

Inu-chan smiled, holding on to Youko tightly. He'd never moved this fast before, his father never carried him.


Wolfram raised a hand. "All the particles belonging to the Flames..." The fire grew and swirled around. " ...obey the Demon Tribe that destroyed the Originators!" Half a dozen small fire balls rushed from his hand, their flaming tails swirling around each other as they homed in on the monster. It screamed in pain, making Demoonica flinch. It was a lot worse being in the same room as the monster that was burning to it's demise.

Bakura threw another dagger at the large beast in an attempt to blind it. "Aim for it's eyes, pretty-boy!" He called to Wolfram.

"I'm trying. And STOP calling me THAT!"

Beside of Demoonica, Raine gave a laugh and cast. "Holy Lance!" The magic formed and a multitude of lances made of yellow light rained down on the monstrous beast.

"Well, you can really tell that they've been stepping up the enemies on these levels." Demoonica commented. "This thing isn't even the Boss."

"Thanks!" Bakura called as the monster reared up from bring hit with the Raine's spell. He ran in under it a dagger in hand.

Demoonica turned her face away just as he stabbed the beast's soft underbelly. She really did not want to see that and she'd been having an upset stomach for the last few days anyway. She must have been more stressed out about the tournament than she thought.


The first thing Zander was aware of was the feeling of cold stone against his skin. Slowly he opened his eyes, but when the lights seemed all together too bright and made him feel like he was about to throw up he shut them tightly. His head hurt too. 'What was I drugged with?' He wondered and rolled onto his side with some difficulty, his body didn't want to cooperate.

"Hey! You shouldn't try that so soon!" Zander felt a hand grasp his shoulder that sent a wave of feelings rushing through his body. The hand stayed only long enough to steady him so that he didn't roll any farther. Zander didn't know it, but he was on the edge of a good four foot drop. This person had kept him from cracking his skull open.

"I know you can hear us, but don't try to talk yet." The voice told him.

'Damn right I can hear you!' Zander thought. 'It feels like you're yelling in my ears.' He opened his mouth to voice this, but the only thing that came out was a harsh gasp.

"Don't! Just listen!"

'Then stop yelling!' Zander grumbled in his head, and decided that if he couldn't say the words then he would use his telepathy. He started to tap into his powers, and felt a searing pain cut through his mind like a red hot poker. "Aahh-ah!" He grabbed his head, curling in on himself.

"Yama, grab him!" Another voice cut through Zander's red hot pain.

"But the drug!" Came the voice that had been speaking to Zander, but the hands returned, cupping Zander's head and letting it settle on the person's lap. "Stop snickering Bishira." The voice mumbled.

"Is he alright?" A female voice asked.

"Yeah, Umi." One of the hands stroked Zander's hair from his face, it left a fuzzy feeling where he was touched. "Hey, Zander." The boy spoke. "Do you remember me? It's Yamashira."

'Y-Yama?' Zander thought. 'That's one of those half-bishi trainers that followed Demoonica to the BWSD.'

"I don't know what you just tried to do, but I would advise against trying it again. They just brought you in a little while ago, so the stuff they drugged you with is still in your system."

A chain rattled and Zander was sure some one else had moved closer to him and Yamashira. "How are you eyes?" A different female voice. "You may be able to open them now."

'How many people were in this room?' Zander opened an eye just a crack, letting the much dimmer light filter in. He blinked, then opened his eyes completely. He was looking right up at the one male trainer, Yama.

"Sorry that they got you." Yama said, letting his hands move to rest on his knees.

'They? They who?' Zander thought, and it must have shown on his face. Yamashira continued.

"Not too sure who they are, but they don't see us as anything more than lab rats. Every one who's here is a half-bish."

"Yeah, natural borns like us only. Not those crazy test subjects I heard one trainer was making. Any one remember her name?" Another male voice, and the sound of a chain rattling.

"How -cough- h-how many?" Zander was able to ask, though Yamashira was glaring at him for speaking.

"You're as bad as Bishira, don't try to talk yet!" Yamashira grumbled. "And with you here now, there are eight of us. Me, my three brothers and two sisters." He glanced at some one out of Zander's range of sight. "And the kid who was here before us, he was the first to be kidnaped, but won't say a word to any of us."


"Ra, what is that thing?!" Bakura fell to the floor, his sudden stop having made those behind him knock him over.

"Get up you idiot." Wolfram grumbled at him, his arms crossed in front of his chest. Then he caught sight of what Bakura had seen.

There, in the middle of the room and blocking the steps leading to the ninth floor, was... what was that thing? Wolfram's thought's copied Bakura's words. The monster was a gigantic lavender colored lion with a pair of ram horns. It stood twenty feet high and thirty feet long.

"That, would be the Boss for this level, Bakura." Raine said, as if she were speaking to a very small child.

"Che. No, I would have never have guess-oww! Stop hitting me woman!" Bakura covered his head with his hands and scooted away from the half-elven woman.

"Any one else wondering why it isn't attacking?" Wolfram asked.

The four of them looked at the great beast, and indeed it did not move from the spot it was on. It opened it's mouth and began to speak... a riddle. "Riddles I have for, they number three. Answer them, one each, and I shall let you through."

"Okay, first riddle?" Demoonica asked.

"What has four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three at night?"

Both Raine and Demoonica smiled at the riddle, that one every one knew the answer to. Raine answered. "Man. He craws on his hands and knees as a baby, he walks upright during the middle of his life, and walks with a cane as his life draws to it's end."

"Correct." The beast nodded. "You have answered your riddle, pass."

Raine frowned, she didn't think she'd have to leave after answering the riddle. Then it dawned on her, each of them had to answer a riddle. Each! That left Bakura and Wolfram to answer the other two. She walked to the steps, it was a lot farther than it looked, she'd not be able to offer help with out the beast hearing.

Again the beast spoke. "What am I? I am the only thing that always tells the truth. I show off everything that I see. I come in all shapes and sizes. So tell me what I must be!"

Wolfram snorted. "Obviously the answer is a mirror."

Bakura looked at him. "You are just conceited, pretty-boy."

"You mean to tell me you didn't know that? Please." Wolfram crossed his arms.

"Again you are correct." The beast said with a second nod. "You, too, may pass."

Wolfram walked over to stand with Raine. "Are you sure it was best to leave this all up to the thief?" She asked him.

"If I didn't answer the last one, Bakura wouldn't get a chance to answer the third."

"I guess you're right." She ruffled the blond's hair. "Let see if he can do it, shall we?"

Finally the beast began the last riddle. "What force and strength can not get through, I with gentle touch can do," it was here that Bakura snickered, obviously thinking something perverted, "and many in the streets would stand, were I not as a friend in hand. What am I?"

Bakura crossed his arms, looking at the beast as if it were a disgustingly vile insect. "Please, it that the best you can do?" He said. " A key, the answer is a key! I'm a thief, you should not have chosen something I have a lot of knowledge about."

The beast bowed his head to Bakura. "You have correctly answered my last riddle, you and your trainer may pass."

"I... Bakura! That was brilliant!" Bakura was suddenly hugged by his trainer.

A huge grin crossed his face and he wrapped his arms around Demoonica. "I shall remind you, trainer of mine, of those words the next time I see fit."

"Grab my butt and I'll switch you out for Ed." She warned. Bakura's hands shot back up to where they had started and the thief laughed.

"I will never stop trying." He retorted.

"Well don't do it now. We've a tournament to win!"


"Something is not right." Junia mumbled to himself as he walked down the empty street. It wasn't that the town seemed to be empty, that was common for any town that was holding a tournament, but he couldn't shake the feeling that there were people around and that he was being watched. He just didn't know why he felt that way, there was no one in sight, no one at all.

High above the street, watching the Tan staged Junia, stood a set of cloaked figures, their hoods pulled up to hide their faces. They watched as the boy sped up his steps, causing them to glancing at one another. It looked like their presence had been noticed at this town, it was time to move on to new hunting grounds. With out a word, the two figures jumped into the air and disappeared.




Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
January 20th, 2008, 8:12 PM

The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


"Last Bishi there has to do all the chores for one week! You better get a move on shorty-"

"Who are you calling SHORT, you psychopathic kleptomaniac tomb-robber! Who's so short that he can't be seen from a second story window!" Edward fumed as he chased after Bakura.

"I do hope those two aren't including me in their childish antics." Raine sighed.

"Yeah, but Bakura's jabs get Ed to act normal, normal for an Edward Elric's that is." Then Demoonica shrugged slightly. "Do you really want to be last and find out?" She asked the Bishoujo.

"Ah, good point." Raine took off after the two Bishounen. "Come back here! Bakura, stop making a nuisance of yourself!"

All was quiet.

The exit way blurred a little as Demoonica looked at it, she stopped to rub her eyes, hoping to clear her sight.

"Hey trainer mine! Hurry and see!" Bakura called back to her.

"Huh?" Demoonica asked, still feeling off in some way.

Bakura's silhouette appeared in the light of the exit. "C'mon, beautiful trainer of mine." He said with a smile. "We're at the exit and you want to win don't you? All you have to do is join Raine, me, and the pipsqueak out here."


"Ed, oh damn it all." Bakura cursed. "Demoonica, let's go beat whoever it is shall we? Demoonica? Demoon- whoa!" Bakura caught his trainer as she stumbled forward. He lifted her up in his arms. "Demoonica? Trainer mine?" He asked, worried.

"Don't feel well, 'Kura." She mumbled into his shoulder.

Bakura glared at the little winged bat-eyeball thing . "You who are watching, get one of your Ra damn medics ready! Right now!" He turned and ran onto the top of the castle, Demoonica cradled in his arms.

Outside of the castle, the mid-day sun shone brightly. It was blinding for a moment, but then his eyes adjusted. Edward was barely managing to hold off the other Bishounen and their trainer, keeping them from being the first full team to be standing on the platform, pulling up stone walls just in time as the previous one was broken through. If Bakura had cared to see who the group was, he may have recognized them as Megan and her Bishounen. As it was, he didn't care and didn't notice.


Zander shifted and sat up, it's been hours and what little there was to know had been told to him. "Do they plan on just letting us sit in here and die?" He asked Yamashira, who was beside of him.

They were each chained to what looked like an old fashion ball-and-chain, that normally would have been laughable if it wasn't spelled to high heaven. As it was, the thing was too heavy to pull along after him so he could only move so far. It felt like it was either keeping his powers constantly drained to the point that they couldn't be used or suppressing them, either way it hurt to try to do anything that tapped into his powers, all of the de'Ryu teens agreed on that point, as they were suffering through the same thing.

Yamashira shrugged, but before anymore could be said, the sound of boots clicking on the stone floor was heard. It stopped right outside their holding cell. "Alright, you in the corner!" Came a voice the surprised any one who could recognize it, and as their eyes adjusted to the light filtering in through the doorway they could see a Sama staged Hiei Bishounen standing there, waiting for the person he'd pointed out to get moving. "Hurry it up!" He snapped and a small fireball formed at his hand.

The person in question was the boy from earlier, the one none of the other's knew. He scrambled into standing and quickly made his way over to the Hiei. This left a few others wondering when the ball-and-chain hooked around his ankle had been removed, but then again maybe no one had noticed considering that they had finally met one of their captors and found out that, surprisingly, he was a Bishi.

Hiei caught the boy's wrists as he stopped in front of the Yu Yu Hakusho Bishounen and bound them in metal shackles. The boy followed the Hiei without a word of protest, his head bowed, the door closing behind them by it's own power as they left.

Around him Zander suddenly felt both a fiery reaction and an electrical one before they were suppressed. Beside him Yamashira frowned at both Bishira and Sylphira.

"Cut it out you two, we don't need anybody else half killing themselfs!" Umishira scolded her brothers.


"Demoonica!" This was shouted by no less than seven Bishounen and one Bishoujo as they raced towards the EMS Helicopter that was landing outside of the building that the tournament had been held in. Rei was the first to arrive, finding his trainer leaning against Bakura and Bakura looking far too upset to try anything, this was noticeable because one of his hands was resting gently on Demoonica's shoulder and the other was at Bakura's mouth as he chewed on his fingernails.

A Sama staged Nurse Joy, from Pokemon, and a Sama staged Dr. Ono Tofu, from Ranma, were there also. Joy was handing Demoonica what looked to be a few small pills and a paper cup filled with orange juice.

"Demoonica!" Rei cried out before he had to stop to take a few long panting breaths, because like all the other's he'd ran the entire way there. "Are you alright? Doc is she alright?" He asked looking between the two.

Dr. Tofu raise his hands, motioning for the San staged Rei to calm himself and let Demoonica's other Bishi catch up. When they had, he spoke to them. "Your trainer just had a fainting spell. She's alright now, though a bit light headed." To this Bakura absently nodded in the background. "She's alright," He insisted once again, "You don't have anything to worry about, she came about all the way when we were loading her onto the Helicopter and your Bakura companion has stayed with her even when we asked the others to return to their Bishiballs."

"What happened?" Kagome asked.

Dr. Tofu looked over to Demoonica. She looked at her Bishi, giving them a tired smile. "Really, I only fainted for a moment." She turned her head to face Bakura and patted the hand on her shoulder. "Thank you for catching me, 'Kura."

Bakura, still looking pale, nodded his head. "Of course, trainer of mine."

Joy looked at Demoonica, then took the empty cup from her. "Is it too early to congratulate you on winning the tournament? Or are the judges still deliberating on weather what happened effects the outcome?"

Demoonica shook her head, not knowing.

It was nearly an hour later when Junia found the building that was hosting the Water Crest City Tournament. He walked into the building only to stop and stare at the large inclosed space that couldn't be there from outward appearances, say nothing of the large castle sitting in the middle of it. Slightly in awe and impressed by what could be done by using magic he followed the cheering crowd's eyes to the large screens hovering around the outer walls of the castle. On it three trainers, for it was obvious that they were trainers, stood on raised platforms as they were announced as the first, second, and third place winners of the tournament. The voice booming out over the loud speakers was naming the three trainers. "In third place the trainer Summerset, in second place the trainer Megan, and this years first place winner trainer Demoonica! Two of this years winners are first year participants, so let's hear it for these outstanding young women!" The volume of the crowd went up ten fold just then and Junia thought to cover his ears.

'Now how do I get to Miss Darkmoon?' He wondered as he watched the nearest screen.


He looked over for the source of the voice. Kagome. "Miss Kagome!" He said before he was pulled into a big hug by his adopted mother. He blushed, still unused to such kindness.

"Oh Junia, why didn't anyone say you were being allowed to come back?" Kagome held him at arms length. "Did you see Inu-chan?" She asked with hope.

The young Bishounen shook his head. "Inu-chan was never brought to the Safety Department, Mr. Chang said that the man who took me from everyone never found him..."

"Oh." She looked down at him, sadly, for a moment, then hugged him to her again. "Don't worry, no one is upset with you. We'll find him, I'm sure we will."

Junia nodded. "Um, Miss Kagome?" He held out Demoonica's BishiGear. "Mr. Zander was suppose to be waiting for me, but when I got here, this was all I found."

"Wha? Demoonica's BishiGear?" She took it from him. "He did take this with him... I have a bad feeling Junia. C'mon, lets get to Demoonica." She walked him over to the other waiting Bishounen.

"Hey, look Heero! Junia's back!" Duo said, bringing all of their attention to the returning pair. "Hey!" He gave a wave and bounced over to the younger. "Wow, you've shot up!" He said as he measured the other to himself. "Ah man, another growth spurt and you're gonna be taller than me!" He whined as he realized the top of Junia's head was just under his nose.

Kagome left them, Duo, Heero, and Zero, who were now busy talking to Junia all at the same time, to go over to the older if not always more mature of Demoonica's Bishounen. "Is it almost over? We need to talk to Demoonica."


"And when I arrived, all I found was your BishiGear, ma'am." Junia finished retelling all that he knew of the situation.

"Ah, oh... hmm..." Demoonica paused, realizing she hadn't gotten real words to form. Finally she sighed. "Nothing can ever go right can it? We just get part of one thing back to normal, not even all of it, and something else comes along to complicate matters."

"Maybe we can be of some help, Miss Darkmoon."

Demoonica's head turned quickly, leaving her slightly dizzy and glad she was sitting on her hotel bed, to the open balcony doors. Katan stood there, his wings just finished folding. Behind him stood two people that Demoonica never thought she'd be seeing again.

"THEM!" She yelled, accusingly."Katan what were you thinking!"

Katan coughed. "Now please let me explain everything first, before you fly off the handle." He held up his hands, keeping the other two behind him. The ginger haired woman snorted. "Following your orders to track down the rumors of any activity that could be caused by your captors Miss Darkmoon, I found myself in the position to make contact with them... they didn't seem to have any interest in Bishounen, bad or otherwise, so I risked it. As things turn out, and I'll be as clear and short as I can with all of this... Well introductions first, these people are Shades," a nod from the woman, "and Shocker," a nod from the man, "who have came to this world in search of one of their own, one of their leaders. Her name was Avioc Malli."

He raised his hand to stop Demoonica from speaking. "Yes, I do know who that person was, your dear Zanders mother. As I was saying, when they found that she was dead, they planned to find Zander, because he is the first child to be born to their race in so long a time that they are dying out." He paused to let the words sink in, then continued. "Your kidnaping was an attempt to bring him to them, a poorly planed one might I add."

Here the man, Shocker, spoke up. "We are very sorry about everything, we haven't made contact with other races in thousands of years and we viewed you as something less than us, we shouldn't have." He was quite soft spoken for a guy who was at least six and a half feet tall and half of that wide.

The woman, Shades, crossed her arms. "Get on with it."

"Right." Katan continued. "If they would be allowed to find out why Zander was able to be born and take that back to their world with them, they want to leave the BishiWorld... they do require to run some tests and take samples..."

"I..." Demoonica glared at the two of them. "You'll leave? Leave and never bother me or anyone I know ever again?"

Both nodded. "Soon as we find Avioc's son and get a way back."

"Way back?"

Katan nodded. "The device that brought them here is unable to take them back, they are counting on Zander to have his mothers ability to open a portal back to their world."

Demoonica sighed. "I suppose I have to agree, but..."

"Zander is missing." Katan finished for her. "We were here in time to hear most of what's going on. Which brings me back to what I said, maybe we can help."

"How?" Demoonica didn't sound like she had much faith in that.

"When your Katan found us we were about to do just that." Shades said. "We took more time than we hoped too, but we are able to feel others of our kind... the boy is only half so it was harder, but we can find him now."

"Only took us months." Shocker mumbled.

"Yes, well..." Shades looked at Demoonica. "It didn't help that we had a small interference."

"Well if you know where he is right now, then lets go find him!" Zero was the first of the Bishounen in the room to speak up.

"Demoonica?" Bakura asked her quietly as the rest of the room was suddenly filled with a multitude of voices.




Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
January 20th, 2008, 8:19 PM

The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


"How much farther must we go, Youko-sensei?" Inu-chan asked.

"We'll be there in just a few more minutes, pup." Youko answered. "Kit isn't my only little one, he is the youngest though. I have another son and a daughter. They are at home with my mate, I'm sure you will love to play with them, while I speak to the elder of our village."

Inu-chan nodded. "Okay. Kit?"

"Wha?" The younger Chibi asked from his fathers arms.

Inu-chan paused, then sighed. "Nothing."

"Oh, otay." Kit chirped.

Youko suddenly stopped dead still. He stood with his silvery fox ears turning this way, then that way as he listened carefully to the surrounding area. "All's clear." He confirmed a moment later and held out his hand touching the invisible barrier he had stopped in front of. It shimmered, then wavered as what was hidden from sight became visible.

He stepped through the barrier, just as two Chibi's came rushing from the traditional Japanese style house. One was an older version of Kit or a younger version of Youko, depending on the way you thought about it. The other was a girl with red hair, aqua eyes, fox ears, and fox tail. "Daddy!" They chorused together as they ran to their father.

"You-kun, Koto-chan."

"Big brother, big sister!" Kit called as he wiggled out of Youko's arms.

Inu-chan dropped down off of Youko's back, and stood hiding behind the fox demon's legs. Youko pushed him out around him and introduced him to his other two children. "I want you to take him to Koto. I'll be back soon." He said as he patted the little girl between her twitching ears.

"Yes daddy!"


Demoonica was obviously not happy about waiting to leave in the morning, but Bakura quietly pointed out to her that he could tell she wasn't feeling well yet, so she agreed to stay the night at the hotel and leave to find Zander in the morning.

It turned out more difficult than she thought, going to sleep with so many things weighing heavily on her mind. Without really thinking about it one of her hands slipped down to rest on the lower half of her belly. She rolled over, looking out the glass balcony doors. Sighing she sat up and noticing her hand she pulled it away and clasped her hands together on her lap.

"Trainer mine?"

"Hm 'Kura?"

"You should sleep." Bakura was sitting outside on the railing of the balcony. "In your condition, worrying yourself sick will only make matters worse."


Bakura laughed. "Words please, I don't have your translating skills."

Demoonica sighed and stood up, opened the balcony doors and joined Bakura outside. "Sorry, but it wasn't really a retort."

"Hm." Bakura nodded. "Why don't you want the others knowing yet?"

Demoonica leaned over the railing, looking down at the street below. "My mother was a collage student when she had me 'Kura and it changed her life. She had to drop out and get job, my father was never in my life. When I was five she met an older guy, a really nice guy who loved her and treated me like I was his, but when I was eight he and mother had a baby, my sister Exonia."

"You felt like you had been replaced?"

Demoonica shook her head. "No, I understood that a baby took a lot of attention, and I was never left out of things, but something in my mind is fuzzy. It's like I forgot something a long time ago and it's trying to come back to me. It started as soon as Dr. Tofu said that the tests said I was pregnant."

"Any clue what it is you forgot?"

"Uh-uh." Another shake of her head. "Well, maybe, sort of, something to do with why I didn't feel left out."

Bakura nodded, and putting an arm around Demoonica, he pulled her up against him. "You shouldn't be out here dressed like that, the weather's damp."

Demoonica looked at him out of the corner of her eye, not sure if Bakura would try being perverted, but after the minutes passed by and he didn't do anything, she relaxed in his hold.

"I'm many things, trainer of mine. Thief of items and," he winked at her, "of hearts, but I am fully aware of my actions and can choose not to act upon my nature. Fear not my wandering hands, for as much as you compare me to a Miroku, I am not one. I will keep your secret, but I want you to promise me that you won't wait too long to tell the others."

"Just until we find Zander, Bakura, I should tell him before everyone else." Demoonica yawned.

"Go to bed, trainer mine."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, I will. Bakura, why do you call me 'trainer mine' or 'trainer of mine' all the time?"

Bakura chuckled. "Hm, it's just a trait that some Bakura's have, our attitudes have been influenced by human's fan fiction and we tend to lable people as our own property, mostly when it comes to Ryou's, but also our trainer if we have one. Think of it as my way of saying 'I love you' and no one else can take you away from me, I'll never leave you. Just less sappy. Now," suddenly Demoonica found herself lifted up into Bakura's arms, "you won't get anything done tomorrow if you don't go to sleep. Don't make me turn into Kagome on you." He walk them into the room and sat her back down on her bed. "Good night beautiful trainer of mine." He placed a quick kiss to the palm of her hand and headed back out onto the balcony.

Demoonica shook her head, Bishounen could be so confusing. She slipped under her covers and watched as Bakura hopped over the balcony railing. A moment after he disappeared it clicked in Demoonica's head that he had actually left. "BAKURA!"


'In other news, there was a rash of thefts last night all over the city. The perpetrator was never seen and all the missing items were found sitting on the desk of the Chief of Police earlier this morning. The police staff are baffled by this occurrence, as there were no less then a dozen officers on duty at the police station at all times last night. At the station now is our own-'

Bakura chuckled as he turned off the TV in Demoonca's hotel room. Beside of him, glaring at him, was Demoonica. "I can't believe you!"

Bakura's chuckling became outright laughter. "Oh please! It was horribly boring, I had to do something with the stuff anyway. Why not leave it at the police station?"

"Bakura." Demoonica shook her head. "You did leave it all at the station, right?"

"Of course I did, I wasn't after the loot, just the excitement of the job. I can't let my skills fall to shambles, now can I?"

"I still can't believe you." Demoonica stood up and gathered her things, pulling on her BishiGear, belt, and shoes. "Better get into your ball, those two people," Demoonica grimaced, "will be here in a few minutes."

"No. I'm not leaving you alone."

"I'm not going to be alone." Demoonica unclipped Katan's BishiBall from her belt. "It's nice having Katan back, even with no bond limit I was starting to feel the difference of not having him with me constantly." She called the Cherub Bishounen out.

"Miss Darkmoon?" Katan gave her a small bow.

"Morning Katan. Okay Bakura, happy now?"

"I suppose." He returned to his ball.

Katan raised an eyebrow at the retreating Bishounen. "He seems better behaved than when I left." He commented.

"We came to a small understanding." Demoonica turned to the still sleeping Junia, the young Bishounen was curled up on the other side of Demoonica's bed. She shook his shoulder, waking him. "Junia, time to get up. We'll be leaving soon."

The boy sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Mm? Morning?" His British accent was thick with sleep.

A few minutes later Demoonica was walking into the hotel's free continental breakfast, Katan and Junia in tow. "I don't care if those two are left waiting, I'm getting breakfast." She told Katan as they entered.

"Good morning!" Megan waved at her, the other trainer's six Bishi already with her at the table with their breakfasts.

"Morning!" Demoonica gave a wave back.

"Ey, new kid." Her Yusuke pointed at Junia with his chopsticks.

"Don't point. Rude." Chibi Hiei told him. He was sitting on his older brother's lap, both of them giving Yusuke the same disgusted look.

"What?! What I say? Sheesh." Yusuke grumbled, then returned to eating his bowl of rice.

"Um, I'm Junia." He mumbled as he sat down at the table with his oatmeal.

"Uh-hu." Demoonica added as she walked over. "He's the Chibi that Kagome adopted-"

Junia's eyes widened and he suddenly began hunting through the pockets of his clothes. "Um, Miss Darkmoon?" Junia looked at her and held out a small card. "I forgot that Commander Chang asked me to give you this upgrade card for your BishiGear." His voice dropped. "Sorry."

"An upgrade?" Demoonica slid the card into her BishiGear and it started beeping, then Megan's BishiDex began beeping too. A moment later the Dex of a trainer a few tables away started beeping, then the Dex of the trainer on the other side of the room. "GAH! What did I do!? I broke it!"

Around them all the other trainers looked at their BishiDex or BishiGear, wondering why it had started beeping. Outside the building BishiDex after BishiDex after BishGear started beeping, the interruption working it's way out away from Demoonica's BishiGear like a wave of water. With in minutes the wave of beeping had hit the edge of town and kept going. By then though, the beeping of Demoonica's BishiGear, Megan's BishiDex, and those belonging to all the trainers close to the start of the wave had finished beeping.

"What happened?" Demoonica looked at her BishiGear in confusion.

"Upgrade complete." Megan read from the screen of her BishiDex.

"It upgraded all of them?!" Demoonica blinked down at the small card sticking out of the slot in her BishiGear. She flipped it open and read the flashing words on the screen, beside of Bishounen and Bishoujo Index the words 'New Info!' blinked in bright red letters. She scrolled down to it, and around the city so did dozens of other trainers, and clicked into the Dex information.

Junia looked over at the screen, he only had to read the first sentence to know what the upgrade to the BishiDexs and BishiGears was about. 'Dear trainers it has come to our attention here at the Department of Bishounen, Bishoujo, and Seibutsu Monitoring that the division of the three well know stages of character development is in need of an upgrade.' Junia sighed and sat back.

"What the hell is a 'Chama'?" The trainer a few tables away asked her Bloodberry.

"Don't know. Or... how's that pronounced? Tan?" The Bishoujo asked back.

"You don't know? You're a Bishi!" She whined.

Junia fidgeted in his seat. "Um, Miss Darkmoon?"

Demoonica looked up from reading her BishiGear. "Hm?"

"I, uh." He raised his hand to his head, lifting it up above it, then dropping his hand back down into his lap. He downed his head. "You see..."

Demoonica looked at him, then read the notice on her BishiGear's screen again. Without a word she pulled an empty BishiBall from her belt and tapped him on the shoulder with it. Junia jerked his head up to look at her as the red light surrounded him and pulled him into the BishiBall.




Everyone but Demoonica and Katan stared wide-eyed at the BishiBall in Demoonica's hand. Then her BishiGear spoke: "Junior of the Read or Dream: The TV anime. Stage Tan. Junior is an agent for the British Library Special Operations Squad. He is the son of Nancy 'Miss Deep' Makuhari and Ikkyu, and was taken as soon as he was born. Although seeming to be around the age of twelve or thirteen in the anime, he is only four-years-old. They are shy, but become more open as they age. They react more strongly to mothering and kindness than to friendship. Do you wish to nickname this Bishounen?"

"No nickname." Demoonica told the BishiGear and called the young Bishounen back out of the ball. "Juni-or?"

He appeared, sitting right where he had been. "Juni-a." He said, his British accent making the 'or' sound into a 'ya' sound. "Please continue to call me that, Miss Darkmoon."

Across the table Megan's Bishounen just blinked.

"Did she just?" Yusuke asked.

"Yes." The older of the two Hiei's answered.

"On a hunch?!"

Hiei just shrugged.

"Ah." Junia looked down at his hands again. "It's my fault. It upset Commander Chang for hours. He said that for all the headaches that the least I could do was bring the upgrade chip to Miss Darkmoon."

Demoonica clipped the BishiBall back onto her belt, turning to her breakfast. "Yeah, well Wufei needs to pull the stick out of his backside." She shoved a fork full of potatoes into her mouth so she wouldn't say anything worse about the uptight Bishounen.

"We should get going, Miss Darkmoon." Katan said as he sipped his tea.

"They can wait."

"Yes, well then you believe that Mr. Maxwell can also wait." He took another sip of his tea.

Demoonica's fork stopped halfway to her mouth. She placed the fork down on the plate and pushed back her seat. "You're right. As much as I dislike those two people, they are the only ones who can help me with this." She bowed to Megan and the Bishounen at the table. "Excuse me. Megan, it was nice seeing you again and He-chan, next time I'll be sure that I have Inu-chan with me."

Chibi Hiei nodded happily.

Katan stood, following Demoonica as she headed out of the room. Junia scooted out of his chair and followed her too, looking over his shoulder as the others in the room went back to their own morning routines.


"Here, to here, to here, to here..." Shades' finger worked it's way up the map on the screen.

Demoonica blinked. "That far? How long do you plan to be traveling?"

"We should be there by nightfall."

"Uh-hu, there's no way we can travel through four territories in a single day, you're crazy."

"We got here from the northen continent in a little over one night." Shades pointed out.

Demoonica frowned. "So? Do I look like I have Katan's wings to keep up with you?"

Katan raised his hands. "I am sorry Miss Darkmoon, but I could not travle at that speed if I had to carry a passenger."

"And any mechanical devices would be noticed." Shocker put in as he pointed to an area and circled it with his finger. "The area is in some kind of magnetic field."

"Man I knew I should have caught a Chocobo." Demoonica pulled free one of her BishiBalls, calling out it's occupant. "Hey Matt, Tsunomon." She greeted them as they appeared. A quick explanation and two Digivolutions later Matt helped Demoonica up onto Garurumon's back.

Matt looked up at Katan, who nodded and took off after the quickly moving pair. "Hold on." He said and Demoonica did so quickly, knowing that Garurumon wouldn't wait. Still she yelped and grabbed into the blond harder as the large wolf Digimon took off after Katan. From her position sitting behind him, she didn't see Matt grin.

"Master Shido, are you sure the girl will be of any help?" Guni asked from her trainer's shoulder. They were watching from the forest shadows.

"She'll do just what we want Guni, she just has other things that are more important to her to do first." The man said as he pulled out a BishiBall, releasing it occupent.

"GRAWR!" The large creature roared as it appeared. It blinked down at it's trainer, then lowered itself so Shido could hop onto it's head.

"Okay Totoro, we're headed for the southern most town."

"GRAWR!" The large Totoro Sebutsu took to the sky.

Shido pulled his hood back up covering Guni from most of the wind. "But she's headed north! Master Shido, aren't we going to watch the girl?!" She cried in his ear.

"No Guni, we too have things we must do before we again meet with that girl."


"It's noon, we should eat lunch, and my butt is numb." Demoonica told Katan over the headset. He laughed.

"Alright, we'll rest for half an hour." He swooped down to Shades and Shocker. "Miss Darkmoon wishes to take a rest, will it set us back much?"

"We could..."

"Fine." Shades snapped. "Find a clear place from above."

Katan nodded and caught an updraft, propelling himself high into the sky. He searched the ground below and soon found a small red roofed house. 'Hm, a home of a Bishounen. Well it will have to do, besides Miss Darkmoon knows better than to do anything stupid when in a Bishounen territory.' He switched the headset back on. "Miss Darkmoon, we are about ten to fifteen minutes from a home, it would be wise not to do anything stupid while we are there. It is the closest place to take a rest, unless you can rest on the spidery paths your following in those woods."

"I'll take the house." She told him.

"Where are we anyway?" Matt asked her.

"I'll look." She paused to open her BishiGear and bring up the map. "We crossed into the Yu Yu Hakusho area some time back, it's the largest of the four areas we will be going through."

Matt nodded. Garurumon took a leep over a small stream and once again Demoonica was left clinging to the blond sitting in front of her on the large blue and white Digimon.

"I don't see how you don't fall off of him."

"You'll get use to it. Right Garurumon? She'll get use to it?" The Wolf Digimon nodded. "Look, we're almost there. The clearing starts right ahead."

Garurumon bounded out of the tree line and skidded to a stop. Waiting for them was Shades, Shocker, and Katan. There was also a Bishoujo that Demoonica didn't know, presumably the owner of the house.

"Took you long enough." Shades said.

Matt frowned at the ginger haired woman. Demoonica patted his shoulder and he looked back at her. Realizing that she wanted down, he had Garurumon hunker down and he helped her off of the Digimon.

"Sorry, but we're not as freakishly fast as you are." Demoonica said as she brushed past Shades and walked up to the Bishoujo. "Sorry for our interruption." She said as she gave the Bishoujo a bow. "We wont intrude for very long, we will only be rest here for a short time. It is alright?"

The Bishoujo blinked at Demoonica, she'd never met a trainer. "Uh, oh of course, meow!" She said with a smile, and her tail swished side to side.

Out of the house came running a child sized version of the Bishoujo. "Mama, mama! They won't give it back! The boys took my doll again!" The little girl cried. The Bishoujo sighed and followed her daughter back into the house.

"Ah, well it seems we have the okay to rest here."

"So don't waist your time." Shades moved to sit on the back porch of the house, not noticing the four small pairs of eyes watching her from the window.

Demoonica didn't say anything, instead she searched her BishiGear for the food Hoi Poi capsule, and finding it she 'poofed' it into existence.

"YAY! Lunch!" Tsunomon, having Digivolved out of Garurumon, bounced up and down.

Demoonica laughed at the small Digimon and walked past him with a plate of sandwiches. "You get yours from Matt, if i let you at the plate there will be none for the others."

"Aw." Tsunomon pouted and bounced into Matt's arms. "Matt! Feed me!"

"Hey! Tsunomon, that one's mine!"

"Here Katan." Demoonica walked past Shades to hand Katan his lunch.

"You didn't have t-"

"D-chan!" A loud, young voice cried as the back door suddenly and forcefully swung open.

"Huh? I-Inu-chan!"

The small black haired Chibi threw himself at Demoonica's legs. "D-chan! D-chan! Mama! Papa!" He hugged her legs. "I found you!"

"Inu-chan?!" Demoonica was stunned. "What on Earth are you doing here?"

Inu-chan lifted his face to look up at her. "Youko-sensei and Kit found me after I ran away from the bad man. Youko-sensei said he'd get me back to you! Is papa okay? The dark Bish-woman hurt him!"

Finally it caught up to Demoonica and she slid to her knees to hug the Chibi. "Oh Inu-chan!" And she started crying.

Later, after three sets of eyes that were watching from the doorway were introduced as Kit, Koto-chan, and You-kun, and after Kagome and Inuyasha could be talked into giving their son room to breath, and after a Sama staged Youko Kurama arrived to find the happy reunion full swing, Demoonica found herself sitting on the porch talking with Kagome and Inuyasha.

"W-what!" Demoonica squeaked.

Inuyasha nodded as Kagome repeated what he had just said. "You should catch Inu-chan. It's for his own safety. We're his parents and it's in the rules and regulations that it's alright if we allow it."

Demoonica didn't say anything and the three of them sat for some time just watching the Chibi playing with his new friends.

"Alright." Demoonica said. "But I'll do it after we leave here, it could scare the other Chibi's to watch his capture."




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Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
January 20th, 2008, 8:21 PM

The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


"I swear," Demoonica said after Garurumon took another sharp turn around a tree, "you have him do that on purpose!"

"What?! I can't hear you over the rushing wind!"

Demoonica sighed. "I said that you're doing that on- Whoa!" Garurumon took another sharp turn, then leapt over a fallen tree. Demoonica pressed her head to Matt's back. "I want off this ride, I'm gonna be sick." She mumbled.

"I'd slow him down, but then we'd loose sight of Katan. If you want another rest, call him on the headset."

Garurumon looked back over his shoulder. "Do you want me to slow down, Matt?"

"No, buddy, we're alright."


"Shouldn't he be watching where he's going?"

"Hm, oh! Yeah." Garurumon looked back forward taking a quick turn to the right, going around a large tree. "Hey, Matt I can't go around him!" Garurumon stiffened his legs, trying to put on the brakes. He dug in his claws as he started to slide.

Matt's eyes widened. "Hey, move!" He called out.

Demoonica lifted her head, looking over Matt's shoulder just in time to see a Bishounen who was doing a perfect impression of a deer caught in headlights. "Ah!" Demoonica ducked her head, her grip tightening once again. Torn up ground went flying as Garurumon hunkered down and finally slid to a stop.

"Uh..." The Bishounen said as he looked up at the monstrous wolf towering above him.

Matt, his arms wrapped around Garurumon's neck, looked up then down over at the Bishounen on the ground. "Sorry, we're kind of in a hurry and something this big is kind of hard to stop."

The other's legs must have gave out on him as he sunk down to the ground. "Why did I even listen to that old nut case?" He asked himself. "Wait here he tells me. Nearly gets me ran over! If I ever see that guy again..." He trailed off.

"Excuse me? Riku?" Demoonica was looking down over Garurumon's side.

He looked up at her.

The ball more fell down on top of Riku's head than it was thrown at him, but the effect was the same. The red light surrounded him and pulled him in, oddly he didn't look surprised, not that there was time to notice or anything. The red light disappeared into the BishiBall and it fell to the ground, motionless.

"That's it?" Demoonica asked. "I caught him? It didn't even shake."

Her BishiGear reacted to the capture. "Riku of the Kingdom Hearts video games and mangas. Stage San. Riku is a self-confidant youth and the wielder of the Way to Dawn Keyblade, they may also wield the 'Soul Eater' blade and the abilities to sense and control darkness. Over all he is much quicker and more powerful than Sora. Do you wish to nickname this Bishounen?"

Demoonica clicked on the 'no nickname' option and then snorted. "Anyone who's played any of the games could tell you that Sora only wins because you level him up to high heaven. I wonder if it's the same here in the BishiWorld?"

Matt shrugged. "Maybe he was in a fight earlier. He seemed kind of out of it, you know?" He grabbed Demoonica by the hand and helped her slip over the side of Garurumon. Demoonica picked up the ball, looking around as if some how she'd actually missed and would see the Riku Bishounen a few feet away glaring at her, but there was no one there. Just the BishiBall.

"That seemed too easy, even for me." She commented and grabbed Matt's hand again.

He pulled her back up. "Well," he paused to take a breath, "I don't see anyone out here setting up an ambush. The guy was just unlucky."

Garurumon stood up. "Are we ready Matt?"

Demoonica grasped Matt by the waist. "I really need to catch something with more than one speed." She mumbled and just caught a small laugh from Matt before her ears were again filled with the sound of the rushing wind.


"Okay, we're getting close, slow down." Katan said over the head set.

Demoonica patted Matt on the shoulder. "Katan says we can slow down."

Minutes later Demoonica was enjoying her ride on Garurumon a lot more than she had been as he trotted slowly through the woods.

"I don't get it," she said, "I don't see anything out of place around here. Just trees, trees and more trees. There isn't a building in sight." Matt just shrugged. The fluttering of wings alerted them to Katan landing not too far away. "Anything?" Demoonica asked.

"Hm, no." Katan frowned. "But they said that we were right on it."

"On it?"

"Yes." Katan looked around, folding his wings, then they just seemed to disappear into nothingness. Demoonica wasn't sure if they just became invisible or if they went somewhere when he did that, but thinking back didn't give her any clue. Katan normally kept them out. "I believe that what we are looking for is underground, now that we are here."

Demoonica groaned. "Great, and how do they suggest we get underground then, huh?"

"There has to be an entrance, right?" Shocker asked.

"Depends," Katan told him, "There are may in this world who can teleport anywhere they want to go."

Now Shades groaned. "I want to be done with this! I want to go home!"

"How large of an area are we talking about?" Shocker asked, ignoring his wife's complaining.

Shades lit up a fire ball around her hand. "Can't I just burn it?"

Shocker placed a hand on her shoulder. "Now, you know we can't. The less impact we make on this world the better."

"Hm," Katan looked at the map on Demoonica's BishiGear, "The area is a good few square miles, it would take us all night to search."

"By then who ever is doing this will know that we are here."

Katan nodded."Agreed."

Demoonica pulled a BishiBall from her belt. "Not if we up the amount of people searching." A flick of her hand and the ball flew up into the air, releasing it's occupant. Allen looked at her, then around.

"We have arrived, M'lady Darkmoon?"

Unknown to Demoonica and company, far below them an alarm sounded. "We have trainer activity above ground." Hiei said.

Sitting at a computer screen a man with messy brown hair glanced over at the Bishounen. "Why should we worry? They pose no threat. Ignore them and turn off that alarm." With that he turned his attention back to the computer screen. On the screen were tank after tank filled with Bishounen and Bishoujo, each floating in green colored water and a mask feeding them oxygen. "Who's next then?" He asked himself. "Hiei, bring the white haired halfling next, let's see how he fairs against his own little pets, shall we?"

Hiei nodded. "Yes. Which one?"

The man thought for a moment. "The blond one with the very large sword." He pushed a button and the picture on the computer screen flipped to the Bishounen he had chosen. "This one."

Hiei nodded again and left the room, an evil smile on his face.

"And turn off that alarm!"

Back on the surface Demoonica finished calling out most of her Bishounen. She paused as she came to the balls holding Junia and Inu-chan. She shook her head, even though they were above ground it could be dangerous. She dropped her hand to her side, she'd left five total in their balls: Marou, Hiead, Junia, Inu-chan, and Riku.

Demoonica told them what they were doing and they soon fanned out, searching the area for any hidden or secret entrances.


"C'mon." Hiei grabbed Yamashira by the back of his shirt and pulled him out of the sight of the others. In the doorway stood two other figures, each took hold of a de'Ryu sibling and took them with them. Then three more figures came and with them went the last of the others, leaving Zander alone in the room.

"Hey!" Zander yelled as he stumbled to his feet. "Where are you taking them?!" The last one who had came and left turned and looked back at Zander.

"We are taking them to different holding cells through out the compound, Hiei thinks it's best not to keep you all together, you may get... ideas." The Bishounen turned, then pulled Seishira down the dimly lit hall.

"But!" Zander grasped the bars of the cell door. "Hey! Come back here!" He fisted his hands and pounded the bars. "Damn!" The sound of a door slamming shut and the clicking of a heavy lock was his only answer.

Two halls away and one floor down was the arena, or that's what the Bishounen in the compound had came to call it. At this moment there were two standing in it, Yamashira, who Hiei had just shoved in, and a Bishounen that the teen-aged halfling knew so well, his Cloud Strife. Cloud stood there, his eyes dull with no spark of recognition in them.

The scream that echoed through the halls made those who had the other de'Ryu siblings pause in their walking, some even gave small laughs as Yamashira's brothers and sisters froze in horror. And some where in the compound, sitting at a computer, a man with messy brown hair smiled.


It had taken more than an hour of constant searching by all parties involved but they had found it, or more Kamui had found it.

"So, this is the entrance?" Demoonica said as she peered into the darkness. "Are we sure? Katan?"

"I believe so."

"Alright." Demoonica took a deep breath and ducked into the hollow of the tree.

"How's this work anyway? Walk into a tree and end up in an underground hallway."

"Illusions. There must be a master of illusions working in all of this."

"Shush, guys. We have no idea if they know we're here or not." Demoonica shushed them. "Let's keep it quiet."

They wandered through hall after hall, but all of them looked the same. Left, right, right again, left and ending up at an elevator shaft leading down. Demoonica paused at it. "I'm headed down, half of you follow me. Katan, keep an eye on them." She indicated Shades and Shocker with her hand.

Shades fumed, fire flickering along her hands. Shocker placed a hand on her shoulder and shook his head. Calmed, but not happy, Shades crossed her arms and 'Humphed'. "Why should we listen to her?" She argued. "We got her here, now let us find the son of Avioc and be done with this!"

Shocker sighed. "Alright. We will search up here. But, we will stay with Katan until we have seen the end of our mission."

"Fine. Let's go." Shades stormed past the elevator, heading deeper into the upper floor.

Demoonica turned sharply and pushed the down button. Half of her Bishounen, though she didn't take notice of the ones, followed her onto the elevator a moment later. Bakura gave her shoulder a squeeze.

"All will be well, trainer mine."

"I hope so 'Kura. I don't know how many more bad things that I can take."

"For you I shall hope that there are no more."

The elevator doors slid open and they walked out into another hallway of doors.

"What is this place?" Kai asked, looking through a door window into a room. "It almost reminds me of Voltair's labs under the Abby." He shivered. Tala moved to look in the window, then he nodded.

"Do you think we can get them out?" He asked.

Demoonica moved to the door, the two Bishounen moved aside allowing their trainer to see into the room. It was filled with monitoring equipment and set into the walls were tubes filled with green liquid, each held a Bishounen or Bishoujo. There were eight tubes total. She pushed the button that opened the door and they walked inside.

"Are they alive?" Zero, Demoonica noted and realized that she had none of her Sama stage Bishounen with her.

With a look from Demoonica Heero nodded. "I can try." He moved to one of the computers and started typing. The room was silent for the next few minutes, save for the sound of Heero's typing. "Heads up." He said, just as the green fluid drained from one tube and half of the glass slid open. The Bishounen in it pitched forward onto his knees and into the arms of Wolfram.

"Good catch Wolf."

Wolfram scrunched up his nose. "That green stuff is slimy."

"Were all of these Bishounen kidnaped?" Duo asked. Heero shook his head and pointed to the Bishiballs set in the front of each tube.

"I think that their trainer was, or perhaps ," He stopped typing, "could the suspended status be keeping the effects of a broken time/distance from taking hold of them? Demoonica... should I continue?" The platinum blond asked, worry in his voice.

"I-" Her answer was cut of as the Bishounen in Wolfram's arms spoke out, surprising them all.

"Please, get them out of these tanks." He coughed. "Damn oxygen tube. Our trainer... our trainer is here somewhere. His name is Sylphira."

Demoonica nodded. "Get them out as quickly as you can Heero."


Above them, Katan watched as Shades kicked in a door. "Please, they have windows in them! Just look in them for crying out loud!"

"My temper is the reason!" She growled as she saw the room was nothing but storage.

At this Katan mumbled, "I can't believe they haven't taken notice of us by now." It continued this way for the rest of the hallway and the entire hallway after that. They came to a metal door with bars in it.

"Hey! Hey! What are you doing out there?!"

"Is that?" Kagome looked over at Inuyasha. "Zander?"

"Feh, of course it is!"

"Here, let me." Katan moved to the door and held out his hand, a ball of energy forming in it. He pulled back his arm then blasted the lock, melting it into nothing. Suddenly a blaringly loud alarm sounded.

"Great! You idiot! Now we know that they know we're here!"

'Unauthorized activity on level 2.' A computerized voice said, though it was hard to hear it over the alarm. 'Unauthorized activity on level 2. Now sealing all exits.'

Inuyasha's ears were pinned back and what he said summed it all up. "Just fricken' great!"




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Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
August 7th, 2008, 4:33 PM

The World of Songwinds Bishounen and Bishoujo:

Demoonica's Story


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


A few days earlier, a city in the Dragon Quest 8 area...

"Just trust me one time with out asking me things you know I can't tell you!"

Riku frowned. "I don't like it old man. Why the hell should I listen to you when you keep refusing to tell me a god da-"

Riku was hit on the head. "Watch the language. Just do it!"

Riku glared and grabbed his backpack from the foot of his bed, shoving his few belongings into it. He continued to glare as he moved around the small room. "How far is it?" He asked roughly.

The other finally smiled, crossing his arms. "A few days travel, it's marked by the largest tree in the area. There's no way you can miss it."

"And what do I do once I get there?"

The other shrugged. "Just wait there, it's a long trip and I'm sure you'll be tired."

This made Riku glare at the older Bishounen once again. "Just wait? What the hell will I be waiting for?"

The other just smiled wider. "That is also something that you won't be able to miss."

Riku just growled as he stormed from his room to the next and slammed the door behind himself as he left the small apartment. He took the stairs up to the roof and looked out over the city. "This had better not be some sort of stupid joke." He grumbled.

Below him, still standing in Riku's bedroom, the smile disappeared from the other's face. With a sigh he lifted his hand to the scar running down across the left side of his face. "I truly am sorry for what happens to you... to me... but if she isn't protected this one time..." His hand fell from his face and he looked over at the clock on the wall. "Just in time, too. I never realized until now how close this little trip came to failing." With that said, the clock's hand ticked over to noon and the Bishounen faded out of the room, returning to the seemingly distant future he had came from.


'Unauthorized activity on level 2. All exits now sealed.' The computerized voice said. 'Unauthorized activity on level 2.'

"Augh, for the love of God, Heero, can't you hack into the com system and shut that blasted alarm off!" Duo asked as he held his ears.

"Hn." Heero rolled his eyes, and finally got the last of the tanks to open. "Heads up." He swivelled the chair around in time to see the last of the kidnapped Bishounen being caught as he collapsed from the tank. Luckily whatever was keeping them suspended wore off as soon as they got a few good breaths of air into them and Heero was sure that the masks had been sending more into their bodies than oxygen.

"Good gravy, Heero, alarm?!" Duo asked again, looking frazzled.

Heero chuckled. "What's the use? Duo, if any one is here, then they are well aware of where we are already and are headed this way."

"Yeah, well..." Duo pouted. "What if I said it was hurting my ears?"

Heero shook his head.

Demoonica on the other hand was sorting out all of the free Bishounen and Bishoujo. Having disconnected all of the BishiBalls, she was handing them out to their occupants and grouping them together by trainer. "Okay, is everyone sorted out properly?" There were a good forty heads that shook yes. "Good, then I suggest each group head for their trainer." She paused. "Does anyone know just how many people or Bishi or whatever we are dealing with?"

"There does not seem to be a large group." Spoke up one Bishounen, Demoonica recognized him as Yamashira's Kurama. "They attacked Yama-san while we were all in our BishiBalls, and only a handful of different Bishounen have woken us. Also," Kurama looked uneasy. "Cloud-san is not here."

Demoonica looked at the single BishiBall still held in her hand. "Great," She said sarcastically, "I was hoping that I'd just missed one." She looked up to Kurama and handed him the ball. "Is this one of Yama-kun's?"

Kurama took the ball and studied it, then nodded. "Then the already empty tank was Cloud-san's. I will take this ball, Demoonica-san, and hope that when we find Yama-san that we find Cloud-san, also."

"I hope you do, Kurama."

The Bishounen nodded. "And I that you find your halfling, Demoonica-san." He turned to the others. "Let's get moving!" In agreement all the Bishi headed out of the room, each group heading their own way as the halls split into a maze of corridors. Around them the alarms still sounded, loud and strong.

"Demoonica." Bakura placed a hand on his trainer's shoulder. "Where do we go now? We asked all of the others, but they didn't have any idea to where Zander is being held."

Demoonica nodded. She checked the headset, but there was nothing but static so she couldn't contact Katan and the other group. This wasn't looking good. "We head deeper. Back to the elevator, guys."

They had just made it back to the elevator when the headset suddenly cleared and Demoonica heard Katan's voice clearly as it came through it. "Demoonica! Where ever you are, it'd be best to head back up here. We've found him." It sounded like he'd been repeating himself a few time already, considering Katan sounded slightly annoyed.

"Uh-uh, yeah." She stuttered into the small microphone mouth piece. "Wait! You did?!" She nearly shouted. Katan's conformation came a moment later and when the elevator stopped back on the first floor Demoonica dragged her Bishounen with her as she quickly headed to where Katan and the others had been headed earlier.

Bakura smiled over at the determination on his trainers face, if she didn't love that half-n-half, he sure as hell had no grasp on what love was. "Because, by Ra." He mumbled to himself with a shake of his head. Maybe he should cut out with all the perverted advances on his trainer. He frowned. No, that'd be no fun at all. Maybe he'd just make sure she knew he was only playing. That sounded good.

The sudden sound of a clap was the only thing either Demoonica or Bakura noticed before the floor in front of them pulled itself up in their path. Demoonica paused and looked back at Edward.


The sound of something hitting the impromptu wall hard stopped her questioning. Ed shrugged, unsure of what had been the reason for the sudden shield, only that his reflex to make the wall was faster than his thoughts of why it was needed.

A crack appeared in the floor-turned-wall and a vine snaked it's way through it. Several more followed. "Really." A calm voice on the other side said. "That's not much of a protection and you didn't even take the time it gave you for anything... how boring." A flex of the vines and the wall shattered, crumbling to the floor in chunks and filling the air with dust that sent most of those there into coughing fits.

With the thick cloud of dust in the air it was hard to see the flashes of red light that happened. But the sound of a gasp from the owner of the vines wasn't lost. Nor were the words that followed. "Brats! How dare you!"

The dust cleared just enough for Demoonica to see who had been speaking, a Sama staged Youko Kurama and she was sure he was one she'd never met before. She blinked as a small piece of dust got in her eye and as she cleared it away she realized who the Karama was talking to.

"Junia! Inu-chan!" She called out, looking at the two smaller forms.

"I'm okay!" Inu-chan gave her a thumbs up and pointed to where the vines where. The vines, Youko Kurama's thorn covered rose ones were wrapped and tangled with the vines of the plant that Inu-chan had told her was a 'Diva's Snare'.

Junia stood beside of his friend. "Miss Darkmoon, please do not be worried for us." He said softly and pulled a gun from... well, somewhere, it was no time to wonder about that question again, besides she always got a headache when thinking about hammer space.

"Wait, where'd you get a gun?"

"Ah, please do not be mad at Duo-kun." Junia said as he bowed his head.

"Duo!" Demoonica snapped. Duo only gave her a small nervous laugh as a reply.

"Looks like the kids'll handle this one, trainer of mine." Bakura gave a tug on her hand, leading her around the tangle of vines. The Youko Kurama made a move towards them but suddenly found himself surrounded by the strange vines. He was confused when the vines refused to listen to him, no plant ever refused to listen to a Youko Kurama, it was against the laws of nature!

"Diva seems attracted to demon energy, Youko-san." Inu-chan said, sounding more grown up than Demoonica ever remembered hearing. Had she looked back, behind them she would have seen a bright glow that she and many trainers had come to know as 'The Light of Evolution'.

But by this time she'd been pulled down the hall by Bakura. "But 'Kura!" She said trying to pull her hand free.

The Youko Kurama glared at Inu-chan and Junia. "So she leaves a couple of little kids? Such a sad trainer." He pulled his energy out of his rose whip, turning it back into a seed in his hand. "But I'll deal with you quickly and with as little pain as I can, you are just children after all." He lashed out at them again, the rose whip growing greatly in length as it made it's way towards the two young Bishounen.

"Trust in them." Bakura said as he looked over his shoulder at Demoonica.


"Damn it! Hiei! Hiei!" The man yelled as he deleted the last file on his computer system, no data loss, he had it all downloaded to take with him. A sudden crack formed in the wall near him and he gave up yelling for the Bishounen, instead he pulled three Bishiballs from his belt, calling out to them. "Roisel, Marik, Kuronue. I want you to deal with these pests, then find your way to me. If you loose, you will not be mourned. If you do not catch up with me in time," He gave them a look that said 'you know what I'm talking about', "you will not be given the easy way out of your pained existence." He brushed his hand against their Bishiballs, if they were too far away from him for too long, he would let them suffer and die long before he would ever let them go free. With this said he turned to the computer and unlocked all the sealed doors, he didn't need to get locked in if the place fell down around him.

Silent nods were the only replies he was given, and then the three headed towards the unwelcome 'guests' of their trainer, death on their minds.

Demoonica ran, her hand still clasped in Bakura's. Of all the things that could have been going through her mind and of all the things that should have been going through her mind, the only thought she had at the moment was that it was surprising how much she had came to trust and count on Bakura in such a short time. For some reason, that made her smile.

They found Katan's group shortly after that, Demoonica launching herself into Zander's arms. Zander's shaky, don't do that because I'll fall over with you baka, arms. They landed on the floor, Demoonica atop the half-Bishounen. Around them there were some laughs, but they didn't seem to care.

"Dee!" Zander hugged her to him. "Damn, I love you even when you nearly knock my head off."

"Tch, how touching, eh-Marik?" Came a voice.

"How sweet, how sickening." Came the reply. There was laughter, three voices total. Just as they moved to attack suddenly over the laughter came another voice.

"Change of plans!" A sudden explosion rocked the area. The air filled with dust and debris, blocking the sight of the new-comers. "The boss wants this finished ASAP, so..." Another explosion.

"You're blowing up the place with us in it!" This was Marik's voice, the only one Demoonica could really put a name or face to from her anime knowledge.

"Yeah, so I suspect you three would like to haul ass and get a move on!" Came the new-comer's voice.

A growl. "And Kurama?"

"Shut it Kuronue, he'll have to take care of himself. Now let's go."

During this exchange, Demoonica and Zander had gotten to their feet, though each time an explosion rocked through the underground building Zander nearly lost his balance. A few of Demoonica's Bishounen watched him with odd looks on their faces, wondering what was wrong with the half-Bishounen.

"HERE! To remember us by!" There was a dash of movement in the shadowy dust, the sound of a sword being drawn, and the bright red flash of a Bishiball opening. A flash of a sword being swung and time slowed...

Red. Bright red. Blood red. Blood. Blood that arched up, following the swing of the sword. A scream of panic. A scream of pain.

"Tch, almost had her. Though I don't think he'll try getting in the way a second time." The voice sounded far away to Demoonica.

Demoonica felt herself being pushed backwards by the body that fell back against her. There were screams around her and laughter dying in the background. She landed on the floor, blood pooling down around her knees. She didn't notice another flash of red light as Marou, too, appeared from his Bishiball. She hardly felt the hand on her shoulder. She was too shocked. Too frightened. And somewhere deep down, she had a small spark of a kind of anger she'd never known.




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