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May 20th, 2005, 3:49 PM
this is my first pokemonroleplay ever, so don't get so mad if it dosn't live up to you're standerds :dead:

a few years in the futer, NASA sends out a group of 2 probes to a previously uncharted planet. the planet is called planet drobis (sorry forbad name). the probes enter the atmoshere, and land on the surface. the probes found that the planet was sutible for human collonization, but something more extrodinary is about to be uncovered..
after about 2 weeks of reshurch, only one rover is left funchional. everything was ok, until the screen flashed blue and yellow, and we imediatly lost contact with the rover.
scientist moniter the last couple of seconds of footage, and discover that whatever went past the probe looked exactly like a manetrik!
great suspesions emediatly started to rise about how that planet could be the origin of pokemon.
NASA planed out a trip to the planet, so that it could be better studied. you, and a group of other people, have been chossen to go on the mission to the planet, to study the pokemon, and possibly discover new pokemon!

ok. you need to fill out a form like this.

job: (mission control, explorer, geoligists, ext.)

here. i'll fill out my own form.

apperence:normal hight, slightly chubby, brown hair and eyes.
job:mission superviser
pokemon:blastoise,pidgeot,kidoking,jolteon,ninetails, and clefable.

some other things
*the atmoshere is close enough like earth's atmoshere so you can safely breath without space gear.
*more people may join after we start.

ok. we'll start after a couple other people join.