View Full Version : Lookin' For Pokemon AG Eps!

January 19th, 2004, 6:40 AM
i am sorry if this is in the wrong area of if you have covered this before..

I am looking for pokemon advanced genereation eps. On either bittorrent or http links.

i tried http://www.tpokemon.tk/ but they are down, and mirc eps are really difficult to get.. If some1 could help me it would be great.. Kinda lookin for realplayer episodes around 30 megs but any type will do. I got a adsl 512kb by the way.

Sayuri no Hoshi
January 19th, 2004, 7:31 AM
The answer to a small number of your prayers ^_^ -----> http://mapage.noos.fr/pokefics/download/videosaccueil.htm
It's Poklord, a French website. There's only two Advanced Generation episodes up (numbers 20 & 24 -- in episode 20, Ash challenges Brawly, the Dewford Gym Leader); however, if you're not fluent in Japanese, we're gonna have a problem, lol...^_^;; The episodes are not subtitled at all. But, at least you can brag to people you have the authentic Japanese episode! ^_^ If you still choose to download them, they're in ZIP files and are used with Real Player. Hope I helped ya!