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God Of Water
May 24th, 2005, 3:02 AM
It is about 50 years since the Two Heroes saved Hoeen from Team Magma and Aqua.A old Team Rocket member looked into to the sunlight,he had finnally realized it was fate for a evil team to lose.If a new team with the latest pokemon and technology had tried to take over Hoenn 50 years ago they could of easily won with the new pokemon and technology advances.But then a idea hit him he could go back in time,he decidied to gather some followers and finish a project his boss never did.After he had gathered some followers and finished the time machine the gang went back in time to the Time Hoeen were attaked by TM and TA.they decieded to name themselves Team Time.However they dian`t bring any new pokemon to make sure there wasn`t a too big time crisis.

Now a group of trainers from diffrent regions and times have been selected to save Hoeen from TT.If you want to join fill out this form.

Age: (Between 10 and 25)
Region and Town: (Sorry no made up towns or regions)
Time From: (For example 20 years after the end of the Hoeen saga)
(And don`t forget I regard each saga about 3 yeears apart each other)
Pokemon: (Just no made up pokemon and the range should be between
lv20 to lv40)
Other Stuff: