View Full Version : My Pokemon Backwoods Redneck adventure

May 24th, 2005, 8:18 AM
Well, I was huntin down somewhere around my uncles house and I had 1 twelve gauge, one quiver of arrows with a bow, and a couple of Pokeballs just in case I ran out of buckshot and arrows ;) . So I was sittin on the ground, mindin my own business, when this CRAZY thing came out of the bushes, oh what was it...oh whatever...oh yeah a... well I whipped out my pokedex that I got at the local dollar store and found out that that wierd thing was a...oh crap, for got the name, well I was runnin after it but I ran out of breath and dignity for chasin a tiny little wierd thing so I jumped on my four-wheeler and took off, well, I'm not to good with a gun so I whipped out those pokeballs that I got with my happy meal at the local McDonalds. Well all of those didn't work so I remembered the quiver of arrows and I whipped out my bow, set the arrow and BAM! ( :dead: ) I am now the proud owner of my first poke...whatever. I mounted it on the mantelpiece of my uncles house and My goodness It tasted good so I went out and shot some more! THE END

May 24th, 2005, 8:20 AM
And people actually put effort into spamming now? Sad...