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Yami's Girl
May 25th, 2005, 11:27 AM
Ok I haven't made alot of RPs before so be nice.

Porkemorphs have always been enemys from both pokemon and humans but a psychic has predicted:"Someday the Pokemorph stadium will come!"
The year is 2130. The world still has pokemon, despite all the construction. But if it has pokemon it's bound to have Pokemorphs. Lots of Pokemorphs. The fact is that the special people who are pokemorphs compeat against each other. Not with pokemon, but with thier morphed bodies of pokemon. There are still gyms, and the leaders still use thier pokemon. And those Pokemorphs that can defeat all the gym leaders go on to the Pokemorph stadium. Where the top Pokemorph battlers compete.

You are a Pokemorph, battling your way to the Pokemorph Satdium. This time you don' just get one morph, you get more. This takes place in Hoenn

Age: (12-18 plz)
Pokemon: (You get to have at least four pokemon, Max of 5)
Pokemon Morphs: (A Maximum of 13. To expand what you can morph you must accuire DNA from another pokemon, as in touch them.NO LEGENDARIES!)
Other: (Past, belongings, etc.)

My form:
Name:Emily Mueller
Pokemon Morphs:Charizard,Vaporeon,Giraferig,Kingdra,Aggaron,Heracross,Raichu,Tropius,Rhydon,Sealeo,Umbreon,Gengar,Tyarnitar
Personality: Playful, nice, and brave. She'll do anything for her best friends
Description:Blonde hair in ponytail,blue eyes, 5' 2", black shirt with flames, jeans, shoes.
Other:Born into a family of breeders. Her family was killed at age 9. She's lived with her pokemon ever since.

May 25th, 2005, 3:06 PM
can i have a custum made pokemon without god moding it?

Electric Hero
May 25th, 2005, 3:20 PM
Name: Max Hunter (but can call me just Max)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Pikachu, Charizard, Pidgeot, Scyther, Haunter.
Pokemon Morphs: Pikachu, Charizard, Pidgeot, Scyther, Haunter, Aggron, Treecko, Mightyena, Nidoking, Mareep.
Personality: Very friendly... and weird. Sometimes can have a sudden mood change.
Description: Blue eyes and black hair with an anime hairstyle. Wears all black including gloves and a long coat.
Other: Have trained since every young. Likes to battle but it is needed. Likes to battle as a sport, doesn't like to battle when it is of personal feelings, hard feelings, etc.

May 25th, 2005, 4:32 PM
Name: Rian Yuki
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Mawile, Houndoom, Dragonair, Gorebyss, Ampharos
Pokemon Morphs: Dragonair, Flygon, Glalie, Sneasel
Personality: Usually calm, calculating, and moderately tolerant, Rian rarely shows his anger. However, if he is displeased, he will usually display such emotions with an intense coldness. At times, Rian may display certain . . . eccentricities.

Though it is difficult to earn Rian's respect and trust, once he has fully bonded with another, he will be fiercely loyal to death.

Description: Dark hair with silver highlights; bandage bound about head covering one eye; visible eye is ice blue
Other: Rian is a highly experienced trainer and specializes in precision attacks and strategy. At times, his desire for isolation may cause him to seem slightly rude. but, when with other humans, he does attempt to be fairly amiable. Though he accepts most every Pokemon, there is one Pokemon that he has come to despise through various displeasurable experiences.

May 25th, 2005, 5:27 PM
Name: Jason ( I just know someone is going to call this character Jas. )
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Jolteon( Biole), Arcanine( Skippey), Sentret( Streetel), Aipom(Ase), and Dragonite( Wilt).
Pokemon Morphs: Jolteon, Arcanine, Sentret, Aipom, Dragonite, Poliwhirl, Ampharos, Umbreon, Raichu, and Quilava.
Personality: Happy-go-lucky kinda guy. He is always smiling even in total defeat. A very very pigheaded optimist. He likes to express stuff in writing. Because hes a mute. ( Had to wonder what it would be like to play a character who doesn't have the ability to speak. :) ) He is very smart... sometimes.
Description: Cold, grey eyes and red-orange hair. He is usually wearing a sleeveless camo tee and black shorts.
Other: He would rather play a strategy TableTop RolePlayGame but he does okay in battle. He lives alone in the mountain. He runs a farm nearby the town he is often found in. His farm takes care of pokemon and produces stuff. He also breeds on his farm.

Took me forever to figure out this is an RP like Animorphs. Them books are soooo awesome.

Yami's Girl
May 26th, 2005, 7:42 AM
Xantos: I perfer you just have a regular pokemon.

Ok! We'll start when we have, oh.... three more people.

May 27th, 2005, 11:12 AM
This is gonna be awesome! Its pretty good for not doing very many RolePlays pynpfan.

Thine Eyes Deception
May 28th, 2005, 8:34 AM
Sounds awesome!

Name: Charlie
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Wobbuffet, Tropius, Spinda, Lombre, Rhyhorn.
Pokemon Morphs: Wobbuffet, Duskull, Delibird, Marill, Cacnea, Rhyhorn, Lombre, Spinda, Tropius, Kecleon.

Personality: Charlie is a wiz-kid and a writer, and is also a dance-lover. He is kind of shy and likes to keep to himself, yet he isn't afraid to share his ideas with others.
Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin on his face, arms, and legs. For attire, he wears a red shirt with gray sweat pants. He wears black tennis shoes.

Other: Charlie is the only child to two trainers who were inducted into the hall-of-fame. When his father told about he and his mothers' histories as trainers, he was inspired to become one. Ever since, he has been training with pokemon and only got better with the tutoring of his famous parents. He is now an experienced trainer and hopes to get better... after a good dance party. :D

Yami's Girl
May 29th, 2005, 7:24 PM
::Ok, I guess we can start.::

Off in the distance two pokemorphs took battle stances. One morphed into a Venasaur, the other a Charizard. "Let's make this two morphs!" said the Charizard. The Venasaur nodded. The Charizard took flight as the Venasaur took in sunlight. The Charizard opened her mouth. The Venasaur's energy was about ready to be released. A ball had foarmed in the Charizard's mouth, as had the energy the Venasaur was storing was ready to be released. They both unleashed thier opening attacks, Venasaur with Solarbeam, the Charizard with Dargon Rage. The Charizard had managed to angle herself and got a clean shot at the Venasaur, who's attack just missed her. Venasaur, caught off-gaurd was hit full force. He struggled to get up. He released his vines on the Charizard, which wrapped around her legs.
"Gotcha!" He said. He pulled her in. She struggled to break free. Venasaur powered up Solarbeam again.
The Charizard got an idea. She stopped struggling and and turned her muzzle. She shot a Flamethrower at his head. He again was hit and stopped moving. "Ok, switching." He demorphed and sent out a pokemon. "Go Dragonair!" A Dargonair emerged from it's ball. The Charizard demorphed. A girl with her blonde hair, which was up, features foamed. "Go, Darghonite!" She shouted. Her Dragonite emerged. "Thunder!" Dargonite did as it was told. Dragonair just dodged, but it's tail was shocked.
"Dragonair!" Shouted the girl's opponent. "Use Auroa Beam!" Dragonair gathered her beam's energy. "Dargonite, take flight!" Shouted the girl. Dragonite flapped his wings and took to the sky. Dragonair released it's beam, hitting Dragonites feet. "Dragonite! Double team!" his trainer shouted. Dragonite's form split into six Dragonite's. "Hyper Beam!" Dragonair didn't know what to do. It was trapped by the Dragonites. It it went one way, it would be hit. "Now!" The Dragonite's released thier beams. Dragonair was hit, hard. It fell to the ground.
The girl's trainer stood with his mouth open. "You're good, Emily!" He said.
Emily returned her pokemon. "That I am," she said. "That I am. And I plan on going to the Stadium." With that she turned and continued down the trail.

::So as you can see, for battles one pokemorph, change to a regular pokemon if you get beat as a morph, or use two morphs. Just use one poke-morph.::

May 30th, 2005, 11:16 AM
[OOC: Alright . . . ::somewhat understands::]

A young Sneasel morph perched silently on a rock, his eyes closed and seemingly ignoring the Zangoose morph before him.

"This'll be simple, one morph against another--no switching, no Pokemon, no nothing. Just one morph," the Zangoose morph stated. In response, the Sneasel merely nodded.

"Then let's get going." The Zangoose dropped into a crouch, his reddish eyes staring toward his opponent. Then, the Zangoose vanished.

The Sneasel morph suddenly sprang into the air. In the same instant, the Zangoose morph appeared--shattering the rock the Sneasel had previously sat upon. As the Zangoose turned to face its opponent above, the Sneasel morph's paw suddenly caught the Zangoose's shoulder. Swiftly, the dark Pokemon extended its claws, causing them to deeply pierce the larger morph's shoulder. Then, leaping away, the wound the Sneasel opened released a stream of crimson.

Landing with a natural ease, the Sneasel lightly licked the blood from its claws as its eyes remained closed. Snarling with pain, the Zangoose morph charged toward the Sneasel. Raising its claws to counter its opponent's, the Sneasel felt a heavy shock course through its body. Though Sneasel's speed could easily defeat that of a Zangoose, it was far outmatched in attack strength. Dodging a second slash of claws, the Sneasel angled its next counter to allow its opponent's claws to slide off its own. Then, jumping back and away, the Sneasel dropped into a defensive stance.

The Zangoose' large, heavy claws flashed in the sunlight as it threw itself toward its opponent. The Sneasel's eyes opened. Suddenly, a full Blizzard was released, slamming into the oncoming Pokemon. Raising its claws to defend against the raging ice storm, the Zangoose morph's eyes narrowed slightly. "Alright, I admit defeat."

The Blizzard slowly calmed as the Zangoose morph shook himself free of snow. Then, returning to his human form, he regarded his wounded shoulder with vague regret. "For a sparring match, this turned out pretty serious . . . " Turning toward the Sneasel morph, he extended his hand. "You're not bad--for someone I've never heard of." He laughed slighty. "So, what's your name?"

The Sneasel neither accepted the hand or responded to the question. Rather, he turned and started making his way through the forest.

Sighing slightly, the Sneasel's opponent shrugged. "Strange guy . . . oh, well."

Electric Hero
May 30th, 2005, 9:13 PM
ooc: .... o...k... you were clearer than water Emily! ^^;;; XD

ic: In the middle of a grassfield beside a forest... one Pikachu and a Beedrill could be seen. They were fighting. The Pikachu jumped really high... attacking with thunderbolt the Beedrill. The Beedrill stay stunned for a while. The Pikachu tried to take advantage of this event. The Pikachu made a quick attack, but just before the Pikachu could make contact with his enemy, the Beedrill reacted and attacked the Pikachu with a poison sting.

The poison sting didn't leave the Pikachu poisoned. The Pikachu made a backward somersault and landed perfectly. The Pikachu had a smile... a weird smile like if he already knew he was going to win. The Pikachu charged a really powerful attack that it even attracted dark clouds around. The Beedrill feared this... the attack was Thunder... the most powerful electric attack ever.

The Pikachu released the attack... many lightnings hit the ground... and finally a big one hitted the Beedrill. It fell to the ground... paralyzed. The Pikachu was amazed he wasn't defeated yet. Taking advantage of this event again, the Pikachu used Slam against the almost defeated Beedrill. The Pikachu made contact with the Beedrill... sending it flying through the air a few meters. Then... the Beedrill morphed into a boy.

The Pikachu morphed into a boy too. The boy who won walked to his opponent... extending his hand. The other boy smiled and accepted the help. "wow... you fight really good... well... I gotta go... bye!" said to the loser to the other winner. "Another win for me... Max, the future champion of the Pokemorph Stadium" the winner said to... himself. Max smiled and kinda laughed. He advanced to the forest... possibly trying to find another battle.

Yami's Girl
May 31st, 2005, 6:30 AM
::I didn't know how eles to explain it. XD BTW I'm going to 1st person.::

I walked along the gravel path, up a hill. I had my hands in my pockets, feeling my map, just incase I needed it. I looked towards the sky.
It would be faster to fly to Rustboro, I though. I morphed into a Charizard, my favorite morph. I roared and flapped my wings. I slowly rose into the air. With that a angled my body so I could fly easier and took off towards Rustboro.
Roxanne is a rock type leader. I considered this for a moment. What morph could I use first? Or should I use my regular pokemon, Hydro? I could see shadows of buildings. Should I use my Vaporeon morph or my Kingdra morph? I couldn't help but think a Vaporeon would be better, but then if I got beat, I probably wouldn't want to use another Vaporeon.
Mabye Sealeo will work. I landed on the outskirts of Rustboro. I demorphed and took out a pokeball. I let out the pokemon contained in it, which was my Vaporeon.
"Hydro!" I said. "Roxanne is a rock type leader, so this is you game!" Hydro snorted and looked offended. I rolled my eyes. "Just do good, k?" Hydro nodded snottily and we walked into the city.
::So, yeah, you don't have any badges yet and yes you HAVE to go in order.::

May 31st, 2005, 10:01 AM
ooc: Awwww, man! You were clear as mud, I mean, crystal.. no I meant mud on the battling mode.

A Jolteon flew through the air and landed by hitting against a trunk of a tree. The challenger, a giant Cacturn, bathed the Jolteon in shadow with a smirk on his face.
" Can't even beat the champ of this town? Of course you can't! I'm the best there is! You or your wimpy Pokemon couldn't beat me, you bloody mute! " The Cacturn laughed raucously. The 'bloody mute' Jolteon was up and using a thunder attack before the chalenger finished laughing. Now the battle was getting serious. As Cacturn used pin missle, Jolteon replied with a thundershock. Both attacks hit dead on. As the smoke cleared the Jolteon could hear the opposer coming. Getting hit by the other Pokemorph was unexpected but it happened. The Jolteon was bowled over by the Cacturn all the while the Cacturn kept using pin missle again, and again.
Time to end this battle with the trainer who insulted my Pokemon. Never again shall he say that to me, the Jolteon thought darkly. Another thunder was issued and the Cacturn was blown back. After using a quick attack and tackling the Cacturn Jolteon used thunder again. Then using quick attack one more time he managed to fling the bigger opponent into a tree. The Cacturn demorphed to a chubby looking kid who looks like the local bully. The Jolteon also demorphed into a boy a bit younger with red-orange hair that lay flet on his head.
" You freako! You mute! I'm gonna tell my buddies and then you're gonna get it! " the loser cried.
The boy with red hair just turned and walked away. Trying to get revenge the other boy ran behind him and punched him in the back of the head. SWiftly turning around the red haired boy let out a pokemon. An Arcanine appeared between the two boys.
" { Now really? Can't we all get along? } " the Pokemon mumbled but to no evail. " {Oh yeah. Forgot the whole they only speak human thing. } " On a signal from his trainer the Arcanine unleashed a flamethrower into the other boy's face.
" { That'll teach you not to insult my Pokemon, } " the Arcanine muttered. " { Jason you need a thought speaker. I mean I'm your voice and yet, no one understands me, } " the Arcanine muttered playfully. Returning the pokemon back to his pokeball the trainer, Jason, continued on down the trail.
A few hours later he stopped a few miles away from the entrance to Rustboro town.
I will use Aipom and then use the morph of Umbreon I aquired from Geck. Too bad I had to leave him and Pog home. Those two make a great team, I thought as I stood up from a rest under the shade of a fir tree. Looking up I noticed that the sun was creeping behind a cloud and the air was starting smell of faint traces if moisture.

May 31st, 2005, 8:54 PM
As he stepped out of the dense forest into the full sunlight, Rian paused as a shadow flitted near him. Glancing upward, he oberved a form that resembled a Charizard flying above him. Returning to his human form, his visible eye shone faintly with an azure light. That Charizard . . . is it . . . a morph?

The male said nothing, merely continuing on his path toward Rustboro. Passing several trainers, Rian started across a bridge.

Yami's Girl
June 2nd, 2005, 6:48 AM
I walked into the city. It was abuzz with noises. People running from place to place, on cellphones, scolding kids, or pokemon, and thier faces came in a veriety of expressions. Sadness, anger, happiness, and a mix of some others. Hydro glared at a kid coming to pet her. The kid retracted his hand and went crying away.
I rolled my eyes. "That was nice," I said. Hydro snorted. I walked into the Pokemon Center and dropped off Dragonite's pokeball. I sat on a couch;Hydro jumped up on my lap.
"Oof! Aren't you a little big?!" Hydro did nothing and closed her eyes.

In about a half hour Dragonite was ready. I pushed Hydro off and grabbed the pokeball. Hydro came over with a angry look on her face.
"Boo-hoo," I teased. She shot me a Hydro Pump. I spat out water.
"Thanks." Hydro nodded.

I walked over to the gym. "Ok, Hydro. Ready?" Hydro looked offended. "Ok then!" I pushed open the doors. Roxanne was standing next to a boy with a hurt pokemon in his arms.
"I'll deafeat you someday!" He shouted, running out the doors. I walked up to Roxanne. "I'd like to battle you," I said.
"Ok," Roxanne said. "Go! Geodude!"
"Hydro!" I said. 'You're up!"

June 2nd, 2005, 5:44 PM
Jason ran the rest of the way to the city and and the Pokemon Center. Once there he handed over the Pokemon he had and sat down on a bench. In a few minutes they were ready so he walked calmly over to the gym. He did this only after letting Biole-his Jolteon- out and letting a group of kids pet him. After that he walked over to the Gym. He arrived just in time to see a girl and Roxanne start a battle.

Yami's Girl
June 6th, 2005, 11:41 AM
Hydro jumped right into action. She powered up one good attack. A rainbow beam shot from her mouth. Auroua Beam. Geodude used Defense Curl.
"You don't know how many times others have done that," said Roxanne. "Geodude! Rock Throw!" Geodude summoned rocks from the ground and threw them. Hydro dodged most, and the ones who hit her were small.
"Hydro Pump!" Hydro launched her water attack, which caught Geodude off gaurd. Geodude staggered.
"Now!" Hydro launched another Auroua Beam. Geodude fainted.
"Wow! You're doing good! The last kid couldn't even get past Geodude!" Roxanne laughed at this. "Oh, well. Go! Nosepass!" I recalled Hydro.
"Ok," I said. I started to morph. Sealeo. I shrunk to a different size, I sprouted whiskers and my fingers melted together to form fins.
"I'll get you now!"

Electric Hero
June 6th, 2005, 2:04 PM
ooc: sorry for not RPing for a while. I have a problem... I don't know why, PC doesn't load very well... I will try to catch up.

ic: The forest was killing me... I really wanted to go to Rustboro right away. To do it faster, I morphed into Pikachu, and ran as fast as I could. In a few minutes, I was out from the forest. I continued running but stopped at Rustboro's entrance. Then I un-morphed to human.

Suddenly... a Haunter appeared beside me. "Back so fast? I expected you to come later" I told the Haunter. [It's just that when I was scaring I faced two littrle dudes with water guns and...] he replied... but I interrupted him. "wait... did you say water guns?" I asked him. [um... yeah] he answered me. "so... can you use water guns in our duel against Roxanne?" I asked him again... kinda smiling. [well... if that's an official attack...] he replied but I interrupted again, "oh forget it... let's go". The Haunter and I entered the big city... trying to find the Gym.

Yami's Girl
June 11th, 2005, 7:30 PM
::Rper's block! Grrr...::

Roxanne laughed. "You, defeat me with that! HAHAHA!" I snorted and considered the battle started. I used Water Gun. Nosepass wasn't paying attention and was hit dead on. Nosepass used Rock Smash, but I dodged. I used Encore, clapping my flippers together. Nosepass looked flattered. He used Rock Smash again. I dodged.
Nosepass is slow! I used Water Gun and then used Aurora Beam. Nosepass dodged Water Gun but was hit by Aurora beam. He lay down defeated. I demorphed. Roxanne came up to me.
"You get this then." She handed me her badge. I picked it up.
"Thanks," I said. I walked out the door and to the pokemon Center. I dropped off Hydro and lay down on a bed. It was well after dark now. I slowly nodded off into a fitful sleep.