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May 28th, 2005, 6:40 PM
One day in 2005 a few kids were playing with their beloved pokemon. Now in the year 2009, these same children are on a legendary quest to restore peace to the chaos struck world.
"This is getting out of hand," Prof. Oak said. "We have to find a way to stop this, I think the only way to stop this is to find a way to take out the top threats. We know Rocket and Magma are in this. So the chances are Aqua is trying to stop it because Magam supports it. So we possibly have an ally.
We can get the top ten trainers within the three regions to fight them but we might need more help." Prof said then paused for a moment.
"We could talk to the Elite Four for help." Prof Elm said. "Meybe they can help fight."
"Brendon can help fight and Gary to," Prof Birch proclaimed. "That would be enough people right?"
"I'm not sure but chances are they could handle it. Well now we have some calls to make. Oak said as the Profs. walked towards the door.

I would like a sample of your RPing skills please.

age:(15 to 20)
team:(any 6 you want. One Legendary per person.)

Swampert(Torrent),and Vigoroth(Basher)
personality:friendly,peace full, hardheaded, and a loner at sometimes.

Buster Blader
May 29th, 2005, 2:43 AM
name: Micheal
gender: Male
team: Steelix, Pidgeot, Blastoice, sharpedo, Scizor, Suicune

description: Micheal is a tall thin man who wears black 3/4 pants a t-shirt, he has a Black white pair of basketball shoes, black socks, he has a white sox cap backwards on his head. He has blue eyes and blonde hair, If you look closely he has a scar down his right cheek, he also has a stud in his left ear

personality:He is a good guy who is respected for his views on pokemon, he is kind, honest and trustworthy, he likes to see the world and spend time with his pokemon, these are his main family and friends,

Example: Max was walking in downtown Pallet town when something cought his eye,
it was a wild squirtle just walking around, Max thought to himself dose this belong to someone? He decided that it infact did not so he slowly walked over to it and threw a pokeball at it, as he wated watching the pokeball go back and forward, rushing through his mind at a hundred times a minute "please cach it please"

Hope that was good enough Ciao

May 29th, 2005, 7:24 PM
Sorry, but a little tutoring might help...