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愛Forgotten Angel愛
June 10th, 2005, 2:23 AM
This is what I have been writing in my spare time. It's called redruM Mystery Number One: Sel and Selena.

Tucson, Arizona
Office of Crimes and Mysteries
Mysteries Office, Selena Buyi and Amber Frenklane
Time: 3: 55: 09, 10, 11 A.M

I steered around in the parking lot and found a place to park. I slid the keys out of the ignition and popped open the door. I nearly fell over as I got out.

"Stupid jerks. Making me get up at two o' clock just to investigate something. Little jerks..."I stumbled into the office, and into a world of chaos. Phones were ringing, people were running every where, everyone was talking at once. My head couldn't take it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that the secratary had just put down the phone. I opened my mouth.

"WHAT IN H*** IS HAPPENING IN HERE? DON'T YOU GUYS KNOW IT IS FOUR F***ING CLOCK IN THE MORNING? MY GOD, it's a wonder I even get sleep!" I shoved my way through the now quiet bunch. I cracked my neck as I sat down.

"So, Selena, having a rough morning?" Amber snickered as she logged on to her computer. I smiled. I brushed my long, brown hair back.

"Well, if those idiots would shut up for a while I wouldn't scream." Amber gave me a cold look. I shrugged. "What is it? You usually don't mind me saying that."

"It's the new case...It has everyone worried. It's...a murder mystery." She
glanced around and typed in a few words on her notepad.

"Amber, in case you haven't noticed, we deal with murders all the time." I popped open a soda I had gotten just before coming to the office. My hand flew across the keyboard typing todays events. Not much so far had happened.

"It has everyone worried...because it might have happened to Sel..." Amber stopped typing and looked at me. I put the soda down.

"Sel? Who would-"

"I got a telegraph from her yesterday. It said she felt like she was being watched." Amber started typing up again. I pressed the soda to my mouth and let the liquid flow in. My eyes remained on Amber. The last drop of soda entered my mouth. I crushed it in my hand and tossed it in the recyling.

"Why don't we know if it's her or not?" I asked. When the police found a body they usually asked people to confirm who it was. Maybe no one had heard yet.

"The body...was too destroyed. No face, hands, or feet. Not even the hair. The scalp...it was all bloody. Someone must have pulled the hair out, if the person had any," Amber trembled as she spoke. She continued typing.

"Oh." I stared at the computer screen. My fingers slowed in their typing. My hand lifted to my head. My fingernails dug into my scalp. They moved across, tearing the skin.

"Um, Selena? Are you okay?" Amber was staring at me. I zapped back into reality. I shook my head and replied.

"Yeah, just thinking. I am allowed to do that, right?" I smiled as I spoke. Shivers ran down my spine. The office door opened with a creek.

"Hey there, sweeties! Are you-" Ralph paused as he saw me jumping up. My heart was beating wildly. I could hear the birds chirping, and, for some reason, it calmed me.

"As I was saying, before Buyi here almost had a heart attack, are you guys ready to go to the scene of the crime? I thought you guys would want to go the most." Ralph snickered as he looked at me. I shoved my seat outward and got up. I held my finger to his face when I got close enough.

"Don't be so cocky. Amber, don't you think he should come with us to the crime scene?" I turned my head back. I put my hand back to my side.

"That would't be nessisary, Buyi. I should be going, you know." He walked out of the room. When he thought he was out of ear-shot (but he wasn't), he burst out laughing. I cracked my
fingers and walked over to Amber's desk.

"You want to go?" I asked, not looking at her. She looked at me. She shoved her glasses up on her face.

"Yeah, I want to go." She grabbed our bags and headed out. I shut off the computers and exited right after. The president came out of his office as we passed by.

"Hey, Buyi, mind yelling a little softer tomorrow?" I glanced back and stormed out of the building. I balled my hands into fists.

"I am going to yell louder next time!" I muttered under my breath. "A lot louder."


Tucson, Arizona
Sold lot, No buildings, Desert land
Time: 6:05: 05: 06: 07 A.M

"What the? This place is totally destroyed!" I walked around the torn up desert land. Cacti were up-rooted; weeds thrown everywhere. I stumbled over to an area behind a bush, where I almost did have a heart attack. Blood was everywhere, but that wasn't the worst part. I heard Amber asking the officer something.

"Was the person who examined Jane Doe 00128 certified?" Amber had a notebook firmly in her hand and a pen in the other. For some unknown reason, she always asked that. Always.

"I think so." I officer excused himself to go smoke. My stomach churned. I felt like puking.

"Amber! Get over here!" I shouted in her direction. "I mean NOW!" I could hear her trotting over. My hand was to my mouth. Finally, it was too much. I turned away from the eye and puked. Not too bad, just a bagel and Root Beer mixied togeter with stomach fluids. Amber looked sceptically at me.

"What could be so bad as to make-" She looked down where I pointed. Her eyes widened. I puked again.

"An...eye..." she murmured. I gawked at her. She bent down and examined it. I picked up a rock and threw it at her.

"What the? How, how can you just stand there like it's amazing? It's an EYE! The muscels are still attached! How do you not find that utterly disgusting?" I screamed. More puke came out. I got up and puffed up my mouth. I wacked her over the head. "Weirdo..."

"Oh, come one, Selena! You puked? I can't believe that! And you say I have a uneasy stomach!" Amber lauged heartily.

"You have a weird stomach!" I snarled as my stomach heaved again. I controlled my stomach, a little. My face was totally screwed up in disgust. I bent down to Amber's level.

She put a glove on both hands and touched the eye. She tried to move it around, but it stayed in one place. We both drew back. Amber blinked a couple of times. She shoved it once again.

"It's attached to something," I breathed. "That stupid thing is attached to somthing..." I held my stomach. My face returned to normal, then went into a phase of fear. "What could it be attached to?" I tilted my head towards Amber.

"Something underground, no doubt. There might be other things under there too. Go get a shovel," she said, staring at the eye. "We have to dig this up." She glanced up at me. "That is, if your stomach can take it." She lauged again and I shoved myself up. I began walking toward the officer.

"My stomach can take anything now!" I yelled as I was in front of the officer. I turned towards him and smiled. He returned it. A couple puffs of smoke came out of his mouth. I was slightly annoyed, but didn't show it.

"Do you have a shovel we can use?" I asked politly. He looked at me sceptically, but nodded towards his car. He mumbled the word trunk. I meandered over to it and took the shovel out.

"Tch, so plain. You would think they would get nicer shovels, being the police and all," I said to Amber as I handed her the shovel. She gave me a questioning look. "It was your idea; you get to dig!"

She dug, and dug. Finally, we cleared all the dirt off of the things...and we both barfed. Not too bad; just a small breakfast and some sort of drink. Not too bad...