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Winner Quest!
Chapter 1: I Choose You Pokemon
By: Tyler Steinhaus

Ash:Master/Hero: Pokemon: Mudkip
Copper: Professor
Wilma: Ashes Mom
Sophia: Ashes Friend: Pokemon: Poochyena and Taillow

Narrator: Well its a nice day in Snaps Town. When its Ashes Birthday.
Ash: Oh I'm so excited. Its my Birthday and I can get my very own Pokemon.
(going down the stairs)
Wilma: Slow down Ash your going to hurt your self by the way your moving.
Ash: I wont Hurt my self Mom.
(Ash is walking out of the door and running over ot the lab where Prof. Copper is)
Ash: Proffesor Copper can I get my Pokemon Today.
Copper: yes you can Ash Just calm down.
Ash: Hurray!!! What are the Pokemon?
(all in excitment)
Copper: lets see Theres Torchic the Fire Pokemon, theres Mudkip the water Pokemon and Treecko the Leaf Pokemon.
Ash: UM! I'll take Mudkip!
Copper: here you go Ash just to tell you Mudkip hates Going into Pokemon Balls.
Ash: Ok, Yes My First Pokemon!!
(all in excitment again and walking out of the lab)
Ash: Mom! Mom! look I have a Pokemon its a water Pokemon called Mudkip.
Wilma: Cool Hunny. Well heres your Backpack with all your stuff in it.
Ash: thanks Mom I guess Im going to take Off on my Adventure through Buzz!!!
(Ash walking off in the distance into flying forest)
Ash: Im Finnaly starting My journey to be the best there is
(Ash starts talking to Mudkip)
Ash: so Mudkip are you going to be my friend
Mudkip: Mud Mudkip
Ash: so you are?
(mudkip walks away from ash and goes up a tree)
Ash: Get back here mudkip
(mudkip just wags its head no. mudkip suddenly uses Water Gun and aims for Ash but misses and hits a bunch of Sperrow the sperrow are all Mad)
Ash: Look out Mudkip the Sperrow are after you. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!
(BAM Mudkip gets hit and is injuryed really bad by the Sperrow but the Sperrow arent Done. Ash runes up and Grabbes Mudkip)
Ash: Mudkip I'll get you to the Pokemon Center right away if I can.
(Ash is Running as fast as he can Trying to get away from the Sperrow. Gurggle Gurggle Ash Fell in the water and swimming to safety when he gets Hooked and gets pulled to Land)
Sophia: yes I got a Pokemon On the Hook. Wait Its just a kid and his Pokemon.
Ash: I need help a Bunch of Sperrow are going after me may I use your Bike.
Sophia: No you cant!!
Ash: I'll take it any way.
Sophia: where you going with my Bike.
(Ash Is pedelling as fast as he can to get to the next town)
(Ash Falls and Wipes out)
See You in the next chapter of Winner Quest

Winner Quest!
Chapter 2: Double Trouble
By: Tyler Steinhaus

Ash:Master/Hero: Pokemon: Mudkip
Sophia: Ashes Friend: Pokemon: Poochyena and Taillow
Team Fire: Bad Guys: Pokemon: Torchic and Slugma
Nurse Grape: Pokemon Center Nurse

(Crash, Boom Ash Hit the Ground and Got Dirty covered in mud Then it started raining)
Ash: Mudkip are you alright.
(no sign from Mudkip)
Ash: Oh no Mudkip is really hurt.
Sperrow, Sperrow
(suddennly Mudkip Gets up and uses Hydro Pump and Scares the Sperrow away)
Ash: Mudkip did you do that for me? if you did thanks a lot.
(Ash gets back on the bike with Mudkip and heads to Lilip town to heal Mudkip)
Welcome To Lilip Town the sign says
(Ash Hurls the bike to the ground and runs into the Pokemon Center)
Ash: Help!!! Help!!! my Mudkip is really hurt can you please heal it.
Nurse Grape: Chansey get a cart ready. When Chansey comes back Put Mudkip on the Cart.
Ash: Ok (in a worried voice)
(Ash waits for 1 hour and finaly Nurse Grape Comes out)
Nurse Grape: Your Mudkip made a full recovery. It was a good thing you made it here on time.
Ash: Yes, My Mudkip is feeling better. When can I get him back?
Nurse Grape: You can reciecve him in a little bit.
Ash: OK Nurse Grape.
(Ash is waiting anxciously)
Nurse Grape: Here you go Ash heres your Mudkip It made a full recovery.
Ash: Thanks Nurse Grape for healing my Mudkip.
(Ash is walking out of the Pokemon Center and leaves Lilip Town)
Ash: Well Mudkip how do you feel Mudkip.
Mudkip: Mud Mudkip!!!
Ash: well I dont know what you said but I know you said something Good
(Ash Keeps on walkiing through the wonderful Fields)
Team Fire: Hey Look at that kid and his Mudkip. Yea I know It looks really strong.
Ash: Do you here something Mudkip? I here Voices.
Sophia: Hey you why did you ruin my nice new bike?
Ash: Sorry my Mudkip got seriously injuried and I needed to get to the Pokemon Center Really fast.
Sophia: Ok sorry for Yelling at you I thought you were a theif.
Ash: Its ok. hey do you want to travel with Me?
Sophia: Sure.
Ash: Im trying to be a Pokemon Master.
Sophia: Cool. i want to be a Pokemon Master To.
Ash: Cool. Do you like my water Pokemon Mudkip?
Sophia: yea its really cute.
Ash: Thanks. I know it is.
(team fire jumps out from the bushes)
Team Fire: Hand over all your Pokemon Or feel the wrath of Team Fire.
Ash and Sophia: Never you Thieves. you'll never get our Pokemon.
Team Fire: Then Feel the wrath of Team Fire Torchic and Slugma come out Both of you attack with Ember.
Ash: Dodge it Mudkip. Sophia you have to take out one of your Pokemon Sophia.
Sophia: Ok Go Poochyena. Attack with your Bite on Torchic.
Ash: Use water gun on on Slugma Mudkip!
(Team Fire is getting worried)
Team Fire: Oh no try and dodge it Torchic and Slugma.
Ash and Sophia: Direct hit On both of them.
(Slugma and Torchic fainted)
Team Fire: No Torchic and Sugma Get back in your Pokeball. We'll Get your Pokemon Next Time you twerps.
Ash: Good Job Poochyena and Mudkip you fought well you guys are Number 1.
Sophia: Return Poochyena. Good Job Ash for your First Pokemon Battle.
Ash: Thanks Sophia.
Sophia: Your Welcome.
Ash: you did to Sophia.
Sophia: Thanks Ash Well we better get going if you want to be a Pokemon Master Because theres a Gym Leader in the Next Town.
Ash: Really Cool Lets get going then.
(Ash and Sophia will meet there new mysterys in Emerald Ville)

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