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July 8th, 2005, 2:59 PM
Welcome to my first ever TC request shop I ever made!

Here's an example of my trainer card:TC (http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y233/Mud_luv/YvetteCard.png)

And here is the request sheet:

Traner card background (Choose from one of these (http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y233/Mud_luv/TCBackgrounds.png), the one in my example's background, or choose a basic color):
Trainer ID (optional):
Trainer pic:
Pokemon near trainer (optional):
Item(s) (optional and up to 2):
Badges (which kind) or Pokemon icons:

I'll PM your trainer card when I'm finished with it and please, 2 requests at a time. Oh yeah and give credit.

Working on:
1. Chibi_Shinn
2. tmbjr

Waiting List:
No one

EDIT: Now ~misty~ is going to help me with the shop.

July 9th, 2005, 5:58 PM
Traner card background (Choose from one of these, the one in my example's background, or choose a basic color):The first one on the left, abandonded building
Name: Mort Rainey or Mort R.
Trainer ID (optional): 00021
Trainer pic:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v314/T_dude/Teamchrizard.gif
Pokemon near trainer (optional):Vaporeon
Pokemon:Vaporeon, Latias, Latios, Flareon, Milotic, Rayquaza
Item(s) (optional and up to 2):
Badges (which kind) or Pokemon icons: Pokemon icons

July 9th, 2005, 6:38 PM
Traner card background (Choose from one of these, the one in my example's background, or choose a basic color): At the left side the one at the lower
Trainer ID (optional): 77014
Trainer pic: you can decide but (male).
Pokemon near trainer (optional):
Item(s) (optional and up to 2):
Badges (which kind) or Pokemon icons: Pokemon icons

Thanks please do this.^_^

July 10th, 2005, 12:53 PM
Ok, I'll get started on them.

EDIT: Here you go Mort Rainey: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y233/Mud_luv/MR.png

And here you go sasuke770: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y233/Mud_luv/S.png

July 12th, 2005, 4:00 AM
Thanks a lot Mudkip luv For making me one^_^

Dark Trainer Piro
July 12th, 2005, 11:31 AM
Traner card background: Victory Road
Name: Piro
Trainer ID (optional): 24453
Trainer pic:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v293/Piro-san/Ash1.png
Pokemon near trainer (optional): Charizard
Pokemon: Charizard,Lugia, Pidgeot, Tyranitar, Steelix, Feraligatr
Item(s) (optional and up to 2): Soul Dew, Fire Stone
Badges (which kind) or Pokemon icons: Kanto Badges

King Boo
July 13th, 2005, 4:50 AM
Traner card background:Black and Red
Trainer ID:938749
Trainer pic:
Pokemon near trainer (optional)::sean: the boy you get in ruby
Item:Master ball{x2}
Badges:All of Hoen

Lord Jacek
July 13th, 2005, 9:10 AM
Background- Center 2 down from the very top

Trainer ID:27052
Trainer pic:anything as long as its a guy
Pokemon near trainer (optional): Skarmry
Pokemon:Tyranitar,Charizard,Rayquaza,Groudon,Metagross,& Gengar
Item(s) (optional and up to 2):
Badges (which kind) or Pokemon icons:All of the Hoenn's

July 13th, 2005, 9:51 AM
Here's your card Dark Trainer Piro:

I'll work on the rest later.

King Boo
July 13th, 2005, 4:41 PM
i mean the old tower please?

July 14th, 2005, 7:52 AM
Here you go Rayquaza975:


Edit: Oops, I didn't see your last post.

Anyway I'll do the rest later... again...

July 14th, 2005, 11:52 AM
background:battle tower
pic:http://img285.imageshack.us/img285/2928/hiro3jx.png (http://www.imageshack.us)
pokemon near trainer:sneasel
pokemon:sneasel,blastoise,zangoose(shiny),flygon,typhlosion,and politoed.
thank you

July 14th, 2005, 1:36 PM
jc_rcw, do you mean Silph Co. (The top one) and which kind of badges do you want, Kanto or Hoenn? (I can't find the Johto ones)

Dark Tyranitar, here is your card: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y233/Mud_luv/JK.png

July 14th, 2005, 2:22 PM
hoenn(message too short)(message too short)

Lord Jacek
July 14th, 2005, 3:13 PM
Thank you very much! It looks really cool!

July 15th, 2005, 10:47 AM
Your welcome DT.

jc_rcw, here is your TC:

Give credit if you use it.

July 15th, 2005, 11:05 AM
*dances* yahoo thank you very very much.

July 15th, 2005, 12:23 PM
I have a request

Traner card background: The first one on the left
Name: Pat
Trainer ID: 06226
Trainer pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v634/GodofPH/Pat.bmp
Pokemon near trainer: Blaiken
Pokemon: Mewtwo, Ursaring, Manectric, Blaziken, Scizor, Flygon
Item(s): Amulet coin and Quick Claw
Badges: Kanto badges

July 16th, 2005, 7:59 AM
May I have one? If so:
Trainer ID (optional):15018
Trainer pic:http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y88/Mewers/me.bmp
Pokemon near trainer (optional):Celebi
Item(s) (optional and up to 2):Ruby,Sapphire
Badges (which kind) or Pokemon icons:Kanto Badges

July 16th, 2005, 9:24 AM
celebiluver: which trainer card background would you like (look at first post)?

jc_rcw: Your welcome.

GodofPH: Here is your card! http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y233/Mud_luv/GOPH.png
Give credit if you use it.

July 16th, 2005, 10:18 AM
Oh, sorry about that.... :D I'll just have dark green.

July 16th, 2005, 10:50 AM
I'll have it by today or tomorrow.

July 16th, 2005, 10:56 AM
Okay. That's fine by me! :)

July 17th, 2005, 12:28 PM
Here ya go celebiluver!

Give credit if you use it.

July 17th, 2005, 2:29 PM
TC Background: The very last one.
Name: Keiko
Trainer ID: 10583
Trainer pic: *attached*
Pokemon near trainer: Horsea.
Pokemon: Corsola, Starmie, Seel, Vaporeon, Horsea, Luvdisc.
Item[s]: I don't want any items. ^^;
Badges or Pokemon icons: All Kanto badges. ^___^

Thankies, Mudkip_luv. ^-~

July 18th, 2005, 8:36 AM
Coming right up!

Here you go Pyoko:
Give credit if you use it.

July 18th, 2005, 10:47 AM
Traner card background The Mansion Background
Trainer ID (optional):0200
Trainer pic:Check Sig
Pokemon near trainer (optional):Shedinja
Pokemon:Bannatte, Gengar, Dusclops, Haunter, Duskull, Scizor
Item(s) (optional and up to 2):Cleanse Tag, Cleanse Tag
Badges (which kind) or Pokemon icons:All badges

July 18th, 2005, 1:04 PM
Which badges would you like Sithre? Kanto or Hoenn?

July 18th, 2005, 1:19 PM
4 of each if that is possible?

Cyan Goggles
July 18th, 2005, 2:57 PM
Traner card background:Uh,The top tower one?
Name: Jet
Trainer ID :91591
Trainer pic: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y263/ionem/sumphagg.png
Pokemon near trainer: Shiney flygon
Pokemon: Shiney flygon,http://www.pokesho.com/img_icon/i_pikacyuu.gif http://www.pokesho.com/img_icon/i_saanaito.gif http://www.pokesho.com/img_icon/i_massuguma.gif http://www.pokesho.com/img_icon/i_todozeruga.gif And theese...I just don't have a pic of a shiney flygon.
Item(s) (optional and up to 2): Star dust,and star peice.
Badges (which kind) or Pokemon icons: Pokemon Icons,and the same pokemon as listed above.

Please and thank you.

July 19th, 2005, 1:12 PM
Um Sithre, I don't have the right templates so that's not possible.

chimichi, I'll get started on it.

July 19th, 2005, 1:24 PM
Well then just decide yourself, the badges on my card arn't that big of a deal to me.

July 19th, 2005, 1:45 PM
chimichi: Here you go!

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y233/Mud_luv/c.png Give credit if you use it.

Sithre: I'll get working on yours.

July 19th, 2005, 6:20 PM
This might be a little late, but thanks for the awesome trainer card.

July 20th, 2005, 9:03 AM
You're welcome celebiluver

Sithre: Here you go!http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y233/Mud_luv/SRE.png
Give credit if you use it

July 21st, 2005, 6:20 AM
I would like one :-)

t-card background: the very first one

name Dylan

pokemon near trainer:shiny aipom

pokemon: can you make them all different unowns?

items:ruby plate, sapphire plate

badges: kanto

trainer: team magma guy

thanks :D

July 21st, 2005, 6:41 AM
EvilDunsparce: Well, it'll be hard to find them. I'll try to go with that, but just incase, can you give me another team of pokemon if I can't get the unown?

July 22nd, 2005, 5:45 AM
Sure :-)


July 22nd, 2005, 7:51 AM
hey can one of u guys make me one of those sweet trainer cards

July 22nd, 2005, 7:52 AM
hey can one of u guys make me one of those sweet trainer cards

July 22nd, 2005, 9:39 AM
gohan_rules00: Um, if you want one, fill out the request sheet. And please don't double post.

EvilDunsparce: I'll get working on yours.

EvilDunsparce: Here is your TC:
http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y233/Mud_luv/ED.png Give credit if you use it.

July 25th, 2005, 10:46 AM

And using that new trainer as the trainer...
Could you plz edit mine by taking out the Haunter and replacing it with this-


July 25th, 2005, 6:24 PM
Traner card background The middle one in the second from the bottom row, the green foresty one
Trainer ID (optional): 49343
Trainer pic:http://img57.imageshack.us/img57/4026/seer2356rg.jpg
Pokemon near trainer (optional):Venusaur
Pokemon:Venusaur, Vaporeon, Articuno, Rayquaza, Umbreon, Metagross
Badges (which kind) or Pokemon icons:The original 8


July 27th, 2005, 7:16 AM
Sithre, which trainer are you talking about?

Seer235, what do you want your name to be? For now, I'll put you as Seer235.

Here you go: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y233/Mud_luv/S235.png Give credit if you use it.

July 27th, 2005, 8:49 AM
TC Backgroud: Darn, I didn't realize the BGs were one whole pic... I'd like the first one in the second row. The one with all the damages and broken windows.
Name: Ari
Trainer ID: 92127
Trainer Pic: http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/1425/trainer4sy.gif
Pokemon near trainer: Dragonair
Pokemon: Gardevoir, Typholosion, Chansey, Dragonair, Espeon, Bellossom
Badges: Umm, the Kanto types.


July 27th, 2005, 9:37 AM
Traner card background: Rock Tunnel
Name: Tommy B.
Trainer ID: 16965
Trainer pic: attached
Pokemon: Crobat, Haunter, Sableye, Venomoth, Ariados, Dustox
Badges (which kind): hmm...all Hoenn badges...

July 27th, 2005, 10:37 AM
The first Trainer in my Sig, use him as the new trainer. And replace the Haunter with the Black Groudon from my last post....

August 5th, 2005, 10:27 AM
Um, people, Mudkip_luv asked me to help SO I'M GONNA HELP MY BUDDY!
Sithre, what do you mean the first trainer?

Crystal Walrus
August 6th, 2005, 9:37 AM
Traner card:background the 8th one
trainer pic: cool trainer from emrald
Name:kygore tr
Trainer ID:146782
Pokemon near trainer:luiga
Pokemon:2 kygores groudon entie riku suicune
Badges:all johto

August 6th, 2005, 4:43 PM
Traner card background (Choose from one of these, the one in my example's background, or choose a basic color):1rst one
Trainer ID (optional):12131
Trainer pic:http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/spr...frlgemtr111.png
Pokemon near trainer (optional):Latias
Item(s) (optional and up to 2):
Badges (which kind) or Pokemon icons:Kanto

August 19th, 2005, 1:08 PM
the first one
trainer pic:look at avatar
pkmn near trainer:mr.mime
pkmn:mr. mime mew2 mew celebi lugia medicham
no items
all kanto
^thank you very much!^