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August 6th, 2005, 9:58 AM
Once they were back at the fork she stopped and turned her head in both directions. "We'll go that way. Down the left fork." She hadn't been there before but something told her it was the right way to go. So she began walking, but more slowly so Blitz wouldn't have to strain his leg.

August 6th, 2005, 11:52 AM
"How can anyone see in this place", Drudge had been wondering through the cave on orders to find and kill the two elites who had gone their for Refuge. He had never wanted to come here, his memories of this place aren't as good as most trainers...

"Alakazam, light this **** place up. Those trainers are aren't that far ahead of us..."


Sean winced and bit his toungue, he awoke in a distrought and messy house. "Solrock?" He must of brought me here for the night...maybe he has gone back for ..RAYQUAZA. Sean rushed to his feet, and hit the ground again. My leg is broken...and my ribs don't feel any better

I am injured now...I can't help anyone, I would only get in the way...Maybe it's better that I was left behind....I wonder how the other trainers are doing....Alana...

August 6th, 2005, 2:48 PM
Blitz's leg was getting worse, "Aggron, Help me out!" He said as he let aggron out of his pokeball,

Blitz climbed on agrons back and let aggron walk for him

"Do you think its such a good idea to go somewhere you havn't been in a situation like this?" Blitz asked, Although he had the same fealing to go this way

August 6th, 2005, 9:13 PM
"Not really, no." Alana replied grinning slightly. "But I think we're going the right way." Tolagy nodded and flew ahead making them pick up the pace. "I think I can see something up a head. Maybe another passage way." It was. "Another fork. Um..." But Tolagy turned right. Alana nodded. Again she got the strange feeling like they were going the right way. "I wonder how far this goes. And I wonder where it'll take us. Probably out of the cave."

August 7th, 2005, 8:59 PM
The door shut , waking Sean from his pain induced sleep. Solrock gently laid the pokeball it had taken from sean's waist , next to him. Thank you, he picked gripped it and held it close. Sean felt himself being lifted, he stood and looked around him.

It was a huge house, but cluttered with destroyed furniture and toppled shelves. What looked like a huge machine had been destroyed and broken into thousands of wire ridden peices. Sean slowly moved towards the door on the opposite side of where he had passed out. Being psychically aided with every stumble, he made his across the home.

"Hello?" He muttered although he knew no one was in their. He had probably been in the house for a couple hours and if someone had been their they would have crossed paths. The door cracked and groaned as Sean forced it open. It was a kitchen, small and dimly lit. Lying in its center was a body, drenched in red......

August 7th, 2005, 9:35 PM
Blitz followed behind eagerly riding on his aggron, As blitz rode aggron, he started to notice that the bath started to narrow, soon itwould be to small for aggron to go through

Blitz jumped off aggron and returned him His leg was abit better after teh rest, so he was fine to run now

"This tunnel is getting kinda narrow" Blitz said

"Do you think we should turn around?" asked Alana

"No way, I got a fealing this is the right way," Blitz said as he kept running, "It just means that we wont run into large pokemon when the repel wheres off" Blitz said starting to sweet

August 8th, 2005, 8:02 AM
Drudge watched as the two trainers moved through the caverns, Just a few more minutes then i will strike....


Sean leaned back against the door, trying to clear his mind. This is Bill's house...that must be Bill. They knew we would come here, but how. ! . The thing that I saw...the bird pokemon with the trainer. They are watching us...

Slowly night fell to the rising sun, the new day had begun....

August 8th, 2005, 10:52 AM
Pat and Daimeon stepped out of the cave. The sun was rising over Pewter City and the Pidgeys and Rattatas were coming out of their dens. Pat was thinking as he gazed at the sunrise. I actually killed that innocent kid...When I told Alana that I didn't mind murdering people, it wasn't like I meant it... Pat said, "Th-that k-k-kid took a wh-wh-while to kill, but his *** is stone-dead n-now. Wh-what next Daimeon?" Daimeon said, "Grab ahold of my arm, I am going to take you somewhere." Pat said, "S-s-sure, whatever. Cell, come here." Cell hesitantly climbed into Pat's backpack. Pat grabbed ahold of Daimeon's arm and the two disappeared in a flash of light.

Pat reeappeared in a room with a large monitor inside it. The monitor was displaying the inside of a cave. The point-of-view was moving through the cave. The monitor suddenly displayed two trainers coming up on the screen. Wait...thats Blitz and Alana! This monitor is displaying Victory Road...

Pat saw a chair in front of the monitor with its back turned toward Pat and Daimeon. Pat said, "Whos that?" Daimeon didn't answer, he continued to look at the screen. Pat started to walk towards the chair, but he was stopped. He felt that feeling of physical restriction that he had felt when he first met Daimeon. The person in the chair lifted up its arm and pointed at the screen. The person said, "Drudge might not be able to capture the girl...Your going to have to..."

He wants me to capture Alana...thats fine. I can do that. She refused to consider my ideas before. Besides, this will get me closer to Daimeon's offer of the Ultimate pokemon.

Pat paused from his thought and thought about something else. I still can't believe I killed that boy. Am I that desperate to get power? I could never face Mom after this...or Dad. Wait, they would be proud of me aquiring the Ultimate pokemon wouldn't they? Dad was overjoyed when I first showed him Boom. Dad's fascination with legendary pokemon...this Ultimate Pokemon might not be written about in storys or myths...but its power would be legendary. I'd make my own storys about this pokemon and its great power. This pokemon would be remembered for years and years...and think of the recognition the trainer of that pokemon would get! I could become a Frontier Brain like mom...or a Gym Leader like dad!

Pat said to the person in the chair, "I'll do it." The person in the chair said, "Excellent. But you are going alone, Daimeon will not accompany you." Pat said, "Fine, I can take Alana." The person in the chair said, "Fine, now go." Pat started walking toward the door of the room when Daimeon stopped him. Daimeon said, "Don't waste energy walking, I'll teleport you out." Daimeon pressed his hand on Pat's shoulder and Pat disappeared from the room.

Pat found himself transported to the entrance of Victory Road Cave. Pat said, "Well, time to get this over with."

August 8th, 2005, 11:36 AM
Rache sat beneath a small, rocky cliff, his gaze focused on the sky as the light increased. Thoguh he had not slept the previous night, he had rested for several hours. Standing in silence, Rache brushed himself free of dust before checking the two Pokeballs at his side. Both still there . . . good.

Turning, the trainer continued to make his way through the narrow passage.

August 8th, 2005, 11:46 AM
"Alakazam get ready", Drudge waited for the kid to run through the narrowing cavern. "Now!" Alakazam's spoons glowed for a second then a shattered rock blocked the path. Trapping Blitz and blocking Alana. Drudge looked down at the girl, "Me and your friend are just gonna have some fun..Don't worry". He and his pokemon jumped down to were Blitz was...

August 8th, 2005, 2:45 PM
Alana jumped when the rocks caved in. "I don't think so! Chikorita Sunny Day then Solar Beam!" Chikorita jumped forward and a burst of light lit up the cave. Then she fired a beam at Alakazam. "Now Tolagy Fire Blast!" Tolagy flew forward and hovered beside Chikorita then fired the attack.

August 8th, 2005, 2:50 PM
The blasts scorched the caverns roof, nearly missing the enemies as they fell down to the cavern Blitz was in.

Alana rant up to the stones that trapped Blitz. "We have to get in their..."

August 8th, 2005, 2:52 PM
She picked up a rock and tossed it aside. "You two help out!" Tolagy and Chikorita nodded and began to use attacks on the rocks. Alana tossed aside every rock she could and copied her Pokemon's attacks to try and move them. "Hey Blitz you ok?"

August 8th, 2005, 2:57 PM
OOC: of all the times for blitz to not be on...

IC: "Alakazam imprison him!" Drudge's pokemon began to glow along with Blitz.
"What the hell!" Blitz yelled as he was shoved into a rock wall and the rocks began to inclose around him. Only his head was visible now.....

August 8th, 2005, 3:01 PM
"****." Alana growled. "Dig faster!" She shouted to her Pokemon. They increased their efforts. Tolagy used Flamethrower to blast rocks apart and Chikorita used Solar Beam and a few more Sunny Day attacks. Alana couldn't do that but she was using everything she had to move the rocks away from Blitz.

August 8th, 2005, 3:14 PM
Drudge laughed, he could hear the efforts of the girl on the other side of the rock. "You won't make it here in time..Your a weak little girl!" He screamed it at her. "Go Xatu!" The bird flew atop the slide and glared down at Alana. "Don't let anything through"...

August 8th, 2005, 3:20 PM
"Stupid bird. Go Arcanine Fire Blast!" Arcanine appeared. The space was narrow but it fired Fire Blast at Xatu. "Birdy is now crispy. Ok Arcanine help with the rocks!" Arcanine nodded and used a combination of Quick Attack and Flamethrower to move the rocks. They were beginning to make good headway and Alana was sure it wouldn't take much longer.

August 8th, 2005, 3:57 PM
Suddenly, Alana heard these words, "Cell, use Hyper Beam!" She looked over and saw Pat standing in the tunnel with Cell atop his shoulder. Cell jumped off of his trainer's shoulder and fired a huge yellow beam at the pile of rocks. This blasted away some of the rocks, but not all. Cell ran to the pile of and started digging with his claws.

Alana was about to say something to Pat, but then Drudge said, "Xatu, recover!" Xatu's eyes glowed and the psychic bird jumped to its feet, fully healed. Pat looked at the bird and said, "I'll handle this." Pat said, "Take that bird out Arsonist!" Pat tossed his Quilava's pokeball and Arsonist appeared in a flash of red light. Pat said, "Arsonist, flamewheel!" Arsonist growled and sent a ring of fire at Xatu.

The flames hit Xatu and it and the bird started to fall over but it did a backflip during the fll and flew towards Arsonist. Xatu rammed Arsonist with its beak and the Quilava whimpered, but nothing more. Pat said, "Rollout Arsonist!" The quilava curled into a ball and started rolling towards Xatu, gaining velocity as he went. Xatu took to the air but Arsonist rolled up the caves wall and sprang from it and grabbed onto Xatu. Xatu couldn't hold up the extra weight and it struggled to stay in the air. Arsonist clawed and bit Xatu until the bird gave up and fell to the ground.

Pat petted Arsonist as a congratulations on his win and then ordered the Quilava to go help the other pokemon free Blitz from the rocks. Pat walked up to Alana and said, "I'm sorry for the way I acted before, I was outta line."

August 8th, 2005, 4:00 PM
Alana looked at Pat with an odd expresion on her face and a sad and angry lookin her eyes. They flashed when Pat said he had been out of line before. "Yes you were." She turned her back on him and helped Blitz up. "Arcanine return." She returned her Pokemon then started walking again.

August 8th, 2005, 4:04 PM
OOC: Um i don't quite think you have saved him yet...alittle jumpy i guess.

IC: Xatu Return!", Daimeon heard another voice on the other side of the rocks...Who the hell! "Alakazam Remove those rocks", the psy pokemon's spoons glowed and the rocks shot straight up and into the ceiling...

There was now Alana and some unknown traienr with her. "I guess i'll kill you too", Daimeon pointed to the girl, "Alakazam Psybeam!"

August 8th, 2005, 6:44 PM
Drudge's Alakazam crossed its spoons and fired a rainbow beam towards Pat and Alana. Pat said, "Cell, quick, use your psybeam attack!" Cell jumped in front of the oncoming beam and fired one of its own. The beams collided in mid-air sents sparks flying around the cave. Drudge said, "Well, your pretty tough to deflect my Alakazam's psybeam. How about a 2-on-2 battle?" Pat said, "Fine with me." Drudge said, "Go Kingdra!" Drudge threw a pokeball and kingdra appeared from it. At first, Kingdra fell over and flopped aimlessly on the ground. Then Alakazam raised his arm and Kingdra floated into the air, as if the air was its underwater habitat. Pat looked at Alana and said, "You up to this? If not, Cell and Arsonist can handle these two."

August 8th, 2005, 6:47 PM
Alana looked at Pat for a long moment. Finally she nodded to Tolagy who flew forward. Before the battle began Tolagy started talking quietly to Cell. A few brief words later and Tolagy nodded to Alana. "I'm ready." She said coldly. "And so is Tolagy."

August 8th, 2005, 8:02 PM
Pat smiled and cracked his knuckles. Pat yelled, "Cell, use Dragon Claw on Kingdra." Cell's right claw ignited with a blue flame as he lunged at Kingdra. Kingdra jolted up and Cell crashed into the wall of the cave. Cell got up and hissed at Kingdra. This area was like water to Kingdra because of Alakazam's levitation. Kingdra is just as agile as a Yanma. Cell jumped at Kingdra again but Kingdra dodged again. Cell fell over again and Kingdra turned to face Cell. Kingdra lunged forward for a headbutt attack.

August 9th, 2005, 1:42 AM
Blitz woke up, His head was ponding

"Uh?.... ALANA!" Blitz yelled out remembering the cave in, But when his eyes addjusted properly he saw alana and pat involved in a battle

"Huh?" Blitz said putting his hand down ready to get up, But as he lifted his body with his arms, he realised his legs where too week to suport him

"**** it, If it wasn't for this **** leg!" Blitz said falling onto his hands "Guess the best I can doo is sit back and watch!"Blitz mumbled, But as he looked at the battle, He saw pats hands shake, It was as if he was scared of something, But it wasn't the battle, His face looked destracted, As if he has seen or DONE something unbelieveble

'Pat, What happened to you!' Blith thought as he watched the battle

OOC: Sorry i wasn't here :P Looked like bad timeing :P thanx for covering for me XD

August 9th, 2005, 3:07 PM
Sean flipped the switch on the bathroom light, he needed to check out his wounds. The mirror had been crackred but i was all he had.

A gash stretched from his mouth to his ear, and afew bruises on his forehead. His arms were scraped and covered in dry blood. A large cut webbed around his left hand. Both his shoulders were bruised up, and his back was covered in blood and blue. Seeing all his wounds finally made Sean realize that he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. His shirt had been ripped to shreds, it basically fell off. This was when he saw the extent of his injuries. There was a large indent in his ribs, atleast two of his ribs had been snapped. Its been constricting my breathing, stabbing me..Sean thought. His whole upper body was bruised and his chest had a huge gash running down its right side.

Sean moved his hand along the large cut, blood slowly drooled out. He winced and hesitated, putting pressure on his left leg. It fell out from under him and he fell. "And a broken leg!" His voice was filled with anger and frustration. Solrock's psychic presense filled the room, it lifted Sean and helped him stand. Solrock's eyes began to glow, it was going to use recover to help its master, but Sean insured he was fine. Save it for Rayquaza...Please

Motioning to be released, Sean retained his balance. "Solrock i want you to contact boom, i need to talk to Pat. Tell lugia that Bill is dead, and the Pc's are going to be locked so don't battle to much."

Sean hobbled back to the small bed that he had rested on. "After that could you scout around the house and make sure no one is here", he said as he laid back on teh bed. Sean grabbed his serpents poke ball and held it close to his chest. We'll be okay...just rest for now

August 9th, 2005, 10:22 PM
"Tolagy use Flamethrower to defend Cell!" Tolagy nodded and flew forward releasing a jet of flames at Kingdra. "It may be part water but fire will still hurt it if it's strong enough. Now Tolagy use Return!" Tolagy nodded and used an unusual attack known as Return that, in this case, was about as powerful as it could be.

August 10th, 2005, 10:50 AM
I'm finally here . . . It isn't much, but it's all I have right now.

Rache made his way through a hidden passage into a dark cavern. Placing a hand against a wall, the trainer located a switch and activated it. A series of lights flickered to life, providing sufficient illumination for the cave. Walking quietly through a narrow passage, the trainer stepped over a glitter rug and note rug before moving a spin rug to an area at which it stretched from wall to wall of the passage. That should prevent anyone who steps on it from moving beyond it . . . not that it will hold anyone back for long--if at all.

Turning a corner, the trainer moved behind a series of large rocks and seated himself on a brick. Closing his eyes, he leaned against a cave wall. I don't know how long I'll be safe here, but at least I can pick up some supplies from here . . . from my Secret Base.

August 10th, 2005, 3:38 PM
Tolagy bashed Kingdra with the Return attack and the levitating seahorse was sent flying into a wall. Pat thought, Nice. Cell jumped to his feet and looked at Pat, waiting for another order.

Pat said, "Cell, as long as Alakazam is levitating Kingdra, Kingdra will be a serious problem. You need to take out the Alakazam, or at least break his concentration. Lets use Ancient Power."

Cell nodded and turned his gaze toward Alakazam. Cell levitated into the air and the red striped on his torso glowed a bright ruby red. The yellow stripes around his eyes glowed like spotlights. His tail uncurled and he raised his arms into the air. Rocks rose up above his arms and levitated there until Cell threw his arms forward and the rocks surged at Alakazam and struck him forcefully. Alakazam fell over and Kingdra suddenly fell out of the air. Kingdra struck the ground and started flopping aimlessly.

Pat said, "Well, Kingdra is out of comission. Thanks for saving Cell from that headbutt attack Alana."

August 10th, 2005, 3:41 PM
"Yeah no problem. Tolagy finish that Kingdra with Return again!" Tolagy nodded and setn Kingdra flying with another Return. "Now hit it with Flamethrower!" Tolagy blasted Kingdra with fire before it hit the ground then turned it's attention to the stunned Alakazam. "Fire Blast and this battle will be over!" Tolagy nodded and finished off te psychic type with a powerful blast of fire.

August 10th, 2005, 3:55 PM
The fire blast hit Alakazam and the psychic pokemon yelped in pain and collapsed. Cell was exhausted from using Ancient Power and Pat picked him up and put him on a rock. Pat reached into his backpack and grabbed his canteen of Berry Juice. He poured some on the rock and the tiny kecleon lapped it up with his long tongue.

Pat turned to Alana and said, "You want to give Tolagy some of this Berry Juice? My Mom's Shuckle made it. It really helps a pokemon feel better after a battle."

August 10th, 2005, 6:06 PM
"Sure." Alana's tone was nutural. She took some berry juice and gave some to Tolagy then gave some to Chikorita too. "Thanks." She gave the juice back then turned again. "We need to get out of here."

August 10th, 2005, 7:18 PM
Pat grabbed Boom's pokeball on his belt and said, "Want to take the quick way out of the cave?"

August 10th, 2005, 11:32 PM
"What do you mean the quick way?" Blitz asked still in pain on the floor "Your not going to blast an opening through the roof are you?" Blitz added afraid of another cave in, he had already been burried once, and that was enough for one day

"I mean you shouldn't really go messing with the structure of the cave anymore!" Blitz said noticing that pat wasn't as heated up as before, But he was really agains't going through the cave, what made him come down here,

Blitz didn't really want to ask, it might cause another argument

August 11th, 2005, 7:00 AM
Pat, "Why do you think I grabbed Boom's pokeball? Besides, Boom can use Barrier to shield us frome the cave in. But if you insist, we could simply use our pokemon to dig out. But I really don't feel like wondering around in the dark."

August 11th, 2005, 3:02 PM
Blitz didn't really want to disturb the structure of the cave, But blitz was in no condition to wonder around, Maybe pats way might be the best right now

'****it, If I had my Xatu with me We would be able to transport out of here'

"Fine, Just be carefull" Blitz said in hesatation

"Can someone give me a hand up first?" Blitz asked

Blitz hated being usless and unable to help, Having to relly on others was one of his pet hates, But he couldn't do anything about that right now

August 11th, 2005, 5:18 PM
Pat said, "Excellent. Now, lets go Boom." Pat released Boom from his pokeball and said, "Everybody huddle close to Boom." Alana helped Blitz climb onot Boom's back then she and Pat huddled under Boom's neck. Pat said, "Now Boom, blast us out of here with AEROBLAST! But, use barrier first."

Boom blinked and a blue orb formed around the trainers and then Boom opened up a small part of the orb and shot a mighty beam through the roof of the cave.

The cave started collapsing in but Boom's barrier held stead-fast. When the dust cleared, Boom made the protective orb vanish. Pat blinked his eyes and looked around the moonlit rubble. The mighty Victory Road cave, a test of a trainers skill throughout the ages, was now merely a pile of rubble. Pat saw Onixs and Gravelers digging their way out of piles of rock. Pat smiled and said, "Now, if you want a ride out of here, hop on Boom."

Alana and Pat joined Blitz atop the mighty Lugia and Boom started flapping his wings. The Lugia rose into the air and flew off into the night sky.

Pat had been given instructions on where to take Alana by Daimeon. Boom was flying towards the east while Pat was thinking. Yes, I'll have to get that ultimate pokemon now...but, am I willing to betray these unknowing trainers...especially Alana? I could care less about Blitz, but am I that desperate to gain power? No, I'm not going to do this. Pat climbed onto Boom's neck and whispered to Boom, "Read my mind, I have new istructions for you."

Pat, in his head, ordered Boom to turn around and fly east, to Pat's secret base in Kanto. When Boom suddenly stopped and turned around in mid-air, Alana asked, "Whats going on?" Pat didn't answer. As they flew closer, the peak of Mount Moon came into view. Boom dipped downwards and started his descent.

Boom landed next to a cave artificially built into the mountain. Pat said, "We get off here." Blitz said, "Why?" Pat ignored Blitz and turned to Alana, and he then proceeded to tell her everything. What happened after he left the first time. His slaughter of that trainer. Why he actually returned. After his explanation, he paused and spoke again, "Now, You guys can stay here if you want to. It should be safe here. I'm going to betray Daimeon and that mysterious figure who gave me that mission. You can come with me if you want. And Blitz, theres some supplys in there that ought to help your leg."

August 11th, 2005, 7:25 PM
Blitz was kindof annoy'd about the fact that pat kept ignoring him, But he got over it fast and got off boom

When he hit the ground, he noticed he could now stand abit, But it wasn't enough to walk on his own

"So what about you pat?, Are you going to stay here aswell?"

August 11th, 2005, 7:49 PM
It's too much of a risk. Rache's eyes narrowed as he knelt before his Secret Base's PC. I could attempt to hack into my Pokemon box from here, but if I were tracked, then my Secret Base would be discovered . . . I'll need to survive with the Pokemon I have now.

The trainer stood before making his way to a corner of the cave. Having rested, Rache began to select several supplies that he had stored. I'll need to travel lightly and discreetly, so I can only take the supplies I find necessary. He brushed aside an Antidote as he reached for a Full Restore and a Lava Cookie.

I think that's almost enough . . . Hopefully these supplies will last long enough. After he had completed resupplying, Rache stood and started toward the entrance of his Secret Base.

August 11th, 2005, 8:37 PM
Pat said, "Well, it is a full moon tonight. Might be relaxing to watch the Clefairys dance tonight. They always go out dancing on a full moon. They prance around that large crater down there." Pat pointed towards a large crater at the bottom of the northern end of the mountain. Pat said, "What are you going to do Alana?"

August 11th, 2005, 9:55 PM
Daimeon watched as Pat and his lugia flew away. "Not taht surprising that he wasn't able to do it. Its too bad...I kind of liked him...". The psychic master looked down to small opening in the cave, where a bruised and bleeding Drudge crawled out of.

"Hello, how are you doing". Daimeon said as he psychicly lowerd himself to the injured trainer. "I hope they didn't hurt you to bad", he spoke with the most kind voice he could. "Don't worry about your Failure...no one will know of it". At this Drudges neck snapped.

He has feelings for this girl...that will be fun to play off of when i am striping the skin from her body....


The large screen was now showing multipile angles of a large house. One camera became active and zoomed in on a blurry image of a Solrock leaving the house through one of its many shattered windows. The pokemon began to roam around, being momentarily on each screen. After what appeared to be a search, the solrock made its way back into the house.

Your trapped..helpless...


Solrock lent over its master, it was in a state of frustration. Being told to not help Sean made no sense to it. So it began to concentrate on the serpent in the pokeball. The ball lifted up and out of his hands and began to glow.

Sean looked up, "Thank you, just try your best to keep him alive". He needed to rest and he knew it, but his body was inflames with pain. Sean ran his hands along the indent on his chest.Broken ribs, who knows how long until that mends...and a broken leg...Scizor is gone, solrock is stuck keeping Rayquaza alive...

"I'm not gonna be stuck here, waiting to be killed!" Sean screamed, pushing the broken ribs into his lungs. "Ahhh!..!" His voice died..as did his concience. The pain got to him and knocked him out cold.

The moon watched the events of its night, it would soon engage its battle with light...

August 12th, 2005, 9:51 AM
OOC: sorry I haven't been posting

Outlaw had sent out his dragonair and jumped onto its back, he flew towards a mansion just as it started raining. Once he recalled Dragonair he walked inside the mansion, it seemed empty.... "Hello?!?!" Outlaw called out

August 12th, 2005, 12:14 PM
OOC: I don't know who already knows this, but at the moment I am on vacation, and this is one of the few times I will be able to use the computer. Don't expect much from me until the 22nd or so. I assume Outlaw has left Steve and Kari, so I'll go from there.

Steve and Kari, still on Articuno, watched as Outlaw left with his Dragonair. "Huh, didn't even say goodbye." Steve remarked.

They had been chasing the trainer on the Pidgeot for a long time now. Surprisingly, it had been quick and agile enough to evade Articuno's attacks. However, Articuno was a legendary, the Pidgeot wasn't, and the Pidgeot was wearing down. In one final swoop, Articuno managed to strike a glancing blow, slashing the trainer's arm and knocking the video camera to the trees below.

"Now's your chance, Articuno" Steve yelled as the Pidgeot dove down to retrieve the video camera, "Blast it!" Articuno shot out an ice beam, hitting the Pidgeot in the side and blasting it out of the sky. Articuno then descended to the ground, where Steve and Kari jumped off and began to look for the trainer.

"I'm pretty sure he landed over there somewhere" Steve pointed out and began to walk in that direction.

Kari followed, and asked "Are you sure it was a good idea to leave Sithre back there with no help?"

"No. But Bill can help him much more than we can, and I figure we can do more good trying to stop whoever's pulling the strings. If we can clear our names, all our problems go away."

Steve and Kari heard a screech, and saw Scizor descending into the forest nearby them. "I think it's safe to assume Scizor found him." Steve remarked. He recalled Articuno, and the two ran off in that direction.

August 12th, 2005, 4:27 PM
"Oh, SOunds romaaantic!" Blitz teased as he grabbed a stick to assist him inside

"Well. I'll be inside, I need my rest, you two don't need to worry about me!, I'll be fine." Blitz exclaimed as he walked inside the secret base, Blitz didn't mind being alone, He was used to only having his pokemon for company

As blitz sat down, He wondered what Alana was going to do, He thought she was more likely to go with pat,

Blitz let matang out to stretch his legs, he would let the other two out, but the base was abid small for them

"Sorry I havn't let you out in a while matang" Blitz told his pokemon "And I know that this place is kindasmall, But I don't want you to go outside"

Matang was arragent and headed toward the door, But then he noticed blitz's leg and turned around and sat by him, Blitz was happy, This meant that matang liked him more then he thought

August 12th, 2005, 5:09 PM
Alana didn't need very long to think. "I'll stay here for a while. But, first, I need to find out what happened to the rest of the team. Pat, you stay with Blitz cause he might need help." She looked over appologetically. "Sorry if I ensulted you. Pat, can I borrow Boom? I don't have a flying type with me." She still didin't trust Pat, but what choices were left? If she could find the rest of the team then things wouldn't be so bad. But knowing the location of all the elite trainers didn't seem like a very good idea either. What if she was capture or something? No. But she needed to know where a few were. Even if she was captured she'd rather die then betray her friends. She looked back at Pat and waited for his answer.

August 12th, 2005, 5:54 PM
Pat grunted and said, "Well...fine. You can borrow him. I think Cell and Arsonist can handle things and so can Blitz's pokemon." Pat grabbed Boom's pokeball and held it up to his face and whispered to it, "Boom, I'm letting Alana borrow you. Do whatever she says to do." Pat then handed the pokeball to Alana and said, "Here. Be careful, as you said before, a Lugia would be easily spotted." His voice sounded sincere and worried for once.

August 12th, 2005, 8:57 PM
"Please, no don't kill me Please!" The trainer squirmed and sobbed in the claws of the metalic bug. Scizor raised his free pincer, preparing for his second kill of the night when Stephen and Kari neared him.

"Stop Scizor...Please don't kill him!" Stephen was going to question this trainer even if he had to tear him away from Sean's pokemon...


Daimeon watched te trainers as they talked outside of Pat's secret base. And the opportunity is here...Alan your mine....

August 12th, 2005, 9:01 PM
Blitz looked down at matang, who had been running around playing for a while now, He noticed that he had started digging in the corner, COuld he just be bored? Or could he smell something

"might as well let him dig" Said blitz to himself "He might actually find something!"

August 13th, 2005, 8:08 AM
Pat said, "Well, the only thing that Metang might find is a buried Moon Stone. In the mean time, I'm heading down the mountain for some training, do any of your pokemon need training? I could really use Aggron for the training I have planned today."

August 13th, 2005, 8:31 AM
Alana thanked Pat and nodded at what he said about Lugia being easily spotted. This she knew all too well. She released Boom then hopped onto his back and set off. "I'll be back soon ok." She called down to Pat and Blitz then had Boom move off. She had this strange feeling, like she was being watched. But that was highly unlikely. Well maybe not. Anybody could spot a giant sea beast flying with a human on it's back. "Boom we need to asend. We don't want anyone to spot us if we can help it. Fly into the clouds." Boom nodded and flew higher into the clouds.

"Chika?" The small grass type was sitting on her lap and looked worried.

"Yes anyone could have seen us coming this way. Boom wouldn't be hard to follow. But if they did then they also saw us leave and maybe they'll follow Boom thinking all of us moved on."

"Chika ree."

"I hope so too."

August 13th, 2005, 9:18 AM
Pat thought as he watched Alana leave, If there is trouble, I'll know. Boom will contact me. I won't let anything bad happen. I won't. Pat grabbed Arsonist's pokeball and called Cell. Their training session would begin soon.

August 13th, 2005, 1:40 PM
The moonlight danced on Boom's wings, Daimeon was momentarilly in awe of the great pokemon. She's mine...

Daimeon vanished.

Alana was amazed at the bueaty and grace that lugia swam through the stars of the night sky. A chill ran through her spine..."Wha-". Daimeon grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him.

"Lets go!" They both dissapeared...

August 13th, 2005, 2:08 PM
Pat walked down the slope of the mountain with Cell and Arsonist. Cell was sitting atop Pat's shoulder while Arsonist walked at his side. He looked to the stars and saw the silhouette of something flying toward the mountains. It was a bird pokemon of some kind.

It was...Boom. And he was alone. No trainer atop his back. Boom came in closer and landed next to Pat. Boom transmitted the memory he had of what happened to Pat.

Pat stepped back and said, "The bastards...I'm going to find her." Pat climbed onto Boom and Arsonist followed. Pat thought, I think the only way to find a psychic...is to enlist the help of another psychic.

Pat thought of a plan. He would go to Saffron City and try to get Sabrina to help him out. Yeah, the largest city in the region isn't the best place to go when you are a wanted man, but he had to do it...to save Alana.

Pat said to Boom, "Send a message to Blitz's Metang, tell him that I'm going to Saffron to run a quick 'errand'." Boom nodded and he closed his eyes. The ridges around his eyes lit up and a blue orb was shot up the mountain.

Boom opened his eyes again and Pat said, "Good, now, lets go to Saffron." Cell climbed onto Boom's neck and Arsonist rested beside Pat. Boom flapped his large wings and rose into the air. He disappeared into the horizn, boud for Saffron City.

August 13th, 2005, 2:39 PM
Alana jumped and pulled her hand back to hit Daimeon but another second annd a strange feeling swept through her. She was no longer riding on Boom's back. Chikorita was still with her however. She didn't know what was happening but it was familiar. She'd traveled with psychic Pokemon before and it had been much like this when they were teleporting. So that's what was happening now. But who was this? And where was he taking her?

August 13th, 2005, 4:01 PM
Alana felt ground underneath her feet, "What the ****". She slowly turned around, Daimeon was staring at her with a grin that could only mean murder. Chikorita lept at the trainer only to be frozen in the air and hurled at a near by wall. "Chikorita-!" Alana lashed out at Daimeon but froze up as well..

"Your lucky that i can't kill you, but he never said i couldn't bleed you alittle", Daimeon gripped her neck. She tried to grab one of her pokeballs but htye had all vanished. Slowly his grip tightened, he raised his other hand and punched her in the stomach what seemed like a dozen times. He let go of her throat but she still floated their until he whip her away with an unseen force.

Alana crawled to her chikorita and held her close "I'm here.." afew tears rolled down her cheek.

"...Oh yeah your here for her", his voice was as cynical as it was filled with boyish glee. Daimeon walked over to her and kneeled down, he ran his finger across her face. "Don't worry your not gonna die". He grabbed chikorita by the leaf and ripped it out of her arms. "But you may not be so lucky little guy", Daimeon raised it up to his face and his eyes began to glow. The little grass pokemon dissapeared. Alana looked up at him....

"Why", she felt something cold take over and right arm began to twist. More and more..slowly bending against the socket...


August 13th, 2005, 4:06 PM
Alana stopped herself from screaming. She gritted her teeth and turned her head and streaming eyes away from Daimeon. Her heart pounded as the pain from her wrist seemed to spread through the rest of her body. "Hit...me all you want." She gasped. "Break every bone in my body." She swallowed hard to keep her voice steady but turned and looked Daimeon in the eyes. "I don't care. I won't help you in any way or any of your team mates." But her vision was blurred and her mind was clouded with fear for her missing Pokemon. A moment later and she had collapsed and her mind went blank.

August 13th, 2005, 4:23 PM
Matang crawld out of the rather lage whole he dug, He psychicly told blitz everything boom told him

"WHAT" Blitz shouted, Then he thought for a minute "I didn't know you could talk to me like that?"

"Thats not inportant" Matang said psychicly again"

"Yeah your right, But I think pat knows what he is doing"

ooc: EDIT: SOrry it was too early in the morning, Don't know what i was thinking

August 13th, 2005, 4:24 PM
OOC: BLITZZ. what the hell...Your at mt. Moon i'm at Bill's house..we arn't close enough for you to come and see me....ahauahgua

"Your a strong girl..but your only asking for me to try harder", Daimeon twitched alittle and Alana felt a cold wet pain on her chest. Trickles of blood started running down her side.

"I won't talk!", she screamed.

"REALLY!" Daimeon screamed back at her and motioned his arm, three huge lascerations opend on her left shoulder...

August 13th, 2005, 4:32 PM
Alana gritted her teeth harder still. She was breathing hard and her unbroken arm was holding the wound on her chest. She didn't break eye contact with Diameon. He was psychic and that gave him a big advantage over her. There was also the fact that she didn't have her Pokemon and had lost use in her right arm.

Through all the pain she was becoming angrier and angrier. She blocked out the pain in her right arm and curled her left hand into a fist. "I don't care what you do to me." She hissed. "I won't tell you anything you want to know." She grinned then turned and aimed a punch with her left hand.

August 13th, 2005, 4:38 PM
The fiist met Daimeon's face fast and hard, but he didn't flinch. " I'm not even trying to get information out of you Silly girl...i'm just stalling...", Daimeon laughed and grabbed her fist. Alana winced as afew of her fingers snapped. "Your in great pain..and your scared i can sense it..I can feel your mind". Daimeon pushed her to the ground, "Physical pain is one thing try something alittle different, !"

A weird feeling erupted in her mind. Like a flash flood a migrane crushed against hte walls of her skull....

August 13th, 2005, 4:45 PM
She jerked and tried to kick Diameon but now she was in mental pain as well as physical. She closed her eyes and shivered trying to keep her mind focused. She had to think about something else. She had to block Diameon out. He had said, he had said he didn't want information. What was she doing here then? He wasn't going to kill her. Stalling? Why was he stalling.

Alana opened her eyes but she couldn't see more than a blur. Dimly she heard herself spit several insults at Diameon then she attempted to hit Diameon again. Both of her hands were just about usless so she moved her head and sunk her teeth into his hand.

August 13th, 2005, 5:12 PM
Daimeon reeled back in pain, "****ing girl!" He screamed and hurled her across the room psychically. "You little *****!" Daimeon was now enraged at her.

He moved towards her, now blinded by anger. Ready to kill her against the will of his leader...

August 13th, 2005, 5:18 PM
Blitz hated fealing useless, Matang went back into his whole and startd digging

" I doubt yyour going to find anything in there, But atleast you found something to do" Blitz said

Blitz tried to get to sleep, but his mind was working overtime, thinking about what happened, and what might happen, BUt he couldn't do anything, And he hated that more then anything

August 13th, 2005, 6:49 PM
Lucky for Pat, Saffron Gym was on the outskirts of Saffron City. Boom landed in a wooded area behind the city and Pat hopped off and recalled the Lugia. Cell sat atop Pat's shoulder and Arsonist walked at Pat's side. Pat found the back of the gym. It was a huge purple building that glinted in the sunlight. The rest of the buildings were the color of the city's namesake, so the gym stood out quite well.

Pat found a backdoor to the gym and he entered. He walked into the Stadium Room and suddenly heard a voice coming from the shadows in the corner, "Ah yes, Pat, its about time you showed up." Pat turned around and saw Sabrina standing there.

Pat said, "Uhhmm, yes, Sabrina, I need your help. See, this Psychic dude named Daimeon kidnapped this gilr named Alana and-" Sabrina cut in, "You know I'm a psychic as well, I see what your thinking. Oh, the police will be knocking on the door in 5-4-3-2-1."

The door to the gym was being knocked on and a megaphone could be heard on the other side, "This is the police, we understand that one of the wanted trainers is in this building. Send him out now or we will use brute force." Sabrina said, "Send your Kecleon and Quilava out there to deal with the police, I have to tell you what to do and where to go."

Pat said, "Cell, Arsonist, you guys think you can handle those policeman?" Cell jumpep off of Pat's shoulder and said, "Kec-ley! (Yes sir!)" Arsonist nodded hapily. Cell jumped atop Arsonist's back and the two ran out the door.

Sabrina said, "Now, I'm only giving you this information because I want to get back at Daimeon...he is my brother. You'll find Daimeon and this Alana there. She is being tortured by my abominable brother, he has orders not to kill her...but he wants to desperately. I'd be sure to get there before he decides to go against his master's orders." Pat said, "Th-thank you, this helps me greatly."

Pat ran towards the back door. When he opened it, he didn't see a Kecleon and a Quilava battling the policeman...he saw a Kecleon and a Typhlosion. The police were fleeing after the newly evolved Arsonist busted through a barricade of SWAT Vans. Arsonist roared at the retreating police and he ignited his neck flames.

Pat looked at his new Typhlosion and said, "Well good job Arsonist." Arsonist looked at Pat and ran towards him. Pat said, "I know where we have to go, lets get out of here." Pat recalled Arsonist and Cell jumped atop Pat's shoulder.

Pat said, "Boom, to Lavender Town." Pat unleashed Boom from his pokeball and Pat climbed atop the Great Guardian's back. Boom flapped his wings and lifted into the air. He flew west, to Lavender Town...to Pokemon Tower...to save Alana.

August 13th, 2005, 7:07 PM
Alana growled then coughed. A bot of red blood hit the floor but she ignored it. She grinned menacingly and forced herself to sit up. Her breathing was labored but she was laughing softly. She muttered something unaudable under her breath and gripped the wall to help her stand. "I think you'll make your boss rather angry if you go against your orders." She said tauntingly. "But it's your risk. I bet he's a lot stronger than you and will be much better at torture than you."

August 13th, 2005, 7:25 PM
Suddenly blitz noticed that matang had dug through to the other corner, He dug right behind him

"Oh I see, your making it bigger!" Blitz said

"Matang" The pokemon said in dissagreement, He then started digging the area he dug around out

"Ok then, Wake me when your finnished" Blitz said finnaly getting to sleep

August 13th, 2005, 7:36 PM
Daimeon snarled in anger and rushed Alana's growing pitiful form, "***** Die!" She slammed against the wall repeatedly, expelling more and more blood from her wounds. He kicked her and pressed his foot on her chest. "How long before you pass out..How cocky are you NOW!"

Alana felt drained and numb, she sighed and her eyes slowly slid shut...Help...

August 13th, 2005, 7:39 PM
Alana coughed a few times. She had a strange grin on her face even though she was unable to breath. Her brain was dim and body wasn't responding anymore. She struggled to say something but she was unable to speak. However her smile didn't waver. Her eyes shut and her body went limp as she passed out.

August 13th, 2005, 8:41 PM
Pat dashed about the Pokemon Tower, through halls, up and down stairs, opening any door where he heard the faintest sound. Alana is being hurt, I know it...I have to find her soon. Haunters and Ghastlys tried to ambush him...but he ignored the ghosts.

He dashed up the stairs to the 5th floor and walked through the quiet halls, the only sound was the echoes of his hurried foot-steps. The stone-gray halls teamed with shadows. Pat ran right through a Ghastly. Pat coughed, but nothing more. He was more focused on saving Alana. He wouldn't stop now. Not after the personal risk he put himself into so he wouldn't have to betray her.

Pat ran up the 6th flight of stairs. This floor made no noise...yet it echoed of the pains of lost pokemon. Pat almost swore he heard a Marowak scream...but nothing entered his ears. Pat saw a young Cubone huddling in the shadows...shivering in the cold. The tower was chilly...but was the cubone shivering in fear instead? Pat looked at his arms as he dashed, his arms were red. He couldn't even feel his arms. He was in a tee-shirt in this cold tower...that didn't matter. His arms would regain feeling...

I can't be worrying about myself now...Alana might not have much time left. Pat, for the first time since he entered the tower, heard his teeth chattering. Pat ignored it and ran across the room to the door to the stairway. It was common knowledge that this top floor was forbidden...What Daimeon is doing is probably forbidden... Pat rammed the door...it opened...but Pat nearly broke his shoulder. He didn't care. The pain was bothering him greatly...but he pressed onwards.

This hall the stairway was in, was echoing actual screams...Alana, shes behind that door at the top of the stairs. I have to make it. Pat's heart was already pulsing from the run...but it began beating faster and faster. Like a chain gun was being fired against the inside of his chest. His palms were sweating...even though the air was nearly freezing up here. He could see he breath as he breathed faster.

Pat ripped open the door, to find Daimeon with his foot pressed against Alana's chest. Alana's body was cut up and bloody, she was limp and lying on the floor. How could he do this...not Alana...not the only person I've ever cared for. Pat's eyes started tearing up, he sniffed and said, "You bastard..."

Pat's face turned to an angry look. His fists clenched. Pat forgot that he was only 15 and that Daimeon was a full grown man. He forgot that Daimeon was an accomplished psychic who could toss him around like a ragdoll. Pat lunged at Daimeon, in an attempt to strangle him.

August 13th, 2005, 8:55 PM
Blitz awoke in fright, He knew something was wrong with pat and Alana

He noticed that he covered in sweet, He looked around to what matang was doing, He was still digging. it looked like he had nearly finnished digging, and he had nearly dug out what looked like a chest, "What could be in it" Blitz thought

Blitz rushed to help matang dig the chest out

"How the hell did you know this was here ?" Blitz asked matang

"Tang" Matang replied

August 13th, 2005, 10:41 PM
Daimeon had been excpecting Pat for hte last couple of minutes, so his arrival wasn't a shock. "Bout time you show'd up, to bad she's already dead".

Pat charged him in rage but froze as a fist rammed through his ribcage. "...k.." Pat muttered afew words as he toppled to the floor.

"What did you excpect to happen little boy!" Pat's body lifted slowly then slammed into Alana's body. "Hah now your killing her!" Daimeon grabbed pat by the neck and began beating him. Then dropped him and kicked him in the groin afew tiems.

August 13th, 2005, 11:12 PM
Blitz opened the chest and saw a wierd device and a note

"This is a metagross power inhancement divice, It will inhance your metagross's stats by double And it will give your metagross attacks a metagross wouldn't normaly use,, It will collect less experience by quater. Matagross and its pre evolutions should be able to smell this device, They WILL come to look for it"

"Well bad luck your not evolved," Blitz said "But is it such a good idea to use it, Or even keep it, Other matagross's, matang's, and Beldums will come looking for it!"

"Tang matang" Matang said

"YOur right, I'm an experienced elite trainer, Well i will put it in my backpack for now!" Blitz said

"But i'm worried abotu bat and Alana, Can you make sure there safe by contacting boom?" Blitz asked

August 14th, 2005, 7:06 PM
Pat laid on the ground, cold and pained. He looked at Alana and was able to get the will to stand and oppose the psychic Trainer. Daimeon laughed, "What the hell are you gonna do!". He knocked Pat's left leg out from under him and slammed both this fists into Pat's chest.

At this Cell charged the foe, and was froze in a matter of moments. "These ****ing little pokemon couldn't be more annoying!", Daimeon grabbed the keckleon by its throat and slammed him into Pat. "Die Die die!", he had had enough of this petty **** and he wanted to end it now.

Pat gasped for air and clinged to his Cell, "No..****'t..". Pat felt everything slowly dim and go black, but he wasn't going to die. As he lost concienceness he grabbed a pokeball and dropped it...

August 14th, 2005, 7:22 PM
Dimly Alana heard a fight going on. People were shouting and she thought she heard Pat's voice. Then there were several crashes and Diameon's voice again. She wondered if she was regaining consiousness but she didn't seem so. She couldn't move or make any sound. But she could sense things going on around her and hear dim voices. She didn't even know if it was all real or not.

August 14th, 2005, 7:55 PM
Pat's pokeball dropped to the floor and a large red flash occured and there was Arsonist standing in all his glory. He looked down at Pat and Cell and he growled.

Arsonist turned to Daimeon and ignited the flames on his neck. Arsonist grabbed Daimeon by the torso. Arsonist slashed Daimeon's chest and threw him to the floor. The cracking of Daimeon's bones was soon drained out by the sound of his yell when Arsonist ignited the psychic with flamethrower.

Daimeon teleported from where he was lying and he reappeared on the other side of the room. Arsonist roared and turned to Daimeon. He wearily reached for a pokeball and threw it. A bannete appeared and cast a shadow ball at the approaching Typholosion.

The shadow ball colided with Arsonist at full force...but didn't stop his march. Arsonist flung a rage driven fireball at the Banette and the spectre fell there. Daimeon tryed to fling Arsonist with telekinesis...no use. This creature's will was too strong.

The angry typhlosion now stood over Daimeon and smacked the psychic with his left paw and slashed him with the right. Daimeon winced as Arsonist grabbed him and slung him over his shoulders. Daimeon could feel Arsonist pulling on both sides of his body...his spine was bending...cracking...SNAP! Arsonist applied one final pull and ripped Daimeon's now dead body in half. Arsonist, with fur stained in blood, roared in triumph as he set fire to the dead halves.

Arsonist walked over to Pat and nudged the trainer. Pat opened his eyes and coughed. He said raspily, "Wh-what? Arosonist? What happened?" Arsonist said, "Ty-phlo." He pointed to Daimeon's charred half corpses. Pat forced a smile onto his face and said, "Oh you tough bastard you, come here!" Pat hugged Arsonist and the Typhlosion smiled. Pat turned over and nudged Alana. He said, "Are you ok? Daimeon is dead now. Arsonist whooped his ***."

August 14th, 2005, 8:29 PM
"Daimeon lasted longer then i expected...but he is no use to me any longer." The man stood up, and left the small dark room. As he walked through the dimly lit hall he could only laugh in silence at how his plans had all come together, in one way or another...


Its my turn now, they all failed...and its up to me to fufull his plans. She walked to the gates, they slowly opened. "They arn't going to live through today", She looked at the falling moon...

August 14th, 2005, 8:32 PM
Alana let out a low groan. Her hand jerked slightly but she didn't wake up. She heard some one say some one else was dead but it was all still blury and she couldn't understand the words very well. Her brain was still dim and she was still out cold though she could hear some things.

August 14th, 2005, 9:31 PM
Blitz's matang couldn't get in contact with boom, So blitz was still very worried

"Ok matang, just relax for now, I'm sure they will return soon!" Blitz said wondering if his statement was true

Blitz had no idea of what was going to happen to him, Or what had happened to his friends

August 14th, 2005, 11:00 PM
OOC: This would be a perfect tiem to give pat and Alana A rest but seeing as Seer and kari and Outlaw arn't around it wouldn't seem right pitting another great enemy agains them...so im sorry to say that Pat's group might be seeing someone very soon.

And im going to Add a disclamer to this post [R-19]

Kristin walked through the Cerulean city crowds as if she was just a normal trainer. She mingled in the shops, enjoyed a casual pokemon battle for the crowds enjoyment. Kristin played it easy, and let the younger trainer win. Smiling and shaking hands in defeat.

As the the sun moved higher in the sky, she passed the limits of the city. "It has been awhile since i have enjoyed myself in a battle. I need to do it more often". She spoke aloud as she moved through the small forest that lead to Bill's house. Kristin sighed and a small tear trickled down her cheek, "It's time to do this".

Sean!, the voice boomed through his head. Sean opened his eyes, and heard a shallow knock, "...?". He sat up, clenching his fist to hold back the pain that shot through his chest.

"Hello...is anyone in their?" Her voice was soft and kind, something Sean wasn't preparied for.

Alana? Solrock hesitated and tried to stop Sean from answering but he was hypnotized by the chance that the other trainers had come. "Hello, come in." Although his voice was weak and brittle, it was filled with hope. Slowly the door was pushed open, she stepped into the house.


Sean looked at her curiously but had no idea what was instore for him. "Hello, who are you". He still sounded sickly but he was trying to keep the pain from interrupting.

"I"m an Elite trainer, I have been looking for some shelter from the police". She slowly walked towards him, ignoreing Solrock. The pokemon moved towards her but a signal from its master stopped its advance.

"Well the police won't search here for awhile", he watched as she sat down next to him. All Sean's pain seemed to dissapate when she moved in close to him. "What is your name?"

"Kristin, but that doesn't matter". She placed her hand on his bloody left hand and began to move it up his arm. Feeling each injury, "What happened to you". She felt his smashed ribs and ran her finger around the large laceration down his chest.

Sean winced alittle bit but having the warmth of another was more then he could have asked for. He sighed, "What are you doing?"

"You must of gone through hell", she felt the cut on his face as she spoke; ignoring his words. Kristin looked into his eyes, seeing pain and fear. A second small tear rolled down her cheek, "I didn't choose this...i'm sorry".

"Wha-", Sean felt her warm lips. The momentary bliss would only last seconds until the steel collided with flesh...

August 15th, 2005, 10:44 AM
Rache's gaze remained on the ground as he made his way through a rocky pass--away from his Secret Base. Right now, I don't have many options left. But, there is at least one hope . . . I'm going to try to get to the bottom of this. I'm going to the beginning, to the source. Raising his silver gaze toward the distant water, his eyes narrowed. First, to Mt. Pyre. Then, the Cave of Origin . . . Shouldering a pack over his shoulder, the trainer remained silent as he made his way down the path.

August 15th, 2005, 3:08 PM
OOC: Meh never mind. With this post it doesn't seem like we're any where else so we can still be in the tower. My brain is dead anyways.

Alana opened her eyes slowly. It took her a moment to remember what had happened then she sat up quickly and yipped. Her left hand was swollen as was her right arm. Her chest hurt terribly and the rest of her body ached as well. She moved slowly to lean against a wall. She wasn't sure where she was and wasn't sure what had happened. But she could remember some one saying something. Diameon. Yeah some one had said he was dead. Who? She struggled to remember the voice she had heard. "Pat?" She said quietly looking around.

August 15th, 2005, 3:27 PM
OOC: Ah no problem it's fine, i'll just have to set up a new way to kill you guys off..hahah


Sean opened his eyes and pushed her away and looked at the small knife she had jammed into his left shoulder. "Why...", He pulled out hte knife and screamed in pain. Solrock rushed at Kristin, she turned and threw a pokeball at the pokemon.

"Golduck teleport to somewhere and kill Solrock!" The psyduck grabbed Solrock and they both dissapeared. "I'm really sorry for all this but i have to do it...". Kristin slammed her fist down on his new wound and began to smother him with her free hand. She began to cry, her hand was stained with blood from his wound. Kristin had never seen so much blood, let alone be the cause of it...

August 15th, 2005, 4:58 PM
Pat froze and said, "Alana...your alive?" He turned to her and breathed a sigh of relief, Daimeon had not killed her. Pat said, "Arsonist, help her up." His typhlosion walked over to her when Cell, who had been looking out the window for some time, started acting panicky and ran over to Pat and tugged on his pant leg. Pat said, "What is it?" Cell said, "Kec kec-on."

Cell led Pat to the window, where a squadron of police cars was stationed. Pat saw Policeman and a few SWAT Issue specially trained Machokes entering the building.

Pat thought to himself, I can get rid of these guys, I've done it before. Arsonist ought to have no trouble with those machokes...and the cops can be so easily gotten rid of. No, I'm not going to continue these rampages. I mean, even if this guy trying to kill the Elite Trainers is stopped, the trainer's reps will still be ruined. If I get out oft his alive, the cops would be hunting me till my dying day. Alana may still be alive...but only just. She could be hurt if I get into another mindless battle with the cops. I have to get her out of here...to a safe place. Daimeon is dead now, surely the evil people won't be able to watch my every move. I have to make sure she makes it through...

Pat grabbed Boom's pokeball and said, "Alana, you ready for another escape?"

August 15th, 2005, 5:04 PM
"Sure." Alana coughed. "But..." She stopped to catch her breath. "Chikorita, Tolagy, and Arcanine. We have to find them first. Diameon teleported them some where so they couldn't help me at all." She tried to push herself up but her legs wouldn't support her weight. Finally she managed to use her less injured hand to pull herself up the wall to her feet then held on to Pat's shoulder to keep her balanced. "If you don't mind, I don't feel like walking at the moment."

August 15th, 2005, 5:25 PM
Pat said, "Well, fine. Pat released Boom from his pokeball and said, "Boom, I know this is getting repetitive, but, lets get out of here." Boom said in an amused voice, "Lu-gi." Boom let Pat, with Alana holding onto him, climb onto his back. Boom said, "Lu-gee-uh." Pat said, "Do you have to break through with your body? Couldn't you just use a beam?"

Boom shook his head and formed a barrier around his body, encasing Pat and Alana within a protective orb. Boom rammed into the stone wall and busted through stone that had been layed down many years ago.

Boom spread his wings as they escaped from the tower and he flew into the North-west horizon. The police below started yelling angrily and Pat laughed, he escaped from their bumbling asses again.

Pat handed Alana some pokeballs and said, "Here, these are your lost pokeballs. I found them on Daimeon's body. She looked up from his shoulders where she had rested her head and said in a weary voice, "Thank you." Pat smiled and said, "No problem. Are you hurting badly? I can have Boom heal you with recover if you need it."

August 15th, 2005, 5:32 PM
Alana looked at him. "Yeah I feel pretty bad." She said in a half amused voice. She took her Pokeballs and looked at them. Three. That ment Chikorita was inside her Pokeball to. She hated it but she'd leave her for the time. "Please do have Boom use Recover. You need it to. And I don't like having to lean on others all the time." She smiled but still had trouble moving.

August 15th, 2005, 5:59 PM
Sean threw the blade down and pulled Kristin closer to him with his other hand. "*****!" He brought her in close and slammed her head into his knee. Kristin whaled and fell backwards.

"****'t, what the ****!" She was crying harder now. Sean screamed in pain , gripping his shoulder. Kristin dove for the blade and jumped back once she had it again. "He said to kill you, or he'd kill me and my family. I have to obey him!". She lunged at him agian...

August 15th, 2005, 6:31 PM
Pat smiled and said, "Boom, you heard her." The Lugia smiled as the ridges around his eyes glowed. Alana's body was coated in a blue light as her wounds healed and her bruises disappeared.

Pat said, "Thanks Boom." The Lugia smiled and continued on his flight. Pat said, "Well, Daimeon got what he deserved didn't he? Oh, did he hurt Chikorita at all?" Alana said, "I'm sure shes fine, thanks for healing me."

Pat turned to her and smiled as the sunrise painted Boom's white wings golden. Pat placed his hand in hers. Pat said, "Have I earned your trust back?"

August 15th, 2005, 9:06 PM
Kristin jumped on the bed and swung the blade at him. Sean rolled off of hte side , hitting the ground hard and screaming. " That is no REAson to kill another", Sean yelled as he tried to stand.

"I have to!" Kristin rammed Sean into the wall and striked him with the knife. A new trail of blood began from his elbow, she hesitated for a second and got knocked back onto the bed.

Sean had lost so much blood in the last dozen or so hours that he was to numb to notice this minor laceration. Kristin didn't stay down long, she lunged at him from the bed. The blade was knocked away from her, Sean kicked her down with his good leg then also fell. Sean wasn't physically capable of keeping this up, but he didn't want to kill her.

Kristin's face was covered in tears now, but her hair hid this from her foe. He's already been through alot, this isn't fair...nothing is fair! I didn't do anything and NOW i have to kill this guy!. She looked at him, he was trying to stand but his wounds forbid it. Kristin stood and walked to the other side of the room and sat agianst a pile of toppled furniture; head in her hands.

"****'t, what the hell are you doing!" Sean finally got to his feet. "You can't do it, your not capable of killing anyone are you...", He hobbled closer to her. This is my time to strike and end this. Sean was afew feet away from Kristin, with his hands raised and fisted together.

Kristin was still oblivious to his advance, He took them..he killed their pokemon.

The room's air began to warp and crackle, a light took shape. Solrock appeared floating above a collapsed and charred Golduck. Kristin looked up and was immediately launched back into the wall. Solrock released afew psychic pulses at her. She screamed and spasmed, beign rammed against the wall.

Sean watched in awe at the power his pokemon was willing to use on a human, "...". He was speechless. What is happening to me, to my pokemon. We are have become so savage, criminals. Exactly what we are being portrayed as...

Kristin begin to spit up blood and cough, the wall behind her began to crumble and crack...

"Solrock STOP it!" Sean yelled. His pokemon seemed to brake out of a trance, it lowered and backed away from the collapsed girl. "You could of killed her, she is being forced to do this!" Sean continued to scold his pokemon. He was just doing what i was about to.... "Take her pokeballs, and lock them in the kitchen with bill's body. Return golduck to his pokeball, and i need to you restrain her with something. Sean looked at Solrock with an apologetic smile...

"......wha...what happened..", Krsitin coughed up some more blood then looked around the room. Sean was lying on the bed, staring at her with his eyes closed. Solrock was floating against a wall with a glowing pokeball infront of it. "What happened....****'t", she had been tied down in one of the few charis that hadn't been busted. Why didn't they kill me...

August 15th, 2005, 10:27 PM
Blitz noticed his leg was better, he could now walk, He walked outside with his matang and looked into the distance, he wondered when pat and alana would return, As he looked into the distance he felt the wind blow in his hair, the sun was slowly raising,

"Well it's been a long knight matang, But I think its going to be a longer day!" Blitz said to his matang, Matang just looked up, not making a sound

As blitz looked into the sunset, he saw something shine in the distance, He looked closely but couldn't see anything,

"Matang" Blitz's matang said looking at the shining thing in the distance

"I know, I saw it" Blitz said as he returned to the cave

"Stay in here matang, Just wait till they came to us, they might not bee looking for us" Blitz told his matang, His matang followed blitz in and sat next to his master queitly

August 16th, 2005, 10:09 AM
"Alright, Dragonair. Let me down here." The blue, snake-like Dragon lowered itself toward the top of Mt.Pyre, allowing its trainer to drop down from its back. Landing skillfully directly before the pillars bearing the twin orbs, Rache gazed intently at the two objects. One orb was of a dark, stormy blue while the other shone with a fiery red. Here they are . . . the orbs that brought the land and sea. This is probably the closest I can get to going back to the beginning.

Reaching one hand toward the azure orb and one hand to the scarlet one, the trainer flinched slightly as he felt protective energy crackling about the objects. Groudon, Kyogre, please . . . I have to contact you. Let me. Pressing his hands through the barrier, Rache briefly glanced toward Dragonair. "While I'm unconscious, please guard me, Dragonair."

The dragon type nodded, the two Pokeballs hanging from its neck swinging slightly.

A gentle light passed through Rache's silver eyes, signifying his calmer persona was active. "Thank you, Dragonair . . . " Returning his gaze to the two pillars before him, Rache closed his eyes before suddenly entering a trance.

August 16th, 2005, 1:14 PM
Alana smiled and leaned her head on Pat's shoulder again. "Yeah I guess so." She looked up at the sky then said, "Where are we going now? We need to get away from that tower as soon as we can to through everyone off our trail." She closed her eyes then opened them again and looked down at a Pokeball on her waste. It shook a few times then Chikorita appeared and shook her head. There was a scar on her leaf but nothing more.

"Chika chika chi." The little plant type looked Alana over then hopped into her lap and curled up.

"Guess she's tired too. Can't blame her. It's been a long day." She smiled at Pat again. "I'll assume you know where're you're going so I'm going to take a nap." She said this in a tired tone then leaned her head on Pat's shoulder once more and closed her eyes.

August 16th, 2005, 2:30 PM
After i question her what do i do with her..I can't just let her go, i'll be discovered. Sean had endured so much today that he didn't have much left, he was barely able think.

Solrock placed Rayquaza's ball back with Sean, then began to concentrate Recover on its master. Sean hesitated but knew that if Rayquaza was still near death solrock would be with him.

Kristin watched as Solrock and Sean glowed under the power of Recover. I can't kill him... I must save my family...

August 16th, 2005, 3:05 PM
As blitz waited there for who ever was watching, Nobody came, It was like he was waiting for something,

Blitz Felt matang get worried, But blitz was calm, waiting for whoever might be watching him to show himself

"Don't worry matang, Don't let the suspence get to you" Blitz said reashureing matang

August 16th, 2005, 3:51 PM
I guess going back to my secret base won't hurt, none of the cops have found it yet. Pat smiled as Alana rested on his shoulder...she deserved a good rest after what she had to go through.

Pat said to Cell, "Are you ok? I saw Daimeon hurt you a bit." Cell smiled and said, "Lee-kec (I'm fine)." Pat just smiled and rubbed Cell's head.

August 16th, 2005, 4:06 PM
OOC: I was re-reading pages 1-4 and I found out that I was behind and was close to leaving the RP. I'm glad I didn't. I got my 6000th post when I finally posted again. ^_^

Alana drifted off and her dreams wandered. She dreamed about a Rayquaza and when their adventure first began. Though she wasn't sure if adventure was the right word. Adventures were challenging and hard but she had always stayed with it. Some times they were dangerous but that never stopped her. Perhaps it was the right word. But this was anything from fun. She was a criminal being hunted by the police. Her reputation was ruined and even if this was all resolved and she got back to her journey she'd never be fully cleared of the false charges placed against her.

Chikorita twitched her sweet smelling leaf thwacked Alana in the face. "Wha...." She sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Tha was rude." She mumbled sleepily. Her dreary eyes scanned the scene around her then she looked down at the ground far below. "Where are we now?" She asked yawning and forcing herself to wake up.

August 16th, 2005, 4:13 PM
Boom, being the ever-suck up to Pat, relayed Alana's thoughts into Pat's mind. Pat stopped and said, "Boom! Quit peering into other people's heads!" Alana said, "Wh-what?"

Pat said, "Boom, being a psychic pokemon, can read thoughts and relay them into another's mind. He always relays someone else's thoughts into my head. But...if you go back to Hoenn with me, I'm pretty sure that we wouldn't be senselessly hunted. Hoenn is quite obscure from the rest of the world. Hoenn is a beautiful place, I was raised there."

Boom passed over a cloud and a large mountain came into view. Pat said, "There it is Boom, lets get back to my base. I'm sure Blitz is wondering where Alana and I have been."

August 16th, 2005, 4:32 PM
To Hoenn huh? Well I guess it would be more peaceful there. Maybe. But if the police and who ever Daimeon was with are really determined to catch us, we wont stay hidden for long. Theyll have our records and theyll check every where. Chances are the police in Hoenn will be after us too. Our best chance would be to go to a different region. However if we can get this cleared up we wont have to worry about it. Alana paused then sighed. What we need to do is find out what we can. Our last attempt didnt go well. Also we need to get cleaned up. She indicated her bloody shirt. I dont normally care about a little dirt but being a wanted criminal, I dont think its a good idea to go around covered in blood.

August 16th, 2005, 4:37 PM
As blitz looked out the cave entrance, He saw a lugia in the distance,

"That must be pat and alana" Blitz said to himself "I hope their not to hurt"

The legendary bird started to lower under the clouds, He still couldn't see pat and alana's face, But who else has a lugia?

August 16th, 2005, 5:11 PM
"You don't have to go around with the same pair of clothes on. I'm sort of famous in Hoenn, since I won the Hoenn Lague championship like 5 times. The Hoenn police would think all this news is lies...and they'd believe me if I told them that you were innocent." Pat said.

Boom continued his descent toward the ground. Pat saw the vague outline of Blitz in the distance.

August 16th, 2005, 7:29 PM
Blitz and matang continued out of the secret base to welcome pat and alana

As he walked out he noticed something shine in the distance again, He noticed that it was a pair of binoculars

" So someone is watching me!" Blitz said to himelf

"Matang?" Matang asked crawling out of the base

"It's nothing. Look pat and Alana are back!" Blitz told his matang as he pointed at the lugia

August 17th, 2005, 8:52 AM
"Sithre? Hello? Anybody?" Outlaw called out as he walked around the main hall of the mansion. "HELLO?!?!?!?!" He yelled at the top of his lungs

August 17th, 2005, 6:16 PM
As Boom touched onto the ground, Pat turned to Alana and said, "We can leave for Hoenn whenever your ready. We can rest here for a while, then we can go to Hoenn. Hopefully we won't be senselssly hunted there. You can finish your nap."

Pat hopped off of Boom and turned to Blitz and said, "Hey Blitz, hows it going?"

August 18th, 2005, 12:12 AM
"Yeah, pretty calm around these part's, W found a wierd device for a metagross though, It looks hand made" Blitz said still looking into the distance, "But thats not inportant, I think somebody is watching us!" Sblitz said quitely

Pat tuned hi head in the same direction as blitz's, and saw the glass of the binoculars shine in the sun

"But I think where safe for now, I'll just keep a look out, I have already rested so you two can rest while I stay gaurd!" Blitz told alana and pat

August 18th, 2005, 9:08 AM
Sean's mind wondered as he slept, dreaming of all that was before this tragedy began. He was in a bliss when Solrock "recovered" him, and Kristin's presence was soon lost to him in this daze.

Kristin was still crying. She was now regretting everything she had done under His influence. Her family told her not to obey Him, or even to rescue them. She looked as the peacefull guy sleeping on the bed, I'm gonna need his help...


"The two other trainers have returned to the cave, they are now talking with the third". The man lowered the binoculars. He had been hired to watch the trainers, to make sure htey didn't hurt anyone.

"Okay", the young officer said cautiosley. She had been assigned to work with him, appearantly the police department didn't trust him on his own. "Well what do we do now?"

August 18th, 2005, 12:45 PM
Alana grinned and went inside the base she changed her clothes mumbling the whole time about Daimeon. Her favorite outfit was pretty beat up and covered in blood. She stuffed it into her back pack then washed her face and walked outside again and glanced at the sky. But her eyes were looking elsewhere. She didn't like being watched and she would be on her guard now more than ever.

After a few minutes she re-entered the base and looked at Pat. "I'm ready to leave for Hoenn. Maybe we can access our PCs there." It was just a thought but chances didn't seem very high. A part of objected to leaving though. Whatever was going was something she shouldn't just run from. But....well they needed a plan and being at constant risk of death wasn't exactly the best situation to be in while you were trying to think.

August 18th, 2005, 2:48 PM
Pat said, "All right, but, I have to change as well. I've been wearing tis same shirt since the Police first attacked me." Pat dashed into the base and shut the door.

Pat emerged a few minutes later with a silver colored ball-cap, black sweatshirt emblzoned with the words "Hoenn League Champion", and cargo jeans.

Pat said, "Alana, lets go. Hop on Boom when you're ready."

August 18th, 2005, 2:56 PM
Alana nodded. Her outfit was much like her old one but forest green and yellow adn had three wavy yellow stripe on her cap, sleeve of her shirt and jacket, and on the back of her jacket as well.

"Chikoree." Said Chikorita jumping onto her shoulder.

"I do not look like a plant."

"Chika chika."

"You have no room to talk." She flicked Chikorita gently then looked up at Pat and smiled. "Alright let's get going." She climbed onto Boom's back then looked at Blitz. "Are you coming too?"

August 18th, 2005, 3:10 PM
Pat said, "You know...Chikorita does have a point there. You DO look like a plant." Pat chuckled and opened his backpack. He grabbed a Sitrus Berry and walked over to feed it to Boom.

Boom graciously ate the berry, he loved this Hoenn-grown produce. Pat called Cell and he came bounding out of the entrance to the base. Cell hopped atop Pat's shoulder and Pat gave him a Sitrus Berry as well. Cell gulped the berry down and licked his lis with his long tongue.

Pat said, "My pokemon love Sitrus Berrys, they grow only in Hoenn and my supplys are almost depleted. I'm going to have to run my the Berry Garden when we get to Hoenn. Alana, have your pokemon ever had Hoenn berrys?"

August 18th, 2005, 3:22 PM
"Yes." Alana replied. "And they are really good. My Pokemon love em. They'll be glad we're going back to Hoenn so they can get some more. Johto berries are also really good but they're harder to find."

"Chika chik orita chika."

"Chikorita can't wait to get her little paws on some Pecha berries. But you gotta be careful with her. Sugar can make Chikorita hyper and that's a scary sight."

August 18th, 2005, 3:50 PM
"Not as bad as a hyper Kecleon, THAT was the last time Cell was allowed to have a Pecha Berry," Pat said. Cell turned red, literally. Pat turned around and said, "Oh, thats fine little buddy, you won me my 1st Hoenn League championship because of that!"

Cell trned his usual shade of lime green and he smiled. Pat joined Alana atop Boom and said, "Blitz, we're off to Hoenn. You can come if you want too."

August 18th, 2005, 4:27 PM
"Cool, I guess its the best thing to do right now"Blitz said returning his matang

"I'll come with you aswell" Blitz said as he hoped on booms back

Blitz wondered about his brother sam, He was in heon and he said that nobody was after him, Maybe it will be the same for us,

August 18th, 2005, 6:03 PM
Pat said, "Boom, lets fly to Lilycove City." Boom nodded and started flapping his large wings. Pat sat a few feet behind Boom's neck and Alana sat beside him, laying her head against his shoulders. Blitz sat behind them. Cell and Chikorita held onto Boom's neck.

Boom rose into the air and turned his head southward. He left the Cerulean Mountain Range and entered the skyline overlooking Viridian Forest. Beedrils and Butterfrees skimmed above the canopy of trees while the squawking of pidgeys could be heard below.

The trees looked like a green lake from Boom's vantage point, but Pat didn't care. He had his arm around Alana and nothing else mattered.

The sea of trees ended as Boom's shadow was cast over a small city. The people below admired and yet, at the same time, panicked at the site of the behemoth flying overhead. Boom's shadow passed through the city and the ruckus was over momentarily.

Nearly a half hour later, Boom passed over the southernmost tip of Cinnabar Island, the farthest point south in the Kanto region.

Pat nudged Alana and said, "We've finally made it out of Kanto. It shouldn't be too long before we reach Hoenn." Alana smiled and said, "Thats good Pat, I'm ready to be rid of the people hunting us." Pat smiled and said, "I won't let anything mroe happen to you, be sure of that." Alana looked at him and her eye's glistened above her beautiful smile. Pat leaned toward her, and their lips pressed together.

August 18th, 2005, 6:51 PM
'I knew he was trying to get close to her, right from the moment they left the lake!' blitz thought to himself as he smiled, pat seemed to forget blitz was there alot

But he didn't care, Blitz wasn't around to be noticed, He was there because we where all in it together, But it never actually crossed blitz's mind, how did kids so young get so far in the short amount of time they did, He never noticed how over rated the elite four was

But maybe he was just under estimating the two children in front of him, they are both very strong trainers, and was just a trainer who passed the elite four because he was bored.

August 18th, 2005, 7:26 PM
"We're leaving kanto now, I guess they are going to Hoenne. I wonder why". The young girl said to her self as she held onto the large man. "Tresk why couldn't you have a bigger pokemon, pidgeot just isn't a comfortable ride for two people." Pidgeot squawked and intentionally flew through some "turbulance" in response.

"Maybe they wish to spread their reign of destruction across the regions. Or they are fleeing from something." Tresk looked back at Amy and smiled, "Don't talk to me about the ride, take that up with Pidgeot". He had already grown used to her, but she still called him by his alias. This didn't particularly bother him as much as surprised him. "You know you can call me Will, i mean we have been partners for a week."

"Thats true, okay Will. What do we do when they get to Hoenne. I mean we ca-", Amy froze. A cloud slicing screech trumpeted through the sky. When the beast appeared, she held back a scream.


The prehistoric dragon dove through the clouds, screeching and biting at the wind. "Aerodactyl enjoying the hunt! I sure as hell am, but its coming to an end." The trainer on its back pointed ahead at the legendary bird. "Their appears to be three trainers on its back, lets knock one off!" She screamed with her pokemon.

As they grew closer, boom became aware of Aerodactyl. Lugia began to speed up but it was too late to save the trianer nearest to the prehistoric dragon. It dove and lashed at the three, getting a grip on blitz...

August 18th, 2005, 7:45 PM
Blitz hung there in the grasp's of Aerodactyl's claws, as Aerodactyl let blitz go, he knew he couldn't do anything,

"Well, if i'm going down, So are you!" Blitz said as he reliesed his aggron on the prehistoric pokemon's back, next to the trainer, Aggron was to heavy for Aerodactyl, and sent it flying toward the sea

"swampert, Get ready to land in the see!" Blitz told his swampert as he free'd it from the pokeball

Swampert landed safely on the sea as the Aerodactyl plumited into the sea with the aggron on its back, Blitz returned aggron to the safety of its pokeball

The Aerodactyl flew out of the water back into the sky, it then started diving toward blitz, trying to knock him off of swampert

"****!, Swampert, Get us outta here" Blitz told his swampet, Swampert wasn't a fast swimmer, it only just dodged the attack, But still get hit by the wave the Aerodactyl made, Teh wave knocked blitz off swampert, swampert dove under the water to save blitz from drwoning, as the Aerodactyl flew out of the water again

"****, What can I do, As soon as i return to the surface that Aerodactyl and its trainer are going to attack me again, I should never have brang it down with me!" Blitz thought as he waited in the water for swampert

August 18th, 2005, 8:12 PM
"We'll get you! Stop squirming in the water!" Elizabeth screamed as she hurled another pokeball into the water. "Omastar, bring me that **** trainer...alive!" She sounded dissapointed and alittle bored. "Hyper beam that blue bastard", the prehistoric bird unleashed a wave of energy at Swampert.

August 18th, 2005, 8:27 PM
Blitz saw the omostar coming toward him, Blitz kicked away from omostar and swam toward swampert, He noticed a hyper beam just miss him, Blitz swam faster trying to reach his beloved pokemon

Swampert picked blitz up and headed for the surface, As he reached the surface, a hyper beam hit blitz and swampert

"IDIOT!, I WANT THE TRAINER ALIVE!" Elizibeth yelled at the pokemon

Blitz was now floating on the water, He looked up to see lugia, 'Have they even noticed i had been taken?' Blitz asked himself

"HELP!" Blitz yelled in desperation, These trainers had a large advantage toward him, He thought he had no hope, Untill out of the corner of his eye, He saw a hydro pump hit Aerodactle

"Swampert!" Blitz told himself as he looked over and saw swampert, The attack did little damadge, But it nearly knocked the trainer off the pokemon

"Keep it up Swampert!" Blitz said incouraging his pokemon, If only blitz could get elizibeth in the same bout as him, He might have a chance

August 18th, 2005, 8:39 PM
Blitz began to swam towards Swampert again, but he felt something at his leg. He was suddenly pulled under, facing the mouth of Omastar. Swampert began another hydro pump, but was blown back by a whirlwind.

Blitz was dragged up to the surface, and strangled by Omastar. "****'t don't f'ing kill him!" Aerodactyle flew down and grababed Blitz and Omastar and flew out of Swamperts range. "Say goodbye to your master...stupid water frog!"...

OOC: Don't worry blitz, your swampert wil lbe okay, but who knows if any of your pokeballs were swept away in the current...

August 18th, 2005, 8:51 PM
ooc: Don't worry, I'm fine with anything as long as it makes the RP Good XD

IC: As blitz hung there awaiting for help, he didn't bother checking if his pokeballs where there, for he could clearly see both of them floating on the surface of the water, He only had swamperts pokeball now, And that was empty!

"Where are you taking me?" Blitz asked, There was no answer, "Why do you want me anyway!" There was still no answer, Blitz decided to just wait and see what was instore for him

Suddenly blitz's pokegear started righing

"What is that?" Asked elizibeth

"Its my pokegear, somebody is ringign" Blitz said answering it

"WELL DON"T ANSWER IT, Hang up and throw it away now!"Elizieth ordered,

Blitz threw it away, knowing that who ever was on the line would have heard it and hopefully figured out he was in trouble!

Blitz watched his pokegear hit the ground and smash into pieces

August 19th, 2005, 1:07 PM
OOC: Forgive the nasty case of writters block I have developed. ^^'

Alana had completely forgotten that Blitz was there. She had her head resting on Pat's shoulder and was lost in thought. A smile played accross her face but she didn't say anything. When Blitz was ripped off Boom's back by an Aerodactyl Alana didn't notice for about minute. Then her mind snapped back to reality and she looked back. She blinked a few times. Something was wrong. She heard lots of shouting and splashing and a battle going on below. "Um, I have the feeling we've lost our third companian." She said blanking. Her smile had vanished and her train of thought was now that of a trainer ready for battle.

OOC: Oh Pat here's your chance to show that Lugia can swim. ^_^

August 19th, 2005, 3:34 PM
Pat snapped back into reality as well. He saw the Aerodactyl carrying Blitz and the Omastar and the trainer atop the Aerodactyl.

Pat said, "Boom, lets take out that Aerodactyl. Lets rough it up with a Whirlwind Attack. If Blitz falls, Swampert ought to be able to catch him." Boom grinned. Pat turned to Alana and whispered, "Hold on."

Boom raised his neck and wings. Pat and Alana grabbed onto the plates on his back and held on. The Lugia swung his wings back and forth, sending gusts of wind at the Aerodactyl.

August 19th, 2005, 4:41 PM
Blitz saw swampert down below trying to keep up with the Aerodactle,

"If I can just get out of Aerodactls grip!" Blitz told hiself not seing Alana and pat trying to help

Suddenly a gust of wind hit the Aerodactle, Blitz was let loose,

"We can still catch him!" Alana told pat, Lugia swooped down trying to catch blitz, It cought blitz but he didn't have good enough grip so he started falling again

"holy ****!" Blitz said quetly ready to hit the ground "Ineed to think of someting!"

Suddenly he was cought again, But this time by the Aerodactle again

"Don't let go of him again!" Elizibeth told her Aerodactle "We can't afford to loose him!"

'**** it, swampert nearly had me' Blitz thought as he was carrried through the air

Blitz looked down to see that swampert was slowing down, If he fell again, swampert wouldn't be there to catch him, Blitz couldn't do anything, It was up to pat now

August 19th, 2005, 5:38 PM
Pat turned the brim of his cap around. Lets do this

Pat yelled, "Boom, use Shadow Ball on Aerodactyl then catch Blitz!" Boom squawked and opened his mouth and shot a purple sphere of energy at the Aerodactyl's torso.

The Shadow Ball collided with Aerodactyl and the prehistoric avian yelped in pain as it jolted from the shock. Aerodactyl dropped Blitz, he started to plummet down into the ocean below.

Boom dived from his altitude and sped down toward Blitz. Blitz thought it was all over until he hit Boom's back. He looked around and saw Pat and Alana looking back at him. Pat said, "Now that thats over, lets get back on track. Hoenn awaits!"

August 19th, 2005, 6:12 PM
Blitz was in shock, He thought he was going to hit the ground but he was now safe on booms back, But why did they want him so bad, He had the fealing it wasn't the last he was going to see of Elizibeth

"I need to get swampert, I don't know where my other pokemon are, But i know where swampert is!" Blitz told pat

Boom flew down to where swampert was, Blitz returned him to his pokeball and they headed for heon again, Blitz didn't know if he would see his other pokemon again, But he had one for now, Hopefully that will be enough

August 19th, 2005, 7:41 PM
As Boom flew away from the ruckus, Pat leant said to him, "Boom, thats another problem solved with your help. God...I'd be dead without you." Boom smiled, he loved being complimented.

Alana said, "How did you get Boom anyway? Legendary pokemon are hard to come by."

Pat paused for a moment, then he began telling a story, "Well, When I first beat the Hoenn Pokemon League, my dad invited me to go on a Legendary pokemon hunt. My dad is fascinated with Legends."

Blitz butted in and asked, "Who is your dad anyway?"

Pat answered, "Oh, his name is Morty. You know him as the Ghost using Gym Leader from Ecruteak City in Johto. Anyway, he thought I was strong enough to accompany him on his wild excursions. We traveled to the Whirl Islands...but found a ghastly problem upon arriving. Team Rocket was battling Lugia inside the cave. Just as we arrived, the rockets fled the scene and dynamited the cave. Dad's Gengar and my Machoke helped clear the rubble and we found Lugia. But the Lugia we found was old and the impact of the caving in killed it. Dad found an egg amongst the wreckage. At first he wanted to keep it for himself, but he figured it would be better off with me, I was about to begin my Johto League challenge anyway. Anyways, that egg hatched into Boom. I've raised him from a hatchling."

Pat mysteriosuly froze after the telling of his tale, Dad...I hope he's ok. I'll have to give him a call when we land to see if he's ok....

Pat's thought was interrupted when Alana tugged on his sleeve and said, "Pat! Look, Hoenn is just up ahead!"

August 20th, 2005, 3:54 AM
"Well, Here goes, This is our new start!" Blitz said looking toward heon

"Hopefully the news didn't reach here!" Blitz mumbled holding onto his only pokemon, He knew he would never see those pokemon again, It was inposible to find them again

He looked down hoping that whoever does find them take good care of them, He had never lost a pokemon before, So he never thought it would effect him this much, But it did, He had those pokemon for so long, And now their gone for sure

August 20th, 2005, 11:40 AM
OOC: Im back, and Im gonna start the plotline with me and kat running double speed to catch up with the rest of you. Im gonna be making some pretty long posts.

Scizor, he cant talk while youre choking him! Steve grabbed onto one of Scizors large claws holding the man down. Scizor turned to glare at Steve, still pressing the mans neck down with one claw. Youve never heard of subtlety, have you? Look, we can get this guy to talk, and when he does, well hopefully find out where his allies are, and maybe his boss. Then well have the advantage, WELL be hunting THEM down, not the other way around. Understand? The metal bug looked down to the man at its mercy, back up the Steve, then lessened its grip.

Steve knelt down next to the man, who was gasping. Alright, first, whats your name?

**** you the man said, and spat at Steve.

Steve looked up at Scizor, who gave a quick press into the mans throat. Alright, forget the name. Youre probably just a grunt, anyway. But before I ask another question, Id like to remind you that theres a very aggressive Scizor ready to crush your throat at a moments notice. I dont know if Ill be able to keep him from hurting you. I mean, hes not even my pokemon. Ill let you think that over for a moment.

Steve left Scizor and walked over to Kari, who had been watching them. You okay? You look pretty shook up.

Im ok, its justeverything that happened today. Who would to this? They faked a tape of memy family thinks Im a monster. And now that someones already tried to kill us, they might be in danger.

I thought about that too, especially my brother. Hes also an elite trainer, and these guyswhoever they arehave it out for elite trainers. But Im sure your family is fine. Well be keeping them too busy to do anything else.

Kari nodded. Thanks

No problem. Now, if youll excuse me, Im gonna go find out what those guys are up to.

Steve walked back the grunt being held down by Scizor, who now, strangely enoughor nothad a new gash along his left arm. Ready to talk? The grunt nodded, a read in his eyes obviously directed at Scizor. Ok, who are you working for? Whos in charge? Give me a name!

III dont know. He never gave one, I just saw him once or twice.

Ok, then what does he LOOK like?

N-never saw.

Ok Steve said, getting frustrated, What are his plans? Why is he attacking elite trainers?

HeIhell kill me!

And you think Scizor wont?

Hell kill my family!

**** itok, is there anything you CAN tell us?

I heard him say something about revenge, that this is all about revenge.

What else?

Uhhuhhhthe legendaries! He said the legendaries would be the first targets. He seemed like he wanted to make those trainers suffer.

Make us suffer.****! Steve ran back to where Kari was, and released Articuno. Kari, we gotta go now.


Whoevers doing that wants to make trainers with legendaries suffer. If he cant get to us, how else is he gonna make us suffer?


Right, come on.

Steve and Kari jumped onto Articuno, who shot off into the sky, leaving Scizor and the grunt alone.

The grunt yelled out Wait! Dont leave me with

Scizor did not let him finish. With one final push, Scizor crushed the grunts windpipe. It let out a shriek of victory and flew off after the Articuno.

Once in the air and stable, Steve turned back to Kari, My brother is southwest of Cerulean, where does your family live?

Violet City. We should go find your brother first.

You sure? My brothers an elite trainer; hed be able to take care of himself. Itd probably be better to find your family first.

They wont want me there. They think Im a monster.

No they dont. Theyre your family. They care about you.

They believe what the news says about me. They think Im too dark, thatd Id do that sort of thing. It seems like everyone thinks that.

Well, I dont think that.

You dont even know me. But Kari smiled nonetheless.

Anyways, I guess we can go find my brother first. Hell be able to join up with us. His house should be up there. Steve pointed forward to what should have been a forest area, but instead he saw black smoke rising into the sky. Oh no.theyve already got here. Articuno sped forward, and landed next to a burning house.

Steve jumped down and started running towards the burning house. Kari got down but stood by Articuno, her eye caught by someone else. About halfway to the house, Steve stopped himself and turned back to Kari. He mustve gotten out, he couldnt be Instead of looking at him, as Steve expected, Kari was frozen in place, pointing towards something off near the edge of the forest.

After a moment of looking, Steve finally saw what she was pointing to and broke off into a sprint. He quickly reached the object, stood motionless over it, running his eyes over it. It was a body. Steve fell to his knees. He did not hear Kari call out to him, or hear her running towards him. He only showed recognition when she reached him and put her hand on his shoulder.

Kari looked down at Steve. Is that

My brother.

August 20th, 2005, 12:25 PM
"That was not what i wanted to happen!" Elizabeth screamed at her pokemon, she didn't actually blame them she just wanted to enrage them alittle. "Aerodactyl follow lugia from the clouds, we'll strike again!"


"Hello, hello...". Kristin muttered.
Sean was still in his daze, he only heard the slightest whimper.


Scizor walked up from behind Articuno, he noticed the burning house. He took notice of something and began darting through the trees.

Stephen looked away from what used to be his brother. The body hadn't the slightest hint of being burned or even near a fire, so the house was set afire after the murder. He was facing up, a haunting scream still echoed from his face. His chest had been shredded and or torn open by something, a savage attack. The bodies left arm was cut off at the elbow, a steady flow of blood still trickled from it. Stephen's brother had been mangled and killed in cold blood, he stood and looked at Kari. "Why...did this ....is it my fau-...He will die."

Kari couldn't imagine the pain he was feeling, she hugged him in silence.

August 20th, 2005, 12:50 PM
Alana stared at the large land mass growing larger every second. Its been a while. She said softly to Chikorita. The small plant type was standing on her shoulder and gazing intently at the region known as Hoenn.

Chii riii.

Alana was snapped out of her trance and groaned slightly.

Whats up? Asked Pat.

She said Pecha Berry. Alana replied with a sigh. Chikorita ignored this and watched Hoenn draw closer. Alana did the same and soon they were flying over land again. The young trainer looked over at Pat and smiled again. She felt sorry for Blitz but had already half forgotten he was there. Right now the only things on her mind where, Pat, Hoenn, Chikorita, and Pecha Berries. But something she couldnt quite grasp was nagging at the back of mind. It stayed just out of reach so she couldnt quite figure out what it was....

August 20th, 2005, 2:34 PM
A nearby tree exploded in frames, bringing Steve out of his trance. Scizor shot out of the woods followed by a Salamence. A trainer also appeared, partially obscured by the shadows. He pulled out two more pokeballs and threw them out. Two large pokemon appeared, pokemon many trainers had heard about, but few had seen. Latios and Latias screeched out, and charged Steve and Kari.

Kari stepped back in wonder, but Steve already has his pokeballs in hand. He threw out Metagross and Venusaur, and barked out his orders. Articuno, Salamence! Metagross, Latios! Venusaur, Latias! Take them out fast

Three separate battles began between the burning house and the forest. Kari was still watching Latios and Latias, with a confused look on her face. Theyre legendaries, but where is the grace? They dont move like they should. Steve would have noticed the same thing about the two legendaries if he had been paying attention. However, now, there was only one thing on his mind: revenge.

Kari pulled out her pokeballs to use, but Steve turned back and said No. My pokemon can do this. Im doing it alone. With that Steve walked around his brothers body and towards the enemy trainer. Kari watched him for a few seconds, and then followed.

Salamence charged straight towards Scizor, who stood ready to fight. However, at the last second, Salamence jumped up, narrowly dodging an ice beam. Its belly was frosted, but aside from that, it was undamaged. The dragon turned and flew towards the charging bird of ice. It began to roar out a challenge, but Articuno was already upon it. Claws scratched Salamences face, ripping into the armored hide and pucturing one eye.

Salamence roared out in pain and retaliated by biting down on one of Articunos legs. Articuno screamed out and struggled to free itself, but the dragon dug its teeth deeper into the frosty flesh. Articuno stopped struggling, and instead aimed down and shot an ice beam point blank into Salamences back. Salamence let go of Articuno and fell to the ground.


Latias circled around Venusaur, narrowly avoiding a barrage of razor leaves. It flew down and just above Venusaur, releasing a pshycic assault just as it passed over Venusaurs flower. The plant beast wailed in pain, but quickly shook it off and shot out vines, which quickly entangled Latias. Latias struggled against them, but the vines held tight, and slashed at Latias as well.

Latias managed to turn towards Venusaur, and shot out a stream of blue flame at Venusaurs vines. The flames hit the vines, singing them, and causing the vines to release Latias and fall back to Venusaur. Latias shot off, trailing pink goo. Latias turned back and charged Venusaur head on, who was starting to glow. Latias flew forward, and the glow suddenly disappeared from Latias. Latias quickly dropped down, expecting a beam of energy to shoot out from Venusaur. Instead, something happened that completely surprised Latias. Giant roots shot out from the ground, stabbing into Latias. Energy coursed through the roots, surging through Latias body. When the attack finally ended, Latias fell to the ground, pink ooze falling out from many parts of her body.

Meanwhile. (again)

Latios and Metagross circled each other wearily waiting for a moment to attack. Latios feigned forward, causing Metagross to lash out, but Latios instead shot into the sky, and came crashing down onto the top of Metagross. The steel beast, however, was not phased by the physical assault. Latios then let out a psychic assault, but this, too, had little effect.

Metagross hovered back for a moment, then shot forward, spinning, claws outstretched. Latios shot out a stream of blue flame, but Metagross burst through it, smashing into Latios and ripping into it with its claws. Latios was thrown back, in pain from the assault, but quickly got back up. Latios shot into the sky, preparing for another assault against Metagross.

Meanwhile. (last time, I promise)

Steve walked up to the trainer standing in the woods. The trainer seemed busy watching the battle, and did not notice Steve. Steve would fix that. He ran the last few yards, pulled his hand back, and punched the trainer hard in the side of his face. The trainer fell to the ground, surprised at the attack. The trainer got back up, but to Steves surprise, he backed away instead of coming back to fight. Steve followed him, fists clenched.

August 20th, 2005, 2:40 PM
"Ah! Lillycove City! Lets take it down Boom!" Pat said. Boom dipped down and dove toward the ground below. He landed in the sea and ferried the trainers to the shore.

Pat helped Alana off of Boom and said, "Hoenn awaits. Do whatever you need here, but I have to get to Battle Frontier soon. I have to visit my Mom. You can come if you want."

Pat walked down the crowded streets...but he didn't get the usual response. Usually he was greeted by fans and offered some kind of deal. But not this time. People were running from him, avoiding his gaze, dashing into buildings when he rounded a corner.

Alana said, "Pat, I don't think we are welcome here either..."

The trainers walked out of a crowded street and the huge Lillycove Department Store came into view. The large TV Monitor that was above the entrance to the building displayed a news report. The new anchor, an older man dressed in a suit said, "We bring you this urgent news bulletin. Recently, A Lugia was spotted entering the boundarys of the Hoenn Region. This Lugia was transporting three of the dangerous Trainers wanted for crimes too numerous to mention. Here is a video showing some of their destructive acts."

The screen then displayed a video of the Mossdeep Space center being destroyed...by a Lugia. Then a video was shown of Trainer Tower being torched by an Arcanine and a Tolagy.

Pat thought, What? I haven't been to the Mossdeep Space Center in years! Boom wasn't even born yet the last time I went to Mossdeep City...

Pat said, "Alana, lets get out of here...and where the hell did Blitz go?"

August 20th, 2005, 2:53 PM
Alana looked around. "I don't know. Maybe he went into a store or something. Look I know how they're doing this but it won't help us now. Let's get out of here." She snatched up Chikorita who had jumped from her shoulder upon landing. The elite jumped back onto Booms back and looked back up at the screen where they were replaying the image of a Tolagy and an Arcanine attacking the Trainer Tower. Her eyes narrowed and she glared angrily. Well find the ones who set those pink blobs on us. And who is using them to destroy our name and framing us for these crimes. She turned her attention back to Pat. Come on lets get out of here.

Pat nodded and jumped onto Booms back as well. You know whats going on?

Ditto. They were at the Elite Four disguised as Lance and his Pokemon. Stupid little blobs of pink goo. I used to like them. She made an impatient noise in her throat as they took off.

August 20th, 2005, 4:15 PM
"**** piles of pink crap. I'd love to go on a ditto hunt...but we have to make one stop to make," Pat said.

Alana groaned and said, "Do you really have to go to Battle Frontier?"

Pat responded, "Yes, Battle Frontier is a haven for the Elite Trainers. These people after us would strike there if they are after the Elites. I have to make sure Mom is ok..."

Alana said, "Fine."

Alana climbed onto Boom and the Lugia flew out of the city.

August 20th, 2005, 5:45 PM
Unknown to Pat and Alana, Blitz had been captured by Elizibeth Who had been following them from the clouds

"See, Your friends forgot you, They flew of without you!" Elizibeth tried to tease

"I don't care!, They know I can handle myself" Blitz told Elizibeth, Blitz was used to being left out, So it didn't bother him that Pat and Alana forgot about him all the time

"Surely you must feal some pain, Knowing that the companions you trusted left you behind!" Elizibeth responded

"Nope!" Blitz peplied with no emotion

"Well, We might just have to go wafter them without you" Elizibeth told blitz leading him toward a old house

"Don't, Theire only kids!" Blitz yelled

"Why do you care about them, They don't care about you!" Elizibeth asked

"I don't care about that! I told you, I just don't want them hurt!" blitz told Elizibeth

Elizebeth ignored blitz and opened the door to the old house

She got a rope out ready to tie blitz up, Blitz kicked her away as she tried to tie him up

"You little ****!"

Blitz put his fists up ready to fight, Elizibeth came at him at a rope, Blitz grabed the rope and swung it around the room with her on the end of it

Elizibeth gained ballence ande put the rope around her waist "If thats how you want it!" She said as she came at blitz

She managed to trip blitz, She took the rope from her belt and tied it around his foot, As blitz got up ready to fight again, She lifted his fot up with the rope and tied the other side of the rope around his neck, If blitz but his foot down he would be stangling himself, And he couldn't put his foot up any further to make the rope looser

Elizibeth then got another rope and tied his hands to a pole behind his back

"That should hold you!" Elizibeth said as she walked out the door,

"Send someone to deal with him!" SHe said on the phone as she got on Aerodactle

August 20th, 2005, 8:20 PM
Blitz watched her fly away on her aerodactyl through a skylight window. We'll this sucks. I wonder who she called.... It felt like alittle over a hour before he heard someone coming into the building.

"Hello", the mysterious person forced blitz to look at him. "You don't look injured at all, a clean slate for me to carve". Blitz just looked at him coldly, hiding a dry fear. Carver dropped his two pokeballs. A darker looking Roselia and Sneasel, they both seemed to be stained in blood....


Blitz never screamed, even when his arm began to twitch as if it was trying to tear itself off. He never screamed as the pricks dug threw him, changing all they touched inpure. Blitz never screamed...

August 20th, 2005, 9:00 PM
Boom flew above the clouds so that he wouldn't be sighted, he knew tthe trainers didn't need the stress of panic spreading everywhere because he was being sighted. Boom could sense Pat had alot of stress on his mind...he was worried about his mother.

Alana could see that Pat was stressed, his palms were sweaty, he was breathing heavily, his eyes had a worried look to them. She grabbed ahold of Boom's plates when the Lugia suddenly dipped down and sped toward the ground. We must have arrived, she thought.

Boom landed in the water next to the docks of Battle Frontier. The trainers jumped off of the Lugia and Pat recalled him into his pokeball. Pat was walking very fast..almost running. Alana didn't mind running, but Pat seemed so worried and paranoid...

Alana had heard of Battle Frontier before, it was supposed to be a bright place filled with Elite Trainers showing off their battle skills, but today it wasn't that picture she had painted in her head. The streets were empty. The stands selling foods and merchandise were abandoned.

Pat stopped his rush at a building that looked like a giant Seviper. Alana thought, So this is Battle Pike... Pat burst through the doors and ran through room after room, Alana was struggling to keep up.

Pat kicked open the door to a room at the end of a hall...and he froze upon entering. Alana saw from behind Pat a corpse siting on the floor. It was a woman dressed in a tight purple tank-top shirt purple leather pants. Her skin was a rotted brown and was shriveled to the point where she looked like a skelton with hair and a thin lair of skin. Her hair which had been long and brown was gray and falling out in some areas.

Pat's eyes began tearing up...his body started shivering violently. He started murmuring, "No...no...no...no"

Chikorita, who had been holding onto Alana's shoulders, climbed down and sniffed around the room. She said, "Chii chika."

Alana said, "What? Toxic...on her?"

Chikorita nodded and said "Kor-rita." Alana looked at the other side of the room and saw the empty shell of a Shuckle, the charred corpse of a seviper, and the frost covered body of a Slaking.

Pat was still standing, with tears streaming down his face. He was mumbling, but such words as "Mom...no...how...why...not now...." could be understood. His breathing became fast and heavy...then he fell to the floor.

Alana leaned down behind him, wrapping her arms around Pat. "I'm sorry," she whispered. She didn't know what to say...nothing like this had ever happened to someone so close to her. She cried on his shoulder, his breathing was still very frantic. I can't help...

August 21st, 2005, 6:18 AM
Blitz's leg was getting tired, But that was nothing compared to the pain, He Knew that the girl didn't want him dead, But why was she torturing, As the pokemon dug through his flesh, blitz was trying to think of a plan,

He thought about the rope, There was no way he could get them to accadently cut it, His hands where tied so he couldn't get his swampert to help, There was no way for him to excape

As Blitz bravely st there while pokemon where carving through his flesh, He heard the door open

"Are you finished yet?" Someone asked, Blitz looked up, the persons face was still behind the door

As he came through his face was revealed

"Sam?" Blitz said to his younger brother

"Hmm, So you got dragged into this mess aswell?" He asked, Blitz looked at sams arms, He noticed that they where wraped in bandages

"They only want you to help them!" Sam said standing theire with no sorrow in his eye's

"So you where tortured too? I can't believe you gave in!" Blitz said coldly

"Ha, I'm not stupid, I wasn't going to sit there while some idiot carved the flesh of my body!" Sam said "No offence!" He added looking at the carver

"There has always been a big difference between you and me Sam," Bltiz said as the pokemon hacked at his legs "You where always week, You always give in too easy, By the looks of it they didn't even get to your elbow!" Blitz said in dissapointment

"And now here I am watching it be done to my own brother!" Sam said "Tell me, How week is that?"

"Thats not week, Thats just heartless!" Blitz said

"Make sure there isn't any flesh left on his body!" Sam said as he walked out the door

August 21st, 2005, 7:39 AM
Alana had never felt so helpless in her life. There was nothing she could do to help Pat. She kept her arms around him as he stared at his mothers body. "Chi ree." Chikorita waved her leaf from side to side a light pink powder spread through the room. This move was known as sweet sent and it was used to disorient people and Pokemon during battle. But in this case it could be used to help calm the two elite trainers.

Alana nodded silently at her friend as she stopped the attack. Chikorita nodded back and walked over to Pat. She spoke though only Alana knew what she was saying. Then, as if on cue, both Chikorita and Alana seemed to remember something. That thign that had been nagging at the back of her mind for so long now. What she had been worried about though she didn't know she was.

"I'm finally gonna start on my own Pokemon journey!" A young girl who resembled Alana was facing her outside Prof. Elm's lab. The girl was about ten and wearing jeans, an orange shirt, fingerless orange and green gloves, and an orange cap. She had bright blue eyes and short dirty-blonde hair. This was Alana's younger sister, Andrea.

"Yep. And some day I'm sure you'll be an elite trainer."

"You really think so?" Her sister asked breathlessly.

"I have no doubt." Alana replied grinning.

"Well when I become an elite trainer you have to battle me! And when we do I'll win!"

Alana's heart clenched. "Andrea." She said softly.

August 21st, 2005, 7:51 AM
Blitz looked at his hands to see that they looked like they had gone through a shreader, Both pokemon had already started on his right leg, But blitz still sat there not making a sound,

He though back when he was travelign with his brother, It was the only reason blitz even got a pokemon, All to protect sam, And now he couldn't care less, This event has changed Sam, But when blitz thought about it, It changed blitz aswell.

August 21st, 2005, 8:17 AM
Pat's eyes, now red from the tears, finally blinked fr the first time since he had entered the room. He couldn't believe this...his mom was the one who had helped him get started on his pokemon journey. That happy memory came flwoing into his sorrow-filled mind.

"Pat, wake up. I have a Present for you." A little boy with untidy black hair awoke from his bed. The little boy said, "Wh-what?" The cool, sweet voice said, "Look over here."

The little boy sat up and looked at the edge of his bed. A woman with long dark-brown hair was holding a basket. In that basket...was a Kecleon.

The boy blinked and excitedly said, "Mom...you got me a pokemon?"

The woman smiled and said, "Yes, you've told me on several occaisons that you've dreamed of becoming a trainer. So I figured I would help you achieve your dream."

The little boy picked up the Kecleon from the basket and it licked him. The boy giggled and said, "Thank you Mom..."

Pat exited the flashback and said, "Alana...we have to get out of here. We need to get to a safe place." Pat didn't even look at Alana, he continued to stare at his mother's body.

Alana asked, "Where can we go?"

Pat answered, "I have a secret base in Hoenn. We can go there..."

August 21st, 2005, 8:31 AM
Alana nodded. She was in Hoenn now. She had left Johto so there was no way to check....her hand moved to the Pokegear around her neck. It had taken a nasty beating when she was attacked and she highly doubted it worked any more. She messed with a few buttons and nothing happened. This'll take forever to fix. She sighed and nodded to Pat. "Yeah let's go to your secret base. I don't want to be out in the open again for a while. All this panic and being hunted is becoming very annoying." Her voice was calm but she felt a mixture of sadness, worry, pitty, and fear. It was a feeling that was becoming familiar to her. But the fear, was for her sister, not her.

August 21st, 2005, 8:37 AM
The pokemon had nearly reached blitz's right knee, And one had started on the next leg, The leg that had been tied up

If i can get rid of this rope, I might have more of a chance! Blitz thought,

Surely enough the pokemon accadently cut the rope, Blitz outomaticly got to his feet, He clibed up the pole his hands where tied to with his feet,

The pokemon tried to reach him but couldn't, Although the pain was unbearable, He knew he couldn't let it get to him, He couldn't fall toward those monsters of pokemon!

August 21st, 2005, 9:12 AM
Pat started walking toward the door. Before he opened it, he turned around and looked at his Mother's body one last time. Pat said under his breath, "Thank you mom...thank you for everything. Good-bye" Another tear rolled down his face but he wiped it off. He opened the door and walked out of the room.

Later, after quietly wandering the halls of Battle Pike. Pat and Alana exited the Seviper-shaped building. Pat had been silent the whole time...though Alana had her arm around his shoulder.

Pat reached for Boom's pokeball, and released the Lugia without saying a word. Boom felt Pat's sadness...it almost made him cry. Pat and Alana silently boarded the Lugia while Chikorita and Cell struggled to climb on. Boom lifted off of the ground and flew into the air.

While Boom was gaining Altitude, another memory came back into Pat's head.

A younger Pat, about 13 years old, stood at the base of a wood room facing the trainer on the other side...his mother.

His mom said, "Hello Pat, I see you have been invited to Battle Frontier. I was so proud when I'd heard you had won the Hoenn League Championship. I see now that you want to challenge me...and I accept this challenge. Let me see if you have raised your pokemon correctly. How about a one-on-one match?"

His mom said, "Go Seviper!" She tossed a pokeball into the air and the great snake appeared on gym floor.

Pat said, "Cell...lets go." The Kecleon that was always atop his shoulder jumped down and faced the Seviper. The seviper flicked his forked tongue at Cell and Cell flicked his tongue as well.

Pat's mom yelled, "Seviper, Poison Fang!" The snake jumped into the air and opened its mouth and bared its venomous fangs. The seviper bit onto Cell and injected poison into the runt lizard's body. Cell winced and whined...but the yellow stripes around his eyes began glowing. Pat had never seen Cell do this before. His tail uncurled and the red stripe on his chest glowed.

Rocks crashed up from below the floor and pummeled Seviper. The snake let go of Cell but the rocks ekpt coming. Seviper fell and Pat's mom recalled it into its pokeball.

She said, "Oh my...Ancient Power. Pat...you have beaten me. Here, take this Frontier Badge."

She walked to ther other side of the room and handed Pat a badge. Pat hugged hism other and said, "If you want a rematch mom, just call me on my PokeNav."

Pat's mom laughed and kissed her son on the cheek. Pat waved good-bye and he walked out of the room.

Pat felt rain on his head...We must be there already... Boom landed in a rainy forest in front of a large clump of Plants. Pat and Alana got off of Boom and Pat led Alana to the clump of plants. He brushed some aside and a door was revealed. He opened the door for Alana then wallked in after she did.

Alana sat down at a table inside. Pat opened his backpack and pulled out his PokeNav. He walked over towards Alana and handed it to her.

He said silently, "My PokeNav has Match Call, you might be able to contact whoever you were trying to call on your Pokegear." Pat then sat in a chair in the corner...looking down at the floor...saying nothing.

August 21st, 2005, 9:39 AM
Alana took the Pokenav and thanked Pat quietly. She dialed a number and waited. "Hello?" A young voice answered. Alana's heart jumped and relief swept through her.

"Hi." She said quietly. "How have you been Andrea?"

"Alana? Hey! I've been great! I think my Cyndaquil is going to evolve!"

"Great." Alana replied simply.

"But, people have been saying things about elite trainers and I saw stuff on TV that involved you. None of it was true was it?" Andrea's voice sounded worried and a bit scared.

"Of course not. Just a misunderstanding and we'll have it sorted out in no time."

"Alright then. You still owe me a battle when I'm ready got it?"

"Yeah don't worry about it. I'll see you soon I expect."

"Great." They exchanged a few more words then Alana hung up. She slumped in her seat and sighed.

"I'm worried about her. She has no idea what's going on. I hope she makes it through all this." She stopped and looked apologetically at Pat. "You're mom was an elite trainer wasn't she?" It was all she could think to say. The only thing she could thinkt o do right now was, well, talk. It seemed like a lame kind of medicine but it did help soemtimes.

August 21st, 2005, 10:03 AM
Pat looked up from the corner and said, "Yes...she was. She was recognized as one of the best trainers everywhere. She took a job as one of the Frontier Brains at Battle Frontier. Most people viewed her as a stern, silent type...but on the inside she was sweet and caring. Dad always had to be gone to tend to the Ecruteak Gym...but Mom would take off time from Battle Frontier to take care of me."

Cell was digging in a cabinet in the corner, looking for berrys. His eyes glistened and a smile spread across his face...Pecha Berrys. He held it up and and said, "Kec-ley! (All right!)" Then, Chikorita eyed the Pecha Berry...

August 21st, 2005, 4:48 PM
Chikorita looked up and twitched. "Chi rita....."

"Oh dear..." Alana stood up but Chikorita had already charged. The little grass type snatched a Pecha Berry and practically swallowed it whole.

"......" Pat stared as Chikorita and Cell began to raid the cabinet of all it's Pecha Berries.

"Do you think we should stop them before it's too late?" Alana asked Pat. It seemed it might already be too late as Chikorita had already eaten three Pecha Berries.

August 21st, 2005, 6:21 PM
"......!" Sean gasped for air, eyes blood shot and stained. Solrock backed off and moved back to the dragons pokeball. Sean sat up with little more then a wince. "Thank you", his cuts were now closed but his bones were all but mended.

Kristin looked up at the finally concience trainer, but remained silent. Sean stepped off the bed, still limping, and walked up to her. "So now we need to talk". With a sense of unebidable fear he spoke to her, interrogated her. When he realized she had no more knowledge to give then he already knew, he began to get personal. "When did he take your family?"

"Afew months ago", she was still looking away from him.

"So this isn't the first thing 'he' has asked you to do", Sean slowly began sounding more and more friendly.

"No...i had two before you"

"And what happened then", He lifted her head up and tried reading her eyes.
"I killed two trainers. The first one was a young girl, not more then thirteen years old. The second one was a gym leader." Kristin broke down for a few seconds then looked into his eyes with a glare only known by those who've seen death.

"How did you kill them, you don't seem like the most powerful trainer". Sean's curiosity dragged him into things he didn't want to know.

"...I tricked the girl into taking a rest in a small cave after our pokemon battle. When she turned her back...I left the cave, and had one of my pokemon destroy the entrance." It was visible through her eyes that she wouldn't have been capable of killing anything herself.

"And the gym leader, how did you deal with him".

"I snuck into the gym after dark, hid, and waited. I had been given a small sphere full of a poison to use. So i placed the capsule in his food and left."

Sean grabbed a near by chair and sat down in front of her. "Your not a criminal, or a murderer. You've felt to have no choice but to obey." His words were outlined in kindness but had a whole different purpose. "What do you plan to do now".

"I was hoping to save them, and seek revenge", She fell into his emotional deresion and walked into the trap.

"Okay but i'll need something in return..."

Sean brushed Kristins hair out of her face, revealing her tear stained face. Dont worry, he whispered into her ear. She shuddered as Sean leaned in and kissed her cold lips. Her warmth and feeling was what he had been void of.

Kristin knew he was her only hope, she kept thinking that to herself. She gasped as his hands gripped her breasts. My only hope.

Seans grip tightened as she gasped, the feeling of another empowered him. He kissed her neck in this daze, undid her shirt. Kristin looked down at him, and forced a passionate kiss. My only hope. He untied her hands; she moved her hands across his chest. They were both forcing this, both needing this for a different reason then love.

They moved to the bed, Sean ignoring his broken leg. Kristin kneeled over him, her hair hanging down into his face as they kissed. His hands moved along her hips and legs, her body was a painkiller. Her warmth coaxed his shattered mind.

Solrock moved into the small bathroom, it knew when to leave.

Sean moaned with Kristin, theyre embrace pulsed and breathed. Both of them felt a momentary bliss a possible serenity. But all too soon they fell from this, back to the sour reality. Kristin closed her eyes and laid her head against his chest; Sean wrapped his arm around her and slept.

Kristin felt his beating heart, its frenetic melody. She realized how stressed he was, she smiled and kissed him. My only hope and momentary love, she thought


A slender man wearing a colorful jumpsuite walked out onto the roof of the foretress. "Its time to start a storm", a dozen or so cloud like pokemon appeared...

August 21st, 2005, 6:35 PM
The trainer continued to back away, obviously in fear of Steve. He kept backing up, but soon hit a tree, and when the trainer turned back to see what he had hit, Steve ran up and wrapped his arm around his enemies throat. The trainer was pulled down into a headlock, and was punched in the gut by Steves free fist. Who did this? Steve whispered angrily Was it you?

Yes. Please, I was only following orders! Please!

Who ordered you to do this?

I cant tell you!

Steve lifted up the trainer, pushed him against the tree, and put his hand against his throat. So why shouldnt I kill you right now? The trainer turned away and began to weep.

Kari saw Steve and ran up to him. No, dont! She grabbed Steves arm and looked into his eyes. Dont do it, you dont want to. It wont help.

Venusaur carefully watched the downed Latias. The sight confused him, as Latiass details began to disappear and it had turned slightly pink. Venusaur shot out more razor leaves at it, and Latias lost its shape further. It soon was little more than a pink blob with two dots for eyes. Venusaur walked over and looked down onto it. A Ditto, Venusaur had fought them before. He stomped down on the face, knocking the weakened Ditto unconscious, and walked over to where he believed Steve to be.

Articuno and Salamence now continued their duel in the air. Even after a few close calls, neither pokemon had been able to land a significant blow. Salamence barrel rolled, avoiding another ice beam from Articuno. It lunged forward, jaws outstretched, at Articuno. Articuno flew up, but Salamence managed to bite down onto the birds tail, and held on tight. Instead of fighting, though, Articuno turned back and spread its wings, ice gathering in front of them. It flew up next to Salamence, and released a blizzard into the side of the dragon. Salamence let out a great wail, and fell to the ground. Articuno circled above its foe for a short time, before finally deciding it was safe to land.

Metagross sat silently on the ground, knowing full well that Latios was circling above head waiting to dive down and attack Metagross at the best moment. The steel beast set its feet down and closed its eyes, but kept its mind very open. The trap was set. Just as Metagross had hoped for, Latios turned down and dove straight at Metagross. Metagross stayed perfectly still, waiting for the opportune moment. Just before Latios would impact Metagross back, Metagross pushed both of its front legs forward, flipping it over, and stabbed all four claws into Latios neck. Metagross braced itself for the inevitable impact, but instead of Latios crashed into Metagross, it was splattered with a pink goo. Metagross turned over, and the goo fell to the ground. It was a Ditto.

Dont do it, you dont want to. It wont help. Karis words echoed in Steves ears as he held the trainer up to the tree. He deserves death Steve though, an eye for an eye right? No, no, dont be like him. Why not? We need to play on their level to beat them. By killing all of our enemies? Of course, then they wont be able to do any more horrid deeds. But then I would be doing them! They killed my brother, I need to make them pay. My brother.what would he want me to do?

Steve loosened his grip on the trainers throat. My brother would want me not to kill. Steve looked back at Kari. I wont hurt him. But we have to find a way to keep him from leaving, at least until the police arrive.

At that moment, Steves three pokemon walked over to them, victorious. Perfect timing. Alright, Metagross, knock down that tree over there. Venusaur, lift it up and make it so that guy cant move. Metagross smashed a claw into the tree, destabilizing it, and causing it to fall over. Venusaur shot out multiple vines, around the tree, and managed to hoist it up, move it, and drop it on the trainers legs. The policell be here soon. Ill let them deal with you.

Steve recalled Venusaur and Metagross, and jumped onto Articuno along with Kari. Thanks, he said back to her. I really appreciate your help. I dont know what I wouldve done without you there.

Kari blushed. Well But before she could say anything further, a voice was heard behind them.

Land now, and put your hands in the air. You are under arrest. Steve and Kari turned back to see a police officer with a megaphone, flying on a Pidgeot. More police officers on Pidgeots appeared behind him. There were half a dozen in all.

Great, Steve muttered. Here we go again.

August 21st, 2005, 7:38 PM
As blitz hung onto the pole any way he could, He noticed himself slipping little by little

Somebody save me!

Blitz thought thinking that this could be the end

He needed to get his hands free from the pole so he could run, He needed help, And he wasn't afraid to admit it

He looked down and noticed blood running down the pole, He was loosing blod faster then before, If it kept up he was going to pass out

"H-help!" He softly said as he felt his bdy getting weeker

"Hahahaha" The carver laughed "Your only doing the job for me by staying up there!" He said with a huge grin on his face "You can't last much longer, Expecially if your going to use all your energy trying to stay away from my pokemon!"

August 21st, 2005, 9:51 PM
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Pat didn't respond, he continued staring blankly at the floor. He didn't care about a hyper chikorita. His mind was still set on the loss of his mother. He wanted to stay in that corner until he died...but, he hadn't lost everything...Alana had been there for him. She held him and cried with him when he found his mom's body. He still had her...and he found a new determination not to let that change.

Pat looked up from his corner and said, "Alana...thank you for being there for me. I probably would still be lying on the ground in that room in Battle Frontier if you hadn't of helped me."

A suprised look came across Alana's face, she said, "Oh your welcome, thats horrible what happened..."

A tear rolled down her face, but Pat stood up and wiped it off. She looked up at him and said, "Pat..its just that feeling, the feeling of total helplessness... I can't stand it."

Pat embraced her and said, "Thats fine..." She smiled at him, and she wrapped her arms around him. Her eyes met his...Pat smiled for the first time in hours. Then, they kissed.

Meanwhile, unnoticed by the trainers, Cell was running up and down walls, fleeing from the hyper chikorita that was chasing him. Cell was sitting atop the cabinet while the grass type below was continually bashing it with her head. Cell groaned, "Kec-lee-kec... (****, if Pat wasn't so involved with this little beast's trainer...I'd knock it back to its senses...)"

Cell figured he was safe up here, so he flickered out his long tongue and grabbed a Leppa Berry from inside the cabinet. Chikorita kept bashing the cabinet...until it fell over. A huge lump was on its head where it had been smacking the cabinet. Cell smiled and said, "Leon-ley...kec-kec (Ah, I've never been more happy with Pat's choice in furniture...ah, gotta love that solid redwood.)

August 23rd, 2005, 4:49 PM
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Blitz was starting to loose loose conciencness, He looked at the carver, But he could see two of them, He felt himself hit the floor, And then pass out

The next thing he knew he was in a bed, In what looked like an old cottage

Elizibeth walked in,

"He's strong" Said the carver not knowing he was awake " He lasted that long, I know why you want these elite trainers now

"So you are the ones?" Blitz said "You are the ones making the elite traners out to be bad!"

"No, We are compleatly different people!" Elizibeth told blitz "The difference is that we need the elite trainers, This other person wants to eliminate teh elite trainers" She said heading toward the door

"So what!, WHat is it you want?" Blitz asked

"I can't tell you that, But I can tell you that I am going to reshape the world, With or without your help!" Elizibeth said as she exited

What did she mean by that!, Did she want to take over the world like some sterio type villan?, Or is it the other way around?, Does she want to fix the world?,

By the looks of her methods its the sterio type villan! Blitz thought as he remembered the carver

Blitz then noticed that he was wraped in bandages, And there was a Kabuto beside him healing him back to health

"Healing me before they know if i'm going to help them or not?, Thats abit of a risk" Blitz thought as he shut his eyes again

August 23rd, 2005, 8:21 PM
Cell looked at the KOed Chirkorita. It wouldn't stay down for long...he knew that. Cell climbed down from the top of the cabinet and opened a cabinet door. He threw a box of empty pokeballs aside and shoved Chikorita in there.

He then dragged a rock and placed in infront of the cabinet door. Cell grinned and sat back on the rock. He grabbed a Sitrus Berry and started munching down on it...waiting for something to happen.

Rain could usually always be heard tapping on the roof of the base, you'd get used to it after a while. But now, the rain was pounding harder on the roof. Like a hail of gunfire from above. Thunder crashed like an airstrike on the jungle. The base had no windows...but if it did the constantly flashing lightning would of kept it lit perfectly.

Pat noticed the loud sounds outside the base...this storm sounded too wild to be natural. He and Alana had their heads against each other, arms around each other.

Pat nudged her and said, "Some kind of hellish storm is brewing...we need to get out of here. Lightning might strike my base...and I wouldn't want you to be trapped in here it if it happens."

She said, "Well...OK. Where do you plan to go?"

Pat answered, "Well, you seemed worried about your sister traveling in Johto...and I have to talk to my father..."

Pat froze...Dad doesn't know...I have to tell him...

Alana started to dread that look that was constantly making its way across Pat's face. She could tell what he was thinking...you could see it in his green eyes.

She nudged him, breaking his trance. She said, "Thats fine, I'm sure Boom can handle a storm like this. He is a strong flyer, and he is psychic. We should be fine."

Pat said, "Well...fine. I'll go outide and get Boom ready. You do whatever you need to before we leave."

Pat heard banging on the cabinet in the corner, he saw Cell sitting on a rock in front of the cabinet. Pat said, "Cell, let chikorita out of the cabinet. We have to go."

Cell groaned, he moved the rock and chikorita burst out the cabinet door. She started running around the room like a maniac. Cell manged to jump onto Pat's shoulder...he was safe from the hyper grass type.

Pat opened the door to the base and walked outside into the storm. Rain was falling rapidly, he was soaked only moments after exiting the base. He released Boom and and said in a scared voice, "Boom, we have to get to Johto. Please try to keep the flight as safe as you can...please."

Boom sensed Pat's fear...a Haunter would have a feast on it. Boom hated to see Pat like this, Pat had raised him from a hatchling. Boom swore in his mind to fufill Pat's request to his best extent, no matter what.

Pat walked back to the base and yelled, "Alana, Boom is ready! Come on out when you are ready!"

August 24th, 2005, 1:01 PM
Alana chased down her sugar high Pokemon and held her tight as she hurried out of the base. When the rain hit her and Chikorita they were soaked to the bone. Chikorita calmed down and used her leaf to brush water from her eyes. "I'm ready!" Alana shouted over the howling wind. She climbed quickly onto Boom's back still holding Chikorita tight. "Let's go!" She shouted to Pat who had climbed up beside her.

August 24th, 2005, 8:27 PM
Boom lifted off of the ground when the trainers were situated on his back. Boom conjured a large energy barrier around him, that would at least keep the trainers protected from the rain and lightning.

Pat realized that he hadn't slept in days, all that had been happening made him forget to sleep. He layed back, glancing at the rain sliding off of the barrier overhead.

His eyelids started sliding downward and the world around him became hidden by the darkness of closed eyes. Before he fell asleep, he felt a warm object against him. Alana had layed down beside him. Pat smiled and the force of sleep overcame his body.

Cell sniffed Pat's backpack, searching for more food. He raided the Berry Pocket, throwing various berrys out and they fell over the side of Boom and landed on the bottom of the barrier.

Cell found a Sitrus Berry and flickered out his tongue to swallow it, but the berry levitedt above his reach. Cell growled and started jumping at the berry, each time it levitated just above his reach. Cell shot out his tongue at the berry, but his tongue was grabbed by an invisible hand that swung him around and dropped him onto the bottom of the barrier. Cell looked at Boom, who was smiling.

Cell hissed and jumped onto Boom's neck. The tiny lizard pounded the psychic bird's head in an immature fury. Boom's smile grew larger, it didn't bother him. He needed something to do anyway during this flight, and toying with Cell was the perfect time waster.

The berrys strowed about the bottom of the barrier rose up and pelted Cell. Cell lashed out at the berrys with his claws, sending juice all around the enclosure of the barrier. Boom loved his powers right now, Cell was so easy to mess with.

The howling of the wind became louder, a gust of wind even temporarily threw Boom off his path. The barrier bubble started shaking, the trainers were still asleep though. Boom directed his psychic powers toward steadying his flight, he decided it was best to leave Cell alone now.

Several hours later, Boom was mentally exhausted. Using barrier and telekinesis at the same time on top of flying with his wings. He'd have to land...he couldn't last much longer. The trainers were still asleep, Boom was glad they wouldn't have to worry about him. He dipped below the clouds, and saw a small city watched over by two wooden towers looking to be very old. This was the city Pat's dad was in...Boom could land here.

Boom pointed his head down and gently soared towards the ground below.

August 25th, 2005, 3:31 PM
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Outlaw roamed the mansion insearch for another human being mostly someone that he knew.

August 25th, 2005, 8:26 PM
The Ecruteak City gym stood a few blocks from the base of the towers. A gym built of what looked like the same type of wood that the ancient towers were made from. The gym, while not nearly as tall as the towers, still stood over the rest of the buildings. A man with orange hair that was neck length and a face that resembled Pat's was sitting in an armchair in front of a fireplace.

The stone fireplace was christened with pictures of various legendary pokemon carved into the stone. A framed picture sat atop the fireplace, a picture of a little boy with black hair standing in front of a slender brown haired woman with two red streaks in her hair and a man with red hair and a blue sweater and headband. The man in the armchair glanced at this photo and smiled, he missed his wife and son. He didn't believe all the allegations that had been put against him. Pat wouldn't destroy Mossdeep Space Center, he really could care less about it.

A gengar that had been hovering around the room looked out the window, and it nearly fell out of the air. The gengar hovered down to the floor and dashed across the room yelling, "Gennn gar! Gen gar!"

The man in the chair turned around and asked, "What is it Gengar?"

Gengar pointed at the window and jumped up and down like a hyper-active child. The man groaned and got up to see what it was.

He looked out the window, and through the storm clouds and lightning flashes, he saw a large white avian flying down towards the city.

The man gasped and said, "Pat..."

The man's eyes lit up, he hadn't seen his son in months...maybe even years. A smile spread acrossed his face, but was soon interrupted.

The white bird stopped flapping his wings, they just flopped to the side. The bird's head dropped and it flopped over on its side. The bird's body, still above the ground, started falling to the ground.

The man grabbed two pokeballs on his belt and released them, A Haunter and a Misdreavus joined the Gengar in the room. The man yelled, "GO! Do whatever you can to help Pat and Boom, NOW!"

The ghosts nodded and they brushed through the wall and flew towards the falling Lugia. But they were too late, the Lugia crashed into the frame of a house and destroyed it. The Lugia had been using barrier, but it still hurt Boom in the fall.

The Gengar and Haunter nudged the trainers atop Boom's back, to see if they were alive. The man from the gym threw on a raincoat and ran out to see his son. The thunder boomed across the sky and a streak of lightning lit the night for a moment. The man stood above Pat and as Gengar nudged him.

Pat opened his eyes and looked at the man standing above him. Pat coughed and said, "D-d-dad?"

August 26th, 2005, 12:09 AM
Blitz was still in the strange bed sleeping, Unawear of the plans going on around him, Kabuto was the only othr in the room,

"I don't think its a good idea to be healing him!" Sam said to elizibeth "He is most likely not going to help you at all!"

"We'll see, I can see the determination in him, And I can see how that could be a problem, But if we can get him on our side, It will no longer be our problem!" Elizibeth said

"Your not listening, He won't join, Its not like him to suddenly switch sides without a good reason!" Sam shouted

"Well, Isn't his life a good enough reason?" Elizibeth asked

"I-I don't think it is!" Sam replied looking away

August 26th, 2005, 6:27 PM
As Elizabeth argued, her mind exploded in shock and fear.He will kill me for this, He will and he won't hesitate. But this is my only chance to overthrow him, atleast try to...

Sean recalled Solrock, and strapped the two pokeballs to his waist. He stood and left the house, with Kristin follwoing behind him.

Tresk and Amy walked out of the small coffee shop into the crowded Lilycove strett. "I still can't understand how both the lugia and Aerodactyl just dissapeared", The large man grunted.


"And ...you loose", a young trainer screamed and fell to the ground.

"Who are you", she moaned. Her blue eyes slowly dimming.

The man recalled his pokemon and squatted next to her, brushing her hair from her eyes. "I wouldn't normally tell the dying a secret, but i'll make a exception in your case. Well my latest nickname is Crimson. If you think about it, its pretty witty." He laughed a tear and continued his way through the building. Crimson, well its kind of dark but my old name was getting old. I mean who would have the name Red anyway....

August 27th, 2005, 12:53 PM
The man standing above Pat smiled and hugged his son. Pat said, "Dad, its great to see you."

Alana woke up from her sleep and looked at the man, She said, "Morty? Hi, how are you?"

Morty looked at Alana and said, "Hmm, Alana isn't it? How are you? How has life on the lam been?"

Before Alana could answer, Pat butted in and said, "Dad, there is something I have to tell you..."

Boom whimpered on the ground and Morty said, "Pat, theres no time right now. We have to get Boom out of here. He's hurt, and the pokemon centers have been closed for ages. Put him back in his pokeball and lets take him back to the gym."

Pat's backpack ruffled, then Cell hopped out and came running over to Morty. Morty bent over and picked up Cell and said, "Oh, how could I have forgotten you little lizard?" Cell licked him and then Morty handed him to Pat. Pat grabbed Boom's pokeball and recalled him, Boom really did need a rest. A Misdreavus appeared behind Morty and said, "Drea mis Vus mis-drea."

Morty frowned, he said, "The cops are on their way. Like they haven't bothered me enough about my connection to you trainers. Gengar, lets go."

Morty's gengar hopped up and followed him as he walked toward a squadron of Police Officers traveling on foot. Gengar grinned and foated up in front of Morty. Gengar reached outh is arms and rotated them up and down. One by one, the cops fell to the ground like they had just taken a super-effecive sleeping pill. Morty said, "Good job Gengar, now, lets go back to the gym."

The three entered the gym followed by Gengar, Haunter, and Misdreavus floating behind them. Morty took them to his lounge and threw another log on the fire. He pulled up two armchairs beside his own. Pat and Alana sat in them without even being offered to sit. Morty sat down with a glass of hot chocolate in his hand and said, "So Pat, what was it you had to tell me?"

Pat cringed, then he sighed. He said, "Dad...Mom was killed."

Morty dropped his hot chocolate to the floor, he asked, "Wh-what?"

A tear rolled down Pat's face as he repeated himself, "She was killed by somebody. We found her body in Battle Pike."

Morty froze, almost like an unseen hand had pressed the 'Pause' button on a human remote. He muttered, "Lucy...how could that happen...why?" Tears started rolling down his face. His muttering began again, "I didn't spend enough time with her...always here, tending the gym, searching for legends..."

Pat got up him his chair and stood next to his father. Morty said, "Son...I'm so sorry. I should have been there more often for you and Lucy..."

August 27th, 2005, 8:01 PM
Blitz awoke to find the kabuto was no longer there, He still wasn't 100% But he was as close as he could get at he moment

Suddenly blitz heard the creaking of the door, He looked over to see elizibeth walk in

"So your awake!" Elizibeth said walking in the door "Are you ready to help me?" She asked

"What is it you wan't, Before I decide, I need to know your plans!" Blitz demanded

"Well, First. I wan't to overpower my brother, He is the one who is behind the whole "kill the elite trainers"thing, Then, I will Make the world exactly as I want it, I will get rid of those who don't fit, And those who do, Well, They will live normal lives!" She said

"Thats all!, You want to make a so called "perfect world" So your just going to kill millions of people who you think arn't as good as the others!" Blitz asked

"Thats right, Think about it, It will only make the world a happy place!" Elizibeth said

"Well I'm not going to help you!" Blitz said as he turned away from her

Elizibeth wasn't happy with that response, She calmly walked up to the bed and grabed blitz by the coller of his shirt

"In that case I will have to kill you!" She said as she pulled blitz's face close to hers

"I don't care!, I would rather die then help someone to do something like that!" Blitz said as he stared into his eyes

Elizibeth didn't know what to say, She held him there for a short while longer, Until For a reason unknown to her, She kissed him, She then let him go and walked out of the room

She still didn't know why she did it, It just happened, She didn't even know what she had done untill she had finished

"What are you looking at?" She scolded at the carver as she continued down the hall