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February 3rd, 2004, 12:46 AM
Hey, did you know that I'm planning to create a new Pokemon season? Yep, it's Season 7, hopefully, called Pokemon Aqua! It has new Pokemon, which I'll try to describe because my pictures are too big, new trainers, new everything! (I already posted this on another site, so the first five chapters will be copy-and-paste, but after that...)

It starts...
"I'm David, and I'm ten years old, ready to become a Pokemon Trainer. Ever since I was little, I always had fun with Pokemon. My mom was a trainer, and she especially loved Grass-type Pokemon. I heard she wants to become a gym leader someday. I especially liked her Bellossom--lively, playful, as well as entertaining... And Weepinbell, Roselia--the pretty and silent one, Tansu, a baby flower Pokemon...

*beep* Tansu. A flower Pokemon. Tansu is always curious of the world and loves to bury itself in different kinds of dirt to see if it will grow well in it.

Tansu... I never cared much for him. He's always seemed to be awfully quiet and just keeps himself buried in the dirt all day...

I had a friend, a much older friend, when I was three. His name was Ash, I think. He was thinking of becoming a Pokemon trainer too. After all, our family lived in Pallet Town as well. In fact, we were next-door neighbors! We would go mountain boarding together, talk about Pokemon... I've had a good life so far, and this is where it starts, this time with a career."

Rrrrrring! It's the alarm. David woke up at 7:30 sharp, yawning at least five times in bed. "I wish today didn't have to start so early..." he thought. He got ready and went to the living room, where his mom and dad were. "Hey David," his mom said. "Are you excited?"
"Yep! I can't wait to get my first Pokemon! I wonder what it will be..."
"I heard," David's dad added to the conversation, "that you get to choose one of three new Pokemon. You can choose Alola, a Grass-type; Canlee, a Fire-type; or Finnow, a Water-type. That's quite a choice."
"Hmmm..." David muttered to himself. "No, Dad," he declared, "I want something cooler than that. Like maybe a... a... Oh I don't know. None of those three Pokemon sound like my kind."
"Oh don't worry about a thing," Mom reassured him. "I'm sure Professor Willow will find the perfect Pokemon for you. She's very skilled at finding the perfect Pokemon for anyone, and I'm sure that you'll get the perfect one. Remember, there's more to those starter Pokemon than meets the eye."
"OK..." David nodded in false agreement, still depressed about his three choices of Pokemon. Well, he didn't know much about the Pokemon world anyway, and he only heard of a few Pokemon, like the ones his mom had...
"Shammy!" said the Shamisu outside in the garden.

*beep* Shamisu. The clover Pokemon. The evolved form of Tansu. This Pokemon is known for its powder attacks and is said to also bring luck to those who own it.

"Shamisu, huh?" David groaned. "Aren't there any interesting Pokemon around?" The Pokemon he knew (except for Bellossom) didn't appeal to him that much.
"Well here we are," Mom said. They were in front of a huge building that looked like a Pokemon Center. A woman was walking outside in it, dressed in a labcoat.
"Well good morning! Why so early?" said the woman. "I'm Professor Willow, nice to meet you. And what have we here..." She looked at David. "Lemme guess... a future Pokemon trainer?"
"Yes, that's me..." David replied with a sigh of disinterest.
"Ah, an unconvinced one, eh? Hmmm... lemme see... David?"
"Hey, how'd you know my name?"
"A Pokemon trainer named Ash told me about you. He said you'd make a great trainer."
"...Ash? Hey, I know him..."
"He already got his first Pokemon--I heard from Professor Oak."
"Which one is it?"
"Curious, are we? Hmmm... Ah!" Willow rushed into another room, fumbling through a big drawer... "Come on, I know it's in here somewhere..." she muttered. "Ah, well, this'll do."
"What is that?" asked David, who had found her.
"This is the Pokeball containing your first Pokemon. I advise you to open it. I saved a special one for you!"
"OK..." David replied, sounding more bored than ever. Like a slave, he did as Willow asked him to and opened the Pokeball. Inside it was... it was a brown chipmunk, sort of.
"What is that?" David wondered, sounding a little uplifted.
"Here's your Pokedex, go and check," Willow ordered, handing him the device. "Just push that button there and point it at the Pokemon..."

*beep* Chiplet. The chipmunk Pokemon. Chiplet is extremely playful and loves to play games with its trainer, usually. Because of this, it's bound to develop a strong bond with the trainer a tad bit more quickly than most other Pokemon.

"Ummm..." David thought for a moment.
"Chip-lett..." Chiplet thought and ****ed its head to the side.
"Mmmmm..." David thought for a long time. "...I'll take it!" David said at last, with a huge grin on his face. Chiplet leaped onto his shulder, chittering happily. "Wow, Chiplet, you're a good jumper!" David laughed. "Chiplet, I know we'll have many adventures together, just you and me. Are you up for it?"
"Chipp!" Chiplet smied and nodded in agreement. And off they went on their Pokemon journey.
OK, that sounds like Ash/May's story, but I had to introduce the main character... first things first... Now I have to introduce the OTHER main character, but it's going to get good, I promise.
It was a dark and stormy night. There stood a tree, solitary in the park. It was pouring in heavy buckets of rain, dampening everything below. Under the tree lay a little girl, about 3 or so. The girl's name was Kelsey, and she was wandering the city looking for hope, looking for signs of her parents, who got lost in the storm. She waited for hours.

Later, a man came, a thin, weird-looking man with glasses and a top hat. Seeing Kelsey, he picked her up and wondered how to get home. "I have an idea," he said to himself. "Go Kadabra!"
"Kadabra, let's go home." And the three of them dissapeared into thin air, away from the storm.

"I am sorry to inform you," the man, who turned out to be Kelsey's dad, said, "that I saw your mother..."
Kelsey slowly opened her eyes, which were flooded with tears. "Is... is she... did she pass away?" she said in a weak voice.
"Ah, my little girl, just as psychic as my Kadabra..." Dad muttered with a hint of sympathy for Kelsey and sorrow for her mother, whom he was divorced to.

Two years later. Kelsey had no friends, that is, if you don't count a few wild Pokemon here and there. There was a Pidgey, a Rattata, and even a very rare pink Drowzee. (She must have been the first girl to have a Drowzee as a friend!)
"See you until then..." she said goodbye o the three Pokemon. As she was walking home, she saw another little girl, as a big smile spread on her face... "My first friend," Kelsey thought. In her time, there were pretty much no little kids to play with in the outskirts of Saffron City. Kelsey ran towards the girl, not even looking back at the Pokemon. She paused behind her. The girl was wearing a yellowish dress and, for some strange reason, was holding a spoon.

"Ummm... hi there..." Kelsey muttered to the little girl, sounding worried. She dared not ask why she was holding a spoon; maybe she was pretending to be a Kadabra?
"Hi!" the girl said. Kelsey's smile got wider. She started asking questions.
"...You seem to like Pokemon..." she blurted excitedly. "Lemme guess... You're favorite Pokemon is... Kadabra? I can't blame you. Kadabra's one of my favorites too, then there's Ralts, and Drowzee, and..."
"Psychic-type Pokemon," the girl cut her off.
"Ummm... yes. Oh by the way, I'm Kelsey, You are..."
There was a long pause.
"...Sabrina. My name's Sabrina."
"Wow, cool name! It sounds so... mysterious... I wish I had that name..."
"My parents named me that for a reason..." Sabrina looked away from Kelsey and held up the spoon she was holding, staring at it. Kelsey watched in suspicion. A few seconds later, the round part of the spoon flopped over as if the handle was made of soft plastic.
"...Are you sure you're not an Abra in disguise?" Kelsey asked nervously, also half-astonished. Her cheeks turned red.
"Enough talk! Let's play!" Sabrina suggested in a playful tone. Kelsey ended the little trance she was in and giggled, saying, "Sure!"
"OK," Sabrina said. "Now first..." She glowed with a familiar blue aura... the same one Kadabra had when it teleported. Kelsey's laugh vanished like an ice cube in hot water. The next thing she knew, she felt a strange force trying to creep into her mind... She uttered a muffled scream... all she heard was what could have been Sabrina saying, "Back to my training..."

Kelsey woke up in front of her house, unharmed. Her friendship must have broken, especially wih a girl that could use telekinesis...

Five years later. Kelsey, like David, liked Pokemon a lot. Except that she liked all kinds of Pokemon. She once received a Pokeball in the mail, again from Professor Willow. She opened it, and out came...

It was a Ralts! Kelsey cheered, and her dad applauded. "Perfect!" he said. I just knew it would at least be a Psychic-type..." "Raaaall!" Ralts cheered, and circled happily around Kelsey's head. Her immediate love had caused Ralts to like Kelsey and be happy too. So therefore she started her Pokemon journey!

Three months passed, and Kelsey was only able to cath three Pokemon: Laplume, Cleffypuff, and Renawhite. All new Pokemon!

*beep* Laplume. The sprout Pokemon. This Pokemon loves to bask in the sun. The more it sunbathes, the shinier its leaves get, and the more relaxed it becomes. It may cry loudly when it's a cloudy day.

*beep* Cleffypuff. The baby Pokemon. Cleffypuff has been known to evolve into one of three Pokemon. This soft and cuddly Pokemon loves to bounce around.

*beep* Renawhite. The baby fox Pokemon. This Pokemon is said to be the baby form of a Vulpix. Before that was discovered, scientists thought it was just a single-tailed albino version of a Vulpix.

All went fairly well at first. Ralts, being Kelsey's best Pokemon, fought many battles and even evolved into Kirlia, then Gardevoir. In fact, Kelsey got so caught up with Gardevoir that she almost forgot about her other Pokemon! She didn't win any badges, but at least she had a god time with Gardevoir.

Then, one day, a storm came, and the sky was strangely purple with bluish clouds. Kelsey, having rotten luck, was stuck in it, along with her Gardevoir. The rest happened so quickly... Both of them saw a strange figure in the woods; it looked sort of like a dragon, a pretty one at that... Maybe it was a legendary Pokemon... Kelsey and Gardevoir heard a voice... "I am Qingrila..."
And with that, a flash of light blinded them both, and the storm ended. When Kelsey woke up, she saw Gardevoir lying on the floor, seeming unconscious. She rushed her to a nearby Pokemon Center, hoping for the best. She waited, and waited, waiting for a response.

"Kelsey," Nurse Joy told Kelsey with a hint of sorrow, "there's something I have to tell you." Outside, the storm raged, almost the same intensity as before. Kelsey began to get worried; she knew something bad was going to happen. "Kelsey," Joy continued, "Your Gardevoir... well..."
"Uh-oh," Kelsey thought, her worry growing.
"it's... it's... ...it... well..." Joy couldn't find the right words to say.
"Tell me!" Kelsey demanded.
"...Gardevoir has passed away. There was no way I could cure it. I'm sorry, really... the same thing happened to one of my Chanseys a long time ago..."
Kelsey stood there, frozen. She later fainted.

Four years later. Through those four years, Kelsey's dad was unable to financially support her, so she lived alone, with her remaining Pokemon... By that time Cleffypuff had evolved into a Cleffa. She spent as much time with them as possible, forming a special bond with them. Later, when her fourteenth birthday arrived, she made a wish--to become a better Pokemon trainer, and to care about her other Pokemon. That seemed to work for a few days. Later, before she left on her next Pokemon journey, she received an egg, a yellow and brown one with a wavy line in the middle. So she started her Pokemon journey, with Cleffa, Laplume, and Renawhite. She soon met David. What adventures are in store for them? Find out next!
Well, I obviously got carried away... I'll post some more of the story (which also includes the villains) next... I don't know why I readded Sabrina to the story. I guess I decided she was too good a character to give up... I posted a poll, just for fun... Later, Pokemon fans!

February 3rd, 2004, 12:51 AM
"Chip! Chip!" Chiplet chattered excitedly. However, the chitters vanished when his stomach growled.
"Hehheh, getting hungry, aren't you?" David wondered. He was getting a little hungry himself. He and Chiplet were at David's house, ready to start their Pokemon journey.
"Getting ready to leave, huh?" his mom asked. "Well, you two better have lunch first, then you can head off on your way!

Lunch passed quickly; David and Chiplet tried to eat fast so that they could get started on their journey earlier. "Now don't choke..." Mom said in slight worry. "Oh, by the way, David, your dad told me to give you this..." She handed David an egg, a yellow and black one with a jagged line separating the two colors.
"Wow, cool!" David exclaimed. "I can't wait to see what's inside it!" And with that, he ran out the door, having already received his Pokedex and Pokeballs. Too bad he forgot to ask for a Pokenav...

Since David lived on an island (Olito Island), his first mission was to cross the sea to get to the continent of Aquatissea. "Well, gee, Chiplet," David wondered, "where do we go?"
They stopped short. They were standing in front of a ship with the name "S.S. Erle" on it. "That's it!" David shouted excitedly. "That's the one!" And with that, he started to hurry onto the boat, and...
"We don't have a ticket..." David cried in despair. "Now what do we do?"
"WAIT!!!" Mom shouted, panting when she reached David. "Wait, you...forgot... this..." She handed him a little slip of paper and knelt down on the floor, exhausted. "Better hurry," she continued, "the ship will leave soon..."
"Thanks, Mom," David said and left for the boat. Showing the ticket as they boarded, David and Chiplet got on the S.S. Erle, immediately rushing up the stairs for an ocean view. As they went, they passed a lounge, a swimming pool, and a dining hall. "Wow, this ship sure is fancy," David said in awe. Then he reached the top of the stairs. "Ah, sea breeze..."
Within seconds, the boat set off across the sea.

Meanwhile, Kelsey was in the middle of the woods, wandering around with no clue as to which way to go. Her Pokemon staggered behind, exhausted.
"Well, I guess we should take a rest..." Kelsey suggested, also kind of tired. "This egg is getting pretty heavy, almost too heavy to carry around... What kind of Pokemon is in it anyway? A Snorlax?"
"Plumie..." Laplume was getting worried about something. It was crying slightly, appearing frightened. "What's wrong, Laplume?" Kelsey wondered. Then she looked up at the sky; it was getting dark and cloudy, and the wind was starting to get worse...
"Oh great, a storm," Kelsey moaned. "OK, Laplume, nothing to worry about..."
"You guys are worried too? Oh, you're tired and hungry too? ...Well, I guess the same goes for me, but complaining won't get us anywhere..." At that moment, it started to rain. However, there was hardly any shelter in the burnt region of the woods that Kelsey and her Pokemon were in. The three Pokemon tried desperately to find shelter, Laplume crying loudly as usual. To add to the trouble, it was starting to get cold as well. Renawhite shook vigorously, trying hard not to get wet. Being a Fire-type, she hated rain. Cleffa was curled up in a ball, shivering slightly. Their gloom lifted slightly when a group of Psyduck came passing by and, being dumb and careless, crashed right into a tree. Laplume laughed, then began to cry again. Kelsey imagined what it must be like to be pregnant and have three babies already, because that's what Kelsey felt like; she still had to take care of the egg. "All right, you three," Kelsey said with a gentle tone, picking all three Pokemon up. "Let's get to safety here..." She searched for the biggest tree she could find and hid under it with her Pokemon, hoping that the rain would end soon...
Even in the shelter of the tree, the Pokemon still seemed kinda sad. "You're still hungry, aren't you..." Kelsey said with a hint of sorrow. "Yes, that's true for me as well, but I'm used to these kind of things by now..." She remembered Celia, her great grandmother. She was rich and lived in a mansion, but she refused to take care of Kelsey. In fact, she hated her ever since she was a little kid. She always disliked her family members who tried to follow her footsteps. She was also a Pokemon trainer; she especially liked Psychic-type Pokemon, though her only Pokemon was a Banette. Of course, she could only handle one Pokemon. She lived in vengeance and dislike for Kelsey and her dad, but especially Kelsey. (That's actually how Banette got attracted to her when it was a Shuppet.) Later on, when her Shuppet finally evolved into Banette, she kept ordering it to put curses on Kelsey, which usually helped her temporarily feel better.
With these memories, Kelsey and her Pokemon fell asleep, into a sleep full of nighmares and dark memories...

"Yes, I may look old, but I still have enough hate in me to deatroy the whole world of Pokemon!!"
"Uh-huh," said a woman named Carmen. "Whatcha got there, a demented plush doll?"
"This here's my Banette," said the old woman. It was Celia!
"I have no clue what a Banette is, but you're out! How can Diego and I expect an old duff like you to do anything wrong?" Carmen saw Banette and looked at it for a while. "And what a ptiful Pokemon. I thought you were too old to play with dolls!"
Banette was sticking a pin into itself; maybe it was trying to put another curse on Kelsey... It shrieked in pain. Carmen paused for a moment, then laughed until her belly ached. "That's what that thing does? It sticks pins into itself and cries in pain? Is that what it does?! What is this, a joke? Look, Celia, you gotta find yourself a better Pokemon, not one that just keeps comitting suicide..." She continued to laugh under her breath.
Celia walked away, insulted. "How dare she make a fool out of me," she thought. "No, Banette, save all your curses for Kelsey... I just hope that Carmen lady gets taught a lesson later on..."

"Come on, Diego, let's move it," Carmen suggested, still giggling. "Whatever you say, Carmen," Diego replied. They began to say their motto, starting with Carmen...

"Prepare and beware!"
"Beware of despair!"
"To cast our evil upon every soul!"
"To turn the Pokemon world into a black hole!"
"To poach Pokemon and hear them cry!"
"Better yet, let them die!"
"Team Shockwave, the job is set!"
"Surrender all, to our greatest triumph yet!"
"Go Shockwave!!" they shouted together. And off they went.

Sorye HK
February 3rd, 2004, 4:15 AM
I know putting in a comment in between a story,
is a bit offensive, but I'd like to say this extremely good!
And that your a natural born writer. (although, it might
sound quite lame from a person you don't know)

February 3rd, 2004, 6:41 PM
Why thank you. No, putting comments in stories is not offensive, at least to me.

Continuing on...
"Ah, here it is!" David exclaimed. Chiplet climbed on top of his head and cooed excitedly. Seaport Village was ahead! Then, suddenly, a man holding an egg shoved through the crowd... "Excuse me..." "Don't make me drop the egg now..." "Ah, there you are," he said when he saw David. "Miles Goy, are you not?"
"No, my name's David..."
"Oh, so sorry!"
"Nice egg, though!" David looked at the egg; it was blue with a white dot on it.Then, he felt something inside his backpack...
"The egg!" David shouted, taken by surprise.
"You have an egg too? That's amazing!" said the man. Meanwhile, David took the egg out of his backpack and held it while it started to crack...
"Piiii!" the new Pokemon said. It was a Pichu!
"Wow, what is it?" David asked excitedly. He took out his Pokedex, which explained what Pichu was: the pre-evolved form of Pikachu. "Wow, this thing's going to be a Pikachu? Cool!"
"Attention all!" said the captain suddenly into a mike. "This ship is about to dock at Seaport Village. We hope you enjoyed this trip and have a nice day!" David ran off the boat excitedly, Chiplet chittering happily, still sitting on his head. "Chiiiplet!"
Seaport Village. A nice and somewhat luxurious beach resort. When David got off the boat, he could see tons of people on the beach, playing in the water and having a good time. Some of their Pokemon were there as well!
"Come on, Chiplet, let's go to the beach!"
"Hold it!" shouted a lifeguard. "There's a fee to get on this beach!" "A fee?" David exclaimed. "But I have no money..." he cried and walked away. Little did he know he had some money in his backpack...

Meanwhile, Kelsey and her Pokemon were making their way through the woods, starved and exhausted. Her Pokemon fainted, except Renawhite, who managed to have enough strength to take a look around. Then the little fox cheered at the sight of Seaport village--finally, civilization!
Suddenly, Cleffa burst into tears. Laplume was too weak to cry. Kelsey was too tired to calm Cleffa down, so Renawhite did.
Finally, five minutes later, Kelsey and her Pokemon were able to stand up; they cheered at the sight of Seaport Village. But Kelsey then sighed and said, "We were just here three days ago... Oh well. Let's go..." They proceeded on their way to the town.

David, Chiplet, and Pichu wandered around town, seeing what was there. He saw lots of restaurants, one of which he entered. He and his Pokemon ate, then left without paying. (That should have made the waiters mad!) Then, he reachedinside his backpack to get something, and he found...
"MONEY!!!" he exclaimed. "Money money money money money! I have money! And lots of it too!" David danced around for a while, and so did his Pokemon. The three then continued walking around. Suddenly, he saw a girl with three Pokemon following behind her. All four of them walked like zombies, their faces expressionless or sad. The girl than shook her head violently and noticed David, almost bumping into him. "Sorry..." she said. "I had no clue where I was going... you see, we've been wandering in the woods for so long and ended up here after a week..."
"Geez," said David, "where did you come from?"
"Here," said the girl. "I've been wandering around in circles..."
"What's your name anyways?"
"I'm David."
"And this is Cleffa, and Laplume, and Renawhite."
"And this is Chiplet, and Pichu."
"And this is my egg!" Kelsey held out her egg, which was not even close to hatching. "It's really heavy to carry..." David held the egg for a while; it was heavier than Chiplet. "Wow," said David, "that egg's heavy! What'll it hatch into, an Onix?" Kelsey giggled. "Hey," David demanded, "since you have Pokemon too, how about we battle? Bet you're starting out too."
"Sort of."
"Then let's battle!" David demanded. "Oh, I really can't accept now," Kelsey apologized, "because my pokemon and I are all really hungry and tired and in no shape to battle... sorry about that..."
"That's OK..." David reassured her.
"Chiplet! Pichu!" David cried. What happened to them? Did they disappear into thin air?
"No use grabbing those zombie Pokemon. They'll just die of hunger. But I think the others need a little encouragement..." said a sinister voice.
"Prepare and beware!"
"Beware of despair!"
"To cast our evil upon every soul!"
"To turn the Pokemon world into a black hole!"
"To poach Pokemon and hear them cry!"
"Better yet, let them die!"
"Team Shockwave, the job is set!"
"Surrender all, to our greatest triumph yet!"
"Go Shockwave!!"
"Team Shockwave! I heard about them..." Kelsey thought. "My great-grandmother tried to join up with them a few times... I'm surprised she isn't in yet, with her truly evil Pokemon..."
"Why Kelsey..." Carmen said in a babyish tone. "Aren't you the great-granddaughter of the trainer of that pin-sticking twerp?" Kelsey said nothing. "And aren't you the one who has a serious case of bad luck?" Diego asked in that same tone as Carmen. Kelsey still said nothing and stared right at them, trying hard not to say anything.

Diego looked for Pichu and Chiplet; he finally found them! They were held in a pool full of water, and strange objucts were on Pichu's cheeks, causing it to use Thundershock in the pool, shocking them both. Pichu did this over and over again. Even Chiplet was affected. "Pichu! Chiplet!" David cried, thinking furiously of what to do. Those were his only two Pokemon, and Kelsey's Pokemon were in no condition to save them...

Kelsey tried hard not to scream or say anything, but she couldn't hold it anymore... "Noooooooo!" Kelsey shouted, screaming so loudly that everyone in the town must have heard her. She then fell over, unable to stop herself from screaming, holding her head like a Psyduck would...

Strangely, the cage containing the pool burst open, and the pool shattered as if it were made if glass. Chiplet and Pichu lay on the ground, panting heavily. The objects on Pichu's cheeks had been removed. Carmen and Diego stood by, astonished.

"Such cruelty to Pokemon will not be allowed..." Kelsey muttered, just barely managing to stand up. Renawhite stood by her, ready to fight. "If it's a fight you want," said Diego, "then it's a fight you'll get. I don't know what weird form of telekineses you did, but it won't scare me!"
"Huh?" Kelsey wondered. She stood there dumbfounded for a moment, thinking about wht Diego had just said. Finally, she said to Diego in a nervous tone, "Uhhh... you must be mistaken... I can't use..."
"Oh just be quiet an let's battle." Diego grew impatient. Carmen joined. "Go Eevee!"
"Go Toadma!"

*beep* Toadma. The mushroom Pokemon. Toadma is related to Shroomish except it's poisonous. Toadma is said to have evolved from the mushrooms on a Paras's back.

"Fine. Make it two against one. Go Renawhite!" Kelsey shouted.
"All right, Renawhite. Use Ember!"
"Rennnn..." Embers flew out and hit Toadma. A direct hit.
"Eevee," Carmen commanded, "use Headbutt!"
"Vriii!" Eevee charged towards Renawhite.
"Renawhite, dodge it!"
"Oh no you don't," said Diego. "Toadma, use Sleep Powder!
The Sleep Powder worked! Renawhite fell asleep! Then Eevee finished its Headbutt attack, making Renawhite unable to battle.
"All right," Carmen teased. "Nice foxy." She grabbed Renawhite by the tail and hung her there. "Well take your Renawhite now."
Kelsey couldn't stop herself from shouting, "NO! NOT RENAWHITE!!!" Suddenly, Renawhite was dropped, and Carmen and Diego flew through the air as if someone threw them up into it. "Huh?" David wondered. "Shockwave's gone! By the way, who is Team Shockwave?" But there was no answer from Kelsey; she had fainted.

February 5th, 2004, 11:27 PM
really good story you got going here. :)

February 7th, 2004, 7:33 PM
David ran of for a while and came back with some berries. "Hey, I found these berries in the woods, and they look good! There's enough for all of us!" And as they ate, David spotted something... "A Butterfree!" David exclaimed. "I wanna catch it!" "Hold on," Kelsey interrupted. "Look at its neck." Sure enough, there was a yellow ribbon tied around its neck. "Oh, this Butterfree must belong to someone already..." David sighed in despair. "Hmmm..." Kelsey said to herself. "It's very rare to see a Butterfree here... They're only found in Kanto and Johto..." Butterfree started chittering about something. "What's it saying?" David asked. Kelsey shrugged. "Let's find out."

"So, Butterfree," Kelsey asked, "what are you trying to say?"
"Free! Feree!"
"...You came all the way from Kanto? That's a pretty amazing trip..."
Butterfree continued telling Kelsey a little story. It once belonged to a trainer named Ash Ketchum, who raised it for more than two months all the way from a Caterpie. But one day, as Ash was on his way to Saffron City, he saw a flock of Butterfree getting ready for mating season. Butterfree was disliked at first, because a pink Butterfree had turned it down. But by saving the flock from Team Rocket, the pink Butterfree fell in love with Ash's Butterfree. And then, Ash and his Butterfree said their goodbyes, the the two Butterfrees flew off. It's been more than two years, and Butterfree never saw Ash again...

"That's a pretty sad story..." Kelsey said with a sigh. "You must be worried about Ash by now... I wonder where he is now..." "Hey, I know!" Davis shouted. "Butterfree, you can come along with us, and maybe we can help you find Ash! With Kelsey's intuition, I know we'll find him!" Kelsey blushed at those words. "Hey, it's not like I'm psychic or anything..." Laplume, who had evolved into Oddish, jumped up and down, telling something to Kelsey. "Oddish! Odd!" "No, Oddish," Kelsey replied. "Just because I can tell what you Pokemon are saying, doesn't mean I'm psychic..." "Oddish! Oddy!" "NO! What did I tell you, I'M NOT PSYCHIC!!! Though I do have a feeling that watever Pokemon hatches out of this egg will be... Hey, I wonder if it will be a Drowzee..." "Anyways, Butterfree, would you like to come along with us for a while?" "Freeee!" (That meant yes.) "David, I'll let you handle this." "OK!" David declared. "Pokeball go!" The Pokeball landed on Butterfree, who was turned into a ball of red energy. The energy went into the Pokeball, which wiggled for a few moments then stood still. "Yay!" David shouted. "I got a Butterfree!" "Just remember," Kelsey said, "you won't be keeping it for very long." "Yeah I know that," David replied.

Kelsey and David walked around for a moment and came to a strange robot. "What is that?" David wondered. He pressed a button on the robot, causing the screen on it to become lit. "Welcome to the Pokemon Battle Simulator," the robot said. "This is the gate to a virtual yet realistic place where you can battle a simulated trainer to get a badge. These are special badges: they're called "Elemental Badges", because each represents a different element of Pokemon. If you win all 18 bettles in each of these Battle Simulators, you will be able to compete in the Aqua League. Please note that you do not have to do this; you may also enter the events held by the eight Gym Leaders here. The first is in Pollen City, just east of here. If you win eight of their badges, you can enter Mt. Mystic, whish is west of here, across the treacherous sea. There are lots of rare Pokemon and challenges there. If you win the 18 badges here, you may challenge the Elite 4. Now, whoever wishes to battle here, please put your Pokedex in this slot. One trainer at a time please."

David inserted his Pikedex into the slot. There was a beep, and the robot spoke again. "David, age 10, first Pokemon, status: 0 badges. Enter here. A door opened. "Kelsey," David asked, "aren't you going too?" "No," Kelsey replied, "I think I'm gonna challenge the Gym Leaders." And with that, David entered. He was automatically transported to a virtual battlefield. The computer inside it said, "Please choose a Pokemon type to battle." "Uhhh..." David thought for a moment. "...I choose Fighting!" "Next," the computer continued, "choose your Pokemon to send into battle." "I choose..." David declared, "all my Pokemon!" Then the computer beeped, and the field changed. The floor turned orange, and a few rocks rose from the battlefield, and a punching bag hanging from the ceiling in the center. "Fighting field ready," the computer said with a beep. A trainer appeared: he was a blackbelt. "Name: Yuko. Ready for battle."

"Go Makuhita!" Yuko shouted. "Go Chiplet!" David shouted. The computer was the referee; it declared, "Makuhita vs. Chiplet. Begin!"
"Makuhita, use Focus Energy!" Makuhita concentrated and glowed slightly red.
"Go Chiplet, use Quick Attack!"
"Makuhita, use Arm Thrust!" It missed due to Chiplet's speed.
"Now, Chiplet, use Tackle!" A direct hit!
"Makuhits is unable to battle," the computer announced. "Chiplet is the winner. Now begin Round 2. David, please recall your Pokemon and pick a new one." "Oh I get it," David thought. "There are three battles, and whoever wins two out of three wins the match!"
"Go Tekkite!" Yuko shouted.
"Tekkite?" David took out his Pokedex.

*beep* Tekkite. The fighter Pokemon. Tekkite not only has amazing speed and power, but it can also use the glider on its back to fly.

"Oooh, I know which Pokemon to choose. Go Pichu!"
"Pi...cha!" Pichu appeared and danced around, excited about its first battle.
"Tekkite, use Mach Punch!"
"Tek." The punch hit Pichu right on the spot!
"No, Pichu..." Pichu got up slowly. "Good. Now use Thundershock!"
"Tekkite, fly up and dodge it!" Tekkite glided towards the ceiling, dodging Pichu's attack. "Now use Tackle in the air!"
"Pichu, thundershock again!" Tekkite's Tackle hit first, but it did take some damage from the thundershock. Being a Flying-type, it was weak against electricity.
"No Tekkite!"
"No, Pichu!" The smoke cleared from the explosion that resulted from the attacks, and both Pokemon were lying on the ground, exhausted.
Said the computer, "Both Pokemon have fainted. Round 2 is a draw."
"A draw?!" David exlaimed.
"Third battle, begin," the computer said with a beep.
"Go Makuhita!"
"Another one? Go Butterfree!"
"Butterfree, use Stun Spore!"
"Makuhita, dodge it..."
Nope. Makuhita could not dodge it. Instead, it became paralyzed.
"No, Makuhita... Use Mega Punch!" But Makuhita was too paralyzed to move.
"Butterfree, use Confusion!" That did a lot of damage because of the type advantage. Makuhita instantly fainted from paralysis and confusion.
"Makuhita is unable to battle," the computer declared. "Butterfree wins. David has won the match and is entitled to a Fighting Chip."

"A Fighting Chip?" David questioned. "It's a badge, only computer-style," the computer replied. David exited the robot and showed Kelsey the badge he got. "It's a Fighting Chip! I can't wait to get the other 17!" "Well, congratulations," Kelsey congratulated David. "We should get going now though. Let's head to Pollen City, where I can earn a badge for once!" And with they, they headed off towards Pollen City; Kelsey was eager to get her first badge there.

February 18th, 2004, 8:34 PM
David and Kelsey were walking through the woods on their way to Pollen City while a wormlike caterpillar Pokemon that looked similar to Caterpie came out. "Aggg!" it said, trembling slightly of fear of things bigger than itself. "Hey, what kind of Pokemon is that? I want one!" David shouted. The Pokemon began to get mad and shot a flame from its mouth at David. David was scorched, and he fainted. "Nice one..." he mumbled dizzily. Kelsey looked at him, getting a sweatdrop on the back of her head. "OK..." she muttered. David got up, shaking himself violently. "Well, you're a Fire-type, huh? Let's see just what kind of Pokemon you are." With that, he took out his Pokedex...

*beep* Agnite. The caterpillar Pokemon. Agnite is closely related to Caterpie but can also use Fire attacks. Approach with caution; it has a tendency to shoot flames at people and Pokemon that are bigger than itself.

"Oh great, now he tells me," David mumbled. "All right, Agnite, time for a battle! Go Chiplet!" "Chiiip!"
"Chiplet, use Quick Attack!" Chiplet sped around. Agnite tried using Ember, but the attack missed due to Chiplet's speed. Meanwhile, Chiplet charged at Agnite with a powerful tackle...
"Now, Pokeball, go!" David threw the Pokeball at Agnite and waited. And waited. The Pokeball wiggled and stopped. "Yes!! I caught Agnite!" David shouteed, proud of himself. "Look, Kelsey, I got more Pokemon than you!" David teased. Kelsey frowned. Then, her egg wriggled around inside her backpack... "Heh. Actually, David," she said, "we have an equal number of Pokemon. Let's see... It'll be a... Drowzee, right?" Kelsey took out the egg, which was even heavier. It wriggled around furiously then burst open. Sure enough...
"Huh?" Kelsey muttered. "Yay!" Dan shouted. "Kelsey, you're amazing! How did you know it was going to be a Drowzee? You must be psychic!" Kelsey blushed and patted Drowzee on the head, happy that she finally got a new Pokemon. It was her first one in a long time.

Kelsey put all her Pokemon inside their Pokeballs except Renawhite, who refused to go inside. On the way to Pollen City, Kelsey fought against a trainer as practice for the upcoming gym battle...
"Go Spearow! Use Agility!"
"Renawhite, use Ember!" The attack was right on target and made Spearow faint.
"Yay!" Kelsey shouted, hugging Renawhite. Then, Renawhite began to glow. Kelsey put Renawhite down and...

Renawhite evolved into Vulpix!!

"Vul!" Vulpix cooed. Kelsey hugged and congratulated Vulpix for evolving. As she and David walked on, they finaly saw...
"Pollen City!" David shouted excitedly. "Finally!" Pollen City was hom eto many houses with huge gardens with a wide variety of flowers. Some trees even had berries in them! Even the Pokemon Center was decorated with foliage.

David and Kelsey entered the Pokemon Center to get their Pokemon checked and healed. Everyone was doing fine. After that, the first thing they did was check out the gym... The gym looked like a baby's room, decorated with shapes, baby bottles and pacifiers, and cute pictures of baby Pokemon. It looked the same on the inside, and there were toys scattered around. As David and Kelsey looked to the right, they saw a room full of baby Pokemon having a good time. Then they almost bumped into a woman wearing a cute yellow dress and an apron. She had short black hair and was carrying a baby bottle and a Cleffa. "Hello there," she said in a singsongy tone. "Are you here to visit our adorable baby Pokemon? Cute, aren't they?" "Actually," Kelsey replied, "I'm here for a battle with the Gym Leader. "Well," said the woman, "you've come to the right place! I'm Mary Elle, and I'm the leader of this gym, believe it or not!" "You are, huh? I thought so," Kelsey said and shrugged. "Let me guess... you train baby Pokemon?" "How'd you guess?" Mary Elle questioned. "You are so good at guessing games!" She then led them into the battlefield, which was also decorated with bottles and rocking horses and balloons and stuff... There was also a statue of a Cleffypuff.

"Well, whoever you are..."
"Well, Kelsey," Mary Elle announced, "let the battle begin! My daughter will be the referee." A little girl appeared in the referee's stand, holding two flags: a red one and a green one. "This is an all-on-all battle! No time limit! Begin!"

"Go Pichu!" Mary Elle announced. A Pichu appeared on the battlefield. "Wow, Mary Elle has a Pichu, like me!" David thought.
"Go Drowzee!" Kelsey shouted. Drowzee appeared.
"Pichu, use Thundershock!"
"Drowzee, use Confusion!"
"Drowzee." Drowzee sent the Thundershock flying back towards Pichu, who got hit with its own attack. "Now that's what I call a taste of your own medicine!"
"Pichu, use Quick Attack!" The quick Pichu darted around the slow Drowzee, confusing it.
"Drowzee, just close your eyes!" Kelsey commanded. There was no sense chasing after Pichu. She also thought, "And then it'll use Pound when ready!" Drowzee seemed to receive that thought...
When Pichu attacked, Drowzee used Pound on it. Pichu fainted.
"Pichu is unable to battle. Drowzee wins!"
"Wow, was that me talking telepathically to Drowzee?" Kelsey wondered. "Impossible," Kelsey thought as she rubbed it off and continued the battle.
"Go Puffly!"

*beep* Puffly. The infatuation Pokemon. Puffly can easily infatuate its opponents with the help of its adorable looks. This Pokemon is said to be the pre-evolved form of a Skitty.

"Puffwi!" Puffly squeaked.
"Puffly, use Attract!" Mary Elle commanded. "That won't work," Kelsey thought. "My Drowzee is a girl!" Sure enough, the "love spell" failed.
"No... use Sing!"
"Quick, Drowzee! Use Hypnosis!"
But the Sing attack was too quick; Drowzee fell asleep. "Hee hee! Drowzee's drowsy! Time for bed!" Mary Elle said in a babyish tone.
"Drowzee is unable to battle! Puffly wins!" "Oh well," Kelsey muttered as she called back Drowzee, "it was just a baby anyways... Anyways, go Cleffa!" Cleffa appeared. "Cleffa, use Sing!"
Cleffa sang this time, making Puffly fall asleep.
"Puffly is unable to battle. Cleffa wins!" Mary sighed. "Puffly return. Go Cleffa!"
"You have one too?" Kelsey blurted.
"Yep, sure do! Cleffa, use Charm!"
"Cleffa," Kelsey announced, "use Charm right back!" The two Cleffas charmed all they could, both of them fainting from overcuteness.
"Both Cleffa are unable to battle. It's a draw!"
"Well then I guess that was a tie," Mary Elle said. "Now... go Igglybuff!"
"Go, Vulpix!"
"Igglybuff, use Doubleslap!" Igglybuff began to slap Vulpix around. Vulpix took damage but still recovered.
"Vulpix, use Ember!" Vulpix shot embers out of its mouth, hitting Igglybuff. Igglybuff almost fainted but got up.
"Igglybuff, use Sing!"
"Vulpix, use Roar!" Vulpix roared, sending Igglybuff back into its Pokeball. Then, Mary Elle sent out a Chinchai.

*beep* Chinchai. The spark Pokemon. This is the evolved form of Chinchou. Chinchai loves to swim around freely in little tidepools. You can tell if a tidepool is occupied by a Chinchai if there are sparks flying from it.

"Vulpix, return!" Kelsey commanded. "Go Oddish!"
"Go, use Absorb!"
"Chinchai, use Water Gun!" Oddish got hit by the Water Gun, then sighed, seeming refreshed. "Heh, you know Water attacks won;t work on my Oddish," Kelsey bragged. "Go, use Poison Powder!" The powder successfully poisoned Chinchai.
"Oh no!" Mary Elle shouted. "My Chinchai!" Chinchai was wincing in pain, feeling dizzy and sick. It eventually fainted.
"Chinchai is unable to battle! Oddish wins!"
"Go Pattybee!" Mary Elle shouted. Her final Pokemon.

*beep* Pattybee. The bug egg Pokemon. Pattybee may be an egg, but it does have good defense. Pattybee is one of the few bugs that people who normally fear bugs aren't afraid of because they think it looks cute and harmless.

"Every Pokemon Mary Elle has is so cute!" Kelsey said in a pleased tone. "But they're not better than mine! Go, Oddish, use Absorb!" No effect.
"Pattybee, use Stun Spore!" Oddish became paralyzed!
"No, Oddish!" Kelsey shouted. Oddish tried to stand up, but it wouldn't move.
"Oddish is unable to battle! Pattybee is the winner!"
"All right then," Kelsey announced. "Go Vulpix!"
"Vulpix, use Ember again!" The attack was super effective, but Pattybee just barely managed to stand up.
"Pattybee, use Tackle!"
"Vulpix, use Quick Attack!" The two Pokemon hit each other with their attack, but Vulpix took more damage due to Pattybee' shell.
"Pattybee, use Stun Spore!" It seemed to work on Vulpix...
"Come on, Kelsey, think..." Kelsey thought. "That's it!" She then spoke to Vulpix. "Vulpix, use Ember quickly! Then hold your breath!" Vulpix used Ember, which made Pattybee faint. Vulpix held its breath, but the stun spore lingered in the air for a long time. Vulpix couldn't hold its breath any longer... It breathed in again, inhaling some of the Stun Spore.
"That's it!" Mary Elle declared. "Abigail, turn on the fan please." (Abigail was the referee.) "Yes, Mama," Abigail said with a sigh. She turned the fan on, blowing the Stun Spore away. "I think you won that one," Mary Elle said to Kelsey. "You're a really great trainer, you know. And your Pokemon are so cute! And with that, I gladly give you the Star Badge!" Mary Elle gave Kelsey the badge. Kelsey cheered and shouted, "Yay! I got a Star Badge!" She and David then walked out of the gym, deciding to take a break, go to the Pokemon Center, and explore more of Pollen City before heading on. There was the nearby Wood Tower, for example, which held lots of baby Pokemon...

February 19th, 2004, 10:34 PM
Kelsey and David wandered around in the Wood Tower, David having caught a Retron before entering.

*beep* Retron. The star Pokemon. Retron is a Psychic-type Pokemon that is somewhat similar to Ralts. This Pokemon is innocent-looking, but if its head vibrates while looking at you, it means that it's about t use its psychic attacks on you...

"All right!" I just love my new Retron!" David shouted. "Shhhh!" Kelsey silenced him. "You'll scare all of the baby Pokemon!" "It's getting late," David noticed. The sun had just set. "Great," Kelsey muttered. "I hope some baby Pokemon go without bedtimes..." She and David looked around, but the entire tower was deserted. Not a single Pokemon was around. They walked around, their heads spinning, walking like zombies. Soon, they snapped out of it. "I dunno, should we try upstairs?" David suggested.
"I don't think we'll find anything there..."
"Aw come on, it's worth a try! Then again... what if they're all Ghost Pokemon?"
"Ghosts don't scare me. And besides, the only ghost Pokemon there are in this region are Misdreavus..."
"Misdreavus? What's a Misdreavus?"
"It's a mischievous Pokemon that likes to play tricks on people. Sometimes it will scream just to scare people."
"Oh great, now I'm scared..."
"Don't be a chicken, David."
"What if I am...?" And with that, he ran out the tower and turned his back to it. Chiplet followed.

Meanwhile, Kelsey was exploring the tower. But as soon as she reached the second floor, someone grabbed her by the collar. Kelsey tried to stop herself from being afraid; it was probably just a Misdreavus. But it wasn't... "Come here, you," a voice said. It then snatched Drowzee, who was outside its Pokeball, and ran away. "Oh no you don't!" Kelsey shouted. "Go Vulpix!" "Vul!" "Vulpix," Kelsey commanded, "use Ember!" Vulpix tried to fire the Ember attack, but it ran into an invisible wall... "Grrr..." Kelsey growled, trying to come up with a plan.

David was sitting outside when something came up behind him... "Aaaahhh! A ghost!" he shouted, running away. Chiplet pointed to the "ghost"; it was Carmen! "You!" David shouted. "You're the last person I expected to see!" "Me too," Diego added, appearing before him. There was a pause, then Chilet began scratching Diego's face furiously, covering his face so that he couldn't see. Diego ran in all directions, bumping into trees and running all over the place. Meanwhile, David focused on Carmen. "Go Agnite!" he shouted. "Ember attack!" The attack worked! Carmen was soon running around as fast as Diego was, on fire. Meanwhile...

Agnite soon acted strange: it spat red string into the air, forming what looked like a ruby red suit of armor in the air above him. Then the "armor" landed on it, and Agnite glowed... It started morphing into a slender green bug, covered in a translucent, bright red shell. It evolved into Rubidon!!

*beep* Rubidon. The fire sac Pokemon. The evolved form of Agnite. Rubidon's hard, ruby red shell protects it even from a fall of over 300 feet. This is also due to its lightweight, changing body. Of course, this Pokemon can still use powerful Fire attacks.

"Yay!" David shouted. "I got a Rubidon! Too bad none of Kelsey's Pokemon evolved in a while. Too bad she hasn't caught one yet..." Suddenly... "Go, Pokeball!" Kelsey was fighting a Misdreavus with her Oddish, who put Misdreavus to sleep with Sleep Powder. The Pokeball hit Misdreavus and trapped it inside. It wriggled around for a moment, Kelsey staring at it the whole time. Then, the wriggling stopped, and Pokeball remained still. Then, Kelsey declared, "Yes! I caught a Misdreavus!!" She picked up the Pokeball and rushed down the tower to where David was. A sweatdrop ran down her head as she watched Carmen and Diego running around in a panic, Carmen on fire and Diego with a Chiplet on his face. Somehow, both of them ran off in the same direction, far away from the Wood Tower. Chiplet soon came running back, happy to see David again. "Chip! Chip!" it chittered, climbing on top of David's shoulder again. Drowzee was also returned later on.

"So, Kelsey," David wondered, "where to?" "According to the map," Kelsey answered, "we should be heading to Forest Town for the next Gym Battle, but there's another Poke Robot thingy on the way..."
"Another one? Cool! I can earn another badge! Hmmm... which type should I choose..."
"I don't care what you choose, I know you'll win!!"
"Thanks, Kelsey."
"Whatever. Let's go!!"
And off they went towards Forest Town. What will happen next?

Carmen sighed as she sat down, finally not on fire anymore. David was laughing his head off, covered in scratch marks. "Grrr... What's so funny?" Carmen snapped. She took out a mirror and looked at herself... She screamed. "Nooooo! My beutiful hair... It's... singed!!!" She then looked down at herself. "Aaaack! My clothes are burned too! Ohhh... I've been running around half-naked for a mile... How embarrassing..." She blushed, and both of them laughed.

August 20th, 2004, 2:32 PM
Ninetales Your Story Rocks I Love It Its Awesome!!!!!!!>.<