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August 11th, 2005, 10:13 PM
~Alice Returns to Wonderland~
Have you ever seen Alice in Wonderland? If you haven't, then march up to your parents and ask them why they never showed it to you.

If you have seen it, then you just might know what I'm talking about.

The Movie.
In Alice in Wonderland, she falls asleep under a tree at a park her parents toke her to. She has a very weird dream about her going to a far off place called Wonderland. There, she meets alot of odd people, and even a queen who wants to chop her head off! When Alice awakes, she noticed it was just a dream..........or was it?

The Plot.
This takes place a few months later after Alice had gone to Wonderland. Alice, and a few of her friends, happen to go to that same park one Saturday morning. Alice shows her friends where she had her "dream" after she tells them, they all fall "asleep". After they fall alseep, they all end up in Wonderland, they soon learn that the same queen that tried to chop off Alice's head is now trying to take over Wonderland!
It is now up to Alice and her group of friends to save Wonderland!
Will you help?

First Name:
Last Name:
Age: (please make it from 6 to 11)

Heres mine.
First Name: Alice.
Last Name: Pholoteana. -(I diden't know her real last name so I made it up)
Age: 10
Gender: Female.
Personalty: You should know.
Looks: Like Alice.
Powers: Water!

August 12th, 2005, 12:13 AM
You double posted the thread ^_^ So I'll just go ahead and close this one for you ^_-