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February 10th, 2004, 8:38 PM
uhm as you can see from my signature, i'm a big psyduck fan. :) the only episode i know with psyduck being funny in it is "evolution solution", and "lights, camera, quacktion"

any other episodes where psyduck was featured more?

February 11th, 2004, 8:58 AM
AS a Fellow Psyduck fan, I am sure you would agree that they should do an entire series devoted just to Psyduck!

The Ninja Poke-Showdown
Team Rocket drops in through the roof and after a Kabokie theater style motto, calls out their Pokemon to battle. Koga, Aya and Ash use their Pokemon to battle, but Team Rocket uses sticky webs to trap them. Misty tries to call out her Pokemon to help, but Psyduck is getting on her nerves again. Misty uses Ash's Dexter to try to find out what attacks Psyduck can use, but all his attacks are virutally worthless, and Psyduck begins to run around the room. Koga drops some Voltorbs on Team Rocket, but they use their sticky webs to catch them. One of them explodes, and in the smoke, Ash and the others escape. Pikachu and Charmander are still sticky and Team Rocket catches up with them. Psyduck panics even more, and refuses to return to his Pokeball. Meowth gets annoyed and begins to smack Psyduck around, and Psyduck's headache gets even worse. Suddenly, his eyes begin to glow and uses Disable and Confusion to whip Team Rocket and send them blasting off once again. Ash's Pokedex explains that when Psyduck's headache becomes too severe, Psyduck can use psychic attacks. Koga offers to trade one of his Pokemon for Psyduck, but Misty refuses and hugs Psyduck.

Sayuri no Hoshi
February 11th, 2004, 11:13 AM
Let's not forget the episode in which Psyduck was introduced, either! ^_~ Misty captures Psyduck (um, accidentally?) in "Hypno's Naptime" and "The Breeding Center Secret" when she leaves Psyduck with Butch and Cassidy for a "spa" treatment, only to find its eyes taped up...O_o And one last episode I can remember was "Bye, Bye Psyduck" when that Marina girl says to Misty that Psyduck's about to evolve because its tail has turned pink; turns out that was all a joke, huh? ^_^