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August 14th, 2005, 10:16 PM
Okay, its 2am, so my choice of wording may be bad in some areas, XD

Welcome to Dr. Algan's Human Mutation and Transformation Institute, a secret government building located deep in the forests of British Columbia, Canada. In this building, the unthinkable is done. Scientists operate on the living, attempting many different "techniques" that alter the human body. Some results include the merging of human and animals, plants, and other forms of matter. Basically, it's tampering with the forces of nature and changing human beings into basically anything imaginable. It is impossible, however, to completely change one lifeform into a completely different lifeform, so no matter what, the end result is still at least partially human.

The "patients" are randomly chosen humans between the ages of 10 and 19, and we're taken off the streets without their consent, or the knowledge of anyone, and were then forced to be tested upon, altering their lives forever.

The facility also contains two other sections. One section operates as a school for the "patients", where they learn basic studies like they would in school, along with how to control their new and "improved" bodies. The other section contains housing for the "patients", where groups of 10 max are assigned a home to live in. The homes are extremely nice and large. Not something you'd expect from a secret organization.

Our characters will be a group of new "patients" who have just arrived at the facility, and testing on them begins immediately. Afterwards, they are all assigned to the same home, and are forced to attend the schooling section. However, something seems even fishier about this place then what it already seems, and its your job to discover what, and escape.

Age: (Between 10 and 19)
Appearance: (What you look like when first arriving at the facility)
History: (A brief background on your character)
RP Sample: (Some need not post a sample, and they know their identities.)

As for what will happen to your character after arrival, PM your plans to me, so it's a surprise to the other RPers.

August 14th, 2005, 10:23 PM
Name: Tanya
Age: 15
Appearance: Tall lanky girl, with short messy blonde hair and blue eyes. Wears a dark blue t-shirt and blue capris. No shoes. Wears a necklace with a small cross on it.
Personality: Shy, a bit lazy, and very strong willed. Very loyal to close friends.
History: Right after her parents were killed by a burglar with a gun in her apartment, she ran away to get help from the police, but was captured by the scientists.
RP Sample: You know how I RP.

Lil' Schu
August 15th, 2005, 11:22 AM
Name: Erika
Age: 17
Appearance: Erika has flowing dark brown hair and light blue eyes. She wears blue jeans, a light purple tanktop, a white hooded sweatshirt, and white sneakers with blue stripes. Her skin is a light tan.
Personality: Erika enjoys living her life to the most. Smart, cunning, and quick, she is a force to be reckoned with. Erika has a very bad tempter, though, when she gets ticked off. She also has a love for motorcycles.
History: The brown haired teenager lives a mostly normal life, save her doctor parents. She's a senior planning to go to college, then pre-med school, courtesy of her parents' money. Unbeknownst to her, she was adpoted at a very early age. Erika has 2 siblings: a 25 year old brother, Josh, and a 10 year old sister, Rashel.
RP Sample: Erika kicked her motorcycle, causing it to fall into the pile of boxes in the garage. It was a Friday morning, and Rashel had caught the bus. Her parents were at work, and she was left with her motorcycle. If it only would start for her.

"ARGH! You - stupid - bike - ARGH!!" The teenager kicked it again. There was 10 minutes until the first day of school started, and she was stuck in the garage, trying to start a stubborn motocycle. Erika had checked everything to see what was wrong with it: no flats, no broken wires, there was gas --

Gas. I didn't check the gas gauge! Argh! She stormed over to the cycle and checked the meter. Empty. Stupid freakin' bike! She ran over to the gas can and filled it. The sound of a running motor comforted her, and she zoomed out of the garage, not bothering to shut the door.

It was 23 miles to school, and she had roughly ten minutes to make it there. "Oh, you're kidding me..." Erika said as she stopped at a red light. She was so ticked off that she didn't notice the shady people sneaking behind her in a black limo.

It turned green. She hit the gas handle. The car followed, riding her tail. "Sheesh! You could pass me, you know! I'm not gonig that slow or anything!!" The car still rode her exhaust pipes.

Ten blocks later, the car was still following Erika, and she was ticked. Not just regular mad, ticked as in if-you-don't-leave-me-alone-now-I'm-going-to-kill-somebody-and-it-will-probably-be-you ticked. The seventeen-year-old flipped a quick U-turn and came face-to-face with the tinted windows of the limo.

"Would you mind -- Hey!" A tall man in a white suit came up and gagged Erika. Another male dragged her to the car and shoved her into the backseat.

The first man turned to face the girl. "Let's just say you're going to have a lot of fun..."

Then Erika blacked out.


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Dragon Paw
August 15th, 2005, 12:45 PM
Name: Kasei Karion

Age: Fourteen

Appearance: She stands at five feet. She has long [lower back length] dark brown hair and has brown eyes. She has a tan skin tone and a frail body build. She looks her age [and sometimes a bit more] in every aspect except height.

Personality: Kasei has a mix of attitudes, to accompany different moods. When happy or delighted, slight things can bring her mood crashing down and make her fiery temper arise. But when she's depressed, calm, or other such neutral to depressing moods, she is rather docile and quiet. But when she's bored, look out! She will play tricks and may subject someone to cruel humor in the name of a laugh. Genereally, Kasei is very docile seeign as she's calm a lot of the time, yet, when talked to, she usually becomes fairly outgoing and helpful. Did I mention she has a helpful attitude? Yep, she does. But her fiery temper and her intolerance to stupidity makes her let those said people and sometimes others recieve no help.

History: Living a very quiet life, Kasei really hadn't experianced many troubles. That is, until one day, she walked to her nearby neighbor's house, two houses away from her own house, she was kidnapped and taken to the facility. Beign the weak person she is, she had stood no chance of getting out of the grasp of her captors.

RP Sample: n__n

August 15th, 2005, 1:01 PM
Name: Kala
Age: 16
Appearance: A girl withlight blonde short cut hair and brown eyes. She wears a tight sleeveless dark red shirt and blue jeans. She wears black slide on shoes and wears a silver bracelet on her left arm.

Personality: Kala keeps to herself most of the time. She isn't good with socializing and because it's her weakness, she doesn't do much of it. She can have her occasional peppy spirts but she's usually darkly gloomy. She lovees animals to death though :3 She likes to have friends and envies those who do but never was good at making the first move...

History: Kala's parents own a very prosperous country overseas, making her a high-class citizen.Alas, because the company is overseas, her parents travel extremely often, leaving her by herself for most of her life. The people at her school think that she is 'too rich to talk to us normal people' and 'a concieted snob'. She has few friends which are people she had met overseas when she goes with her parents (which is rarely) and talks to them by computer. Her favorite place to go is in the old theatre where she takes care of abandoned and stray animals
RP Sample:o3o do I have too? I've RPed with you a couple of times..

August 15th, 2005, 1:17 PM
Name: Laura Thomas

Age: 16

Appearance: Laura has long chocolate brown hair which extends to her hips, and emerald green eyes with a hint of hazel. She stands at around 55 and is quite lanky for a girl of her age, though well toned. She wears a Yin and Yang crest around her neck at all times and multiple leather bracelets grace both wrists and ankles. Her right upper arm is home to a dragon tattoo which spirals around her arm to the joint. A thin scar runs from her ear to her lip from an attack not long ago from this day, she remembers it ad if it were yesterday.

Personality: Non caring and cruel is the best way to describe Laura, but though she is known to be sarcastic and witty, she does have a protective side for those she considers friends, hard as it may be to befriend her, it is not impossible to do sobut her way of showing friendship is no different to how she treats the rest of the human race. Her sarcasm is what gets her in trouble most of all, and is the one main thing which looses her friendsnot that she cares much to begin with anyway.

History: Laura had never exactly been one to stick to the law, and this caused her mother and father much money, not that she cared.she was constantly in trouble with the law and no one could keep her under control. Not knowing what to do, her mother and father abandoned her at the age of 14 and she was put into a childrens home.

But of course, this did not go to her liking and not long ago, she ran from the home and ended up getting herself captured by these so called scientistsso to say, she was not happy with the whole ordeal and still remains to this day, a troublemaker.

August 15th, 2005, 3:42 PM
Okay, everyone so far is accepted. But I still require a PM from you Chibi regarding your character. ^^;;

Name: David
Age: 15
Appearance: Standing at 5'11", David is a very tall boy with a medium build. His hair is short, and is coloured a red that appears orange in the right light, and his eyes are a bluey grey. He wears just a bland black t-shirt, with a navy blue pair of jeans.
History: David has lived in a small town located in Ontario his whole life. He was taken when his parents were absent on holidays one week.

I'll post the first post tomorrow at latest.

August 15th, 2005, 7:10 PM
Name:Robert Price
Age: 16
Appearance: he has short to medium length brown hair, which is usually messy, as he has more important matters on his mind than tidyness. he has brown eyes flecked with hazel, and he typically wears typical american clothes, with jeans, a T-shirt, and a black leather coat. Although he does have a fondness for a few styles of clothing from other cultures.
Personality: I've been pardoned from this little field here. >_>
History: Even though his heritage is like an international buffet, he's american through and through. He's visited half of the world's continents, and is still going strong, having some slight training in martial arts, he's learned to intimidate, cannive, scheme, and deal his way through life, but never using it to harm anyone.

August 15th, 2005, 7:20 PM
OOC: I'll go ahead and make the first post now, but I'll only be taking late sign-ups until we reach page 3.

IC: "Wait here until it's your turn." A man with a white labcoat told me as he threw me inside a cold, damp cell. It had only been 12 hours since I was taken by my home, and brought here. Where WAS here anyways? The knocked me out before I could see the location, and they never told me what this place was. They just took me in and threw me in this cell.

The sounds I heard down the hall were very disturbing. Screams, crying, and the sounds of various items such as drills echoed through, giving me goosebumps, and making me even more terrified.

Before I knew what hit me, I was unconcious. However, I heard two words prior to this: "Your turn."

August 15th, 2005, 7:34 PM
Tanya was tossed into a jail-like cell. She grabbed the bars and looked frantically around, but it was too dark to see much. Horrible smells filled the air and terrible sounds echoed throguh the room. Tanya's eyes filled with tears as she tried to see where the screaming crying, and electronic sounds were coming from. She felt her hands get cold as she clutched the bars tighter, and a moment later was hit over the head with something and knocked out.

August 15th, 2005, 7:45 PM
I awoke in a dark cell, the bars reminding me of prison. I sat up, the screams seeming to have no efect on me. Actually, if anything, they seemed relaxing to me, at least, as far as a casual observer could tell. I scooted into one corner to preserve warmth, since it was chilly, and curled up into a ball, shifting my coat over me so that it functioned like a blanket. Fortunately for them, whoever they were, they didn't try knocking me out, but rather a dart. I woke up as I heard it hissing through the air, but whatever it was, it was fast, I didn't even feel the prick of the dart...

Dragon Paw
August 15th, 2005, 8:06 PM
Awakening to find herself in a dark, cold cell, Kasei immediatly began to shiver. Listening to the array of horrific sounds, smells, and the dismal sight around her kept Kasei's mind somewhat off of the cold and stiffness she was feeling. Sighing, she looked around. No sooner had her eyes rested on the bars of the cell she was in, did she hear the words "You're up now..." before feeling a rather rude prick in her neck. Bringing her hand up to her neck, she felt something as her mind raced. 'Next for what? Is this som-' she thought, falling unconcious halfway through thought.

August 15th, 2005, 8:11 PM
Some time later, I awoke, finding myself tied down in a dark room. There was a suspicious character standing over me with... was that a chainsaw!? I was sent into panic mode, just like most normal people would, and began struggling, trying to break free of my restraints.

I found a weak point in the right leg restraint, and broke it free, swinging at the mad man. The kick made contact, and sent him flying back, blood now spewing from his nose. He now appeared VERY pissed, and started the chainsaw up, and then cutting my whole right leg off, blood spewing into my face (as well as every other section of my body, not to mention the wall behind me), and a kind of pain I've never experienced before taking hold of my body. Still not satisfied, the man thrusted the chainsaw in my chest, before everything went black. I thought for sure I had died.

Much to my surprise, I awoke once more, this time in an extremely bright room. It was so bright, my eyes burned like hell when I opened them.

"Project 136, our very first living robot. However, I guess robot is a bit harsh. You're now more of an artificial human." A voice said as a man walked before me. That man was the scientist from before. "You may have caused harm to me earlier, but I've taken my revenge." He said as he placed a mirror in front of my face. I passed out soon after...

OOC: My character, as he said, has been made into an artificial human. The only things that remain from his old body are brain and heart, and *most* of his interior is robotic. However, for pissing off the scientist, he has been made female, and is placed in the most complicated outfit ever, as seen in the attatched file. What kind of abilities and powers does this new form hold?

August 15th, 2005, 8:44 PM
OOC: Not nearly as violent as I thought it would be XD

IC: Tanya struggles madly as she awoke strapped to a table, a bright light shinging in her eyes. "Now, don't worry, this won't hurt too much." The scientist said with a smirk, turning to pick up a seringe, and some kind of chemical that was glowing a bit. "What's that?!" Tanya said, tears streaming down her face. "Where am I?!" "Shhhh." The scientist said, sticking Tanya's arm with the seringe. He injected the chemical into her slowly, and painfully. "I...thought you said this wouldn't hurt.." Tanya saaid, before becoming very sleepy. The scientist wheeled a machine over to her, and stuck both Tanya's hands into it. He then unstrapped her, but Tanya was too weak and tired now to struggle, and he set her on top of what looked like a large scanner surface. The scientist turned off the lights and flipped a switch, and the machine on Tanya's hands emitted a bright light, as did the surface she was lying on. She fainted and woke up hours later on the same table. "Wha....?" She asked groggily. She never felt this tired before. "The first human-fox hybrid! You must feel so lucky." The scientist said, handing Tanya a mirror. She stared into it, still a bit dazed, to see a face covered in white fur staring back at her. She now had two small pointed white ears poking out from her now-white hair. Tanya fainted.

OOC: Her new appearance is the pic in the attatchment, but she has blue eyes and clothes.

August 16th, 2005, 9:34 AM
So what your saying is, you took me from the street, you have no idea if I have a family or not and now your going to make me into something not human at all?...oh greatmy day just keeps on getting better The dark haired teen muttered under her breath the last sentence and crossed her legs and arms in a huff.

The Scientist chuckled darkly and looked down at her patient, his glasses were tilted on his nose and the white lab coat seemed to sway with an unknown breezehe looked almostspooky in her eyes.

Dont we have the attitude he stated, scribbling something down on the clip board he carried, before casting his sapphire orbs back on the teen that now sat on the cold floor of the sell. Now wait here like a good little girl in till it is your turn, eh? He then turned on his heel and closed the sell door with a clap.

Oh yeah, no problemIll just wait here for you to cut me in two With that, she climbed from the floor and made her way over to the cell door, she glanced through the steel bars and began to pull at them. She knew it was no use, but she was going to make the last few minutes of her humanity count.

She reached her hand through the door and patted the guard on the shoulder roughly, Hey, dudeyou think you can let me out of here? She askedknowing the attempt was futile, but not caring. It seemed the guard had Not heard her and so she repeated the movement, only with more force behind the poke. This time she earned herself a grunt and a glare.

She grinned and continued to make pointless conversation with the guard. Sowhere do you live? Did you have some freaky thing happen to you here to? Are you likehalf gorilla or something...how about a bearHippo?...I know She was cut off as the same scientist from earlier re-appeared and motioned for the guard to open the door.

She stepped back into the cell and crossed her arms over her chest Couldnt you see that we were talking?

The Scientist gave that low, dark chuckle once more, before he motioned the guard into the cell, and before she knew what was happening, everything went black.

Dragon Paw
August 16th, 2005, 10:34 AM
Awakening, Kasei found herself layed out on a cold, hard table. She felt very disoriented and dizzy, unable to do anything. Everything had a surreal quality to it. However, that didn't stop the reality of a pain that was beginning to shoot through her left arm as a needle tip was placed in it and hit a vein, blood now dripping from the entry point. Tilting her head over, she saw a man in a white labratory coat.

"Huh... What's going on..." asked Kasei, albeit her speech was very slow and confused. The scientist stared over at her, Kasei unable to really process what he looked like.

"You're going to be fused with animal DNA. Several animals, actually." said the sceintist, his words like a drone in Kasei's head, drowning out all other thought as the reality over everything creeped into her mind. As blood dripped down from the syringe entry point, Kasei suddenly screamed as the golden fluid within the syringe was injected, causing a very bad burning sensation.

Suddenly, all went blank; thoughts, vision, senses, everything. Her open eyes clouded up as she suddenly went limp. She was sent into a merciful unconcious state of where even dreams and nightmares could not reach her...

August 16th, 2005, 10:52 AM
I blinked myself into awareness. I looked around, confused, until a strand of white hair clouded my vision. I blinked, and looked down. I nearly fainted, but tried to calm myself. I was in a very tight black shirt with a silver design, and even tighter black pants, which showed off a figure that was anything but male. "Hmm, looks like a success." I heard from behind me, and I tried to whip my head around and start yelling, but once again, the hissing as a dart moved through the air, and darkness once more...

OOC: The one in black, of course.

Lil' Schu
August 16th, 2005, 11:01 AM
Erika woke up in a damp, dingy cell. There were two guards standing there; one of them appeared to be in conversation with another person, presumably in another cell. She wasn't going sit there without knowing something about this. There was a small rock on the ground. Erika picked it up, and thanks to her softball skills and wonderful aiming, she hit one of the burly guards. "Hey! You! What am I doing here!"

The guard slowly lumbered over to the senior. "You want to know why you're here?"

"No, I asked for directions to Detriot. Of COURSE I want to know why I'm here!!"

He smiled mischieviously at Erika. "You're one of the few and lucky to be brought to HMTI."

"HMTI? What the heck is --" But she was interrupted abruptly by the same person who had abducted her earlier today.

"Girl! Come with me!" He pointed a long skinny finger at Erika.

She laughed. "You really expect me to come peacefully withthe same person who kidnapped me?!"

"Yes, I do, unless you want to be horribly mutated." He stared at the girl while she stared at him back with the same feriocity. Out of the corner of her eye, Erika noticed another small stone.

"Fine," she spat out. "But let me tie my shoe first." She bent down on the pretenses of tying her shoe, but she slipped the rock into her hand. "Alright. I'll come peacefully. But that doesn't mean I'll like it."

"There you go. That's the spirit." After he said that, the scientist muttered, "That's the first one all day that hasn't fought someway..." The two walked for about five minutes when the reached a halt in front of a steel door. "In." Erika stubbornly went in; the man following.

"Lay down." Erika did as she was told, knowing that if she didn't cooperate, something even more terrible could happen to her -- even more terrible then what was going on now. The scientist poked a needle with anestesia into her neck.

The next thing Erika realized was that there were many people leaning over her, with various instruments in hand. She also noticed some animals in the background. One operator, a younger one as far as she could tell, was the only one to notice she was awake.

He made sure all the others were not listening, and leaned down to her. "You're awake?"


"Thank goodness. They were going to do even worse things to you. I'll tell them to stop."

"Thanks...I guess..."

The man turned to the head doctor. "Sir!"

"What is it, Avary?"

The younger one paled a bit at the site of his superior addressing him. "Sir! She's awake. We have to stop! She may not survive otherwise, and that woudl be a shame!"

The elder's steelblue eyes drilled into the poor man. "Point taken, Avary. I didn't expect the sleeping potion to wear off until we were completely done, but this will work. Let her up and examine her 'new self.'"

The same man who addressed Erika before walked over to her again. Before he released her, he said two words: "I'm sorry."

The teenager walked over to the full length mirror a couple of yards away from her. At first, Erika saw nothing wrong with herself -- she looked the same as she did before the operation. Hair was fine, upper torso was fine, her legs were fine.

Oh my god. It was what was between her legs that startled her. There was a long black tail swishing in between them. Erika ran her hand through her hair, unable to comprehend what she was seeing. There were two small lumps though. After the seventeen year old put her hand back down, two medium-sized ears poked up out of her head.

This was about all Erika could bear. Remembering the rock she picked up in her cell, she took a hold of it and turned to the doctors.

"Well, what do you think?" The head doctor said. In response, she threw the rock at him. It immediately knocked him out, and a huge lump was forming on top of his forehead. Erika knew she had threw it hard, but not that hard, not hard enough to knock him out.

Startled at what she had done, she bolted out the door, not bothering to open it. Another surprise was in the door also, for when she ran into it, it simply fell over.

Erika sat on the steps and began to cry.

August 16th, 2005, 11:21 AM
I awoke once more some time later, in a cell once more. However, it was a much larger cell, and there was another girl in here as well, dressed in a black outfit with white hair. Was what I had seen in that mirror real? It must have just been a trick mirror! That's it! However, when I tried to get up, my body felt extremely heavy. I glanced at what was holding me down, and found plates of armor on my hands, chest, and sides, as well as the exact same dress as in the mirror. "Let me guess, it wasn't a trick mirror, was it?" I said quietly to myself, noting the female tone of my voice.

I caught my reflection on a mirror positioned on the wall. It was true. A girl with blonde hair and a ridiculous dress was reflected at me. I attempted to stand up once again, and my body had seemingly adjusted to the weight, and I got up like I normally would. Didn't the scientist say I was an artificial human or something like that? Perhaps this was related. "What kind of place is this anyways?"

OOC: We should all meet in this cell.

Dragon Paw
August 16th, 2005, 11:36 AM
Awakening, once again, Kasei swore to herself that she'd find whoever had arranged for that brutally kill them. Wait, where were these violent thoughts coming from? Kasei quietly composed herself, now becoming calmer. She was no longer quite as angry.

Sighing, she lashed her long tail. Wait... Had she just felt that motion right? A tail? Standing up, her spotted tail lashing to the left and then to the right, she stared down at her hands. Her hands had paw pads on them and were clawed. Silky golden fur with cheetah-esque spots dotted her arms and legs.

Suddenly more acutely aware of sound, she tilted her head over to her left to see another girl, this one looking as if she were half robot. And, judging from Kasei's nose, had a heavy scent of metal on her. Definetaly robot-esque...

Putting her clawed hands on her head, trying to lift some of her now golden and spotted hair into her view, she rested on a pair of ears. They, from what she could feel, were like a lion's in form, but were a bit different than a lion's typical ears. A long tuft of brick red fur was felt as Kasei moved her hands along her ears.

"This... Is awesome..." she whispered in awe to herself. In her euphoria, she nearly forgot about where she was and the others. Almost. In a few moments, Kasei was in a fit of weaker depression. Sure, she now looked infinately better [in her opinion] than she had earier, but what could would it be in this large cell?

Giving a resigned grumble, she sat down on the ground. She decided to wait for something to happen, perhaps something that would enable her to get out or take her out.

paige pelletier
August 16th, 2005, 11:47 AM
Name: Paige
Age: 15
Appearance: Paige has dark brown hair that is cut to her shoulders, she has fair colored skin that seems tan. She is around 5 '3' and her eyes are a dark brown color. Paige wears a large black t shirt with a dark grey long sleeve shirt underneeth, she also wears baggy black shorts. She wears dark grey knee high socks and black sneakers she also wears a pair of worn out black fingerless gloves.
Personality: Paige is quiet and soft spoken, she will say sorry for any little thing even if it was not her fault. She thinks that when she is outgoing it only looks like she is a spaz, though she is only outgoing once in a great time. It is very hard to make her angry but when she is she will become cruel and violent.
History: Paige had a very normal life her parents were kind, and she thought that they liked her. Just recently though she went on a vacation to Cananda and was abandoned.
RP Sample: I walked down the crowded street looking for my parents, they said that they would come back in ten minutes yet it has been two hours. I started to run as peoples voices filled my head, I was panicing looking all around for my mother and father. Soon I triped and fell I felt my ankle it was sprained and ws started to swell. I limped into a dark ally so that I could calm down, but as I stoped to sit I felt a hand grab my mouth and waist as I was dragged into a car.

August 16th, 2005, 12:12 PM
"Hello?" I asked nobody in particular, as I could sense the presence of another in a section of the room coated in darkness. To my surprise, however, everything lit up and I could see as clear as day. Of course, it was still dark in the room, but my new eyes must be able to adjust to any lighting. what a saw was a girl that reminded me a lot of a cat in appearance. "Hello?" I asked again, this time directed at the girl.

August 16th, 2005, 12:36 PM
"uuuuunnng." I said, slowly coming around, and sitting up, blinking. Slowly, ever so slowly, myy eyes adjusted to the darkness, but only enough to make out the shillouette's of two humans. I thought they were human at least. Then I rememebred what had happened to me. My hands went to my shirt, and I began trembling at what I felt. It was true.... "You, BASTARDS!!!" I screamed, launching into the air at the barred wall, so fast that everything around me became a blur. I hit the bar with a flying kick, hard enough to break ordinary steel... And fell to the ground, crying in pain. That should have at least bent the bar, I must be much weaker now. This was like some nightmare, nothing this horrible could be real...

Dragon Paw
August 16th, 2005, 1:01 PM
"Hello ther-" started Kasei, relieved at seeing that this other humanistic being with her seemed friendly enough as a shout rang through the cell. Jumping and giving a frightened mew, Kasei whirled around to see another human-like person, this one a female. The girl fell to the ground after hitting the barred wall and seemed to be in pain. "Are you alright?" asked Kasei, her voice echoing through the cell. She stared worriedly at the girl.

August 16th, 2005, 1:06 PM
(...sorry Yukito, I'm going to have to pull out..;-; School is just to demanding right now. :sleeping: I hope you all have the BEST Rp though! ^____^)

August 16th, 2005, 1:06 PM
I got control of myself, and began feeling my leg. "I'll live." I said, making a face at the feminine voice. "It's not broken, but had they not changed me, the bar would have been." I said, grimacing as I tried to stand up, trying to keep as little weight on that leg as possible. "So, what happened to you?" I asked the room in general. I didn't want to explain what had just happened to me...

August 16th, 2005, 1:15 PM

She is waking up

Good, now we can begin the project

The next Laura knew she was looking up at a bright lighta very bright light; she squinted and groaned as her head gave a pound of protest and she closed her eyes once again. The voices around here seemed to be booming their comments, which all the more made her head hurt ten times more.

She heard a familiar voice close to her ear, and recognized it as the voice of the man who she has spoken to earlier onhow much earlier on was a mystery to her now. Not much the sarcastic teenager now are we? He muttered humorously next to her ear, which only caused Laura to lash out and strike him in the face with her forehead.

She heard him growl and stumble back a few feet before, giving the order to proceed with the project, whatever the project was. Her eyes opened at his order, eager to know what these freaks had in store for her, she cast a glance at the man closest to her, who was now preparing some sort of a machine.

She arched an eyebrow, her headache forgotten and her usual demeanour returning. Whats that for She questioned, turning her attention upon the man she had head butted not to long ago, he seemed to have regained some of his composure, but he still looked quite shaken.

You my dear, He replied are going to be the first we test our little machine onyou seewe have studied the transformation of human to vampire and have come up with a fantastic idea on how to change a hum in to a vampirewithout the actual use of a Vampire

Laura tilted her head as much she could and blinked in question Ummright What else could she say she had just been told she would be turned into a Vampireby a Machinehow that worked she would never know, but she was certainly about to find out. After everything she had been through, she had taught herself not to dwell on things.

The machine made a clacking noise as it was turned on and the man nearest took the sharp spike of the machine into his hand and drove it into her neck, right into the jugular vein. Laura could do nothing but choke on the scream she was about to let loose as the machine drank the blood from her vain, not letting a single drop escape from the puncture it had created.

Laura stared wide eyed at the grinning face of the mad man she had grown use to and gasp for air as the life was being sucked from her body. Her limbs went numb as the soon took over and her body fell flat against the table she was laying upon, the straps that kept her bound slackened as her arms secede their struggling and her legs quickly followed suit.

After a while, her eyes lazily shut and her mouth fell open, slightly agape.

It seemed like an eternity before the machine was pulled away and the humming of the engine was turned off, it was then Laura groaned and managed to open her eyes just enough to glance at the man standing next to her. He held a container full of red substance and was quickly unscrewing the lid.

He then lent over her pale form and drove the container into her mouth, allowing the substance to run down her throatforcing her to drink.

A metallic taste filled her mouth and her eyes widened in recognition of the tasteblood!

She coughed and spluttered, trying to force the tube out of her mouth, but it only made her want more. She soon found herself gulping down the liquid, tube after tube in till the scientists figured enough was enough and they took her from the strap down table and began to walk her strengthening body to somewhere unknown.

She soon found herself faced with another cell door and was thrown in roughly, she fell to the floor with a harsh clap and groaned as she heard the cell door closing behind her. The mans voice filled the air, a humorous but warning tone to his voice Now dont go drinking from your guests now, pet

August 16th, 2005, 1:25 PM
"What happened to me?" I repeated the question as I thought to myself. A lot of stuff had changed, and I wondered if I could put it into words. "First of all, I'm barely human anymore. I'm an 'artificial human,' capable of much more then the normal human, and I'm more machine then human. To top things off, I've became a girl, and I'm dressed in this." I glanced around at the others, wondering what had happened to them. Upon looking at the girl who had asked a question earlier, a box of information popped into view. It gave her name, age, blood type, everything. "You're name is Robert Price, correct?" I asked her, but that didn't seem right, "Isn't that a guys name?"

I then directed my attention to the other girl. "Your name is Kasei Karion? You were fused with a cheetah, lion, and caracal. At least, thats what I'm finding in your DNA."
I then noticed a new girl was thrown in, but when I went to read about her I encountered what was similar to a firewall, blocking the information.

August 16th, 2005, 1:32 PM
"Errr," I said. I *really* didn't want to tell them. Not at this point. Still, there wasn't much I could do to hide it. I felt my face heating up into a vivid blush as I said "Yes, it's a guys name." I was certain they'd put two and two together, given the circumstances...

August 16th, 2005, 1:52 PM
Rude much? The newly bred vampire muttered over her shoulder at the closed cell door. She pushed herself up with her hands and brushed herself off quickly before growling to no one in particular and glaring around the cell. What she saw was not what she had expected, other beings sat huddled upon the stone floor, some scared and yet some truly amazed at what they had become.

Laura growled, showing new fangs and ran to the cell door, banging repeatedly upon it Let me out of here this instant! I will not settle for this! her fist began to redden at the contact with the heavy steel door and she drew away in pain. She knew Vampires had heeling powersheck if she had known how to control vampiric powers, she would have passed through the walls ages ago.

But alas, she was a newly bred Vampire, and she knew these people would not let her loose so easily. She growled and turned her back on the door, sliding down against it. She dug her slender fingers into her head and growled, lowering her head so that no one could see the pure anger upon her face.

The other thing she did not want to seewas the pulse of her soon to be praysoon to be that isif she didnt get more blood soonshe still craved for it being as new as she wasshe was still week so that gave them a chance to tackle her head on before she could make her movethat was if she couldnt restrain herself.

August 16th, 2005, 6:54 PM
"Okay guys, listen up." I said, attempting to get everyones attention. If my data read correctly, I knew how I could break those bars down. "First of all, I need everyone to move out of the way of the bars." Following this, I took hold of what seemed to be a vampire girl, and dragged her to the back of the room, before positioning myself before the bars. I took hold of two, and began pushing outwards. As my 'muscles' adjusted, it became easier and easier, until they were far enough apart to walk through. However, when I attempted to walk through, I was delivered a large shot of pain which allowed me to get no further. Some sort of barrier device perhaps?

"Darnit, so close!" I yelled as I punched the nearby wall. To my surprise however, the palm of my hand began to light up, and shot a beam of energy through the wall, creating a massive hole that lead to the hallway beyond. However, I was shocked by what I had just done, and a sweatdrop rolled down my face. "Whoops!"

August 16th, 2005, 7:19 PM
I blinked. The wall, she blasted a hole right through it! Then, the realisation hit me. Completely forgetting the pain in my leg, I rushed forward, darting through the wall. I was only moving at a normal speed though, my leg was slowing me down, even if I didn't notice the pain... I ducked through several hallways, and once again, heard the hissin of a dart shooting through the air. "Fu-" I said, before falling to the ground again, making what I said a mystery, though I'm willing to bet it wasn't "Fun."

August 16th, 2005, 7:30 PM
"The idiot..." I muttered as 'Robert' flew out of the room, only to be dragged back a few moments later by the guards, knocked out. However, when they noticed the hole in the way, and then saw the light smoke coming off my hands from the blast, they decided I should be in trouble too, so the knocked me to the floor on my stomach, and then tazered me. If that wasn't bed enough, the electrical shock stopped all movement in my body, so all I could do was lie on the ground, my head and mouth only moveable.

August 16th, 2005, 7:35 PM
I shook myself, and got to my feet shortly after. I must have been building a resistance to the darts. I looked around. Something was... Wrong, I felt a bit off balance. I couldn't see what though. I looked around, and noticed Robo-girl. "Hey, are you okay?" I asked, stumbling over, still a bit dizzy from the tranquilizer...

August 16th, 2005, 7:56 PM
"Robin? Have you grown?" I asked her as I stared at her upper torso from the ground below. For some reason, her name data had changed to Robin, so that's what I began calling her. "My database shows that you were 10cm, and now you're 25." this was definately something I didn't want to discuss, but I felt the need to keep my database in check.

August 16th, 2005, 7:59 PM
I blinked, unsure what she meant, and looked down at her. Looking down was a mistake, as I figured it out. My chest had gotten *MUCH* Larger. Promptly, and thankfully for robo-girl, I fell backwards, rather than forwards, and fainted before I hit the ground, despite the tightness of my shirt...

August 17th, 2005, 2:15 AM
The Vampire raised her crimson eyes as one of the girls walked over to her and grabbed her by the scruff of her trench collar and dragged her across the room away from the door. Her eyes widened at how strong such a small girl was and she allowed herself to be dragged without questionin fact, she was too flabbergasted to say much at that moment.

After being let go, she watched as the girl neared the cell bars and bent them with no trouble at all. Lauras draw literally dropped at this and she, for once, had no sarcastic comment to throw at the girlthat was in till some sort of force pushed her back in to the cell.

Her composure regainedLaura rolled her eyes and pushed herself up from the floor, she was ready to say something rather witty when the wall was pushed through in a whirl of dust and the girl who had bent the bars just moments ago, took her hand away from the rubble that was the wall.

Without though, another of the captives ran out through the wall, only to be brought back moments later and thrown to the floor along with the half mechanic girl. The vampire had to grin at this; she walked over to the mechanical girl and bent down to her level. Wowthat worked didnt itmaybe next time youll manage to get to that door She pointed a slender finger to the cell door, just feet away from where they stood now before you get captured againyeahwelldone

With that, she straightened and walked off back, further into the cell.

August 17th, 2005, 9:08 AM
I had regained consciousness during the sarcastic girls remakrs, and was messing with the pocket PC they had transfered from my previous clothes to a pocket in this outfit. I looked at the robot girl for a minute, considering, and then I said "You probably run on Linux, right?" I asked, and without waiting for an answer, I plugged a USB cord into a tiny, flesh-colored slot on the back of her neck, nearly invisible, and began to upload a file I had used before, that had an interesting effect on other linux machines, and I wondered if it would work with her...

August 17th, 2005, 1:06 PM
"Just shut up, would you?" I yelled at the vampire as she walked away. God, someone woke up on the wrong side of the coffin today. If that didn't make my mood better, what came next certainly didn't. I felt something... inserted into my neck? I turned my head around as far as I could, to see Robin inserting some sort of wire hooked up to a Pocket PC of sorts. "What exactly are you doing?"

August 17th, 2005, 1:16 PM
I didn't look up as I said "I'm uploading my own personal worm to your system, if you run on linux, it should..." I said, but trailed off as the upload ompleted, and I removed the cable. "Ok, I'm wirelessly connected..." Imsaid, and began browsing my way through her mainframe wirelessly. Eventually, I found something called "appearance.exe" I opened it, knowing I shouldn't and there were two fields of white. One said "preset" with default selected, and several others conmsisting of long strings of numbers and letters, and on the other was custom. I selected one of the pre-set ones at random, and applied it, wondering what it would do...

OOC: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/Legendary_Pokemaster/blank_generation03.jpg must I say more?

August 17th, 2005, 1:25 PM
She could only smirk at the girls pathetic come back and she sat back down on the floor towards the corner of the room. Her eyes were down cast and her smirk had grown slack, so that only a small sarcastic smile remained.

The truth was, she was absolutely terrified of the fact that she may not even see daylight again and the fact of being a lab rat to these freaks was utterly humiliating for her. She gave an involuntary shudder before drawing her knees up and resting her chin on them. Her black hair fell in a frame to cover her face, and thus covered the look of worry on her face.

She was roused from her daydreams as an unusual feeling ran through her, the feeling of ones blood pulse quickening. She immediately raised her head to stare upon and unknown being. Where there once stood the mechanical girl, there now stood a half feline girlwearing very little if she may add.

She growled and muttered Will you just leave things alone, you will make things worseyou already haveand will you bloody lessen your hearts pace please! Its hard enough to restrain myself from sucking you all dry as it isI do not need the sound of a pulse not my own, drumming inside of my head!

The look of anger soon turned into one of amusement as she saw the collar around the girls neck. You really are their pet now, arent you girlythey are only going to experiment on you even more when they realized you have changed form

August 17th, 2005, 1:36 PM
I suddenly felt like someone was in my head, searching for something. "What the hell are doing!" I yelled, but listened as by the time I had finished my sentence, my voice had become much squeakier. However, I had regained the ability to move. I stood up, and heard the ringing of a bell below me.

You really are their pet now, arent you girlythey are only going to experiment on you even more when they realized you have changed form commented the vampire girl. Collar? What collar? i felt around my neck, and there was indeed something there. A black collar with a little bell attatched. also, why did everyone seem taller, and how come it was so darn chilly! I glanced down, and found... I had shrunk? and was wearing what appeared like a belt around my upper torso, which lead to a bad on my back, and extremely tight black shorts, some black strap of sorts wrapped around it. What was worse, was that over 1/2 of my body was showing, inclusing my somach and legs. Catching my reflection in the mirror, I saw a younger girl with blond hair tied into two long ponytails, dressed in the previously described outfit, cat ears on her head.

"I'm going to kill you!" I yelled at Robin as I went to shoot a beam at him like I had done to the wayy, but an electric shock ended up running up my arm, causing severe pain. That shock earlier must have knocked everything weapon related out.

August 17th, 2005, 1:46 PM
I however didn't know her weaponry was disabled, and immidiately selected another of the long chains of symbols, and selected apply, hoping against hope that it would be something weaker. The idea that I might make her even stronger hadn't even enterred my mind...

OOC: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/Legendary_Pokemaster/normal_cg-doggie-12.jpg @_@

August 17th, 2005, 2:01 PM
"Hey! Don't touch anything else!" I yelled at Robin as she began pressing buttons on her Portable Computer again. However, I was too late, and this time, when she clicked apply, I blacked out for a moment, as the changes that took place would've caused me severe pain.

When I awoke again, I found myself on the ground, on my knees and my hands. however, when I glanced at my hands, they were covered with white fur! Looking farther along, I found the rest of my body was covered in brown fur, the only exceptions being my feet, chest, and around my mouth, which were covered in white fur. What was worse, was that I had the ears of a dog, as well as the tail!

"Look what you did!" I yelled at Robin as I was barely able to stand thanks to my new coating. I mean, I wasn't wearing anything! "I'm going to kill you!"

August 17th, 2005, 2:13 PM
I blinked, amazed. Her threats fell upon deaf ears as I moved over to her, startled. "I don't believe it." I mean, I could understand some changes, but something this... this... Drastic? "It's real." I said, shocked as I tugged lightly on her tail, stunned. This *HAD* to be impossible! But then again, so was being changed into a vampire, or a perfect transition into the oposite gender...

paige pelletier
August 17th, 2005, 2:46 PM
I stared at the men in white lab coats as they decided what to do with me, curling up I watched them jumping at the slightest noise.
One of the men came over to me with a syringe in hand "now hold still while we add this" he said in a mocking voice as he gave me a shot in the neck.
Suddenly I felt as though ice was going through my veins everything started to go hazy as I fainted, When I woke up two guards were dragging me down a hall. I looked down at my reflection for some reason I had bright green skin my eyes were a strange pollen yellow color and my hair grew down to my waist it was an exotic red that seemed to be white at the ends. I jumped back and the guards went to grab me, as they did that I felt a searing pain in my fore arms as leaf like blades grew from them. One of the guards started to yell at me saying something like "stop, don't struggle" I froze and the blades dissapeared, the other guard grabbed my arm and threw my in a dark room.
Soon I felt as though I was being drained, I looked around and saw some other people and I quickly waved my hand in a greeting way not really sure if I should speak or not. I sat down on the floor trying to focuse my eyes on the other people noticing that they seemed a little different.

August 17th, 2005, 2:52 PM
"Ow!" I yelped as she pulled on my tail, forcing my to spin around and kick him with all my power. "Change me back right now!" I yelled as my tail wagged back and forth. This was somehow enjoyable to me. perhaps it was the fact that I got to kick her. It could be worse though, I could be fully dog, unable to communicate with them. Still, this sucked! What was worse, was that the coat of fur conducted heat, and I was feeling really hot.

August 17th, 2005, 2:58 PM
The kick caught me offguard, and as I felt, my grip on the pocket PC shifted, acidentally undoing the previous settings, restoring her to default. Of course, I had other matters on my mind, as I hit the ground, the back of my head making a very loud cracking upon the rock-hard floor...

August 17th, 2005, 3:05 PM
"Finally!" I exclaimed as I found myself in my original form. Well, original would be my old, male, human self, but this was original as far as I was now concerned. "Are you okay!" I exclaimed as I crouched down beside Robin, before falling over due to the dress. I hadn't meant to kick her hard, but I had forgotten my own strength. "I'm sorry!"

paige pelletier
August 17th, 2005, 3:18 PM
I covered my ears when I heard a cracking noise and saw where it had come from, it looked like two girls were on the ground. "Are either of you...... hurt?" I asked in a quiet voice that was not used often. I felt cold even though I had warm clothes on 'I was probably turned into I plant person, so I need light and heat and water........ maybe soil as well' I thought to myself. 'No I won't need dirt I am a little bit human after all' I said rubbing my head as I tried to keep my thoughts straight.

August 17th, 2005, 4:26 PM
I slowly opened my eyes, and sat up. I winced as I felt the lump on the back of my head, but then I smiled a the robot girl. I did need to learn her name... "I'm quite all right." I said, in a much calmer, smoother voice, DEFINITELY more feminine than how I had been talking, but the voice was the same. "And there's no need to be sorry, I'm sure you didn't mean to kick me that hard." I explained the warm reassuring smile not leaving my face.

August 17th, 2005, 4:35 PM
"Uhh, you sure I didn't hit you too hard?" I asked her as I lifted her up onto her feet with ease. Something was odd, that wasn't her in a sense. More... feminine, actually.

"Excuse me, you will be relocated to your building shortly." The guard who had hit me earlier announced. I guess we were finally going to get out of that dump.

August 17th, 2005, 6:46 PM
I paused for a moment, thinking. It was so touching that she was concerned, I really needed to learn her name. "I'm fine, honestly." I said, still in the same tone, though more cheerful. "Other than a bit sore, I'm actually feeling quite nice, so you don't need to worry about me." I explained, before giving her a reassuring smile. She shouldn't worry herself over me after all... "By the way, I can't believe I've been so rude." I added, getting to my feet. "You called me Robin, and I suppose that fits, but I haven't heard your name yet."

August 17th, 2005, 7:30 PM
"My name is Mitsuki." I replied, creating a name in my head as quickly and efficiently as possible. "But, I'm curious. Why are you acting so... female?" I needed to know, because I had the feeling that if my system realized thats how a lot of girls acted, it would have me start acting like that too...

August 17th, 2005, 7:35 PM
I nodded. "Thank you Mitsuki." I said politely, and at her next question, I couldn't help but giggle, and I brought a hand up to my mouth to hide it. "Because I'm a woman, of course." I said, smiling at her. She seemed to be a little wierd, but it wasn't my place to judge others...

August 18th, 2005, 7:00 AM
Laura snortedthey were going about as if nothing had happened, didnt they know what they had just been experimented onand further moremay never get out of here or see their familys againnot that that small detail bothered her that much, but she knew that many here would miss their old folk, brothers and sisters.

She lowered her sun glasses down over her eyes and started to roll a pebble she had found on the floor between her index finger and thumb. The smallest things brought her interest. She was more than willing to sit in a dark chamber and think to herselfthe presence of others just grew on her nervespretty much as these two were doing now.

Fed up with the pebble, she threw it across the floor so that it landed somewhere on the other side of the cell. She bent her knees and managed to push herself to her feet before walking back and forth in her boredom.

When are they going to let us out of here? she muttered, throwing her arms behind her head so that she could rest it in her entwined fingers. It has been ages now, shouldnt they have figured out what they wanted to do with us? Killing us would be a blast, but I dont think this is what they have in mind after going through so much trouble

Sighing she cast her gaze towards the cell door and ran a hand through her black locks. This was going to be a ****able night, she knew it.

August 18th, 2005, 7:30 AM
My jaw practicly dropped as I heard what she said. Twas... creepy. Soon after however, the whistle of darts echoed through the hall, one contacting each of use in the cell, and knocking us out.

When I woke up, I found myself in a bed? In a house? Was I dreaming? When I sat up, I glanced down in my body. Nope, wasn't a dream. However, where was I? Then I recalled what the guard said about a home, and I wondered if this was it. I got out of bed, and began to explore, which took me down 3 flights of stairs to the floor that had the kitchen. What? I needed to eat too!

OOC: So you should wake up in the same building, as we're stuck sharing, XD

Lil' Schu
August 18th, 2005, 7:31 AM
The next thing Erika remembered was being thrown into a dark, dingy cell, along with about four others. Two of them, she noticed were having a rather strange but polite converstaion, and the other was in the darkest corner she could find in the cell. Deciding that the two girls would be fine on their own and wouldn't miss her, the dark-haired teenager slowly walked over to the girl.

"So...what did they end up doing to you?" Erika asked the girl, knowing that she had to have something done to her, otherwise she wouldn't be here. "Heh, look at me, I've got a tail and ears." To demonstrate, she stood up and moved her tail around. She probably thinks I'm crazy. Oh well, I have to make some friends here.

"Not to mention I have great reflexes, strength, and speed now." She lifted one of the bars on the cage off and threw it against the wall without any effort whatsoever. "Yeah..."

Yet another guard walked up to the cell. "Hey, Catwoman! Get over here, we're relocating you!" Erika turned to the gaurd.


He rolled his eyes. "We're moving you out of the cell. Unless you want to stay here?..."

Erika stared at him. He seemed to be telling the truth, and she responded, "Sure, I'll come. But don't pull anything."

The guard rolled his eyes yet again. "Urgh, you're all the same...Come on then!!" She glanced at the girl who was sitting in the corner. Erika didn't care if she didn't know the girl, she wasn't going to go.

"Actually, I changed my mind."

"Well, then, alright." With that, the knight rushed up to her and knocked out so quickly that no one had any chance to react.

Erika blinked her eyes. She was in a fairly large room with some beds, and some other things she couldn't make out. One thing she did realize is that there was the robotic girl in there. "Do you have any idea what's going on?"

paige pelletier
August 18th, 2005, 11:39 AM
I tilted my head as I heard the other two girls talk, they sounded very polite but almost in a creepy way. Soon a guard walked in and said something about relocation, I stared at him for a little while, he looked like a normal human. When I was done staring at him I felt a small amount of pain then it all seemed to go blurry.

I fell out of a small bed, slowly I got up rubbing my elbow the room I was in was fair in size and did not look like a place people would keep prisoners in. "So why am I here?" I asked myself before I went downstairs "and why does this house look better than most I have seen" another question soon left my lips as I walked into the kitchen. Two people were already in there I stared at them with large curious eyes one looked like a robot the other looked like a cat person. I smiled shyly and mumbled "hello nice to see you" as I walked towards the refridgorator.

August 18th, 2005, 12:10 PM
I blinked, and sat up in my bed. Bed? I began scratching my head, and yawning. Then I realised that I was in a nightgown, and I instantly turned a deep red, as I realied what that meant. I looked around, the sighed. No one was here. I got up, and moved to the closet, and found several sets of clothes, varying in style, somefor just about every type of girl, from tomboyihs jeans to what had to be a ballroom gown. At least whoever put me here didn't want me to be running around in rags. I put on a simple pink tank top, and a small, white, pleated skirt, and looked at myself in the mirror. I'd do, but before I cleaned myself up further, I really needed something to eat. I made my way sedately down, until I found Mitsuki in the Kitchen. "Good morning!" I said, smiling at her once I saw her. "I suppose you eat? Or did you just come down here to explore?" It was looking like nothing could disrupt my cheerful mood...

August 18th, 2005, 12:14 PM
Laura raised an eyebrow at the girl in front of her as she explained what had happened to her in the labshe was almost excited about the whole ordeal, didnt she know that this was one of the worst situations she probably had ever been in? Laura couldnt help but grin an un-human grin; it stretched wide across her paled face, displaying large canines.

Oh really she drawled, allowing her sarcasm to seep through in her words, she crossed her arms over her chest and continued to glance up at the young teen, the grin never leaving her facethis could prove to be quite amusing to her. She watched as the same girl began to demonstrate her powers by tearing a bar from the cell they were in and showing off her new characteristics.

"So...what did they end up doing to you?" the girl suddenly asked, catching Laura off guard, she shook her head You really dont want to know, girly She muttered, lowering her head somewhat, though the fangs may have given the species away, she was hoping that they had now.

Suddenly, a guard appeared, a smirk playing on his face, Laura snarled at the pug faced man and got to her feet immediately, preparing to strike if provoked. Seeing this, the man turned the tranquilizer gun on her and shot. It caught her dead in the chest, and though her Vampiric blood made her stronger, the dosage of the dart overcame her senses and she found herself gasping for breath and control on the cold stone floorbut she kept her eyes wide open, determined not to pass out.

The guard growled in disappointment and trudged over to her kneeling figure, and without warning struck her with a bony knee. This caused her head to snap backwards and finally her eyes shut with a combination of pain and sleepiness.

The next she saw was a ceiling, very unlike the one she had grown accustom to in the cellit was rather homely. She frowned and pushed herself upshe then found that the cold stone floor had been replaced by a comfy mattressbut the strange thing wasit was not bed shaped. Her heart leapt from her chest as she discovered that the bed she had been asleep in, was in fact a coffin.

She immediately sprang from the wooden enclosure and stared at in with wide eyes. Looking around, she found that her surroundings were dark, even darker than the cell she had been thrown into not long ago. But the strange thing was, she could see perfectly fineeven though the room was engulfed in darkness.

Scared, she looked around for the nearest exit and found it in only moment. She immediately made a dash for the doors handle and pushed it open. She was greeted by a long flight of stairs that led to a dimly lit opening at the topit seemed she had been positioned in the basement of whatever building she was present in.

She ran madly up the stone steps, many times tripping over her own feet in her un-human haste. She found for the first time, that she did not need to breathshe was as good as deadbut the feeling of not breathing was not something one could easily get use to.

Upon arriving at the hall way, she grasped her chest and found there was no heartbeat what so ever. She gasped and immediately withdrew her hand in horror. This was defiantly something she was going to have to get use toand fast, unless she wanted a terrifying shock every time she woke up.

Regaining her composure somewhat, she made her way down the hallway to explore whatever she had been stored in until her next use to these lab freaks.

Dragon Paw
August 18th, 2005, 12:39 PM
Opening her eyes, Kasei found herself staring at a deep blue and purple ceiling. Stars dotted the ceiling and walls. The design of the room was a welcome change to her. Sniffing the air, she could faintly smell scents fresh paint and a new carpet. Sitting up, she found she was in a bed. A rather comfy bed. At least to her, but then again, things seemed to be a lot comfier to her, as if she could go to sleep on concrete...

Staring around the room, Kasei found some dressers, a door leading out with a mirror on it, and a dark blue/green carpet on the floor. As Kasei threw the covers off of her and stepped onto the carpet, she found it seemed to mimic soft grass. Finding that she was in a pair of golden silky pajamas, Kasei quite liked the change. one thing she didn't like, however, was seperation from what she knew and grew up with.

A harsh realization came upon her as she realized that there was an incredibly good chance she'd never see her parents again. And ifshe did, how would they recognize her now?

Sighing, Kasei opened the door, not bothering to change, and walked down a few flights of stairs. Just when she was about to conclude that it wasn't worth her time to go down, she came to a floor with a kitchen. Walking into the kitchen, rather silently, Kasei looked in to find two of the girls she had met earlier.

"Hello." said Kasei simply as she stood in the doorway.

August 18th, 2005, 1:20 PM
"I'm not completely mechanical." I muttered to the girl as I located a sandwich in the bottom drawer of the fridge, and removed it. "I'm still partially human, so I still need to eat, breathe, etcetera." Following this statement, I scarfed down the food. I could, however, go longer without eating or drinking then most, but this was the first amount of food I had eaten in days.

Noticing another figure, the cat girl from before, I replied to her greeting with "Hey, whats up!" however, I backed up slightly as I went to go back into the fridge, and hit Robin with the fridge door. Partially accidental, partially for all the crap she made me go through in the cell.

August 18th, 2005, 1:42 PM
The fridge door hit me, and I was knocked back, but I managed not to fall. "Oh!" I said, my voice almost anguished. "I'm so sorry Mistuki, please, can you forgive me for being in your way?" I asked, hoping that she could. How could I be so rude as to make her act violent, of all things?

August 18th, 2005, 1:54 PM
Voices, she could here voices coming from somewhere near. They were all female as far as she could tell, but then again, she may have been wrong.

She trudged through the many hall ways, listening carefully for the voices of the few she could now hear. They were getting louder and louder until she finally came across the source.

There in the middle of the kitchen, stood the few people she had met from before. She rolled her eyes and groaned inwardlyshe was going to spend her life here, she knew itand even worse, she was going to be kept company by this sorry lot.

She slid into the kitchen and cast her gaze upon the familiar faces, but said nothing, instead she gave them a sly grin and made her way over to the fridge where two of the ones that had sat chatting earlier were now huddled.

She opened the door and found more then what she had bargained for. The sweet smell of blood overcame her senses and her eyes fell down cast upon the many packets of red liquid stuffed into a compartment. She stared unsure for a moment, before taking one in her grasp and lifting it.

She found a label stamped to the plastic, this one in which said Day one, and Laura guessed that these were each stamped with the days she would be drinking them, of course, she needed all the blood she could get at the momentshe still wasnt sure of how this feeding habit workedonly that it was driving her mad.

She dug her canines deep into the plastic bag and suckled on it, greatly welcoming the cold blood that swept into her awaiting mouth. She closed the door with her foot and cast her gaze upon the othersat this point she didnt care what they thought of her, but they would have to get use to it, because she wasnt turning back any time soon.

August 18th, 2005, 3:24 PM
I saw he blood, and that was bad enough, but when she actually *DRANK* it?!I began to sway, and then fell backwards onto my rear, the pocket PC that had been hooked up to her was pressing against the wall, and who knew what effects that could have, but I was busy trying not to faint. How horrible!

August 18th, 2005, 3:33 PM
I suddenly felt something in my head again like yesterday when Robin accessed me from her portable computer. However, it couldn't have been her, as she was nearly passed out on the ground. Something, had accessed my emotion files, and before I knew it I had picked Robin up and thrown her halfway across the room, my eyes now red in colour.

August 18th, 2005, 3:41 PM
I hit the wall hard, but when I got to my feet, blinking the siklver spots out of my eyes. "What the hell did you do that for?!" I asked, and instantly, I was behind her, and brought down both of my hands together in a hammer blow, trying to knock some sense into her. I hadn't even given any thought to my previous state...

August 18th, 2005, 3:53 PM
"Too slow..." I muttered with no emotion as I raised my arm above my head, and blocked the blow. However, when I did so, a wound was created, and "blood" began to roll down my arm. "Oww!" I cried as I pulled my arm down to look at the wound. The blow had knocked my system back to normal. However, that would've had to of been a strong blow to puncture skin, while most would only leave a bruise.

August 18th, 2005, 4:22 PM
"Of course it was." I said, alling to the ground. "I didn't want to hurt you, I just wanted to get your attention. Now mind telling me why you tried to crack my sku-" I said, then stopped, as my chain of thoughts went to how I was acting beforehand. Namely, to how I had been acting, and I instantly became a shade of grey as the horror struck me. "You, you..." I said, twitching. In an instant, I pulled out the pocket pc, and began creating a custom appearance for her, something *utterly* humiliating. "YOU DID THIS TO ME!" I said, obviously referring to my earlier behavior.

Lil' Schu
August 19th, 2005, 9:23 AM
There was a total of six people in the room, all female, as far as Erika could tell. Two other girls had been added aside from the three in the cell with her.

"Hey, whats up!" The robot/girl's response caught Erika offguard, for she hadn't been expecting a response so...soon.

"Ah...nothing, I guess." Way to make friends, Erika! She scolded herself. Out of nowhere, the seventeen-year-old's stomach let out a large rumble. Seeing the refridgerator in the corner of the room, she strode over there. The fridge seemed to have a decent amount of food supplies, as well as drinks. Erika grabbed two sodas and walked back over to the pale girl. She sensed that she had made the wrong impression on the girl, and was determined to make it "right."

She gestured to the two drinks in her hand. "Do...do you want one?" The high school senior took one for herself, opened it up, and drank some of it down. It refreshed her mouth and stomach, and she continued to talk to the strange girl.

"Listen...I think that I may have made...I mean, I think you think that I actually enjoy being this way. Well, I don't. I had my life planned out. Pretty sure you did, too. I was going to finish my senior year and go to college, then pre-med school. Now, my life is ruined. I can't hug my family, because I might squeeze them to death, I can't go back to school, obviously, and now I'm stuck in a mad scientist's building, not knowing if I'll ever see daylight again." Erika sighed. She hadn't thought she'd be so blunt with the girl, but she was. And now, the senior realized the truth. This building could be the last thing she ever saw.

"...Yeah. I just wanted to make that clear. I won't think you're wierd or strange or anything. I mean, look at all of us. We're not exactly normal, are we?"

paige pelletier
August 19th, 2005, 9:38 AM
Paige watched the girl drink blood not really noticing the others in the room, "I am hungry too" she said with a blank face. When she was done speaking she moved over to the refridgorator and opened the door slowly looking inside for something that looked edible. She took out a small container of tomatoes and closed the door as slowly as she opened it. As Paige picked up one of the bright red tomatoes she froze and just stared at her skin 'green......' was the only thing she thought as she started to eat the tomato. She sighed when she saw her hair it was so long and how can hair be that shade of red and white 'arg, I will never get used to this.......'