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August 15th, 2005, 3:10 AM

In the year 2015 a new year begins and this only means one thing. A whole new band of pokemon lovers are starting out on their new adventure. Finally some of them have been waiting many years to get their chance to meet Professor Oak and Professor Elm for their very own starting pokemon. Comming from all over Johto and Kanto these new commers are put to the test of just getting to Pallet in the first place.

Now that all have gathered in one town they meet people they never thought they would see. From all different backgrounds they get the chance to mingle together, maybe evern become friends for their journey. Others seem to blend into the background and just stay long enough to get their pokemon and leave.


Finally your able to roleplay how you see yourself starting out in the pokemon world. For the first few posts you will not be able to talk to others since you will start from others towns and cities. But if you happen to be in the same town/city as someone else then yes you can roleplay along with them. Until we're all in Pallet can we start to roleplay together and make friends. And everyone will arrive at different times. If your closet to pallet you should be able to arrive in 2-3 posts. If your further away of you live in Johto your going to take a lot more posts. This helps give a realistic timeline.

When you arrive you will have to also roleplay either Prof. Oak or Prof. Elm in order to get your starting pokemon. The starting pokemon are as followed: Bulbasuar, Squirtle, Charmander, Chikorite, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Pikachu and Eevee. The timeline for this story is the Gold/Silver Era. I'm still not used to the new pokemon. :confused:

Also! May I add that you may not have any ledgendary pokemon in your team. Nor can you catch any of them. You may see them far off but you cannot become friends. Wish for them all you want your not allowed to speak, catch, touch them in ANY way. But again you can "see" them in the distance. Although with Mew it can be behind you/follow you at certain times but thats for later on. Think of your "encounters" with Mew like in the First movie. It followed them but was never seen by them.


Age: (Although most poketrainers start at 11 you can use your real age too. Adds variety :classic:)
Apperance: (this should include hair,skin, and all genetic features. Also try to include your starting gear such as a bag, # pokeballs, cell phone, ect.)
Background: (Include your home town, what family life might be, and maybe past learning)
First Post: (Put your first post here. This should be more detail than length but detail=length so.. just make it really nice and detailed. xD)

(I'm posting my form in the next post.)

August 15th, 2005, 3:38 AM
Name: Missie

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Apperance: A short girl of only 5 feet she has very short hair that is black and quite spikey to the touch. She stands with one hand on her hip and the other hanging down. Her eyes are a light blue which sparkle in the right light. When she smiles you can see two very sharp fangs. Quiet she may be but if you cross her path the wrong way her rage always get the best of her. Currently wears a yellow T-shirt that says "Bad Skitty" and a thin black jean jacket that covers the sides of the shirt. A black belt is hung tight around her waist with 6 pokeballs attached in the back , a cell phone holder, PokeDex, and her ID's. Her black leather backpack hangs by her hand and skims the floor. Inside contains more pokeballs, her laptop, MP3 Player, and some random Aid kit. Although some call her a Goth/Punk wannabe she simple dresses the way that pleases her and refuses to label anyone.

Background: Living in the tiny town of Lavander her entire life she has never been far from home. She mostly hung around the tower going to each grave and reading them carefully. Maybe it was a bit depressing watching people break down in front of their best friends grave but she knew they where all in a better place. She and her mother lived alone in a small house just before Route 12. There Missie would go to watch people fish for more pokemon and see pokemon play with others of their kind. Sometimes this made her lonely but she got by.

First Post:

"Finally! I get to finally start my adventure!"
"Maybe so but are you going to be a trainer like the rest? I thought you didn't like to fight"
"Its not that I dont like to fight mom. It's just I'm not so good with strategy and I end up losing most of my fights" grumbled a girl. She ran around her room gathering her most presious belonging to take on her journey. Her mother hung out at the doorway watching her daughter franticly gathering her things and shoving them into her backpack.
"And do you have any means of getting to Pallet in enough time?" asked the mother.

Missie looked up to her mother and stopped dead.
"Well acttually I was hoping maybe I could borrow Sqeak and Fire Baby... I mean if you'll let me. They trust me! I helped you raise them from eggs."
"Well I guess it would be best to give you pokemon that know you the best. And Sqeak can fly you over the water that Fire wont obviously be able to get over. I guess you can borrow them but keep in contact got it? And I want you to send them over once you get to Prof. Oak's." replied her mother as she walked down the hall and outside to get her Ponyta and Pigeot.

Now Missie was really freaking out. But in a good way of course. Finally she had packed all her things and was ready for her new adventure. She took out her map to read as she went out back to her mother holding the Ponyta by the reighs and a Pigeoy sqeaking by her side.
'So which one will you be taking first?"
"Well by this map I wont hit water till much later on so I'll take Baby." said Missie as she took the reighs and petted Baby on the forehead. 'Be a good girl ok?"
"Well I guess', said her mother as she captured Sqeak in his pokeball with a Pigeot icon on it, "that now your going to be off. I dont know what to say. M baby is growing up!"
"Oh mother dont get all teary eyed on me now."

She put her foot in the holder and hoisted herself up onto Baby's back with a grunt. Settling down in the saddle and held the reighs tightly and smiled to her mother. Finally her and Baby started to walk to the front of the house to the street and waved good-bye to her mother.

She was now off on her adventure. Free to do as she pleased. What a great feeling this was.

August 15th, 2005, 11:54 PM
i will join
Name: sam anubis you can call me sam
Age: 16

Appearance: i am tall [6 feet] dark green hair, his eyes are a dark green, White skinned,
i wear a black T-shirt. black pants, black trench Coat,
hip bag is under my Coat , 8 pokeballs in bag, pokedex in bag,

Background: my home town is Olivine City, my family is me and my mom and dad,

First Post:
ok i cant wait to go on my adventure.
i gather my things and shoving them into my hip bag,
as my family watching me and they say good bye
and i say good bye,i go to towards Prof. Elm's place

August 20th, 2005, 5:42 AM
Name: Angel
age: 14
gender: female
apperence: has stawberry/brown hair (medium) that goes to shoulders. Wears a no sleve light blue and is fading away shirt and jeans with holes in the knees. Eyes are hasel.

Background: Lives in a small little town thats 2 towns away from pallet town.

First post: "Sweetie breakfest is ready" a voice called from downstairs. "coming mom i siad after i had spit out water into the sink. I grabed a blue towel and wiped my muth on it. On the way out of my room i throw it into the hamper in the corner closest to the door. i Opened the door and started walking down the steps. The steps were cold on my feet even though i had white socks on. I finally steped down from the last step. i could smell toast and eggs now.
"Hi mom" i said walking into the kitchen. "Hi sweetie" she called over her shoulder not looking at me. She was feeding my baby brother derrick. I ate my food.
I walked to were my mom was. Then she turned around. SHe gave me a hug. "See ya kitten" she said helping derrick down from his chair.
Derrick was 5 years old and loved to follow me around everywhere i went. He has brown eyes and short black hair. He was wearing a long sleve shirt with a red dragon on it and brown shorts.
"See ya lil bro" i said giving him a kiss on the cheek. WHen i did that he pulled away wriped away the kiss. I laughed.
I said my good-byes and was out the door with my bookbag (like misty's) with me. It had 5 pokeballs in it, 1 potion, a hair brush and my laptop.
"Ok pallet town is 2 days (posts) away" i said to myself geting on the side of the road and starting to walk. I walked for a couple of mins and then the road dissapered. Their were pachs of grass which i know hide wild pokemon. I toke a deep breath and run fast across the grass. I let the breath out and went on my way. I did that a couple of times before...

August 20th, 2005, 7:30 AM
Name: Vetani Lee Kanichi (Or Tania, if you know her)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Apperance: Her hair is long and a deep auburn, and usually covered in a green bandana. She wears a green tanktop and long, fingerless, green gloves. For pants, she wears baggy, tan, pocketed capris that go down just past her knees (Kingdom Hearts style xD). And finally, for shoes, she wears some that resemble modern-day Converse. Her skin is tanned. She wears a deep auburn belt with the purpose of carrying the 4 pokeballs she has, and also her communicator (futuristic cellphone). Slung over one of her left shoulder is a deep auburn bag that carries water, food, emergency medical supplies, and pokemon food, just in case.
Background: Vetani was born in Celadon City. Ever since she was a small child, she was always interested in wildlife. Plant life amazed her the most: so subtle, so beautiful, yet powerful in its own way. She began researching plants and their habits, and even asked her idol Erika for some tips and pointers on starting out with grass pokemon. After given this advice, she told her parents and began her own journey to raise, train, tame, and breed those creatures that fascinated her.
First Post:

Vetani woke early this day, stretching her arms and letting out a loud yawn. A shadow passed her open door, and then returned. When she opened her shutters, she could see that the shadow was merely her mother.

"Oh, hey ma'." Vetani said, removing her covers and sliding herself out of bed.

"Hello Tania. Are you ready for today?"

"You bet I am!"

"Good," her mother said with a smile. "Get ready and come downstairs. Your father has a surprise for you."

"Alright ma'."

She pulled a green tanktop out of her drawer and slipped it on, along with her gloves. She put the bandana in her hair, tied it, and then slipped her capris on. Lastly, she tied her shoes and headed out the door of her bedroom.

Rushing down the stairs, she called to her mother and father. "Good morning ma', morning pa'! What's for breakfast?"

Her mother smiled and chuckled, "Pancakes, Tania. Want any?"

"Sure ma'."

Tania's father walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder. She turned and smiled to him, knowing what he had approached her for. "Tania, I have something for you."

"I know pa'. What is it?"

"It's this."

He pulled something out of his pocket, and showed it to his daughter. It was an authentic green Greatball, one only made by the company that her father works at.

"Green!" she shouted, "It's my favorite color!"

She ran up to her father and gave him a tight hug, and then took the green Greatball from his hand. "Thanks pa'!"

"You're quite welcome, Tania. Now, eat your breakfast. You've got a long journey ahead of you."

Vetani bowed slightly and smiled, heading over to the kitchen table. Quickly she wolfed down her pancakes, kissed both of her parents goodbye, and headed out her front door. There was her bike, waiting for her to ride it.

Finally. I've been waiting all my teenage life for this. And it's finally come!

"Look out world, 'cause here I come!" she shouted before starting off on her bike.

August 20th, 2005, 8:03 AM
I walked into a small city their was a pokemon center. A place were they heal your pokemon, so i've read. Above it a few spaces was a poke mart. A place were you can get poitons and any other things. Acress from that was a house just a house. the house looked like it had been their for years on end. the house needed to be painted and by the way it looked outside i really didn't want to see the inside of the house. In front of it was a nice looking house. by the front door their was tulips and daisies. The house was painted as white as the snow in winter.
I walked around the town and went out of the city.
I ran across the grass and ended up in pallet town. I walked around and treid to find the lab. Then i found it, it was in the back of the town.
I waked in and like million of the assidents were zooming by me. I walked on without geting hit my the people in white coats runing bye me.
I finally got to were prof.elm was at.
"Hm excuse me i'm suppose to get my first pokemon today" i said loud enough so he can hear over the stomping feet of the "white coats". He turned away. He was kinda tall. he wear a white coat buttened up and had short brown hair. "Oh hello" he said with a smile. "Who may you be" he asked me coming closer as in examining me.
"My name is Angel and i need my first pokemon" i said steping back onces. "Oh yes angel" he said leading me to a table with 8 pokeballs on it. "Back one" he said steping back.
I read the names of the pokmon in the pokeballs cause they had a name carved into them. I picked up a pokeball that said "eevee". "this one" i siad shwing the prof. the pokeball i picked up. "Ah you picked eevee" he said. "Here" he said handing me a device called a pokedex.

August 20th, 2005, 8:50 AM
OCC: um a few questions 1. Are we ALL meeting in Pallet even if were in Johto. 2. if we live in Johto can we still get starters at Pallet. 3. Can we group up and go in-groups? And 4. can the player tell me what pokemon there going to use i like Cyndaquil more than Charmander, I like Squirtle more than Totodile, I like Eevee more than Pikachu, and Bulbasuar amd Chikorite get a dead tie
After my question have been answered I want to join I hope it isn't a problem

August 20th, 2005, 9:06 AM
OCC: Well if you read it, it says that we can group up. we all are meeting in pallet. yes get yous staters at pallet.I don't get question 4.
"Thank you prof.Elm" i siad puting it in my backpack.
"Well you can hang out here because more new trainers are coming" Prof.Elm said to me. "Oh ok thank you i well" i siad. "Ok please go to the side so you don't get hurt and just wait for more trainers" he said pointing to the left side.
I walked over there and sat down on the floor. I put my backbag on the floor next to me.
I pushed the little white circle and in a yellow flash an cute lil brown fox appered in front of me.

August 20th, 2005, 9:17 AM
OOC: he wont's to know what pokemon we are going to pick
i am going to get Cyndaquil

August 20th, 2005, 9:28 AM
OCC: Oh ok. I've got eevee!

August 20th, 2005, 10:25 AM
OCC: ok thanks I did read it but not well enough I guess so pikachu and charmander are last resorts guess its plant or water for me lol

Name: Clow Damon
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Clow has a little less than tan skin, Blond hair, Dark blue eyes, Thin glasses, white shirt, blue vest, black pants, and red shoes. a pokegear with all cards black Ruby male backpack with two straps. and a belt made for pokeballs (note Im just saying it everyone probably has them
Background: Clow lives in Violet town with his mom and dad (who are ace trainers and rivals when they were kids). They have always been supported they wanted Clow to be a trainer but if he ever wanted to do something else they wouldnt mind.

First Post: Clow has just finished his breakfast and is all ready to go his backpacks is right by the door to outside his house. "You ready to go son were going to golden rod to get to Pallet faster ok?" my dad said after finishing his food. "Ok I think its about time to go dear, oh Clow Prof. Elm told me to give you these he helped buy them."
Clow gets a box with Pokegears in it. Hey do I need these? I have a pokegear" Clow said looking at the box. Oh dear there not for you there for all the trainers at Pallet that dont have one, Prof. Elm
thinks you should all keep in touch just I case something bad happens to one of you." my mom said with a smile. Ok thanks me and dad need to go now though thanks." Clow said stepping out the door. Ok Clow are you ready." My dad said while taking out a pokeball. "Huh?" Clow said looking at the ball. "Wear flying to Golden Rod then taking the train" he then throws the pokeball in the air and a Pidgeot came out. Jump on son we need to get there fast." Clow then jumped on the Pidgeot and they were off. In about 15 minutes they were at the station. "Ok lets go." Clow said with a smile. After a few minutes the train was off and we would be in Saffron in a few minutes.

August 20th, 2005, 10:31 AM
THe fox said "eeveee" when it came out and titled it's head to the side when she saw me. "Hi my names angel" i siad petting the eevee. "eeeevveee" it said sweetly. "aw your name is going to be missy" i siad. "eevee" missy said in agrement.

August 20th, 2005, 2:04 PM
Vetani rode out of her neighborhood, past Pokemon Centers and Marts, past her City's gym, and past the Game Corner. The exit of her City was merely a few blocks away.

Wow, there already? she thought, looking at the region's map that was placed on her bike. It showed her that she must go through Lavender and along the boardwalk-like bridge that led her to Vermillion.

This will take a while..darnit..I'm not a very patient person. Ah well, atleast I have my first pokemon to look forward to.

jamie emerald
August 20th, 2005, 2:54 PM
ok i will join this but im not sure if im any good at this kind of thing exactly Hehe ^_^

Name: Jamie Armstrong

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Apperance: Short dark blonde hair with it spiked up at the front, dark brown eyesand quite pale white skin. wearing blue jeans with a white short sleeved t-shirt with a sleevless red jacket over that and white and blue trainers with a red watch on his left wrist, in his white backpack he has no pokeballs, a rope, potions x4, antidotes and remedys x 6 and a red pokegear.

Background: jay's family all live in cerulean city, His mother, father and 3 older brothers live there, his 3 older brothers would have left for there journeys a long time ago but, being 20 and over, they all stayed in cerulean city and try desperately to get mistys ( the gym leader of cerulean city) sisters to go out with them, since jay loves pokemon so much he has always spent alot of the time at the gym, misty her self is very good friends with jay and thinks its greats hes finally starting his own adventure, misty even lets jay play with the water pokemon there, this might be the reason jay loves water pokemon so much.

First Post:
Jamie armstrong was walking home from the pokemart one day carrying a plastic bag, the bag was full of pokemon remedys like potions and antidotes.
as jay walked passed the pokemon center he looked up at its huge sign with a dewgong on it and the sun was just peering over the dewgongs head meaning it was getting a bit late, so jay decided against what he was thinking of doig.
he had been thinking like he did everytime he passed the gym, wether he should go in and have a chat with misty and see how the pokemon were doing.

once jamie got home his mother came rushing int othe hall and taking the bag from him saying
"wem ust hurry jamie professor oak said you shoudl leave tomorow mornign if you want to be on time"
"ok mum i know " said jamie as he enterd the kitchen to find a a new set of cloths all his favourite outfit and favourite colours and a new backpack with his newly bought pokenav on the table. his mother, loading his bag neatly with the items jay had just bought and all the things on the table apart from his new cloths.

the next morning jamie got up and had a great breakfast of sausage bacon and eggs with all of his family around him but his father of corse who was still in bed.
" will take care wont you jamie" said his eldest brother gavin who was training to be a gym leader himself
"i will" said jamie quitely, truth be told he was actually alot more nervous about traveling on his own,
"well make sure you do" said his youngest of the elder brothers jon who was moving out soon to open his own pokemart with his wife kelly.
"ok" replied jamie
" well sound a bit happier" said his middle older brother duncan, jamie looked up " your finally doing what yove been nagging about doing for 6 years and now your all quite" said his brother grinning at him
" dont take the mick out of him hes nervous" saidh is mother patting him on the back.
" here this is from all of us " said gavin giving him a small wrapped up box
" and this is fro myour father and me" giving jamie a smaller box
" oh cool thanks " said jamie a smile getting put on his face he took his gifts and opend his brothers one 1st, it was 3 pokeballs, one black with a yellow box on it and the other was blue colour with red add on bits on either side of the top and the 3rd was a completely white ball but for the button and the line between top and bottom witch was red " a ultra ball, a great ball and a premier ball, thanks so much guys * he looked at his brothers finally with great genuine smile on his face, he minimezed them to be a bit smaller than a large marble then put them in the small pocket at the front of his bag on the back of the chair he was sitting on.
then he opend his mothers an fathers gift it was a silver chain with a silver pokeball pendant on the end of it " wow cool thanks so much mum " he hugged his mother " thanks so much mum"
his mother hugged him back and said
" your welcome just promise me youll take care ok"

a bit later on at about 8:30 am his mother put a couple of sandwiches in his bag and a big bottle of water and a cup it was time for him to go.
jamie waved goodbye to his family as he walked up the road to the exit of cerulean city when he realised he hadnt said goobye to misty so he turned to run to the gym but then saw misty running toward him holding her azurill.
" hey misty" said jamie as she got close enough to hear him
" hey jamie you wasnt thinking of leaving without me was you ?" jamie looked at her slightly confussed but also his stomach did leap when she said it
"are you coming with me then ?" asked jamie looking at her
" of corse didnt think id let you go all the way there without any protection did ya " she said winking at him
and after that they smiled at each other and walked off up the path to mt moon.
after a few steps tho jamie said
"thanks" without stopping or lookign at her, misty didnt say anything just took his hand as the ywalked.

August 21st, 2005, 7:42 AM
OOC: cool i am at Olivine City which mean's i can get to Vermilion City easy

IC: i go to the port at Olivine City and i take the S.S. Aqua to Vermilion City
2 hour's later i get to Vermilion City and start to word's Saffron City

August 21st, 2005, 9:18 AM

Age: 13 (going 14 soon)

Gender: Female

Appeariance: Long light brown hair a bit curly, dark sparkling green eyes, tall (dont remember how much, im tall though), thin, wearing a cute jeans skirt and a short summer purple shirt with the writing "gotta win" on it. Her shoes are trainers, white. Her left hand with 4 bracelets and she carries a sporty bag which contains poke balls, food, pokemon books, water and some personal stuff. her skin is white as well.

Backround: Greta's family is quite messed up after her father's death, which has happened 4 months ago. She used to have a lovely house in Lavender town, but now the atmosphere there is so depressing because of the unfortunate event that she even wonders if leaving her family would be such a bad thing to do. Greta has a work-holic mother who would do everything to make her kids content. She also has 1 younger brother, Benjamin, who is almost 10 years old, but yet so informed about pokemon. She has an older sister, Yasmin, 17, who is already out on her poke trip and has managed to be a great trainer. Greta feels so lonely there, she starts to think about starting her own adventure , she knows her dad would be glad to see her making her own plans.

First post:

An annoying noise wakes Greta up. She opens her eyes silently, and she takes a look at her room full of posters. She gets up and looks out from the window. All she can see is nothing at all. It is weird how dead this looked. She changes to her everyday outfit and lead herself to the kitchen. She watches her mom making breakfast silently and sits down next to her brother.
"Breakfast's ready!" her mom says placing 2 plates with food on the table.
"Im not hungry" Greta says and she looks at the floor dissapointed.
"Hey there girl" her mother says gently.
"I know you want to be a pokemon trainer and Im not pussing you to stay with me. Its your dream and I wouldnt want to be the reason to waste it. You make me even more sad while having a face like that."
"We'll miss you" Ben says looking at his sister.
"So, can I go?" Greta asks waiting patiently.
Her mother smiles, which means yes, and leads her daughter to the door after a while.
"Do you have everything you need?" mom says.
"Yes, and I have enough money to buy other things too." Greta says.
After saying goodbye to her mother and brother she walks away with no regrets in her mind. Its real and its happening. Shes going to start her own adventure, become a powerful pokemon trainer, make new friends and meet new places. Before she even took 2 steps her brother runs next to her holding something.
"You're still younger to be starting a pokemon journey, bro" she says and smiles to her brother.
"No, thats for you. Yasmin thought giving you these items would make it even easier to get used to training pokemon. Some of them must be rare, so take care of them. You never know who you might meet in your journey!" he says giving her the small plastic bag.
"Thanks. Tell mom that I can take care of myself, I feel old and strong enough. Bro, are you crying?"
Ben wipes his tears quickly.
"No, strong trainers never cry. You have taught me this."
"But its ok to cry sometimes. Ill miss you and mom bro. And you will become a very strong trainer in some time! I have faith in you."
These were her last words before leaving. It was such a weird feeling, but it was so good to feel this way! She knew that this journey was gonna make her father be proud of her..

August 21st, 2005, 9:26 AM
Awsome i'll join. I'll choose Pika lol

Name: Kelly

Age: 13

Gender: female

Apperance: I have light brown hair that goes down to my shoulders and light blue eyes. I wear a black T-Shirt that says 'It seemed like a good idea at the time..' and light blue jean shorts. I also have on black and red shoes with white ankel socks and a Pikachu shilloett necklace. My bakcpack consists of a couple of apples and one stolen, dark blue PokeNav XD X3

Background: I grew up in the Viridian forest alone. I was abandoned at birth and raised by wild Pokemon of the viridian forest, especialy the Pikachu family. One day I ventured out to Viridian city and heard gossip about it being the time for the new Pokemon trainers to travel from all over Kanto and Johto to Proffesor Oak's lab in Pallet town and get their first Pokemon and go off on adventures. It sounded really cool so Kelly decided to give it a try. She always wandered off to Viridian city from time to time to gather food so when she went one day she asked where Pallet town was and someone gave her directions and when to go to Oak's lab.

First Post: Kelly walked through Viridian city, looking for food for her family. She looked at all the stands that were selling all kinds of stuff like food, Pokeballs, and all sorts of stuff for Pokemon. Kelly stopped at a fruit stand and, when nobody was watching, grabbed a couple of apples and stuffed them in her dark blue leather backpack. Snickering, Kelly continued on. When she got to one particular stand, she stopped. Looking down she saw what looked like some sort of mini computer. They came in all sorts of colors. She looked up at the sign on the stand. It read "PokeNavs! The map, Pokemon checker, and much more! All in one!!" Kelly looked down and snickered. Looking around, making sure nobody was watching, she quickly picked up a dark blue one, her favorite color, and stuffed it in her bag. She continued walking until..
"Hey! Give that back!" Kelly tunder her head to see the angry owner of the shop where she stole the PokeNav from, running toward her at full speed.
"Oh sh*t!!" Kelly said under her breathe as she quickly out run the guy, tuned a couple of corners, and hid behind a tall bush on the side walk. A few minutes later the guy could be heard cussing from a few blocks away. He never found her.

Kelly waited a couple of hours, resting in the bush, then, when it was about nighttime, she walked casualy out of the bush and started off for her home in the forest. The guy had already gone home.

Once she got to her home, which was a giant hollowed out tree where all the Pikachu in Viridian forest lived, she found her den in the tree and found her family also. Her family consisted of her mom, the mother Pikachu, her dad, the father Raichu, and her borhter and sister, her sister was named Sakura and her brother was named Spark, they were both still Pichus.

"Hi mom" Kelly said to the mother Pikachu who was lying down in the den. Kelly placed the apples next to th mother and the baby Pichu. Her father, Raichu, was out looking for food too at the time. Once she placed down the apples the baby Pichu ran excidetly over to them but the mother protected the apples with her tail.

"Pika!" Pikachu said sternly to the others. Sadly, the two baby Pichu walked away and lay back down next to their mother. Kelly was confused. The mother Pikachu turned to her.

"You want me to keep these?" Kelly asked, still confused.

"Pikapi Pikachuu.." The mother Pikachu said soothinly. Kelly unerstood the Pika language and understood what her mother was saying.

"So you want me to keep these for my journey then.." Kelly said looking down at her mother. The Pikachu nooded, smiling. Kelly smiled back.

"Ok then, I shall leave tommro for my journey." The two baby Pichu looked up at her, their eyes filling with tears. "Aww..don't worry guys i'll be back soon..Besides, in order to get anywhere from Pallet town, you have to go through here first" She winked at the two. They smiled and rubbed their eyes. And with that said they all went to sleep, waiting for the Raichu to come back with food and for Kelly's new journey tommro morning..

August 21st, 2005, 12:15 PM
((I'll be getting Bulbasaur, just for y'all's reference.))

She pedalled faster and faster, now riding along the bridge south of Lavender. This was the best path for her, since she knew that from Vermillion was a shortcut to Cerulean, which could lead her down an easy path to Pallet. Which is where her first pokemon will be waiting for her.

Bulbasaur's the one I want. It's so adorable. she thought, and smiled, thinking of the moment that she would receive it.

Just before she hit the shortcut to Vermillion, she spotted a lone house on the boardwalk. She shrugged and headed inside. There was a man sitting at a table, with fishing gear on.

"Hello young lady. May you be a pokemon trainer?"

"Not yet, sir. I'm heading to Pallet Town now."

"Woah, that's a long way lassie." he said, feeling the spine of his fishing rod. "I wish I could help ya, but all I've got is this." He picked it up by the reeler and breifly showed it to Vetani. "Say..do you have an interest in fishing?"

Vetani shrugged, "I don't suppose so. But I could give it a try."

"That's the spirit!" he said with a smile, handing the Old Rod over to her. "I bet you'll learn to love it once you try. That one may be a beginner's rod, but there's no way to go but up."

She smiled and bowed slightly, heading for the door. "Thank you, sir."

"You're quite welcome, Lassie." he replied, just before Vetani exited.

Boarding her bike once again, she slung the rod over her shoulder. She doubted that it would come of use to her, but giving it a try wouldn't hurt.

The passageway to Vermillion came close. She entered, nodded to the guard, and passed through, seeing the tall grass just before her goal city. Carefully she avoided the tall plants, remembering that pokemon existed in there. She could not fight if she did not have a pokemon.

August 21st, 2005, 12:28 PM
in case u all know im gonna choose charmader as my first pokemon (not yet, soon)

Greta had been walking for so long that it turned to be night.
It was 9.30 pm and weather is getting from bad to worse. You can hear the wind, which is a pretty scary sound, you can see lighting in the sky and raindrops make you feel even colder. Greta is now passing through a forest and she's so tired that all she wants is to lay down and sleep. But she wont, cause she want to see Prof. Oak in time, and she cant wait for her first pokemon. She knows that she has 2 more days to go to Pallet but she's glad about it.
If only she had anyone next to her right now...She feels so lonely inside. She barely even have friends, most of them are having their own adventures at the moemnt. She remembers the first day her sister Yasmin left for her adventure. She was so exctited about it, but she also had her friend with her.
While thinking, Greta suddenly slips and falls down. Her clothes are now covered by mud.
"Just great" she mumbles and then stands up trying to take the mud of.
"They all left me" she continues mumbling while walking.
"Im not important to anyone. I have no one to talk to. Next thing I know is that I'll end up hanging out with pokemon"
She stops feeling angry with her self.
"What have we agreed to do Greta? No more complains. This is your life, get it? You cant change it!"
She continues walking and can see that the storm had already stopped. She finds a big tree and takes a large sleeping bag from her sporty bag and tries to get some sleep. Maybe tommorow when she'll wake up she'll have more luck.

August 21st, 2005, 1:32 PM
In the morning..

Kelly woke up from the sunlight entering the den. She yawned, stretching, careful not to wake the others. She and the baby Pichu were all huddled in the back of the den and in the front was the mother Pikachu. Kelly carefully got up and, stepping over the two baby Pichu and the Pikachu, got out of the cave and sat on the ledge. The cave, along with all the other Pikachu family caves, were made inside the hollowed out giant tree, to protect the babies from predators. She looked around. On another ledge she spotted her dad, Raichu.

"Hey!" Kelly replied cheefully as she jumped over to that ledge. The Raichu turned to her.

"Rai Raichu" It replied.

"Oh, i'm doing fine" Kelly said happlily. "Thanks for the food last night by the way" Kelly let out a sheepish grin "I bought some home but ma said to keep it for my journey"

Raichu waved it off and after that said, they both went back in the cave for breakfast. After the mother woke up and the baby Pichu woke up they had a breakfast consisting of nuts and berries, along with chunks of apples the mother broke up.

After breakfast Kelly got her backpakc and said goodbye to her family. Hugging her two siblings she whispered "Don't worry, i'll be back soon with a new friend for you two." After that she hugged her mom and dad and hopped down from the den. "I'll be back soon don't worry." She called back to her family. And with that spoken, Kelly jumped out through the hole in the tree and landed on the soft ground.

Following the trail out of the Viridian forset, she headed for Pallet town..

August 21st, 2005, 2:11 PM
It seems like there's always something to wake Greta up. This time it was a weird feeling that made her open her eyes. The weather was as sunny as it could get. It felt like things were going to be much easier. She packed her sleeping bag, and started eating an apple she found in her bag. She could sense that someone was around. She heard a noise coming through some bushes next to her. She starred in wonder and continued eating. She heard the noise again.
"What the..?" she said but stopped when she saw a small creature appearing next to her.
"Are you a bulbasuar?" she smiled satisfied.
Bulbasuar made a strange noise and sat next to her looking at her eating.
"You must be hungry" she said and cut a piece of her apple and gave it to the pokemon. Bulbasuar looked at her like saying "thank you" and started eating with pleasure.
"Too bad I cant take you with me. I have to get my first pokemon from prof. Oak. I have 2 days to arrive at Pallet town you know. And you must be used in living in the forests."
Greta started to realise that Pokemon are maybe more loyal than humans are. She still believed that her first friend would be a pokemon, and she starting believing this even more when she looked at Bulbasuar.
"Dont look at me like that. You'll make me take you and thats not right." she said to it.
Bulbasuar said ok in its own way feeling dissapointed.
"But who knows, we might meet again, and I might even catch you!" Greta added and winked.
Time passed and Greta had to leave. She walked and walked, not giving attention to her legs which hurted so much and she finally got to be in a city. She arrived where prof oak was, feeling excausted but happy together. She was going to have her very first pokemon! Before entering prof Oak's office, she sweared she would do anything to make it the most powerfull ever no matter what.
When she entered the room things were quiet as well and prof Oak was sitting and writign some notes on his PC.
"Erm, excuse me, sir?" Greta said as gently as she could.
"Yeah, em what who where?" pro Oak suddenly said and he looked at her in an odd way.
"Er...Im Greta from Lavender town. Do you remember me sir? You were supposed to give me my first pokemon..." she said nervously.
"Um, phewww...sorry there girl, I was just too busy writing some notes. Oh sure I remember you! So you're ready to get started? Fine then! Let me show you!"
He showed her a small table with some poke balls placed on it.
"Do I have to choose my pokemon?" Greta asked feeling excited.
"I know which one is the best for you. Your mom has been telling me you love fire pokemons, right? Thats a strong choice for begginers!"
"Fire pokemon? Wow I would be so glad if I had one! So, which one is it?"
Prof. Oak picked the last pokeball form the right and gave it to Greta.
"Here you go, its Charmader. With some really fine training, he could become really strong! But remember, pokemon are not only used for fighting and winning battles, they can be your friends too."
Greta was so excited about her new pokemo that she couldnt find words to thank him.
"Well I guess I have to go now. New adventures are opening in my way. Thanks a lot, I will be the best company for Charmader, and I will make him strong enough to win all the battles."

August 21st, 2005, 3:13 PM
Kelly continued to walk down the road. She had gotten out of Viridian forest and was now walking down a grassy path towards Pallet town. She was not afraid if pokemon saw her for she knew none of them would attack around these parts.

Kelly continued walking for a couple more minutes until she stopped short. There, behind a large oak tree, was a shadow of what looked to be a Pokemon. She didn't let it notcie her and continued walking her way toward Pallet town. She saw the shadow move from tree to tree, still stalking her. Kelly stopped. The shadow stopped. Kelly continued walking. The shadow moved from tree to tree, following her. Kelly let out a low, annoyed growl. "Ok look, whatever you are you better show yourself now or else!!" She shouted towards the tree it was hiding behind. I na flash though, the shadowed Pokemon was gone. She blinked a few times before continuing on her way. "Boy that was random" She said to herself as she approached Pallet town finally. "All right!!" Kelly jumped up, feeling more enegectic then usual, and ran towards what looked like the lab. It was a huge place, and had a couple of acres in the back of it, where what looked like every kind of pokemon imaginable, were kept. "WOW" Kelly said, amazed by all the Pokemon. She climbed up the steps that led to the lab and knocked on the door. A couple of seconds later a guy in a white lab coat came out. "Oh..and who might you be?" He asked politly. "I am Kelly, and I am here for my first Pokemon!" She replied excitdetly. "Well come on in then" He said, montioning Kelly to go in. She did. The place was huge. The walls were painted white and the floor tiles were also white. We continued to walk through the lab. "I am Proffesor Oak" Oak explained, while continuing to walk through the lab. We then came to a small room with a couple of machines in it and a weird circular looking one in the middle. In the middle, the circular one held 8 PokeBalls on it. They were all red and white except one. One of the PokeBalls was dark blue and white with a lightning bolt on the top of it. "Oooo" Kelly said, mesmerized by it. "These are the eight starting Pokemon for the new trainers" Professor Oak explained "Choose whichever one you desire" Kelly picked up the dark blue and white PokeBall with the lightning bolt on it. "Whats i this one?" Kelly asked, still amased. "That one contains a Pikachu. Its a hyper little one it i-" "Professor i'll take it!!" She said, jumping up and down. She thought what her family would think when she brought back a new family member. "uhh........you sure? I mean, its kinda a litlle....hyper.." Professor Oak backed up when he saw Kelly was gonna release it. "um..wait no-!" "I choose you, Pikachu!!" Kelly called out as she released the PokeBall. There was a flash of light and when it disapeared, a little ball of fuzzy yellow light can be seen bouncing off the walls of the room. "Gaah!" Professor Oak Shouted as he took cover underneath one of the lab tables. "Aww cool!!" Kelly said. Little sparks can be seen shooting off the walls with the little yellow fuzzball. "I wanna play too!" Kelly said as she began chasing after the little ball of fuzz. Within seconds, Kelly had caught the little ball and was hugging it already. The little fuzz ball tried to squirm away but failed for Kelly was holding on to it tightly. It gazed up at her "Pikaa.." It said, a huge grin spreading across its face. "Hey!!" Kelly called to it cheefully "Wanna be my friend?" She asked hyperly. The little Pikachu bounced up and down in her arms and replied with a "Pika!!" "Awsome!" Kelly said hugging it again. Professor Oak, amased at Kelly's ability to understand Pikachu, walked up cautiously and gave her 6 PokeBalls, along with the dark blue and white ball with the lighting bolt on it for Pikachu. He also handed her a Pokedex. She put Pikachu down and put the balls and pokedex in her bag. She looked at the Pikachu, who was now runnig around in circles. She gigled "Well I guess it would be a waste to leave you cramped up in a PokeBall" She said, picking up the Pikachu and giving it another hug. She hugged back. I think i'll call you..Lily" She said, smiling at the Pikachu. Lily smiled back, obiously happy of its new name. Professor Oak smiled at the two new best friends then said "Well lets go to the other room now, I have another trainer I want you two to meet." Kelly looked up and followed Professor Oak to another room with a trainer in it. There was a table and two cushoined benches on either side. "This is Greta" Professor Oak said. The trainer looked up at Kelly and Lily. Lily and Kelly both looked at the trainer.

August 21st, 2005, 10:50 PM
Greta continued starring at the girl who just entered the door with prof. Oak and she could see a Picachu next to her. She then smiled to the pokemon and trainer.
"And this Kelly, Greta. And her new Picachu. You're both starters you know! My lab has been known as the perfect place for trainers to meet each other, especialy when they get their first pokemon the same day!"
Greta agreed and standed next to Kelly and lilly.
"Your Picachu looks very happy with you. You're so lucky to have one! They're hard to find, arent they? My brother does research for them, and he knows everything about them. Well, almost, because he's still young. Anyway, Im starting with Charmader, but I haven't thought of keeping him out of his pokeball like you! It seems really nice to have its company while travelling. By the way, it's nice meeting you, so how old are you? I didn't imagine I would find other trainers at the moment, so its good that you're here too." she said to Kelly.
Prof. Oak returned to the room holding something.
"Your sister left this for you Greta. I'm so proud of her, she's on her way to becoming a real pokemon master. And she's such a generous girl as well." he said giving her a pokeball.
"This doesnt look like an empty pokeball!" greta said shaking the pokeball.
"No, your sister caught this for you. She was keeping it for your birthday, but I can give to you by now. No, no, no, dont open it yet, it's a water pokemon and it needs water as well. You will find places to see your new pokemon while on your way."
"This is so nice of her giving me a pokemon, but I actually wanted to caught my own."
"That's ok, its her gift. You can caught as many pokemon as you like in your journey."
Greta agreed and put her new pokemon in her bag. She then turned to Kelly waiting for her answer.

August 22nd, 2005, 5:15 AM
IC: i see a bike shop and i go in. i see a green bike and i buy it with the money that my mom and dad gave me and i start riding. i go on for 5 hour's.
i make it to the rd in between Saffron City and Cerulean City.
and i decide to stop for the night

OOC: gothsinn23 do you wont to join up on the way ???

August 22nd, 2005, 6:51 AM
Kelly and Lily turned back to Greta "Oh, i'm 13" She answered "So your bro studies the Pika family? Thats cool. He must know everything about them." Kelly lied. Living with the Pika family all your life and actually understand them is way more accurate then just studdying them. But Kelly didn't say anything about her family for the fear of people thinking shes weird or something like that. "Oh, and the reason i'm keeping this little fuzzball out is just cause shes so hyper and I can't possibly imagine her cramped up in a dark Pokeball all day" Kelly looked down and smiled at the Pikachu, who was still trying to get out of her hold on her. Kelly laughed and then looked at Greta "So how old are you? Can we be like, friends and travel together?" Kelly thought some company on her and Lily's journey would do them some good.

jamie emerald
August 22nd, 2005, 8:38 AM
mist and jamie had very few bumps on there way to pewter city through mt moon and even less on there way through viridian forrest except for the fact that misty scream every corner they turned for seeing ANOTHER bug pokemon tho they did have one hitch in the viridian forrest, they got lost.
" what do we do now" said jamie looking u pat the sky as it was getting dark
" well have to set up camp and crash here for the night if we cant get out soon!" said misty slightly histerical and falling to her knees, jamie grinned at her.
"calm down misty itl be ok ok well how about we keep going but collect some fire wood on the way ok ?" said jamie walking over now to misty to put his hands on her shoulders, she agreed and the ywhere of again but een after a hour passed and it was properly night now they wer estill in thick forrest are so they pitched up a tent and jamie went into the trees a bit accompanied by mistys politoed for help while misty got the tent ready.
" i cant believe were lost in the forrest, how exciting is this politoed ? " he asked politoed who was walking next him clapping its hands every step, jamie gigled at its clapping and continued colectiing some wood.
later when he and politoed had gone back to the clearing to find misty hiding in her tent and found a caterpie asleep outside of it
"misty you in there?" asked jamie going to the back of the tent
"yes, now can you GET RID OF THAT THING !" yelled misty
"mwee" said a little squieky voice and the caterp ie was awake
" what am i suposed to do?" asked jamie
" catch it i na pokeball or something" said misty form inside the tent
" how can i do that i dont have any," he stoped remembering the pokeballs his brothers had given him, and he took out the great ball
" but i dont have a pokemon to battle it with"
"use politoed!" yelled misty
" ok well umm , politoed doubleslap!" said jamie pointing at the caterpie looking at him curiously, but as politoed ran towards it it shot a silk thread from its mouth at the hands of politoed and its hands where incased ina ball of thread
" pokeball go!" said jamie throwqing the greatball at the caterpie,
"mwee?" said the caterpie as the great ball hit it and it got pulled into the ball.
It started to shake, and misty unzipped the top of the tent and looked out and jamie was staring intently at the caterpie as the ball continued to shake,then suddenly it stoped shaking and there was a beep and the ball lay motionless on the floor.
" wow did i catch a pokemon?" said jamie staring gobsmacked at the ball
"yeap you sure did " said misty and she sighed "this reminds me of the time ash and me came throuh here, his 1st pokemon was a caterpie too"

later jamie was holding the greatball lookign at it , misty now asleep in the tent jamie decided to let it out and give it some food he had left for it from his own food, he let it out and with a "mweee" it looked at him happily
" hey caterpie, do you want something to eat ?" cater pie nodded and started to eat the food left in jamies can, he smiled as he watched it eat.

the next day jamie had caterpie on his shoulder and misty a couple of steps away as they walked down the the path they had been told would take the mstriaght to viridian city

August 22nd, 2005, 1:16 PM
OoC: Sure Zorro.

Vetani stopped at a small cave to her right, looking at it suspiciously. She decided not to enter, because she still didn't have a pokemon. Instead, she went around looking at the construction and also the docks.

The S. S. Anne was docked in Vermillion City. Once she got her pokemon, she would be sure that this would be her chance to train her newly-received pokemon. But that's a job for another day.

Again she boarded her bike and headed north, where the tunnel to Cerulean City would lie. There would be tall grass here as well, so she carefully avoided it and rode on.

August 23rd, 2005, 3:45 AM
Greta looked at both of them feeling happy.
"Do you really mean this? Sure I will travel with you and your Picachu and sure I'll be your friend! You have no idea how terrible the feeling of travelling with no one next to is! And I hate lonelyness as well. But now that you mentioned this, I'm definitely gonna come with you. Where are you planning to go by the way and when are we going to leave? Sorry if I sound too much of a chatter, but I cant help it cause Im excited. Don't worry though, I'm gonna be much better when we start. Oh, and, Im also 13 like you." she said without taking a breathe and she smiled again.
Things were going to be much better than she thought, and just the thought of starting new adventures and meeting all these interesting people on her way made her feel that she wouldn't change this for anything.
"I think we have to leave from here. Prof. Oak must be waiting for other trainers at the moment" she added then and brushed her long hair with her hands nervously. She then took of her sport bag a hat (white with one dark blue P on it) that her brother have given her to remember him and placed it on her head. She then took off her bag her mentallion (a silver big sparkling letter G) and also weared it.

August 23rd, 2005, 5:34 AM
Kelly giggled. "Trust me your not the only excited one here." She said, looking down at the struggling Pikachu in her arms. "I think we should travel through the Viridian forest first and then through Viridian city." Kelly said. "Maybe we can train a bit in Viridian city so that when we get to Pewter city we can battle the Gym leader there, Brock" Kelly put the hyperactive Lily on her shoulder, who bounced up and down and crawled up on her head. Kelly and Greta continued to laugh as Lily crawled up on her head and started to jump up and down. Kelly tightened her Pikachu necklace then took Lily off her head. "Shall we go then?"

August 23rd, 2005, 9:07 AM
OOC: cool

IC: i see a bike coming my way and the girl on the bike does not see me

and there is a big rock in the road and she is a bout to hit it wean i say look out!!!! and i jump out and let her hit me to stop her from hitting the rock

crash we hit

and i fall down and so does she. i say are you ok ????

August 23rd, 2005, 9:25 AM
(I'm choosing Totodile)
Age: 15
Apperance: Shoulder length brown hair, Jade eyes, Caucasion(sp?), Wears a long gray skirt and a loose dark green shirt along with a hip pack under the shirt, but over the skirt.
Background: From Viridian City, and has a very disconnected family life.

Matsumori stared out into the blue sky as she looked at the old mahoganey table. Her clothing was set into a backpack, which seemed rather small as she looked up at it. Not that she cared that it was small, it's size would do. The dirty dishes made a look to make most anyone say to wash them, but she didn't care. Today was the day she was going to start her pokemon journey, and she could care less about chores if it hit her in the face with a black baseball bat. She stood up, closing her hip bag, placing it underneath the long green shirt she wore. She grasped up the bag, placing it over her shoulder as it graced her waist with it's welcome weight. "I guess it's time to go, goodbye old decrepit house." She smiled slightly, the sarcasm subtle as she closed the door. She moved towards the road, heading to Pallet town.

August 23rd, 2005, 1:51 PM
" OOC: sorry Im late
After a short train ride Clow and his dad were in Saffron. "Ok Clow were almost there we just fly north then east then south well be there in a few minutes maybe about 15, ok lets go Pidgeot." My dad said throwing the pokeball in the air. the Pidgeot came out once more. Lets go son. My dad said and with that we took a short fly and we were in pallet. " Great were here I said walking into the door there seamed to be only 3 people the to Prof. and Angel. Ah Clow your hear Prof. Elm said. this young lady has been playing with her new Eevee this hole time Im glad to see you." Prof. Elm said bring me up to the table with the pokemon. "Ok I think I no what ill do.... Clow takes the Charmander, the Squirtle, the Cyndaquil, and the Bulbasaur balls. I'll wait till everyone else gets here and once they choose from the once I have ill have less and the last one with me is mine." Clow said letting the four out of there balls. "Until then i think ill hangout with them and see what there like." Clow said while petting the Squirtle. "Thats generous and creative Clow thank you." Prof. Oak said. "Oh and before I forget girl, catch." Clow threw the pokegear. My mom bought them so we would all have one. Clow said playing with all the pokemon.
OOC: looks like I may get Squirtle in the end unless someone changes thier mind

jamie emerald
August 23rd, 2005, 4:10 PM
jamie and misty had made it to viridian city but as the ygot there misty turned to him and said
" ok jamie i think ive gone far enough with you i also have some stuff to deal with here in viridian city so do you mind carrying on without me ?" she said all this looking as if she wouoldnt have done it if she didnt have to
" ok i can make it me and caterpie can manage" replied jamie smiling at misty and going over to her with his caterpie still on his shoulder he hugged her and she ignored the caterpie and hugged him back.

jamie then walked straight through viridian city and then down the stoney path to pallet town where he would fianll yget his starter pokemon, but on the way he tripped over a rock and landed on his caterpie
"omg caterpie are you ok ?"
" return caterpie" and a red beam hit his caterpie and it got put back in the ball, " oh dear i better hurry to pallet town now " said jamei and he set off at a run to pallet town to get his starter pokemon and to heal caterpie.

August 23rd, 2005, 6:53 PM

Vetani falls and scrapes her elbow badly along the pavement. She stood, putting her hand on the wound.

Are you ok? she heard.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why did you try to stop me like that? Only one of us would be hurt right now if you hadn't tried that. But.." she smiled slightly, seeing the girl's worried expression, "Thanks for saving me."

August 23rd, 2005, 10:49 PM
"Yes, we shall go." Greta said and looked behin her.
"Goodbye Prof. Oak. It was nice meeting you and thank you for the pokemon. You will not regret giving Charmader to me." she added and then she walked out of the lab with Kelly and Lilly.
The weather outside was so sunny that Greta wished she had taken her sunglasses with her. She couldn't wait to find a proper place to check out her new pokemon and get to know them.
"I hope Viridian forest is not so far from here, because I heared that there are many pokemon to catch there. And sure I can't wait until we finally get to battle with a gym leader, I guess our Pokemon need much training to be ready for this."
As they continued their way to Viridian forest they knew what they left behind and wondered what they were going to meet in this journey.
It ended up that Viridian forest indeed wasn't so far away and they arrived there in 1 and half hours of walking. The place seemed a little spooky in the begging because of all its sounds and plants.
"I think we should stop here for a small brake" Greta said pointing a place to sit under a tree.

August 24th, 2005, 3:17 AM
Matsumori continued to walk through the forest, hoping to hit Pallet town before she came in contact with another person who wanted things she could not give. She didn't like people talking to her that way much, so she continued to keep moving no matter what the people said. She'd give them a glance, but find most of them not really worth the time to hear out. Her body could take hours of walking even before a simple lunch, so she hoped it would last until she got to Pallet. She sighed as she looked up at the sky, hoping it would clear enough to not rain on her, she only really had one rain coat anyhow. "Is that Pallet Town?" She said to herself as she stared at the clearing around her. It was an okay looking Town, and she didn't really have to ask, considering she was staring right at the sign. "I guess it's time I got my pokemon then." She walked in the lab, noticing a girl playing with the four pokemon left in Professor Oak and Elm's care. "Excuse me." Professor Elm was the first to notice her, considering she could barely talk above a whisper to strangers.
"You must be...."
"It's Matsumori."
"Ah, Did you want to look at them before you choose?"
"No, I have already decided on Totodile." Professor Elm looked rather surprised, but handed her the pokeball containing Totodile before he saw fangs on her rather calm face.
"Well, here's your pokegear and your six pokeballs."
"Thank you professor Elm, I'll be going now." She left the lab, leaving the other trainer to play with the remaining three pokemon. She headed for the forest again, releasing the totodile out of it's ball. She walked with the Totodile beside her for awhile, before placing it back in it's ball.

August 24th, 2005, 5:17 AM
Kelly hesitated. "Umm...Greta do you mind we stay here the whole day?" She really wanted to see her family again but she couldn't possibly tell Greta that. "Pi Pikachu!!" [Yeah it'll be fun!!] Kelly heard heard what Lily said above on her head. Greta couldn't understand though.."Uhmm...It'll be fun" Kelly said, nervously. She didn't want Greta to be ticked at her the first day..

August 24th, 2005, 5:28 AM
Matsumori's Totodile began to react again, and she wondered what would cause this usually dancing pokemon to keep running any direction without losing her. "To-totodile!" {follow me!} She sighed and kept walking as she saw a few people resting, she didn't want to be near people, at least not other trainers who would want to battle, she hadn't planned on catching any pokemon until they reached a certain point of the forest. "Sora! Stop it!" Yeah, she had named it after some person that she saw on Television, that showed how much she cared about people. Before she knew it, her Totodile had done watergun all over the people near the tree, or wherever she was in the forest. "I'm sorry, my Totodile isn't well trained, and I just got him today." She looked up at the soaked people, hoping not to be tackled or told they didn't hear her.

August 24th, 2005, 5:53 AM
((OMG I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!11 *kills* XD X3))

Kelly looked up and just as she did she and Greta was hit with a watergun. "Whats the hell?!" "Pi Pikacha!!" [That felt good!!] Kelly sweatdropped at the statement "Yeah but now we're all wet!" She exclaimed. "PiPikachuu!!" [No worries!!] Lily said as it stood up on my head and shook off all the water onto her. 'Great thanks..' Kelly thought sarcasticly. She looked up at the person with the Totodile. "Its ok." Kelly said "It did feel good in a way.." "Pikaa" [See I told you..] Lily looked down at me. "Yeah and i'm sure you would've felt even better if I shook off all my water onto you.." Kelly said to Lily. They both stopped the convo when she noticed Greta and the girl staring at her. She sweatdropped 'Oh yeah, people don't know I can talk to the Pika family..' She sighed inside. Lily giggled. Kelly quickly changed the subject. "So umm....Whats your name?" She asked the girl..

August 24th, 2005, 5:58 AM
Matsumori hated meeting people, somehow it became harder if she was actually scared of talking to them. She looked up, hoping to find that this was a dream, and her totodile hadn't done that to the others. "Um...umm..." Her voice was so soft you could barely hear it, and the fact she had actually been scared from the moment she had seen them covered completely in water gun, hadn't helped her raise her voice. "Umm....it's...Matsu....mori. Matsumori." She sighed, realizing she'd have to face reality sooner or later, hoping that this wouldn't make her fear reality more.

August 24th, 2005, 6:12 AM
Suddenly Kelly walked up to the Mastumori and held out her hand "Hi. I'm Kelly" She said.

"Pi Pikachu!!" [Hi. I'm Lily!!] Lily exclaimed happily.

August 24th, 2005, 6:16 AM
Matsumori could feel the wet still on this trainer, was her name Kelly? She heard that name as the person shook her hand, but her mind was wondering if someone was going to yell at her next. "My Totodile is named Sora." She felt less afraid, but her voice was still only a slightly loud whisper. "Can I do anything to help you before I go? It's all my Sora's fault that you three are wet."

August 24th, 2005, 6:19 AM
Greta continued looking at the girl while trying to get rid of the water on her.
"Nice but cold" she added nervously smiling at the girl who gave her an odd look.
"Im Greta, it's nice meeting you Matsumori" she said then and shaked the girl's hand.
"So, are you a trainer also?"

August 24th, 2005, 6:22 AM
"You don't have ta go" Kelly said.

Lily jumped up and landed on Mastumori's head "Pika chuchu!!" [Yeah! Stay with us! Stay with us!!] Lily jumped up and down on Mastumori's head. Kelly sweatdropped and grabbed the little Pikachu before any harm was done. She sweatdropped again. "Sorry..about that" Kelly said, holding the little Pikachu so it couldn't get away.

August 24th, 2005, 6:23 AM
"Yes, I just started today, I have okay control over Sora." She pointed to her Totodile, who seemed to be talking to Lily. "I don't get out much, and my parents thought it best to get over my fear by a pokemon journey." She laughed nervously, showing it quite obvious that she had not had a lot of confidence with learning or getting to know new people. "Do you think I can repay you for not being angry...or too angry with me? And it's okay...but...I think I'd prefer traveling on my own..."

August 24th, 2005, 6:26 AM
Aww we're not angry with you" Kelly said, still holding Lily. "Why don't you travel with us?" She asked "Its never fun traveling alone"

"PikaPikachuu!!" [Hey! You got me don't you!!] Kelly sweatdropped even more before she put down the little Pikachu to play with Totodile. "Besides, the Pokemon will be happy too." She said as she looked at Lily and Totodile playing together on the ground..

August 24th, 2005, 6:30 AM
"I don't know...it's just hard. Have you guys eaten anything yet?" She hoped to be able to think a little before she would have to decide to travel alone or not. Sora simply walked over, jumping into her arms, knocking her down off guard. "I guess I deserved that." She mumbled, holding the excited Sora in her arms slightly as she placed a blanket a meter from the tree, so she could set herself down. 'I don't know what to do...I hate being indecisive.'

August 24th, 2005, 6:33 AM
Greta looked at the two pokemon who seemed to be having fun with each other and then looked at Matsumori.
"I must agree with Kelly and Lilly. There's no point of travelling alone...Besides, you can meet lot's of different and interesting people--including us." she said and giggled.
"Seeing that you both have your Pokemon out of their pokeballs already, I can't do nothing but just get jealous. Im gonna take my Charmander off its pokeball too." she added and made this happen.
The little creature which just appeared next to Greta seemed to be extremely excited.
Greta laughed with its reactions and looked at it while it tried to communicate with the other two.
"The best choice would be if you just continued travelling with us" she said to Matsumori.

August 24th, 2005, 6:37 AM
'Still, I don't want to cause them trouble, I'm too quiet...and my past is like a stupid obvious thing on my face.' She got up, Clearing the grass from her skirt as the blanket was folded slightly so she could hold it and she dropped Sora onto the ground gently as it went to play with the other pokemon. "Are you so sure I wouldn't burden your journey?"

August 24th, 2005, 6:53 AM
"Trust me, we're sure" Kelly said, still watching the other Pokemon play together. She turned to Greta "Right Greta?" She asked, even though she knew what she was gonna say..

August 24th, 2005, 6:58 AM
"I couldn't be more sure" she said and smiled to the two girls.
"Should we stay here or continue our way though?" she then asked and turned to see her charmander.
"Come here you little devil" she giggled while watching it trying to hide.
"Arent you just bored of moving around all the time?"

August 24th, 2005, 7:03 AM
"Hmm..." Kelly thought for a moment. She really wanted to see her family but she also didn't want her friends to suspect anything. Then she thought up of something. "Since we need more training before the Pewter city gym battles then we should split up and train around Viridian forest so we get more training done." She said. "How about we meet back here when it starts getting dark?" Kelly suggested..

August 24th, 2005, 7:06 AM
"I suppose I could give it a try." She picked up Sora, going in a direction she trusted. "See you later."

August 24th, 2005, 7:11 AM
"And what about you Greta?" Kelly asked as she picked up Lily and was about to take off..

((ARRG!!!!! Dude I can't take it anymore!! *goes off to watch Naruto special*))

August 24th, 2005, 7:12 AM
OOC: i am guy not a girl gothsinn23
she smiled slightly, seeing the [girl's] worried expression, "Thanks for saving me." LOL but it is ok

IC: i say hi my name is sam anubis you can call me sam what is your name ??

August 24th, 2005, 7:27 AM
"Yep, thats indeed a good idea! Ill see ya later mates!" she said and took charmander with her. The pokemon seemed so excited about everything going on that it was hopping around and couldnt stop.
"We're going training Charmy...I guess that doesnt mean we're going to the circus or something!" she giggled and said goodbye to her friends.

August 24th, 2005, 7:40 AM
OOC: well if you guys didnt go in and out in five seconds you would have gotten free pokegears but to late know, if you havent gone to the lab yet just notice Im here and you'll make a new friend, rival or maybe team mate AND get a free pokegear. well looks like I have 3 left hanging out with me if you want one get here fast because the last one with me is mine.

August 24th, 2005, 8:05 AM
OOC: Actually I already have the custom dark blue Pokegear I stole remember? XD X3 (My fav color btw lol) So I don't need one of yours.

Kelly waved goodbye as Greta set off in a different direction with her Charmander. She turned to Lily "Well, lets go" Lily looked up at me "Pikaa?" [Where?] Kelly grinned at Lily "I promised my family that they could meet you" Lily jumped up and down. Kelly coild tell she was excited "And whats even better..Is that my family is made up of the Pika family" Lily jumped ontop of my head "Pi Pikachu cha!!" [Really?! Lets go and meet them then!!] Kelly laughed at the hyperactive Lily. "Well its this way then.." Kelly said right before she jumped up on a tree "They all live in the biggest tree here." She said as she continued jumping from tree to tree..

August 24th, 2005, 8:56 AM
OOC: Maybe but I was talking to everyone you no

August 24th, 2005, 9:03 AM
actually you said you had three left so you were only talking to me, Greta, and Mastumori. I have a custom one and I do not mind sharing. (the only thing its good for is the map in my Emerald game anyways lol) (sometimes to check on my Pokemon) So I bet they don't mind either. :P:P

August 24th, 2005, 9:24 AM
OCC: I ment 3 pokemon in the pile i have Bulbsaur, Squirtle, and Cyndaquil. Wich ever one I have after two are taken is mine its my way of letting fate choose

August 24th, 2005, 10:26 AM
OOC: we gothsinn23 and me will take Cyndaquil and Bulbsaur

August 24th, 2005, 10:37 AM
OOC: Well then unless someone who wants Squirtle gets there first there your's and lucky you it looks like thats the case.

August 24th, 2005, 12:13 PM
OOC: i am guy not a girl gothsinn23
she smiled slightly, seeing the [girl's] worried expression, "Thanks for saving me." LOL but it is ok

IC: i say hi my name is sam anubis you can call me sam what is your name ??

OoC: Hehe..sorry about that. I'm an airhead. xD And I'm in a heck of a lot of RPs so it's hard to keep track of who is who xP.

IC: "Hello Sam. My name is Vetani Kanichi. You can call me Lee or Tania."

She smiled to him (xD) and stood straighter, brushing herself off a bit.

"So..before this little accident..where were you planning on going? Are you a pokemon trainer?"

August 24th, 2005, 12:46 PM
IC:we ride throw Cerulean City to Pewter City. then we travel for 3 hour's and
we are at Viridian City gate's. then we go throw Viridian City and we are on the rode to Pallet Town. 1 hour later we are at the gate's of Pallet Town.
and we can see Professor Oak's house. we ride there vary fast we get there
and we say hi Professor Oak. he says hi we say what pokemon are there.

he says there are Bulbsaur, Squirtle, and Cyndaquil

i say i wont Cyndaquil

and Tania says she wont's Bulbsaur

he says hear they are he hand's us Bulbsaur and Cyndaquil

OOC: my Cyndaquil's name is blaze

August 24th, 2005, 1:18 PM
OoC: Just incase you others are curious, I gave ZORRO my permission to do that. -nods-

IC: Vetani held the pokeball in her hands and smiled widely. "Alright, finally! Thanks Professor!"

"Anytime." he said with a smile and a nod.

"Hey Sam, you got Cyndaquil, right? Do you want to let it out? I'll let mine out too if you do."

August 24th, 2005, 4:05 PM
Clow looks at the two. "Well looks like Squirtle is mine. Oh and do you to have pokegear I have plenty." Clow said looking at the two.

August 24th, 2005, 6:02 PM
"I have a Town Map, but no pokegear." Vetani said with a slight sigh.

August 24th, 2005, 8:01 PM
OOC: can i have a pokegear ???

August 25th, 2005, 4:06 AM
Matsumori sighed and stared at the three full pokeballs she now had. She had just arrived back at the clearing, leaning back on her blanket again as she looked at the night sky. "How'd I get into this?" She felt Sora's sleeping body on her lap, and she held it gently. "I guess I want to get used to it. Hopefully Kelly and Greta will get back soon."

August 25th, 2005, 4:21 AM
OCC: Hey, I hope you dont mind but I have to go somewhere for 3 days and I wont be able to roleplay for these days. Ill guess Ill see u both soon...

August 25th, 2005, 4:29 AM
OOC: It's okay, it's good to know of what happens to fellow role players, and if you have to go away, it isn't the end of the world. Have fun.

August 28th, 2005, 9:04 AM
OOC: kk back now ^_^

Greta arrived at where Matsumori was,excausted. She had been training Charmander for many hours and the pokemon was tired too.
"I promise Ill let you relax for as many time you want. You were fantastic and you gained much experience. I dont think I would be able to catch Chikorita without you." she said to it and looked at her new full pokeball. Charmander and Greta were slowly becoming really good friends. They both had a strong will in their hearts and they both wanted to suceed in everything they did. They both wanted to come first.
Greta looked at Matsumori and standed next to her.
"How was the training? Did you catch any other pokemon?" she smiled to her and layed down next to Charmander.
"I wonder when Kelly is coming back. We shall stay here for a while and then continue our way."

August 29th, 2005, 4:28 AM
"Yeah, a pidgey and a bug...along with a...I think a...kakuna or something like that." Her hands were cooking a simple broth with meat and vegetables, and Totodile was resting on her lap, contrasting her skirt. "Are you hungry?"

August 29th, 2005, 11:42 AM
..Meanwhile Kelly and Lily were heading for the giant tree in the middle of the forest. They were about half way there when Kelly took Lily and placed her down on the branch of a tree the were on. "Pi?" Lily looked up at Kelly, confused as to what she was doing. Kelly smiled at Lily "Well we do gotta train before the Gym battle riight?" Lily jumped up and nodded. "PI Pikachuu?" [So what do I have to do?] Lily asked excidently. "Well, we're about half way so I want you to travel with me instead of on me" Lily sweatdropped. "Pikacha?!" [Only half way?! But we traveled like, all day..] "Well it is far after all" Kelly winked at the Pikachu "So lets see if you can keep up with a real Pikachu, house pet!!" Kelly added in teasinly. Lily now had a huge Anime vein popping out her forehead (XD). "PIPIkachu?!" [What did you call me?! I'll show you!] Lily sniffed Kelly then sniffed out the location. Smriking, Lily sped off towards home. "Hey no fair~!" Kelly said while racing after her..

August 29th, 2005, 11:37 PM
Greta looked up at Matsumori and nodded.
"If you're talking to me, I guess that I'm hungry. Can I have some please? The only thing that's left in my bag is just another apple, and I don't think it will look well after 3 days is my bag. Boy, I gotta buy some food or we'll end up in the middle of our journey starving!'" she said and then looked at Charmander who was taking a nap next to her.
"I hope the next city we are going to is not too far away from here." she then added and looked at the big variety of trees and bushes infront of her.

August 30th, 2005, 6:59 AM
She nodded slightly, scooping some of the soup in a bowl as she hands it to Greta. "I'm usually prepared more thoroghly than most...often...I have too much." She laughs slightly, pulling out a bowl for herself as she carefully keeps the soup from touching her sleeping Sora on her lap. She then placed the soup back on the fire to simmer just incase Kelly came back and was hungry. "What we probably need is pokemon food."

August 30th, 2005, 6:05 PM
Kelly and Lily continued racing towards the giant tree of Viridian Forest..Once they got near there, Kelly jumped on one of the branches next to the entrace. Lily jumped on the one right above me, looking for the entrance..Snickering, Kelly quietly snuck into the hollowed out tree and sat on a ledge of bark that was in there. A few seoncds later, Lily jumped onto my lap, after finally finding out where the entrance was and where I went. Laughing to herself a bit, Kelly stuck out her tongue at the Pikachu "I win" She said teasinly. Lily had a small Anime vein appear on her forehead. "Grr..." She said, her cheeks sparking a little. Kelly sweatdropped, looking at Lily "Hey take it easy.. I was just kidding" She said, picking up the Pikachu as she headed towards her den. Lily calmed down, the Anime vein gone. As Kelly got to the peice of bark sticking out from the entrance of her den, she put Lily down and they both walked in.

August 31st, 2005, 7:01 AM
Matsumori lay back with Sora still on her lap, the pokemon didn't snore at all. She stared towards Greta, who was still awake. "We should really nap or something, I'm not going to be able to do much without any sleep." She fell asleep, feeling her Totodile's skin against her chest, as if one would hold a teddy bear.

August 31st, 2005, 10:36 AM
Greta looked at her friend and her pokemon who had both fallen asleep and wished she could get some sleep too. She was really tired but she also was very anxious about everything that had been going on lately that her mind wouldn't let her to close her eyes. She then looked at Charmander who had already fallen asleep next to her.
Greta layed down and tried to persuade herself that everything is going to be ok. She kept on looking at the big trees standing towards her, kept on listening the forest's weird noises that were a bit creepy and all she was thinking about was her first gym battle, which was about to happen soon.
All of the sudden, she could see her father's face inside her mind, telling her that all she had to do is belive in herself, and never give up. The face dissapearedafter a few seconds and Greta could barely wipe her tears. She was already asleep.

September 1st, 2005, 4:12 AM
What woke Matsumori that morning, wasn't Sora...but a dream she hadn't had in a long time. It was the only dream that would scare her awake, but it was only a dream in the end. Sora was also slowly waking, and the fire had died down, but still held the soup at lukewarm temperature. She looked towards Greta, who was in a fitful sleep, so she had decided to make breakfast after washing the pot out. There was no point to keeping the rather spoiled and bug riden soup she had forgotten to cover. She made a mental note to do that as she found a water source, she then began washing the pot to the best of her ability. "Mushrooms? I hope they aren't poison type..." She took out her pokegear to look for them in it's data, finding to her delight they weren't. She took them, and then took out a mix that she mixed and began to cook. "Well, this breakfast should do." She began cooking, sighing as reality dawned on her.

September 1st, 2005, 5:45 AM
Kelly woke up slowly. She stared around her den. She was sleeping next to her mother. Lily, Sakura, and Spark were sleeping next to her. She smiled down at them. Last night had been the best night of Kelly's life. Lily got to meet her family and her family got to meet her. They grew to love each other real fast, like Lily was a part of the family. Kelly smiled "She is now" She whispered so she wouldn't wake the little ones. Lily had also became less hyperactive last night. 'Heh, who wouldn't with Sakura and Spark around. Then again, they were all tired out from playing around in the forest last night. They were playing, but they all ended up getting training done too. Rolling over she noticed that her father was out again. 'Hmmm....I hope theres not a shortage of food oranything. We have been losing weight now that you mention it..Food isn't that easy to get like it used to be..' Kelly thought. She got up and stretched, yawning widely. Lily twitched next to her. Kelly stared at her as she also got up slowly, stretching and yawning widely. She smiled at Lily. Lily grinned back. "Reday to go find food?" Kelly whispered to Lily "Pikaka" Lily whispered excitdently back.

Out into the forest they ran. Jumping from tree to tree. Kelly knew of a place where the Pikachu families all got there food from. It was a place filled with apple trees, somehwhat close to the giant tree in the forest. Kelly jumped on another tall tree and looked down at the apple trees they had come up too. She gasped. Lily gasped. Usually the apple trees were the Pikachu familie's source for food, and only the Pikachu family. But now, there were thousands up thousands of Kakuna hanging from the branches of them!! Kelly jumped back a few feet to another branch, out of fear they might start hatching. Lily did the same. "Why.." Kelly whispered to Lily "Why..Have the Kakuna decided to nest here?!"

September 2nd, 2005, 4:56 AM
Sora stared at the breakfast his master was making, under much more control than the other day or so. It had been hard for her to do much other than cook, and he would notice her almost burning if he didn't poke at her once in awhile. "O, Sora...sorry about that."She patted her totodile on the head, continuing to add ingredients to breakfast. "I wonder how Kelly is doing."

September 2nd, 2005, 7:39 AM
OOC: Sure Kelly's doing fine! XD X3

IC: Kelly's and Lily's eyes grew wide as the Kakuna started to hatch. They all glowed at the same time and a few seconds later..Beedrill took their place. They looked around as they all noticed where Kelly and Lily was.

"Oh sh*t.." Kelly said, staring wide-eyeed at all the beedrill.

"KkAahh..." Lily said shakily..

The beedrills buzzed loudly as they all began to fly quickly after the two.

"Aaahh!!" They both screamed, jumping off the tree they were on as they started running from the beedril. Running back towards their home, the beedril saw and blocked their way towards the entrance. Kelly and Lily changed directions and went the opposite way. After a few mintures of running they came across the camp of Greta and Mastumori. They both saw that Greta was asleep. Mastumori was awake though. Quickly, Lily started jumping on the Totodile's head and Kelly grabbed Mastumori's shoulders and shook her not-so-softly. "You gotta help us man!" She said while continuing to shake her "Theres like, a ton of beedril and they're heading this way!!" Suddenly the beedril came up to their camp. They had found them. "Oh crap!!!" Kelly said. Lily, do something! Shakily, Lily got off of Sora's head and stood in front of the beedril "Pikaaa" Her cheeks sparked. Suddenly a ton of electircity surrounded her body and it spreaded towards all the beedril. "CHUUUU!!!!!" She said as it shocked all the beedril with a thunder attack. "Wow.." Kelly and Masutmori said at the same time, Kelly still holding Mastumori's shoulders. She let go as she saw all the beedrill drop, fainted. Kelly walked up to Lily and winked at her, giving her a thumbs up as she said "Good job pal!" Lily jumped up on Kelly's shoulder "PiPikachua!!" [Ahh, it was nothin!!] Lily said..

Suddenly the beedril got up. Kelly and Lily jumped up out if shock but stopped short when they flew away, out of the forest.

September 2nd, 2005, 5:12 PM
OCC: I was waiting for angel but she's not posting.....

September 2nd, 2005, 5:27 PM
could you use this for a roleplay?THE SUPER GENE

Let me inform you on the current situation. It is the year 2014. It is just 2 years after the war of the regions. As the three birds, dogs, and elements collided, the massive battle destroyed all traces of human or animal life from the face of the Earth. Only a select few managed to escape, and this is the drastic tale of their path to reconstruction.
2012, April 14
Ash and Misty awoke to hear the last ring of the telephone. Prof. Oaks voice is heard on the answering machine.
"Ash, I need you down hear quick. It is very important. I have discovered something dreadful. Hurry down hear."...CLICK!
Ash and Misty got dressed in silence. They stepped outside and collected their POKEMON from the field.
"Pidgeot, fly to Prof. Oak's!"
The wind rushed past them as they soared to Pallet town.Ash hugged Pidgeot's soft neck. In no less than five minutes, they arrived at the Prof.'s lab.They walked in and found the Prof. looking very sad.
"I have recieved information that we may be in the middle of a wordwide battle between the nine rarest POKEMON in the world. Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Entei, Raiku, Suicune, Regice, Regirock, and Registeel have begun battling for the world's possession."
"But, how did they collide," inquired Ash.
"They sensed each other," Misty piped.

September 4th, 2005, 6:44 AM
0CC: ^erm, I don't think you can do this but anyway.

IC: Greta suddenly woke up after the weird noises she heard. She looked at both Kelly and Matsumori with a blank face.
"What happened while I was asleep?" she said and yawned.
"If only I wasn't such a deep sleeper" she then added while watching Kelly and Matsumori who both looked scared.
"It wasn't something good, was it?" she continued and started searching for Charmander who appeared to be already awake.
"I sure have to buy an alarm clock or..."

September 4th, 2005, 9:45 AM
She sighed, her food close to finished as she regained her composure. "It was nothing Greta, something happened, that's all." She closed her eyes and pulled out a small plate, placing it in front of Greta. "Don't worry."

September 6th, 2005, 4:25 AM
Greta smiled at Matsumori and thanked her for the breakfast. She starting eating and looked up at the bright sun
"I guess it's time for us to leave. We stayed here enough I think. And now that we're all here, we should really continue our way to Viridian city. Soon we'll have a real battle with a gym leader." she said while finishing it and looked at the others.

September 6th, 2005, 5:32 AM
Kelly and Lily glared at the others. They both turned there heads and started to walk away. "Hn, we have more important things to do right now" Kelly said as they jumped up on a tree and started off to their den. Kelly and Lily both knew that Mstumori was..annoyed with them both but she didn't have to act like that! They made sure nobody was following them as they made their way to the tree..

September 6th, 2005, 8:19 AM
Matsumori still sat slightly, grabbing her book from what fell from her grasp. "She almost destroyed my book..." She looked almost sad at it, eyes filling with tears as she ran off and hid near the river. Tears fell from her eyes, yet she didn't want anyone else to see. Sora looked at her, confused as he tried to cheer her up.