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August 18th, 2005, 12:15 PM
~~The story behind the cards~~

Cardcaptor Sakura is a classic example of the shoujo sub-genre known as "magical girl". It is the story of Sakura Kinomoto (Avalon in the dub), the ten-year-old of a widowed archaeologist. In her father's study in the basement one day, she opens an ancient book called the Clow Book. Inside are the Clow Cards, magical cards that control the elements, created by a magician named Clow Reed. They must be shut up inside the book, or they will bring chaos and disaster on the world. Sakura accidentally releases all the cards when she activates the Windy Card, creating a great gust of wind blowing all the Clow Cards away. Once the cards are released, she is confronted by the guardian of the cards, Cerberus (Keroberus in the dub). His job had been to guard the cards, but he was sleeping when Sakura opened the book. He makes Sakura sign a contract agreeing that she will gather back together all the cards before they bring havoc to the world. Thus marks the beginning of Sakura the Cardcaptor.

The anime series is based on the original manga by CLAMP. Targeting a slightly younger crowd, CLAMP still brings its signature stylish character design to the anime series.

It all begins with a book...One day, Sakura returns home from school to find herself alone. Her father and brother will be late coming home. Hearing a strange, recurring noise from her father's basement library, and fearing burglars, she arms herself with a baton and hesitantly goes downstairs. As she passes the bookshelves, a book entitled The Clow begins to glow with a mysterious light

Sakura reaches for the book and removes it from the bookshelf. The book is sealed by a latch, but the latch unlocks itself at her touch.

The opened book is filled with Tarot-like cards. Sakura looks at the first one and says the name written on the card: "Windy." The card glows and the room is filled with a violent wind. The cards in the book fly in the whirlwind through the walls and ceiling and leave the house, leaving Sakura with only the card in her hands.

Suddenly, a small bear-like creature with wings appears and says, "Konnichiwa!" Sakura thinks that it's a talking stuffed animal, but he introduces himself as Cerberus, the guardian of the Clow Cards, powerful magical artifacts created long ago by the world's greatest magician, Clow Reed. Cerberus is only in his small form because he doesn't have enough power.

When Cerberus notices that all of the Clow Cards are gone, Sakura has to tell him what happened. The upset creature then declares that since she is the one who lost them, she mustrecover them. Otherwise, he warns, "something terrible will happen." He gives her a magical key, which can transform into a wand and has the power to capture the renegade cards. (The Sealing Wand.) In that moment, Sakura becomes the Cardcaptor for the Clow Cards. (Incidentally, the mysterious noise Sakura heard was Kero's snoring.)

~~ What are Clow Cards ~~

The Clow Cards, when they are without an owner, will do things on their own, and typically make trouble for humans. Non-magical people cannot see them. The cards have some intelligence and a "personality" occasionally. Some cards are friendly and others are mischievous. Some of the more powerful cards are belligerent and dangerous. A few cards are so intelligent that they can talk and reason.

When Sakura returns the cards to their true form, they become complacent and select their owner. For the most part the owner is the one who did the most to defeat them. A person must also write their name on the card for a card to be sealed completely. A card may free itself if nobody writes his or her name on the card. Both Sakura and Syaoran use the power of the cards to defeat and capture other cards.

Now you are a child of the main charaters: Here they are:
Nakuru/Ruby Moon
Spinel Sun/Suppi
Kaho Mizuki
Clow Reed
Yoshiyuki Terada
Chiharu Mihara
Naoko Yanagizawa
Rika Sasaki
Takashi Yamazaki


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