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Chairman Kaga
October 12th, 2005, 6:01 PM
Basically, this is the opposite of a topic I see in here somewhat frequently. For those of you who have quit watching the anime, what was the last episode you watched, and why did it send you over the edge?

October 13th, 2005, 7:39 AM
I came perilously close once.

I was watching "Hour of the Houndour", and I was thinking, "A G/S type that dominated by the Rockets. A lovely choice for Jessie/James", not only did the Houndour thrashed the Rockets, but they didn't get one and I was quite livid because it would have been a perfect choice for them. And I was so sick of the poor writing, but mostly the screwed up opportunities for the Rockets to compete with the brats and give them something viable to fight with, the constant Rocket abuse, and just everything.

I then realized that...A) it's like a horrible movie, it's rancid, pathetic but you still have to see how it ends. And B) I had to completely lowered my expectations to basement level in order to enjoy it at all. It worked but I've been rather jaded and taken that approach in other shows, Teen Titans being one.

But I came so close to chucking it all. I guess that makes the episode special. Almost had the same thing with "Type Casting" with Sudowoodo, (another perfect choice) but my level of indifference was much higher.

I'm sorry I may not apply but I did come oh so close. Barely a whisker, any analogy you want to explain the closeness of the edge.

October 13th, 2005, 8:04 AM
Well, I may not have quit watching it, but I do filter the ones I do and do not want to see. Like last week's episode, about the training and stuff, I chose not to watch it. If I read about an episode, and it doesn't look appealing at all, then I will just skip it. I'm tired of the boring ones, and the episodes with poor writing that I know I'm just not going to like.

Oh goodness... "Hour of the Houndour" had its good points (very few), but it bugged me that instead of making a really new and fresh storyline that could potentially be quite dark, the writers go for a "sick pokemon needs help" story?! That was just so dissapointing.

October 13th, 2005, 8:42 AM
The episodes that annoy me to that level more than most is when Dark Pokemon smack down the Rockets.

It annoys me because the Dark type are the Rockets' type beyond the Psychic repellent. It was custom made for the org in G/S as all but one were the Rockets' Pokemon and just deeply annoys when the anime writers do that to our Rockets.

Deep sighs.

That and the writing. Since Season Six they've been quite cramming in the events and rather give time to certain aspects of the series that need time to flow, they want to cram all plot issues into a few amount of episodes just to do a string of fillers.

The Groudon/Kyorge two parter is a good example. Such an event (Groudon/Kyorge's intro and Magma/Aqua's finale) needs more time to spread out. At least three episodes to cover, although longer is a better idea. But yeah.

Sometimes, you wonder why you stay for the abuse. Shutting up, my brain is hurting/melting.

October 13th, 2005, 4:03 PM
The main reason that the anime sent me over the edge is 1 reason.

It doesn't break the rules of the games, IT REWRITES THEM.

I've been kinda going with the entire Pokemon franchise since when it first came out, but then when I started playing both Stadiums and watching the anime, then playing Colosseum, Fire Red, and now XD, I see that the game and the anime are two completely different worlds. It's mostly based on cutsy friendship and too much happy-go-lucky streaks, two things YOU WILL NOT and I'll repeat, NOT see in the games. Also, if levels were to exist in the anime, most of everybody's Pokemon EXCEPT Ash's barely make it past lv. 30. And his Pika is pushing 100 by now.

October 15th, 2005, 4:06 PM
Well, I watched the dub before I was ever introduced to the sub/RAW. I enjoyed Pokmon until the Johto arc. I was got so fed up with the repeated fillers where everyone required help for their Pokmon, being it evolving, managing its behavior, or helping them become the best whatever they were aiming for. Sure, Pokmon anime always had that, but the Johto arc had way too many of those generic plots. I just stopped watching it weekly, sometimes tuning in to see whether or not an actually decent filler turned up. Then, with the news of the Advanced Generation season, I felt like watching again. (I had looked at Japanese clips when I found out.)

I watched a few and enjoyed it, until I was introduced to the Japanese with English subtitles and RAW, and liked it even more. I wasn't even all that bothered with the fillers; I just thought it was better than Johto's. It came to the point where I abandoned the dub for the original, so.. That's how it went.

Like Dark Weezing, I came close to forget about watching the anime, but for different reasons. As for RaikouSpecialLover, I actually quite like the idea that it doesn't follow the rules of the game. I like that Pokmon can learn more than four moves. (Forcing yoru Pokmon to forget a move? wtf?) I like how combination of more than one moves can work. It influences my Pokmon RPing. Levels in the anime seem to mean it's "point in its stage". See how some Pokmon could just decide to evolve or not? Satoshi's Pikachu could be very strong, but because of its size, and possibly its disadvantage in stats prior to no evolution, it can be easily taken out. o_O

That's just my two cents. Can mean anything or nothing. ^^v

October 17th, 2005, 2:20 AM
I never get the chance to see it any more, but one time I left the room in disgust over a ridiculously long advertisement, but also the fact the episodes are practically built out of a template... I'm dying for something new. ;-; But Misty was in it, so I stayed for about fifteen minutes.