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Dark Quill
October 22nd, 2005, 5:58 AM
I'm searching for anyone who can draw their own custom-pictures, and would take a request from me.
Being myself, and thinking I'm the greatest, I'd like one done of me. (That's me in the avatar)
Now, the picture I'd like is actually from a scene written in my Pokemon RPG (not hosted on this site). To set the scene for you, I'll post that specific part, with alterations.

"They both looked up into the sky, the stars shone like a brilliant scatter of raindrops against the grass, not falling down, but suspended in mid air.
Jenna put her arms around Dark Quills arm, and held onto him, her head leaning against him. Dark Quill normally wouldnt let her get so close to him, but she had recently been through a lot, and was feeling insecure. Dark Quill didnt do anything, but stare up at the stars. As did Jenna.
Time seemed to stand still, both Pokemon next to each other, staring up at the sky."

Dark Quill is... well, myself, the blood-red spiked and pale furred Sandslash.
I'm not wearing a cape though. My size is about 1.3 times larger than the Sandslash data in the Pokedex, so I'm much bigger than Jenna.
Jenna is a female Sandshrew, normal size.

The scene - shot from behind view, with the cave walls on the sides of the frame. The cave entrance is a hole in an outcropping, large enough for me to fit through. Outside the cave is a few small bushes and trees and such, while the sky is littered with shining stars. I'd be on the right side of the entrance, with my right arm up against the wall. At that moment, I'd have a thick coil of vines wrapped around my chest. It doesn't go up and down too much.
Jenna would have both her arms around my left arm, leaning against me.
Both of us would be staring up into the night sky.
Our eyes probably won't be visible from this shot.

Sorry about the text block, but this shot means a lot to me. If anyone is willing to have a go at it, I encourage you to try.
Your name WILL be credited back on my RP boards.

If you need any further details or anything else, don't hesitate to contact me.

October 22nd, 2005, 7:55 AM
Hm...a request thread...

There's already a stickied request thread at the top of the forum here for stuff like this. Post this there instead of making a new thread for it. ^_^