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November 22nd, 2005, 1:21 PM

The world, once peaceful and tranquil, has been thrown into utter chaos. A new team has emerged, calling themselves the Omega Rainers. They have completely destroyed Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, and any other organization who posed any sort of resistance. They have closed down all the gyms, fired all the gym leaders, and closed down the League. They act like tyrants, ordering and bossing everyone around. Rumor on the streets is that they are working on some top-secret project that will give them complete control. Resistances have sprung up all over the Earth, but they are quickly shut down by the Rainers(for short) and are never heard from again. However, one of these resistance groups has been going for awhile and crushing the Rainers in their vicinity. They have caused so much trouble for the Rainers that they are getting worried.

After several disputes, the group decides to travel around (The new continent) and collect the seven star pendants, which when gathered together, along with a few Pokemon, can increase their power tenfold. If they were to do that, defeating the Omega Rainers would be a very easy task. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to collect these “star pendants” and crush this evil organization.

OTHER – You must fill out every part of the sign-up sheet(Except OTHER) to even be considered for joining. If you do not have good grammar/spelling/punctuation, you have very little or no chance of getting accepted, because I like having posts that I can actually read. Also, we will probably start the role-play tomorrow(or whenever we get enough people), because I’m going to be gone tonight and will not be able to post, so don’t expect it to start until tomorrow. only 6 people(Including me) may join, so that means 5 people will be able to sign-up


Description(Clothing, appearance):
Pokemon(NO legendaries! You can only have one[1]!(You will get more later)):
RP Sample:
Other(Not required):

Alter Ego
November 22nd, 2005, 2:14 PM
On a completely irrelevant note Tyson, didn't you use to go by the name Espeon emporer before? If it was then I think one of the first RPs I joined was one of yours...ahh...the nostalgia. ^^

Anyways, this RP looks interesting but it's pretty dang late around here and I'm too tired to write up a proper sign-up so if I could reserve a space I would be much obliged. Would make my sign-up as soon as I come back from school tommorow.

Oh, and concerning the pokmon field, should it be a first stage pokmon or are evolved forms okay too?

November 22nd, 2005, 2:51 PM
Fwee! XD I'm bored right now, so I thought I'd see what RPs looked interesting. May I join your little one?

Name: Mia Noika
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description: Dark blue hair and light sky blue eyes, Mia is quite striking as a person. She wears a long black coat that kinda looks like a trenchcoat, but it's made of wool and she wears a blue shirt and black shorts underneath it. She wears black boots that go up to her knees and they're quite shiny. She wears a pair of dark black sunglasses outside, and places them on her head when inside. She has pale skin... or perhaps it just looks pale because the rest of her is so dark. The world may never know... XD
Personality: Mia is a blunt, sarcastic, calm person. She dislikes anyone that's bubbly, happy, and silly. She goes for reason, logic, and not emotion. She's not anti-social or mean or anything, she just doesn't appreciate foolish decisions made by people who can't control their own emotions. She hardly ever smiles, so when she does you can bet it's a big deal. On the surface she seems like the kind of person that would easily become tempted by evil, but she's quite the opposite. It takes a long time to be considered a friend in her eyes, and if you ever break her trust, you can never earn it back.
History: Mia's family was a travelling pokemon show. Her parents ran the show and they often hired hands to help with their acting, setup, etc. They were constantly traveling and Mia hated having to move every two weeks. She would just start to meet people and make friends when they would suddenly leave and she would have to start all over. This made it difficult to become attached to anything for too long, and thus why it takes so long for her to think of a person as a friend. Her parents were staunch supporters of a leading resistance group that attempted to overthrow the Omega Rainers, but their group was disbaned after the leaders were killed. Mia wasn't sure about who she supported until her pokemon, Ika the Sneasel, was stolen from her by the Rainers. She was 12 at the time. This made her so angry that she wanted to do anything to stop them. She found herself a new pokemon partner, one that her personality fit perfectly, and the two of them made a pact to fight to the bitter end until they helped defeat this evil.
Pokemon: Delphine the Corsola
RP Sample:

Concentrating hard on the task at hand, Mia wiped her brow quickly, retunring to her job. She needed to get this done, it was essential to her mission. Her light blue eyes widened. A little more... just a little more... and she would have it.

"Hi there!" a sappy voice said, startling the girl, though her posture hardly showed it. She whipped around to see a young boy looking up at her curiously.

"Get out of here kid. This doesn't concern you," she said with a frown, and then she turned back to the small table she was leaning over. The child didn't take her warning seriously, and instead went up to her side, and tugged heartily at her black coat.

He wiggled impatiently, "What are you doing?" He stared up at her, interest and curiousity reflected in his eyes.

"Nothing that concerns you. That means... leave now," Mia said back, pushing the child hard with her arm and ignoring the fact that he was now on the ground crying about her being a 'meanie'. Her voice had not sounded angry, it was more flat than anything else. She didn't particularly care; he should have heeded her warning, and gone home or wherever he belonged.

Now back to her work. She had almost been there when that brat had interrupted her, and that made her a bit frustrated. She twisted the tiny screwdriver she had in her hand, and suddenly it halted, as if something was preventing it from turning. Mia smirked.

Suddenly a pink and rocky surfaced creature came waddling into the vicinity. She had light blue eyes as well, and she stopped short of the girl before her.

{Done with those sunglasses yet?} the pokemon asked in a calm and almost soothingly deep voice. Mia half-turned.

"Yes. Now we can go," she said quickly, and turned around fully to reveal what she had been working on so carefully. Her prized pair of sunglasses. Blackglasses to be exact. They were meant for a dark pokemon, but she liked them just as much, and had no dark pokemon to give them to. She nodded to her pokemon, and the two of them began to walk off toward the door.

Other: Her Corsola, though seemingly a happy and bubbly pokemon, is not that way in the least. She is very much like Mia, except she's a bit more understanding and minus the blunt and sarcastic talk.

Is it alright? ^-^

November 22nd, 2005, 4:13 PM
This one looks good!!^^

Name-Jayna Tykasa
Description-Jayna has long,unkept brown hair which falls to her waist and bright,blue eyes.A blue pendant her father gave her,now she wears in on her neck.She dislikes flashy things,wearing a plain white shirt and rather old black jeans.To carry her possesions in,the girl has a blue-colored,tattered sling bag.Basically,she may look like a rather scruffy person.

Personality-She a bubbly and fun-loving person.Never afraid to make new friends,never afraid to try new things,and never thinking much about her outer appearance.The girl is full of emotion.But,because of this,she can be rash and temperamental,not really the type to think.And sometimes,she can be far too gullible.But,other than that,she's a good person,who would help anyone and everyone in need.

History-Jayna comes from a long line of Mareep Rearers(XD).To her,her parents one of the best rearers in the region.She,having worked with them since she was just a wee girl,became accustomed to the country life.Never really thinking much about appearance,or what the neighbourhood kids thought of her as.Then,one day,the Rainers came and took their whole herd of Mareep,along with the stock of Mareep wool.How they did it was a mystery to the girl.But,her parents managed to keep one single Mareep hidden,just for her.
As she took the pokeball containing her first pokemon,she told her parents that she would go out and journey,go out and get those nasty Rainers for taking away all their years of hard work.


RP sample-
"How much longer do we have to walk?"Jackie whined to the Mudkip beside her.The Mudkip merely kipped indignantly,turning away from the girl.

{Told you we should have taken the train,but would you listen?Nooo..}

"Fine,I'm sorry for being so...whiny,but,we really have been walking for a long time."she apologised,an honest look she wore on her face,picking up the pokemon so as to place him on her shoulder.
The Mudkip,named Zuzu,grinned.This was one thing about his trainer,she was fast to realise her mistakes,and every time,would try to mend them.However,not everything was meant to go as planned now,was it?
Finally,after a walking through Viridian forest,the girl and her Mudkip had arrived in Pewter City.Jackie stood there at the entrance of the city,taking in the morning air,before turning to Zuzu on her shoulder and smiling.

"Looks like we're here,Zuzu ol' buddy."she said teasingly.

All of a sudden,a whole group of men wearing black uniforms with the letter 'R' printed in red on them ran past the girl.Pushing her back so that she fell onto the ground with a sickening 'thud'.

Jackie's eyes were closed as she rubbed her head with one hand,the other gropping around to find her Mudkip.After a few moments,she then realised she was sitting on him.
The girl blushed sheepishly,quickly getting up to release Zuzu from the death-grip.

"Who...are those people?"she asked aloud,squinting her eyes.

They looked like they were headed for Mt. Moon.

"Weeeellll now.Zuzu,ol' buddy,ol' pal.Do we have anything on tonight?"she tried to ask in a serious voice.Her mudkip giggled,before puffing his chest out,trying to seem respectable,shaking his head.

"I think I know what we can do then."

November 22nd, 2005, 5:54 PM
(Sign up taken from two other RP's, because I like this character and none of the other one's are starting/I have left ^^)
Name:RinRin Minakami
Personality:RinRin is a bright and bubbly girl, who could easily be labeled 'optimist'. Always the one who says, 'It's half-full, not half-empty!' She keeps up her cheerful attitude as often as possible. She is easily frightened, and screams, and yells almost more than she smiles. Her mood easily changes with the simplest things, weather, pokemon, winning, or losing, you can't expect something from this girl and get it, because she's going to give you something completely different. But all this fun and play and mood swings tire a girl out! She doesn't like traveling long distances, and dislikes not getting at least 8hours of sleep. Whiny, and easily bored, she usually gets on just about everybody's nerves.
History: RinRin, comes from a superly large family. Mainly siblings and cousins, whom are almost all female, each one has their own distinct personality. RinRin's personality is that she's always building and inventing something,and that she always judges someone by their first meeting with her. But even so, her goggles are more of an accessory, than a practical item. She is very intelligent, but her attitude suggests otherwise.
Pokemon:Scizor (Splice)
RP Sample: (From The Pokemon Revolution)I stood up from my kneeling position on the floor, in front of the great and worshipped statue of Regice.
I lived in a province that was dedicated to Regice, and created by no other than the great ice regi himself. Everyone who lived in this frozen city were followers, and servents of this regi. Nobody who wasn't born here was not allowed inside, unless that person had no wish but to serve Regice.
Ice priestess or not, I hated my position.
I wasn't respected, nor was I even acknowladged.
People acted as though I didn't exist.
All because my father decided that Regice was too lowly a legendary, and moved on to the other Regi's.
If I left, then my mother would be forced to flee.
But then again, if I was to be sent on a mission...
I shook my head.
It would never happen. Regice had taken me as the lowest person in the city.
I turned around and walked out of the crystal temple, that was covered in intricate designs of the battle of the regi's.
As I took my first step out of the very heart of the frozen city, I felt the calm and quiet of the streets, and the crystal and ice castles, where each Priest and Priestess lived.
The people Regice chose to serve him was just a reflection of this street.
Elaborate on the outside, Cold and simple on the inside.
I pushed the heavy door leading inside the very first castle on my left with all my might, as I was only 14, with too little brain waves to open it with my mind.
A nearby scholar priest saw my struggling and sighed.
As I fell inside with a yelp, I looked for the person who'd opened the door for me.
"Lune." I grumbled.
Lune was just the same age as me, but ten thousand times as stuck-up. He was better than me at everything, and his family members were Regice's favorite servants.
He sauntered away without replying.
He was smarter, faster, stronger, everything you could think of. He was better than me.
But everyone knew he had a crush on me.
I was disgusted by him, because he acted more smug, more stubborn, and more eager to show-off in front of me than even Gailia.
She was the most popular and beautiful girl in the temple school.
More like idiocy. She's got no brains whatsoever. Which is why Regice doesn't seem to like her as much either.
Another reason the people in my city dislike me?
Nobody addresses Regice in a casual way such as mine.
It's always, Lord of Ice, or Regi of Ice, or even Master...
That's what they are.
More than anything, I wanted out.
Out of this stupid place, and to someplace that I could be welcome. Kyogre didn't sound like a bad legendary...
But no. The only legendaries that would even think of accepting me are the other regi's.
Never in all my years would I follow another gatekeeper.
I know now that even if Regice isn't the legendary I would prefer to be under, it is the most powerful of all three gatekeepers.
Maybe it's because that theory was impressed upon me since as long as I can remember.
Maybe it's because Regice gaurds Aquace, which is where Kyogre sleeps.
Whatever the reason, I wished to see Regice for myself.
I wanted to know if he was really as great as they say.
My mother? Well, she can deal with her problems. She never really liked me anyway.
I stepped in front of the swirling portal that took me to the void nothingness, where regice gaurded the gate to Aquace.
"What are you doing?"
I spun around and saw Lune.
"Sightseeing." I said, walking into the forbidden portal, where only the oldest and most reknown priests were allowed.
"Hey! Your not-"
That was all I heard until I fell into a swirl of blue colors.
I landed bluntly on my feet in front of the gate.
"State your purpose." Regice said lazily in front of me, pointing his sharp fingers at me.
"Um...I wanted to see...Kyogre." I finished lamely.
Regice's fingers started to spin.
"You are a follower of mine are you not?"
I stiffened. Not good.
"Fine. If you must. But bring this too him also." Regice said. His fingers stopped spinning to reveal a blue orb in his three fingers, in a vice-like grip.
I put my hands forth from my cloak and held them there until Regice pulledhis fingers off, which left three, inch long scrape marks on the once beautiful orb.
But as soon as I blinked, the orb seemed to mend itself.
Regice stepped aside and said coldly "find him, and do not come back until you've delivered this orb safely to him."
I nodded and held the orb tightly, afraid I might drop it if I was to come to another drop, like before.
I grit my teeth and closed my eyes.
Walking forward, I felt the ground collapse under my feet as i took the 5th step...
Other:She loves mechanics and is quite the genius at constructing inventions

November 22nd, 2005, 8:05 PM
Alter Ego - Your spot is reserved. Just make sure you get your sign-up completed. Also, yes, my old screenname was Espeon Emporer.

Light Azumarill - Accepted.

ybur_angel - Accepted.

Naoko-chan - Accepted.


After Alter Ego makes his sign-up, and one more person joins, we can start. ^_^

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
November 23rd, 2005, 6:07 AM
Age: 12
Name: Edward Elric
Pokemon: Mudkip, alagazam
stone: psi
Appearance: Avitar
history: watch these in order

Abilities: Psychokinetic, martial arts and alchemy.

other- he doesnt know why he is here but as any other obstacle he will
take the challenge.

RP sample- I ran down the halls of the mansion escaping the remaining
homunculie I kept running till I heard a voice...
"now,now ed you woudnt be trying to get away would you?" I heard wraith say
"because that would be the wrong choice" lust said calmly
"and then how would we kill you?" sloth said with joy
"you killed me ounce but not again" I yelled transmutating a katana
I swung the katana at wraith slicing at his left arm
"I'm reclaiming my arm and leg!" I yelled slicing into his leg also my arm slicing off the left arm
"That you stole from me!" I screamed revealing my left arm and right leg
made of automail.
"to slow!" lust yelled blading her arm into my chest
"ARGHHHHHHHHH" I screamed in pain
blood started to spill rapidly from my chest
"not again" I managed to mutter
"If I die I'm taking all you out with me" I yelled tsking my spilling blood
and started to draw transumutation circles on my body
and then one on the floor.
hot tears poured from my eyes as I said goodbye to everyone in prayer
then I activated the transmutation circle and blasted my body
killing the homunculi.
next thing I knew I was in a building surrounded by other people
with weird creatures around them.
"are you alright?" a nurse asked me nicly
"yeah I think" I muttered
I walked out of the building to see where I was.
"I dont think I'm in central anymore" I said with a frown

Alter Ego
November 23rd, 2005, 8:10 AM
Lol Yibber...just...lol! XD

Anyhow, meh sign-up...

Name: Ivan Aegisfield
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Description(Clothing, appearance): Although generally a fairly normally built boy for his age, Ivan has always been slightly on the short side, nothing drastic, just the absence of a few inches that always seem to make him dissapear in crowds. He has light purple hair which is almost affeminately long, usually reaching about mid-back, which he generally lets hang free and refuses to cut for reasons that he keeps to himself. His skin is on that all too common borderline between tanned and pale, and his eyes are dark brown and always accompanied by a somewhat old pair of horn-rimmed glasses. For clothes, Ivan usually wears a pair of dark blue jeans held up by a light brown belt, and a black t-shirt which is often covered by a blue overcoat which seems to be just a tad too large for him. He also wears a simple pair of black shoes and, for reasons as personal as those for his hairstyle, a broad-brimmed straw hat (supposedly home-made although, no-one knows for sure).

Personality: Ivan has quite often been heard saying that he considers his long hair a symbol for his great patience, and indeed, he seems to be quite a well-balanced and calm individual, rarely loosing his temper and often maintaining his calm even when things get bad. Ivan always prefers thinking before he acts and quite often takes pauses in conversation, measuring his answers and prefering not to speak if he doesn't have anything worthwhile to say. Although not the most talkative of people, Ivan is by no means anti-social and is quite willing to listen to the concerns of others, even if he doesn't usually volunteer very many of his own, and he is generally accepted, if not always particularly like, by others. Having spent a good deal of his life in peace and quiet, Ivan holds quite a strong distaste towards loud noises, arguments, and large crowds, prefering to stay a bit away from them, usually in the company of a good book. Patience and tolerance are the things he values above everything else.

History: Born as the middle one of no less than five children into a family that lived in a house too small for their needs, there never seemed to be a quiet moment in Ivan's early childhood. His parents, while loving, were also quite badly overworked with looking after all of their offspring, often neglecting Ivan as he was the most quiet and well-behaved of the siblings, and more often than not actually putting him to work with taking care of his younger brothers and sisters. As he grew older, the boy grew ever more resentful of his noisy and chaotic environment, yearning for a place, any place, where he would be allowed to spend some quality time with his own thoughts and feelings.

One day, he came across a solution. While on his way back home from the general store, Ivan, now already a good 11 years old, came to notice a small stone structure located on the sidelines of his small hometown, they town library, a quiet and secluded place which few of the locals bothered to visit because of 'Old man scruples', the grouchy and reclusive librarian who almost practiced a hermit lifestyle within the structure, quickly sorting out any noisemakers with his cane, declaring that they had no scruples, hence his nickname. Had the townspeople been more productively inclined, they could of course have had the grouchy old figure dismissed from his post, but the fact was that most members of the town's populace weren't exactly the bookreading type, not to mention that the old man's ranting quite the source of amusement for the local youth.

For Ivan, this was like a dream come true and he quickly took up sneaking away from home just so he could sit around, enjoying the silence and the atmosphere of the library. The librarian was suspicious of him at first of course, watching the boy like a hawk and preparing to pounce at the first sound of noise, but he soon grew accustomed, perhaps even a tiny bit attached, to this strange youth who just liked sitting there without making a sound, later even confessing that Ivan, in fact, appeared to have some scruples, unlike those other disrespectfull louts, although the opinion on the street was that Ivan was just plain weird.

One afternoon, when Ivan was immersed in one of the countless books that the library contained, he suddenly found himself aware of another's presence, assuming that it was simply the librarian who was there for yet another of his check-ups and continuing to read, Ivan suddenly heard a shrill cry straight from behind his back that nearly caused him to leap out of his seat. A short investigation revealed the culprit, a rogue Shuppet who seemed to have been casing the boy for quite some time, apparently attracted by the negative emotions that he still harboured inside him and unable to resist the temptation to scare such an easy target. After this first encounter with the ghost type, Ivan became aware of that it, in fact, seemed to have taken up following him, always dissapearing when he turned to look, but visible from the corner of his eye. This little game continued for a while, the Shuppet, whom Ivan soon named Riff-raff, inspired by the librarian's quite frequent references to 'Unscrupulous riff-raff' every time the Shuppet came up with a new prank that it simply considered too hilarious. While amusing at first, this pattern soon began annoying the librarian, finally resulting in an ultimatum; either Ivan would put an end to the spectre's appearances or the librarian would do it himself by removing the source, Ivan, from the library. Permanently.

Not willing to let this happen, Ivan quickly began devising a plan to capture the Shuppet and, with the help of a carefully planned trap, succeeded, capturing the ghost type into a pokball he had bought and officially becoming a trainer. And so, things soon returned quite close to their normal state for Ivan, although he now had an unruly Shuppet to tame and keep out of trouble, a bond of sorts soon grew between them however, the two actually becoming friends of a sort, although they still sniped at each other at a regular basis. Even this peace was not to last however, as the Rainers soon came upon Ivan's hometown, razing it and taking the people captive under suspicion of harbouring resistance members. It was only through Riff-raff's aid and a good bit of luck that Ivan managed to slip out from the group's grasp, somehow managing to stumble his way to the nearest town, stumbling, by freak accident, upon a representative of one of the many resistance organisations who took pity upon the boy and sheltered him. Out of gratitude and a sense of duty towards his family and friends, rowdy though they were, Ivan soon joined the ranks of the resistance himself, wishing to save what could be saved and return peace to the lands.

Pokemon(NO legendaries! You can only have one[1]!(You will get more later)): Shuppet ~ Male (Riff-raff)

RP Sample:
Would love to provide you with a fresh sample, but my hands are already hurting from all that other writing so I'll use an extract from my RPing in the Showgan RP (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=54449).

It was a perfectly still and quiet night in Kingsfield city, a fairly strong northern breeze blowing through the deserted streets, past the practically identical little white houses with their red roofs and small, square-shaped gardens which all seemed to be growing the same plants, all lined up symmetrically alongside the carefully proportioned streets. If one would have been looking at Kingsfield from above, one would quickly have noticed that the geometric shape formed by the streets themselves spelled out 'Kingsfield' in ancient Showgan runes, the surrounding mountains creating a frame for the symbol. Although this, of course, hinged heavily on that one knew how to read in a language that had virtually ceased to be a good millenia ago.

At the moment, no such people were present, or if they were then they were asleep in their beds like all decent people were at such an hour. Yes, it was a quiet night. The only noises disturbing the silence being the quiet breathing and occasional movements of the two men standing guard outside the elegantly shaped gate of a large manor, a large and well maintained structure with a fairly sizeable garden in front, the entire structure cut off from the rest of the city by a high wall, its crest tipped with elegant decorations which, while undoubtedly decorative, were just as undoubtedly very sharp. Incidentally, the building formed the central part in the rune for 'King'. The guards outside of it, donning identical uniforms, simple but neat, complete with the shades that seemed to be a practical necessity for hired muscle these days, both carrying a single pokball on their belts, were oblivious to this however, and quite frankly, it wouldn't really have made any real difference even if they'd known.

"Buggrit." the guard on the right, a somewhat gangly man in his late twenties with light brown hair which had been ruffled by the wind, muttered, stamping his feet and rubbing his hands together in an attempt to keep the chill out as another gale came sweeping past. "What's with these uniforms? All that good money put to use and yet they can't even keep the bloody wind out. How do they expect anyone to keep a sharp lookout when you can't stand still for a moment without freezing your arse of?" He turned to his companion, a slightly shorter and far more muscularly built man, who was completely bald and, unlike his partner, seemed to be completely unbothered by the cold, hoping for some kind of support on the matter.

"You wish to adress a complaint?" the other guard, apparently the more experienced one, asked in an icily polite tone "Very well then, I shall inform her ladyship that you do not consider your wage adequate for the endangering of your posterior." he smirked at the rabbit-in-the-headlights look that appeared on the other man's face "Or perhaps you'd like to be transferred." the bald one continued, seemingly taking no notice of the other one's discomfiture "How does...gym duty sound?"

"G-gym duty?" his partner echoed, casting a nervous glance towards the Kingsfield gym, a building within which permanent cold was maintained at all times, its mirrored walls even now seeming to radiate a penetrating cold into their surroundings. "I-I don't know what you mean...complain?" he fiddled a bit with his uniform, his hands then beginning to make hasty gestures to illustrate his words "Oh no no noo." he said, in a tone that was supposed to sound jolly "I would not wish to bother her ladyship with such trivial concerns, twas' nothing but a slip of the tongue. Please ignore-"

His sentence was cut short however, as the sound of shattering glass suddenly filled the air, soon surrounded by the piercing noise of an alarm going off.

"You stay here!" the older guard commanded gruffly, rushing of towards the sound of the noise and unclipping his pokball just in case.

As he arrived at the scene, the source of the noise quickly became evident; one of the large windows at the front had been shattered by means of a brick throw in, although how this had come to pass one would never know and the house guards were in an uproar, several of them having gathered in the area, pokballs at the ready, just like the bald one had, and all of them seemed equally confused of how anyone could have thrown a brick with such precision from the other side of the wall. Meanwhile, unnoticed in the commotion, a small gecko chuckled for himself, darting of amongst the canopy until he reached his destination.

"Good job, Chupon." a fairly young male voice said quietly, a crimson beam appearing from the vegetation and quickly scooping up the Treecko before the voice's owner began striding towards the main gate.

As all of this went on, the younger guard, now experiencing serious unease, continued to keep watch of his surroundings as best he could, beads of sweat running across his forehead and his hand standing at nearly constant alert by the solitary pokball on his belt. He nearly jumped up in shock as he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder, turning around to spot a rather tall, although strangely youthfull looking man with blonde hair, dressed in a guardsman's uniform similar to his own, standing on the other side of the gate, his light blue eyes now focused on the guard in front of him and his mouth bent into a polite smile. Behind him, a sizeable Scyther stood, looking all but friendly as it brandished its bladed arms at the guard, the mantis pokmon's body language clearly indicating that it was ready to chop him to pieces at the slightest mistake.

"Excuse me colleuge." the blonde one said in the same kind of polite voice that the bald guardsman had been using, probably standard among the more experienced personell, the younger guard assumed, "I and my Scyther here have been dispatched to conduct a sweep of the surroundings, just in case we might still catch the culprit, but it seems that I have misplaced my key-chain. Would you be so kind as to open this gate for us?"

"But..." the guardsman began uncertainly, beginning to fiddle with his key chain, "My boss said that I should never-"

"Your boss?" the blonde one interrupted in a continuously polite tone, the eyes of the Scyther behind him narrowing slightly "This is a demanding occupation and I understand your need to please your immediate supperiors, I truly do, but allow me to stress this..." the blonde one leaned forward, locking eyes with the guardsman in front of him, "I am under direct orders from lady Isabel herself. Should I fail to carry them out, I will surely be punished most severely..." there was a sad look in his eyes, and what seemed like a hint of emotion mixed into his voice as he continued "And...please understand, this is not a treath, but...the lady has a tendency to punish all those she deems responsible for failures. And...you must understand how it would look if I was forced to report that I couldn't get past the gate because you refused to let me." he shook his head in a sad way, the Scyther behind him mimicking the cutting of a troath.

"Erm..." the guardsman muttered, now sweating profusely as he pictured the scene "I-" his eyes flicked to the Scyther once more. It was truly a magnificent specimen, lithe, gracefull, in a most lethal kind of way, and obviously well trained. Certainly anyone in posession of such a pokmon had to be a high-ranking guardsman. "Of course." he said at last, fumbling for a moment before he managed to procure the right key and unlock the gate, clumsily holding it up as the boy and his Scyther exited the premises through it.

"You have my gratitude." the blonde one said, turning to the guardsman and bowing dramatically "And let it not be said that captain Pendragon is one to forget his debts. I shall put in a good word for you with the lady."

"Oh...th-thank you sir!" the guardsman replied, relief evident in his expression as his clumsily returned the bow. "Good luck on your task!"

"Likewise." the blonde one replied, placing a hand on the Scyther's back and whispering something into its ear. The mantis pokmon nodded, its outline suddenly becoming blurry and causing the guardsman to blink. As his eyes opened again, the boy was nowhere in sight, causing the guard to rub his eyes and wonder, for a moment, if he had not imagined the whole thing. But of course he hadn't, after all, he was still holding the gate open, something which his superior was quick to note.

"Reeve!" the bald one roared, rushing over to the guardsman and grabbing him by the shoulder, shaking him briskly. "What the heck do you think you are doing?! We are under strict orders not to let anyone out!"

"But-" Reeve stuttered, now feeling completely nonplused "But-I had to let captain Pendragon-"

"Captain Pendragon?!" his superior repeated, almost stoking on his rage "What are you babbling about imbecile?! There is no captain who goes by that name!"


Meanwhile, just a few blocks away, the blonde one who was not a captain and who, incidentally, was not named Pendragon either ran down the streets, chuckling for himself as he made his way to the train station, his Treecko had been unleashed from its pokball as well and was running as well, trying his best to keep up with his trainer. The little wood gecko was slightly chubby for his age, something which gave him considerable difficulties in keeping up with his well-rounded trainer, not to mention the Scyther who seemed like she hadn't been working at all, despite having had to drag her trainer's weight along with her own just a moment ago.

"Perfect!" the boy called out to his pokmon, grinning broadly at the both of them before breaking of into another fit of laughter at the whole thing "We'll be well on our way to Zephyr Town long before they catch on to us!"

The Scyther snorted dissaprovingly, obviously not agreeing with this scenario at all. Chupon on the other hand seemed excited by the prospect of travel, grinning as best he could as he tried to keep up.

As the trio closed in on the Kingsfield train station, proud to opperate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the boy suddenly slowed his pace, grinding to a halt just by the entrance and sneaking of into a nearby alley where he discarded his uniform, revealing a white shirt, its sleeves almost reaching his elbows, and a pair of black pants. Not particularly special-looking, although anyone with a fashion sense would surely note the unusually high quality of the materials and the way that they seemed to fit him just right.

"Now then, on to phase two of our little adventure." the boy said, "Chupon, Ashu, I need to keep you two out of sight for a while, just in case."

The Treecko looked a bit disheartened as he was returned, but the Scyther simply nodded, obviously not caring about witnessing the events anyhow.

The boy then walked into the train station, a large and rather old stone building, its wide halls and numerous little stores completely desolate except for a few people here and there who were apparently switching trains. As he walked over to the storage boxes, the boy couldn't help finding it hard to believe that a space this huge could ever be filled by people, as it was during most weekdays. After a small amount of time spent searching, the boy found his own storage box, procuring a key with which to open it from his pocket and pulling out the fairly large and neatly kept grey backpack which he had stashed there beforehand, carefully inserting the uniform into an empty pocket before slinging the backpack over his shoulder and walking of to catch his train, a simple flick of his pass (The company made a point of distributing them to members of important families to 'Foster good relations' as it were.) allowing him entry. Feeling ecstatic yet worn out by his escapades at the same time, the boy quickly found himself an empty compartment in the train, placing the backpack on the seat beside him and leaning back, slowly falling to sleep as the train nudged forward and began its journey towards Zephyr Town, dreaming dreams of travel and adventure. Dreams of flying free like the Swellows that he had seen flying over the mansion so many times, his hand absent-mindedly travelling to a delicate gold chain around his neck, finding its way to the stone at its end, concealed beneath his shirt, and grasping it tightly. Outside, the sun finally begun its ascent, creating a spectacular show of colours in the horizon for those who cared to watch.

Other(Not required): Having spent much of his life immersed in all kinds of books and papers, Ivan is quite well-versed in various obscure subjects and myths.

November 23rd, 2005, 8:52 AM
Name: Blake Myers
Age: 15 (going boldly where Charon has never gone before…)
Gender: Male
Description: Blake wears a baggy, beige shirt, with sleeves folded back to his elbow, and a black ‘fang’ necklace around his neck. He often has his shirt undone, and walks with a constant slouch. He’s relatively short, but has his black-brown hair spiked in an exaggerated way to make up for it. He looks around thirteen, because of his height.
Blake wears even baggier jeans on his bottom half, a blue-green sort of colour, which are rolled up so they sit on his shoes (brown skate-style trainers) and don’t trail on the ground. He also has a brown belt with a silver buckle. Blake has a brown backpack, normally slung over one shoulder, and normally wears a pair of large brightly coloured headphones – orange or yellow. He’s normally plugged into an ipod, listening to weirdo 80’s bands. In his bag he has his charger (for the ipod), pokeballs, hyper potions, one revive, a knife, a sketch pad, and an ultra-thin thermal blankets that people use in the desert.

Personality: Blake seems pretty quiet and easy-going; because he rarely takes off his headphones it’s hard to tell whether it’s because he’s shy or he can’t hear you. Even when he’s not listening to anything his oversized headphones are on. He’s not quick to take offence and takes most of the crap people throw at him – about his height, his parents, his peculiar English accent - but that could just be because he can’t hear them properly.
Once he is paying attention, however, he’s bubbly, loud, and over-exaggerates everything. He also likes to make stupid jokes and puns.

History: Blake’s childhood was a comfy one. He grew up with both parents, lived happily, went to school, got clever, and got everything he asked for on his Christmas list. What a lucky young boy!
His mother was a home-maker first and formost, and when she took a job, it was to keep herself occupied - not to earn money. Blake's father was an important banker, and he made enough money in one year to feed him and his family for the rest of their lives, even if he never worked again. However, he kept working, and the family grew richer and richer.
Of course, it didn't end there; Mr. Myers' job caused him to move around a lot. Blake was shunted from school to school, from country to country, and by the age of thirteen, Blake had seen more schools than birthdays. His family was rich, and they were all together, unlike a lot of families. Still, Blake was lonely. At thirteen, he finally managed to forge his first permanent friendship; with his sentret.

Pokemon: Female Furret (Tanwen)

RP sample:
An old one, I’m afraid… *lazy’d*

The train station was surging with life, despite the day drawing to a close. The town stopped for no man, let alone something as fickle as night sweeping in.
The platform bustled and ebbed, a sea of people carrying more, it appeared, than one odd child today.

The train that sat puffing in the station was a battered looking engine, but the guard beside it seemed more than ready to perform his duty. He had puffed himself up self-importantly, and his uniform had been decorated with what looked like a piece of red tissue paper, which had been stuffed in his breast pocket in a prestigious fashion.

“Here, here,” the man scoffed pompously, “You can’t possibly want on!” his fat piggy eyes flashed up and down, eyeing up the young girl that stood before him. She was a skinny, awkward looking girl, even from a distance.
The girl had a haggard, bedraggled look about her; maybe it was her protruding bones, or her jutting chin, but she reeked of something half-wild. She wasn’t exactly ugly, but she wasn’t pretty either; it was as if she was beyond the fickle realms of beauty.

Everything from her clothes (her denim dungarees were ripped at the knees, fraying at the hems and the faded green t-shirt underneath), to her black hair, (tied up in a rough pair of plaits) gave an impression that she had got dressed in a hurry – and she couldn't care less about the way she looked.
“You’ve got to let us in,” the girl insisted, her purple eyes wide in indignity, “…My Mum’s….already on board, I can’t get separated from h-her!” she began to stutter, her lip wobbling.
He looked her up and down again, finally catching sight of the quivering lump in her front pocket. The man frowned darkly.
“Yer names?” he demanded, his eyes on the shape.
“I’m Maxie Hart. My pokemon is Fang. Please, please let us on!” she gave a little hiccup of fear, which seemed to swing the man.
“Oh, go on, then. Hurry!”

Maxie didn’t even wait for an answer. She leapt the gap and threw herself inside, and slipped through the doors. Shooting a glance back at the guard (who was digging into a mars bar), she prodded her pocket.
“We’re home free now, mate.” She said briskly, grinning in a self-satisfied way.
Her front pocket jiggled again, only for a zubat to emerge. He opened his mouth, no doubt making a mental-map of the room with sonar. For a moment, he looked wary, before throwing himself into the air. He spread his wings with evident relief.
{Nice acting!} he said, in a mousey squeak. The pair high-fived in mid air, wing and hand meeting with a clap. They slammed off down the train, looking for a compartment.

Other: Normally listens to music by The Cure, Supertramp, The Aquabats and UB40. Blake's also very artistic and very into drawing...women. Beware, ladies! He draws Tanwen a lot too.

November 23rd, 2005, 12:43 PM
Alter Ego - Accepted

ash jr. - Sorry, not accepted. I think your role-play skills just need a bit of work, and your capitalization and punctuation are just a tiny bit off. Sorry.

Charon-chan - Accepted

The Role-Play Team

Alter Ego

Alright, that's it. Here we go. ^_^

(Instead of the resistance already being formed, the story is gonna start out with you guys getting invited to join)


Despair. Fear. These are the things that people all over Kioto are feeling. A new team of vigilantes has appeared and caused widespread terror over the continent. Many people have lost their jobs because all the gyms, and even the Kioto League, have been shut down for good. People have stood up to this team all over the land, but they are utterly crushed before they even make the newspaper. The name that has caused fear in the hearts of every city......The Omega Rainers

Professor Redwood hurried around his office, which was in a complete mess, trying to find six tiny, white envelopes. His brown hair was swirled everywhere from racing around the laboratory, and his white lab coat was billowing in the wind he was creating from how fast he was running. His eyes were very heavy from staying up late at night trying to figure out the answer to the problem running through every person's mind, how to stop the Omega Rainers

He finally found the elusive envelopes and hurriedly opened them, grabbing the nearest pen and scribbling a note on each of them. He licked the envelopes, then shut them and hastily wrote down the addresses of the six people he needed to see.

After finishing, he quickly darted out of his office and dashed through the laboratory, eventually pushing open the door and breathing in the fresh, crisp air. The sun was shining over head, and it warmed him up. The professor stepped out to his mailbox and threw the letters inside. Normally, he would have called them or even visited their house, but he simply didnt have the time.

After finishing that, he darted back inside and began the preparation of Pokemon and supplies.

Here is what the letter read

Dear sir or madam.

As Im sure youve noticed, our wonderful land has been ruthlessly taken over by the evil organization. The infamous Omega Rainers. I have devised a plan that should surely crush them if done correctly. Although it is merely a folk tale, I have no reason to not believe that it is true.

They say that hidden in places around Kioto are little charms known as the Star Pendants. legend says that when all seven of these are gathered around in one place, every Pokemon touching these pendants will have their power increased severely, maybe even more powerful than legendary Pokemon. Although Im, not sure of thats correct, thats the only hope we have.

The reason I have sent you this latter is that Im extending an invitation to you to go on this quest, collect these so called Star Pendants, and bring peace back to our land once more.

If you are interested, please come to my Laboratory this Fridays at 3:00 P.M. I hope that you will be there.

~Professor Redwood

(In case you all don't know, these are addressed to you all. I will post my character's response in my next post)

November 23rd, 2005, 1:44 PM
"Well this sucks." I said looking at the 'closed' sign upon the glass sliding doors which were locked up.
Splice sweatdropped at my choice of words <Honestly, we can just come back tomorrow.>
"Well it's stupid! It's 12:00 and Rainer shuts down the biggest bestest resturant in the town?!" I grumbled, turning away.
<Why don't you just dig something out of the fridge like you always do?> Splice asked, flapping his fine leathery wings to maintain his body temperture.
"If you haven't noticed, it's completely empty." I said coldly, picture the centuries old refridgerator with it's lighting system half broken, and the plug starting to spark and die.
I pushed the door to my parents old house which was easily abandoned, because they decided to move somewhere closer to where they could more easily serve Omega Rainer.
I decided to stay here, and mess with old junk they left behind for me, resulting in the timely death of the refridgerator.
"Mail?!" I said surprised, knocking on the Mailbox to make sure it wasn't a prank, or some malfunction in the mailbox I had programmed to bite the mailman everytime he attempted to put mail in it "I never get mail."
<Gee I wonder why.> Splice said, rolling his eyes and flapping his wings for the millionth time.
"Well let's get it out." I said, my hands on my knees as I leaned to look into the closed mailbox "I'll let you do the honors."
Splice sighed and ripped the front of the mailbox open as it tried to slam shut on my Scizor's claw.
I reached inside for the peice of uninjured paper and withdrew, Splice letting the mailbox slam shut.
"Let's see." I said opening the letter.

Dear sir or madam.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our wonderful land has been ruthlessly taken over by the evil organization. The infamous Omega Rainers. I have devised a plan that should surely crush them if done correctly. Although it is merely a folk tale, I have no reason to not believe that it is true.

They say that hidden in places around Kioto are little charms known as the Star Pendants. legend says that when all seven of these are gathered around in one place, every Pokemon touching these pendants will have their power increased severely, maybe even more powerful than legendary Pokemon. Although I’m, not sure of that’s correct, that’s the only hope we have.

The reason I have sent you this letter is that I’m extending an invitation to you to go on this quest, collect these so called “Star Pendants”, and bring peace back to our land once more.

If you are interested, please come to my Laboratory this Fridays at 3:00 P.M. I hope that you will be there.

~Professor Redwood

<....Oh yeah, I want to be stronger than a legendary, but what pokemon doesn't?> Splice said, flapping his wings sarcastically
"You ruined the moment." I said sighing and tossing the letter over my shoulder as it landed gracefully into Splice's outstretched claw.
I walked inside the cold and dirty house, which was home for me, and kicked the stupid fridge just for the heck of it. (I have a problem with that fridge)
"Well pack you pokeball, it's better than sticking around here. Maybe they'll have food." I said grabbing a black fanny pack from inside the house and clipping it loosely around my waist, as it followed the path my belt did.
"Let's go." I chirped to Splice as I hopped onto his shoulder.

Alter Ego
November 23rd, 2005, 2:34 PM
Despite the troubled times, it was a beautiful day, the sun shining brightly down from a nearly cloudless sky, a fresh breeze chasing around the few wispy clouds that still dotted the otherwise clear blue sky. It was during days like these that it was hard to comprehend that an organisation as evil and ruthless as the Omega Rainers could even exist, not to mention that a desperate war was being waged against them, one which the good guys didn't seem to be doing all too well in, brave men and women hauled of to terrible ends...entire towns razed in a matter of minutes...

Ivan sighed, running a hand through his affeminately long light purple hair and briefly grabbing his spectacles with the other, attempting to rub a bit of the fatigue of by hand before he returned to scanning the sheet of paper in front of him in the hopes of finishing it so that he could finally go to bed. He had been up all night trying to analyze the paper, not to mention the hefty pile of its comrades located on the small desk by which he had been sitting. They were all facts and figures concerning the members of 'The sons of Kioto', a small-time resistance movement that Ivan had spent the last few years of his life working for, it was a depressing read to say the least.

Meanwhile, a small greyish specter howevered around the boy's head, a faint purplish aura surrounding its body as it fed on the negative emotions of hopelessness and frustration that its trainer emanated. The Shuppet loved report-reading time.

"Hey Riff-raff." Ivan said at last, noting the pleasure that the Shuppet seemed to be taking in this particular activity "Come give me a hand."

If the Shuppet would have possessed eyebrows, it would surely have raised one by now.

"Figuratively speaking." the boy continued, not really wanting to hear whatever lame pun Riff-raff had had in mind "I'll say names and you tell me what the paper here says so that I can check off those who are out of action, okay?"

The Shuppet performed the closest thing to a shrug it could muster, hovering a bit closer to the paper, slightly huffed that his trainer hadn't given him the chance to tell his delicious pun. Well, he would get him back, right when the boy least expected it...the ghost type felt a strong urge to cackle evily but restrained it, not wanting to draw attention to his thoughts. {Okay then...} he replied at last, skimming the reports on the paper and getting the feeling that he would soon be gaining more negative emotions to feed on, quite the treat considering how composed and reserved his trainer usually was about any even moderately strong feelings, {I'm here to compare.}

Ivan rolled his eyes at his pokmon's behaviour, guessing all too well what was going on within the ghost type's mind, he would definitely have to keep a close watch on his shoelaces, not to mention any doors he opened, precariously placed water buckets were one of Riff-raff's many specialities.

"Roberts." he said, reading out the first name on the list.

{Natural causes.} Riff-raff replied.

Ivan sighed, not really having expected anything else. Roberts had never been the brightest crayon in the box, and he wasn't really that great a trainer either. He crossed the name of from the list. He suddenly came to think of something however.

"Natural causes?" the boy echoed sceptically, snatching the report away from Riff-raff "It says here that he was ambushed by Rainers up in the mountains, slipping and taking a harmfull tumble down the hillside, only to end up being devoured by a rogue Ursaring. You call that 'natural causes'?"

{Well...} Riff-raff replied defensively {If you're ambushed by Rainers, roll down a mountain, and end up in the stomach of an Ursaring I'd say it's pretty natural for you to be dead.}

Ivan sighed, rolling his eyes as the Shuppet burst into a cackling fit over this most recent play of words. "Never mind about the helping part..." he said grumpily, keeping the paper to himself "I'll sort this out on my own."

{Spoilsport...} Riff-raff muttered, floating up to the ceiling to sulk as the boy turned his attention back to the papers.


"Gillmore...missing in action." Ivan concluded, crossing out the last of the names on the list and leaning back to look at what they had left...there were only two names; him and Caden. A young boy and an old man...the rest were either imprisoned or dead, although under the current leadership people in the first category had a tendency to quickly be transfered to the second.

"I take it, none are left then, child?" asked an old man's voice from behind Ivan. The boy turned around, slightly startled, as he hadn't heard the other person approach, but still more or less composed. Into the dingy little study room, crammed with bookshelves, a desk, a chair, a small bed and of course, loads up loads of books and papers, that Ivan called home, an old but surprisingly muscular and energetic looking man had stepped in. His face, thought wrinkled, still held a thick covering of silvery white hair, which neatly transfered into a short but thick beard, the hair, in combination with the glint in his dark blue eyes, giving him a distinctly wild appearance which made quite the contrast with his clothing, which seemed to be indistinguishable from that of any other senior citizen.

"It seems so..." Ivan sighed, nodding solemnly, "Does that mean...that the Sons of Kioto are finished? Is our resistance over?" there was a clearly dissapointed edge to the boy's voice, despite the calm face he maintained, and his hands had both curled into fists without the boy even realizing it himself. The thought that these people...people who had commited such terrible acts, would go unpunished...just get away with it, he wouldn't stand for it.

Caden studied the boy's expression for a while before replying. "Yes...and no." he said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully "Yes, our organization is finished. But no, that does not mean that our fight is over." his eyes glinted again, "At least I know that yours isn't...unless you want it to be, of course." he pulled out a neat, white envelope into view, handing it to Ivan "I think you'll find that quite interesting." the old man said, smiling at the boy's quizzical expression before turning to leave "I'll have your things packed in a few moments." he said before dissapearing back up the stairs to the ground floor again.

"Have my things packed?" Ivan echoed, quickly fiddling up the letter and reading it for himself, Riff-raff, who had finally given up sulking in favour of sneaking his peak into his trainer's bussiness, reading it over his shoulder.

Dear sir or madam.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our wonderful land has been ruthlessly taken over by the evil organization. The infamous Omega Rainers. I have devised a plan that should surely crush them if done correctly. Although it is merely a folk tale, I have no reason to not believe that it is true.

They say that hidden in places around Kioto are little charms known as the Star Pendants. legend says that when all seven of these are gathered around in one place, every Pokemon touching these pendants will have their power increased severely, maybe even more powerful than legendary Pokemon. Although I’m, not sure of that’s correct, that’s the only hope we have.

The reason I have sent you this latter is that I’m extending an invitation to you to go on this quest, collect these so called “Star Pendants”, and bring peace back to our land once more.

If you are interested, please come to my Laboratory this Fridays at 3:00 P.M. I hope that you will be there.

~Professor Redwood

Ivan took a short pause before reading the note again, paying especially close attention to the signature just in case it was a fake. True, he had read about these mythical 'Star Pendants', but he had always considered it to be nothing more than superstition and folklore. And even if it was true, what pokmon would be gaining that power? Riff-raff? He shuddered at the thought of the ghost type gaining the strength to rival a legendary pokmon.

"Proffessor Redwood..." he said for himself, neatly folding up the letter and tucking it away into one of the pockets of the heavy blue overcoat he had slung across the back of his chair, before putting the piece of clothing on himself again. Many would probably have considered dressing like that to be quite redundant in such warm weather, but Ivan had his reasons to do so...the least of them not being that simply wearing these clothes that he had worn so many times felt like meeting up with old friends, friends that didn't babble inanely either. He had heard of proffessor Redwood on more than one occasion. He was apparently quite the scientist, and held a reputation of being quite anti-Rainer in his views. Some even went as far as to say that he actually had a resistance movement of his own. There was no evidence to back it up however, so Ivan decided to dismiss it as mere rumour. Regardless, proffessor Redwood was well acknowledged for his academic prowess, so if he thought that there was something worth investigating about the tale of the Star Pendants then it would at least be worthwhile to look into the matter. His laboratory wasn't really that far either, he could easily make it there in time...it wasn't until Friday anyway.

"Come on Riff-raff." he said, nodding at the Shuppet "We've got packing to do."


Having stowed in the last book that he deemed worthwhile to take along on his journey, Ivan managed, with some difficulty, to close the zipper on his backpack, a blue and black one whose colours matched those of the rest of his clothes quite nicely, yawning widely, before he collected up the last possession he wanted to take with him, an old, wide-brimmed straw hat which was still in servicable condition despite obviously having been through a lot. The boy smiled as he held the hat in his hands, inhaling the familiar scent that brought so many fond memories to his mind, memories of the few times when his dad had actually spent time with him...of summers spent fishing together by the river. Just lying back in the shade of a tree and watching the floater while the sun warmed every inch of your body, not saying a thing, not daring to make a sound as it might have scared away the fish...a moment of peace and calm...

The boy sighed, placing the hat on his head, those days were gone now, and until this was over they would never be back. With that, the boy promptly trod out of his room, tripping as his shoelaces as Riff-raff had taken the opportunity to tie them together while the boy was lost in his reveries. The ghost type cackled manically, twirling around its trainer and apparently finding the whole thing extremely amusing.

Ivan gave a tired sigh as he undid the knots and tied his shoelaces properly again, rising back to his feet and dusting himself off while absent-mindedly massaging his right knee which had made rather painfull contact with the floor. The journey had just begun to look a whole lot longer...

November 23rd, 2005, 3:22 PM
OOC: Yay! RP starting time!


A large tent rose high above the small trees that littered an old, empty lot. It was brightly colored and advertised a traveling pokemon show called "PokeSho!" An odd comparison to the quiet and calm outside, the inside of the tent suddenly became very loud.

The crowd inside it all began to cheer and clap. The stage performers all bowed deeply, an older man, a woman, and a whole large group of various pokemon. They seemed pleased with the crowd's enthusiasm, and the crowd seemed pleased with their performance; everyone was clapping. Well, almost everyone.

In the corner of the tent, in the very back of the audience, stood a tall and dark figure. Her long, black overcoat drapped down almost to the floor, and she wore an expressionless face, that looked bored with the whole situation. At her side was a rocky, dull pink and white coral pokemon, her deep blue eyes staring hard up at the others on the stage.

{I know what you're thinking Mia... but you did promise them that you would stay tonight,} the pink pokemon said in her deep voice. It was quite startling for a Corsola to have a deep voice, but Mia was used to her partner.

"I am aware of that promise Delphine. I can't stand being here though. I hate the crowds, I hate the smell of popcorn, and I'm tired of being associated with all this," she said flatly, looking around at all of the snacks, people, and pokemon.

Delphine smiled a bit. {Yes Mia. Then you know what you have to do. You are old enough to start making decisions on your own I suppose,} the Corsola conceeded, waddling towards the doorway of the large tent.

Just then the crowd began to move, and people started filing out of the tent. Delphine stopped and stayed where she was, realizing that it would be futile to try and find Mia in all of these people. Mia was bust though, as her mother, the woman from the stage, approached her holding a letter.

She had to shout over the crowd's noise, "MIA! YOU'VE GOT A LETTER!" This was quite funny looking seeing as Mia's mother was a small, chubby woman.

Mia frowned. Her mother never realized how embarrassing she got, "Who is it from?" Her mother strained to hear because Mia had spoken in her regular voice.

"WHAT?! WHAT WAS THAT MIA?!" her mother shouted, louder than ever.

Snatching up the letter as soon as she could, Mia examined it, and by the time she had opened it, Delphine had appeared at her side again, and the crowd had mostly gone.

It read:

Dear sir or madam.

As Im sure youve noticed, our wonderful land has been ruthlessly taken over by the evil organization. The infamous Omega Rainers. I have devised a plan that should surely crush them if done correctly. Although it is merely a folk tale, I have no reason to not believe that it is true.

They say that hidden in places around Kioto are little charms known as the Star Pendants. legend says that when all seven of these are gathered around in one place, every Pokemon touching these pendants will have their power increased severely, maybe even more powerful than legendary Pokemon. Although Im, not sure of thats correct, thats the only hope we have.

The reason I have sent you this latter is that Im extending an invitation to you to go on this quest, collect these so called Star Pendants, and bring peace back to our land once more.

If you are interested, please come to my Laboratory this Friday at 3:00 P.M. I hope that you will be there.

~Professor Redwood

Mia's mother had read it over her shoulder. "Wow... Mia... I- I don't know what to say," she said, looking a mixture of worried and happy.

"I do," Mia said, "I have to leave."

"Right now?" her mother said in a broken voice, "B-But... now?!"

Mia closed her eyes and sighed, "Mother. I cannot be your little baby girl forever. I am sixteen years old, and I have shown time and time again that I am capable of supporting myself in a variety of situations. You need to think not about yourself, but of what is best for me."

Looking down at the ground, Mia's mother nodded. "You're right as usual Mia... I can't stop you from reaching for your dreams. Just please, while you're out there, don't die."

A flicker of a smile appeared on Mia's face, and she placed her hand on her mother's shoulder. "Mother... that would be a stupid mistake. I don't make those."

OOC: o.o That took forever for me to type.

November 23rd, 2005, 4:17 PM
Mareep Rearing is a VERY dignified sport.XD
Laugh Ashley,laugh all you want...
Just don't come crying to me when the Mareeps get you.^^

"Okay,that tree looks oddly familiar."Jayna held an old and torn map infront of herself,trying to make out where she was.A Mareep stood beside her,sweatdropping and sighing.He covered his face with one of his short paws.
{That's because we passed this area 5 minutes ago.}he groaned.

"Oh!I remember now!And,yes!I've found the right way to go!!"she grinned sheepishly,before starting to walk through the thick forest again.
Neo let out another sigh,slowly following his trainer.
Man,this new trainer certainly was scatter-brained.Not to mention her lack of direction,how was he ever going to get used to this?All those happy days gazing grass back with the herds.
He knew,his father and mother were respectable Ampharos owned by Jayna's parents.But that didn't mean he needed to go on this 'quest'.

"Look,Neo!Look!"the girl suddenly called out,she pointed to the exit of the forest they had been wandering around in.

"See boy,what'd I tell you?Papa's map could never be wrong."she smiled,walking towards the exit.
{Right...a 20 year old map could never be wrong.}he bleated in a sarcastic tone.


"Could you heal my Mareep please?"Jayna placed Neo's pokeball onto the counter.
The nurse,supposedly named Gwen,nodded in return.Taking the pokeball into the back room so as to heal the pokemon.After a few moments,Nurse Gwen came back out with Neo's pokeball in one hand,a letter in the other.

"I believe you are..Jayna Tykasa?"she asked,holding out both her hands.

The girl nodded,taking the pokeball and immediately letting Neo out,she eyed the letter in Gwen's hand curiously.

"Well?What're you waiting for?Its yours now isn't it?"the Nurse asked impatiently.

"Huh?Oh,yes,thank you."Jayna took the letter before bowing to Gwen,she then turned around and walked out of the Pokemon Center with Neo.She slowly opened the envelope,reading the contents of the letter in a small voice,so that only Neo would be able to hear.

"Dear sir or madam...
As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our wonderful land has been ruthlessly taken over by the evil organization. The infamous Omega Rainers. I have devised a plan that should surely crush them if done correctly. Although it is merely a folk tale, I have no reason to not believe that it is true.

They say that hidden in places around Kioto are little charms known as the Star Pendants!Legend says that when all seven of these are gathered around in one place, every Pokemon touching these pendants will have their power increased severely, maybe even more powerful than legendary Pokemon? Although I’m, not sure of that’s correct, that’s the only hope we have.

The reason I have sent you this latter is that I’m extending an invitation to you to go on this quest, collect these so called “Star Pendants”, and bring peace back to our land once more.

If you are interested, please come to my Laboratory this Fridays at 3:00 P.M. I hope that you will be there.Professor Redwood"the girl looked down to her Mareep.Who cocked his head,as if thinking over what to do.Neo then smiled and firmly nodded his head.

"Knew that you'd accept!"Jayna winked at her Mareep.She started walking out of the town,Neo lagging behind.
Suddenly,she came to an abrupt halt,her Mareep not noticing,banging into her legs.

"Uh...do you know where's Professor Redwood's Lab?"she asked,causing Neo to stare and sweatdrop.

November 23rd, 2005, 6:38 PM
OOC: Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention that it was Wednesday morning when that letter was sent. Sorry about that. Now, well pretend it speeded up to Friday, 2:30 P.M.

Friday, 2:30 P.M.

Toren hurriedly stuffed several different things into a rather large backpack. He had tried to stuff so many things into it, that the zipper, which he had become severely frustrated over trying to close, would simply NOT zip up. He finally gave up and raced out of the room, down the stairs, almost colliding into his little sister, and plopped down in one of the chairs in the kitchen.

Toren, are you sure you have everything you need? Im worried youll forget something.

Torens mom asked him with a worried look on her face.

Yes, Im sure.

Are you positively sure?

Yes, mom.

Are you absolutely, positively sure?


Toren almost fell out of his chair after having screamed his last sentence.

Okay, okay, no need to shout.

Toren stood up and grabbed a couple snacks off a tiny basket and shoved them in his pocket.

I have to go now. I only have a little bit to get to the Lab.

Okay honey, Im going to miss you.

She ran over and embraced her son, tears streaming down her face. At that point, his 7-year-old sister walked in the room.

Im gonna miss you Toren.

Ahh, Im gonna miss you too, Lauren.

She ran over and hugged her brother, and then stood back and smiled.

Alright, bye everyone.

His mother gave him one last hug, and then he was out the door.

*Several minutes later*

Toren ran back up the stairs to his house. He burst through the door, almost embarrassed at what he had forgotten.

In the room walked a tiny, brown creature with her tail stuck up in the air.

{Well, well Toren. I see that youve come back. I wonder what you forgot.}

Cmon, Tiller, Im sorry. Just follow me.

{Alright, whatever. You better not do it again.}

Toren scooped up the Eevee in his arms, walked outside to the road, and set off for Professor Redwoods Laboratory.

November 23rd, 2005, 7:01 PM
Niah,Tyson,just wondering,where's your sign-up sheet?XD

"Okay Neo,here we are,after running around for two days,we're here."Jayna pushed the branches of a tree away from her face as she stepped out of the dense forest before Redwood's lab.
The girl looked even more untidy than usual.Her hair had not been combed,and there were even leaves in it.There was dirt all over her and her Mareep.Neo coughed,marching out of the forest,trying to look respectable.

"Cut it out,Neo.You're as dirty as I'll ever be."Jayna laughed,brushing the leaves out of her hair,and the dirt off her pants.

Neo squeaked indignantly.

{I'm not the one who suggested a short cut by going through another forest.}he said in a calm tone.

"Hey,we got here didn't we?"she told the Mareep as both of them walked up the steps to the lab.

{I'm all...dusty!}he coughed.

"Oh,you'll get used to it."Jayna smiled,stopping infront of the door.

Well,this was it,Friday,3pm.Infront of Professor Redwood's Lab.The girl took a glance to her Mareep,who nodded back.She gulped as she slowly placed her hand onto the doorknob.

Alter Ego
November 24th, 2005, 3:13 AM
OOC: Yeah, it's kind of hard to RP reactions for a character if you don't even know what he looks like. o_O Seeing your sign-up sheet would be nice.

And Ashley an't afraid of no sissy Mareeps. He's got a Cradily, yes he does! And any nasty Mareep headed his way shall be Earthquaked. XP


{Oh, and did you hear the one about the lame, one-legged-}

"Very slowly." Ivan replied automatically in a tired voice, increasing his pace along the forest path a bit more.

{Hey!} Riff-raff exclaimed in a disgruntled manner at the abrupt end of what he considered a killer of a joke, increasing his pace a bit so that he floated alongside the boy {How did you know that?}

"I just do. Trust me..." Ivan replied sarcastically, which was perfectly true because this was the tenth time during their two-day journey that the Shuppet had told this joke. It still wasn't particularly funny, but Riff-raff insisted on his theory that every joke got better with each telling, this one was practically vintage.

Ivan took another glanced at the map in his hands, just to check that he was on the right path. Yes, the bend in the trail seemed to match, proffessor Redwood's lab should not be more than one bend and a small treck away now, and thank goodness for that. The heat was still on, although thankfully there was still a refreshing breeze blowing through the woods that made Ivan feel a bit more comfortable in his overcoat, which he still insisted on wearing. The journey had still been quite far from comfortable though, especially since Riff-raff had taken it as an opportunity to hone his joke-telling skills.

{Hey!} the Shuppet spoke up after a while, {Why is six-}

"I'm afraid we don't have time for another joke at the moment." Ivan interrupted, pointing towards a structure ahead of them that could be nothing else than the laboratory they had been looking for. Before his Shuppet had time to protest, the boy had already broken into a jog, soon arriving by the door of the structure, only a few moments after another person...a girl, and a somewhat scruffy looking one at that, with a white shirt and old black jeans, both clothing articles looking rather messy, for clothes, and her brown hair, slightly longer than Ivan's, which she seemed to have just left hanging down however it pleased. Accompanying her, an equally dirty, and far less pleased-looking, Mareep was standing on the ground, apparently complaining about something. How could they have gotten so dirty on the forest trail, Ivan found himself wondering, if he didn't know better he would have wagered that the girl and her pokmon had gone walking straight amongst the trees. But surely no-one would be foolish enough to do that when there was a perfectly good path to take?

{Ohhh! Strangers!} Riff-raff exclaimed, performing a mid-air sommersault out of excitement {I bet they'll appreciate my jokes!}

"I bet they'd appreciate you being quiet." Ivan commented as the two began making their way towards the strangers "I know I would. Try to behave even once in your life...well, afterlife." he corrected himself before the Shuppet had a chance to.

The Shuppet let out a 'Pfft' sound, mourning the lack of a tongue to poke out at his trainer as he hovered next to him, pretending to play along...at least for now.

November 24th, 2005, 3:45 AM

Ooohh,sounded like I was defending Ruby back there.^^
Okay,but Mareep ain't sissy.Sheesh,what so sissy abou' a blue colored sheep with yellow horns on the sides of its side?And the glowy tail,don't forget about the glowy tail!^^
Anyway,I don't see anything sissy-ish abou the Mareep.
You're just in denial,cause,like,its cuter than you'll ever be.XD
Though,I must admit,Cradily and Swampert and Feebas are cuter!^^

{Hey!Looky,a ghostie and a boy.}Neo nudged Jayna's leg as they appraoched him and his trainer.

"What?"she turned around to see a boy.He wore glasses,and a cute straw hat but what really caught her eye was his hair.It was really long,well,to her anyway,and of a strange color as well.She had never seen purple hair.Jayna stepping towards him as he approached her.
Not only had he funny hair,he was also wearing a large,blue overcoat.The Shuppet floating beside him,she assumed was his,didn't seem too happy,just like Neo.

"Uh..not to be rude or anything,but don't you feel hot under there?"she asked curiously.

{Meep!!You don't even know who they are and you talk to them?!What if they're part of the Rainers,or even worse,MAYBE THEY'RE THE EVIL SHOE SALESMEN!!!}Neo squeaked loudly,but Jayna merely ignored him and his shrieks.For someone looking like him,come on!Plus he surely didn't look of age to be a Rainer or a salesman.

Alter Ego
November 24th, 2005, 4:10 AM
OOC: Eh...the term 'sissy' I just stuck in there because it sounded right! Don't have a Miltank! XP

Nope, Mareeps ain't sissy per-say, but Flaaffys...now there's another story altogether. XD Although practically all pokmon are sissy in comparison to the almighty Cradily so my choice of words kind of makes sense. Anyhow, yes, Marreps are cute, but Cradily rules supreme on the cuteness front, yes it does. ^^


If Riff-raff had been in possession of a mouth, it would surely have stretched into a malicious grin at the Mareep's comment. But as it was, the Shuppet had to settle for a mischievous glint in the eyes as he floated a bit forward, bowing dramatically with a flourish in the air before starting out a rhyme that had already worked out in his head:

{Why yes, we are shoesalesmen four,
spreading our evil door-to-door!
Let us conquer, don't be a prick,
we bring footwear both span and spick!}

The Shuppet let out a demonic cackle, performing several sommersaults in the air, obviously extremely pleased with this new invention of his.

Ivan sighed, shaking his head at the Shuppet's behaviour. There weren't even four of them, only two...and why couldn't the ghost type behave even for once? This wasn't a joking matter.

He turned to adress the girl, smiling slightly "Perhaps..." he said, shrugging "But I've grown quite attached to this overcoat of mine, it would feel like something is missing if I didn't have it. Besides, it's always good to prepare for the worst, no? Especially in times like this."

November 24th, 2005, 4:25 AM
You calling Feebas sissy dude?*takes out bazooka*

And like,I lurve Riff-raff's little jig/poem.^^
But like Ivan said...how can there be four when there's only him and Ivan?Unless he's including Neo and Jayna,or his maths is off,or he just put the word there so it'd rhyme...XD

Neo backed away from Riff-raff,a hint of fear was visible on his face.

{Ahhh!!See!!I told you!Four salesmen!!!!!!}the Mareep cried out,scared,diving behind his trainer.
Jayna sighed,"They are not shoe salesmen,"

"Not even four of them."she coughed.

"They are pokemon trainers like us.The Shuppet was just fooling you,can't even take a good joke."she laughed as she told the Mareep,hoping that he'd pluck up some courage to stand next to her.Neo felt even more sheepish then usual,his face a slight scarlet as he resumed his place beside Jayna.

"Quite right."she turned back to the boy,her parents had told her to be alert and not trust anyone unless she was absolutely sure about the other party.Well,the girl understood the first part,but more or less,subconciously pushed the second point to the back of her head.

"I"m Jayna by the way,nice to meet you."she held her hand out to the boy.

"Were you born with that color of hair?"she couldn't resist but ask.

Alter Ego
November 24th, 2005, 4:52 AM
OOC: Me? Perish the thought...although in a metagaming aspect, yes. *Pulls out red herring for self-defense*

And yeah, Riff-raff just said four because two wouldn't rhyme as nice. He ain't too concerned with the finer points, unlike Ivan. XD And writing rhymes ish fun...I think Riff-raff shall have several more to spout later on, for it is his way to repeat himself. XD


{Or are we?} Riff-raff shot in at Jayna's comment, maintaining a deep and ominous voice before bursting into another hysteric cackling fit. {See?} he asked his trainer triumphantly at Jayna's comment on the joke {I told you they'd appreciate my humour!}

"Oh yes..." Ivan replied sarcastically, casting a glance at the now rather flustered Mareep "I can tell by the Mareep's thrilled expression."

He turned back to Jayna, just as the girl turned back to adress him, introducing herself and inquiring about Ivan's hair shortly after.

"Ivan." he replied, shaking the hand offered, despite the fact that it wasn't really at its most sanitary condition "Nice to meet you too Jayna." he smiled in a slightly amused manner at the hair question "I was born without hair actually." he replied "Just like all children are. But yes, this has always been my hair colour." he self-consciously ran a hand through his purple hair, it was always the hair that people commented on...as soon as they got over the clothes it was the hair, either its colour or its length, usually both, he could almost swear that the length question was coming up "Does it bother you?"

November 24th, 2005, 5:04 AM
Oooohhh,my dear lad,a herring shan't protect you from Yibber's wrath AND her bazooka now,will it?XD

{Oooh yes,very amusing,lets play 'Harass Poor Neo' again.}the Mareep covered his eyes with both paws.The Mareep clearly wasn't one of the bravest of the flock.

"Oh right."the girl blushed,she wasn't the type to think things through and through.Though,she thought the boy would've understood what he meant,which he did,but well,he sort of remembered that all people were born without hair.Ah...if only her attention span was long enough to think up those sorts of things.
"You know,I've never seen any boy with such long hair,you still manage to keep it 'tamed'?"she continued,knowing that he'd probably knew she was about to ask that.The girl proceeded to sit on the steps of the lab,it did feel a little tiring standing there just talking.

"No,it doesn't bother me at all.In fact,I think its kinda cute,especially with that straw hat you have there,did you make it yourself?"

November 24th, 2005, 6:58 AM
OOC: Ahhh, fine. Here's the sign-up sheet. I was going to reveal everything in my posts, but I guess you can find out now...

Name: Toren Mitsuro

Age: 15
Gender: Male

Description:http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y251/WingedShadow/Haru.jpg (Only without the sword)

Personality: Very outgoing. Not afraid to speak his mind on any matter. Trustworthy, loyal, caring(Will do anything for great friends and Pokemon). Has a good heart, and desperately wants peace for Kioto

History: Grew up in a pretty poor family. His father always tried to work hard to provide for his family, even if it meant working really late, even late at night. One day, his father got a big promotion, and actually became a director of the Kioto Gyms(handles business, and many other...important things). His paycheck got a severe boost, so they went from down in the dumps to living high.

Toren had always wanted a Pokemon, but had never been able to buy one(He didn't have much experience in battling). But now, his father bought him a very rare and expensive Pokemon....Eevee. Toren was so happy. He named his new friend Tiller, and they quickly became close buddies. They spent almost every day battling and training, trying to become stronger.

But now, the Omega Rainers have appeared. They closed down the gyms, which meant Toren's father lost his job. Now, Toren has set out to Professor Redwood's Lab in hopes of going on this journey and defeating the Rainers once and for all.

Pokemon: Eevee

RP Sample: (None, see my other posts)

Other: None

BTW, ybur_angel and Alter Ego, I thought that too many OOC posts were considered spam. I just don’t want you all to get in trouble for it(You’ve done it in almost every RP post)


Toren was practically running through the streets of Oceanblue city, trying to make it to the Lab before 3:00. He lived on the other side of town, and it was a rather large place, so he had to go quite fast in time to make.

Chugging along beside Toren was Tiller, his Eevee. The little guy was having a hard time keeping up with the human. Finally, he just for fed up and stopped.

{Toren, if you want me to come, you’re gonna have to carry me! You’re running way too fast!}

Toren turned back and stared at the Pokemon. He sighed heavily and scooped up the Eevee in his arms.

“You better be thankful for this”

And with that, he took off at the speed of light(Not really) once more.

*About 15 minutes later*

He came out of a large forest and smiled as the sun appeared behind a large mass of clouds. It was a rather cold day, and the sun was a big relief. He set down Tiller on the ground and then started forward. After having come out of the forest, he noticed a boy and a girl talking to each other, with two Pokemon beside them. He slowly walked forward, astonished at how strange their conversation seemed to be.

November 24th, 2005, 7:13 AM
I don't know..we've been sort of accustomed to Ooc's with our RP posts..I thought that as long as we have an IC and don't do that practically EVERY post...its considered alright?
Dude,you shoud check out the Showgan and Alphimega RP if you've the time then...^^''

Still,yes,I shall try to cut down on the Ooc's then.^^

"Hmmm?"Jayna looked up to see that a boy,this time with silver-colored hair was walking towards them.

"You boys like strange hair colors don't you?"she asked Ivan,standing up to greet the new trainer along with his Eevee.He,unlike the boy beside her,chose to wear a small vest over his white shirt instead of an overcoat.

{Great...more scary people..}Neo shivered,lifting his right paw so he could see the newcomers.

"They're not scary,bet they're also here to help."Jayna frowned at her Mareep.

Alter Ego
November 24th, 2005, 7:21 AM
OOC: *Blinks* Eh? I thought it was only considered spam if they're pure OOC posts without any IC content in them, and we haven't made a single one of those.

And Yibber, you underestimate the red herring of quality. That is a mistake that shall cost you dearly, yes it is. XD

But fine, I suppose we shall have to try controlling our OOC usage if it bothers you.


Ivan grimaced inwardly as the much anticipated question of his hair came up, just like he had expected it to. He was pretty used to explaining it though, and besides, he felt like he should answer if only to make up for the rather unnecessary remark about hair growth that had caused Jayna some embarssment. Ivan just couldn't help, at times, to do such things...perhaps it was because he had hung around Riff-raff for far too long.

"Tamed?" he echoed, chuckling slightly "I could ask the same about yours." he nodded towards Jayna's brown hair, calling it messy would have been an understatement, "Oh, but I don't see much need to tame mine." he gestured at the long locks of hair that hung down over his back, "It seems to stay quite well in order without my interference, although occasionally I do tie it up if it would be in danger otherwise. And yes..." he added, his gaze growing a bit distant "Most boys prefer to keep their hair short...I have my reasons not to...personal reasons..." he concluded in a tone that indicated that it was a subject he would rather not discuss further.

Ivan was slightly surprised by Jayna's response to his hair, especially the comment about it being 'kinda cute' as the usual comments tended to be more along the lines of 'pantry boy', and 'Hippie loon', sometimes 'girlie' too, and plenty of other names that he really prefered not to think about. When the girl asked about his hat, Ivan instinctively reached for it, just to check if it was there, before his hand went back down, a slightly sheepish expression on the boy's face before he straightened it back to normal and replied;

"In a manner of speaking, yes it is..." he replied slowly, "Although I did have some help from...a friend...one who is...well, I would rather not speak of it at the moment." he concluded "My apologies, but it is a rather personal matter. I doubt you could fully understand it without knowing more about me. Perhaps later..."

"Hmm?" Ivan asked at Jayna's comment, turning to look at the approaching stranger as well. Indeed, the boy did seem to be in possession of a rather unusual hair colour.

{Really?!} Riff-raff asked at Neo's comment, ignoring the sarcasm as he floated over to the Mareep, his eyes glinting mischievously again {Well, since you asked so nicely...}

The Shuppet was about to proceed with scaring Neo, not a hard feat considering that the mere presence of the ghost type seemed to make the Mareep shiver like a leaf, when he suddenly noticed new people approaching. A boy and an Eevee...

A new audience... Riff-raff thought for himself in amusement, flitting out of view and making his way to the duo, reappearing directly in front of them for a little startling effect.

{Surrender your pantaloons!} the Shuppet exclaimed, hovering in front of the boy in a treathening manner. Spouting randomness was almost as much fun as singing and tying shoelaces together.

November 24th, 2005, 7:37 AM
Exactly what I was saying!^^

And,niah,I lurve underestimating the herring,and possibly the rest of the world.Niah,looks like you're doing the same with my Feebas.XD

"What about my hair?Its just that I don't see a need to do anything with it,let it remain natural and such."the girl smiled as he nodded to her own messy hair.

"Oh no,don't worry,I understand,on both your accounts."she told Ivan as he put the straw hat back to its original place on his head.

"Wouldn't just give away my whole life to a stranger now would I?"she asked,though,what was going on inside her happened to think otherwise.

{Hey,you mocking me?}Neo slowly lifted both his paws and sat upright,getting used to Riff-raff's presense.Though the Shuppet slowly drifted away to harass the newcomers,the Mareep merely sighed and shook his head.Those poor,poor people.

November 24th, 2005, 11:53 AM
Rain is the sort of weather you either love or you hate.
When the heavens opened that Wednesday morning, sending sheets of icy water crashing against the rooftops, Blake couldn’t help feeling faintly relieved. He crouched by the window, watching the streetlamps stutter outside. In the bleak, infinite darkness that was Aspall City at night, there was little to break up the shadows.

The boy sat curled up on his window sill, watching the lorry reversing down his parent’s sweeping drive. He didn’t need to read the side – which read Machamp Removals – to know what was going on. It seemed like half of Blake’s life had wasted away while he sat in the back of his family’s people carrier, surrounded in boxes and memoirs of his home. His family were uprooting again, dragging themselves south this time, into a new city with new jobs, new schools and new friends.
Blake was not happy.
He watched the rain again, as it fell on the window in delicate pearls.
“Tanwen, we’re leaving.”
His slipped off the sill, and grabbed a letter from the table. A bag sat on the floor, already packed; Blake snatched it up and darted through the door, slamming it behind him.


Where I go,
I just don’t know.
I’m gonna gonna gonna take it slow.
When I find my,
Piece of mind,
I’m gonna give you some of my good ti-i-imes.

The sun was warm on the pair’s backs, as the boy and his furret made their way along the winding path. His headphones roared away, nothing more than a disconnected grumble to the passer’s by. The boy heard something quite different; a mellow voice, singing to a soft guitar.

The boy was young-looking, with a tanned face and warm, brown eyes; the sort of open brown eyes that told all, and were filled with the innocence of a boy that had yet to travel the world, and experience the horrors it held.
He was dressed casually, for the warm weather, in a baggy beige shirt which hung open to reveal – well, not much really. He was bony, and quite short, too; his green-blue jeans had been rolled up several times and now sat on the top of his trainers like a collapsed souffl.
The furret that trotted behind him was a different matter altogether; she was particularly large, not just in length, and moved with the usual rippling motion of her kind. Her eyes seemed to twinkle with a dull kind of intelligence, as she followed her trainer diligently.
His eyes were on the letter he held in his hands; hers were on the ice cream stand that stood a few feet away.

{ooc| posted eventually.. blah. Stupid slow internet. Blake's listening to the song 'soul to squeeze' but the Red Hot Chili Peppers, by the way... because I'm obssessed with music. *weilds her guitar*}

November 24th, 2005, 1:16 PM
And I quote.......

SPAM, like the rest of the forums, SPAM is not aloud, this also includes too many OOC (Out of character) posts, its considered SPAM if used to many times.

(From the RP Rules)

I don't really have a problem with OOC posts, I just don't want you two to get in trouble. ^_^


The boy looked down at the Shuppet before him, who seemed to be mocking him.

Err, no thanks. Id rather keep my pantaloons.

He frowned at how the Pokemon seemed to be moving every single second and bothering everyone. Tarin looked at the boy who didnt have a Pokemon beside him.

Is this yours? I think that this Pokemon cares more about having fun and mocking people than even listening to anybody.

He sighed heavily, and walked towards the door that led into the Lab. He tried to turn it, but the doorknob simply not move.

Darn it, locked

He sat down on one of the steps and buried his face into his hands.

Tiller, his effervescent Eevee, sneered at the Shuppet and walked towards his trainer and laid sat down on the ground.

Alter Ego
November 24th, 2005, 1:57 PM
OOC: That's kind of open to interpretation. The way I see it, an OOC post is just that, a post that consist only of an OOC. But I have never heard of anyone getting into trouble for adding an OOC to their IC post. Don't worry about us, I for one have a clean record this far so I'm sure I'd get a warning the first time around.

By the by, how come Toren (You just called him 'Tarin' by the way, so which is the correct one?) understood what Riff-raff was saying? Ivan would understand because the two have been together for years, forming a kind of bond (Hey, it's a ghost type after all), but methinks it would just sound like a bunch of meaningless poktalk to a stranger...



"I see..." Ivan replied to Jayna's explanation, nodding, "To thine own self be true...I like that. All too few people in this world have the courage to be themselves. And thank you for your understanding..." he added "It's another commodity that is all too rare these days."

"You would be correct in that observation." Ivan replied in a tired voice as the stranger they had spotted came over to comment on Riff-raff's behaviour, "And yes, Riff-raff is mine." he fell silent again, noticing that the boy didn't seem to be showing much interest in conversation, walking first over to the door, only to confirm that it was locked, before sitting down on one of the steps with his face buried in his hand. Ivan couldn't help wondering what could be troubeling the boy, but he didn't feel like it was his place to pry, nor force his company on someone who seemed to be wanting to have a moment of silence for himself. Goodness knows Ivan knew how badly one could need those.

For a moment, Riff-raff looked slightly disgruntled by the way these strangers had just brushed him off, but his previous mischievous expression soon returned, the Shuppet was not about to give up that easily. Oh no...this boy and that uppity Eevee of his would be feeling Riff-raff's vengeance when they least expected it. Thinking of this, the ghost type broke of into another manic cackle for no apparent reason, performing another sommersault in mid-air before beginning to hover a bit higher as he plotted his next move.

November 24th, 2005, 2:10 PM
OOC: Agh, it's Toren.(The main character I use in most role-plays is named Tarin, so I'm used to typing that, but I decided to change the name this time. Abut the other thing, sorry. For some reason I seem to forget that Pokemon don't speak English. In this RP, we're gonna just that Pokemon can talk XD)


Toren looked up and saw that the boy seemed to be looking at him, but then looked away.

"Ahh, it's okay. I'm just a little worried about this journey.

He stood up and offered his hand, which was totally different from what he normally would have done.

"Hi, my name's Toren. You look about my age."

He smiled shyly, and then lifted his eyes to the sky, where the boy's Shuppet was hovering, no doubt planning something, seeing as he looked like he was deep in thought.

Alter Ego
November 24th, 2005, 2:42 PM
Ivan looked up as the boy adressed him, "I'm sorry..." he said "It wasn't my intention to stare. I'm Ivan, pleased to meet you, Toren." he returned the boy's gesture, shaking his hand "And yes..." he added, scanning the boy's appearance a bit more carefully "We do seem to be of relatively same ages. I'm fifteen, been that for about three months now." he cast a glance at Riff-raff as well, noticing how the Shuppet continued floating around, laughing for himself now and again, "Looks like you're on the top of his prank list for the moment." Ivan commented, knowing this behaviour all too well "I would suggest keeping a watchfull eye on your shoelaces. The same goes for any door that opens inward, you might find yourself an unpleasant surprise if you don't. I know I have..." he trailed off, remembering the countless pranks that the ghost type had played on him during the years they had spent together "Anyhow, you mentioned a journey..." Ivan said after a while "I take it, you recieved a letter as well?"

November 24th, 2005, 3:23 PM
Yes,my record has also been clean,yes it has.

"Hmm.."was all Jayna managed to say to Ivan as the other boy decided to walk past her and try to open the door,which was locked.After that,he then proceeded to sit on the steps leading to the lab and bury his face in his hands.Strange lad,the girl thought.But that didn't stop her from introducing herself,no sir-ree.
After Ivan,she then spoke.

"And..I'm not sure if you managed to see me,but I'm Jayna,nice to meet you."she said waving one hand to Toren as she did.

Neo eyed the Eevee suspiciously,wondering if he was just like the scary Shuppet.
{Are..are you out to get me too?}he asked Tiller.

"Ooooh,yes,bet everyone that comes here today's gonna go for tha' journey now.."Jayna nodded.She herself,was still surprised that she had been picked for this so-called 'journey' what did she have to offer?All she could do was herd Mareep,sheer them and take care of them,never really participating in a pokemon battle.
"Niah...whatever,as long as I try my best,like Papa and Mama told me.."she mentally sighed.

November 24th, 2005, 9:26 PM
"Ahhh, indeed I did."

As soon as he finished talking, he noticed the girl introduce herself.

"Oh, I'm so sorry."

He said, taking a couple steps forward.

"Nice to meet you."

He said, once again offering his hand.

"It seems that we probably won't be allowed inside until everyone gets here. I wish I knew how many people got this invitation."

(Short post, I couldn't think of anything else to do ^^)

November 24th, 2005, 10:20 PM
"Oh,I don't mind."she told him,shaking the hand he held out.

"I don't mind waiting.."Jayna said,sitting down on the steps and looking to the forest path,waiting for the rest of those who had recieved the letter to show up.Boy...it was either the fact that they had come early,or the rest were late.Well,at times like these,it was understandable.

{Right,now you're even choosing to ignore me..}Neo said,as Tiller didn't reply to his statement.

November 25th, 2005, 12:57 AM
Blake kept walking. Up ahead, a group of trainers were conversing, but the boy wasn't interested in things like socialising today. He was reading a letter, looking confused.
"A laboratory..." he muttered out loud - though, because of his headphones, his statement came out rather louder than he wanted. A few people at the ice-cream stand nearby were looking concerned.
Blake and his furret passed them by - all the while the pokemon's expression drooping - his attention still on the letter. Blake nearly bumped into a lampost, but still, his attention was on the letter.

Eventually the furret gave a tired sigh, and leapt onto her trainer's shoulder. She moved with considorable grace, considoring her large bulk, and curled herself around Blake's neck like a mustelid scarf. The reason for this soon became apparent, as she lifted one headphone off his ear, and spoke in patient tones.
{Blake, just wandering around with that thing won't help. Maybe actually looking...? Asking for directions...?} she suggested.
He laughed. "It's not 3 o' clock yet,Tanwen. I'll worry once it is..."
Tanwen sighed under her breath, and shoved the headphone back over Blake's ear.

Alter Ego
November 25th, 2005, 8:47 AM
Ivan shrugged, "I'm used to waiting as well." he commented, "It just seems kind of daft to me...first he wants us to come and then he won't let us inside. I just hope this isn't some kind of prank...or trap." he sighed, sometimes preparing for the worst was a real pain, always having to expect the most terrible outcomes of everything. But Ivan was not about to abandon his cautious attitude that easily, not after what had happened to Gladesville...or his family, or the few friends he had had there. The boy took up leaning against the laboratory's wall, allowing his straw hat to tilt slightly forward so that the brim obscured his face from view, allowing the boy to better conceal whatever emotions the things he was thinking about entailed.

Hearing Neo's complaint, Riff-raff took a small pause in his scheeming, beginning to descend until he was level with the Mareep. {Don't worry, my new playmate.} he said, his eyes glinting with mischief once more {I won't ignore you...and we'll have so much fun together! Want to hear the evil shoesalesman song again?} the Shuppet chuckled slightly at the memory of Neo's panicked reaction to it earlier.

November 25th, 2005, 10:18 AM
Tiller opened one of his closed his eyes and focused it on Neo.

{Eh? 'Course I'm not out to get you, although I think that Shuppet sure is}

Toren sat down back on the steps and stared off into space, pausing to rub his eyes.

"Yeah, I'm not a very patient person at all. Hope these people get here soon or that Professor dude lets us in."

He let out another tired sigh and began rubbing Tiller.

November 25th, 2005, 11:58 AM
{Really...?}Neo smiled at Tiller,though his voice still sounded rather wobbly.

"You kidding right?Geez,I come here and they don't even let me in.Should've come later."Jayna sighed,folding her arms,this was getting boring,fast.

{No..no..thank you for your offer,but...no.I didn't like it the last time,and I cetainly won't like it this time.Its not my fault I'm a scardey-Skitty.No,those scary people,they scared me silly when I was younger,now I'm too jumpy.}Neo covered his eyes with his paws again and told them.

"Yep,I understand,don't fret abou nothin',kay?"the girl sat down and hugged her Mareep tightly before letting go.She herself,and those nasty people.The girl could only shudder when she though of them.Neo grinned as he was let out of his trainer's arms.Atleast she understood.Unlike some scary shoe salesman to be,shooting a sideways glance to Riff-raff before turning back to Jayna and nodding his head.

{Yes,for Ma and Pa,I'll try and be brave!}he squeaked again in his small voice.
The girl smiled in relief that she wasn't going to have a Mareep turned Torchicken on her team,ruffling the wool on his head a little before looking away and back to the lab.

November 25th, 2005, 12:53 PM
Toren stood up and looked away. In the distance, there was a boy with a Furret on his shoulder, reading something, which must have been the letter that they all had recieved.

"Hey! Come over here! We got that letter too!"

Although he felt rather embarrased about shouting so loud, he figured that the boy didn't want to be alone, even though he looked like he was doing well on his own.


Tiller laid back down and shut both of his eyes. He had been trying sleep, but the sun shining down on them and in his eyes pretty much blew that idea out the roof.

{Geez, Toren, think you could've shouted that any louder?}


He muttered, looking away and pulling out his letter to examine it.

November 26th, 2005, 10:04 AM
OOC: *dies* Gah! I kept meaning to post in this and stuff kept happening. -_- Internet has not been the most reliable these past few days, not to mention Thanksgiving and stuff happening in the Oekaki. It should be okay now though. So! I'm here to RP! >.<


Mia had left her family, and it was, as she had feared, a big send-off with lots of hugs and kisses and farewell speeches from her father. She had been miserable through it all, yet she did try too show her appreciation for their efforts. Delphine had merely remained her silent self all through it.

They were on the road now, as it was Friday, and they were already running a little late. Even so, Mia wasn't walking fast, she was still strolling about at her slow, methodic pace. What was the point in rushing to the lab anyway? She would only remember the destination, and not the beautiful scenery that took her there. The lab soon came into view though, and she noticed that several others were already there.

"Tch," Mia breathed, eyeing the other teens, "Looks like fun." It was sarcastic.

Delphine looked over the pokemon and smiled serenely, {I think they're quite unique. Hopefully we can become good friends, eh Mia?}

"I don't honestly care," Mia replied, "I never had need of friends anyway. However, if they want to, who am I to stop them?" Having really never had many friends, at least people she considered friends, Mia wasn't one to get some fanciful idea of them all grouping up and sharing their lives. She was used to being alone, and she much preferred it that way.

She walked up to the group, not saying a word, though she did manage a wave after Delphine bumped her foot.

Alter Ego
November 26th, 2005, 1:25 PM
Not having had anything further to comment on, Ivan had remained silent, leaning against the wall with his hat over his eyes. He soon became aware of a slight amount of motion in his vicinity however, not the rushed kind that seemed all too common in this company, but a controlled, methodic variety. Each step carefully measured, planned, contemplated. The boy didn't really need to look up to confirm his suspicion of another stranger's arrival however, as Riff-raff was all too quick to announce it.

{Ohh! Strangers!} he exclaimed, floating over to the girl, a rather unusual sight, Ivan had to admit. With her dark blue hair and black clothing, the girl's skin looked quite disturbingly pale, although wether that was just because of the contrast her clothes made or because of her actual pigment Ivan couldn't really tell. Regardless, this stranger didn't really say a word, merely waving briefly in acknowledgement, although even that seemed to be at the urging of her companion, a Corsola whose serious expression didn't really seem to match her pink colouring. Ivan nodded in response to the girl's wave, noticing that she didn't seem like the type that enjoyed conversation and being quite capable of respecting another person's desire for peace and quiet.

"Come on Riff-raff..." he hissed quietly so that the others wouldn't hear, "Behave even once..."

The Shuppet payed him no heed however, waltzing nonchalantly over to Mia and Delphine and bowing dramatically.

{Greetings strangers!} he proclaimed in a pompous voice, {Do you bring the customary sacrifice of turnips?}

Ivan groaned silently...this was definitely not a good first impression.

November 26th, 2005, 11:55 PM
"Oh,hello!"Jayna unlike the other people who chose to remain silent,jumped up and exclaimed as another girl walked up to them.
Her skin was of a unusually pale color,maybe it was the odd way she dressed,like Ivan.But,Jayna really didn't care about these sort of things.She had dark blue hair and wore a black coat,with boots to match.Plus,a pair of sunglasses.

"You here cause that prof dude guy called us right?I'm Jayna by the way."she smiled.Neo slowly poked his head out from behind her.Taking note that the girl looked way dark(maybe even scary) in her clothes,just like Ivan.She also had a Corsola with her.

{Are..are you out to get me too?Really,I'm not good to get,see,the Shuppet over there's already after me,though the Eevee is awfully nice...are you going to scare me?}he stuttered,never realising he had asked two questions.

November 27th, 2005, 7:59 AM
OOC: Oh! I forgot to say this to you Yibber in the Barrel City RP, but I could say it now. I totally support Franticshipping! ^-^ I have ever since I played my Ruby game. I think it's very cute in the manga, and that story of their past is cute too! The pokemon mangas are awesome, though I've only ever read a couple online. ;_;

Anyway... before I get Yibber on a rant about her favorite ship in this thread too...


Delphine looked curiously at the Shuppet before her. {Turnips? I'm afraid I don't know what you me-- ah, I see, it is a joke, right? In that case....} the Corsola replied, using some weak psychic powers she possessed to rumage through the grass and find something that could be 'offered'. A small mushroom that had barely begun to open its flat top came floating over to the pokemon, and she dropped it on the ground in front of her.

{I'm afraid I don't have a turnip, but will a mushroom do?} she asked with a smile.

Delphine then turned her attention to the scared little Mareep that had begun to express his fears. {Oh no, I assume you are referring to the dark and dangerous appearance of my trainer, Mia? She may look and at times sound intimidating, but she's really just a sweet and lonely person. I wouldn't hurt you; you look like such a sweet little pokemon,} she replied, hoping she would lessen some of the poor thing's fears.

Mia blinked silently as two of the group said their greetings. "Hello. Pleased to meet you I'm sure. My name is Mia by the way," she said to them both, holding back a smile at the Shuppet. She had always admired the pokemon; and thought its prank-playing skills quite funny.

She could tell that this girl before her was one of those girls that she would probably not get along with. She was so... happy and... annoying. It was an old prejudice that Mia had, but one that stuck with her. These sort of girls were never nice to her, even though some of them had started out nice to her as this Jayna had.

November 28th, 2005, 11:28 PM
Yay!Another Franticshipper!^0^
*gives Melissi cheese*

Anyway,I could start ranting,if you really want...XD

"Mia,okay!"Jayna nodded as the girl introduced herself.Though,the way she said it,didn't sound like she was too fond of her.Oh well,the girl sighed to herself,was she going to be like the neighbourhood kids?She certainly didn't look the part.Was she bothering Mia?Well,now and again,the kids would say she was rather annoying...but,what did Jayna care about this?If Mia didn't like her,so be it,an angry expression on her face.But,the girl softened,taking a glance when the girl in the overcoat wasn't looking.She seemed nice.

"Bah,give her a chance why don't you?!"the little voice in her head told her.Jayna could only shrug.

{Really?Oh,thank you!!}Neo jumped up feeilng a great deal better,quickly sitting infront of Delphine.
{You seem awfully nice,just like Tiller!}the Mareep grinned,trying to not get fearful in Riff-raff's presence.He held out a stubby paw.

{I'm Neo!}he squeaked.

Alter Ego
November 29th, 2005, 6:08 AM
Riff-raff watched in silence for a moment as Delphine spoke her piece and levitated the mushroom towards him, asking if it would make an acceptable substitute for turnips. Finally, the Shuppet did the closest thing to grinning like a lunatic that a ghost pokmon whose face consisted solely of a pair of eyes could possibly achieve, quickly using his own spectral powers to pick up the mushroom, levitating it in place as he performed another dramatic bow to the duo.

{It is...acceptable in this instance.} he replied in his previous pompous voice, {But do not repeat this mistake or I shall be forced to duel you to the death for your pantaloons!}

The Shuppet let out another manic cackle, swivelling up in the air with the mushroom floating behind him, continuously encased in an indigo-coloured aura of spectral energy.

Ivan shook his head at the ghost pokmon's ramblings and excited manner, but couldn't help grinning slightly, although his expression was still quite well concealed with his straw hat being located as it was. He had to give that Corsola some credit though, he wasn't sure how the water type had done it, but he was positive that he had yet to find another person who was capable of brushing of Riff-raff so elegantly without earning the Shuppet's spite. Luckily enough, the boy noted, this stranger, who had just introduced herself as Mia, seemed to be amused by the ghost pokmon's antics, although she concealed her emotions so well that it was difficult to be sure.

"I'm Ivan." he said, raising his face up although he still didn't walk over, Mia didn't seem like the kind of person who appreciated that sort of thing. "And the rather eccentric Shuppet over there is my partner, Riff-raff." he nodded to the ghost pokmon who was busy performing what looked like some kind of complicated dance with the mushroom Delphine had offered him, the ghost and the mushroom swirling through the air in intriciate patterns "It's a pleasure to meet you too, certainly. Although things would be a lot more pleasant if we had some actual progress with the people inside..." he sighed, casting another sideward glance at the continuously locked door, "My apologies if that sounded rude." he added as an afterthought "Waiting in uncertainity just tends to get me on edge."

November 29th, 2005, 6:19 AM
{Meep!}Neo covered his eyes with his paws as Riff-raff let out a scary cackle,well to him anyway.
As the Shuppet proceeded to dance around with the mushroom,Jayna couldn't help but laugh.

"Quite a fine dance your Shuppet's doing."she smiled and continued watching Riff-raff twirling around with the mushroom Mia's Corsola had given him.The Corsola seemed rather friendly,even Neo walked up to her without any second thoughts.

"Bah,you can say that again.Hate waiting,who do they think they are anyway?Asking us to help them,and in the end not even showing up themselves...."Jayna sighed.

December 1st, 2005, 12:36 PM
OOC: Naoko-chan decided to quit the RP because she's having trouble with her computer. So now, we shall begin........

While everyone was conversing and having a merry time, someone was bending down under their desk deep in the ground. On the floor near his feet was a tiny red switch. He flipped it, and something began to rumble.

Up above the ground, the ground all of a sudden disappeared, leaving everyone in the middle of the air. They all fell into the bottomless pit, some of them screaming, while their Pokemon squealed.

(FYI, after you're done falling, you're going to land in a humongous pit of pillows. You can role-pay that out however you wish)

Alter Ego
December 1st, 2005, 1:17 PM
Before Ivan could form any kind of response to Jayna's comment, he suddenly became painfully aware of the ground dissapearing from beneath his feet, how this had been done he would probably never get to know, but it really wasn't the primary issue on the youth's mind as he fell, back first, into the darkness, unaware of what was waiting for him or why, but holding onto his straw hat with one hand nonetheless. A trap! his mind screamed as he felt the wind tugging his sides during the fall, I knew it was a trap all along! And I still wasn't ready...

{Hey mushie, mushie!
You are quite okay, mushie, mushie!
Let's all scream yay, mushie, mush-}

Riff-raff's newest piece composition was cut short as he suddenly heard a chorus of surprised exclamations from beneath him, soon turning down to spot a gaping hole where the ground had been just a moment ago. {Hey!} the ghost type cried out in a slightly disgruntled manner, immediately breaking into a dive with the mushroom in tow as the mechanism responsible began closing the gap again, {Wait for me!}

December 1st, 2005, 2:14 PM
OOC: I wanna fall into a pit of pillows in real life. ;_; If I ever get rich then I'll be sure to make a pillow-falling room. ^-^ I wonder if rich people ever think of those things??

Yay Franticshipping! Erm... why is it called that again? I forgot. o.o;

And OMG! Alter, Riff-raff is so adorable! =3 There's just something insanely cute about a Shuppet saying "mushie". XD



Mia nodded her head to Ivan, "Nice to meet you too; and that was most definitely not rude by my standards. I've had firsthand experience with rudeness." Her comment may have seemed to be referring to herself, but it was actually referring to the countless number of people she had to deal with when working at her family's show. The public was very rude.

She watched the Shuppet a bit and then went back to thinking quietly to herself. She didn't really feel like interacting too much yet.

Delphine was happy that her mushroom had been accepted. She also smiled politely at Neo. {Ah, thank you for your confidence in me. I hope we shall become good friends. Though... I cannot say the same for our trainers. Mia does not take kindly to girls that are, how shall I say this: optimistic?} the Corsola said with a smile. She knew that Mia was thinking already about how to deal with the girl, and she could only hope that Jayna would be a rare exception.

A cry escaped Delphine though as the ground below her suddenly dissapeared. {MIA!} she screamed, falling downward. Delphine almost never screamed or freaked out, but in times like these when she was caught off-guard or near death, she forgot her calm demeanor.

Mia screamed too, and sincerely hoped that they were falling someplace pleasant and not full of hungry crocodiles or something. That would not be good.

Alter Ego
December 1st, 2005, 2:46 PM
As he almost sensed the fall coming to an end, Ivan shut his eyes, "Mom..." he whispered quietly, a single tear running down his right eye "Dad, Gwenny, Sam, Bri...everyone, I'm sorry, I failed you...I....mmmph!"

Ivan suddenly found his fall broken, but not in the way in which he had expected it to happen, it wasn't the hard, merciless collision that shattered bones and crushed organs which he had envisioned, but rather a strange sensation of soft ground giving into his fall, soaking up the energy from it like a sponge soaking water, the soft matter pressing in on all sides of the boy...a realisation suddenly struck him. He was alive! Relatively unhurt too, and his limbs were all moving according to instructions. The boy squirmed for a while, attempting to see something else than the blurry, unclear mass of substance before his eyes, finally finding himself a sitting position, groping around amongst the objects surrounding him until he came into contact with his glasses, thankfully still intact, and returned them to their proper place before scanning his surroundings. "Pillows..." he said quietly, now recognizing the strange, soft shapes around him, checking the area a bit more carefully until he re-discovered his hat as well, lying only a short distance from him. He quickly fumbled his way to it, returning it onto his head and peering about in the semi-darkness of the room as he attempted to locate the others. Why would someone place pillows at the bottom of a pit trap? he thought for himself, Do they wish to take us captive instead? the boy shuddered at the thought, a feeling of dread returning to him. He shrugged these thoughts of for the moment however, deciding that it was more essential to find his missing companions first. It took some more squirming until the boy managed to secure a foothold for himself on the pile, but he succeeded, peering at his surroundings, unsure of whether to shout or not. This dilemma was soon solved however, as an object suddenly came swiveling down from above, striking the boy square between the eyes and causing him to stagger, letting out a cry of astonishment before he quickly caught the offending object and held it in front of his face for examination...it was a mushroom.

{Hey!} a familiar voice exclaimed from the darkness, Riff-raff soon floating into view, {That's my mushie!}

"So take it." Ivan said bluntly, showing the mushroom over to the Shuppet and brushing himself off. He really wasn't in the mood for trivial squabbles at the moment. "But right now, we've got to find the others." he added, gesturing around himself "They're somewhere among these..."

{Pillows!} Riff-raff exclaimed, his eyes twinkling as he darted to examine the impressive pile, {Let's have a pillow fight!}

Ivan groaned, why couldn't the Shuppet stay serious even once in his life? Well, okay...unlife.

December 1st, 2005, 3:27 PM
Toren stood up and looked around, hoping that the Prof. would show up soon. He had sent them a letter, making some big deal about the Rainers, and then he doesn't even have the decency to show up!

"He better have a good rea-AGHHHH!"

He was about to finish his sentence when the ground underneath his feet al of a sudden seemingly disappeared. He immediately plunged deep into the darkness, hoping that Tiller was somewhere near.

"Agh!!!!!! Help!!!!!"

Although he perfectly knew that no one coud stop his fall, he felt the need to scream it.

After a couple seconds of falling, he prepared for the bloody death that awaited him...but it did not come. He smacked down in a humongous pile of....pillows?!

"What in the world?"

He moved around in the darkness and breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the soft fur of Tiller.

"Are you okay?"

{Yeah, I'm fine. I almost had a heart attack, but I'm fine.}

Toren couldn't help but smile as Tiller joked around.

"Let's just be glad we're safe. I wonder if everyone else is somewhere in here."

He tried to look around, but it was almost pitch-black in the room, so it was pretty hard.

December 1st, 2005, 3:35 PM
Hey!Tyson forget bou' Charon!!^^;;;
Or did she come and I was being blur again?!

"What the..?"as the ground opened up beneath her feet,Jayna could only stare.Neo,who wanted to thank Delphine for her comment, however,decided to run around screaming in a circle.Taking note of listening to Riff-raff's poem about the mushrooom,before screaming even louder and continuing his run.

{WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!}he wailed,as he fall into the pit with the rest of the group.

"Pwhhhheeeeeeeeeee!!!!"Jayna squealed with delight,as Neo,being the Mareep that he was,held on tightly to her.

{OH!!WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!?!?!?}he cried out,covering his eyes with his paws.

"You baby."Jayna folded her arms,as they landed on a soft ground.The Mareep slowly opened one eye,before the other,using his legs to test out what were the things they were on.He...he was still in one piece right?

"Phooey...over already?"Jayna got up,and Neo followed,very slowly and shakey,especially in such a dark room.The girl streched her arms,before looking for her other friends,yes she made out the shapes after her eyes got used to the darkness,there was Ivan who was just placing his hat on,Mia and her Corsola along with the last shapes,Tarin and Tiller.

{Gah!!Ghosties everywhere in this dark room!!!}Neo squeaked,not releasing Jayna from his hold.

December 4th, 2005, 8:40 AM
The room lay in complete darkness. It was almost impossible to see, unless you have excellent eyesight. The room was completely enclosed by walls, except for a black door on the wall, which was practically impossible to notice. On the ceiling was a large chandelier which several light bulbs were in. High up on one of the walls was a tiny speaker. On the floor were practically hundreds of pillows, piled on top of each other.

All of sudden, the darkness was pierced by the light bulbs lighting up all of a sudden, illuminating everything. If somebody had suddenly walked in the room, they probably would have laughed at the scene.

A couple of kids lay scattered around the room in strange positions. Their Pokemon, the person probably would have assumed, were also miled about the room, some on top of others and others just lying there.

After the lights came on, the speaked beeped and a voice came over it.

“Sorry about the surprise.”

The voice boomed loudly.

“I’ll give you all the details if you’ll please enter through the door.”

December 4th, 2005, 5:13 PM
Jayna sheilded her eyes with one arm,the other holding onto Neo so that the Mareep wouldn't run away.

"Okay!!"she replied happily to the voice as it told them to go through the door.The girl got up from the pillows while placing her Mareep onto the floor beside her.

{Evil,evil,evil.}Neo repeated over and over again,shooting random glances around the room,still holding onto Jayna's right leg.

"Stop being so paranoid."the girl sighed,turning to the rest,waiting for them to regain their composure.