View Full Version : Another Overlord original

Overlord IX
November 24th, 2005, 10:12 PM
Another recent feat.


Ya It looks familiar to some of ya'll its a remake of the original that i might have posted here some time ago.

Tell me wat u think. ^^

November 25th, 2005, 10:23 AM
Awesome! Both of them! I like them a lot! You draw this kind of machines very well!

I kinda prefer the second one, dunno why??

November 26th, 2005, 4:27 AM
does it have hydraulics... :p

tis pwnful I want it *drives away*

Overlord IX
November 29th, 2005, 5:23 PM
Hydraulics?.... *watches it fall apart on a bumpy road* lolz

Anyway,thanks for the replies ya'll! ^^

November 29th, 2005, 6:10 PM
The parts on the back of the car looks kinda like smokes stacks o_o dont no why but it was something that poped into my head, the whole engine is creative and I like your perspective views on it ^_^ you look like you could do some really awesome blueprint artworks! I really like the colored version^^

Edit: I just notic3ed but in the colored version you took out the kickbacks on the back wheels =D if it doesint have them I would wonder how the driver behind it would do =3

November 29th, 2005, 8:16 PM
Nice car you made dude =D

November 29th, 2005, 8:32 PM
Plagiarists creep in every crevice of this world. Posting ideas such as this is unrecommended. They are pretty cool. They remind me of the Back to the Future car.

Overlord IX
November 30th, 2005, 6:49 AM
Ya,ur right. 0_0 Must have slipped a few parts here and there. lolz Thanks ya'll! Its basically an racing/sports car. it certainly couldnt do well at the grand canyon lolz *remembers a certain incedent*
Both drawings were based on a small 'mini model' i made when I was younger. I see if i can post how it looks. You'll be suprised. lolz
Anyway,thanks 4 the comments! ^^