View Full Version : Kirks various poetry (C-15 they may induce images of decay, morbidity and depression)

November 27th, 2005, 7:06 AM
I'll post a few to start with, and then all of you can tell me if it's ok good bad or whatever, and make the reviems longish

Silent Plain

A single silent child walked through the silent plains
just walking no sound at all.
Silence starting to become darkness
Darknes becomes blood
Blood becomes Death
Slowly a single child walks through the forest of darkness
Nothing to be seen because of the darkness, and no sound at all
Darkness becomes blood
Blood becomes death
Now the child looks out on a crimson sea, The sea of Blood
The sea beckons him, but he doesn't listen
Blood becomes death
Now the child comes across the Valley of Death
all the rotting and decaying children that lay before him
he knew this was the end, there was no more beyond here
but he was not dead
There is a spot for him to lay down and die, but he doesn't take it

The Plains of Silence
The Forest of Darkness
The sea of Blood
The Valley of Death

The Silent Child

Blood Rain
I watched as it began to rain around me
I watched as you walked beside me
Knowing I could never have you but I still love you
I knew I could never have youthat's why I'm lying in the ground
only my spirit wanders.

I watched as the rain turned to blood and you began to cry
I asked you not to cry but you did anyway
now I wonder if you really loved him instead of me
I know now why I was hurting inside and why the cut on me didn't hurt
it was a thought but now it became an act that led to me dying

I wonder if I could come back would you have me? would you take me into your open arms?
As the blood rain kept faling you picked a rose and went back to my grave
You ripped the petals off one by one and i knew what you where doing, yuo where showinf you loved me
You promised that if i died you would scatter petals over my grave to show you loved me

would you take me if I came back?.....
Would you take me if I came back?.....
Would you take me if I came back?.....

Nomw I wish I could go back and be with you now
I understand the pain yuo feel
you did love me, I never knew you never said
now it's my fault we're both dead

November 27th, 2005, 10:14 AM
You have a great gift here KB and don't waste it, keep making these peoms I really like them, they made me feel great.

November 27th, 2005, 10:36 AM
Yeah cool thanks MT I've found one of my love poems so here goes :P
(don't ask why it's a love poem, it's the only one I have right now :( )
I'll be lazy and attatch it, I can't be bothered writing it out :( :P lol