View Full Version : How Come

code zerro the deluge
December 4th, 2005, 10:18 AM
how come the streets is watchin my every move
it is nothing that i did what could i do
to make you stop lieng about me
what could i do to make me free

even though i know why
it is becouse of all of my lies
but what is the matter as i look at the big blue sky
i just wonder why why
Dear Lord why is always me
Out of the final three
i am always last

i am no longer first no more
i was the kid that sored
no i am the short
the kid on the bus never did or got none of this

I am sorry what can i do
people say beleive in your self
as i believe in you
So this is my gospel of the day
all i had to do was pray
i thought that is what i did every day

but i was phony in all my ways
i was liar a cheater
but God maid me wiser
so listen
in remminsion and even while your baking in the kitchen

you are never to old to learn
you are never to good to not burn