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December 5th, 2005, 4:23 PM
You live in a world (which in appearance and technology is similar to our own) in which everyone has their own unique power, and your name decides everything. When a child comes of age, they undergo a ceremony which unlocks a power, which is hidden deep within your soul. The form your power takes and the abilities you have, your class and money, and basically your entire life is decided for you, based on your last name, as stated by the government in power, which is corrupt beyond belief.

People don't earn money just by running businesses; in fact, it's very common to see most people battling others with their powers, the victor recieving money from the loser. As you can imagine, this keeps the medical centers quite busy, and more and more tazes are drawn from the citizens to keep these facilities running.

Back to the whole 'when you come of age you get powers' deal. The age in which a person can recieve their powers depends on the family name, and the powers can range from healing magic, to extraodinary weapon skills, to the dark arts. However, what you recieve will always depend on what everyone else in your family has recieved in the past. After you recieve your powers, you are kicked out onto the street, and forced to live off your own devices for two whole years, as training. This is very dangerous, and few survive, due to the increasing number of assasins and people who like to pray on those who can't control their powers yet.

It is near Christmas, and you have recently been kicked out of your home for the two year period, and have found residence in an underground facility, which was built for the benefit of your kind. However, you are only permitted to sleep here, that is all. To make it worse, rumors of bloodthirsty creatures appearing have been sparking up, and it has become even more dangerous on the streets. Some rumors even state that the government is related to these creatures. And, if you thought THAT was bad, what will happen when you get caught up in their plot?

1) All standard rules (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=47705) apply for this RP.
2) I'm being especially strict in terms of who I let in for this RP. I'm tired of members joining thinking 'oh I can sneak into this by posting a really good sample, then slack off later'. Sorry, it won't work that way.


Name: (First)

Name: (Last)
Status: (Poor, rich, average)
FPC (Family Power Class): ( Put what kind of power your family has here)
Age in which family recieve powers: (Must be the same as your age)
Power Specifics: (Go into detail about your power and abilities)

RP Sample: (Required by those I don't know extremely well)

December 5th, 2005, 5:10 PM
Name: burn
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: red hair/eyes adn is in his fav pair of flame pants and shirt, thats it for clothes, he also carries a sword on his back that he is learning to channel his powers through

Personality: a bit of a hot head at times, get him mad and its the last thing youll do! the rest of the time hes just a caring person who looks out for others

History: not much, his family didnt respect him at all, mainly because he was the only child, and he wasnt the best at managing a fire at his family's blacksmith, it always died and they had to start a new one before it cooled, he got kicked out for more than his lack of powers, he got kicked out because of the fact that he couldnt work metal if his life depended on it, which it might now

Name: flame
Status: average
FPC (Family Power Class): control and creaton of fire
Age in which family recieve powers: 13 through 15
Power Specifics: control and creation of fire of all kinds, magma, lava, it burns, they can use it

RP Sample: (will edit in later, i have to go to bed.......)

Electric Hero
December 5th, 2005, 7:52 PM
Name: Max
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Electric Blue eyes and black hair with a weird anime hairstyle. Max likes to wear always the same clothes, which are always black. The clothes he use are shoes, wide-bottom pants, a long-sleeve shirt, a long coat, and a pair of gloves.
Personality: Max is... weird. Cheerful, happy most of the time, but one second later, he can become silent, shy, etc. He says that these are sudden mood changes, and can sometimes, make people hate Max. No matter these sudden mood changes, Max always tries to be loyal to his friends, and will save them from any kind of hazard.
History: Max's history is not special. Has lived a normal life, and lives happily with his family. Fan of sciences that study everything, is a professional in physics, chemistry, and things related to electricity. Likes some sports and to read books about his most favorite sciences. As I said, nothing special in his life... very intelligent, and now that he is 17, he says he's ready to live 2 years without his family.

Name: Hunter
Status: Average
FPC (Family Power Class): Even some can have other powers, the official power of the family is electricity.
Age in which family recieve powers: 17
Power Specifics: Electricity: Max can summon, create, or modify any type of electrical body. He can summon from just sparks to the most gigantic lightning storm. Can use a electric beam to harm or damage foes, shoot small spheres that can be from different sizes. Can also summon lightnings on any place he wants.

With the power, there comes some effects. Max can feel everything around him, something like a sixth sense but related to electricity. Max can also see perfectly in a weird electric vision ((something you already have seen David, if I can call you like that, if not, Oh so sorry Praetor Kurosaki!!!)).

A weird vision that allows him to see the electrical fields or anything related to them, and also anything that has no electricity... in a weird night-vision fashioned way... an example can be... that being in a dark room... he can use the vision to see a dead body and a living person... the dead body ((an example of things that not produce electricity or any electrical fields)) would appear as black, and the body itself outlined by a silver line. The living person ((example of object that produce electricty or any kind of electrical field)) would be like... the body outlined with the silver line, and the rest will be like silver-colored, but the silver color will look like if it was moving ((still inside the outlined object))... because there is still electricty running. Like the white color in a non-touched notebook paper, Max would see it as an electric blue. Any other object will still be outlined by silver lines. If he focuses, he can see everything more detailed like if he was looking in the normal vision.

Max also has a static effect from the power, which can pull or push objects. Well... any object that has even a little piece of metal. You can imagine it as telekinesis, but with static. Electricity made also Max's muslces more stronger, so Max is a bit over-human strenght and also that Max had over-human speed ((if that's allowed of course)).

Max thinks that electricity made his skin more resistant to everything. Actually, what happens here is that, a milimeter away from the skin, there exists a small but powerful electric field that repels collision, decreasing the pain. That makes Max think he has Superman skin. Also, Max can make an electric field surrounds him. He can make it to just cover him, or a group, and protect him from everything. This field, if its space is increased by Max, can push things away from him. And if this shield is strong, Max can have a jamming effect on electrical devices.

The last one is... feeling the electrical changes in another person's mind, or the electric impulses in the heart, which makes Max know if someone is telling lies. If Max focus really hard, he can sometimes know what somebody else is thinking.

Oh yeah, forgot to say... that electricity make his body cells go faster, so any kind of wound to his skin or any part of his body, will quickly heal itself sending and creating more cells in the wounded area.

RP Sample: (Required by those I don't know extremely well)... ((well... we RPed together in many RPs and you have accepted many samples of mine... so I ask you, do I have to make one?
And... if you see anything that is wrong, just tell me and let me correct it))

December 6th, 2005, 2:14 PM

Name: Robert

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has a medium complexion, with brown hair that shifts through the entire spectrum depending on the light, with matching brown eyes. He's very tall and broad for his age, and typically wears jeans, regular shoes, T-shirts, and a large, black leather trenchcoat.

Personality: Sufferingfrom Asperger disorder, his inhibitions have lead him to have an odd sense of humor, a short temper, and a very bitter nature when he feels wronged. If you want any more personality, watch him.

History: Raised like a typical kid, he had a life, school, so on. Which only lead to him being even more angered by being kicked out.


Name: Price

Status: Average-rich

FPC (Family Power Class): powerhouse with astral (spiritual) energy manipulation.

Age in which family recieve powers: 15-17
Power Specifics: Like all members of the price family, Robert has massive ammount of spiritual energy within him, and he can manipulate it into weapons, attacks, shields, he can do nearly anything with it, but it does have it's limits, and can be physically exhausting to use it.

Jack O'Neill
December 6th, 2005, 9:54 PM
Name: Zoey
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: http://dra-gon.hp.infoseek.co.jp/image-pasoe/lunamaria-111.jpg
Personality: To put it simply, Zoey is a proud, headstrong, and highly opinionated young woman. She has a tendency to be violent and offensive of other people's space; needless to say, most people don't like being around her. Conversely, she doesn't like being around others; she uses her blustering character to shut out people from her life. As a result, she has turned out to be quite inept socially; she just can't deal with others in a nonaggressive fashion, but at least she tries.
History: Until she was given the boot, Zoey Kurosaki was just your typical spoiled rich kid. She attended a private school, went on gigantic shopping sprees on the weekends, read manga and textbooks, watched an unhealthy amount of anime, et cetera. She's obviously pissed at the fact that she's been cut off from the wealth and privilege that she has enjoyed for so long.

Name: Kurosaki
Status: Rich
FPC (Family Power Class): Manipulation of life energy, poisons, and diseases
Age in which family recieve powers: 18
Power Specifics: Zoey, like the other members of the Kurosaki family, seems to a magic touch when it comes to the human body and its ailments. To put it simply, Zoey can harm and heal at will with so much as even a slight touch. She can purge toxins from a person or administer lethal doses of whatever poison she wants, be it bee venom, potassium cyanide, or VX nerve gas. She can cure disease or infect people with whatever contagion she wants, ranging from the common cold to the Ebola virus.

RP Sample: [This RP sample is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, organizations, places, or events is purely coincidental.]

Zoey Kurosaki was just taking one of her nightly strolls along the streets of the city. December 23rd. It had been a few days since she was kicked out of her plush mansion; she already missed the luxurious comforts of home: Good food, a warm and soft bed, and access to the Internet, anime, and her prized books, among a great many things. Now, she was lucky if she could find anything to eat at all; she was often forced to sleep on the frozen ground, and of course, she was completely cut off from her prized possessions. The rigors of winter were already starting to take their toll on poor Zoey; she was now a pale, malnourished, frostbitten wreck. She had to get used to her predicament, however; she had to live off the streets for two whole years. Two years! She sincerely doubted she could last that long before dying a slow, agonizing death; her boundless confidence allowed her to endure, however.

The first snows had started to fall over a month ago; the streets were now completely covered in white powder. The freezing cold had already gotten to Zoey; needless to say, nylon stockings and a cosplay ZAFT uniform don't provide the best protection against the cold. She trudged slowly yet surely through the snow, shivering with every step. "Curse me for having these powers," Zoey muttered to herself angrily. "Sure, they'll come in handy later on, but do they really have to kick me out for two whole ****ing years?!" She kicked up some snow, freezing her long legs off as she did so. "So cold, so hungry, so tired..."

December 6th, 2005, 10:50 PM
Name: Asmodeus
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance:Tall, devilishly handsome, with jet-black slick hair and a youthful face. His most prominent features are his eyes: One Yellow, one Green. Often wearing a dark suit and tie, he's an imposing figure, despite his average height and build. He always seems to be able to look right through you when he talks, and he's generally thought of to be "creepy". He speaks little about himself, and is a very solitary figure

Personality: He's a quiet, tactitern man, who is wise beyond his years. When he does speak, he usually has something scathing to say to throw off whoever he is speaking to.

History: Asmodeus possesses what one could call extrodinary luck. its extrodinary, not in whether its good or bad luck, but in the nature of how it works. When he was 16, his father was stricken with a terrible illness. In his spasm of death, Asmodeus' father knocked over a candle and burned down their ancestral mansion, wiping out much of their fortune and reputation. His mother died soon afterward in a car accident.

However, showing a remarkable knack at practicing the law, the 17 year-old Asmodeus sued the company that made the car that his mother was killed in, and regained much of his former fortune...with interest.

Now, however, the government has decreed that only by undergoing the "coming of age" will Asmodeus be able to lay claim to the money. On the eve of his 18th birthday, Asmodeus's powers have awakened...and as he sets out to survive on the streets, many wonder how far his strange luck will take him...

Name: Requiem
Status: Rich
FPC: Psychosis, Telekinises
Age in which family recieve powers: `8
Power Specifics: Basically, they can manipulate the air, ground, and other things with their minds. They posess the ability to read minds, though Asmodeus doesn't have very much skill with it. By manipulating the air, he can cause small, but powerful gusts of winds, he can implode rocks, he can even (if he really tries) create friction-based lightning.

RP Sample:


It was not an hour after seizing command of the Mantra that Lazarus received word of strange Manikans wandering about Ikebukuro Tunnel.

He investigated...

It was dark, too **** dark. He held up a small sphere and crushed it, immediatly filling the tunnel with light. He turned to his four Oni.

"Split up. Search the area fully. Once your assigned rounds are completed, you three will take up residence here, to prevent anyone from going through."

He turned to the large, black Oni. "But you...you will return to Ikubukuro. You skills will serve me well. You know your orders...carry them out!"

Immiediatly the creatures faded into the shadows, as if they belonged there.

Lazarus walked down a twisting corridor, frowning. This was ridiculous, the only Manikans he'd found were poor, wretched creatures who lived in fear of anything that moved. What could be down here to cause such rukus?

He stopped, gasping. The walls were lined with blood. Whose?

His eyes narrowed. He smelled something, something familiar. What could it be? It was an old scent, fading, but it lingered. There were many of them, maybe seven, maybe ten.

He walked through a metal door, its rusty hinges creaking as he opened it. He walked in and stopped when he saw the room's occupant.

The creature was almost beyond description. While he could make out the humanoid shape of the Manikan she had once been, so much alteration had been done, it would be almost mocking to call her that now.

Was she living or was she machine? Gears, wires, all mishmashed on a steel carapace. Her...yes, her, it was distinctly female, or at least based on a female...so, her was the best he could come up with...her hands ended in claws, blood-stained claws. In her hand she clutched a small doll, and a piece of paper.

In her other hand was a long, sharp needle, almost like a 5 foot sewing needle. But what made even him, an elder vampire who had seen hell and more, scared was her head...or lack thereof.

Her neck, and upper body were covered in blood, and where her head should be was a television...the screen slightly cracked, but visible. It was blank, as if turned off, but he heard audio playing, a strange crackling sound. He listened for a minute the realized: It was sobbing. Or at least, making a badly tuned sound of sobbing.

He gritted his teeth and walked forward. Suddenly the screen crackled on, and hissed...a hissing sound that brought both fear and sympathy to his heart. He stopped, holding his scyther defensivly, but not threateningly.

"Who...what...who are you?"

It looked at him, the screen showing a picture of a laughing skull, blood pouring out of its eyes. The demon rushed at him with surprising speed, lunging forward with the needle. He sidestepped and brought the scythe down on her back, cutting away a large, black box. There was a series of flashing and she fell down, crackling.

He turned to her, and she looked up at him, the TV turning into a crying little girl. She spoke, the words coming from nowhere.

"Location? Please, Location where?"

He widened his eyes. "Y-you are safe. Right now, you are safe."


It began to suddenly spasm, falling to the ground, a scream unlike anything Lazarus had ever heard erupting out. He fell to his knees, clutching his head.

She stopped suddenly, the strange sobbing he'd heard when he entered resuming.

"Pain...always pain.No reprieve.No release. None.none...none...no..." She stood up, crackling.

"I...I know nothing..."

He looked at her, he body still twitching...like the Manikans...that strange, spastic twitch. Her hands unclenched and the bloody piece of paper fell to the ground. He picked it up, reading.

To my darling child, I wish you all the love in the world. Remember this day as the day freedom will be yours. In the darkness, evil will never find you as long as you remain pure.

Happy Eighth Birthday,

He choked back a gasp. She...they did this to a child? Who?

"Who did this?"

She twitched.


He gasped. No...that scent...Nosferatu...

The Children did this? The creature's that his master raised to be an honorable clan of the undead did THIS to a child.

Anger filled him, his eyes glowing red. This...this was not even speakable! This broke every rule of science, alchemy and religion! With God as his witness, he would bring these fiends to justice!

He stood up, looking at her.

"What do you plan to do?"


She looked at him.

"I must have purpose. I have purpose. All life suffers pain. I will release it. Then my pain can be released."

He smiled sadly.

"I may be able to help. Join me, and we will find those who brought you pain."

She looked up, the twitching stopping. Something cracked inside her body, and Lazarus now knew that her humanity...what was left of her innocence was now gone.

"I shall join. You are one of unlife. You are already released."

"Child, what is your name?"

"...Pandora. My name...is Pandora."

December 7th, 2005, 3:09 AM
Edit: WHY don't they EVER work?!?!?! grrr...*fixes* Do a gender switch and confuzzle my poor character XP
:3 Dad's in this RP too! -W00T-

Name: Salem
Age: 12
Gender: F
Appearance:It's really sad when the pic is this simple XD (http://www.ac-promenade.net/gallery/img/cccm60rst.gif)

Personality: Quite, but fierce, she always seems to be in her own world and mindset. People aren't particularly her favorite things. Spirits are way much more fun than physical beings. Oddly enough, she is also attracted to others with strong powers. She doesn't act her age; more about like 17 or so. From being around dead spirits, she's learned life isn't all fun and games. Yet, she is still a child, and enjoys doing childish things...but does them sparingly and when no one is looking.

History: Suki goes to school...when she feels like it. If not, she can easily communicate with one of the spirits that wonder her house. From when she was born she was trained by her family to see and talk to spirits, but could never summon one. Friends? Nope. Who needs them when you have spirits? She's heard many a story of tragedy, betrayal, and death from the spirits, causing her to see the world from a more mature standpoint. She does like to read anime, write stories, and draw in her spare time though. Her favorite place to be is either in her room or in her family's weeping willow tree.

Name: Suki
Status: Rich

FPC (Family Power Class): Spirit Channelors

Age in which family recieve powers: 12

Power Specifics: Salem can channel spirits of the dead, causing frightening appartitions. She can also join the spirits with herself (if the spirits comply) to battle with unpredictable tactics that she might not even be away of. The process starts by summoning a spirit, which not only takes a large amount of concentration, which is somewhat relieved by her black pendant, a family heirloom. After the spirit is summoned, you must still have the spiritual energy able to overpower the spirit, incase it wants to overpower you. At her will, the spirit is gone until summoned again.

December 7th, 2005, 4:04 AM
*pokes Chibi* The link doesn't work. ^^;;
Everyone accepted except for DM8000. I'm sorry, but I won't be allowing you to participate, sample or not. ^^;;

Now, I'll post my signup after school. *hears mumbling about people wondering I'm going to genderbend* >>

December 7th, 2005, 8:12 AM
{Sounds cool, I'll sign up...

Name: Nina
Age: 15
Gender: female
Appearance: Nina is relatively pretty; she has pale skin and wavy blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders. She's slender and not paticularily tall, but she plays a lot of sports which has left her in pretty good shape. Her upbringing really had favoured her; she's blemish free, charismatic, and intelligent, all the things you expect from a rich little Daddy's girl that was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her eyes are blue-grey - mariner's eyes, as her father frequently says.
Dressed in a short, pink pleated skirt, brown knee-high suade boots and a cream off-the-shoulder woolen jumper, Nina probably would have been better suited to the cheerleading field. Even at her awakening ceremony, knowing full well what followed, Nina would not be seen wearing anything less than the most modern and flattering clothes. She's the sort of girl that takes fashion over practicality.
Personality: Nina is the sort of person the downtrodden outcats love to hate. She's bubbly, sweet-tempered and king to everyone - at least, she appears to be. She looks down on everyone not in her cosy little clique, always thinking she's superior. Nina even has that 'Oh My GAWD, whta are you wearing?' expression down to a tee.
Nina's very affectionate towards her friends, and an extremely independent person. She's well known amongst her friends for her constant cuddling and babying of her little sister, and for her lust for the sports field - whether it's in a cheerleader's outfit or a pair of running shorts.
History: Nina lived with her rich Father. Her mother was a lingere model and walked out when Nina was a baby, and she's never seen her mother since. Or so her Father claims...

Name: Beaumont
Status: Extremely rich, actually.
FPC (Family Power Class): Earth based powers
Age in which family recieve powers:Any time between 15 to 17.
Power Specifics: Nina can grow plants from no where at the present time, but other members of her family can make the ground tremble, create stagnimites, throw boulders, and occasionally create large fissures in the earth. Warping and skewing the ground at will is another skill.

Rp sample:
Yeah, read my posts... That's how I normally roleplay.

I hope this is all okay. I tried to steer away form the stereo-typical deprived beauty, but I seem to have gone straight over to the other side and created a 'Mary-Sue'. Ah well, let's see if I can make her a bit less perfect as the rolepaly commences.}

December 7th, 2005, 4:34 PM
Name: David
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: David is 5'11" with short red hair and deep blue eyes. He wears a navy blue shirt, with a small diagnol cross on the upper right. He always wears a pair of navy blue jeans, as well as black running shoes, and he wears a navy baseball cap, no symbols and such on it. David has an average build, and has a gold chain necklance on his neck, and a black watch on his left wrist.
Personality: N/A
History: David has lived normally his entire life. He attended school, and was quite intelligent. He lives with only his mother, and has never seen his father before. He also practices kendo, as everyone else in his family has done so.

Name: Testarossa
Status: Above average
FPC (Family Power Class): Mystical Weapon Wielder
Age in which family recieve powers: 15
Power Specifics: When a member of the Testarossa family is blessed with his or her abilities, that member recieves the ability to wield the magical and mystical sword, Hyonimaru; a sword which posesses many powers. Some of which include the ability to place an illusion around its user, altering how they look. This, along with it's powerful ice-based attacks, make it a powerful weapon when utilized properly. The only catch is that only females can wield it. The side effect of a male undergoing the ritual, is the alteration of gender and appearance. This effect on David creates: Altered David and Hyonimaru (http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c146/Kurosaki_/81.jpg)

And Charon, you're welcome to take part. Also, Rent, try to form more paragraphs, as it's very unorganised if you always format it like that.

Now, time to begin! >3

IC: I took a deep breath as I crossed the stage from the right hand side, towards the center. In the center, a glass coffin filled with water sat upon a portion of the wooden surface that sat above the rest, candles aligned along the side.

As I grew closer to the display, the lights began to dim, the candlelight becoming the only source of lumination for the room. As I stood before the stairs which lead to the coffin, the audience began to chant in a manor that gave me the chills. I was lead up the stairs by a frail, old woman wearing a translucent, ice blue mask, and she pointed to the coffin. I got in, as I assumed I was supposed to. The water was extremely cold, somewhere near the freezing point I'd imagine. My skin turned red almost instantly after I layed down inside.

However, this wasn't good enough for the lady, as she forced my head under so I could not breath. She held my like this for 20 seconds before my body finally calmed down, and she thrusted the family sword into my chest, causing the water to turn blood red, before completely freezing over. At this point, I blacked out, only to find myself alone in an alley sometime later, cold, confused, and unaware.

OOC: That was the ritual for my family, yours should be different.

Electric Hero
December 7th, 2005, 5:24 PM
Darkness... there was nothing but darkness. It was cold too, which made my breath visible. After being some minutes in a maze surely seen by everyone, not only my family, many other people, I saw a room with four lightbulbs on. The light was dim, but I still saw very clearly. It was obvious, I needed to enter.

That was, of course, my first time in my family ritual, and I never heard a word from my older brother. After I entered the cold room, a door appeared from a wall and closed the room, and silence started to rule the room. I hate silence... but fortunately, I heard roars. A second after, I took back the 'fortunately'. I saw a big black bull made of stone coming from the door that closed itself earlier.

I stood in a fighting position when the bull started to kick the floor. It charged me and I tried to stop it. I held the bull's horns, but it had more force, and pushed me against a wall as it kept running. It moved its head upwards, making me fall on its back, until it crashed against the wall. I fell on the floor, but rose back to my feet quickly. I saw how it destroyed into pieces, and saw many steel bars... I started to think until I suddenly fell unconscious because of a gas that got into the room from outside.

I woke up in a dark alley... in the streets... I wondered.... that was it?... I actually felt bad I couldn't say good-bye. I thought... it was time to face the horrible outside world.

December 7th, 2005, 5:34 PM

After being blindfolded and taken away, she had waited at least half an hour in the darkness that covered her eyes. Finally, it was time to take off the blindfold. She had never thought that this would be easy, the stillness seemed to ring threateningly in her ears. Her hand, which seemed to be moving uncontrollably grasped the scarf to untie it from her eyes. I've got to be calm...I can handle anything... she reassured herself. Her once unregulated breath nor became regular. She could handle whatever was coming...she was Salem Suki! What couldn't she handle?

With this, she uncovered her eyes and let the scarf drop to the ground. Darkness. Nothing but darkness loomed around her. Praying that her eyes would adjust quick enough, she clutched the black pendant (OOC: Was the fan, changed it) around her neck tightly. She waited, not making a move, until she could see some of her new environment. She could make out certain heaps composed of something here and there, grass..a few bare trees...and what seemed to be a rather large puddle of something in the middle of where she was.

Sighing out of sheer nervousness, she began to walk towards the middle of the field (or what she thought was a field) until she was near the puddle. She peered into it, but because of the darkness, she couldn't see anything but a pool of blackness. The sudden impulse of human curiosity began to overcome her as she edged nearer to the pool, hoping to see what exactly it was made out of. Unfortunately, that didn't help either. She gave a small grunt of annoyance and placed her hand into the liquid. The second she did that, she knew exactly what it was. It was blood. She was in a forgotten graveyard...or place of some horrific battlefield. A split second after she touched the pool of blood, she felt a strong, burning sensation rose up her spine. She had felt this before. The same time she had felt a spirit go right through her. Within another moment, she felt as if the puddle was dragging her under; into whatever depths it went into.

Terrified, she screamed, and held onto a root of a tree while inside the blood, unknown currents seemed to pull her farther under. Her screams to her great surprise seemed to be returned by the echoes of snapping bones and clashing metal. [The heaps were moving...and they were moving towards her. The corpses' white glowing eyes seemed to swagger towards the pool, which she was using her energy trying to escape from. Their swords and spears brandished, a skull grin on their faces. Salem then knew for a fact that if she climbed back onto land, she would be slaughtered by the undead. Her only choice was to be consumed into the pool of blood. With that, she swallowed her fear and let go of the branch and blacked out; letting the blood and burning sensation consume her whole.

OOC: Wow. I feel really creative now o.o
OOC Edit: O.O OMG! I like, used the same words as Max in one part! o.o that's freaky! XD

December 7th, 2005, 5:48 PM
Name: Chayan
Age: 12
Gender: female
Appearance: http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/PrettyGirl.jpg
Personality: Chayan's personality is rather sinuster. She always stays in the shadows and prefers solitude to a crowded place. She's usually rather unhappy and spends most of her time alone and depressed. She tends to lash out t people when they come near her.
History: Chayan's name means dog, for her family tradition pairs each new baby with an animal to be their lifelong companion. She does, in fact, live with a dog, a near-black Border Collie, Haruki. Her parents died and she was living in a foster home until she earned her powers.

Name: Tynan
Status: rather poor
FPC (Family Power Class): dark magic
Age in which family recieve powers: 12
Power Specifics: can physically harm people; they can torture the mind; cause people to go mad; or posess someone's mind by dividing their spirit into two or more parts. They can also make themselves look like something they're not.

RP Sample: Go to the thread Troubled Times.



Chayan was faced with a huge black dog, 20 larger than that of Haruki. A Grim, or a Padfoot as her family called them. Haruki growled, but she ushered him out of sight and as the dog launched itsef at her she dodged and scrambled up onto its back. She had been given only a dirk for protection and she now used a technique that she new: She pricked the back of the neck with the dirk. This caused the dog to faint and she was forced by one of her foster parents, whom she hated, to prick her arm with one of its huge fangs. The fangs were poisoned and she soon fell unconcious and was thrown into an alley along with Haruki.

She awoke to Haruki licking her face and moaned. She felt sick. That must be some strong poison, she thought as she wound her hands into the Collie's thick ruff and sat up. Her dirk was gone; all she had now was Haruki, her faithful pup. He was a miniaturized, non-poisonous version of a Padfoot. He wagged his tail and licked her in the face. She stood slowly and finally she began to walk toward the street, which seemed strange and foreboding to her now, even though before it had been welcoming. Her vision was blurry for a moment before everything came into focus and she glanced around and leaned against a building casually as though nothing had happened.

December 7th, 2005, 6:28 PM
I sat calmly, with my legs crossed in a strange manner so that my weight was still on my feet and ankles. There was a symbol made up of circles, pentagrams and stars on the floor, glowing the same color as the candles surrounding it, but not putting enough light to show more than a foor of stone floor in any direction. It was then that my rage began to boil. How could they do this to me, why kick me out? Why put me through this whole ordeal? It continued to grow, to the point where I thought I imagined the earth shaking fomr my anger, though it wasn't my imagination. Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light, the plucked me apart into fibers, slicing the fibers into hairs, and burning the hairs into nothing...

I woke up on a sidewalk, sitting on a bench at a bustop, and got slowly to my feet, my knees shaking. Why was I so tired?

December 7th, 2005, 8:31 PM
"Guu~" I whined as I placed my hands on my throbbing head, and took a seat on the icey alley floor. It was at that point in which I remembered the ritual. My hand travelled quickly to the part of my chest in which I had been stabbed in. To my surprise, it was bulging... and soft. This alarmed me and my eyes shot down, to see a female body in place of my own, the sword at my side. Just what the hell happened?

December 7th, 2005, 8:42 PM

A tall, slender figure walked calmly down the allyway, eyes closed deep in thought as his footsteps echoed around the creepily silent allyways.

Dressed in a neat business suit, with a long scarf around his neck, his shoulder length blonde hair blowing in the cold wind, he clashed quite profoundly with the hideous and dirty slums he now found himself in.

He passed a branching path and stopped, spying a young girl lying on the ground, looking around quite confused. A sword lay at her side.

No doubt more of us lucky Coming-of-Agers

Asmodeus shruged and headed towards her.

Might as well see just who he had to deal with.

December 7th, 2005, 8:49 PM
Salem regained conciousness near a bus stop by a congested town. Dazed, she stood up and tried to focus...the ritual! She looked down at herself to find that she had no blood on her. That was a relief...but where was she now? Cars wizzed by to and fro, why the others on the bench read the daily paper and seemingly thought about thier own troubles. Only to Salem's vision though, the city seemed filled with spirits, hundreds of them, going this way and that; some right on others' shoulders. Though the plentiful spirits reassured her, she hated congested places...she had already begun to miss her family...

Wait, no she hadn't. She was going to be by herself now, and she was perfectly capable of doing so too....she hoped.

Jack O'Neill
December 7th, 2005, 9:51 PM
"You're out of the house," Zoey Kurosaki's mom, Rene Kurosaki, said bluntly to her daughter.

"WHAT?!" Zoey shrieked in anguish. "How could you just cut me off like that all of a sudden, Mom?!"

"I'm sorry, sweetie, but it's the law. You know what the government will do to us if we don't kick you out, right?"

"Actually, no, I don't."

"They'll kill all of us and burn this grand mansion right down to the ground with our bodies still inside! Now, you don't want that fate to befall us, do you?"

"No, I don't, Mom."

"Now you kinda know why we have to kick you out. Take these," Rene said to Zoey as she handed her daughter a pair of pistols. They were Fabrique Nationale Five-seveNs. "You should find them handy during the two years you're out."

"Two years?" Zoey asked incredulously as she took the guns from her mom's hands.

"Yes, two years. I know it must suck for you, but you heard what I said earlier if you don't go."

"I...understand," Zoey said before heaving a sigh of defeat. And with that, the ritual, if it could be called that, had ended. Unlike the other families, the Kurosakis did not bother with long-winded chants, peculiar positions, and other such nonsense; all they did was exchange a few sharp words, hand over a gun or two, and send the kids off on their way...after clubbing them in their heads and dumping them in some random alley.

Rene called in Zoey's two younger sisters, Corina and Bridget. Corina and Bridget were remarkably similar to their older sister in many ways, the only major differences being their ages and hair colours (Corina had blue hair, while Bridget was green-haired). "Corina, Bridget, you know what to do," she said calmly.

"Yes, Mom," Corina and Bridget droned, holding up blackjacks in their smooth-skinned, well-manicured hands. In one swift motion, they coldly clubbed their older sister in the back of the head. After that, everything was black for little Miss Zoey Kurosaki.

The next thing she knew, Zoey awoke on the cold, hard, snow-covered ground of a back alley somewhere in the inner city. She slowly, painfully got up to her wobbly feet; her pistols were still in their holsters, and she had a throbbing pain in the back of her head. "Geez, did Corina and Bridget really have to whack me that hard?" she muttered to herself. Taking out a fully-loaded Five-seveN, she gingerly took her first steps out into the wide, grimy, dangerous world of the city. God only knew what she'd encounter out there.

December 8th, 2005, 8:06 AM
Can Mari, like, join~~? X3;
Name: Rikku
Age: 12
Gender: Female; it's a secret though.
Appearance: Clicky~ (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/3monica6/1110887184.jpg) Color-wise, her hair is yellow and her eyes are a vivid sapphire.
Personality: The epitome of hyperactivity, Rikku is never without her energy. She is upbeat and positive, and she is not afraid to speak her mind. Frequently, she hastily acts, not caring what the consequences of her actions are and her solution, most often, is 'just blow it up!'. She relies on force more than anything. She's just a child, so her naivety and childishness is still in tact.
History: Having been born in a poor family, Rikku's lacked the proper knowledge; she's clueless about almost everything that is so obvious to another person. She was also teased and discriminated by her own relatives for she had broken the family's tradition. It was a tradition that all the offspring were to be male; the only females in her family were wives. It is the reason why she dresses up as boy, she believes that if she looked like one, her family would accept her.

Name: Armstrong [*can't imagine any real-life Armstrong who ish poor* X3]
Status: Poor
FPC (Family Power Class): Mastery of all sorts of weapons, keener senses.
Age in which family recieve powers: 12 through 14
Power Specifics: After an Armstrong is given the ability, he gains proficiency over all sorts of weapon. He will have keener senses, and heightened attributes that grants them either excessive speed, strength, accuracy, vitality, etc. Often, another attribute will be weakened though. So, basically, it all depends on what weapon is wielded.

For example, when one wields a gun, he would have an unmatched accuracy that allows them to ‘trigger happy’, but his defenses would be destabilized. Or, if an axe is the weapon wielded, he would have immense strength that would permit him to deal powerful blows, but speed will be greatly cut. They also acquire special skills that only come along with the specific armament.

Also, as an Armstrong lacks money, they are only able to get one weapon; all the other weapons, they have to attain by themselves. [They are given an orb, pass down to every generation, that is able to contain all the weapons An Armstrong has.]

The weapon Rikku chose was twin daggers.

December 8th, 2005, 2:56 PM
Haruki growled suddenly and ran down the street. "Haruki, wait!" Chayan called. He kept going but she didn't follow him. He obviously had a reason for it.

The black dog placed himself between the girl with the sword and the blonde-haired man. He growled menacingly at the man, somehow knowing what he intended to do. His legs were spread apart and he braced himself just in case.

Chayan finally decided to see where her dog had gotten off to. She walked in the direction the border collie had gone and finally came upon the scene: The dog standing between the man and the girl. "Haruki, come here!" Chayan called. He ignored her. She walked over and picked up the dog. "I'm sorry," Chayan apologized. "Haruki, bad dog!" she shouted. The dog cringed. She dropped the dog on the ground and gathered the scruff of his neck up in her hand.

December 8th, 2005, 3:53 PM
Asmodeus raised an eyebrow as he looked down at the dog and the girl. He sighed and spoke.

"I appear to have offended you dog somehow...my name is Asmodeus Requiem. I am curious to know if there is any method of sleeping accomodation within this area? It is already quite cold, and by nightfall I do not think it to be wise to be outdoors."

He indicated his head towards the girl with the sword, in the alley.

"Is she a friend of yours? Your dog was obviously attempting to prevent me from talking to her."

Jack O'Neill
December 8th, 2005, 4:43 PM
Slowly yet surely, Zoey made her way out of the alley she was dumped in, Five-seveN firmly in hand. She had played her fair share of Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Half-Life 2, and Halo to know that there were often unpleasant surprises lurking just beyond the next few corners or so. What would it be for her? Fascists? Terrorists? Combine Overwatch? Flood? Only one way to find out if the basic principles of first-person shooters applied to the real world or not.

Zoey cautiously poked her head around a corner. All clear. Nothing moving in the snowy sidewalks or on the empty streets for at least a hundred meters in any direction. She proceeded out.

Alone. That's what Miss Kurosaki was at this time. It was the dead of night. Absolutely nothing stirred, not even the smallest mouse. It was unnervingly silent too; the only sounds Zoey could hear were her own labored breathing and her boots crunching against the freshly-fallen snow with each step she took. She shivered. "So...freaking...cold," she said to herself, her teeth chattering loudly as she spoke. A cosplay ZAFT uniform (replete with miniskirt) and nylon stockings didn't afford much protection against the bone-chilling cold. Even though she was freezing her butt off, Zoey kept on trudging through the massive snowdrift that was the sidewalk. Off in the distance, she could see a girl with a dog and a tall, dark young man talking to each other. Zoey hastily drew her other Five-seveN; such were the joys of dual-wielding. "Well, what have we here?" she asked herself as she continued her inexorable trudge through the snow-coated sidewalk.

December 8th, 2005, 5:00 PM
(May I join?)

Name: Ebony
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Tends to stay in the shadows. The complex way her mind works tends to make people consider her a dreamer. Very shy, and is felt but not heard.
History: Her family came from afar before she was born, and are known to live in a small house near the edge of town. Even she knows little of her roots, and isn't too eager to find out.

Name: MacGuinness
Status: Average
FPC: Fear
Age in which family recieve powers: 16
Power Specifics: When the moon is full, darkness falls. The light begins to diminish, and shadows begin to wander the streets. This is when the power of the light fades, and darkness reigns. The MacGuinness' family's true color is revealed.
When you're out in the dark alone, do you ever think someone....or something...is following you? Ever hear a strange, unidentified noise, and it scares you? Ever wonder why you have bad dreams every night?
It's because of a MacGuinness. One of them is out there somewhere, laughing at the fact you're being terrorized by your worst fear. They seem to read your mind, dig through your deepest thoughts. Then they use what they have learned against you, and turns your worst fears into a reality. But have no fear. It is, after all, just an illusion.

RP Sample: Raven Clowes sat upon the large set of stairs that led up to the Military Building, a large pit in her stomach. She was awaiting the time that a colonel or a seargent peaked out the door and said her name. She could see all kinds of people in the streets, and she even saw a State Alchemist walk up the stairs and into the building, without giving her as much as a side glance. Suddenly, she heard the door creak open behind her. She jumped up and saluted the woman standing there. The woman smirked.
"Are you Raven Clowes?" she said. Raven nodded, and as the woman motioned for her to step inside, she felt the pit in her stomach grow even larger.

I'll change my power if needed. I just realized it was kind of all powerful.

December 8th, 2005, 5:16 PM
OOC: Yes Mari, you can join. Oh, and Padfoot, the pic link doesn't work.

IC: "Hmm?" I glanced up as more and more people (and a dog) began to gather around the area. I was too lost in what the hell had happened to me to actually care, however. I had always wondered why my family tree only consisted of female family members. Was this the fate that awaited all male members of the family? It would also explain my middle name, Hinata, which was cleary a girl's name. My family knew all along, yet they told me nothing of it.

"That's it! I can live like this! Everyone else in my family has!" I shouted as I jumped up off the ground, before my face turned a light shade of ruby-red. I had forgotten that other people were here.

Edit: And sure, you can join.

Electric Hero
December 8th, 2005, 5:25 PM
I stood up and looked around, my body was covered by the darkness of the alley. I deeply sighed and walked forward, into the city. I was old enough to protect myself... I knew how to fight... I had my powers.... I mean... I was ready to be alone for 2 years... it is going to be piece of cake, I thought to myself as I finally stepping on the sidewalk. There was a lot of people, and cars... oh well... I actually prefered people and noise that being alone and silent.

After walking by the sidewalk, I found a tall man with an eye green and the other yellow, talking to a girl with a dog, and he was also talking to another person in the alley, but I couldn't see that person since I was a bit far away. But then, a person that was infront of me, drew two handguns and pointed to those persons. What the...!?... I understand we have to SURVIVE... but killing without reason is not the point I thought as I got close from behind to that girl with two pistols. "What are you thinking to do with those pistols aimed at those persons?" I asked her from behind in a low voice so only she could hear me.

December 8th, 2005, 5:44 PM
Salem shivered as she rubbed her hands together. Her black long-sleeved shirt and black corduroy jeans kept her warm...partially. She decided to get up from the bench and began pace...maybe she would get warmer.

Hey there.

Startled, Salem searched for where the voice had come from. Actually, it didn't seem to come from anywhere but her head.

Down here... The voice added. Salem obeyed the voice and looked around the ground. Sitting of the ground was an average stray tabby, it's tail flicking from here to there in obvious amusement. Trying to keep here curiosity and confusion hidden, she covered it with annoyance.

"You're....a cat?' She asked, feeling rather stupid, "What the hell do you want with me? How can you talk?!" Upon saying this, she got many a stare by passersby and the people sitting on the bench. Screw them, stupid idiots....

Don't be nervous, I won't kill you... It seemed to purr in her head, I'm not a cat...I'm a spirit actually, in the form of a cat. Obviously your mind lets me communicate with you telepathically. I'm guessing you just got through with a ritual? Well then, try speaking to me through your mind then; much less embarrassing...

The cat stayed in its same position as Salem still stood wary. Before...she could only communicate with spirits out loud and they could only talk to her by talking...this was new. What are you talking to me? She questioned.

You seem lost, confused, and the only person who seems to have the capability to talk to spirits around here. Oh, and that aura you have...it's pretty loud.

Salem became instantly embarrassed...was she that obvious? "Well I am kind of new to this..." She spoke aloud. Again, she didn't give a crap what they thought.... The cat then scratched its ear with it's paw and looked at her in an impish way.

Well wow, you're like...the fifth person to appear in this area. You lucky girl you~ Yep, I think some other novices are just right around the corner here... and with that, the cat took off.

"Hey! Stop!" Salem commanded, rushing off after the cat and onto the slippery sidewalk. Just...tell me your name! She panted telepathically.

My summon name you mean? It's Quail if you need any help in the future. Quil soon turned a corner with Salem speeding behind. As she turned the corner, she collided into a girl wearing a magentas uniform, sending them both to the ground. She grunted at the sudden impact and landed flat on her rump.

"I...um...I..." She would have said some fierce remark, if it wasn't for the fact that the girl was carrying two guns.

Jack O'Neill
December 8th, 2005, 6:07 PM
Zoey got up from the icy ground, picking up her dropped Five-seveNs. "Oh, you'll pay for that, you snot-nosed middle-school *****," she muttered to herself angrily as she turned around to face the girl who had just sent her to the ground. She pointed one of the pistols at her. "You mind explaining yourself, you little brat?" she asked in a brusque manner.

Zoey pointed the other Five-seveN at the young man who had apparently tried to ambush her. "And as for YOU, little boy, you wanna know what I wanna do with these two guns?! I might just use them to pop a few caps in your ass if you keep on startling me like that!" she screamed, obviously ticked off. "Now, leave me be. LEAVE ME BE, **** IT!!!" Zoey's grip on her Five-seveNs was trembling, due to the freezing cold; even so, she was more than competent in their use, and even with a shaky grip she could pop quite a few caps in vital areas without wasting any more ammo than necessary.

Electric Hero
December 8th, 2005, 6:18 PM
"did you just call me little boy you... you may just be one year older than me!... don't call me young..." I told the girl almost yelling... but not mad... I actually never cared for what people thinks or says to me. "AND!!... I don't fear guns... not even those water pistols you are holding... I just don't wanted to see dead persons in my first day out... that will be mean like... bad luck" I added walking but stopped a step away from her, my back facing her.

"And if you are near me again... I suggest to not be near any body of water or have a bottle of water... that would make things too easy for me" I told her coldly... a second later I started to walk toward that tall guy with the green eye and the other green.

Jack O'Neill
December 8th, 2005, 6:39 PM
"WATER PISTOLS?!" Zoey screeched. She was really pissed now; the young man had dared insult her firearms. "These are Fabrique Nationale Five-seveNs! They can pierce body armor and are superior to just about every other handgun on the market, and you dare compare them to toys?!"

Zoey was compelled to continue her angry tirade, but she quickly realized her ranting was falling on deaf ears. She pouted. "I swear to God, you people make me sick, each and every single one of you," she muttered angrily under her breath.

December 8th, 2005, 6:44 PM
****. This girl must be emo...she probably had a rasor in her pocket for all she guessed. She could have just done a gesture, and kepted moving...but that middle school remark got her good. Her more timid side urged her to run away screaming, but she wouldn't allow that. She was on her own; she'd have to start taking things into her own hands. The gun was obviously pointed right at her, but with a few split second thoughts, she could summon Quil here in a giff. Backup plan solved.

As she waited for her tirade on the guy to end, she decided to strike while she was down.

"First of all, I'm not a brat," She glared, getting up and backing up a few inches away from the girl, "Second, I don't need to share my buisness with some lowlife cosplayer (now that she could actually interpret what she was wearing) like you." Upon realizing the girl's outfit....what if those guns weren't real? What if this was all just a trick at her...she decided to continue. "Now get that stupid gun out of my face and go be emo somwhere else!" She growled, now...somewhat confident. Well, if things didn't workout, Quil was close...and there where from what she could tell others in an alley over there...she could run over there with her innocent middle-school charm if worst came to worst...

Electric Hero
December 8th, 2005, 6:45 PM
I stopped in my way to the tall guy and turned my head to the girl with the pistols. "Yes" I simply said before she said another thing. "I'm sorry... we make you sick?... then live alone girl... and I don't care what people say about me... so save your words" I replied at her. Man... I wonder if I made her mad... Oh well... What I said was true... so I didn't fear her nor her pistols.

December 8th, 2005, 6:51 PM
"Okay! Cut it out!" I yelled at them after I had heard enough, my sword raised in a position that indicated I was ready to strike if need be. "All of you cocky idiots need to simmer down, before you lop each others heads off!" Of course, I figured they wouldn't listen to me, which is why I readied my sword. In a worse case scenario, I'd tick them off more.

The main issue was, I was finding it extremely difficult to balance, as the areas in which more weight was present had changed, and I was lighter in general. "You're like a bunch of kids arguing over who gets to use the swing next!" Okay, so that example wasn't even closely related to the situation, but... meh.

Jack O'Neill
December 8th, 2005, 9:03 PM
The sword-wielding girl was right. Nobody would listen, especially Miss Kurosaki. She was just one step away from the edge, and the remark about her being a lowlife emo cosplayer pushed her off. Now she was pissed.

Zoey angrily swung her Five-seveN towards a wall and emptied several 5.7 x 28 mm rounds into it. She really didn't want to kill anybody, but if it came to that, she was more than willing to take lives in order to save her own. "Just for the record, I'm not emo. I'm just easily pissed off at contemptible preschool scum like yourself," she spat.

December 8th, 2005, 9:14 PM
Asmodeus cleared his throat.

"I would like to point out that the designation of "preschool scum" would hardly adequate description for me. Now, I would like to know if any of your can direct me to a local hotel, or whatever this city uses as sleeping accomodations."

He fixed his bored, yet strong stare right on Zoey.

"And from what I know of this place, I don't think the wall is a very useful location to be wasting those bullets of yours."

Jack O'Neill
December 8th, 2005, 9:45 PM
"Why are you asking me?" Zoey said in a bored manner as she reloaded her Five-seveN. "I'm just as lost as you are when it comes to this place. In all 18 years of my existence, I have not set a single foot in this part of town. It's the only part of the city I'm unfamiliar with." She holstered both of her guns. "Anyone got a map or anything like that?"

December 8th, 2005, 10:51 PM
Asmodeus sighed and leaned against the wall. Well, not been five minutes and already it seemed that everyone here was a lunatic.

Either that, or they were all being very crafty...but why? As far as he knew, this was merely a test of survival. There was no need for any kind of deception, no competition...

Yet why were those in power so gung-ho and using this city? Isolated as they were, the danger was dramatically increased. For a simple cerimony to master their powers, putting the new generation at risk was pointless...

wait...new generation? Now that he thought about it, there weren't many people here...there should be hundreds of kids crawling the area...why such a small number?

He closed his eyes, and listened. It was an old habit he'd picked up when he was 7. It calmed him to simply let what other say sink in, and he found it to be IMPECCABLE for learning things...what people can reveal in ordinary conversation was amazing...

December 9th, 2005, 2:47 AM
The sound of the shots made her jump alittle, though she tried to hide it. OO! The nerve of this girl! It drove her crazy...well, she was starting to wonder if she was crazy already. She would have replied to her remark, but then again, afraid of her guns and the strange interuption by this one girl, she decided not to. This girl was...rather different than others in the way she carried herself.

"Hey, could you put down the sword?" Salem replied, "We're in an alley. If you go swinging that around here and hit a building, I'm sure they're not going to let you leave unless you pay for it."

She slightly shivered; it was really cold outside. As she looked around, she could see that a great amount of spirits were just floating and watching this peculiar group. Meh, she would do it too, the enitre awqardness of the situation was rather funny.

December 9th, 2005, 3:50 AM
"Whatever. Let them kill each other, it's none of my business." I muttered as I turned around to walk away, Hyonimaru positioned over my shoulder. It wasn't long before I lost my balance and ended up landing on my butt on a thick sheet of ice. "I'm never going to get used to this! Never!" I began to sob quietly to myself as the others conflicted with each other. All of this was more than I could take, it was driving me crazy!

December 9th, 2005, 8:45 AM
Asmodeus watched the girl as she slipped and fell on the ice. How unusual...it was almost as if she wasn't used to walking...

Doing some mental math, he came to the conclusion that she was putting too much pressure on her legs, which were not strong enough, and thus she was tripping.

He frowned.

That couldn't be. I mean, you kinda get used to the body you're born in...

Now that he thought about it, there were several things wrong with this woman...something didn't just FEEL right. Being a psychic, he figured he prolly had an affinity for such things.

He walked over to her, and offered a hand up.

"My name is Asmodeus. You are?"

Electric Hero
December 9th, 2005, 12:05 PM
I saw how the girl with the sword told us to cut it out, and rolled my eyes. I was not fighting... was I?... oh well... she quickly started to walk away but then fell and yelled that she would never get used to it. That was... akward... she was a girl, right? it was supposed she knew how to walk... unless she spent her entire life on bed. The tall guy offered his help, and I was going to do the same thing, but... he was faster. "Ok... it looks like everyone has never walked in the city... is it... that all of us got kicked out?" I asked everyone as I looked to the floor... was it that everyone just finished their family rituals?

December 9th, 2005, 12:29 PM
I blinked slowly, and unsteadily got to my feet, thinking my lack of balance was because I was still dazed, I lowered my hat over my eyes, and began walking down the street. Hat? When did I get a hat? Oh well, not that it mattered much. I continued walking slowly, my anger keeping my warmer than the best coat. I soon found a group of people arguing like crazy, and I tilted my head to one side, noticing the crying girl. I walked over, and held out my hand, asking "Are you all right, kid?" Then, I looked back up at the others, and my eyes, as well as my voice became like frozen steel. "What's going on here?"

December 9th, 2005, 2:16 PM
OOC: Eh... I think I need to leave. You guys, I have school, you know... I haven't got every minute of every day to post.

December 9th, 2005, 2:40 PM
Salem cocked her head at the girl with the sword. She didn't think she said anything that mean...UGH! This is why she never really liked talking to other people...The girl then slipped on the ice and began to cry. How old was she? The way she walked made her seem off balance. Maybe she was drunk. Two others began to go near her, followed by this strange guy that just came around the corner. He was much older than her, which...was rather intimidating to a twelve year old. She didn't want to respond to this particular guy, she'd had enough arguments today. She didn't really want to start another. Besides, these were the only actual people she knew in this godforsaken place. Maybe she should just stop being a ***** and become just a little nicer...just a wee bit. She turned her attention to the other boy who was arguing with Miss ZAFT before.

"Well, I can't say I was exactly kicked out..." She said remembering that horrible experience. It seemed like yesterday it happened. "Well, yeah. Ritual stuff. Now I'm just...cold." Salem could see her breath as she talked. She didn't like the cold....

December 9th, 2005, 4:41 PM
Rikku took a deep breath as she plummeted down the stairs, fists clenched in anticipation and anxiousness. She was at a loss of what to do, and all she knew was that this was her family ritual. When she had reached the entrance to their 'ritual-thingie place', as she put it, she could only blink in confusion.

The room was completely empty, save for an orb that sat a red cushion, vividly shimmering amidst the darkness that surrounded it. It stood in core of the room, looking all high and mighty; Rikku could only assume that she was supposed to go near it. And so, she did. She gazed at the orb, the light dancing in her eyes, and carefullyslowlyshe took it in her arms. Suddenly, the orb emitted a bright light throughout the whole room and soon she could feel herself being dragged heavenwards by the orb. It did not stop until she was floating in midair, almost unconscious.

Vaguely, she could see silhouettes enter the room. They all wore dark cloaks that almost made them invisible in the darkness, and they were circling where the orb had been placed moments ago. Before finally shutting her eyes, she heard those cloak-guys chant these freaky words. It sent a shiver down her spine just trying to imagine what it meant.

"Geez, why the heck is it so cold?!" Shivering, Rikku dragged herself up and stuffed her hands inside her pockets. She took in her surrounding and pouted, knowing clearly that she wasn't at home anymore. She gave a grunt and wrinkled her nose in a childlike manner. She worried about where to sleep, what she would eat, what she would do; ugh, everything was just all too confusing. Clenching her fists, at her thoughts, she had suddenly felt a small, round object. With curiosity, she brought her hand to her face and she inspected the object carefully.

"Oh, cool!" She exclaimed happily at her realization. "That big orb thingie turned so small!" She had forgotten everything she had been troubled withlike her home, food, and stuff like thatand just busied herself with the orb, humming a cheery tune as she strode through the alleys. The only thing that had made her avert her gaze at the orb was the voices she heard from not somewhere not very far. There seemed to be a group of people there, and of course, with her brimming curiosity, she just had to see what they were doing outside when it was really really cold. She cleared her throat as she made her way towards the group and practiced making her voice deep, to sound as a real boy's voice would; she would die if her cover was to be blown so easily. For that would mean that she had failed her family.

Jack O'Neill
December 9th, 2005, 5:14 PM
Though Zoey did not actually see the wannabe swordswoman fall flat on her butt, she couldn't help but laugh at her predicament. "Just what the hell is she on?" she asked herself. "Is she drunk, high, or both?"

Amidst all this talking, Zoey could hear some more crunching of snow. Footsteps. Coming her way. Really fast. For all she knew, this was a giant game of Counter-Strike, and terrorists were bearing down on her position. She quickly drew both of her Five-seveNs and performed a visual sweep of the area. Nothing. Maybe Zoey really did hear somebody coming. Maybe it was all in her head. Who knew, really?

December 9th, 2005, 9:02 PM
I sat there, shocked, as an unfamiliar guy, and an unfamiliar girl offered their hands to me. "I gave a hand to each; my right to the man, Asmodeus, and the left to the girl, who's name I had not caught. I then hefted myself onto my feet, and placed the blade of my weapon into the ground, so I could support myself. "I'm not drunk, or on drugs of any kind!" I shouted, now slightly ticked at the accusations. "I'm just not- er... nevermind." A name, a name, I needed to think of a name! I couldn't use David, not at all!

"I'm... Hinata." I replied to Asmodeus' query, before almost leaning too far forward and falling over.

Jack O'Neill
December 9th, 2005, 9:25 PM
"You say you're not wasted or on drugs, and yet you keep on falling on your ass," Zoey said snidely. Though she wasn't looking at the swordswoman, the remark was directed right at her. "Must have an inner ear infection or something like that." She holstered one of her Five-seveNs and sighed, her breath fogging up as she exhaled. More shivering and chattering of teeth. "Oh, what would give for a warm bed, hot food, Internet access, some manga, an Xbox 360, and a SPAS-12 shotgun," she said to herself.

December 9th, 2005, 10:06 PM
Asmodeus was quite certain he was not going to like any of these people, the majority of whom, he noticed dryly, were women.

Well, this girl...Hinata...she claimed she wasn't on drugs or wasted. He'd agree with her. Her pupils were normal and her breath didn't smell like any alchohol he'd ever smelt. On top of that, she didn't act disoriented, just...uncomfortable was the closest word that made sense. As if her body was unfamiliar.

He sighed heavily. God knows, maybe she was a shape-shifter. Now that he thought about it, it would be wise to learn what everyone's distinctive powers were.

He spoke, his voice soft, yet commanding attention.

"Ok, boys and girls. Seeing as we will all be spending the remainder of the next two years potentially in each others company, I propose we begin with basic introductions. We will each give our full name, and our distinctive and newly awakened power. I will start."

He cleared his throat and adjusted his collar.

"I am Asmodeus Requiem, the last surviving member of the Requiem family. My power, from what I've managed to gather...is this."

He closed his eyes, and seemed to concentrate hard. The walls around him were suddenly pushed inward, the brick cracking and crumbling as a huge sphere-like indentation appeared around Asmodeus. He breathed and opened his eyes.

"I am able to manipulate matter with my mind."

December 9th, 2005, 10:09 PM

Name: Shane
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: He looks a lot like Vincent Valentine in Final Fantasy Advent Children, when he's wearing his battle suit. He's got bulky black Dock Martins, Black and white pin-stripe tight pants with holes and zippers all over them, and a black long-sleeve polyester shirt with one hole on the upper left part of it. (on top of his heart) The hole looks like a gunhole with a bunch of little cracks coming out of the center. He wears two black motorcycle gloves, which (unlike the rest of his clothing) don't have any rips or tears on them. He has a large gun-holster on his left thigh that holds his triple-barrel pistol, which is covered in intricate Dutch beveling, and on the inside of each barrel has one word in an unknown language. He was once arrested for carrying his gun - The government tested its material and it was classified as made of an unknown alloy. He's got a red cape-scarf that is wrapped around his neck and hangs down his back. It's got 3 torn up scarf-looking parts of the cape, each with a different length. The cape is also made of an unknown material. It is somewhat thick, but stretchy. It is also flame-resistant. When he isn't fighting, he's wearing a black collar T-Shirt with a red, black, and white tie. He wears dark gray-blue tight jeans, as well, with holes in these as well. The same Dock Martins, or the usual Converse.

Personality: Cold and merciless toward evil scumbags. He doesn't talk that much, but when he does he is blunt and very straightforward. He's not very good at public speaking, but talks way more maturely than other people his age. It's obvious he's a good author, but he tends to keep to himself a lot. A tragic event in his past caused him to have a not-so-optimistic view of the World, so he isn't your average cheery-peaches kind of guy. He seems to enjoy fighting his enemys, and has no respect for their dead bodies. When he shoots some he takes the bullet out of their skin, spits on it, and pushes it back in.

History: He was born to a somewhat wealthy family, but was neglected as a child. His parents were always too busy for him or his older brother, who abused Shane when he was young. His parents' and his brother's bodies were found in their burned down mansion one day, and he's never been the same since. There are some rumors going around, however, that Shane himself murdered his family and burned his house down. The butler said that before he (the butler) left the house to buy some groceries, Shane was at home, so if they all died in a fire, how did he make it out without anyone else? The bodies were, after all, all found with little holes in their stomachs. It was really hard to tell whether they were bullet holes or not, though, because their bodies were all burned up very badly, and there was no sign of bullet shells or gunpowder anywhere.


Name: Lupine (Loo-pin-ay)

Status: Wealthy, one might say rich.

FPC (Family Power Class): Ability to control the lights and shadows around them, and ability to control fire. However, when a fire is started and controlled by a member of the family, there is no way to stop or control the fire.

Age in which family recieve powers: 17 (House burned down a few months ago)
Power Specifics: He can control any lights or shadows surrounding him, as well as the ability to control fire. For example, if there were a lightbulb next to him, he'd be able to tear the light out of the bulb, and move it anywhere he wants to. He is also able to control shadows - he can create a shadow over any physical object, and can move already existing shadows. For instance, he could take his own shadow, and move it wherever he wanted to (it would move like Peter Pan's, if you will) He could take his shadow and walk into a building, a room, etc. This makes for a very good spy tool, if you were involved in any espionage. He can also control and start fires at will, without any matches or lighters, et cetera.
RP Sample: Well, I haven't really RPed in a while, so I don't have any samples right now. You know how I write, though..? If you still need one, just ask ^^

Oh, and I hope you are still accepting forms, this took me a while to fill out xD

Electric Hero
December 10th, 2005, 6:31 AM
I heard the tall guy deciding to introduce ourselves. After he said his name was Asmodeus, he showed us his power. I sighed, I looked at everyone and said "I am Max Hunter. And my power is...". Before saying the last word, I extended my right hand, and electric sparks started to appear around it. I turned the palm of my right hand so it faced the sky, and a electric sphere, blue-colored, appeared on my palm, lighting the whole street a bit. "... electricty" I finished my introduction.

A blue lightning hit the electric sphere on my hand followed by a loud thunder and lighted the street. The sphere I had disappeared, and after that, I placed my hands in my long coat's pockets. "I'm sure my power has many other effects too" I added looking at everyone.

December 10th, 2005, 7:27 AM
OOC: AC, RPing? What has the world come to? XD j/k Go ahead, you're clear.

IC: "I'M NOT WASTED NOR AM I ON DRUGS YOU GEEK IN THE COSTUME!" I had finally had an outburst, and it generally wasn't a good then when I did. I stopped using Hyonimaru for balance, and swung it out the girl, barely missing the top of her head, and instead hitting the wall, which began to cover itself in ice after the sword struck it. "That's my power. This is my family sword, Hyonimaru. It has the ability to use ice-based techniques, as well as disguise my appearance using illusions. I'm Hinata if you didn't hear, Hinata Testarossa." Of course, I was panting from the little episode, and I was bound to fall down shortly.

December 10th, 2005, 9:26 AM
How ironic! Salem couldn't help but giggle at the girl named Hinata's outburst. "Well now, who's the one who told us to stop fighting? By the way, I don't think ice would help us right now. God, I need some Azumanga Daioh right now...."

The spirits there were starting to become annoying; most likely staring at the group of quarrelsome idiots. She glared at the ghosts and exclaimed. "Go away!" Some of them dispersed, while others just seemed to taunt back at her. Hopefully she didn't seem too stupid talking into nothing.

December 10th, 2005, 9:59 AM
Asmodeus shot a wry glance at Salem.

"Your turn for introductions."

December 10th, 2005, 10:49 AM
OOC: believe it or not, before I became a dick, I used to RP in every hot topic (this was months ago... at least 6 months xD) Awright, so how do I introduce myself?

December 10th, 2005, 1:21 PM
"An introduction?" Salem turned from the taunting spirits to the group. So, she guessed that they all were going to stay together..."Well, my name is Salem...Salem Suki. And I'm a spirit channelor...so basically, I can see, communicate, and summon spirits...like that mist over there. It's no mist...just a bunch of spirits." Speaking of her own powers, she began to wonder how many spirit names she knew as of now....well, she knew four that could be of help from before the ritual, and now she knew Quil. So, that was five spirits she knew. Maybe she could freak them out and call one right now...

Clutching her black pendant in her hand, she closed her eyes and mumbled a couple of words. Within a second, a rather tall, black figure appeared. It was bent over, it's extremely long arms dragged on the ground as it's yell eyes stared forward at them. It's white teeth grinned grinned evily at them.

Greeting Ms. Suki~

Stop watching so much TV...

December 10th, 2005, 1:46 PM
Shane closed his eyes as he walked into the abandonned old factory. The musty smell of mold was on him like a disease, the bitter cold digging into his skin. He was ready for the innitiation. Slowly he crept up the first few steps, scared but confident, somehow. Meanwhile, his older brother sat outside the factory with a big smirk on his face in the dead of night. The family's butler, Crane, was with Shane's parents, pouring gasoline over the floor. As soon as Shane and his parents had reached the top floor and the factory was covered in gasoline top to bottom, his parents and Crane carefully walked down the stairs. He could see them at the doorway through all of the holes in the factory, and he watched Crane pull something out of his pocket. He opened it up, and moved his hand in a fast motion, and that very second Shane saw a small, bright light. The light feel down to the ground, and within seconds the entire factory was in flames. Shadows danced around the burning wooden floor while he sat up on the top floor.

"How do I get out of here?" he asked himself, worried. He had heard his parents talking about the family's ability to control fire, but how would he put it out without knowing how to awaken those powers? He was so frustrated, and running out of time. The flames snuck up the stairs to the top floor. He clenched his fists, and when he opened them a spark appeared. He tried this out several times, moving backwards toward the edge of the roof. He made a fist again, and pointed it toward the fire, opened it and waved his hand around. The fire started dancing, moving backwards and forwards however his hand commanded. From the outside of the building his family could see the flames dancing and the silhouette of his body through the broken windows. Then they saw the fire simply disappear. A muffled shout came from the top floor, but they could tell that it was a cheer of joy, not a cry for help. He walked back down the stairs, shaking nervously, then down to the door. The burning hot handle felt like nothing after what he had just been through, and his family congratulated him. All was well... for now, at least.

Jack O'Neill
December 11th, 2005, 12:43 AM
Zoey counted herself lucky that her head hadn't been chopped off. "Hey, watch it, girly, or you're going right for several bullets in your own head," she sneered at Hinata. She pointed her Five-seveN at the young swordswoman, her grip on her pistol trembling in the icy cold. After a few seconds of hesitation, Zoey finally brought her gun down and sighed, her breath fogging up as it always did. "Fine, you win this round," she said as she holstered the gun.

Asmodeus did bring up a valid point. They might all be spending the next two years or so in each other's company; they might as well introduce themselves and get used to each other's presence. For Zoey, this entailed having to suck up her immense pride and actually interact with these losers in a nonviolent manner. Right after the girl known as Salem finished her own introduction, Zoey drew in a deep breath. Here goes nothing...

"My name is Zoey Kurosaki, eldest daughter of the Kurosaki family and heiress to the Kurosaki family fortune," Zoey barked, as if she was reciting her curriculum vitae in front of a drill sergeant. "My power is manipulation of the human body, its diseases, and the poisons that affect it. I would gladly demonstrate this power, but I am loath to do so as it would result in the untimely demise of at least one of you losers."

December 11th, 2005, 8:52 AM
Ignoring the arrogant girl, Zoey, Asmodeus turned his attention towards the large monster that had appeared over Salem's shoulders.

Interesting...summoning spirits? I suppose I'm gonna have to start believing in those now too...

Asmodeus frowned. With bipolar girls who can manipulate diseases to a spirit channeler to a woman with a sword who seemed particularly uncomfortable...and she was hiding something.

Asmodeus smirked. Maybe I should dive into her mind. I never did mention that I can do that...catching her by surprise could reveal all her secrets to me...

But then again, lets not cause conflict. That would not make her happy, and I am far too inexprienced to do it undetected...we'll save that secret for later.

December 11th, 2005, 11:14 AM
Has Ms. Suki actually found friends?

Salem glared at the spirit, though she was still bewildered that she had actually summoned one.

I wouldn't consider them friends, just...help, I suppose Jinn...I really don't think I can last out here...

Jinn snorted with a puff of smoke. Say that and you won't. I'd stick with these ones if I were you. Be more friendly yet still wary. You don't want to seem like a naive girl, no?

Salem sighed. No...I truely don't. But I really miss you, and Mom, and Dad, and Rychet, and-

Jinn nudge her shoulder. That gal can manipulate diseases and stuff like that. Neat huh? Distracted from her nostalgia, Salem became irritated again.

Don't pay attention to her. She's a *****y cosplayer...

Cosplay is fun~

Shuttup Diaboromon....

December 11th, 2005, 11:27 AM
OOC: can someone please tell me how to introduce myself? xD I haven't done this in so long, i'm a total newb to RPing.

December 11th, 2005, 11:33 AM
Though she was originally ecstatic to meet the group just a foot or so ahead of her, Rikku had suddenly become hesitant. She could hear weaponry amongst the group, a sword and gun, if she was right, and she had yet to find out how to get her daggers from the little orb that had contained it.

"Stupid thing!" She exclaimed as she vigorously shook the orb. Her attempts were to no avail, however, so she simply took a deep breath and strolled to the group; her hands was still clasping the stupid orb, though, as she felt a tad safer. As soon as she got a clear view at each person in the group, all her fears flew away and she almost let out a relieved sigh, seeing that they weren't exactly what she had imagined. And there was a girl who looked her age, too!

Clearing her throat, she deepened her voice and grinned at the group. "Hello~!" She greeted cheerfully, acting as if it was the most natural thing to do.

Jack O'Neill
December 11th, 2005, 12:03 PM
Zoey was startled by the presence of this newcomer. She reflexively drew one of her Five-seveNs from its holster. "Where are you?" she said to herself as she performed a visual sweep of the area. After a few seconds of looking, Zoey saw the newcomer, who seemed to be a boyish-looking girl no older than 12 years of age, clutching an small orb in her hands. There was no getting past Zoey; she could see right through the newcomer's disguise, deep voice and all. "And just who the hell might you be?" she sneered at the tomboy.

December 11th, 2005, 12:17 PM
Shane stared at an ashtray on the outskirts of an alley. He pulled out a pack of Camel cigarettes, put it in his mouth, and a light suddenly appeared at the end of the cigarette. A doctor had told him a month ago about how self-destructive smoking was to his body, but he paid no attention to what she had said. With a cigarette in his mouth, he looked inside the building. He heard people talking, and the clanging of metal slapping together.
"See, Shane, I told you that good would come out of your innitiation," his mother ensured him. Looking back seemed to be the hardest thing for Shane to do. He knew somewhere in his heart why he destroyed the only people on the planet that cared for him; but he could vaguely remember what happened before his parents died in that fire. He continued having flashbacks about his parents and brother, increasingly in the past month or so.
Suddenly someone walked to the end of the ally and pulled him in. With that, he was surrounded by other people who didn't all look like "just" humans. They were like him.

December 11th, 2005, 12:28 PM
Around the corner, someone seemed to appear. It looked like a boy, but strangely seemed like a girl...Salem thought about this for a second. Maybe...the person was gay. Yes! Like all that shonen-ai she read before. Salem was also relieved to find out that he was about her age. Maybe she could find at least one sensible friend to talk to...but of course, Cossy opened her mouth.

"Will you just shut the hell up?!" Salem yelled at Zoey, Jinn growling right behind her. Salem then nervously smiled at the newcomer. He was rather naive, just saying hello like that, or maybe he was bold. She liked bold. "Um, hi" she said nervously, "I'm Salem. This is Jinn. (Jinn snorted in aknowledgement) That over there is Cossy. I wouldn't mess with her. She's rather emo." Salem smiled tauntingly at Zoey. Salem didn't know why she was so open. Maybe it was because this guy seemed very shonen aish.

December 11th, 2005, 12:38 PM
OOC: xD "maybe... the person was gay".. you mind if I quote that? lol

December 11th, 2005, 12:43 PM
OOC: XD I don't mind

*Pokes David* We should have an OOC Thread for this :3

December 11th, 2005, 12:54 PM
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Jack O'Neill
December 11th, 2005, 12:59 PM
OOC: and when the hell are you people gonna notice me? xD
More OOC: Either do something to get yourself noticed, or let one of us take the initiative and spot you.

December 11th, 2005, 1:00 PM
OOC: xD, fine, then spot me lol

December 11th, 2005, 1:20 PM
ooc; Chibi! You made me spill my drink after reading that! XD;

Cocking her head to the side, Rikku blinked in confusion at the how the other looked at her. She could feel a faint blush on her cheeks when the thought of them already finding out her identity struck her mind. Bu-but, if they do believe I'm a boy, they might think I look a bit too gilr-like or something! Ack, maybe even However, her annoyingly optimistic sub-conscious had said otherwise, and so she stuck to the idea that they were justbothered by her sudden presence.

Still, she couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy. Especially after the older girl with guns exploded at her. "My name's, erm, Rikku." She was glad her father gave her a boy's name, even though it did soundgirlish. Again, she deepened her voice, although more so than moments ago, in a vain at attempt to be more boyish. "Nice to meet you Salem, Jinn! And you too, uh," She paused for moment turning to the rather aggressive older girl, "Cossy?"

December 11th, 2005, 1:30 PM
Shane stood in confusement looking at the shy, boyish looking girl announcing her name to the rest of the group. "Who are you people?" he asked quitely. Whoever these people were, they were planning something. "Why are you guys in an alley?" he questioned. No one seemed to notice him. "Hello?" He almost yelled. There was a nervous expression on his face, like he couldn't control how loud or quite he was. He looked around, scared and feeling out of place, while they were all staring at him.

December 11th, 2005, 1:41 PM
Two newcomers had arrived since I attacked the cosplaying brat, Zoey. One appeared to be a boy, but wasn't. That much I was sure of, and only because I've been male my whole life... Well, not whole anymore.

The other boy appeared to be lost and confused, likesomeone had dropped him here on his head. As the others were occupied with the newcomers, I hefted my sword onto my right shoulder, and began to walk towards the opposite direction of the others, quietly. There's no way I'm going to- "AIYEE!" stay here with these- "AHH!" losers. In between thoughts, I had lost my balance, tumbling forward, and recovering at the last moment. This was a nuisance.

Jack O'Neill
December 11th, 2005, 1:44 PM
"My name's not Cossy, Rikku," Zoey coughed. "It's Zoey Kurosaki, and don't you forget it!" Another cough. The cold was really getting to her now. "If you want my opinion, which I'm pretty sure you don't, Rikku sounds more like the name of a certain character from Final Fantasy X than a believable masculine name," she commented.

Another newcomer, a young man this time, had snuck up on the group, unnoticed by anyone else. Out of the corner of her eye, Zoey had seen him coming; his cigarette, smoldering in the cold and giving off faint traces of smoke, was a dead giveaway. Zoey slowly turned around, Five-seveN still firmly in hand, to face the latest of the new people. "Seems like just about every psycho and his cousin are gravitating towards this one position," she muttered to herself.

December 11th, 2005, 2:00 PM
Hearing a yelp from one of the girls in the group, Rikku averted her gaze to Salem and Cossy, to the girl that had slipped. "Are you alrig--?" Before she got a chance to finish, Cossy interupted; apparently Zoey was her name. Then she said something about Final Fantasty X, Oh, I wanted to buy that once, but mom said we lacked money, and stated that that was where my name came from, which was from a girl. Waah, now I hate you, dad!

"No, no! Think, um, Kingdom Hearts! Yeah, yeah, Kingdom Hearts!" Rikku suggested, the blush on her cheeks turning a more vibrant red. My friend, my a-whole-lot-richer-than-me friend, gave me that game before. And there was a Riku, there, too! That meanie has to believe me! She hadn't noticed that her arms were flailing about as she tried to persuade them.

Fortunately for her, Cossy...erm, Zoey was busy being mean to someone else. Although, she did felt sorry for the guy she Zoey was targetting.

December 11th, 2005, 2:05 PM
Shane gave a cold expression to Zoey. "Let me guess. You're probably wondering why I'm here. Then you'll ask me why I'm smoking." He walked around, eyeing everyone top to bottom, then stopped at Rikku. "Your name is Rikku? Your male disguise isn't quite working, my friend. Is there any specific reason why you're dressed like a boy?" Then he moved his eyes to David. "And you - you're the ringleader, it appears. Strong build, and a large sword. Anyways, can someone tell me what we're all doing here?"

Electric Hero
December 11th, 2005, 2:07 PM
I saw how two new persons came. One was... a.... boy or girl.... anyway... she.... he.... the name was Rikku anyway. I waved my hand at Rikku and smiled. "I'm Max..." I told Rikku before placing my hands in my long coat's pockets. After that, I looked at the other one. He looked really mysterious, wore clothes with holes.

I decided to be silent with that one... why?... because almost all the times I say hello to a person is in a good, childish way. But anyway, a second later, the girl with the sword walked away, and was about to fall but she managed to recover. "Geez, do you need help?" I asked her. But suddenly, the second new person asked something. "Why are we all here? we all came from different alleys, we ended here and we decided to introduce ourselves" I answered him as I looked directly at his eyes. That guy made the day even colder.

December 11th, 2005, 2:13 PM
"Ah, the sweet comradery." Shane said cynically. "Isn't it lovely? So, Max, is it? Pleased to make your acquantance. My name is Shane." He placed the cigarette back in his mouth, and a flame seemed to appear in his eyes for a few seconds. He leaned down and placed his hand out to help the girl who had fallen just moments ago. "I'm really not as cold and distant as you think I am. I wasn't really looking to make friends before, but you don't seem like such a bad guy," He said calmly. He placed his hand on the handle of his gun, but tried not to attract too much attention to himself; althoug he knew that they were all looking at his huge gun. "I suppose you're wondering about this... It's for protection." But they all knew that was a lie.

December 11th, 2005, 2:13 PM
Ms Suki, do you need me anymore?

Salem turned to Jinn. Oh, huh...no. I guess not...

Well then. I will be departing. Be more social Salem. With that, Jinn disappeared with a puff of mist. Salem sighed. Well, at least she talked with one person...the emo girl with the sword had begun to wabble away, as Rikku seemed to try and help her. She then turned to see Zoey doing her usual greeting at some other guy. Ew...he was a smoker. She never liked smokers...

So it was either stay here with Zoey and the others or follow the girly-guy and the emo. Meh...she'd rather follow Hinata and Rikku. "Well, you should balance on your sword," Or chop your boobs off she thought evily. "Meh, the greatest thing for all of us is to get out of the cold so we can all concentrate. The cold is getting to our brains..."

Electric Hero
December 11th, 2005, 2:20 PM
"wait... how do you name?" I asked that guy, who then called himself Shane. But I remembered I mentioned my own name a second earlier... introducing myself with... Rikku. "nevermind... and I don't think you are cold and distant... just... pretty mysterious..." I replied at him. I was going to say weird, but he wasn't... at least, not as much as me. He was going to be like the wise, silent guy of the group.

December 11th, 2005, 2:25 PM
"So, you mean to say I'm weird? I'm not just able to control fire." He poked at his head, and sat down. "So... where did those three run off to? They thought it was cold? It feels hot to me." Then he made an odd, confused looking face. "I'm kind of glad you haven't actually heard of me, Max. I'm kind of notorious for..." Then he stopped. He looked around and heard something, but nobody else heard anything. "Did anybody just think of the words, 'we'll have to dispose of him'?" When nobody answered, He jumped up an pulled his gun out of its holster. "Somebody else is here..."

Electric Hero
December 11th, 2005, 2:30 PM
How did he know that I thought he was weird!? oh well.... it didn't matter. "You have just become a creepy guy" I told him when he said there was somebody else there. I looked around and I only saw my white, mist-like breath, and of course, everyone else. "Are you sure? do you have like thermal-vision or something like that?" I joked, smiling a bit.

Jack O'Neill
December 11th, 2005, 2:39 PM
Upon hearing Shane the smoker say something about another person being here, Zoey took out her other Five-seveN. If somebody else was here, then he/she/it was probably going right for several 5.7 x 28 mm bullets. She performed yet another visual sweep of the area. Nothing. Hinata, Rikku, and Salem were leaving, Shane and Max were conversing with each other, and Asmodeus was probably off doing his own thing. Nothing completely out of the ordinary, but then again, what could be considered "ordinary" was completely conjectural at this point. For all Zoey knew, the Combine Overwatch was coming to get her and the others.

December 11th, 2005, 2:41 PM
"I can sense others' presences by the heat that they carry inside them. I can also see shadows through the thickest fog; I can see the tiniest lights from miles away." He could tell that someone was there, he just knew it. He thought that it was someone joking around, but they were in a tiny alley surrounded by walls; How did he hear whoever was playing a prank? He started pacing, his eyes closed. Everyone looked at him like he was some kind of ghost. When he finally opened his eyes they were lit up with an orange-blue flame. Within a few seconds, however, the light was gone and he said, "The prankster is gone. I can't sense him at all. Oh, I forgot to mention to you that I can hear as well as a dog, didn't I?"

December 11th, 2005, 5:04 PM
Asmodeus eyes the masculine-looking girl. She was a terrible liar.

The smoker bothered him. These...children...were easy to deal with, to herd. Emotions wild, manipulation was easy.

This guy was certaintly older, and his powers were...interesting. Dangerous even. He could be a problem. But for now...

Asmodeus walked towards Rikku and towered over her, staring blankly down at her.

"So, little girl, what purpose have you of concealing your gender from us? What are you trying to hide?"

Asmodeus detested deception. It made him paranoid, and if he was paranoid, he was liable to make a mistake.

Asmodeus Requiem was many things. But one thing he was not was someone who make mistakes.

December 11th, 2005, 5:19 PM
Shane stared at the tall one. "So, you believe my powers are problematic, eh? I won't be that easy to manipulate, but the younger ones will be. Either way, you seem like my kind of partner." He took the cigarette out of his mouth and held it between his finger, while he slowly blew out the smoke. When he first breathed out the overwhelming gas, a small flame slipped out of his mouth. "You and I would make a good team, you know," he said, pushing his gun back into the holster. Just then he heard a loud rumbling noise no one else seemed to notice. The sudden noises seemed to happen a lot lately, so Shane wasn't that startled when he heard it. He looked at the tall one again. "Your name is Asmodeus. And what powers might you wield?"

OOC: Make mistakes? xD

December 11th, 2005, 5:53 PM
"I'm not trying to sneak away so you'll follow me!" I shouted at Salem as I caught her following behind me. "Also, It's NOT that easy to walk like this for me, OKAY? GET. OFF. MY. CASE." This whole situation had me ticked off, and the arrival of Smokey over there didn't help. "And you people know I CAN HEAR YOU. Right? Don't you dare try manipulating nobody, got it!?" I was ticked off now, severly. They talked like everyone but them were easy to take advantage of, they also talked like they were superior to the rest of us. I'd show them later on...

December 11th, 2005, 5:53 PM
(Um, everything not in quotes was his mental dialougue...you couldn't have heard that...)

December 11th, 2005, 5:54 PM
Rikku felt her eyes twitch when that Shane guy bluntly said that she was a girl, and then again when another guy, a taller one, said so as well. She huffed and pouted, though she could have sworn her heart skipped a beat. "I'm NOT a girl! There's no way I can be since my family always have male offsprings! And besides, you have no proof!" She pouted again, though truthfully, she was trying to hide anxiety. She never was the best liar...not even a good one. Quickly, she stuck her tongue at the two guys and turned back to Salem and the clumsy girl.

Seriously, was it that obvious?! No wonder I'm always teased; even with a stupid disguise, everyone can see through me!

"Say, Salem, you believe me, don'tcha?" She asked hopefully; at this point, she'd be relieve even if Salem were to lie to her. Shaking her head, she turned to the clumsy girl and grinned, pushing her previous thoughts away. "Oh, hiya!"

December 11th, 2005, 5:54 PM
OOC: except me. I can tell what everyone's thinking. xD
IC: "I can hear what you're thinking. The whole, 'Was it that obvious?' thing gave it all away right there, Missy." Shane decided to recruit one of them to team up with. He looked at Asmodeus and smiled a naughty grin. He'll have to do, Shane told himself. He put the cigarette back in his mouth and leaned against the wall of the alley, waiting for the right moment.

December 11th, 2005, 5:55 PM
(Um, everything not in quotes was his mental dialougue...you couldn't have heard that...)
OOC: Do me a favor and look up what quotation marks are usually used for, would ya?

December 11th, 2005, 6:01 PM
OOC: Rent, you just got served. xD

December 11th, 2005, 6:04 PM
OOC: Uh...don't you think that's alittle omnipotent, Sawyer? ._.
OOC: Do me a favor and look up what quotation marks are usually used for, would ya? Doesn't get the error ._.

IC: OO! Now there were two *****es! What the hell was going on here?! Salem clenched her fists; she was livid.

"Well you know what?! Stop smoking whatever it is you're on and shove it up your ass!" With that, Salem kicked Hinata in the back, hoping to make her fall. It wasn't what Jinn told her to do, but hey, she deserved it. Salem then turned to Rikku, as if nothing had happened. "Of course I believe you're a guy! It's ok to act like a girl when you're a guy, I believe. Gays are good <3" She said encouragingly.

December 11th, 2005, 6:04 PM
(quotes signify spoken dialouge.)

Asmodeus was thrown off by this, staring wildly at the man.

Just what the hell was he?

He breathed and slowly closed his mind. He was a psychic. If this guy could read minds, that was the last time he was reading his.

He stared coldly at Shane.

"My powers are none of your concern. Though if you want to know, I can manipulate matter with my mind."

He indicated the large indentations forced into the walls at his side.

"Like this."

December 11th, 2005, 6:07 PM
(quotes signify spoken dialouge.)

Dialogue spoken aloud. Use other methods if you wish for our characters to not hear it.

December 11th, 2005, 6:10 PM
Shane looked back at him. "So, you've figured out how to keep me from reading your mind, eh? You can... manipulate matter. That's interesting - I can manipulate light, shadows, and fire." He walked over to Salem and opened one eye bigger than the other, then walked back to where he was standing. "It's not tobacco in my cigarettes - it's a drug that keeps me emotionally stable. Without it, I would be a killing machine. Now I'm addicted to the nicotine inside it, and I'm getting lung cancer. However, I've made a deal with a certain entity to get the lung cancer out. It's not intended to make me high, it's to keep me from destroying every single one of you."

December 11th, 2005, 6:13 PM
Asmodeus was definatly not liking this man.

Deciding to break his cool, he smirked.

"So, you're a junkie because you're afraid you'll kill us all? Aw, gee, thanks, I'm so glad you care so much."

He turned to Salem, his eyes boring into hers.

"You would be wise not to pick on people. You'd be surprised how often that will come back to bite you."

December 11th, 2005, 6:13 PM
Salem backed away from the freak. Wtf? She wasn't talking to him! "I-I I wasn't talking to you! Will you back off??? I really....don't give a hell...." The spirits seemed to come over again with sheer amusement. Salem began to cough again. It was really cold...

December 11th, 2005, 6:14 PM
OOC: oh noes, I've gotsta go for a while o.o

December 11th, 2005, 6:18 PM
He cocked his head, his eyes narrowing.

"Not so high and mighty now are you? You're all high and powerful untill somebody takes a stand eh?"

He turned away, scowling.

December 11th, 2005, 6:18 PM
OOC: Any OOC-ness from now on goes here: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=57357 >>

IC: I felt as someone, or something was watching us, but I couldn't tell where, or when it would strike. Of course, whether or not it did so depended on whether or not it existed. I raised my sword into a defensive stance, yet did so in a way in which I wouldn't alarm the others. A couple of them I wouldn't mind seeing slaughtered by whatever was out there. The ones I liked however, I'd aid if it came to an attack.

December 11th, 2005, 6:20 PM
Rikku coughed, although she had been half-expecting it. She laughed uneasily, waving off the last part Salem had said. "I-I'm not...gay...I'm just, um," she paused, clearing her throat, "I just look ga—girlish! That's all!" Shrugging, she pretended as if everything regarding her gender never happened and stood in front of Salem. She looked rather terrified, so she tried to block the older guy—whose name she couldn't quite pronounce—and asked him to move, though in a childish manner.

"Leave her alone!" She stuck out her tongue at him. "She never did anything to you!"

December 11th, 2005, 6:25 PM
He turned and stared coldly at her.

"Oh but she did, my little cross-dresser. She annoyed me. Now I really don't like being annoyed, and"-

He stopped suddenly, seeing the girl pick up her sword and immediatly crouched down, scanning the area, ready for anything.

December 11th, 2005, 6:33 PM
Oh....so he was a closet gay...well, maybe he wasn't too good at disguising it. Well, she'd respect whateveer way Rikku chose and would try not to bring it up again. Besides, he was the only one she could consider a friend right now...

Obviously not phased by a kick in the back, she watched as Hinata went into some wierd position. Was there someone there? The weird guy who also seemed to be harrassing Rikku and her at the moment also went into a dog-like position. Something was up...

Electric Hero
December 11th, 2005, 6:42 PM
I saw the girl with the sword and Asmodeus got aware of something around us. I have heard stories of many things attacking just kicked out persons like us... I wondered if something finally found us and was trying to kill us. I didn't mention I can feel everything around me in my introduction, right? wait.... I mentioned no effect from my power!.... oh well. I started to check our surroundings, there were too many things around to us for me to exactly identify a threat.

Jack O'Neill
December 11th, 2005, 6:43 PM
Zoey bore silent witness as this organized incompatibility that dared call itself a group slowly yet surely began to fall apart to infighting. Personally, she couldn't care less if the whole lot of them were all wiped out; she was in this for herself and herself only. Selfish, yes, but at least it would ensure her continued survival for the next two years. After listening to the soothing sounds of their bickering, she saw Hinata assume a defensive position and Asmodeus begin scanning the area; something was definitely up. Zoey immediately brought up both of her Five-seveNs; she didn't bother with holstering them this time. Ever the paranoid little girl, she began yet another visual sweep. If someone or something was there, she'd see it coming, and she'd empty several clips into it before the others could take a whack at it. "I know you're there," she whispered to herself. "Come on out and play, sucker."

December 11th, 2005, 8:00 PM
Rikku crossed her arms, if she kust knew how to work the stupid orb, she would show Asmo-Amodes-whathisname what she was made of - although, she wasn't quite sure herself. "You're just...you're just a meanie!" Her fists clenched and she was barely ceasing herself from doing anything stupid, not that she never did anything smart, but still. She forgot her annoyance for a moment when clumsy-girl had shifted into a defensive stance. Amose-whathisname apparently saw her actions and scanned the area, or something.

Salem seemed to be alert, too.

Blinking, Rikku bent her knees and arched her back, taking on a defensive stance as well. "C'mon stupid orb, spit out the daggers!" She muttered to the orb she grasped, switching her gaze to her palm and back to her surrounding.

December 11th, 2005, 8:49 PM
Shane, his eyes still closed, said nothing. When he opened his eyes, however, an extremely bright light shot out of them. Zoey, nearly blinded, asked him what he was doing. He replied, "Looking out for our best interest. By the way, I've received a call from a friend, and I need to visit the Bluereach City Cemetery to dig something up. Is anybody willing to come with me?" Everybody turned to him, and figured he was insane - He had, after all, said that he had to dig something up at a graveyard. Then he went on. "If it makes you feel any better, it's not a body. The government thinks my dear friend is dead. They believe that they killed him five years ago, but he's really just living undercover. He can't go out in public or do anything, and I waited 5 years for this secure call from him. When we were supposed to be burying his dead body, he whispered to me that he wasn't dead. We buried, instead, a giant cross wrapped in cloth. I'm supposed to retrieve it and use it against the government, he told me. I have really no idea what it is and what it's for, but I've got a hunch it's some kind of weapon."

Jack O'Neill
December 12th, 2005, 7:26 AM
Zoey, Five-seveNs still drawn, was still performing that visual sweep when she was blinded by a large and sudden flash of light that seemed to issue out of the smoker. She was stunned for a few milliseconds, and she even dropped one of her pistols. Once she got back to her senses, she bent down to retrieve her dropped gun. "JUST WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, STONER BOY?!" she shrieked madly. She listened attentively to the smoker's reply; she could make out something about a giant cross buried in a cemetary.

"So, let me get this straight, stoner boy," Zoey said. "You want us to go grave-robbing so we can retrieve this...weapon? I don't know about these others, but...I may go along."

December 12th, 2005, 7:42 AM
"Great. Thank you. Anybody else want to come along as well?" When they had originally buried the giant cross, one of the gravediggers took a peak. Shane had punched him square in the mouth and told him never to do it again, but this man was not to be trust. For all he knew, the man could have told the government - Or worse, he could be part of the government. But this was too much for Shane to worry about now. He walked over to Asmodeus, and asked, "Are you sure you don't want to come?" Asmodeus' eyes narrowedd. "I take that as a no, then," Shane added, one eye opening up larger than the other again. "Go ahead and have your fun alone in this little alley then."

December 12th, 2005, 8:36 AM
(Of due note, don't control Asmodeus' actions please, thats technically against the rules.)

Asmodeus squinted in annoyance at the flash. Great, now the little stoner was a living flashlight.

He reached into his suit and pulled out a very expensive-looking pair of sunglasses adn put them on, smirking.

He looked warily around, then turned to the smoker.

"A weapon you say?"

December 12th, 2005, 3:10 PM
(Sawyer, David might have a different plan for this...o.o)

Distracted from the noise, Salem turned back to Mr.Smoker. He did NOT just say he was grave digging....if it was one thing he hated more than being called little, it was disrupting spirits. The guy then said again that he was digging up...a weapon? Salem considered this. She then came to the conclusion that...this guy was obviously not smoking as much as he should have. She snorted; not wanting to talk to him. She wasn't afraid of him, she just. found him really strange. Like some strange child molester she'd seen on TV. Bah, best to ignore him. Especially if he was taking Cossy with him.

December 12th, 2005, 4:31 PM
OOC: In response to your post, Chibi-Chan... exactly what plan might that be? I'm just adding some spice to it; I wasn't aware that I could only say what you wanted me to say.
IC: Shane looked at Salem straight in the eyes. "Child molester? Cute. Asmodeus, this weapon is an extremely classified piece of work. It was made by a group of scientists aware of a certain something going on in a governmental building behind closed doors. I'm not sure what its real use is, but I can only assume that those scientists made it to blast our way through some building, because killing government officials - you could do that with any gun. I plan on doing exactly what the tape recorder attached to the weapon tells me to do; I'm a man of faith. If anyone has any objections, you might want to tell me right now why I shouldn't go ahead with my plans. After all, I was going to retrieve it before I met you guys. I'll be leaving in a few minutes, so, Asmodeus, Salem, are you coming or not?"

December 12th, 2005, 6:11 PM
OOC: Generally, only the creator of the RP knows the plan, which is generally the timeline events will follow.

IC: "I don't trust this place, I'm taking me leave." I muttered as I rested Hyonimaru on my shoulder and began to walk away. Thankfully, I had now gained a sense of balance, and could at leas refrain from falling on my face. I didn't care if anyone followed or not, it would not change anything. Besides, I'd rather not participate in any of their villainous acts, I had morals to follow after all. So, I continued on my way, out of the alley onto the street, a light powder beginning to fall from the sky. More snow, great.

Electric Hero
December 12th, 2005, 6:36 PM
As the snow started to fall, I started to be happy. "well.... see ya guys... I think we all know each other now... I will try to know the city and... I don't know!.... bye" I said to everyone as I started to walk on the street, walking each step away from everyone. I hoped I could walk around enough to know the streets, stores, and inns, and then sleep in one to finish the day... I also needed money.... I wonder if we had to worked in a coffee shop or something?

I stopped when I started to think in that. I looked around and saw that girl with the sword. "maybe she knows... Hey you! the girl with the sword!... Hinata right? you look like you know a lot, can you tell me just ONE thing? how can we win money?" I asked her, walking some steps over at her.

December 12th, 2005, 6:48 PM
Salem turned to Rikku. It seemed like the group was beginning to split up and she didn't want to be left out in the snow. "So...where do you want to go?" She asked curiously. Hinata seemed to regain her balance and now seemed, for at least the third time, she was heading in her own direction. Mr. Smokey mindreader also seemed to be into some big goverment conspiracy, something she had to admit she was too young to understand fully. She sighed and looked at the snowing sky. "I don't care where we go, as long as it's out of the cold~"

December 12th, 2005, 7:07 PM
Shane looked at the little girl with a slight smile. "Well, I need somebody to accompy me to my trip to the graveyard. I'd also like to look around Bluereach... see what the city's like. Rikku, Salem, would you care to join me?"

When Shane was young, his parents took him to a psychologist. The doctor was supposed to explain to them what the cause of his depression was. He had told them that Shane had a minor case of split personalities - One was depressed and cold, another social and friendly, and the other angry and vengeful. This last one eventually started taking over his body. The psychologist perscribed him to an inhaler that should override his split personalities, but when his parents died, he couldn't get ahold of the inhalers anymore. A friend, who happened to manufacture tobacco, said that he could sell him a package of cigarettes with this stabilitizing drug in it each day, and of course, he agreed. And here he is now, the so called "junkie."

December 12th, 2005, 7:32 PM
Rikku was at a loss of what to do. The group was splitting up when she only had met them, and really, she had no idea what to do. She was hesitant to join Shane, as Cos--Zoey was there, and possibly Amso--whathisname, too. Who knows what they would do to her if she annoys them or something? And she doesn't quite know who clumsy-girl was, so she wasn't certain whether joining her is a good idea, or a bad one.

"Um, I don't know." She answered slowly, unsurely. She looked at Salem, who seemed as cold and lost as she currently was, and stood by her side. "Mm, I know! Wherever Salem goes, I go!"

December 12th, 2005, 8:10 PM
"Hmm. Okay, I understand. A bit too weird for you to hang out with, and a bit too emotionally unstable. Mmkay," He said sadly, walking towards the far corner of the alley. This was clearly the distant side of his personality. After a few seconds however, his head popped up. His eyes lit up that usual bright light, and he shouted, "God, what is with kids these days? How hard is it to not bother us?!" Then we heard shuffling and scurrying, and his eyes lost their flare. He looked around to all of his newfound friends, and said nervously, "Sorry. I have these outbursts sometimes." And with that, he pulled out his cigarettes and popped one into his mouth. Once again, the flame appeared at the end of it almost magically, and he pulled it out of his mouth, turned around, and blew out the smoke.

December 12th, 2005, 8:11 PM
Asmodeus did not like this Shane character. He liked the others only slightly more. However, he would be ****ed if he let any kind of dangerous weapon fall into this moron's head.

Nodding as he made sure his thoughts were protected. Good.

He turned to the smoker.

"I will accompany you to this graveyard."

December 12th, 2005, 8:28 PM
"No thanks. I won't let someone who believes I'm a moron and wants to take all that's left of my best friend away from me, have the chance of doing so. I'm really not sure why you don't like me; I haven't really done anything wrong," he said worryingly.

Shane's entire life he was an outcast from the rest of the males. For some reason, the other boys excluded him, whereas the girls would feel sympathy for him and take him in as if he were some kind of stray dog. This may have made him feel worthless, but that's exactly what his parents always thought of him and he was used to it. This was the best treatment he'd ever gotten in his life, and now he was making some friends. At least, some friends.

December 12th, 2005, 8:34 PM
(Um, I did mention that after the initial mind reading, Asmodeus BLOCKED his mind from being probed? So only that little bit you gleaned upon first meeting him do you know, everything else is blocked.)

December 12th, 2005, 8:35 PM
OOC: Yeah, Sawyer was pretending as if he couldn't read your mind. See, the second you let go of that block (Whenever you say something) he can read your mind. Only this brief moment, though, and all Sawyer could make out was the part about you trying to get the gun and calling him a moron xD

December 12th, 2005, 8:42 PM
(Oh come on!! That's ridiculous, if that isn't god-modding I don't what is! My guy HAS Mind-Reading powers and he isn't pulling stuff like this!)

December 12th, 2005, 8:54 PM
OOC: That's what makes my guy so awesome x3 Whatever, fine, no more extremo mind reading for me. okay? xD

December 12th, 2005, 8:55 PM
(Thank you. Besides, according to your character profile, you're guy can't do any mind reading. AT ALL. Therefore, let's simply disregard you're character second-guessing everything and redo the scene.)

Asmodeus stared levelly at him.

"So, will you take me along or not?"

December 12th, 2005, 8:59 PM
OOC: Actually, he's the only person in his family that can read minds. Just an ability that he uniquelly has. And the powers part was under family, so I didn't want to put that there =(

IC: "Hmm. Fine, you can come, but you have to realize that this weapon is for me, and me solely. If the use of it requires you, you will be involved. The purpose for this may have been to be used by all of us, and somehow my friend knew what was going to happen. Nevertheless, you can come with me. Just this once; don't expect a bunch of courtesy from me all the time.

December 12th, 2005, 9:03 PM
(Nonetheless, you have to include such powers, if nothing more then a courtesy to the other RPers so they know what to expect.)

Asmodeus nodded, smiling to himself as he followed. Now his natural curiosity had sunk in.

This weapon...I wonder if I've heard of it...Clive, I wonder if this is another one of your games...

(Of due note, Clive is an aspect of Asmodeus' story that will come into play later on, its a background thing.)

December 12th, 2005, 9:11 PM
"I sense strong brainwaves flowing out of your head, but I have absolutely no idea what you're wondering. But usually, when these kinds of brainwaves come from someone's mind, that means they're thinking about something that happened in their past. Anything you'd like to ask me about? I'm good with this kind of thing." Shane usually wasn't this kind to people. But hell, he relied on Asmodeus for retrieving the giant cross, and he wasn't passing up an opportunity to make a friend. "So tell me, what were your parents like? You have a well-running family?"

December 12th, 2005, 9:17 PM
Asmodeus was both annoyed and surprised at the request.

Annoyed because this guy, who'd been something of an arrogant ass up till now was suddenly being uncharacteristicly nice to him.

Surprised because he hadn't heard of his family.

He sighed.

"There is little I am willing to tell. My family are the Requiems, a very well-to-do family that were highly prominant in the government. We are--were--one of the richest families in the world. I myself am a lawyer."

December 12th, 2005, 9:23 PM
Shane laughed. "Eighteen old prosecuting attorney sends crazed young freedom fighter to prison... Your name in the headlines... I've always wanted to be a lawyer. But then again, if I got involved in law..." He made a gesture with his hand and his neck that looked like he was getting his head cut off. "I'm really sorry, though... I've kind of got split personalities, and, well, I can sometimes be... sometimes I'm just mean. Other times I'm nice, though. Please don't judge me based on that, though. I'm not crazy," he said laughing.

December 12th, 2005, 9:27 PM
Not crazy he says. Great.

Asmodeus frowned. Freedom Fighter? Oh, he must mean that terrorist. He really hadn't had much involvement in that case, he wrote up papers, talked to a witness and gave a speech. The terrorist really practically won the case for him.

He smirked. He hadn't realized that had made headlines. He'd been notified of the prerequisites to acquiring his hard-earned money at that point. Spending a month in teh government's hospitality had limited his exposure to the outside world.

He was dragged out in a van and dumped out here. Those guys were sure glad to be leaving...

He stopped at a large wrought iron gate.

"We're here."

December 12th, 2005, 9:36 PM
Shane looked at the gate. "Nothing at all like I remember it," he said, conjuring a fireball. He moved the floating flame over to the padlock on the gate. Eventually, it melted and Shane was able to crack it open. The old, rusty, iron gate creaked as he opened it up. "Now we must look for a large cross. It'll say Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Hero. Believer. Of course, his body won't be there; as I said, he isn't dead, he's just in hiding. And I might advise you to not make too much noise. The people living in these houses over here aren't very tolerant of graverobbers." He pointed to the large houses surrounding the cemetery.

December 12th, 2005, 9:42 PM
"People live in this god-forsaken city? Wow, and here I was beginning to get lonely."

He spoke dryly, dripping with sarcasm. He followed at a distance, looking around the area cautiously. If there was anyone around, they'd be easy to spot, despite the snow blowing everwhere, it was a relatively easy area to see.

Asmodeus allowed a brief, quick smile as he watched the snow. Snow and rain always seemed to calm him, make him think clearer.

He picked up a shovel leaning against a tombstone. He'd be needing it...

December 13th, 2005, 7:50 AM
"The only people who live here are morons and the old people who lived here 50 years ago. We really are quite lucky we're in snow; no one's going to be able to spot us very well." Just that second, Shane's eyes lit up. "Dear god..." He pulled out his gun and lit his eyes up even brighter. "Show yourself!" And then you could hear footsteps, and Shane's eyes dimmed. "Phew. Just some retard... Nevertheless, we've got to be careful. If this cross falls into the wrong hands... the consequences would be devastating."

Jack O'Neill
December 13th, 2005, 4:56 PM
At the very last minute, Zoey had decided not to help stoner boy and Asmodeus recover the buried cross. As the two men left for the cemetary, she turned to what remained of the group and issued the following proclamation: "Screw you losers, I'm leaving." With that, Zoey left the group's company, ostensibly to seek shelter, food, Internet access, anime, and the other amenities of civilized life. She sincerely hoped that this would be the last time she'd set eyes on those losers.

December 13th, 2005, 5:15 PM
Seeing the others leave, Salem was at a loss of what to do. She'd never really been in charge of much before, nor had she been out by herself. She hated to admit it, but she actually felt kind of secure in the tense group she was in. Now that the others had chosen different ways, it seemed like she and Rikku were by themselves.

"Hey, I guess since we are by ourselves, we'll have to find our own shelter." She said doubtfully, "But hey! Along the way we might find away to open that orb of yours." With that, Salem began to walk away from where the group had first met. Hopefully they would end up far, FAR away from emo girl and cosplay *****.

December 13th, 2005, 5:25 PM
Shane closed his eyes for a little while, trying to telepathically communicate with Salem. "Salem, can you hear me? It's Shane. I'd like to ask you to bring Rikku with you and come over to the graveyard; Asmodeus and I need your help, and I promise there will be a reward. Afterward, we'll go to my old apartment and talk to one of my friends. He'll give each of us something in exchange for the giant cross. He wants to hold it for us and do experiments on it, see where its origins are. Last I spoke to him, he said it was made a long, long time ago, but its technology is far ahead of its time. My friend, Wolfwood, was the adopted owner of it, and its first owner's name and current residence are unknown."

December 13th, 2005, 5:36 PM
A disturbance then appeared in Salem's head. It wasn't a spirit, it was the tall smoking one who had joined the group late. How the hell had he gotten into her head?! Listen, I'm not going into another graveyard; probably not for the next two years. Second, I don't want to disrupt any spirits that may be resting there. It's just...inhumane. You wouldn't understand what I've been through. Third, if you even TRY to contact my thoughts again, I'll summon a spirit down there to disembowel you and leave you there to rot in the graveyard. It's....it's horrible to relate a scheme with a graveyard involved to also be involved with money. Ecspecially taking up a cross. If you do encounter any fierce spirits, I hope they send you and whoever else is with you to Hell. She then broke off communication with him and continued to walk with Rikku. The nerve!

December 13th, 2005, 5:43 PM
Shane popped his eyes open. "That *****! Who does she think she is?! Telling me she's gonna 'disembowel' me... Heh, yeah right." He turned to Asmodeus, who was still looking for the proper grave.

A long time ago, Shane had developed this thought... He made himself believe that graveyards were where all of the spirits lived; Every graveyard carried all the spirits, and at death, your spirit was duplicated and multiplied by the amount of graveyards on earth there are. Whether your body lay in that graveyard doesn't matter - It was like one big —dead, also— community.

December 13th, 2005, 5:51 PM
"Huh?" Rikku asked Salem abesntmindedly as she watched the two guys walk off. Zoey walked away, too, and apparently she decided not to join them anymore. Anyway, back to Salem; she said something about looking for a shelter, and maybe even a way to open this annoying orb thingie. "Oh, mmkay~! Let's go!"

As soon as they had started walking, Salem seemed disturbed about something. Whatever it was that had distracted her seemed to last for a minute or so. "Did something happen?" She fell silent for a moment, and gave a quick peek at clumsy-girl. "Say, Salem, do you think that, um, clumsy-girl would be okay by herself? She might keep falling down and get lots of cuts and bruises, and then she might bleed to death!"

December 13th, 2005, 6:00 PM
Ha! Hinata bleeding to death would be a sight to see. But then again, Rikku did seem conserned about her. "So...do you think we should follow her? Or maybe stalk her?" She asked. She'd follow the idea; it was better then aimlessly roaming around a town she didn't know. Salem shrugged. "Oh, yeah...that wierd smoker guy tried to get us into his gravedigging, golddigging plan. Meh, I told him we weren't interested in that."

December 13th, 2005, 6:11 PM
Shane was about to see yet another one of his flashbacks. His eyes filled with some black substance and he stood still in the snow.

"No! You can't!"
"Shane, it's for your own good. You need to learn discipline, and the best person to teach you that is Mr. Kandori. He'll take good care of you."
"But mom! I don't want to leave you!" He clinged to her legs in fear. "What if I never get to see you again?"

And he probably wouldn't. But her death didn't occur while he was at Mr. Kandori's house. He had gotten back home, taken the innitiation; It was only months after he had gotten back that his family died. Some people say that Shane killed his parents and his brother as revenge for their sending him away. Either way, they were gone, and never to be seen again. It was for the better.

Jack O'Neill
December 13th, 2005, 7:23 PM
Even though she was a fair distance down the street, Zoey could still hear Rikku and Salem's rather spirited conversation. Personally, she couldn't care less if Hinata the clumsy swordswoman fell on her ass and died. "Serves that ***** right for trying to decapitate me," she muttered to herself angrily. She continued trudging through the snow, the cold easily penetrating the black nylon stockings covering her legs.

December 13th, 2005, 9:10 PM
Asmodeus stared down at the heavy tombstone before him, raising an eyebrow. A bit anti-climactic, but this was it.

"Wolfwood. Well, my bipolar little friend, I found it."

He adjusted his suit. How dangerous could this weapon be? What was its purpose? He'd have to find out once they dug it up.

December 14th, 2005, 3:42 PM
Shane stared at the grave with a slight grin on his face. "Well, that was fast. Now we start digging. Oh, and by the way, I'm not that bipolar." He looked at Asmodeus unhappily. "And just when I thought we could be friends."

December 14th, 2005, 4:33 PM
Friends was not a term that Asmodeus enjoyed hearing. He understood quite well the use of them, and even had had a few himself. Being stuck in a practically abandoned city however, was not a place he'd want to make friends.

Especially with someone who could potentially flip out and kill them.

Another good reason to see just what this weapon does...

He grunted and began to shovel dirt. Despite his bookish nature, Asmodeus prided himself in being rather strong. Certaintly not going to win any body-building contests, he was a surprisingly fast digger...

December 15th, 2005, 4:08 PM
OOC: I'm alive again! Still a bit sick, but alive. oo

IC: After I had left the group, and was out of their sight, I climbed on top of a nearby roof where I could watch all that was happening. The two that I had issues with had gone off on their own, leaving Salem and that little 'boy' behind. However, I was disturbed by something. That presence I felt earlier... What exactly was it?

December 16th, 2005, 12:03 PM
OOC: Whoops, I got caught up talking to Geoff (Morkula) about me asking God for forgiveness and for his help along the way... a good time it was, though.

IC: Shane saw how fast Asmodeus was digging, and grabbed his arm. "Not that fast and not that hard. We need to be very careful," He said picking up his shovel. Shane started digging with Asmodeus, and he began to fall into a trance. "Whoa.. that was weird. Can you tell me what time it is, Asmodeus? We have to have the cross over at my friend's house by a certain time, so..."

December 16th, 2005, 1:13 PM
Asmodeus's shovel struck something hard, and he stopped, looking around worridly.

He wasn't digging fast without proper reason.

"Its time to get this thing out of the ground, that's what time it is."