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December 10th, 2005, 10:14 PM
Welcome to the Xiaolin Showdown roleplay

The Plot:
In 7995 B.C. at Atlantis there has been a new power created. They are called the Seals of power. each fo the seals gives you a extra bboost in the category of the name. We need you to join and save the world from the Heylin Side from Approaching. There is a lot of Technology that does not exist today. There are also Hybrids who were failed experiments walking freely around. The Seals of Power make you a high rank Sorceror. You are highly respected, you also use your powers to help mankind. Now that the Heylin Side has returned from hiding, they are stealing the Seals of Power and turning them into Heylin Seals instead of Xiaolin Seals. When one is untouched it is just a regular artifact. But when you call out its name it shines brightly and appears on your forehead. To turn a Seal into a Heylin or Xiaolin Seal you have to call out "<Heylin or Xiaolin> Seal of <The Type of Seal>. Will you join the battle to save or destroy Mankind?

Make Up Shen-Gong-Wu
* Solstice Star- A large twelve-pointed star mirror emblazoned on a gold plate. If brought in line with the sun's rays, it can refract them everywhere, blinding everyone within a certain distance and heating up the place. If you want a concentrated beam you have to cover parts of it up somehow.
* Halo Bow- The user can shoot out a small orb of energy that encircles the victim(s) and trap them. When used with: Water: The victim/s become trapped in a tight ring of ice. Fire: The victim/s become trapped in a small fire ring. Wind: The victim/s become trapped in a ring of electricity. Earth: The victim/s become trapped in a tight ring of Rock. Reversing Mirror: The user becomes Trapped instead.
*Necklace of Dashi- It gives you the Martial Art Skills of Grandmaster Dashi.It is said that traces of Grandmaster Dashi's power was left in this necklace slowly over time while he weared it.
*Wings of Crystal- A royal blue colored humming bird with wings made of crystal out stretched pointing toward the sky. When activated, it sends out a sonic wave making all other Shen Gong Wu or magic within a 2 mile radius becomes powerless.
*Crystal Whip- A whip made out of crystal gems, including [but not limited too] Diamonds, Rubys, Sapphires and Onyx.
*Element Blades- This shen-gong-wu reflects elemental powers and focuses it into the shen-gong-wu to give it its power, but in turn the blades fuse to your hand untill you stop sending your focused energy.(This SGW is made when you combine all element staffs)(looks like 2 wrist bracelets, you put them on your wrists and your hands become blades and you can change them to the different powers of the element staffs)
*Staff of Darkness- A staff that draws on the power of darkness. Said to be able to destroy the world when its full power is accessed.
*Staff of Light- A staff that draws on the power of the Light. Said to be able to stop the power of its sister weapon, the Staff of Darkness; or, in the wrong hands, to aid it and make it more powerful then ever imaginable.
*Staff of Wind- Allows the user to control anything of that element [can be combined with the other rods powers to create differernt elements]
*Staff of Water-Allows the user to control anything of that element [can be combined with the other rods powers to create differernt elements]
*Staff of Earth-Allows the user to control anything of that element [can be combined with the other rods powers to create differernt elements]
*Staff of Flames- A rod that can spew out incinerating flames. In the hands of a fire elemental user the flames can devour even solid stone. [Located in a volcano on the island of Hawaii.]
*Staff of Thunder- A long spear that causes earthquakes and chaos all around it when it touches the ground, AND lightning can be summuned by using it like a lightning rod.
*Shield of Tai-Chow- Creates an all surounding and invisible force field around the one holding it.
*Tao-Ching Sword- A sword that can cut through anything. Rock, water, steel, lightning, sound waves, shen-gong-wu, you name it.
*Black Rose of Darkness- It can send out an odor putting everybody around it (except the holder) to sleep. Not just any sleep either; a restless sleep of nightmares that cannot be awoken from! At least not for a while.*The Trember Trident or Trident of de Blixelm- It delivers a small charge of electricity, and is ghostly like the Sword of the Storm.
* Lightning Dragonfly- It allows you to fly at lightning fast speeds.

* Turquoise Dolphin- A small turquoise colored dolphin. when activated it turns you dolphin like creature, and gives you sonar abilities.

* Bronze Turtle- When activated, it can make people slow as a turtle

* Seaweed Trophy-Use it to take control of undersea plants.

* Nose of Dashi- You can smell anything.

* Mouth of Dashi- You will be able to talk without moving your mouth to trick enemies.

* Ears of Dashi- You can hear any sound at any time.

* Pea of Pangle- A pellet-shaped bomb that you throw and it makes your enemy unconscious.

* Halo Bow- The user can shoot out a small orb of energy that encircles the victim(s) and trap them. When used with: Water: The victim/s become trapped in a tight ring of ice. Fire: The victim/s become trapped in a small fire ring. Wind: The victim/s become trapped in a ring of electricity. Earth: The victim/s become trapped in a tight ring of Rock. Reversing Mirror: The user becomes Trapped instead.

* Heylin Orb- A black and purple orb that drowns its enemy in a sea of darkness.

* Dragon's Claw- When worn, can melt anything.

* Hui Shang Fang- Allows you to chew threw any substance.

* Lotus Blade- A rusty blade, but when wielded correctly can be turned into any weapon
* Lotus Shield- A beaten wooden shield, But can turn into any defensive shield or barrier.

* T.V. Portal- Brings any character from TV to real life

* Crown of Youth- It allows you to change your age.

* Firefly Lantern- A lantern in the shape of a firefly. When activated it will light up even the darkest places.

* Inversing Mirror- Puts Reversing Mirrorized objects back to normal.

* Thought Chip- Plunge inside someone and they will do whatever you do. The Thought Chip is painless to put in.

* Necklace of Venus- Able to manipulate fire in every way

* Spear of Neptune- Able to manipulate water in every way

* Slippers of Mercury- Able to manipulate wind in every way

* Sword of Mars- Able to manipulate earth in any way

* Lotus Sword- A sword that has a blade that can extend for miles.

* Ri Shan Sheild- When activated, protects the user by creating a barrier.

* Illumination Lantern- When activated, Shines a very bright light that causes your enemy to hallucinate.(See things that are no there).

* Silver Sled- A large silver sled that is used for snow or ice travel.

* Computer of Kapuhi- A computer that can lets you tamper with anyone on the internet. With this power you can change reality.

* Gun of Bratikoon- Emits a purple beam guaranteed to make an enemy disable

* Midas Touch- Brings everything to gold

* Golden Tiger Fist- Allows you to transport anywhere and if someone tries to stop you can just hit them

* Ribbon of Chitara- Enables the owner to run at the speed of light.

* Sphere of Light- Imprisons people who have evil in their heart.

* Golden Scarab- A small scarab that becomes a large scarab creature that is used for desert travel

* Youth Crest- Stops the user from aging

* Soul Mirror- When two people look into it they switch bodies with each other

* Bolder Plate- A rocky plate that when warn becomes a immense armor that covers the entire body

* Psycho Screaming Shell- Makes the user emit loud shock waves from there mouth and talk very loudly

* Wings of Crystal- A royal blue colored humming bird with wings made of crystal out stretched pointing toward the sky.
When activated it allows you to hypnotize your enemy and put them in a deep trance.

* Copper Cobra- Turns into a fast vehicle, made for Sea or Desert
* Amazon Crocodile- Allows you to walk on water.

* Hornet of Shang- Turns into an air traveling vehicle, taking you anywhere.

* Ya'shin Caterpillar- Transforms into a ground vehicle that can travel up buildings, and under bridges. It can stick to any

* Sky Walkers- A pair of gold shoes with little wings on the side. They allow you to walk on air and sky.

* Emerald Butterfly- Gives its owner immortality and no one will be able to hurt its owner at all.

* Arrow of Hatchi- Once the arrow is shot at a specific person, the person is sent at a world of hell with no way of getting out unless someone destroys the indestructible bow.

* Reality Diamond- Transports its owner to whatever fictional world there is.

* Mirror Shield- Able to absorb attacks and reflect it back 100 times more powerful.

* Mask of Yao- Enables owners to transform into anything to disguise themselves.

* Qing Gan Clip- Who ever it is aimed at, it will alters the persons emotions. sad, happy, mad, calm. Weakness: can make them mentally weak if used to often.

* Tu Tai Yang- And Earth Element Shen Gong Wu. When used, it will cover the user in protective earth armor. Your strength will rise, and physical attacks cannot penetrate the armor. Weakness: Makes you walk/run slower, magic will eventually wear it down.

* Hex Ting- Can make someone stop moving entirely. Rendering them useless. Not freezing them, but stopping all their nerves, so the stuck. It can be cured by the sister wu, the Heal Bu Xing. Weakness: Don't let it get hit by the Reversing Mirror. NEVER. If it does, it'll spread, and they only thing people can do if they are hit by it, is never stop moving.

* Heal Bu Xing- Cures the stop effects of it's sister Wu, Hex Ting. If hit with the Reversing Mirror, it will cause things to stop.

* Star of Patterns- It looks sort of like the star hanabi only thing the jewel in the center is dark blue. It allows you to control the stars and make patterns and words in the night sky

*Nectorian Neca- Turns you into a hummingbird. (Caution: It comes with a craving for nectar.)

* Taishan Rattle- Reverses a persons age by 10 years.

* Techno Gizmo- A wand that shoots out a beam of light, any SGW that is illuminated by its beam becomes a complicated machine and can only be activated if all mechanisms are done in the right order. Unfortunately instructions come after this Wu is used.(P.S. the Wu that is hit with the beam is loaded with buttons switches and access code pads).

* Panther Nails- Nails that grow on your fingers and become very sharp

* Laser Monocle- Shoots lasers

* Blockade Emerald- Creates barriers out of emerald

* Santos Medallion- Controls all dragons in a ten foot radius

* Barer of the Ancients- A impenetrable barer

* Cloak of Power- gives its user inhuman power, strength and endurance

* Eye of Illusion- allows the user to see threw walls and illusions

* Combiner Crystal- allows any 2 shag gong woo to combine regardless of type

* Crescent of Darkness- the holder becomes evil slowly over time

* Crescent of light- the holder becomes good slowly over time

* Seal of purity- when the crescent of darkness and light are combined the seal of purity is created this allows the user to have true enlightenment for at least a short while

* Cube Cage- You can trap someone and can only be freed with the Cube Key or the Reversing Mirror

* Cube Key- Key that can open any lock

* Synergy Cloak- Cloak that combines the potential of eveything covered by it. You can take a thread out of it and tie two or more things together. Fuses Shen gong Wu.

* Koala Bubble- Works as a shield from the enemy's magic, you're surrounded by a green spheric force field.

* Scorpion Sting- It can put anyone asleep, paralyzed or poisoned.

* Mirage Candle- While lit, temp. increases and everyone starts seeing illusions at the user's will.

* Life Ankh- The power to kill or bring a person back to life, while both the body and the spirit are present at the same time(you have the power to see the souls and to either separate or unite them to/from a body (not necessarily the owner's))

* Taming Whip- Tames the magic influence of any Shen Gong Wu used.

* Diamond Rose- Releases a smell that soothes the enemy (used with Forest Element to shoot razor petals)

* Chameleon Medallion- can be transformed into a copy of any Shen Gong Wu you point it to.

* Qin Lon Chain- A chain that works as an extension of the user's body (used with Lightning to electroshock enemies)

* Never Missing Arrow- An arrow that never misses its target, but may strike objects in its trajectory.

* Plasma Disc- A disk that allows you to become plasma and become amorphous.

* Healing Rod- Heals any kind of wound but costs you Chi depending on the severity of the wound.

* Astral Hexagon- The Key to the Dark Abyss, it contains the power of earth, fire, wind, water, light and darkness.

* Dragon Scale- It makes your skin rock hard.

* Memory Ball- It allows you to remember for a brief period everything you forgot and you retain whatever memory you want.

* Mask of the Forgotten- While using it, no one will know who you really are. You become unrecognizable.

* Joker's Card- A card that absorbs the magical energy or power from any source

* Calling Triangle- Everyone that hears it, will pay full attention to the user.

* Pause Gong- Anyone that hears it(but the user) will be paralyzed until it stops vibrating.

* Distraction Bell- Anyone hearing it(but the user) loses his or her ability to focus on any task.

* Mile Walking Shoes- If two persons each wear one shoe, they switch bodies.

* Canceling Star- While activated, all other Shen Gong Wu or magic within a 20mile radius becomes powerless.

* Key to Another Plane- A little key that allows you to travel to different universes by opening a portal on a wall or on the ground.

* Book of Life- A book that contains all the knowledge of the world(except what's being kept secret).

* Ink of Truth- Anything written with this ink becomes true for the universe you're currently on (i.e. change physical laws, etc.)

* Vampire Wing- A pendant in the shape of a wing that provides the user the power of sonar using echoes while wearing it.

* Taboo Tablet- The holder says "Taboo: (word or phrase)" and the word gets written in the tablet and if anyone says one of them, they get punished physically a lightning bolt strikes him/her (not killing). It stays with all the words written previously until a holder says "Taboo: Clear!" and the punishments remain active while the tablet is being held.

* Lucky 4-Leaf Clover- It gives the holder good luck, but accumulates bad luck that releases itself on the user when it stops holding it.

* Karma Balance- It realigns the user's spirits with the universe to balance his/her karma without getting even.

* Pyramid of the Four Powers- Pyramid made by four little ones Controls: nature, life/death, magic (silver pyramids at the base) and time (golden pyramid at the top)...

* Solar Sun Glasses- A pair of black sun glasses that shoots out a powerful solor blast powered by the sun.

* Ring of Sapphire- A silver ring with a blue stone that shoots out a powerful blue lightning beam

* Sword of Ragneroc- When combined with the eye of Dashi, it can create a lighting blast so powerful, it riveals a nucleur weapon.

* Eye of Truth- Forces your enemy to tell the truth, all the truth, and nothing but the truth.

* Wings of Heart- It looks like a gold dove with it's eyes closed
and a pink heart is on it, when activated it makes people fall in love.

* Ruby Sphere- It enhances your martial arts skills etc. faster and stronger.

* Emerald Sphere- It gives you the ability to run really fast, use both spheres together to get all of those powers combined.

* Live Wire- A blue rope and it makes any wu caught in its lasso come alive

* Glow Star- Allows you to glow in the dark.

* Sphere of Aqua- It allows you to become water or ice, any form of water actually.

* Seeing Eye Mirror- A small round mirror with a red outline, it allows you to see where your enemy is anywhere in the world, even with the shroud of shadows.

* Mosaic Picture Frame- It allows you to go inside someone and see what they are seeing or thinking

* Lunar Rocket- It looks like a little glass rocket,but when activated it gets bigger,it's used for space travel.

* Zing Zebra- Switches brains with two people

* Ravens Feather- Lets the user turn into different animals

* Ling Harp- the user makes his/her enemies fall asleep

* Universal Sundial- Allows you to control the planets in the galaxy, and rearrange them to.

* Spirit Book of Tahian- Holds thousands a spells and incantations.

* Dj vu Stone- Allows the user to enter the memories of other beings.

* Glasses of God- Allows the user to see things such as ghosts and spirits.(invisible beings)

* Shackles of Rong Dee- Holds the feet of the opponent. Opponent cant move feet even an inch. Stuck to ground

* Viper Doll- Hypnotizes your enemies

* Lo Pai Lantern- Revels whats inside someone

* Petal Bluebonnet- Makes trees appear

* Compass of Sy Ying- Points out the direction of whoever or whatever you want to find.

* Fan of Emotions- Changes the emotions of whoever you use it on

* Shen Gong Magnet- Doubles the power of any Shen Gong Wu

* Archaic Sceptre- Allows the user to become older (when combined with the reversing mirror, the user becomes younger).

* Hammer of Thor- Grants the user complete control over the element of earth (most suited to Clay).

* Tri-Medal- Makes your moves three times as powerful.

* Talisman of Plasma- Alows the user to seperate from there body and enter the spirit world

* Feather Weight belt- Able to make the user as light as a feather.

* Origami Game- Turns the user into paper and able to fold themselves into different shapes

* Mind Washer Helm- the wearer of this helm is able to control people and make them there slaves

* Origami Swan- Makes your body as thin as cardboard, so you can go under doors.

* Skull of Tashang- Allows you to contact the dead.

* Volcan Arrow- Makes you faster than a speeding bullet.

* Judgement Scale- Evens the playing field

* Season Staff- changes the seasons

* Shing Fu Honor- A light Shen Gong Wu that grants the user Immortality, great healing powers, and mild pure strength. you will forever kind until you take it off. When used, your Ying Chi will take over. Wearing the SGW you can only do good deeds of justice, and will be the more nice and caring person on earth, which means you can be terribly naive.

* Power Tzu Tzou- A Dark Shen Gong Wu that grants the user Immortality, immense control of dark arts, and Greater amounts of strength than the Shing Fu Honor. When Used, your Yang Chi will take over. Will forever be the darkest evil until you take it off. At times can be too evil and get greedy, and dangerous, so dangerous it can be overloaded of evil, and put the user in a coma.

* Aikido Anklets- Your speed, agility, strength, mind, reaction, and eyesight will increase when wearing this SGW. Three great ancient Japanese warriors own strength will be infused in the user, the Warriors - Heri: Speed, Agility. Chih: Strength, Mind.
Tao: reaction, eyesight. Even great warriors had their own faults. You must learn to use ALL of the given power equally, or else. If only using Heri’s powers, strength, mind, reaction, and eyesight will fail. If only using Chih's powers, speed, agility, reaction, and eyesight will fail. If only using Tao's powers, speed, agility, strength, and mind will fail. You must use them all together.

* Artic Sais- 2 sais that can creates powerful blizzards and shoots ice beams that can freeze anything even molten lava. The sais are useless unless they are used together.

* Axe of the Forest- A powerful axe that can either cut down 100 full sized trees or cause 100 full sized trees to grow instantly to make a wall in front of anything and the wall is almost impenetrable.
* Porcupine Needle- A needle when activate multiples into thousands of needles that cover the user making a great offensive or defensive armor that can shoot off the needles.

* Bamboo Sword- A sword made of bamboo

* Electro Sword- A sword that can stun the enemy

* Aqua sword- A sword that needs water to use

* Pyro sword- That needs gasoline to use

* Element Handle- Needs all four element blades to make the Element Sword

* Element Sword- A sword that combines Bamboo, Electro, Aqua, Pyro swords

How To Showdown:
A regular posting Showdown.

Seals of Power:
You may find the Seals of Power Here (http://photobucket.com/albums/a317/XiaolinDragon/My_Stuff/Ancient%20Seals%20of%20Power/). If you have a Seal of Power you have a high rank in Atlantis. You are also a respected sorceror that brings every to peace.

To Join you Need
Signature Shen-Gone-Wu:
Dragon-In-Training Attack:
Xiaolin Apprentice Attack:
Wudai Attack:

Xiaolin Dragons: (First to join maybe be chosen)
Elemental Sword
Hands of Time
Wudai Cosmic Time!
Zach is not dependent on others. He is a lonely being and just fights of any Heylin. He is a Xiaolin Dragon and the teacher of all Masters.

Masters: (To be here must be chosen by the agreement of the Original Xiaolin Dragons)

Xiaolin Side:

Heylin Side:

Other Side:

December 11th, 2005, 2:37 AM
You need more of a plot, describe what the evil you are trying to defeate is and furthrmore who you are. From what I can see, you are just a normal person who has been given this task...if so then why have you been given it?

Describe your location, what it is at present and what it was, perhaps it has been destroyed or at least wrecked.

I would also go at it to describe what these seals of power are, just a bit more. You haev described what they do, but what exactly are they?

Be aware of your grammer, don't use to many full stops, try using commas as well to break up sentances.

Let's Fighting Love
December 11th, 2005, 9:15 AM
Can I be on the Heylin side?

December 11th, 2005, 10:24 AM
You need to fill out the Form