View Full Version : Critique Please?

December 12th, 2005, 5:28 PM
Just 'tis a sketch of a Blaziken. I think his anatomy is off; his head looks a bit big and something about his neck looks funny, but I'd like to know what you all think. I can't seem to pinpoint what I need to fix.

December 12th, 2005, 5:40 PM
one again you PWND!, this one is really good as it is, I bet it would look even better colored, keep up the good work!^^*faints*

Forest Grovyle
December 12th, 2005, 5:59 PM
Hey there Pokedragonfire! ^_^ First of all, awesome pic of Blaziken! :D I love the way you draw him. ^^
I think that as for anatomy it's generally pretty good - rather than saying the head was too big, though, I think the legs are a bit too short (unless this is what you were intending). Blaziken's legs are generally quite long (usually a bit longer than his torso). I think his neck looks fine though, and I love the extra detail you've put on the claws!! :D

Great work! ^^