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December 23rd, 2005, 8:31 AM
Well, I've been posting them at another poem, and the one person who reads em, tends to like em, so I figured I'd post all the ones I've posted there here.
Just to see what PC thinks =3

There are times when things get so bad,
my head starts aching, my eyes start to burn,
when all I want to do is scream,
and hide from the world.

There are times when things are so good,
when my head starts to feel light, and my eyes shine bright,
when all I want to do is feel you next to me,
and be alone with you.

There are times when things get so crazy,
my head explodes from all the noise, my eyes shut tight,
and I feel like hitting something as hard as I can,
and let the pain take me away.

There were times when things got good and crazy,
when you and I were glad, then mad,
when we both did something we knew we'd regret,
but I took it one step further...

There are times now when I sit alone at night,
the screams for freedom of those around me riniging,
when I stare and wonder why my hands are soaked in blood,
when I sit and wonder why you're blood had to be spilled

There are times now when things get so hectic,
when I begin to wonder how it should have been me,
how you should have taken one step more,
and how my blood should be spilled..

There was once a time, when I would sit alone at night and wonder,
screams for freedom and screams of joy around me,
but now those times are gone,
nothing but a forgotten memory, a missing page,
because now...because now....

Now I lay alone for all of time,
my wooden chamber my only friend,
far beneath the world I once knew,
the world where I would once,
sit and wonder, stare at my blood soaked hands.

What Dreams are made of:

The skies glow red as the fires burning violently below,
as the air is filled with an unmistakeable stench,
a stench of rotting and decaying flesh.

Ears ringing with the screams of young children,
as the shockwaves come closer,
slowly, oh so slowly, eating away at them,
A final tear they cry, as they fanish and fade,
to be seen by another's eye nevermore.

With each second,
the piles grow higher, the smell grows stronger, and the people grow weaker
Not only warfare plagues them,
not merely tanks or guns,
bombs or explosives or shockwaves,
but a new virus from within,
a new way to die.

The writhing and agonizing screams,
as an arm or a leg begins to rot and fall,
how time flies as you await the scythe,
death comes on swift wings to those unaware,
but those who seek the eternal sleep,
must keep screaming until their time has come.

More shots fired and bombs set off,
every second, every minute, every hour in pain,
Death is only the beginning they say,
and in a world of pain and bloodshed,
Death is but a dream,
a faraway dream within a dream.

Fields of Gold:
Sometimes I dream of a field,
golden as the rays of light gently make their way across
where the children run and play
as free as they can be,
laughing and smiling the sun away,
staring at the stars as the moon wakes,
and softly telling each other how much they love one another,

Sometimes I dream of that very field,
but this time a different light inhabits it,
a shaded light of grey and black,
the plants that once were so vibrant and alive,
are now grey and withering,
The children smile no longer,
no, now they only stare, blank expressions and
empty hearts and souls,
They stand their motionless, a field, no a sea, of children
barely even moving one tiny bit,
and as the transition from day to night occurs,
not a visible change can be seen,
the shadows that are remain the same,
and the blank expressions grow,
if at all possible, blanker still.

Then there are times, when I see this same field,
covered in the blood of the young,
I see a shaded figure, standing over each of the bodies,
laughing a chilling laugh,
the kind that sends shivers up spines,
and stands the hairs on the back of necks,
and as the sun sets, and the moon wakes,
a beam of light shines on the face,
slowly igniting each feature ,
and in what feels like hours, the face of the killer,
the face of the person who ruined my field,
the face of evil that destroyed the happy children,
is revealed...and I am not shocked,
when I happen to see,
the face of the villain,
the face of pure evil...is me.

Blind Prophet:
The stars up in the sky shine so bright,
the light though dimmed still blinds,
down below the prophet sighs,
he's read the signs and fortold,
the coming of an event so cold..

The townspeople all thought,
what must this old man plot,
to scare us all he'd have to want,
but one thing he could not have,
but even then, he would not have to,
resort to something so dire and unwise..

The blind old prophet who read the stars,
who fortold the event that got him banished,
stood on his hill, the farthest one from the town,
Here he watched through his shadows,
as much as he could through the darkness...

The stars that shine so bright,
that blind with an ominous light,
fall from the sky feeling oh so high,
and crush those disbeliveing eyes,
that shouted treason, shouted lies...
with a twist of the cruelest fate,
the blind old prophet also dies,
from the shining stars he prophesized..

In a new world, up high in the sky,
the blind old prophet laughs,
as his throne shines so bright,
his townspeople are now blind,
and they too laugh,
as a new prophecy is foretold,
a young new prophet staring up at the stars..

The lessons of the past already forgotten,
the bruises on the Earth already healed over,
and the shining stars repeating themselves,
shining so bright their light,
dimmed as it is, still blinds young new prophets,
awaiting the foretelling of a prophecy..
the telling of an even oh so cold.

I forgot what this one was called...lemme a lone XD:
In the dark and empty night,
everyone is filled with fright,
all huddle around the flickering light,
and pray with all their might...

Their prayers unheard in the enveloping dark,
an ominous breeze making its presence,
and in one swift and evil sway,
extinguished the light until the break of day.

Cold and frightened, huddled masses,
fill the town from edge to edge,
not a whisper, not a sigh,
all too scared of being first to die...

Then through the shadows with a chilling glow,
there came a ghastly spectral foe,
in one hand so bony and thin,
held so calmly a blood soaked scythe.

He slowly crept to the center of town,
and all began to bow down,
a circle of bodies seemingly dead,
to fool the evil they so dread.

IN a flash of blinding light,
the shadow of death quickly took flight,
hovering over in the search of the soul,
to be claimed so quickly and kept for time untold.

Another flash of blinding light,
and death now hovered before a boy,
so young and full of life with tearful eyes,
but by the next flash of light,
Death's Scythe had another blood line.

With the same chilling glow,
death once more disappeared,
to return the following night,
But now, Rosey fingered Eos returned the light.

Midori Chi
December 23rd, 2005, 9:01 AM
.. 0_o

These are REALLY good! Why are you titling this "My sad attempts at poetry?"
These aren't bad at all! ^^

Anyways..I like the emotion and the rhythm is these. I give all of 'em a 9 out of 10.

December 23rd, 2005, 9:05 AM
Thanks for even being able to tolerate reading them XD
I put that title because i persoanlly think they suck, but from what a few people tell me, most people don't like their own works, so that might be it XD

At any rate, thanks again for reading em, and apparently likign them XD

Midori Chi
December 23rd, 2005, 12:57 PM
You're welcome, Lust fan! ^^
Be sure to write more poems. I'd be glad to read more of 'em.

December 23rd, 2005, 2:54 PM
Well it's always nice to know there's someone willing to read my cruddy poems XD

At any rate, I'm in one of those slumps where no matter how much I want to write, the words aren't coming out, so we'll have to wait and see what the day brings won't we? =3)

December 23rd, 2005, 6:33 PM
Well anyways, part of me hopes I can DP here since I'm not spamming but continuing my poems or whatnot.
Anyways, I wrote a new one a few minutes ago.
Another work of pure and utter crud to the max. =D

The Ugly Side of You:

You thought you were rid of me,
you thought I was gone,
a part of a dark past, waning away...

You wished for the end of me,
you wished for a peace without me,
you prayed each night to your made up god,
begging to be free from me....

Night after night, you'd make a new cut,
hoping you could bleed me dry,
erase me from this world,
erase me from your mind...

Day in and day out you would lie,
telling people I was gone,
that you were a whole new you,
but lies always come back,
they come back ten fold...

Whenever you actually believe me gone,
whenever you start to truly think me dead,
you'll look back inside yourself,
questions your moves and dissect yourself,
searching for proof of what you want to be,
a nonexistant memory.

Don't you worry though,
I'm just a lie, and I'll be back for you,
your greed, your jealousy,
the mistrust and the hatred you had inside,
you thought we were gone,
but we were buried inside,
biding our time, counting the seconds,
the ugly side of you always comes back,
and like every lie you tell,
we'll come back ten fold.

Midori Chi
December 26th, 2005, 2:44 PM

Another great one. Do you have any happy ones though? Or are you just realy good witht these sad ones? (just curious)

^^ Anyways, this poem was quite incredible. I can feel the sadness of it, really I can.

December 26th, 2005, 3:08 PM
Thanks for reading it =3

Lol though, everyone tells me I should write a few happy ones, which I really can't >.>
The last time I tried one....
I had a few people go all happy happy joy joy, then they ended up dying somewhere down the line >.>;;;;;;;;

December 26th, 2005, 9:33 PM
Time for yet another eye burning poem

What is my reward for spending my life with you?
A life of pain and disgrace,
of hate for you and myself,
a growing desire for the end with a tear...

What is my reward for spending a year with you?
A love once pure and simple,
darkening and rotting with each passing week,
a wish for the love that once was...

What is my reward for spending a month with you?
Four endless weekends of yelling and shouting,
five days between that never seem to end,
a yearning for closeness and eternal warmth.

What is my reward for spending a night with you?
A love, a passion, an eternal bind growing strong,
feelings of joy and happiness making us blind,
my one and only wish,
for this bliss to last forever...though my wish goes unanswered...

But through all the times we spent together,
from a passionate night to a meager month,
from an endless year, to one final tear...
I have not a single regret,
I know my one reward...

December 27th, 2005, 12:15 AM
I feel so stupid,
so betrayed and abandoned,
for a moment of stupidity,
for a second of infatuation,
you were all I had, all I wanted.

Soon I realized how foolish I was,
how stupid it was to think you were true,
you're nothing real,
just a false projection to those you say you love,
all you do is lie and betray them,
and leave them out in the cold.

At first I chose to ignore all your lies and deceptions
giving you a second chance to break my heart,
a second chance to lie and ruin something good,
I never expected you to turn out this way,
to say what we had was true,
only to take it back in an instant.

I now know how stupid, how foolish I was,
to have even stuck by you,
wanting to be your support when all you did,
was ignore me, toss me to the side,
and run to your other so called friends,
how stupid I was to even call you a friend...

I only wish I had realized then,
how much of a fool you were,
and saved myself the heartache and sorrow,
but now I can ease my mind,
erase you from my world..

You're nothin more now,
than a liar,
an imposter,
a filthy traitor and deserter,
I'd say I wish you the best,
I'd say I want you to lead a happy life,
but I don't, and I'd be lying if I said I did.

Go on living your lies,
drowning yourself amongst your friends,
and pretending that you care,
that you truly do,
but don't be surprised,
if the day you need me,
I turn my back to you,
and laugh until the days end.

Sorye HK
December 27th, 2005, 12:52 AM
Man, those are great! I must say, they're full of emotions, and easy to follow. Hope to read more.

December 27th, 2005, 12:55 AM
Thanks for reading em and commenting.
And apparently, you don't hate em, so yay ^^

Sorye HK
December 27th, 2005, 12:58 AM
Thanks for reading em and commenting.
And apparently, you don't hate em, so yay ^^ No problem. I'm no expert on poetry, but I think you've got talent. You should have more confidence in yourself, mate.

Midori Chi
December 27th, 2005, 10:43 AM
*reads the new ones*

Yay! ^^ I add them to the "good" list, with all your other poems!
I'd still like to see a happy one, though. I know you say you prefer these, but still, I just wanna see if you're wrong or right..XD

December 27th, 2005, 11:09 AM
Very nice poems :) I enjoyed reading them really. Keep up the good work, hope to read more soon.

December 27th, 2005, 11:12 AM
People are actually reading em and seemingly liking them XD
Thanks people =D

January 6th, 2006, 3:49 PM
Ooohhh! Very nice! I like the way they are more dark than some of the stuff you can find in poetry. Then again, I write dark, too. But anyway, really nice job on these. The emotions really get through.

Libra Dyne
January 6th, 2006, 4:01 PM
your poems are mostly about searching. The things the blind prophet was covetless meaning he was without need, even though he was blind. He saw with his faith and it overcame him. I love 9.8/10 (thats as high as i go in poetry perfect poems don't exist)

January 9th, 2006, 6:05 PM
Listen to this poem for all Tokyo mew mew lovers. Ichigo's heshin, Ichigo's attack, Tokyo mew mew I do not lack. The english dubbed version is my only fate that I would truely udderly hate Knowing My Sweetheart by heart would never forget, Zakuro's henshin is the best! nothing compares to that Team up crap. My love is tokyo mew mew and that is THAT

January 11th, 2006, 11:48 PM
Uhm, I'm sorry, but if you have a poem, I'd appreciate it if you posted it in your own thread and not in mine.
K please thanks.

Mkay, well this is sucking XD
Anywyas, here goes the crappy excuse for a poem xD

beware and be forewarned!

Vampire's bite: ---****----or something---****---

In my world, there is no sunshine,
the skies are black throughout the day,
a jet black night eternal, forever.

The cities are ruined,
both by poverty and decay,
everything is in ruins,
a mockery of what once was,
a chaotic world of suffering and pain.

The people are few,
empty and distraught,
everything is to be feared since the world was stolen,
shadowed forever and controlled by death,
sleep is a thing of the past,
as it is now all too fatal,
Agony and Anguish controlling for eternity.

Now the rain falls, washing away all my fears,
all my fears but one, and only one,
death is my fear,
not the demons or destruction,
death is my fear, controlling me through my years..

As each drop falls, and calms the world around,
I come to realize my fears are pointless,
they should be forgotten..

I will walk towards the demons,
into the shadows and into the night,
knowing all too well of this pointless plight
My death shall come on swift wings,
and the jet black night shall vanish..

I now sit alone, awaiting my end,
my demon is near, my fight nearly lost,
I hear the flapping of the wings,
slicing through the darkness,
met only by the sound of my beating heart...
slowly beating it's final beats...

Within seconds, the beating stops,
the flapping of the wings comes to a halt,
and a gentle pain, a welcome feeling of bliss..

My lifeblood flows freely, and I fall quickly,
my demons are gone,
my ruined world destroyed,
I can finally say good bye to this jet black night,
as my eyes now witness my crimson skies,
created from my fears, my demons,
my heart beats slower still...
Crimson skies replacing the jet black,
eternal slumber...I'm here at last.

February 2nd, 2006, 9:56 PM
Alright, well, here's something I wrote this morning during first period.
I dunno what brought it on, and why it sucks so much, but here it is.

When the world comes to an end,
who will you call your closest friend?

When the stars glow black at night,
who will make you feel alright?

When the sun sets for an eternal sleep,
who's breaking heart will you keep?

When the dust settles and is flown away,
how will you live through another day?

Your wonderous world,
your shining star,
leaving forever,
an eternal scar...

All taken for granted,
carelessly ignored each new day,
and each ripped, torn away,
not a moment too soon...

Learn to love,
learn to cherish,
and some day soon maybe,
the moon shall fall,
and the sun shall awaken