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December 23rd, 2005, 2:11 PM
A group of Trainers had visited an ancient island near Altomare. They were bound for Monasery Island, where Pokemon and their Trainers would hold many races and compete for the Gold and Silver Cores. However, the sacred Team Flare had a plan to go and capture these two cores. They never knew how well the Gold and Silver Cores had been protected, by a mystical force field, sacred enough to break. Team Flare's Leader, Aera, sent their two best spies, Minaki and Maika. These two spies head for Monasery Island, to go and capture the two Cores.

The group of Trainers, who happened to be Ash, Brock, Max, May, and Misty, heard a loud sound, of Houndooms growling, and Team Flare's spies and been captured. The Houndooms were the MICS: Monasery Investigating Captured Spies. Unfortunately, Minaki and Maika had stolen the Gold Core, but the Silver Core was safely protected in a Houndoom's mouth. But suddenly, a massive earthquake happened on the island, and the Gold and Silver Cores rose into the sky, bonding together to unleash the most unbreakable force ever.

May, Misty, and Ash saw the two spies glowing in a neon-like color. Max and Brock ended up seeing the two cores shining a bright light. Once the group saw the Cores shining, Minaki and Maika disappeared, and the cores started to summon all the Legendary Pokemon.

On the left, out came the Legendary Bird Trio, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. To the right, came the Legendary Dog Trio, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. In the center, appeared the Legendary Ruins Trio, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. Behind them, appeared the Invincible Trio, Mewtwo, Deoxys, and Rukario. Next to them, appeared the Rare Legendaries, Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi. Above them came the Tower Birds, Lugia and Ho-oh, and next to them came the Altomare Guardians, Latios and Latias. The Nature Duo arose, Groudon and Kyogre. Groudon faced the left side, and Kyogre faced the right side, and out came the Emerald Dragon, Rayquaza. The Legendaries all gave a loud shout, and war started to break.

A year later, the war has still been occuring. Ash's group had left Monasery Island to go and search for help, and fortunately, they were able to find a group of Trainers, who could still help them, now, before the fate of the world was going to be destroyed. This was for loyalty, courage, and bravery. Only a selected few Trainers can still save the world and bring back peace to destiny.



1. Follow the General RPG Rules.

2. I will not allow God-Modding, Bunnying, or Power-Playing of any RPG Player. They are a strict part of the Rules and it is unfair to other Players.

3. No infinite powers!Bad RPers always want their characters to have invincibility or some even want to have psychic powers. None of those in this RP! Simply excluded!

4. Grammar and Spelling: If you have bad grammar or spelling, then don't try to join this RPG. You must also post atleast 4 lines, or mostly a paragraph.

5. If you join the RPG, then you must post in it. I've seen members join a certain RPG, then they don't post, or they're rushed and decide to quit. If you will not post in this RPG, I suggest that you don't even join.

6. All members are required to apply an RPG Sample of their skills. Unless I've seen you in an RPG I'm in, then you don't need one because I've seen your skills already.

7. Acceptance, Pending, or Declined. If you are declined, you are declined, and you only have 3 chances to edit your form if I decline you. If you are declined 3 times, you cannot join this RPG. However, if you're sign-up is really bad, then you're declined from this RPG. For sign-ups that are pending, I will PM you and it will tell you about your acceptance or rejection.


Sign-Up Form

Age: (14-18)

Appearance: (Minimum: 4 Lines, you may include a picture, but this section may not be just a picture.
Personality: (Minimun: 4 Lines, don't just list character traits, list something interesting.)

Name: (Nickname)
Species: (Which Pokemon)
Sprite: (If necessary)
(NO Legendaries, and don't try using the Pokemon you used to defeat the Elite 4.)

History: (Optional, Minimum: 6 Lines, if you can type an entire paragraph, then you can type another, unless you're Alter Ego...)
Other: (Optional)

RPG Sample: (If you choose to use an RPG post from another RPG, please provide the link and if you're starting one from scratch, good luck, but if you choose to type this in later, it must be entered in less than 2 days. Don't rush in a quick, one-liner post, this is important!)


My Sign-Up

Name: Charon
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: She has dark indigo eyes, pure white skin, and shadow black hair. An amethyst hair clip is attached to the top of her hair and four different areas of the sides have each been twisted and kept still with black bands. However she wears no makeup for a reason, which she won't tell you! She wears a dark black and 'strapless shirt' and the straps are twisted to fit her neck. She wears dark blue shorts, with a sapphire pinned belt and light blue lining. Charon wears black boots, with a white lace to tie them up, and covering that is a light blue and white layered demi gypsy skirt covering her left leg. Occasionally she'll wear the skirt but in this case, she decided not to wear it and just keep the boots and the shorts the way they are. As for the shirt, it is replaced with a blue based shirt, with sleeves covering three quarters of her arms. It simply makes her feel that way, whatsoever.
Personality: When it comes to asking Charon about anything, she'll simply give what she has left to offer. The naive girl has the ability to sense many things, as well as loud disasters. Charon also has very sensitive ears, good enough to sense sounds that seem to be silent. If Charon can put herself to the test, then she'll definitely be a help to others. Some thought that she was against them, but it turned out to reveal the determination and strength of Charon in the end. Since it comes to a point that Charon knows her positive side, not everything will turn out perfect for her now. If there's anything she can do, it'd be to find her true destiny, that is, if she knows what she's doing.....

History: Will explain in the RP. Charon had a severe past, though...
Other: N/A


Name: Moonlight
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Female
Personality: Moonlight will do anything to protect her Trainer. Fortunately the two had bonded when Moonlight evolved from an Eevee.

Name: Sunlight
Species: Espeon
Gender: Female
Personality: Together, Sunlight and Moonlight can produce full power.

Name: Starlight
Species: Dragonair
Gender: Female
Personality: Sunlight, Moonlight, and Starlight. Makes sense.

Name: Paine
Species: Misdreavus
Gender: Female
Personality: Hence the name, Paine will hurt Pokemon and Trainers alike if they abuse her a lot. She has a few tricks up her sleeve, or in this case, her mind.

Name: Inferno
Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Female
Personality: Inferno has the ultimate fire power from Flame Wheel to Fire Blast. Still, she can be a good use to the team.

Lugia Trainer
December 23rd, 2005, 2:34 PM
Sign-Up Form

Name: Tom
Age: (14-18)14

Appearance: (Minimum: 4 Lines, you may include a picture, but this section may not be just a picture.black hair deep sea blue eyes strange black wings and a black fire tail with black t-shirt-jacket black jeans and black shoes.

Personality: (Minimun: 4 Lines, don't just list character traits, list something interesting.)A helping trainer he is quite shy but he likes to help he hopes he makes loads of friend at the island yet he has much more to come.He hopes he can stop the war no matter what!Though he trys to stay out that way cause he has been living with pokemon and turn out half pokemon so he is half charizard when he is in anger he will save some one by useing single flame and it burns a wall in front of them.

Species:Cat pokemon
Personality: (NO Legendaries, and don't try using the Pokemon you used to defeat the Elite 4.)Espeon has helped Tm through his stuggles She is Toms favourite pokemon for ever.

History: Long ago when Tom got his first pokemon he has always dreamt of being a pokemon master and he has sucseeded.Still he looks for his parents cause they went missing some time he thinks he will find his parents.
Other: (Optional)

RPG Sample: Tom and his and his wailord was in a water race in Altomare as he went down the course a mysterious creature hits him down and of course and the creature makes up for it and takes him round fast, but takes him to a rong turn so then they hit the rong place and He couldent race and at a stunning place two strange girls come (Annie and Oakely) and they went after the invisable pokemon without rest.

December 23rd, 2005, 3:17 PM
tom8915: From the looks of it, your sign-up is bad to the core. I suggest you warm-up your sign-ups in the future. DECLINED

Utter Disaster
December 23rd, 2005, 3:32 PM
Name: Ranson
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: brown spiked hair, blue eyes, red folded bandana, white tee shirt, camo jeans, white shoes, white bandanas on wrists, spiked bracelets
Personality: Ranson is very cautious wherever he goes. Sometimes, he can be a little reckless, and that usually gets him in trouble. In battle, he tries to eliminate his opponents as quickly as possible.

Gender: Male
Absol is very serious in battle. He is the brute strength on Ranson's team. He uses his high speed to confuse his opponents.

Gender: Female
Mawile is Absol's tag partner in double battles. She uses her huge maw for defence and for reflecting certain attacks.

History: Ranson has been a strong trainer ever since he left with his first pokemon, Mudkip. He grew stronger and eventually beat the Elite Four. But his reign as Champ was a bit short. Since then, he's been traveling around Hoenn.
Other: (Optional)

RP Sample: I'll post one later, if needed.

December 23rd, 2005, 3:40 PM
Utter Disaster: You and I are in an RPG, but your sign-up is pretty short. I'll have to reconsider this. PENDING (In the meantime, you might want to edit your sign-up to a little more than 2 lines)

December 25th, 2005, 3:50 AM
Name: Eliadon Saffin

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokmon Team:

Pokmon species: Meganium
Nickname: Myrain
Gender: Female
Persnality: Myrain is a very serious minded Meganium. In her early years as a Chickorita, she was a lively little Pokmon, but as she grew up, and faced the hardships of life alongside her master, Eliadon, she understood that life wasn't all fun and games. She knows when to draw a line while having fun, and if often muttering warnings to Eliadon, telling him to be careful of this, or that, and the other.

Pokmon species: Gyrados
Nickname: Kraintyr
Gender: Male
Personality: Kraintyr has a very aggressive character. He only listens to his master, Eliadon, because of what Eliadon did for him. He had been a Migikarp, and was being badly laughed at by other trainers. Eliadon came along, and beat the other trainers, capturing the Kraintyr. Because of this, Kraintyr is likely to lash out unexpectedly at someone, hurting he or she badly.

Pokmon species: Espeon
Nickname: Fronial
Gender: Female
Personality: Fornial is the most intelligent Pokmon that Eliadon knows. Despite her liveliness, and easy-come-easy-go attitude, she is very smart, and can often give Eliadon good and smart battle strategies, which often lead him to win any battle. Fronial is quite a handful, because of her hyper personality, she makes all situations seem really positive, and can somtimes get on Myrain's nerves.

Pokmon species: Arcanine
Nickname: Charmanium
gender: Male
Personality: Charmanium is basically an average Arcanine. It likes to stay away from all of Eliadon's other Pokmon, preferring to only converse with Eliadon. The only reason that Charmanium respects Eliadon is all because of his own stupid behaviour. Charmanium had not been listening to anyone, and Eliadon got really angry, and kicked the small Growlithe. Since then, Charmanium has respected Eliadon.

Appearance: Eliadon is what many people would call lanky. He is quite tall, and towers over many of his friends, seeing as he exceeds six feet in height. At first sight, he would seem sickeningly thin, but if you look closer, you would see that that is only due to the deployment of baggy clothing. In reality, Eliadon has a normal body, and posseses a medium quantity of muscles. As stated above, he loves to wear baggy clothing, and will often wear baggy track pants that sag, and a loose teeshirt. He always has a silver chain around his neck, with a pendant of a Mew on it, and will never tell anybody why he wears it. Another odd thing about his attire style is that he has a black cloak which he wears when travelling.

Personality: Eliadon is a loner. There is no doubt about it. His favourite past time is sitting back, away from crowds, and watching how people act, contemplating battle strategies to employ against them. He hates crowds, and will do anything to get away from people. He has never made a friend in his life, and does not wish to. His attitude towards life changed like this when he watched the death of his parents, while they were murdered. He never stops to talk with anyone longer than to challenge them to a battle and then leave, no matter the out come. Thus, he turns many people off.

History: Not much is known about Eliadon, and whatever is known is too fuzzy to say for a fact (I shall explain everything in the RP).

Other: Eliadon is trained in a blend of martial arts, seeing as he was adopted by the world's best qualified bodyguard. Eliadon never boasts about his skills, although when the time comes to deploy them, he does so with grace that even shocks his bodyguard trainer.

RPG Sample:

Can it be from this site? If so, then go here: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=58028

If not, then PM me, and I'll do a fresh one.

December 25th, 2005, 6:09 PM
Deathspector: Well, I can see how well you like to RP. Well, I can let you go on the Sample since I RP with you, and I'll let you go from the History as well. It's optional, and I look forward to your posts! ACCEPTED

December 25th, 2005, 9:24 PM
OOC: YAY! So, how many people are going to join before we start?

December 26th, 2005, 12:03 AM
I see you still need some more people. I'll be glad to fill in if possible.

Name: Ryo
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: He has a dark blue hair shade and clear sapphire eyes. He wears a navy blue shirt with a green vest and a pair of brown pants. He wears two thin leathered gloves and a pair of brown shoes. He has a pair of shades placed above his forehead. Ryo carries a deep sapphire blue colored pendant around his neck and is quite tall. He has a slightly built body because of constant traveling, however, he is just your average pokemon trainer.

Personality: He is calm and friendly. He is also good-natured and caring. He loves everything from pokemon to cooking and cleaning the dishes. He is a dedicated person. Under his looks lies the skills of an expert pokemon trainer. His personality can change dramatically during a pokemon battle, however. Ryo cares about many things in life like his mother, for example. He is very protective when it comes to family and friends.

Pokemon Team:
Species: Blaziken
Nickname: Blaze
Gender: Male
Personality: Blaze is Ryo's long time friend. Blaze evolved from a small little Torchic. From the many events that has occured, Blaze has always served Ryo unquestionly. Blaze is a calm and collective type. He is quiet but is very deep-minded. He may be a little rough sometimes when he says what's on his mind. When he is not talking or doing anything important, he is in deep thought. He may look all cool and tough when he doesn't talk or avoid's one's gaze, but he does notice much around him.

Species: Squirtle
Nickname: Stream
Gender: Male
Personality: Stream is a klutz and is funny. He loves to play around and have fun. He likes to enjoy life as it is no matter how hard and dangerous. However, when he comes across danger, he becomes strong-minded and concentrated. Stream always cheers people up with his goofy mind. Stream tries really hard to make Blaze laugh at him but has failed so many attempts. He still tries unfailingly to accomplish that.

Species: Larvitar
Nickname: Forge
Gender: Male
Personality: Forge is another quiet type. He doesn't answer to many questions unless they are issued by Ryo. He has a strong bond with Ryo. Forge may be small but he really packs a punch. Many underestimate his strength due to his size, but Ryo knows that size doesn't matter. Forge has a strong heart and with the help of Ryo, he knows he can do anything.

Nickname: Zap
Species: Pichu
Gender: female
Personality: Zap is small, cute, and energetic. She is also cheerful and tough. Her big heart makes up for her small size and she is the one who brings the group together. She enjoys playing with Stream and Forge as well as accompany Ryo where ever he goes. She has a stronger bond with Blaze than the other two does.

History: Ryo has traveled many regions of the world. He and his mother had moved many times to different homes.
RP Sample: Can I get back to you on this? I'm a bit tired and it IS 12 o'clock right now. *Yawns*
OK. Here is a link to another of my Rp SAmples. http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=57849

December 26th, 2005, 9:22 AM
Gender: Female
Apperence: http://advancedanime.com/displayimage.php?pid=100685
She looks exactly like the girl in the pic. Except no cat ears and no tail. The only thing that's different is she has a black belt on around her waist that holds her pokeballs. Terra has the same eye color as the girl and her outfit is the same as well. She has black tennis shoes on though. Also she has a dagger hanging on her waist. Her eyes sometimes change colors deending on her mood.
Nickname: Star
Species: Espeon
Gender: Female
Personality: Star is wary of her surronding and the people around her. She will risk her life to keep Terra safe. She onlt listens to Terra and no one else. She hates to be around other trainers and their pokemon. She has lived with Terra ever since she was a little Eevee. Events happened that made her this way.

Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Personality: Shadow despieses all people except Terra who he protects 24/7. He grew up with Terra and knows what has happened to her for he was there to see it. He makes sure Terra is safe and has everything she needs. Terra and Shadow can never be separated.

Personality: Flame is the calm one of the group and she can frighten Shadow and make him calm down if he tries to kill anyone from getting to close to Terra. She is caring and understanding and knows what Terra went through. Flame comforts Terra when she's upset. They have benn long time parters.

Personality: Terra doesn't like to be around people and she avoids them most of the time. If she has to go into town to get something she haas Shadow ready. So if anyone attacks mainly because of her cat ears or cat tail Shadow fights back. They usually don't talk to anyone or even make eye contact. She has pokemon abilities and she is very wary of everything around her.

History: Terra doesn't tell anyone her history except the people she's closest to so far no one besides her pokemon.

Other: Terra understands the feelings of pokemon and people.

RPG Sample: Do I really need one?

December 26th, 2005, 5:49 PM
Sign-Up Form

Name: Reanne Setiyo (however she likes to be called Xeno)
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Appearance: Reanne has long purple hair, like Renee' from Mew Mew Power, but she likes to put it in a barette a lot. However, the day she starts this she doesn't have it in. Reanne wears a black undershirt, which really isn't an undershirt, it's just a no-sleeved shirt that somewhat shows off her belly button, but...not all that much. Like, it doesn't show all of her belly button because her pants are there but it shows a little bit of her belly. She has long black pants, the dressy kind of ones that feel like silk. She wears low-heeled black shoes. She carries an XBow with her that she doesn't use at all unless someone's strangling someone else. She has cat fangs that she developed while living with the Absol, and catlike reflexes (Snagger: Yeah, dead cat-like reflexes). She has beginnings of dragon wings and a tail which aren't really real but a costume that she likes to have on. She can fly to some extent because her bones have developed a hollowness from living with Absol and all her positive emotions going away.
Personality: Reanne likes to show off, and she doesn't really like people. She'll go sit in a tree or whatever when she doesn't like to be with the group, and think about things. She's a lone wolf, and often acts like Kouichi from Digimon Frontier ^_^ like she's always off thinking about something. She doesn't like to be bothered, and she only likes people that don't try to be her friend, that seem to be "aloof" and not caring about being her friend. She'll just say something like "Hi," and then they're friends. She doesn't really talk to anyone else, and in a fight she's deadly because her Pokemon are powerful, but they often end up tired afterwards.

Name: Snagger
Species: Absol
Gender: Female
Personality: Snagger likes to be her own person, and can speak in telepathy like most dark types. She'll only talk to Reanne, and rarely. Snagger likes to explore things, but not that often. Sometimes she'll just wander off for hours on end, and then come back unexpected. She's deadly in a battle, and doesn't even listen to Reanne because she believes she can do her own thing.

Name: Temper
Species: Gyarados
Gender: Male
Personality: Temper is named for...his temper. He'll go on rampages in battle and not in battle, and because of this Reanne has no control over him. He seems to like using Hyper Beam a lot, even when he's not in battle, and will destroy tons of stuff. Reanne often has to keep him in his PokeBall, but sometimes lets him out. He serves as her transportation, and she'll often sit on his head while the others sit on his back, and just watch him.

Name: Kwan
Species: Banette
Gender: Male
Personality: Kwan likes Reanne, and he's the social one of the group. Using his ghost ability to speak telepathically, he can inform the others of what Reanne's thinking since he can read her mind. He'll spend most time away from Reanne, mostly because he's trying to not feed off of negative moods like a normal Banette and be nice to people. That's why he got kicked out of his Banette family, because he can feed on positive moods. Kwan likes to have fun, and stuff.

Name: Retina
Species: Haunter
Gender: Male
Personality: Retina...is weird. He likes having fun like Kwan but he'll do unexpected things like roll his eyeballs into his mouth and dismember his body parts. He also likes to creep up on people with his hands, and scare their wits out. Retina is just...weird.

Name: Syncho
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Personality: Syncho understands Reanne's feelings, and he'll often help the group with understanding her feelings. He's social like Kwan but not extremely, and he likes to hang out with other Pokemon. Like most dark type and ghost type Pokemon he speaks in telepathy, and uses this to relay feelings from Reanne to the group. Syncho can take on the shape of another Pokemon, which proves useful in understanding others, and can even shapeshift into human form, but he has trouble with speaking. And he likes eating human food, since all he's ever eaten is PokeChow. When Reanne first meets the group they all think Syncho really is human, but then he shows them he's a Pokemon. Syncho likes to change into human a lot, because he can taste a lot more, and sometimes goes crazy with it. He's just very funny in other bodies. Of course, like a Ditto he cannot use attacks well in the other bodies, but he can use them to some extent.

Name: Tekirai
Species: Latias
Gender: Female
Personality: Tekirai looks down on Syncho because of his shapeshifting, as she can also do it but thinks he's immature. She considers herself much less than a legendary and doesn't fight, just interacts. She likes to eat as well, and tries not to go crazy with it.

History: Reanne's parents divorced when she was very young, about three, and that's when she developed a dark personality. She likes dark and ghost type Pokemon, and communicates with them like a channeler. She's somewhat psychic, and can read others minds to some extent, and sometimes even pick them up with telekinesis. She gets little bits of emotions at some times, and can tell when someone's feeling weird or sad or happy, etc. She found Snagger when she was about five, and ran away with her, hoping she could build a life with the Absol.

The Absol group took her in with Snagger's positive vote, and she learned to be as flexible and subtile as a cat. After about five months of living with the Absol pack, she left them with Snagger and battled wild Pokemon until Snagger was very strong. She set out on a search for other Pokemon as she thought that dark and ghost types were strong and she needed more. Of course, Snagger got jealous and scowled, hoping she wouldn't even find any.

She found Temper when he was a baby Magikarp, and raised him, not really wanting to because he wasn't a ghost/dark type. However, she raised him, and he became a Gyarados. She treated him wrongly, and he developed a temper. However, she tamed him to some extent and now she uses him as a car to travel by sea. He enjoys having people on him, but feels that maybe Reanne isnt being the nicest.

Kwan just floated up and was then repelled as Reanne had negative thoughts and he only fed on positive ones. Reanne was happy at seeing another ghost type, and he fed on her positive emotions, making her even more depressed than she usually was. Even now he finds it hard to survive with her because she's giving off negative vibes.

Retina was found in Lavender Town, where Reanne heard that tons of ghost types and dark types were found. She explored around, and amazingly Retina made her laugh, so she named him after the way his eyeballs rolled out and kept him. Whenever Kwan started to feel bad, Retina cheered Reanne up and he fed on that laughter.

Syncho was found as an Eevee abandoned on the streets. She liked the Eevee because he had a dark history, so at night when Kwan was feeding on her positive thoughts he evolved because Kwan and him were talking, and Kwan let loose some of Reanne's emotions and Eevee evolved into Umbreon. Reanne named him Syncho because he has the ability to synchronize, and the fact that her and him had the same feelings that night.

Tekirai was found when she was flying along. She bumped into Reanne by accident and had to take her to the hospital in human morph. When Reanne woke up she found Tekirai sitting by her side, praying for her, and Reanne asked if she wanted to be her Pokemon.

:Umm, am I allowed to have Tekirai? Because she's the daughter of the evilish Latias, and she's not even hardly considered a legendary. She doesn't fight at all, and talks about plans and stuff for what the group is going to do. if not, just tell me ^_^

RPG Sample:

Reanne watched the sun as it gently set behind the horizon. Up in her tree she felt like nothing could ever harm her. She looked to the small Pokeball on her belt and unlocked it, sending out her Gyarados Temper in a flash of white light. He roared and plunged into the sea, nearly making the group wet their pants.

Eiladon looked up at her angrily. "What was that?" he asked. "You almost made me wet my pants."

"That's what I thought," Reanne said, and stood on the branch. She backfilpped perfectly and flapped her dragon wings to land perfect on Temper's head, putting her feet down gently. "Temper and I are going to go train. See ya later, losers."

"Stop saying that," Terra said, and turned back to her Espeon, which she seemed to like doing. She must be communicating with it, otherwise she wouldn't make those gestures and nod like she knows something, Reanne thought. Another telepathic kid like me. Ah well, I'm still unique.

Temper started going through the water at an incredible pace, and thrashed his tail, spraying water everywhere. "Temper, stop it. Let's go to the main lake," she said, and Temper stopped thrashing his tail, and rushed out to the main waterfront.

---The speech from other characters will not be included in the actual posts. I just needed to do that to portray Reanne's personality so you guys could see what she acts like around other humans.

*crosses fingers* OH PLEASE LET ME BE IN IT! And remember, Tekirai won't even battle. She'll be more of a peacemaker and talker and eater ^_^

December 26th, 2005, 5:55 PM
She said that you can't have legendaries. That includes Latias.

December 27th, 2005, 7:25 AM
I know, but she wouldn't even fight...Oh well, if I can't have her I'll have:

Name: Jeng Kang/Solicious (sometimes she likes to be called Solicious)
Species: Lunatone
Gender: female
Personality: Jeng Kang just likes to float around, and see the world as it is. She isn't very good friends with Reanne but she likes her all the same. Being a Lunatone she gathers energy from the moon and is most active at night. She likes interacting with the group and plays around a lot, sometimes to the other's disadvantage ^_^

December 27th, 2005, 10:51 AM
Name:Adrina Kinomo
Age: 15

Appearance: Adrina (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/protoman.png) Minus the angel wings and the staff, Adrina rarely let's her hair out of the white headband she wears, because she finds that it keeps her from withdrawing compeltely from the world.
Personality: Adrina's personality is never definite. Although it is very obvious that she loses her temper easily, she can just as easily be the most patient girl you've ever seen. Sometimes she calm, and collected, watching things unfold rather than be included in them, but other times she's barging in unceremoniously, but happily, ready to announce some good news...or bad news. Her personality is split, because it's extremely easy to get her angry, and when you do, she doesn't care who gets the full blow, even if it's not the person who ticked her off in the first place. Her trust is easy to get, easier to break, and extremely hard to get back.

Name: Metagross
Species: Metagross
Personality: Metagross is a calm pokemon, never really getting himself into things. He usually watches while his fellow pokemon stir up trouble, and often takes the blame upon himself, being the oldest and naturally smartest, he thinks it's his responsibility to be the baby-sitter while Adrina isn't around. Adrina will scold Metagross, but not to an extreme extent, because she knows he wasn't the one who did it in the first place, but she also knows that her Metagross has a guilty disposition, and without scolding him he'll never live it down. He is a sort of representation of Adrina's calm personality.
Sprite: (He looks like your average metagross...)

Name: Gyrados
Species: Gyrados
Personality:Gyrados represents Adrina's foul mood, and he does it professionally. Anything in the slightest will tick him off, even a prod or a quote will set him off. Much like Adrina, when he gets angry, he goes on a mad rampage, often running off from Adrina, who know that he'll eventually find his way back if he doesn't get angry again.
Sprite: (Your average Gyrados.)

Name: Jet
Species: Totodile
Personality: Jet is a very mischevious pokemon, often pulling all the stunts on the old and grumpy Gyrados. He is a representation of Adrina when she's feeling happy, and carefree. Jet does it to his best extent, with a few perverted things along the way. He's the youngest of all the pokemon, and the most guilt-free existence on earth. No matter how many times you scold him, it won't make a difference. He's probably not even listening.
Sprite: (Your average perverted totodile.)

Name: Forlene (For-len)
Species: Rapidash
Personality: Passive, and impatient. Forlene is a cheerful and wild Rapidash, who'll wait no more than five seconds each break. Forlene doesn't particularly enjoy wasting daylight, as she's conked out at night, and spending all her energy during the day. Due to this, Adrina keeps Forlene in her pokeball unless they're going long distances.
Sprite: a plain ol' rapidash....

Name: Scrapper
Species: Skarmory
Personality: Scrapper is a rather young skarmory, but he thinks like on old english man. He's very picky when it comes to his food, and is very refined. Always cleans his feathers. But don't pull any out, because when you do, he'll peck at you until you have deep gashes. He also likes to sleep a lot, and would rather nap than battle or fly Adrina somewhere.
Sprite: Your ordinary Skarmory.

History: Adrina's very first pokemon was a beldum, a gift that she'd gotten anomynously. She was extremely happy, because she was the only person in the orphnage with a pokemon as rare as a beldum. But soon enough, kids got jealous, and pushed her away. Soon, she grew colder, and said to her beldum 'Pokemon are the only beings you can rely on'. So then on she decided that she couldn't trust humans, and put on her mask of living a normal life when she was adopted. To her luck, these human's bred Beldum, and she easily evolved her beldum into a betang. After another few years, she got a magikarp, and her betang fused with another without her consent while she was away, ending up in a Metagross, and a small little Magikarp. But after her Metagross was taken away from her to be studied in it's patterns of reprodution, she returned the pokemon into their pokeballs and ran from the home. Years later of living on the streets, she finally got a starter from professor elm, and a trainer card so she could live in pokemon centers. She caught a Skarmory along her journey, and was given a Ponyta, in which she evolved into a Rapidash.
Other: She has no recollection of her family, and no items to remember them by. Her entire life was burned up in flames, when her home with her mother, father, and older brother caught fire. She was at a nursery, and away from the disaster.

RPG Sample: Pokemon Revolution (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=46431)
It's my third post. although, if you want me to post the actual thing here because that thread died and will probably be deleted soon, just give me a cue. Hopefully we can actually RP in this one unlike the last one I joined of yours. ^_^

December 27th, 2005, 9:33 PM
Wow, I didn't know that I had so many sign-ups since I last visited. Fortunately, I have good results for all of you:

Uzumaki_Naruto: You're fine, that's good. ACCEPTED

MariaJet: Excellent, you've improved a lot. However you're gonna have to leave the ears and tail behind. This isn't a Pokemorph RP so it's literally impossible. ACCEPTED

Ratiosu: You're good to go, the History is long enough to be your RP Sample as well. Oh yeah, in the future, don't control our characters as to what you did in your sample, but I think I can trust you. Lunatone will be in the RP with you instead of Latias. ACCEPTED

Naoko-chan: You'll make a great RPer. ACCEPTED

Only 2 more and we'll start. Hopefully everyone won't quit this RP.

December 28th, 2005, 5:04 AM
can u use made up sprite pokemon?...?

December 30th, 2005, 7:43 AM
Thanku! I wasn't quite sure if Latias would be allowed, but thanks anyway! *explodes* Yay, people like me. Yeah, I won't control you guys' characters in the RP, that was just an example so that it would be nice and detailed. Like...you wouldn't know what her personality was really, really like unless I put speech there. ^_^ Whatever...and I would never quit this RP. If I start falling behind, PM me and I'll resume (cause sometimes I get grounded and stuffers)

Dragon Trainer Dane
December 30th, 2005, 6:16 PM
Goodness it's been a long time since I posted on here.
I would love to join your RP Amethyst.

Name: Dane Carter
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Dane has a tall thin figure. He has sharp green eyes and thick, black untidy hair. His face is pointed and sharp with deeply inset eyes. His lips potrude outwards carrying a look of distaste and unpleasentness that makes his possibly handsome face seem almost ugly. The rest of his body is seemingly unknown to the rest of the world, covered by his long jet black cloak that shimmers like water. Underneath his black waistcoat covers his torso and black trousers hang around his fine, thin legs. Dark black leather shoes protect his feet and socks, covered by the trousers as if to hide any bit of skin other than his hands or head.

Personality: Dane's personality is almost as dark and mysterious as his look. Dane is a loner who has a very bleak outlook on life. Dane has a grueling past and finds his only outlet to be battling with his trusted pokemon, he even seems almost seperate from the world, as if almost in a dream. Dane has no recognition of love from any human and dispises social situations. He covers his caring nature with a distant, emotionless mask that dominates his life. Even so the thing Dane craves the most is to be loved and accepted by others. Even if it doesn't show Dane adores his pokemon and they trust him in return. They are the only things in his life which haven't let him down...

Name: Flametail
Species: Charmander
Gender: Male
Personality: Bold and trusting. Charmander has never evolved and Dane cannot understand why.

Name: Gigados
Species: Gyrados
Gender: Male
Personality: Powerful and Focused. Gyrados shows great respect for Dane, even if Dane doesn't see it...

Name: Draco
Species: Bagon
Gender: Male
Personality: Bagon is unrestful and a real fighter.

Name: Eon
Species: Vibrava
Gender: Male
Personality: Vibrava is very mysterious and has a shy nature.

History: All through his life Dane has known nothing but rejection.
Born into a poor family his father was forced to joined Team Rocket to scrape a living. it was a job which his dad got used to but Dane and his mother both disliked it from the beginning.

Dane gained an early dislike of pokemon when he met some of the nasty ones owned by his fathers fellow Rocket grunts. I took a long time for him to learn to trust pokemon again because of that.

Dane's dark outlook on the world truely took hold when he went to school. He never did fit in even though he tried but he loved to learn and felt that knowlege was his "power". Lacking proper social behaviour Dane never learned to trust in others and instead further buried himself in his work becoming more and more alone.

Dane tried to put thoughts of training pokemon to the back of his mind, but as his 10th birthday grew closer he was forced to turn his work onto pokemon. Studying their every aspect in great detail.

At first Dane took a while to trust and believe in his pokemon. But now he finds them his only companions in what he considers a cruel, heartless world. Putting what he learned in his youth to the test, Dane quickly became a stong trainer. He is unknown to most for his seclusion though, which some might almost mistake for modesty.

Dane's considers his father dead, and he left his mother seven years ago when he began his pokemon journey and hasn't looked back since.

Other: N/A

RPG Sample: I will produce one if you request. The only other RP I was part of A Pokemon Journey seems to have been deleted, so I will have to produce one from scratch.

January 2nd, 2006, 5:59 AM
Ummm...I think that if you haven't Rol ePlayed with Amethyst before, you'd have to write an RP sample.

Dragon Trainer Dane
January 2nd, 2006, 3:07 PM
Ummm...I think that if you haven't Rol ePlayed with Amethyst before, you'd have to write an RP sample.

Which I'm doing right now.
Consider the last part of my previous post to be "thinking out loud". ;)

Writing random things without a stimuli isn't exactly my sepciality, which is why I like RP's so much - Gives me something to work with.
I'll write my RP sample as my opening piece for this RP when it's finished...

January 2nd, 2006, 4:38 PM
Dragon Trainer Dane: Deathspector's right, you need an RP Sample in 2 days, or you're declined. Oh yeah, your Pokemon need to have Nicknames. PENDING

January 2nd, 2006, 11:16 PM
Oh...I just realised that I could have a couple more Pokmon in my team. Is it okay if I add a Pokmon or two to my team?

January 3rd, 2006, 6:56 AM
Yes, the maximum is 6, like always.

January 3rd, 2006, 7:19 AM
Five players are RPing, so how many do we need to start? (If this RP goes too fast, as in a page worth of posts before I get here to post, I may leave. By the way, I changed Adrina's image, because the one I was using now didn't work to well...)

Dragon Trainer Dane
January 3rd, 2006, 2:10 PM
You never mentioned a time limit in your original rules but that's OK because I know that you want to start this RP pretty soon. You didn't you mention Pokemon needing nicknames either (I hate giving my pokemon nicknames).

I shall edit my original post with the nicknames I've chosen.

RP Sample as requested (this will be my opening piece too if accepted):

Dawn was breaking over the trees from where I was sitting cross-legged in a small woodland glade. I could see the light creeping over the horizon signalling the start of a new day. I hated the day as darkness is so much easier to exist in, shadowed and alone. But now the day has come and I must journey onwards seeking new challenges and facing new trainers as all do.
"But I am not the same as others" I thought grimly "For I have lived through far more heartbreak and have endured the darker side of the world, while they live in blissful ignorance..."
I stopped realising I was loosing myself again in the colours of my past. I had to focus on the future as I had assured myself long ago I would.
Getting to my feet I grasped my pokeball belt and re-attached it to my waist where it belonged. Straightening my clothes I proceeded through the glade to the nearby city where I forced to go for supplies. I cursed myself for not being better prepared and having to approach another city so soon.
Cities were where people were, and people were problems.

The sun rose higher beaming down upon me like a shimmering angel, covering my body in it's warming light. After about half an hour the trees were getting sparser as I drew closer to the city, plantlife and trees replaced by concrete and buildings - the symbol of humanity.
I passed by the first few buildings via the shadows they made upon me. I could see the pokemon centre up ahead as I continued deciding that it would be a good idea to heal my pokemon now while it was quiet.
I could hear a girl screaming as I stared through the morning light. Concerned I wondered out of the shadows...
"Oof!" someone spluttered colliding with me.
It was a very young girl and her friend who were up early playing. She gasped when she saw my frowning face.
"S-sorry..." she stuttered quietly.
I was having none of this soppyness.
"Watch where your going in future..." I replied darkly walking away.
I could almost feel the girls eyes boring into my back as I knew she was staring at me.
"Why can't these people look where they are going?" I thought almost angry striding onwards "I'll be happy when I'm as far away from here as possible..."

January 3rd, 2006, 4:42 PM
Hmm....Not bad, but if you insist on it...

Dragon Trainer Dane: ACCEPTED

N-C: Regarding your question, when I meant two signups, I meant two other people, therefore, with you and the other 5, and me, that makes 7 people, we just need another one....

Dragon Trainer Dane
January 3rd, 2006, 8:23 PM
but if you insist on it...

What do you mean by that please Amethyst?

January 3rd, 2006, 8:40 PM
Meh, don't need it. I knew you wanted to join the RP, so I said it.

January 4th, 2006, 2:43 AM
Right, so, if no one signs up, then can we sart? I mean, after a couple of days and stuff...?

Dragon Trainer Dane
January 12th, 2006, 6:39 PM
It has been a fair while. Are we planning on starting soon?

January 12th, 2006, 8:17 PM
And I thought this was gonna die. Well since I've been waiting for so long let's just start already! LSU's accepted.

Pokemon: The Great Legendary Battle

A strange aura filled Monasery Island. The Legendaries had come to attack. Ash and his group looked worried, what would they do? As May and Misty backed up, finally Ash spoke up.

"This battle can't get any longer!" Max reported.

"We have to think of something!" May exclaimed.

"We'll leave the island. If we can find some sensible Trainers who can help us then we are saved. " Ash explained.

"Good idea." Misty said.

OOC: Everyone will meet up in Littleroot Town.I'll be RPing my character once some of you post.

January 13th, 2006, 3:27 AM
OOC: Finally! I was wondering when we'd start. Okay, so we go to LittleRoot Town. Understood. Time to re-check the form to see who I am...


A red and black blur flew down Route One at extrememly fast. So fast, in fact, that most people failed to notce it. But those who did only caught a glimpse of a powerful canine bounding towards Littleroot Town, with a human upon its back, dressed in a black top and black track pants. His black hair flowed out behind him, and his eyes sparkled brightly. He was stroking the canine creature as it made its way to Littelroot.

"Great work Charmanium. I haven't seen you move like this in such a long time. Next time in battle, this is the speed that you should be at, understood?" Eliadon asked, glancing behind his soulder to make sure that they were not being followed.

{Yes, Master,} replied Charmanium the Arcanine as it dodged a tree.

"I'm glad that that's settled, then."

Charmanium leapt over the final ridge, and landed both front paws expertly in Littleroot Town, using his back paws as breaks, skidding across the ground for a while before stopping short of a large building with the sign:


in front of it. Eliadon smiled as he slipped of Charmanium.

"Return," he whispered, pointing a small red and white orb at Charmanium, who dissolved into the light, and was absorbed into the pok-ball. "We're finally here..."

January 13th, 2006, 2:59 PM
OOC: I had to check what character I was RPing too. ^_^;

IC: "Soo, according to this...we should meet in Littleroot." I said as I sat on Metagross who trudged along the beaten dirt path, his huge feet making wide imprints.
"Toto." Jet said sitting on the back of Metagross, and observing his footprints with great curiousity.
It wasn't the most comfortable way to get around, as well, Metagross's walking wasn't always the most balanced.
"The question is, what place in Littleroot?" I asked myself.
Metagross grunted a response and I looked up "Oh." I said sweatdropping.
This was the first time I'd seen the place, and I sweatdropped "I see why they didn't specify for a place to meet."
The amount of houses was few and sparse, and the biggest building was obviously a lab, so taking a bet, I pointed to the lab, and Metagross slowly manuevered his way to the building, the earth shaking slightly with each step as I continued to read the map I'd been given. Metagross stopped halfway there.
"Is something-wroooong?!" Metagross started to shake violently and I grabbed one of the trunks of his legs to hold on, and once Jet himself was lying dizzy in one of Metagross's big circular tracks, Metagross continued to move forward, leaving Jet in the dust.
Sighing, I called "Jet, get up and get over here!"
Jet seemed to not want to comply, but he noticed my voice getting farther and farther away and he immediatly dashed after me.

January 13th, 2006, 3:49 PM
At the Pokemon Center in Lilycove City, Charon and her Misdreavus, Paine, were resting up after battling pokemon Trainers. Charon returned Paine baack into her PokeBall and then she heard a call on her PokeNav. Answering it, Charon was shocked by what she heard.

"Trinity, otherwise, Charon, your mission has been discovered. The Legendaries have been attacking Monasery Island, and you've been selected as one of the few Trainers who will help stop the Battle. Bring your Pokemon Team, and don't tell anyone. Meet us at Littleroot Town." The voice was Brock's.

"We're goin' on a trip." Charon spoke to herself. She then sent out her Espeon, Sunlight.

"[What now?]" Sunlight asked.

"Teleport us to Littleroot Town." Charon said. Sunlight did as she was told.

Finally, Charon and Sunlight appeared at Littleroot Town. There, she saw two Trainers. This must've been the perfect timing.

Dragon Trainer Dane
January 13th, 2006, 7:37 PM
"Finaly somewhere quiet..." I thought wearily cutting through the dense trees.
I had treked towards the easten side of Johto far away from the busy city of Goldenrod. My traveling had taken me to an area of small towns where weaker trainers dwelled.
"Perhaps I could get some well needed training here in peace, but first I need to clear a few of these trees..." I thought grabbing a ball from my belt.
"Flametail, go!" I commanded throwing the ball towards the path in front of me. A red light that emitted as the ball opened forming into a small fire lizard.
"Flametail use slash on those trees now!" I shouted.
"Char!" the pokemon cried in reply to my command. The Charmander worked like lightning hacking at each of the surrounding trees in turn clearing some space in the forest.
The Charmander obediently returned to my side awaiting it's next command.
Looking up I noticed what appeared to be the side of a wall.
"Civilization? Here?!" I cried rushing forwards and touching the wall. It was indeed a building of sorts, and by staring through a nearby window it appeared to be a lab...
"I wonder where I am" I pondered "I'd better take a look..."
Skirting round the edge of the building to my suprise I found myself peering into the center small town square. I also noticed another trainer looking up at the entrance to the lab that I was standing next to...

January 14th, 2006, 6:47 AM
OOC: I had to recheck too ^_^


Reanne looked out at the sun, which was just in the middle of the sky. Syncho paced below her, wondering when they were going to go somepleace CIVILIZED. Reanne rolled her eyes. "Syncho, what in Ho-oh's name are you doing?" she asked the pacing Umbreon.

<I need to EAT!!> Syncho told her. <It's been two days since we've been to any human restauraunts.>

"Look, life isn't all about food, you know."


"Nope. Well, since we have nothing to do I guess we'll go to Littleroot. They must have something good there, and it's only about a mile away. So...Snagger, I choose you!" Reanne threw a Pokeball and a cat-like Pokemon came out, licking its leg.

<I was having a very peaceful slumber, you do know that, right? Didn't I teach you how to read minds?> Snagger asked.

"Yeah, but we need to get to Littleroot. Will you race me?"

Snagger accepted, and the two placed their front limbs on the ground and stretched out their back limbs. Syncho counted down, <3, 2, 1, GO!> and both Snagger and Reanne raced off. Reanne looked a little bit stupid, running like a cat, since her back limbs were longer than her front ones she couldn't exactly race the best, but she came very close to beating Snagger.

Syncho raced up, and then ducked into a bush, morphing. He became a kid with spiky black hair, a plain white shirt, and jeans. Reanne resumed her position, and Snagger sighed. <I have taught you nothing, Reanne. You must hone your skills, otherwise I will not have the courage to show my face.>

"Oh be quiet, Snagger." Reanne walked up to the other three trainers, and didn't really say anything.

January 14th, 2006, 7:47 AM
Charon looked to see that two other Trainers had arrived. She was wondering if there were any other Trainers assigned to the mission. Or Ash was coming.

"I guess we have nothing to do now until something happens. I'm Charon." The girl said towards the others. Charon also sent out her Umbreon, Midnight.

"[And I'm Midnight, her signature Pokemon.]" The Umbreon spoke, but to Trainers, they couldn't understand. Pokemon could, however.

Anyone could suspect the long, shadows behind the group. Little did the Trainers know that these two were Minaki and Maika, you'll wonder how they escaped. They immidiately disappeared...

January 14th, 2006, 10:55 PM
OOC:Adding pokemon to my sign-up is that okay?
"I'm Adrina from Jhoto," Adrina said, "This is Metagross, that totodile back there is Jet, and I have Gyrados, Forlene a Rapidash, and Skar, a Skarmory here on my arm in their pokeballs."
Metagross gave a grunt that nearly toppled Adrina off him as he rose with the sound.
<High and mighty now aren't we?> Metagross asked boredly to the 'signature pokemon'.
<Mightier than you...> Jet mumbled, pulling his face off the ground and scrambling back onto Metagross.
<Honestly, you two never stop do you?> Skar asked from his pokeball.
<Who asked you you old coot?> Jet asked coolly brushing the dirt off himself.
"My pokemon like to argue as a past time." Adrina added, watching the pokemon speak their names over and over, Totodile idly sharpening his claws.

January 15th, 2006, 5:14 AM
OOC: So I'm not the only stupid one around here?


Eliadon did what he normally did. You see, he had this uncanny knack of making himself inconspicious, to such and exent that even if people paid very close attention to him, they would soon turn away out of boredom, leaving him alone to do what he pleased. He listened carefully to the others as they introduced each other's Pokmon. A rather stupid thing to do from Eliadon's point of view, for if anyone turned traitor, they would know exactly who had which Pokmon, so Eliadon decided not to show off his, until it really became nessassary.

He slunk back into the shadows of the laboratory, carefully taking in his surroundings. There were hardly any houses, about three in every squared kilometre. The town itself was only about ten squared kilometres in size, and each house was so sparesely spread, that it seemed a whole lot bigger. Eliadon noticed that there was hardly any place to take cover if they came under assault. Ash had really chosen the wrong place to meet up.

But there were noticable protection under the acnopy of trees to the south of Littleroot Town. Eliadon grinned when he imagined taking on legendaries. The prospect made him excited...

January 15th, 2006, 8:21 AM
OOC: Ah. It has started but I didn't even post yet. ARGH.

"What the...." I said and grabbed my pokenav.
"Hello?" I asked. "Who is this? You caught me while I was eating my snack."
A voice said, "Ryo. We need some help. You are required to get to the lab at LittleRoot ASAP. Over and Out." There was a click and a long staticed silence.
"Wonder what that was..." I said munching on an apple.
[Maybe a distress call.] Blaze said with eyes closed.
"Yeah. Maybe... Well. Let's go. Sounds like fun." I said.
[Yipee. Fun Fun. More fun!] Zap excitedly shouted.
"It shouldn't be more than a fifteen minute walk. Good thing I decided not to go so far." I said.
We walked about fifteen minutes and came to the lab in Littleroot.
"Okay we're here. Phew." I said while wiping small specks of sweat on my forehead.
[Yay. We're here.] Zap shouted gleefully and jumped on Blaze's shoulder. Blaze grunted when Zap sat on his shoulder but just kept walking on. [tell me when your going to do that...] Blaze asked Zap.
[Heehee. Okay.] she giggled. I saw some trainers there at the entrance. I walked up to them and asked, "Um. Is there something wrong? Why are you standing out here?" I asked.

January 15th, 2006, 8:33 AM
"That's funny. We were also told to come to Littleroot, too. It's because of some mission, I guess. We haven't recieved full detail, yet." Charon answered to the newly arrived Trainer's question. Midnight just slowly backed up behind Charon.

"[Don't even think about one attack on me.]" Midnight haunted, silently.

Meanwhile, behind some bushes, the same two spies were observing the Trainers.

"Ah. So they're are enemies. In Pokemon, that is." Minaki remarked.

"First we need their details. Then we strike." Maika planned.

OOC: MariaJet needs to post first, then we can move on.

January 15th, 2006, 8:50 AM
I let out my other two pokemon. A small blue squirtle appeared and a small larvitar.
"SQUUUUIIIIrrrtle!!!" [YAAAAAwwwwnnn!] came the squirtle's reply.
"Lar? Lar? Larvitar?" [Huh? Wha? Where am I?] said the Larvitar.
"These are my pokemon." I said with gesturing hands.
"That's Blaze and Zap." I said pointing to the quiet Blaziken and energetic Pichu.
"and they are Forge," pointing towards the larvitar, "and Stream." I said pointing towards the Squirtle.
"They are a colorful bunch but can get the job done." I said smiling a bit. Zap jumped down and climbed onto my shoulder.
[Teehee. Hi everyone.] Zap chirped to the pokemon.
[Zap... Save it.] Blaze said with unopened eyes.
[Awww...] Zap chattered.
[M-Master?] Forge mumbled while tugging at my pants.
"Huh? What is it?" I asked.
[Can you put me on your shoulder's too?] he said.
"Yeah sure." I picked him up and placed him on my right side. "Happy?" I asked smiling.
[Yes. Wow. Now I can see lots of stuff.] he said looking around.

January 15th, 2006, 9:02 AM
<...Indeed.> Skar said from his pokeball observing the new arrivals...all of them were rather small, save for the blaziken.
Metagross turned to face the new pokemon, his uneven way of turning in a circle knocking me off of him, smack onto my butt.
<I suppose it should be a pleasure to meet you.> Metagross said to the pokemon.
<Be nice you old hunk of rock!> Jet said stomping on his head.
Metagross sighed <If you insist.>
He began to shake violently again, the ground shaking with him, Jet flying side to side, clinging onto Metagross with his freshly sharpened claws until,
<Daaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnn yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!> Jet shouted at Metagross as he flew all the way back to the entrance of Littleroot.
<Undignified.> Skar said, finally popping out from his pokeball, and shaking his head at Metagross, the scar across his closed eye more obvious than ever.
<Hey, he could hold his own weight.> Metagross said stomping to rest against the wall <Not my fault.>

January 15th, 2006, 6:51 PM
OOC: Sorry I was grounded.

IC: Terra dashed through the trees at a fast pace.
Her eyes unreadable and so was the Espeon's next to her.
"Just a little farther Star."
Terra said keeping her eyes straight ahead.
They soon came to a small town.
Stopping to catch their breath they spotted the lab.
"Told you."
Terra said with a smile.
Star frowned and rolled her eyes.
Both of them made their way to the lab and saw some other trainers they were all talking except on boy her was looking around at his surroundings.
Terra slowed down and looked around cautiously.
She didn't like being around groups of people or anyone for that matter.
Star had to drag her over the rest of the way.
Terra sighed and sat down on a nearby rock.
She did't trust anyone and she wasn't going to talk to them unless spoken to.

January 15th, 2006, 7:13 PM
"Alrighty then, I guess we can go inside now..." Adrina said sitting up and fixing her headband.
"Come on you three. Stop fooling around." She said walking into the lab, that was...a total sty.
"Wow..." Adrina muttered sweatdropping "This place is worse than my house..."
<I concur.> Skar said shaking his head.
<Shut up.> Jet said whacking him on the head as he sat on Skar's back, which was much safer than Metagross's.
<We don't take orders from you youngin's.> Metagross said sarcastically, lowering himself onto his belly/mouth so he didn't have to stand anymore.

January 15th, 2006, 7:20 PM
Terra sighed and stood up.
She quickly did a bridge to stretch and then she went inside.
Star followed close behind.
They didn't even look at the girl who had just went in before her.
Terra went to a corner and leaned up against the wall.
She took a look at her surroundings.

January 15th, 2006, 8:00 PM
Inside the lab, Ash and the group were awaiting their arrival, and ready to give them a brief recap about the mission.

"Okay, as you all know who we are, we know who you are too." Ash began.

"We observed many Trainers in battle, and you made it to our liking. So we decided to choose you on our mission." May explained.

"So we have you on our mission." Misty began as she took out a paper (which had some text on it).

Charon, she is ready for anything.

Eliadon, one who feels that he should be alone all the time.

Ryo, someone who is down-to-earth.

Terra, one who can understand Pokemon.

Xeno, she could use less attitude.

Adrina, someone who has her own will.

Dane, a mystery of history.

"So basically, all the Legendaries have invaded Monasery Island. We picked you seven, because we thought we could trust you. With you, our objective is to recover the Gold and Silver Cores, and re-capture the two spies who started this, Maika and Minaki. But the Legendaries will do anything to stop this. They think that there was a reason they were freed, and that was war. Whenever a crisis occured, a Legendary was called, because they were captured and their power was used for an evil plan. We were there to stop them. Now the time has come, and Monasery Island is in grave danger." Ash spoke.

January 15th, 2006, 8:03 PM
Star made a coment to Terra in her head.
Terra then had a ticked off look on her face from it.
She regained her unreadable face and listened intently.
I can't believe this why did they have to choose me. All I want is to be alone that is what's best for everyone. Terra thought to herself.
Star sighed and laid down.

January 15th, 2006, 8:19 PM
Adrina sweatdropped.
'A Will of Her Own?' Doesn't everyone have a will?
<Now your trainer's high and mighty on her throne but you're not saying anything about it.> Forlene said from her pokeball to Metagross.
<...She is high and mighty, thinking she can sit on me the whole way through regions.> Metagross said, producing an awfully sad excuse.
<Aren't you the one always arguing with me about who gets to let Adrina ride us?" Forlene said angrily.
<...No.> Metagross answered.
<Children, Behave!> Skar snapped.
<Indeed.> Jet mocked, folding his arms and sticking his snout in the air with the dignified air of Skar.

January 15th, 2006, 8:25 PM
"Can understand pokemon. Yep they got that part about me right."
Terra said queitly.
She walked over and stayed near the door.
Terra wasn't comfortable with that one boy around. The one that reminded her of herself and she quickly looked over at him then turned away.

January 15th, 2006, 8:30 PM
OOC: Finally! Are we allowed to control Ash and co.?


Eliadon seated himself down in a chair at the corner of the room, such that he could see the entire laboratory from his position. He listened carefully to Ash as he explained the mission that they were chosen. Eliadon had probably gotten the message from Ash first, and had reached Littleroot the fastest. That was one thing that was good about Eliadon. He had a great sense of punctuality, and was never late for anything. And another thing. He was almost definitely sure to finad a flaw in someone elses plan.

"Ash, may I make a suggestion. The seven of us may be the strongest trainers you've seen, or the most worthy, but even together, we are no match for the Legends. Do you have any idea how powerful they are. It would not be wise of openly oppose them. I suggest that we play by their rules. Spying, and treachery is probably the only way to win," Eliadon explained, speaking for the first time.

He sat back in his chair, looking at Ash, while he contemplated on what Eliadon said. Eliadon waited for an answer, but he couldn't wait forever...

January 15th, 2006, 8:35 PM
Terra sat down in the corner across from the boy that had just been speaking.
Out of all of them she trusted him the least.
She tried not to look at him or anyone else, but her gaze would sometimes go back to him.
Star sighed again and sat next to her.

January 15th, 2006, 8:41 PM
"Eliadon has a point." Adrina said "They're legendaries, but I have a question for you Eliadon. How would we spy on warring legendaries when all they're doing is fighting, none of us except Terra can understand pokemon, and a whole lotta other difficulties? This is a lot harder than it sounds."

"Besides, if the Legendaries don't want us to interfere, it's going to be hard for us to do so. These pokemon were created by Nature herself, and she's warring along with these legendaries in her own special way." Adrina thought aloud, as Jet examined books and papers on Professor Birch's messy desk.

January 15th, 2006, 8:45 PM
Terra stood up.
"I agree with Adrina. It is a lot harder than it sounds. If the ladgendaries don't want us interfering then that just makes things a lot harder even for me."
She said keeping her unreadable eyes on Eliadon.
Terra shuddered and sat back down.
She continued to shake a little.
Terra stood up and walked towards the door.
She left the lab and sat down next to the lab.

January 15th, 2006, 8:47 PM

Eliadon glanced at the girl with the Espeon. She seemed to have an odd look to her face. A look that was very familiar to Eliadon. It was the look of mistrust, and anxiety. He could tell that the girl did not like him. Eliadon often had that impression upon people. And to those weak of heart, he was often considered to be scary, and imposing.

Ash finally answered his question.

"You see, spying and treachery are not the ways of a Pokmon trainer. We play only by the rules, and if it means harming ourselves, and placing ourselves in mortal danger, then be it! And if you don't agree with me, then leave!" snapped Ash, his face going red, and his fists balling up.

Eliadon grinned evilly. "Even if I was to leave, then you'd stop me. I know everything about this plan, and I can realease it into the media. But I'm not going to leave, although I still do not agree with your plan."

Ash looked like he was going to explode, but Misty placed a comforting arm on his shoulder, staring daggers at Eliadon. But of course, it would take more than that to scare Eliadon...

Eliadon then turned to the girl with the Metagross.

"I see what you mean, but each on of us has our special qualities. Terra will communicate with them, while we stand back, ready to protect her if the time comes, but not openly declaring war against such abdmoniations..."

Suddenly, Terra got up, and left the laoratory.Now, had Eliadon been a caring person, he woul have followed her to ask her if she was okay, but unfortunately, Eliadon didn't care what happened to any one else. Instead, he resumed his seat, and continued to watch the others...

January 15th, 2006, 8:49 PM
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January 15th, 2006, 8:55 PM
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January 15th, 2006, 8:56 PM
OOC: No one controls Ash and Co. except me. (Sorry, I created the RP.)

IC: "True, but there's a secret inside the Monasery Temple that makes the Legendaries act in their own ways. The Gold and Silver Cores made peace between all the Pokemon. We won't fight the Legendaries. We will stop them, by taking the Gold and Silver Cores back from Minaki and Maika." Ash answered to Eliadon's question.

"Not everyone can make it that easy. Some of us will succeed, others may not. We can make it through this." May declared.

January 15th, 2006, 9:01 PM
OOC: Ok thanks.

IC: Terra closed her eyes as the wind blew softly.
Star was on her back enjoying it too.
Terra sighed. "Why did they have to choose me?"
She asked herself.
"I know that I can understand pokemon Star, but why me and why now?"
Terra said frowning and pulling her knees to her chest.
"I may not be a caring person, but I don't want anyone besides myself to be in the danger I'm in."
She said rocking back and forth slightly.

January 15th, 2006, 9:02 PM
OOC: Right. But I'll leave the other pos because it's bee edited three times in five minutes...:cheeky:


Eliadon nodded thoughtfully as Ash gave another answer to his question, this time, May also got into the act. Eliadon decided that it was time to start off, or else the legends could get out of hand. Of course, he had not forgotten his little feud with Ash Ketchum.

"People, shouldn't we be heading off?" Eliadon asked, getting up from his chair, and walking out of the lab and into the sunshine...

OOC: Sorry it's short...

January 15th, 2006, 9:06 PM
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January 15th, 2006, 9:15 PM
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January 15th, 2006, 9:19 PM
OOC: Oh well.

IC: Terra didn't notice that Eliadon had come outside.
She still had her eyes closed.
"Star will you stop you know that I'm upset about this whole thing."
Terra said frowning.
Star frowned and nodded.
"Why do you think they chose me and why did it have to be now of all times it just had to be now."
Terra said opeaning her eyes and staring at the ground.
Star just sighed.

January 15th, 2006, 9:53 PM
"Uh, wait!" Adrina said to Eliadon. She wasn't done yet!!!
She sighed and blew a stray strand of purple hair from her face as she stood up to ask him yet another question seeing as he had an endless amount of analyzation that pulled up any flaw.
The girl, Terra was outside too "What if the Legendaries don't listen? They're warring, they see nothing more than what's in front of them right now. and if we hang back, then Terra with be either shocked or burnt to a crisp, or frozen solid!" Adrina protested at Metagross, and Jet clamored after Adrina, Skar simply turning around on the spot.

January 15th, 2006, 9:57 PM
Terra sighed and stood up.
She walked over to Adrina.
"Don't by worried about. Just be like everybody else and don't care about what happenes to me."
She said and looked away.
"So what if I get shocked, burned, or frozen. I can handel it and besides why do you even care what happenes to me?"
She said sighing again.

January 15th, 2006, 10:22 PM
Adrina sweatdropped, rather annoyed by the attitude of this girl. Wow. Depressed and Secluded much?
"Um, sure, but I usually care about what happens to people, and I usually care if someone is going to get hurt. It's common and natural feeling. It's called not wanting to feel lingering guilt after that person is injured, and you didn't do a thing about it." Adrina said as Jet drew a picture of himself at her feet, with Metagross stamping it out every now and then.
"Stop it you two." Adrina scolded as Metagross glanced at her, and stomped on the picture one last time, earning a pout and glare from Jet.
<Children Children!> Skar said hopping over.
<Daddy Daddy!> Jet said sarcastically.
"Besides, the world isn't going to hate you just because you tell them to. You're telling me to hate you when I only know the fact you can understand pokemon and your name. Oh yeah, great reasons to hate someone. I'll decide whether or not to hate you in the future. So stop being high and mighty about it, and accept the fact that though not everybody may like you, some people will." Adrina said folding her arms. Those words sounded awkward, as the subject wasn't usually someone telling people to hate them, but someone telling people to like them. She supposed 'high and mighty' wasn't the best way to put it, but too late now...

January 15th, 2006, 10:29 PM
"I'm telling you that so you don't get hurt by the many people that......never mind."
Terra said stopping herself.
Star sighed and scowled at Adrina.
"Star stop I can understand you remember."
Terra said glaring down at her.
Terra and Star sat down against the wall of the lab and Terra looked at her watch.
"I want this day to be over so bad."
She said quietly.

January 16th, 2006, 3:29 AM

Eliadon listened carefully to the Metagross' owner as she and Terra began to snap at each other like children. He hadn't seen a cat-fight like this in ages, and leant against the laboratory wall, to savour to excellence of hearing other people unhappy. It was one of those odd things that made Eliadon happy. Yes, of course he was weird...

He waited until Terra and the other girl had stopped shouting.

"Listen, whoever you are. It is best to work according to each others tallents. There's no use in having someone who can talk to Pokmon, and understand them equally well if we don't use her! We were chosen becaus eof our telents, correct? Then we should use them. Besides, Terra has her Pokmon to protect her..."

January 16th, 2006, 8:36 AM
"Against legendaries?" Adrina asked rounding on Eliadon "Oh yeah, great help." She said sarcastically "Unless one of you pokemon can use teleport, much help it'll do against legendaries who don't want interferance with their war! Do you honestly think it'll-oh, you know what, nevermind." She said rolling her eyes.
<DriDri's in a baaaaaaad mood.> Jet said examining his bent and broken claws from trying to hang onto Metagross.
<Can't say that small pokemon there next to the lady seems to like us either.> Metagross said to Jet who nodded.
Skar sighed <Oh what's the use? These pokemon will never learn common manners.>
<We know manners. We just don't use them.> Metagross replied.
<Yeah you old coot.> Jet said pulling out one of Skars feather as he squawked in surprise.

January 16th, 2006, 10:15 AM
Charon, seeing the feud between Terra, Eliadon, and Adrina, knew that this couldn't go on any longer. She wished that she could use Sunlight on the three of them, but that would be too harsh.

"Stop it you guys! If you want, I can use my Espeon's Psychic attack on you to make it stop!" Charon said in a negative tone.

Without any question, the Espeon herself came out of the PokeBall and looked at the Trainers with a puzzled look.

"[Shall I finish you off?]" Sunlight threatened.

January 16th, 2006, 11:02 AM
"Down-to-Earth? ME? Hm... I guess so." I thought placing my index finger on my bottom lip.
I listened to the remarks being thrown back and forth.
"Please you guys. A feud between us won't do any good. Remember we are here to stop a war or whatever it will be. We don't want to start one right now, do we?" I asked.
[Bah. Such violence among them. This will get nowhere...] Blaze mumbled to himself.
"Hm? Did you say something, Blaze?" I asked the bothered Blaziken.
He shook his head indicating there wasn't.
"Oooookay." I said. Forge tugged at my pants. He pointed to the espeon that came out. He had a face of surprise and fear.
"Oh. Don't worry. It's just another trainer's pokemon. Don't be scared." I said bending down to him and patted his head twice. Forge eased up and was bombared with funny faces from Stream. Stream stretched his face and tried turning his face upside down.
[I don't think you can flip your face...] Forge said looking at Stream not with joyness but rather curiousness.
[Ah. We'll see about that.] Stream said and tried but knowingly failed. He gave a mad laugh.
[Hahaha. I guess I couldn't do it.] Stream scratched his head.
[Gah. Idiocy. Geez...] Blaze muttered.

January 16th, 2006, 1:19 PM
Now Charon wondered how this was going to work. Little did she know about Eliadon, Terra, or Adrina, but little did she even know how they even go off as a team. Still, Sunlight's question remained unanswered, and to even think that something else can go wrong, it was for the sake of Pokemon.

"Paine, get out here." Charon commanded, and the Misdreavus appeared without any warning.

"[Now what?]" The Misdreavus asked.

"Use Pain Split." Charon commanded. Paine floated over and attacked them.

January 16th, 2006, 4:43 PM
Reanne sighed. Not only was she grumpy from not having breakfast, she was surrounded by complete idiots. All except that Charon girl...

Reanne turned to Misty. "Wait, I could use a little less attitude?" she asked madly. "I mean, sometimes I may be mean but that doesn't mean you get to say mean things about me Red."

Snagger ran into the lab and started barking wildly. She looked at all of the trainers and rolled her eyes. <Stop it!> she yelled, and everyone seemed to stop. Unfortunately, Charon's Misdreavus decided to use Pain Split right about then. Luckily Reanne wasn't fighting so she wasn't hurt but Snagger was.

Snagger collapsed, her feet out to her sides and eyes closed. Reanne rushed over to her and stroked her white fur. "Snagger, please be OK," she said sadly, and looked at the Misdreavus, knowing it was just trying to help stop the fight. "Thanks, Paine. That was SO helpful."

Synchro sighed. "I don't like fighting. Anyway, hi everyone, I'm Synchro. Yeah, a weird name for a human..."

Reanne sighed. She knew Synchro would try to pretend he was a human until the others found out he was an Umbreon.

January 16th, 2006, 5:17 PM
OOC: Sorry to cause the riot about those personality traits. You were the ones that posted it!

January 16th, 2006, 5:27 PM
OOC: no problem. that's just Adrina's personality.

IC: "What is your $%#@ problem?!" Adrina yelled as the stupid girl released an attack on her "Now who's got teamwork issues?"
<Shall I, ignore you to the fullest?> Metagross mocked to the Espeon.
<Shall I, not care in the least?> Jet said slapping Skars tail feathers to make him move and ignoring the espeon again.
<Shall I, remind you that I'm not a pretty pony?> Skar said nipping at Jet with his beak, ignoring the espeon, but mainly because Jet was annoying him.
"Thanks for that." Adrina said sarcastically to the girl "You could've just waited for us to TAKE in what you said!"
<Shall I, agree to the fullest?> Metagross asked, as Jet transformed a snort into a sneeze.
<Please, drop the Shall I's. It's getting quite old.> Skar said shaking his head.
<Shall I, use my own psychic attack to glue your beak shut?>
<Should you do so I would use drill peck on you.> Skar replied, ruffling his feathers indignantly.
<Shall I, use psychic again to stop your beak from moving any closer?> Metagross asked, having a good time.

January 16th, 2006, 5:34 PM
OOC: Don't SPAM up the thread, NC.

IC: Charon looked at Adrina with a slight issue, either she could get pummeled, or she was done for (which somewhat meant the same thing).

"I've got a Gold Core, not!" Charon said. Paine saw Adrina's reaction to the attack, and looked at the ideal Pokemon fighting.

"[Okay I'm outta here!]" Paine said as she returned to the PokeBall.

"[Me too.]" Sunlight said, joining up with Paine.

January 17th, 2006, 2:46 AM
OOC: How is that SPAM? I found it quite hillarious...


Eliadon did not liked being attacked.

He turned to Charon, and burst open like a pot of compressed boiling water. "What the **** did you just do?" he yelled, rubbing my neck. "You give us a stupid lecture about teamwork, and friendship, and then you attack is? Freakin' hypocrite! If No one was around, I swear, I'd kill you!"

Eliadon breathed deeply, and turned away, walking as far away from the rest of the people as possible. He didn't care where he went, or what he did, as long as he got away from those stupid people, who couldn't even think straight without going against principles. **** them...

January 17th, 2006, 8:43 AM
Reanne turned to Eliadon and followed him out. "I am sooo with you," she said, and Snagger, recovering from the attack, followed her. "These people are just so annoying. Of course, I say that about every kind of people."

Synchro followed her. <Yeah, even about me,> he said in private telepathy, then switched to his human voice. "Reanne's kind of a weird kid, don't pay attention to her. Although I didn't exactly enjoy the Pain Split," Synchro said as he rubbed his head.

"But I thought you didn't get hit," Reanne said.

"You like Snagger too much," Synchro answered. "You weren't even paying attention to me."

"Cause you're too social."

"I guess that's right. Anyway, let's eat!"

"I wish we could."

OOC: Yeah, that's Reanne's personality. She just doesn't like hearing it.

Dragon Trainer Dane
January 17th, 2006, 1:08 PM
I folded my arms and pushed my back into the wall as I watched as the trainers argued amongst themselves.
"This is the reason why I hate getting sociable with these people, all they do is argue" I thought glumly. Why had I even followed them in here and stayed through all this madness? Well with the Ledgedary Pokemon acting so strangely and thusly putting the world in danger I guess I couldn't just hang around and do nothing, but these people were driving me crazy!

"Why can't you just learn to get along?" I called from the corner "The frigging world is at stake and your all just hanging about arguing! Why don't you all just save the bad guys a job and finish the world off now?"

January 17th, 2006, 3:12 PM
OOC: HOW is that spamming? My pokemon are talking to each other, and making fun of your pokemon. Is it against the rules to make fun of someone elses pokemon's quote??? Well I'm sorry you took it so personally, whenever I argue with my characters, it makes NO point at the person RPing the character. I just like RPing disagreeable characters. It was not SPAMMING, because the post was RELEVANT to the thread, as I consider the pokemon my characters also. Unless you think that I shouldn't use my pokemon for anything but short and sweet humor and attacking allies, you should've said so. (I hath never met someone who attacked an ally to make them stop doing something, so I'm sorry if I overreacted, but I knew no other way to react to it, besides, that's how I would've retaliated had been attacked for a reason I thought incredibly bad.)

IC: Adrina glanced at the boy who'd finally spoken up. She hadn't quite caught his name, but she was too pissed to care.
"Okay, we we're trying to figure out a way to get near the legendaries, until somebody attacked us, which resulted in two people leaving." Adrina said "So, now that we're deducted by two people, Eliadon and Reanne, we've still got Terra, but since somebody attacked her too, I'm wondering whether she'll be here long enough to help us get near the legendaries."
Adrina could sense this was the start of a beautiful journey. Especially with Charon hanging around. Oh the sarcasm.
"Now, back to finding out how we're going to get near the legendaries, and BACK to what I was saying before I was attacked with Pain Splitter, if Terra was to talk to the legendaries, what reason do they have to listen to her? They're warring, and if I was apart of a war, I probably wouldn't listen to reason, especially if I thought that this was the entire reason I was called forth." Adrina said, determinedly not looking at Charon, or her pokemon, who were still bickering with 'Shall I's' placed in the front "And, to reply to your comment" She said glaring at the boy "We were trying to find a way to get near the legendaries, and giving each other criticism to fix the idea so it worked, without anybody having to get killed or anything else like that."
Adrina had half a mind to follow Eliadon and Reanne, but she knew that Gyrados in it's pokeball was starting to get riled up, because her personality had just dramatically and sharply changed to her frustrated and angry side, knowing he could feel it, and personally, she was starting to not care about anyone anymore, and she didn't really mind who gyrados blew to peices if he popped out of his pokeball unexpectedly. But then again, she'd get another attack, so she held gyrados's pokeball shut as tightly as she could.

OOC: Sorry about this extra OOC, but I threw my pokemon out of the post. Better?

Dragon Trainer Dane
January 17th, 2006, 6:26 PM
OOC: Ok Naoko just calm down alright? I actually rather liked the fact that the Pokemon were having little conversations of their own.

IC: "This girl really needs to calm down" I thought shocked at my own outburst.
It felt odd to be talking to these people like this having avoided social situations most of my life, I didn't really know how to handle it.
"Ok...ok..." I said to her calmly "Well we just don't seem to be acting like we are on the same side to me...I apoligise..."
I slammed my body back into wall wishing I'd never spoken.
"Why on earth did I ever agree to this!?" I asked myself glumly "These people arn't banding together to solve the problem at hand, all they seem to be doing is having a stab at each others ideas..."
I knew that i had to do something to keep the group together but I was the least equiped to do that job. I stroad outside swiftly in an attempt to stop Reanne and Eliadon from departing.
"Please..." I exclaimed rather weakly chasing after them "...don't leave..."

January 17th, 2006, 6:49 PM
OOC: Yeah, sorry about the outburst. _ _; I just get pissed when somebody says I'm spamming.

IC:"Nevermind." Adrina said shaking her head "Do what you want then, I'll shut up, but before I shut up, I want to ask you all something."
Even so, she shot a wary glance at Charon, still trusting her the least of everyone.
"When we get the legendaries to listen to us -if we do- what are we going to say to them? 'Please stop fighting long enough for us to think of a plan?' That'd be smart." She said sitting down on Metagross who glanced at her boredly. Jet was busy plotting his revenge on the snotty old Skarmory, digging with is claw in his ear, nose, and mouth, and sticking whatever he could find on the Skarmory's wings as it squawked in indignity, hopping about trying to get the Totodile off of his back.
"Jet." Adrina snapped tartly and Jet immediatly hid the booger on his claw behind his back with an innocent grin, showing all his teeth. This was the way you could tell he'd been making mischief.
Skar was grumbling his name as he continued his attempts to shake the Totodile off.
"Any bright ideas then anyone?" Adrina asked eyeing each and everyone of them with a bored expression as though saying 'Well this is fun isn't it?'.

January 17th, 2006, 10:44 PM
"I think their ignoring me..." I said to my pokemon.
Blaze started but stopped.
[Ah. Blaze is saying his smart things again. Hehehe...] Stream said.
[Ahhhh. Shaddap Stream.] Blaze said looking at Stream with one eye.
[Oooo. I want to hear. I want to hear.] Zap said jumping up and down.
[Please, spare me from this.] Forge groaned a bit.
I just sighed and looked around.
[I]I wonder when we are going to talk about a plan.... I thought trying to shield myself from the conversations my pokemon started.

January 18th, 2006, 3:09 AM
OOC: NC is right, Amethyst. Anything which is relevant to the topic of the thread is not called SPAM. It may be called comedy, and if you don't want any comedy, then you should have said so at the begining. Many RPers are bent upon making their posts funny. Right NC?


These stupid people, I thought as I turned around, and walked back to the crowd. All of a sudden, this girl thinks that just because she doesn't like the others, she has the right to follow me, and say that she's "coming with me". I mean, how stupid can a person be, honestly. I felt like tearing her head off her shoulders, but I held back the impulse, deciding to unleash my anger when I was alone.

Instead, I inconspicioussly slid my way back into the lab, unnoticed by the gabbering group outside, and walked up to Ash, Misty, May, Max and Brock. Quietly, not wanting to be heard by the others, I apologized.

"Listen, I'm sorry. I have a very small amount of patience, and it really blows up at the smallest of things. But you have to come out there. You have no idea what those maniacs are doing. Please..."

January 18th, 2006, 8:24 AM
OOC: Yay, I'm being ignored ^^ j/k...


Reanne let the kid go back into the labaratory. She sighed and looked around, then decided to follow him back in. Not to like...stalk...him, just to go back into the lab for no particular reason. She looked slowly around at everyone and sighed. "Hi everyone, I'm Reanne," she said, knowing no one would care. "But call me Xeno. Please."

OOC: Yah.

Dragon Trainer Dane
January 26th, 2006, 3:43 PM
OOC: Not a lot happening here. I'll try my best to continue though...

IC: "I...I..." I blurted out standing there in front of Reanne and Eliadon. My attempt to stop them from leaving wasn't going to well.
"How on earth do I get myself into these problems?" I thought desperatly biting my lip "I'm no good at these social situations..."
"L-listen..." I said to them finding my voice.
"They must really think I'm crazy or something" I thought to myself glancing at their obviously confused expressions.
"It's your choice if you leave, and I wouldn't blame you..." I continued as they stared "I mean all of us, powerful trainers I mean, well we can't help but show off in front of each other and we often don't see eye to eye... Is there anything I can do that would convince you to stay?" I finished lamely.

January 27th, 2006, 5:40 AM
Xeno looked at the kid, who seemed to be peeing his pants in nervousness. "I think he's good," Synchro said, and he fidgeted with his fingers a little. "Should I?"

"Yeah, go ahead," Xeno said, waving her arm almost dismissively.

Synchro nodded, and sparkles surrounded him as he turned back into his Umbreon form. "Umbre, umbre!" he barked out.

"Yeah, my friend's an Umbreon."

OOC: Nyah.

January 28th, 2006, 1:17 AM
Raitsu...this thread died ages ago...honestly...

Dragon Trainer Dane
January 29th, 2006, 1:39 PM
Raitsu...this thread died ages ago...honestly...

OOC:That's odd. It's only been going a little while and I saw no reason why everyone should suddenly stop.
Why hasn't Amethyst closed the thread then?

January 29th, 2006, 5:09 PM
OOC: It's because it hasn't been a month since the thread appeared again. But seriously folks, this thread can be closed because I doubt you will all get used to the plot and besides, my dreams of having my own RP have been shattered...